Chapter 12 Wow ... How Exciting!

Besides that, through chatting, Monk Tang also learned that The Five-Fingers Mountain is not as simple as suppressing The Five-Fingers Mountain. The real purpose of it is to kill Sun Wukong. After knowing this, Monk Tang was shocked in his heart. No wonder Sun Wukong wants to go out and to seek revenge no Tathagata. It turns out that there is another reason for this.
Monk Tang took a sigh of relief. Is this the real Journey to the West? Monk Tang had this idea at this moment! The Sun Wukong in the original book is likely to have been killed when it was released from the Five-Fingers Mountain, and then a fake Sun Wukong came out, so it turned out he was so weak, either it couldn't beat one or another monster in original.
Of course, such an idea just passed away and was immediately left behind by Monk Tang. As to which is true but it is not important, the most important thing is that he lives in this world now, so here is the truth, since it becomes With the Golden Cicada X, I have to do a different Monk Tang.
"Master, let's get on the road now?" Sun Wukong told what happened five hundred years ago and then asked.
"Well, let's get on the road, but let's found my horse and make it back!" Monk Tang said thoughtfully.
"Master, are you talking about a White Horse? No need to look for it, it was stoned to death just now! Haha ..." Sun Wukong said.
Hearing that, Monk Tang stared, and shit, the White Horse was dead? Of course, it didn't follow the script. Isn't it that he has to go a long way on his legs and then have a new mount? Monk Tang was distressed for a while, and looked at Sun Wukong grieved ... it all should account on this monkey!
"No, you have to find it, there is something very important on the horse, you have to take it away!" Monk Tang said with tears in his heart.
"Oh, sir, master, come with me and I will take you over now!" Sun Wukong stepped forward and grabbed Monk Tang's arm, and then they shot out like an arrow, wow ... what an excitement!
Monk Tang: Ahhhhhh ...
"Master, you are here, but what is your name, Master?" Sun Wukong said.
"I, don't like drag racing too fast!" Monk Tang said in a whisper, feeling that his legs were a little soft. Couldn't the Golden Cicada X have the problem of fear of heights fail?
"Drag racing? What the hell is that?" Sun Wukong asked with strangely wide eyes.
Monk Tang didn't care about the damn monkey, but looked at the White Horse ... it was in miserable, smashed by a large stone, it can't be seen as a horse at all. If it wasn't for the four hoofs, he wouldn't I believe this was once a horse.
What the hell, the document of customs clearance will not be ruined? Monk Tang remembered the important one thing and quickly looked around.
"Master, are you looking for these things again?" Sun Wukong jumped up to Monk Tang, holding a parcel in his hand and a monk spade in his other hand, which was exactly what was took away when the horse was shocked.
"Yes, that's it!" Monk Tang saw this joy, and there was no damage to the document of customs clearance, and there was no need to make a U-turn back to Tang Land to solve it, which was so troublesome to handle and was not a good sign.
After getting what he should find, Monk Tang decided to continue on the road, but before looking at the tragic situation of the White Horse, he could not help shaking his head: "It's a pity!"
"for what kind of pity! Isn't it just a horse!" Master Sun Wukong feels he is really a monk, to be compassionate.
Hearing that, Monk Tang gave Sun Wukong a glance, and said, "What do you know, monkeys? I regret that the White Horse is so good to eat. It must be very delicious. I knew it was so miserable and poor. I should kill it first, and sacrifice my temple of the five internal organs. "
Talking, Monk Tang took a sip of water, as if thinking of something delicious.
Seeing this, Sun Wukong suddenly felt cold, and the look that made him feel terrible appeared again!
So scary, Sun Wukong suddenly felt Monk Tang must be a fake monk.
"Master, what do you mean by saying that, you said that you wanted to eat horse meat, and you wanted to kill it by hand? Master, are you a monk, aren't monks all disciplined! Have I not been born for 500 years, rules already changed? "Sun Wukong couldn't help asking.
"Amitabfa, of course, I am a monk, but I am not a monk before, and may not be a monk in the future!" Monk Tang uttered an unlike Buddhist words from his mouth.
"What do you mean?" Sun Wukong didn't understand. It felt so profound. Is the master talking about the past, present, and future of the Buddha?
"It's nothing, but I always have a dream for my teacher!" Monk Tang said, looking at forty-five degrees, his face sullen.
Sun Wukong blinked, and suddenly felt that Monk Tang was pretending this time, but he was still curious and asked, "Master, what is your dream?"
"I think ... really want to resume regular life!" Monk Tang said.
Sun Wukong wants to vomit blood and want to die!
The master and apprentice went on the road, but they did not find out that at the moment of The Five-Fingers Mountain's fragmentation, there was a piece of stone the size of a person, turned into a streamer, headed for the west, disappeared in an instant!
Without the White Horse, there is only walking. Of course, except for monk spade and monk clothes in moon white, even as for Brocade Kasaya, Monk Tang takes it off and held it by Sun Wukong. It can reduce his own weight and come It's also because Monk Tang doesn't think Brocade Kasaya looks good.
Maybe in the eyes of other people, this brocade is a treasure, it is very beautiful, but in Monk Tang's eyes, what looks and feels like a tablecloth, not only Brocade Kasaya, all the kasayas for Monk Tang looks the same.
Monk Tang has decided not to wear brocade when it is not necessary. Not only is it ugly, but it is not very convenient to wear it, especially when having a fight.
Monk Tang has another idea. If he meets a good tailor in the future, he must change Brocade Kasaya and change it according to his favorite style. For example, change it to a big cloak. When thinking about it, monk Tang smiles with alacrity.
During the march, Monk Tang suddenly remembered that he, completed the 'Sun Wukong' apprenticeship, had gained a hundred points of experience and had not yet used it, so he opened the character panel:
Host: Monk Tang
Occupation: Monk (sutras seeker)
Level: 2
Experience: 100/20
Skills: Complete Buddhist scriptures
Props: Brocade Kasaya, Nine-ring spade, and Gold three-hoop Ring(Fake)
"System, can I choose to upgrade?" Monk Tang asked in his heart.
System: 'Yes, the host can choose to upgrade as long as they meditate in their hearts!'
"Okay, upgrade now!" Monk Tang meditated in his heart.
System: 'Ding Dong, congratulations to, Host, your level upgrades to level three, may I continue to upgrade? '
"carry on!"
System: 'Ding Dong, congratulations to the host. your level upgrades to level four. Lack of experience cannot continue to upgrade! '
The pleasure brought by the upgrade is indescribable. In short, it is too cool. Although it has only been upgraded by two levels, Monk Tang immediately felt that his whole body was full of strength, and he feels a strong wind under his feet.
However, when he wanted to continue to upgrade again, the system prompts a lack of experience, so Monk Tang feels awkward, and check the character panel again: