Chapter 121 Showing Off Skills

"Bang!! " Golden Horn King was bundled tightly and fell into the magma at one fell swoop, splashing a large amount of magma!

When he was in a bad situation, he should kill him. Monk Tang was not only one who knew it, but also Sun Wukong Pigsy and Sandy. When they saw that Golden Horn King was tied down, the three men fell upon Golden Horn King without saying anything. In a flash, Golden Horn King was beaten and screamed repeatedly.

Of course, the strength of the three-man was measured. Golden Horn King was seriously injured, but he did not die.

Sun Wukong knows that goblin's last breath must be handed to Monk Tang, or Monk Tang will be furious!

They don't want to be "remembered" by the petty monk Tang!

"Well done!"

Indeed as expected, when the three Sun Wukong Pigsy and Sandy turned Golden Horn King to the ground, the voice of Monk Tang sounded behind them.

"teacher, this is what we should do!" Pigsy gives him a smiling face and turned to look behind him.

Monk Tang takes the White Bone Demon and the Little White Dragon also felling on the ground. The boiling soup and magma had no effect on them.

Monk Tang said with a satisfied nod when he heard this, and thought: the three of them could be taught. they knew that they had left him goblins to kill without his command.

Without further ado, Monk Tang makes a fist, and Nine-Ring Monk Spade appears in his hand!

The Buddhist six-character mantra resounded, and Buddha's Warrior Attendant' s Exorcism Kung Fu of Spade appeared again!

The air sounded explosive, and Nine-Ring Monk Spade smashed the past in the face of Golden Horn King's head-----he was excited to get the experience points by killing monsters.

"My life is over!" Looking at the Nine-Ring Monk Spade, Golden Horn King could not help but let out a cry in his heart.


However, just then, a cold voice sounded in Chrysanthemum Cave, with an unassailable tone.

At the same time, a huge light beam fell from the sky penetrating Flat Top Mountain and appearing directly in Chrysanthemum Cave.

The thick rock wall of Flat Top Mountain has no effect at all.

The beam of light is very thick, with the sound of the voice, a figure slowly emerge at the same time.

"Lord Lao Zi ..." Golden Horn King heard the voice, immediately surprised, the voice he was so familiar with.

Monk Tang was angry when he heard this. Damn you! The unassailable tone made him angry. What's more, how can experience points be gone from his hands? Not only did Monk Tang not stop, but he hit harder and faster!

Lord Lao Zi in the light pillar saw that Monk Tang did not stop, but instead accelerated his speed and strength. His heart was also burning with anger and he let out a loud roar. At the same time, with a wave of his sleeve and an immortal force, he said, "Tang Sanzang, I asked you to stop, didn't you hear me?"

With a bang, Monk Tang felt an overwhelming force hitting him.

He tastes sweet immediately in his throat. He can't help but spit out one mouthful blood, his was shocked-------------his mana is too strong!

At this moment, Monk Tang has already guessed who the person maybe, but so what?

Dare to stop me from killing goblins for EXP. Absolutely no! Monk Tang wipe a handful of corners of the mouth of the blood, looking ferocious and said: "Wukong!"

"Ah, old man, you dare to hurt my Master, fuck you!"

Sun Wukong was also angry. in an unguarded moment, Lord Lao Zi even injured Monk Tang. how shameful for him?

In an instant, Sun Wukong's body size increased two or three times, Monkey King Bar also became huge and ferocious, toward Lord Lao Zi!

Monk Tang watched Sun Wukong rush toward Lord Lao Zi, but he was not idle. when Lord Lao Zi did not react, he just grasped Nine-Ring Monk Spade and smashed at Golden Horn King's head again.


Golden Horn King's head was smashed to pieces by Monk Tang immediately. The brains and blood were splattered all on Monk Tang.

One of Golden Horn King's eyeballs rolled to Monk Tang's feet. His eyes still looked surprised and frightened.

Suddenly there was silence in the cave.

Lord Lao Zi stayed in wait for a while and looked at the shattered Golden Horn King with his head smashed, a little stunned.

Golden Horn King was just killed in front of him? And it's miserable for him to get his head smashed.

After the death of Golden Horn King, his body broke out in a golden light, and his body changed from the original golden bruiser to a small Taoist priest in a golden cassock, with the size of a seven-or eight-year-old child. Now, of course, he has no head and can't see what he looks like.

"Ding Dong, congratulations to the host for slaying Golden Horn King and rewarding Experience Points with 15 million points."

The alert tone of the system sounded at the moment of Golden Horn King's death, which sounded very pleasing to the ear to Monk Tang.

Lord Lao Zi also reacted at this moment and shouted with indignation: "Goldy..."

"Who are you, old man? Why do you want to stop me from killing demons? Are you also with a goblin? " Monk Tang shouted coldly. Although he already knew who the old man was, Monk Tang still pretended not to know him. At the same time, he must get rid of suspicion and stood on the side of justice.

"You ... you, why don't you stop, Ben-jun has already told you to stop!" Lord Lao Zi pointed trembling fingers at Monk Tang.

"I ask who are you? It is not polite to point fingers at others! " Monk Tang continued to play dumb.

At this moment Sun Wukong made several somersaults in the air and landed beside Monk Tang, saying: "Master, this old man is Lord Old Lao Zi, uh, no, he is Lord Lao Zi!"

Lord Lao Zi's face darkened when he heard what he said. he really hated Sun Wukong!

Monk Tang's eyes suddenly brightened at this moment. "It turns out that you are Lord Lao Zi. It's my first time to meet you. I'm really lucky. You are look batter than I thought. Your elegant demeanor really blinds me. Nice to meet you. Nice to meet you ..."

Lord Lao Zi :“...................”

What's the matter with this monk? He is far from the Golden Cicada X. Did he burn out his brain in reincarnation?

Sun Wukong: "..." Master, has started the show again?

Pigsy and others were eating melons ...

While talking, Monk Tang came to the front of Lord Lao Zi quite naturally, holding Lord Lao Zi's hand affectionately and shaking it!

Well, shaking hands or something is not the purpose. Monk Tang just wants to wipe the brains sprayed on his hands just now!

At first Lord Lao Zi still felt that Monk Tang's brain was burned out, but when the satiny and greasy feeling came from his hands, he suddenly felt bad and his face. Then Lord Lao Zi discovered that he had been fooled by Monk Tang's tricks!

Lord Lao Zi shook off Monk Tang's hand with a black face and said coldly, "Monk Tang, you haven't answered why you killed my gold boy? Did you kill my silver boy too? "

"Is Golden Horn King your boy? And Silver Horn King is also your boy? " Monk Tang pretended to be surprised when he heard these words.

"Hum!" Lord Lao Zi just snorted: aren't you talking nonsense?