Chapter 119 The Battle With Golden Horn King

In the Flat Top Mountain inside Chrysanthemum Cave, after Monkey King Bar fired a gun at Flat Top Mountain, the energy fluctuation dissipated.

Monk Tang and his disciples filed in. Monk Tang was going to take advantage of Golden Horn King when he was in a bad condition.

"My God, Monkey King Bar was so amazing! ?”

Looking at the cave walls with golden energy beams blooming, Pigsy couldn't help sighing that all the little devils died after one shot.

"be careful, Golden Horn King is not dead!" Monk Tang warned, looking at Sun Wukong: "Wukong, where is Golden Horn King?"

"Let me have a look, master!" Sun Wukong replied that his eyes would burst into golden flames and look around!

Bang !

At this moment, a Milky Way shot out from a rock wall and cut to Monk Tang and others. It was a firm Milky-Way knife Qi.

"Bold goblin, dare to attack me!"

Sun Wukong reacted very quickly. Monkey King Bar appeared in his hand and hit the Milky Way.


There was a big explosion, and the Milky Way was suddenly smashed and exploded by Monkey King Bar, the little planets on it were all destroyed.

"Ah, I will kill you!" A loud roar came from the rock wall. It was the sound of a treasure jar!

“ Suet Jade Bottles ! ?” Monk Tang stared at this.

Monk Tang remembered that although Suet Jade Bottle has the intellect and it is valuable, it seems that it cannot speak.

"Little bald, look eyesight! Do you know Suet Jade Bottle? ... ah ah ah, don't spit me out, let me hide here for a while!"

The voice came out again from Suet Jade Bottom, but before it was finished, Suet Jade Bottom was spitting out a golden shadow. Who else would it be but Golden Horn King?

Monk Tang's mouth twitched. this guy is really good at hiding, who was hiding in Suet Jade Bottle. No wonder he survived!

However, it is strange that this golden Monk Tang has not been converted into pus. Monk Tang believes that there was something unusual.

Although he was a little flustered, he quickly stood still, holding the jade bottle in one hand and seven stars in the other. "Monk Tang, do you dare to reply to me when I'm calling your name?"

Hearing this, there was no one to make any noise. Sun Wukong looked at Pigsy and thought: again? Can't talk again?

The air was suddenly quiet, and Golden Horn King felt so embarrassed and shouted again: "Monk Tang, I'm calling your name, do you dare to respond to me?"

Monk Tang yawned, neither making any noise nor teasing Golden Horn King ... he never plays the same trick twice!

Another brief silence.

This time, before Golden Horn King could speak, Monk Tang spoke first, holding Purple Red Calabash and saying, "Golden Horn King, I'm calling your name, do you dare to respond to me?" "

Golden Horn King :“#%#¥%……”

When Golden Horn King saw Purple Red Calabash, he curses Monk Tang's mom in his heart and he holds rage in his eyes.

The Purple Red Calabash showed in Monk Tang's hands shows that Silver Horn King is over and he knew that why Silver Horn King has not returned.

Golden Horn King roared, his eyes flashed and he is out of his mind: "Ah, I fought with you to avenge my second brother!"

Hearing the voice of Golden Horn King, Monk Tang's face was filled with joy: yes!

Monk Tang took out Purple Red Calabash to stimulate Golden Horn King, make him lose his mind and make him respond.

Before Golden Horn King's voice fell, Monk Tang felt a terrible suction from Purple Red Calabash!

However, Monk Tang was not happy for long because of Golden Horn King resisted ... This guy threw out the jade bottle!

With a bang, Monk Tang saw the jade bottle hit on Purple Red Calabash, and the gourd mouth was inserted into the mouth of the jade bottle.

Monk tang: "????" what is this situation?

Monk Tang found that the two babies were "kissing" each other and no one can pull them apart!

"Ha, ha, ha!" At this moment Golden Horn King laughed: "Monk Tang, what a surprise! Purple Red Calabash and Jade Clear Bottle are mutually compatible. If you want to use purple and gold gourd against me. No way! "

OMG, Monk Tang was speechless when he heard this. He understood why Purple Red Calabash and Suet Jade Bottle have the same ability. It turned out to be a pair!

Monk Tang is also haha sneer: "are you stupid? I can't use gourds, and you can't use jade bottles, can you? "

Gold Horn King: "!!!" He has forgotten this!

"Don't talk nonsense, I'm going to chop you today, I have many treasures!" Cried Golden Horn King, a little angry.

He waves his hand and gives another attack, the cave is a hung another Milky Way. Seven big stars on it are particularly dazzling.

"apprentices, now do whatever you want and you can talk!"

Monk Tang is very angry, what do you mean you have many treasures, Crap ... Monk Tang hates players who own many types of equipment and look down upon others!

Monk Tang Shrinked Into Inches, move away from Knife Qi, the threat of jade bottles is gone. now it is a good time to fight with Golden Horn King together, even if you are a well-equipped player, I will take the advantages of the number of people to pile you to death!

"Thank god! finally, I can speak! Goblin, watch out my rake! "

Pigsy shouted at once when he heard this ... there is no way for him to fight without making any noise. at the same time, he threw his rake at Gold Horn King.

Sandy took his demon-quelling staff. The demon-quelling staff was swung rounding and was smashed at Gold Horn King.

Sun Wukong also made moves, and hold Monkey King Bar rushing to Gold Horn King without affectation.

Three of Monk Tang's very powerful disciples made moves. Even if Golden Horn King has treasures as powerful as Seven Stars Sword, Golden Horn King will be also muddled ……Golden Horn King will only lose.

In an instant, Knife Qi of the Milky River was beaten to pieces, while the three apprentices were not intended to reduce their strength and continued to hit Golden Horn King.

Golden Horn King felt the crisis of life and his face turned green at once. He regretted throwing out his jade bottle.

But it doesn't matter, he still has other treasures!

When Golden Horn King opened his mouth and vomited, Palm-Leaf Fan appeared in his other hand!

With a shout, Golden Horn King fanned out with Palm-Leaf Fan, and there was immediately stormy and scorching in the cave.

This is the fan in his hand, which is a male fan. And it is a couple of treasures with the female fan in Princess Iron Fan's hand. The male fan attribute to Yang, when it was fanning there will be fire wind out from the fan.

Dudu du!

The heatwave in the cave was rolling, and the rock walls melted and turned into rolling lava.

“ OMG !” Seeing this, Monk Tang thought it was severe, and repeatedly used his Shrink Into Inches to avoid the scorching wind and waves.

Of course, Monk Tang did not forget to take the White Bone Demon and the Little White Dragon to avoid this indiscriminate attack!

Palm-Leaf Fan is truly a treasure that it can produce wind and blow people thousands of miles away just with one move. Although it did not blow away Sun Wukong, successfully stopped the attack of the three.

Golden Horn King smiled triumphantly: "Look, I have these two treasures in my hand. You dare not do anything to me!"

"Wukong, Pig, Wujing, don't have cold feet! just hit on him!" Monk Tang shouted like this, in the Golden Horn King didn't pay attention to the case that a ray of golden light from Monk Tang feet hiding away, silently toward Golden Horn King.

Don't need Monk Tang to say that Sun Wukong didn't intend to let Golden Horn King go. This guy is really a smelly fart. He dares to underestimate them with the help of treasures. He deserves to be beaten. Sun Wukong is even the most furious one. Of course, he is also very greedy for several treasures in Golden Horn King's hands.