Chapter 126 The Scholar--- Zhu Ganglie

"Little beauties, I'm coming to you, I want to warm you."

Pigsy walked at the forefront of the way. his mouth kept muttering with watering in his mouth and his positive attitude made people feel cold.

Passing by the small village, after more than two hours, the crowd finally saw the towering Press Dragon Mountain.

"This Press Dragon Mountain is exactly what it is called, holding down a huge Dragon Mountain and making it a valuable place!" Monk Tang was floating in the air, watching the Press Dragon Mountain from more than ten miles away. although he only looked at it briefly, he also saw that the Press Dragon Mountain was better than Flat Top Mountain.

Monk Tang couldn't help sighing in his heart that goblins had occupied all the valuable land. This is a really bad thing for human beings!

If such a treasure land is occupied by a group of good goblins, it will be all right.

However, being occupied by a group of evil goblins is not a blessing for all creatures on the ground. The goblins, which are occupying the Press Dragon Mountain, are not good ones. It is fine for them to find men to supply themselves. But It happened that most of the people who have sex with fox goblins will not live long.

Monk Tang thinks that such goblins are unnecessary to keep their lives. But killing them cannot turn them into the experience points. at this time, Monk Tang will remove that kind of evil goblins.

"Master, let me explore the road and find out about goblins first."

Pigsy flew to Monk Tang's side, drooling at the corners of his mouth and volunteered.

After hearing these words, when Monk Tang's mouth twitched. How could he did not know Pigsy's thoughts at this time? This guy just wants to go and fool around ~

Monk Tang didn't uncover his thoughts neither, but nodded and said, "All right, then all bother you. Remember not to kill at will!"

"Hey, hey, hey, Master, just look at me. I'm sure I'll do a good job this time. I'll go." When Pigsy heard this, his eyes suddenly lit up. He was afraid that Monk Tang would not agree. When he got permission, he immediately rushed to Press Dragon Mountain.

Monk Tang was speechless and shook his head at the sight, then fell on the back of the little white dragon and walked slowly forward.

"Master, you just let the nerd do it? Not afraid to act rashly and alert the enemy? "

Sun Wukong appeared beside Monk Tang and looked at Pigsy who had gone away and asked Monk Tang. He does not think Pigsy can accomplish his job!

"Well, let him go. Pig's skin is rough and his flesh is thick. It's not that easy for him to die. At most, he will suffer a little. Let's watch the fun." Monk Tang gave a dismissive hand and continued to move forward. as for acting rashly and alerting the enemy? Haha, Monk Tang was not going to sneak attack or anything like that.

"Watch the fun?" Sun Wukong was shocked when he heard this, and then he burst out laughing, knowing that the pig was going to suffer some hardships. Looking at the bald monk riding on the back of the little white dragon, he thought that indeed this monk has some tricks in his brain.


Pigsy was excited and moved, and with the permission of Monk Tang, he rushed towards Press Dragon Mountain.

However, although Pigsy is lecherous, he is not completely brainless and has not really rushed directly into the press dragon cave.

Pigsy also knows this image of himself. If he rushes to them directly. They might frighten a group of little ladies. It would be bad to frighten little ladies. What's more, Pigsy is afraid of being recognized as who he is.

About a mile in front of the cave, Pigsy stopped instead, wiped his saliva, turned his eyeballs and turned into a sleek, pink-faced, very coquettish, pink-robed, handsome scholar.

A water mirror appeared in front of Pigsy. Pigsy looked at his changed face and nodded with satisfaction. "Good, my technique of change is better now. The little lady looks like this handsome scholar, will they like it?"

Pigsy is smiling again, dispersed water mirror, swaggering towards press dragon cave.

At this time it was getting late, in front of the Press Dragon Cave, many bonfires had been lit, and fire like snakes were leaping and lighting up all around.

"Who is it?"

These fox goblins in Press Dragon Cave are basically women, but they are very astute. Pigsy has not yet reached the place where there is bright, but he has been found. Suddenly, the sound of laughing passes to Pigsy's ears, and something has locked Pigsy.

Pigsy was shocked when he heard this, thought that a group of small goblins were very alert. Then he regained his composure and said, "Young ... girls, I am a scholar, my name is, Zhu Ganglie. I saw some lights here, and wanted to stay in your place for a night!"

Speaking, Pigsy slowly walked to the place where there was a fire, let the fire shine on his face, also convenient for him to see the foxes' faces, he is now disguised as an ordinary scholar. he can't use a fairy method to see things at night. When he was acting, he must not be distracted.

There are many foxes guard outside the Press Dragon Cave. They are all very beautiful little goblins. When they see Pigsy's face, their facial expression is relaxed. They believe that he is really a human scholar. Then they can't help laughing. They are most interested in people like human scholars!

"Hee hee, why are you on your way in the dark? Aren't you afraid of meeting goblins in this wild mountain?" A fox smiled and asked, at the same time, her big beautiful eyes, glancing up and down at pig eight quit, although she is little coquettish, she really looks good. Her interest came, sisters should not be lonely tonight!

Pigsy scratched his head and his face turned reddish as if he were very naive and honest. "This ... I don't deceive you. I was thinking of arriving at Zhangjia Village before dark, but I didn't expect that my horse suddenly ran away and I couldn't arrive on time, so I had to stay in your place for a night. I will pay for it!"

Pigsy also pulled out a few pieces of silver coins from his sleeve.

Looking at Pigsy's silver coins, all the foxes were giggling and laughing, and they increasingly thought that he is a human scholar.

The fox who talk to him first took a step forward when she saw Pigsy did so and approached Pigsy and said, "Young man, you came to our Press Dragon Cave. How can our sisters accept your money? You'd better put it away. "

-----we don't want your money, just use something else to compensate us!

Looking at the fox in front of Pigsy, Pigsy was even more excited, but he didn't show on his face. He still said rigidly, "how can this be done? It is a natural thing to pay for staying in a hotel. I can't take advantage of you. "

Many foxes were muddled for a while, then looked at each other, and giggle charming smiles.

Yes, that's what human scholars are like. They are all silly because they are addicted to reading holy books, but the foxes are more interested in human scholars because of their innocence.