Chapter 122 Insidious Oldman

When Lord Lao Zi shook off his hand, Monk Tang was not angered, but pretended to be surprised and said: "Are Golden Horn King goblin and Silver Horn King goblin your boys? Alas, Lord Lao Zi, this is my fault. Why do you take care of your boys? "

Lord Lao Zi blew his beard and stared: "..." crap, how did it become my fault?

Monk Tang was not afraid of him: "Lord Lao Zi, don't stare at me. how can you make them become demons in the human world? This is a felony! "

Lord Laozi: "..." what does the Golden Cicada X want to do!? Commit a crime!? Hum, you are really naive!

Monk Tang felt a little thirsty and took out a cold drink to drink. he continued, "Lord Lao Zi, I know why you're here!"

Lord Lao Zi's eyes narrowed when he heard these words, and his eyes gleamed dangerously: "..." does the Golden Cicada X have such ability?

Monk Tang said with a smile: "Lord Lao Zi, I know that you are here to punish your subordinates in the cause of justice, but you don't have to. I have already helped you to do this. Lord Lao Zi, you don't have to thank me. That's what I should do, so Lord Lao Zi doesn't have to suffer the feeling of killing people you love in person. what I do is worth it! "

Lord Lao Zi's eyes were red: "…"

Sun Wukong, Pigsy, Sandy, the White Bone Demon and the Little White Dragon are all in stun and open-mouthed!

OMG, Monk Tang is really eloquent!!

A few people felt that the monk was really shameless. He confused the truth and falsehood.

Help Lord Lao Zi to punish his adherents in the cause of justice? Haha, are you just wanting to kill a goblin?

It's really hard to find another person who is so shameless finding such an upright reason for killing.

Lord Lao Zi also felt that the monk was too shameless, cunning and he made he raged.

Looking at Monk Tang, Lord Lao Zi gave birth to an impulse to shoot Monk Tang immediately. Lord Lao Zi had a feeling that the existence of this guy definitely will have a great effect on his plan, but Lord Lao Zi refrained at last!

Because Lord Lao Zi knew that once he moved, it would not be as simple as killing Monk Tang!

Lord Lao Zi is confident that one finger can crush Monk Tang now, but whether he can kill him or not is a question.

After killing Monk Tang, that's another problem. If he kills Monk Tang now, it's a violation of the rules of the game. Those who stand behind Monk Tang will definitely not let him go.

Lord Lao Zi is strong and proud, but he is not yet conceited enough to be able to compete with many powerful men at his rank.

Looking at Monk Tang, Lord Lao Zi snorted coldly in his heart: "I didn't kill you this time, I will definitely kill you next time!"

Lord Lao Zi then glanced at Sun Wukong slightly, and now Sun Wukong should be at the second place at his killing list!

Monk Tang shuddered and looked at Lord Lao Zi's eyes with dark scold in his heart: this old man has absolutely not the good intention!

Monk Tang took precautions to prevent Lord Lao Zi from making a sudden move, and Shrink Into Inches was all ready.

Sun Wukong and others are also on the alert. once the fight really starts, no matter what happened, they will give a hit on Lord Lao Zi.

In Chrysanthemum Cave, the atmosphere immediately became a little tense. it took so so long time. Lord Lao Zi's face broke into a smile and said, "Holy monk, what you said is reasonable. I did come here to punish my adherents in the cause of justice. Thank for your help. Your kindness to me will definitely impress me."

Monk Tang heard these words, his heartbeat suddenly and felt more dangerous. Lord Lao Zi was really a dangerous person.

At first, Monk Tang was only worried about the strength of Lord Laozi's cultivation, but now he is even more worried that Lord Lao Zi is strong inside -----------------insidiousness.

Clearly, he was going to explode with anger, but he can still say it with a smile. Lord Lao Zi is definitely an insidious old man!

Monk Tang was alarmed, but on the surface, he did not respond. he also smiled and said, "Lord Lao Zi, it is very kind of you. I will help you punish your adherents in the cause of justice if there are any other ones come to the human world without permission next time."

Lord Lao Zi: "..." Damn it, Lord Lao Zi went angry in his heart. Do you want another time? This monk deserves to die.

"Haha, then thank you, I have something important to do, then I'll go!" Lord Lao Zi said with a hard smile on his face, then rolled up Golden Horn King's body with a wave of his sleeve robe and disappeared into a streamer.

Lord Lao Zi did not dare to stay here any longer. he was really afraid that he could not help pressing on Monk Tang to death with his one finger.

Watching Lord Lao Zi leaving, whether it was Monk Tang, Pigsy and others, or even Sun Wukong, was a sigh of relief. It was because Lord Lao Zi brought too much pressure to them!

At present, some of them get injury and some of them were under the seal. They are too weak to have another war with anyone. Thus, they are all nervous right now.

So when Lord Lao Zi left, the crowd couldn't help but breathe a sigh of relief. however, before Lord Lao Zi left, Monk Tang and others didn't find out that Lord Lao Zi glanced at the White Bone Demon, and his mouth quickly lifted a sneer. then he quickly disappeared. They didn't know what kind of tricks he will play.

"Hey? That old man forgets to take these treasures away, haha, it's all ours! "

Sun Wukong gave a slight laugh and looked at the gourd and vase which were still kissing each other on the ground, and Seven Stars Sword, etc.

When Monk Tang heard this, he rolled his eyes and said, "Wukong, you think too much!"

Sun Wukong :“……”

"Look!" Monk Tang pointed to the five heavy treasures. At this moment, the treasures such as Seven Stars Sword are full of strong treasure light. The next moment, the five heavy treasures disappeared through the rock wall. How can Lord Lao Zi forget his treasures?

"What a pity!" Sun Wukong and others watched the treasures run away, feeling disappointed.

"Master, are you all right?"

The White Bone Demon looked at Monk Tang, whose mouth was still covered with blood. Women are more careful than men.

"I'm fine, thud ..." Monk Tang smiled when he heard these words and opened his mouth with a gulp of blood. "it is impossible that I'm fine!"

“ Master !”


Looking at the blood gushing from Monk Tang's mouth, they panicked and rushed forward to him calling out "Master".

"Well, it's much more comfortable to spit out the blood!" Monk Tang motioned with his hand that he was ok and said: "Lord Lao Zi is really too powerful. although it is only a magic force on them, it is still beyond my ability to fight against the magic force. Damn, I am really too weak and not strong enough! "