Chapter 127 Betray Himself

"Childe, you just said you are going to Zhang Gucun? Our sisters are very familiar there! " Another fox came forward and said.

Pigsy appropriately showed a little "embarrassment" and then pretended to be "surprised" and said: "girl, no, I should call you ladies. do you all know Zhang Jia village? Have you ever been to Zhang Jia village? "

"Yes, our sisters go to the nearby villages every few days to pick up ... and do some shopping. Naturally, they know Zhang Jia Village" A fox came to Pigsy's back.

When Pigsy was surrounded by ladies. he couldn't help shaking and was delighted. However, he was "coy" and shook his body as if he were very unwell. His face became redder. "Ladies, I don't know where am I resting tonight?"

Looking at Pigsy's "blushing" appearance, many foxes smiled even more. The fox on Pigsy's left said: "Where do you want to rest? Or do we all accompany you? We can all do it! "

Pigsy suddenly opened his mouth when he heard this: "ah! ?”

Holy Crap! you are so open-minded? Together? I like it!

Pigsy's excitement broke down. Looking at this group of foxes in front of him, his whole body was beginning to bloodshot. If this were together, how many flights would it take? Pigsy's heart burst out laughing. Pigsy felt today was his happy sex day.

However, at this moment, a fox exclaimed, pointing to pig eight quit, eyes with panic: "ah, childe, how did your nose become a pig nose? What is going on? "

What? Pigsy was surprised, touching on his nose, indeed as expected it was into a pig arch mouth. He couldn't help whining. He just remembered that once he is too excited to hold on his changing spell. It is really a shortcoming for him.

Pigsy covered her nose and said: "It's okay. It's okay. It's what my nose looks like. Press it and it will change back!"

Pigsy said, pressing the pig's nose with the palm of his hand turned it into a human nose. However, the nose was pressed back, but the two pig ears popped out with a Thud. Press the ears back, and the big belly bulged out.

At that time Pigsy was in a hurry.

"This, this, this, this is how to return a responsibility?" The foxes are all muddled, far away from the Pigsy.

Pigsy's heart was so sad at this time. Looking at all the foxes who were far away from her, he wanted to cry. Mom, they were so close to being able to have sex together with them. Pigsy felt that her sexual happiness was slipping away tonight.

"Darling, don't you leave me so far away!" Pigsy said while pressing his ears and nose in, trying to call back the sexual happiness that had slipped away.

"Who the hell are you? Where did goblins come from and dare to cheat our sisters? " The fox is not stupid, now naturally know, in the sight of the "scholar" is not a human scholar, but like them, he is a goblin, a pig demon.

Looking at Pigsy has slowly become ugly, many foxes are can't help but shuddering, especially the three foxes who were the closest to get goosebumps up all over, although they like to sleep with the male, but also not any male will be the lucky one, at least they like handsome guys!

Pig demon or something? They hate it most because it is too greasy!

"Why is it so noisy outside?" At this moment, a languid and charming voice sounded that made people fall in love with it.

"Madam, why did you come out? Did it bother you? "

"Madam, I don't know where a pig demon came from. He has changed into a scholar and tricked our sisters!"

Heard the voice, many foxes are respectfully saluted. The one who heard outside the noise come out to have a look, by the way, take a walk, is the Nine-Tailed Fox, the lich king of Press Dragon Mountain.

Nine-Tailed Fox was wearing a plain white gauze skirt today and walking barefoot in the air.

Pigsy was completely shocked at the first sight of Nine-Tailed Fox, his eyes turned into sweat-heart. his heart throbbing with the disorderly beats. he feels that the whose blood flow faster and faster. he couldn't control the changing spell which cast on his body, and suddenly he showed the appearance of being big.

Pigsy drools like a waterfall. If he can control himself in the face of those little foxes, then after seeing Nine-Tailed Fox, Pigsy just can't control himself. This Nine-Tailed Fox is really beautiful. Now Pigsy has only one thought in his head. That is a song----'I want to fly higher'!

"Quack, I am coming!" Pigsy gave a wild howl, with saliva in mouth flying towards Nine-Tailed Fox.

Nine-Tailed Fox has been in a good mood these days, and she didn't expect that Lord Lao Zi stayed with her for two days before leaving.

During these two days, Nine-Tailed Fox and Lord Lao Zi had a deep discussion on how to tie someone with the gold string ... uh, it should be said that they were studying how to use it, which gave her great satisfaction. although Lord Lao Zi has left for almost two days, Nine-Tailed Fox still blushed and was still happy.

However, looking at a fat pig with the saliva flew towards him at the moment, Nine-Tailed Fox was in no good mood. Her face was cold and frosty and she shouted, "Somebody, kill this pig demon!"

"Yes, madam!" Many foxes said with a sweet voice and then stand in front of Nine-Tailed Fox. Their fox tails emerged from behind their ass, like a spear shooting at Pigsy!

Pigsy was not surprised but rejoiced at this. He took a swig and gulped down his saliva. "Ha, ha, ha, little ladies, do you want to fight with me together? You really understand me. I am very strong and you all can be satisfied. "

"Die!" Many long and thin arch eyebrows stand upright. If a handsome male says these words to them, they may be overjoyed. But if a fat pig says so, it is impotent to thank him and it makes them feel disgusting.

Swish, swish ...

The foxtails surprise, flashing with all kinds of foxfire. They want to give Pigsy a fatal blow-----he is too ugly, they don't want to too much entanglement with a pig.