Chapter 120 Twist, Twist, Twist, Twist, Twist...

Lord Lao Zi has reached the most critical moment to make divine pellets in Doushuai Palace in heaven.

Lord Lao Zi waved duster in hand repeatedly. Irresistible Flame was shot out from the duster one by one, and one by one. the fire in Alchemy Furnace was even more turbulent.

After a long time, Lord Lao Zi stopped. the flame in Alchemy Furnace gradually weakened but did not extinguish.

After shaking duster once again, the cover of Alchemy Furnace flew up. At the moment when the furnace cover flew up, a golden light soared up into the sky!

A few golden lights are also rushed away, and a voice sounded:

"Ah, freedom, freedom, we are free!"

"Haha, it's cool and comfortable outside."

"Let's go, let's go, the old man with a white beard wants to catch us!"

This is a batch of elixirs and has already produced a real spiritual intelligence, just like real creatures, with the magic power of immortals.

After coming out of Alchemy Furnace, they transformed into an anthropomorphic elixir and fled.

Lord Lao Zi was not surprised at this situation, but nodded with satisfaction: "well, l made good elixirs this time!"

When he said this, he saw Lord Lao Zi's palm raised up, and several elixirs transformed into golden figures, who fled to Doushuai Palace, just flew back to Lord Lao Zi's side. Lord Lao Zi gently squeezed one anthropomorphic elixir and put it his mouth, and CRAC CRAC he chewed it up.

"Ah, dying, dying, it hurts!"

The shrill and abnormal shrieks came from Lord Lao Zi's mouth, which made the remaining few elixirs shiver.

With a grunt, Lord Lao Zi swallowed the liquid from his mouth and show a satisfied face, saying: "the elixir effect is good, but it can be improved and upgraded again!" Duster moved and those shivering elixirs into the prototype and flew into bottles.


The next moment Lord Lao Zi's face changed, might rose up into the sky, and the whole heaven was changed in an instant.

At this moment, many celestial immortals have changed color, and they secretly wonder who caused Lord Lao Zi to get so angry.

"Damn, how is it possible, how can Silver Horn King die? No, Golden Horn King is also in danger! Why? "

At the moment when Lord Lao Zi put away the elixir, Lord Lao Zi suddenly perceive the death of the silver boy and was immediately shocked and angry.

When discovering that Golden Horn King was also in danger, Lord Lao Zi was unable to control his own momentum and stirred the sky.

Lord Lao Zi knew that what did Golden Horn King and Silver Horn King do. They had been instructed by him to go down to the human world. otherwise, how could Golden Horn King and Silver Horn King "steal" his treasures?

However, Lord Lao Zi was even more surprised because of his knowledge. In his opinion, there are five important treatures in their hands. Even if they can't beat Sun Wukong and others, it is extremely easy for them to get out of the situation. Lord Lao Zi can't figure out and can't understand how Silver Horn King died. Golden Horn King also has a life-and-death crisis!?

Lord Lao Zi always felt that something had changed and even wondered if those guys had made moves!

Lord Lao Zi could no longer sit still at the moment and disappeared in Doushuai Palace.


“ goblin, you are dead!” In Chrysanthemum Cave, Sun Wukong's three brothers roared and attacked Golden Horn King again.

"It's no use. I have Palm-Leaf Fan to protect myself. You can't hit me at all. Ha, ha, ha ..." Golden Horn King burst out laughing.

Golden Horn King fanned Palm-Leaf Fan and blew out a strong ht fire wind, blocking Sun Wukong's attack.

At the same time, another hand, Seven Stars Sword, repeatedly chopped at them, several the Milky Ways were running in the cave. At that time, Golden Horn King and Sun Wukong were ended in a draw.

This is very surprising to them, which shows the importance of equipment!

Of course, that's all. Golden Horn King's ability to do this with two great treasures is already the limit.

After all, Golden Horn King's cultivation is not too high.

The other side.

Monk Tang, with the White Bone Demon and the Little White Dragon, was flashing repeatedly and his eyes glistened as he dodged the strong hot wind.

At the same time, he speaks something and looked solemn, as if reading some magic spell.

The White Bone Demon is too close to him to hear what Monk Tang is whispering!

After hearing this clearly, the little face of the White Bone Demon suddenly froze. He looked so solemn, but the incantation was so unethical. The White Bone Demon felt that there was no one else can do it in the world, and only the monk could do such unethical things.

To this, Monk Tang also expressed that he was speechless. He was also very desperate.

At this time, Monk Tang is controlling Gold Rope and is quietly heading for Golden Horn King.

The mantra in his mouth is the mantra for controlling Gold Rope, which Monk Tang got from the system.

He thought this spell was also' Lord Lao Zi! Order!'. although it is not a cool spell, at least it is a normal one. however, the spell given by the system turned out to be' Twist, Twist, Twist, Twist, Twist...'

Even if he says such a shameful mantra, what makes Monk Tang's egg ache is that I have to add actions-while saying the mantra, I twist my waist with the mantra. (ps: egg ache= embarrassed)

Twist your waist? Fuck you twist waist!When Monk Tang almost ripped out the system and fell it to the ground!

However, that's just thinking, he can't do it!

In the end, Monk Tang made a compromise on account of Experience Points. However, in order to save some face, Monk Tang's voice was extremely low and he does the spell posture in an extremely slight twisting waist ... If Sun Wukong and Pigsy saw this, how could they not be laughed to death?

Of course, Monk Tang's greatest fear is that Sandy will write it down in his small notebook. In case anyone sees it, he will be really famous-----what is recorded in his notebook will always be regarded as the true thing.

Although the incantation is somewhat shameful, the effect is indeed very strong. The Gold Rope was commanded directly with ease as his wishes

Quietly, the rope came to the foot of Golden Horn King, and then, like the golden snake, bounding Golden Horn King!

“ Gold Rope ? Not good! " Golden Horn King's reaction was also extremely fast. The moment he was tied up, he reacted and recited the mantra in his mouth---------the mantra was given by Lord Lao Zi which could control the Gold Rope.

Golden Horn King wanted to use it as a way to get rid of Gold Rope, but the next moment Golden Horn King's face turned wild because Golden Horn King found that the spell given by Lord Lao Zi could not control Gold Rope at all!

"What is going on?" Golden Horn King couldn't believe it. He looked at Monk Tang and shouted, "It's you! It must be you, dead monk, you did this. How despicable you are to plot against me! "

Although Golden Horn King does not know how Monk Tang controls Gold Rope, he does know that Monk Tang must have done something on the rope.

Seeing Golden Horn King tied up by Gold Rope, Monk Tang also breathed a sigh of relief. The shameful spells and actions are indeed very powerful. The control of Gold Rope was taken from Golden Horn King.