Chapter 124 Indestructible Knack

The news of the death of Golden Horn King and Silver Horn King is like a clap of thunder from the sky to Nine-Tailed Fox, which makes her charming body tremble and grieve abnormally.

Golden Horn King and Silver Horn King are just like her sons. Usually, they understand filial piety and they always presented her something good.

In the first few days, they had been to Press Dragon Cave to deliver delicious food. They also said they would invite her to eat the meat of Monk Tang in the next few days.

Therefore, Nine-Tailed Fox is also very fond of both of them and has not stopped saying the good things about them next to Lord Lao Zi.

But, how suddenly killed? Nine-Tailed Fox is a bit stunned!

At this moment, when I heard the news, her heart was also extremely angry at the same time. Her sinister smell rose up in her body.

Bang ...

Nine white foxtails, like nine white dragons blooming from behind her, she looked at Lord Lao Zi and said, "Honey, who did it to Goldy and Silver? What lovely two children are them! How can someone kill them? "

Looking at the appearance of Nine-Tailed Fox going on a rampage, Lord Lao Zi sighed softly and said, "Monk Tang and Sun Wukong and his gang. They are the ones who killed our lovely kids"

"What, are they? How is it possible? " Hearing this, Nine-Tailed Fox was shocked at first and then said to Seveny: "Seveny, clean up the military forces and follow me to kill Monk Tang and his people."

"Yes!" Seveny gave a cold response. He was also extremely saddened by the deaths of Golden Horn King and Silver Horn King.

"Wait!" Lord Lao Zi stopped when he saw this.

"Honey, why did you stop me from avenging our two children?" Hearing this, Nine-Tailed Fox asked puzzled.

"You may not be able to avenge Goldy and Silver, but you may also be killed. You know that Goldy and Silver have the five treasures I have given them, but they were still defeated and were killed. Although you don't know how Monk Tang and others did it, they definitely have very powerful methods. You are likely to strike at the stone with your eggs." Lord Lao Zi said so.

Hearing this, Nine-Tailed Fox suddenly felt a quiver in her heart. she knows much about Lord Lao Zi's five treasures.

Just because she knew so much, it made Nine-Tailed Fox know more about the strength of Monk Tang's group. but if she can't let it go, Nine-Tailed Fox was also very unwilling and looked at Lord Lao Zi tearfully and said, "Honey, Let it be??"

Lord Lao Zi gently took Nine-Tailed Fox into his arms again and said, "Let it be? How can we forget it? If it weren't for the rules of the game, I would have run over Monk Tang and them. They are very lucky to have the rules of the game. Ninei, you wait patiently, and when I can do it, I will take revenge for Goldy and Silver! "

"Honey, don't lie to me!" Nine-Tailed Fox raised his face and looked at Lord Lao Zi softly and weakly.

"How could I cheat you, Ninei? I don't know if they will live to see me personally. There are a lot of people who want to kill Monk Tang and his team. " Lord Lao Zi pinched the white chin of Nine-Tailed Fox to make her charming body quiver.

"Well, I believe in you, Honey!" Nine-Tailed Fox gave a slight grunt, and there was tears mist in her eyes, which made people feel pity.

"By the way, Ninei, I'm going to give you a treasure!" Lord Lao Zi thought of something and said. At the same time, Lord Lao Zi stretched out his hand and pulled out one end of his belt. This is Gold Rope. Lord Lao Zi wanted to give it to Nine-Tailed Fox for self-defense.

"Is it here?" Looking at Lord Lao Zi's belt, Nine-Tailed Fox is pretty red in the face. Here is the main hall. so many people are here! Is it too exciting?

Lord Lao Zi's face darkened immediately. He could not do that in front of so many people even if he was hungry and thirsty.

Lord Lao Zi said patiently: "Ninei, this is Gold Rope, this is a great treasure. I will give it to you for self-defense. Let's go, talk to me in your boudoir, and I will give you the highest permission to use Gold Rope."

"Well, all you said I will follow, Honey, and I think it's best to talk in my bed ..." Nine-Tailed Fox blushed.


The next morning, the golden sunshine spread all over the earth, putting a layer of gold on the whole mountain and river, which looks extremely sacred.

On Flat Top Mountain, in Chrysanthemum Cave, when the sun rose, Monk Tang also opened his eyes and vomited out a mouthful of turbid air in the body.

In one night, Monk Tang has completely recovered the injury and has also raised a grade by using the experience points and Experience Pellet obtained by slaying Golden Horn King and Silver Horn King. Monk Tang's current task panel data are:

Host: Monk Tang

Occupation: monk (sutras seeker)

Grade: 25

Experience: 261525320/167772160

Skills: Complete Buddhist Scripture of Being Immortal, Buddha's Warrior Attendant' s Exorcism Kung Fu of with Spade, Shrink Into Inches, the Kung Fu for Immortals

Props: Brocade Kasaya (in form of the cloak), Nine-Ring Monk Spade, Gold Three-Hoop Ring (fake)

Experience Pellet :0

"There is still some experience left, so exchange it for a skill to enhance physical strength!"

Although he rose one level again and his strength also increased a lot, but Monk Tang did not feel enough. Although upgrading can also improve the strength of the physical body, it is not much.

Lord Lao Zi's casual strike yesterday made Monk Tang realize that his physical body is too different from people like Sun Wukong. If his physical body were stronger, he would not have been hurt so badly!

"System, give me a screen of avatar skills of flesh type, I want to improve the strength of the body!"

After the decision is made, he said to the system.

"Ding Dong, according to the host's remaining experience, as well as the current level and state, the most suitable physical avatar for you are" Indestructible Knack ", which costs 100 million experience points. Will you buy it?"

“ Indestructible Knack ?” Hearing these words, Monk Tang's eyes suddenly lit up. The name sounded not bad, saying, "Well, I'll buy this" Indestructible Knack and learn it directly."

"Yes, the purchase was successful. Deduct 100 million experience points and you have started learning ..."


Monk Tang did not hear what said from the system at all. At the moment of learning, Monkey Tang's mind was filled with lightning and endless golden characters appeared in his mind. It was a huge information flow. Monk Tang was almost distracted by the impact of this huge and profound information flow.

Fortunately, there is a system next to him and everything is fine. Soon Monk Tang understood the whole information of this skill. Then, Indestructible Knack began to operate automatically. In a flash, there was a vision. The essence and energy of heaven and earth within a hundred miles of Flat Top Mountain were attracted and turned into various energy elves.

Those elves resulting in an energy storm swarmed into Monk Tang's body ...

Such a vision naturally attracted Sun Wukong and others who were waiting for Monk Tang to finish his treatment.

"HSS ~ what a strong energy storm. Is Master going through his breakthrough? What a big noise! " Pigsy was surprised.

"Not a breakthrough, Master should be practicing a powerful physical avatar, forging his body with mighty energy!"

Sun Wukong's eyes spurted golden light a foot long, looking at the center of the energy storm and seeing through what happened here.

Sun Wukong was also shocked. he was wondering why is Monk Tang really getting stronger and stronger, and the speed of improvement makes him feel scared.