Chapter 125 The Body Is Hollowed Out

During the three days, the energy storm at Flat Top Mountain continued, and finally even turned into liquid and condensed into a torrent.

At the moment, Monk Tang has reached the final moment of cultivation. In the stone chamber, Monk Tang is naked, and the energy of the liquid heaven and earth is still infused into him. At the moment, Monk Tang is covered in gold lights, as cast by gold, blooming golden light. The lights are even brighter than Golden Horn King's.

In three days, Monk Tang experienced a total of nine times of destruction and rebirth, and he finally was able to get an immortal golden body.

Although there is still a long way to go from the true immortality, his physical body is more than 100 times stronger than it was three days ago.

Now, if taking another hit from Lord Lao Zi, Monk Tang is confident that he will not suffer any damage.

Monk Tang's consciousness has been restored for a long time. At the moment, he is consciously adjusting his own state. The cultivation of Indestructible Knack is too strong. After the cultivation, he must use mighty energy to repair some of the damage left behind, or it will leave hidden dangers.

This is a disadvantage of the Indestructible Knack, but it will only appear in the first practice. If he continues to improve later, he will not have such defects. if ordinary people cultivate it in the end, he will be immortal.

Another two hours passed. The energy storm stopped and dispersed. The golden light on the surface of Monk Tang was also restrained and became white, and tender again. Monk Tang just opened his eyes, put on his white monk rope, then put on the cloak of justice, and rose up long and walked towards the outside of the stone chamber.

Three days have passed and the strength has greatly increased. It's time to kill goblins now.

"Master is coming out!" Sun Wukong watched the energy storm stop and dissipate, flashing golden light in his eyes.

Sun Wukong and others just saw Monk Tang emerge from the stone chamber, seemingly as usual, but they have felt that the Monk Tang in front of us at this moment was completely different from the Monk Tang three days ago.

"Congratulations to the master for finishing breakthrough, not only recovering from the injury but also gaining strength!" The White Bone Demon said with a smile.

"Master, Master, you don't know how much noise you made while you were cultivating. I really admire you!" Pigsy, unwilling to lag behind than White Bone Demon, so he said like an apple-polisher.

"Master, since you've completed your breakthrough. Are we going to continue on the road?" Sun Wukong is asked.

"Well, we continue to hit the road, but this time we need to go far to bypass. When I was cultivating, I calculate there are a lich king forces near here. But kill the demon is our responsibility since we meet him, shall we kill him!?” Monk Tang said like this. he remembered that Gold Horn King and Silver Horn King have a godmother. She is sort of some experience pints, and it was worth fro them taking a detour to get it.

More importantly, Monk Tang wants to have a look at how powerful he really is after he became into an immortal golden body by the Indestructible Knack.

Although the distance between Press Dragon Mountain and Flat Top Mountain is not very far, it is definitely not close. In the case of not being able to travel by magic, Monk Tang and his party have not found Press Dragon Mountain after walking for two days. On the way, they met several villages.

At this time, a line of people met a small village again.

Sun Wukong said, "Master, the villagers around here are a little strange. Especially those men! "

When Monk Tang heard this, he raised his eyebrows and said, "Oh? Wukong, what's wrong with those men? What's wrong with those women? "

Sun Wukong was scratching his head. What did he say? After glancing at Pigsy, Sun Wukong said: "The villagers around here are men like Pigsy and women are like Gao Cuilan, but they are a little different from the two! I can't tell. "

"Like who? Don't talk nonsense, dead monkeys! Where do they look like me? " Pigsy revolt him immediately, with a reddish face.

"Master, what are they talking about?" The White Bone Demon, who has not experienced what happened in Gaolao Village, does not understand its connotation.

Sandy is also holding a small notebook and looking at Monk Tang, his eyes full of curiosity.

Monk Tang suppressed his smile and ignored Pigsy's pleading eyes. "You look at those male villagers with weak pace and sunken eyes. It's a hollowed-out phenomenon. It's really like Pig's situation at the beginning!"

Pigsy couldn't help covering his face beside him, feeling too ashamed.

"Well, Master, what happened to those female villagers? They have almost drained all the men. What is there to complain about for them? " Sun Wukong is also a curious baby sometimes.

"pah!" The White Bond Demon blushed and spat lightly. The White Bond Demon was also a former person. Naturally, she understood what Monk Tang meant when he said that their body was hollowed out. At the same time, she thought that this monk was still the former monk who was not serious.

Sandy's eyes lit up and she looked closely at Pigsy for a while. Then he wrote something in his notebook.

Monk Tang smiled at Sun Wukong and said, "It's very easy to understand that it's not the female villagers who drain the male villagers."

If they can't ...... for a long time, of course, they will be dissatisfied. It's very understandable … Monk Tang laughed in his heart.

"No?" Pigsy gave a cry of surprise, then his eyes turned and he thought that these guys were having a great sex life. Do they have somebody else!?

"Master, do you know anything?" Sun Wukong listened to what Monk Tang said and perceived something.

"Wukong, you are very clever!" Monk Tang praised the sentence and said: "Indeed, I know something for the teacher. It is not far from the Mountain Dragon Cave in Press Dragon Mountain. So you may as well guess what goblin is in Press Dragon Mountain?"

"What can I guess? I have no idea! " Pigsy shook his head and said. he is a little miss Gao Cuilan.

Sun Wukong also scratched his head. It's really impossible to guess. there are so many kinds of goblins in the world. How can they have the answer?

Sandy was busy keeping a small notebook and the little white dragon was busy eating grass while walking. He didn't even hear what Monk Tang said.

The White Bone Demon did have an expression of an epiphany, then said: "Master, isn't goblin of Press Dragon Mountain a pack of foxes?"

"Huh?" Smell speech, Monk Tang eyes a stare, and sure enough. Who knows women are still women. White Bone Demon figures it out effortlessly!

"Fox goblins? Where? I like beat fox goblins! " Pigsy's spirit immediately came to him when he heard the words "fox". He forgot "Gaolao Village" and "Gao Cuilan" as well.

Monk Tang couldn't help rolling his eyes. The salacious pig was really hopeless. Looking at Sun Wukong and the White Bone Demon, he said: "Yes, Gu is right. The goblin of Press Dragon Mountain is indeed a group of foxes, and all are beautiful!"

Pigsy wiped his saliva and said, "Master, what are we waiting for? Let's go quickly to subdue demons and eliminate demons. I can't wait! "

Pigsy banged his chest: "I have the most experience in dealing with foxes, trust me!"

At this moment, Pigsy is more active than anyone else!

Monk Tang, Sun Wukong, White Dragon and White Bone Demon rolled their eyes uncontrollably, feeling that the salacious pig was absolutely hopeless.