Chapter 123 Nine-Tailed Fox

Lord Lao Zi seemed to strike at random, but his attack was with great strength.

If Lord Lao Zi didn't want to kill Monk Tang, the immortal force would have killed Monk Tang.

Monk Tang was seriously injured at that time. although he later quarreled with Lord Lao Zi, he was actually suppressing the injury.

As soon as Lord Lao Zi left, Monk Tang just couldn't suppress it, and one mouthful blood gushed out.

"Damn, I'm still too weak!" Monk Tang said this, especially the body is not strong enough, although he has become an immortal body.

After resting for a while, the injury was stabilized. Monk Tang said to Sun Wukong and others, "Go and see if there is anything of value, tidy it up, and then we'll find a place to have a rest. I want to heal!"

The crowd rolled her eyes when she heard these words. the White Bone Demon couldn't help saying, "You've been like this but you haven't forgotten the money yet! ?”

Monk Tang heard these words and said, "Gu, you don't understand!" I want to build a gold house but I have not enough gold.


Lord Lao Zi had arrived at the place where Silver Horn King died when Monk Tang and others were looking for the treasure that might be left behind and only a big pit left in the place where the wound was healed. They could not find anything.

"the Golden Cicada X, I will kill you sooner or later and avenge Goldy and Silver!" Looking at the big pit in front of him, feeling the lingering breath of Silver Horn King and endless resentment, Lord Lao Zi stared the pit.

After a long time, Lord Lao Zi sighed and turned to leave. However, he was not on the way back to heaven, but another direction. He said to himself, "Now that I am in the human world, it is better to look at Ninei and have relaxed."

Lord Lao Zi's body turned into a streamer and soon arrived at a special place.

From a distance, there seems to be a huge dragon creeping on the ground, making a soaring trend. There is a faint sound of dragons singing.

This is a huge dragon mountain, which spans hundreds of miles across this area and it is about to turn into a real dragon.

Unfortunately, it was suppressed by a huge mountain in the middle and could not move. It was not allowed to turn into a real dragon.

This is Press Dragon Mountain, a special geomantic treasure land, full of dragon spirits. Whether grass trees or a knot of branches, all of them look like a dragon's claw with a dense dragon scale on them.

"Ninei, it is getting better here!" Lord Lao Zi looked over Press Dragon Mountain for a moment and nodded. then his body was heading towards Press Dragon Cave. just as he landed on the ground, a small demon of Press Dragon Cave showed herself that it was a fox goblin with the enchanting body and full of charm.

"Who is so bold as to break into Press Dragon Cave of Press Dragon Mountain?" A fox shouted with a sweet greasy voice.

"It's ME!" Lord Lao Zi made a noise, and the rich fairy light gradually dissipated, revealing his face.

"ah! It's my lord! " The female fox immediately screamed, and then other foxes screamed separately.

At the moment, at the entrance of Press Dragon Cave, a bevy of young girls rushed at Lord Lao Zi one by one.

"Sir, you have come to see us. We all miss you so much!"

"Go quickly and tell madam that my lord is here!"

Lord Lao Zi, who was surrounded by many foxes, seemed to have forgotten his grief at this time and said with a smile on his face: "all right, all right, you girls, am I not here? Where is my lady? "

A voice that was soft and greasy, It was too sweet to make people have full teeth and it lets a person grasp the heart and scratch the liver. she sounded: "sir, you really want me to die! why did you come to see me so long? You broke my heart... "

At this time, another group of foxes emerged from the Press Dragon Cave, led by a female fox goblin and a male fox goblin.

It was the female fox that spoke. The female fox goblin is with enchanting posture, slender body, small pretty waist, and her hands are putting on her thin waist. Her face was full of charm with two shining eyes. Her chest was surging and quivering with her pace.

This fox is the lich king of Press Dragon Mountain, the Nine-Tailed White Fox.

With these words, Nine-Tailed Fox has plunged into Lord Lao Zi's arms and started to cry as if she had been wronged.

Looking at the weeping beauties in his arms, Lord Lao Zi's face was also a little helpless, patting the satiny jade back of Nine-Tailed Fox and saying: "ok, ok, am I not here now? I was really too busy! Heaven's affairs are too much, and I have to practice alchemy and make elixirs... "

"I don't want to hear this!" Nine-Tailed Fox held out a slender jade finger and pressed it on Lord Lao Zi's lips in the sky. "I dare not expect, my husband, that you can be with me for a long time. I just hope you can visit me more. Although this Press Dragon Mountain is good, I am not happy without you."

"Ok, ok, ok. I know, I will come to see you as soon as I have time, ok?" Lord Lao Zi said at once.

"Well, I'm satisfied!" After hearing these words, Nine-Tailed Fox smiles through tears, and she is more beautiful than flowers.

"Seveny, met Lord Lao Zi!" At this time, the male fox opened his mouth and bowed to Lord Lao Zi.

"Good, Seveny. I haven't seen you for a while. Your cultivation is progressing at a tremendous speed. Practice hard!" Lord Lao Zi glanced at Seveny and look through Seveny.

"It was all by your credit, Lord Lao Zi!" Seveny did not dare to neglect, although he was Lord Lao Zi's brother-in-law according to the relationship.

"Well, you two don't mention it. why do you regard you as an outsider?" Nine-Tailed Fox chimed in at the moment, then hugged Lord Lao Zi's arm tightly and said, "Honey, can you stay with me a little longer this time?"

"Well, I'll stay longer today!" Lord Lao Zi readily agreed.

The crowd headed for the Press Dragon Cave. Nine-Tailed Fox's observation was very sharp. although Lord Lao Zi was no different from what he used to be when he came, the frown still made Nine-Tailed Fox see something. She couldn't help asking, "Honey, what's wrong with you? I see you frown, is there anything wrong? "

Hearing this, Lord Lao Zi stopped and looked at Nine-Tailed Fox for a moment before he said, "Ninei, your observation is still so good, I didn't want to tell you. but since you have seen it, and you will know sooner or later, I will tell you!"

"What is it?" Nine-Tailed Fox heard these words, her body quivered slightly and a bad feeling appeared.

"Goldy and Silver were killed not long ago. I didn't have time to save them!" Lord Lao Zi sighed and said.

Lord Lao Zi's words were like a rumble of thunder from the sky, hitting Nine-Tailed Fox directly, causing Nine-Tailed Fox to shiver violently and almost fall to the ground. As for Goldy and Silver, Nine-Tailed Fox is very familiar with them, because she is the godmother of Golden Horn King and Silver Horn King.