Chapter 118 The Body Was Hollowed out

"Perfect!" Monk Tang looked at this huge object shining with golden light and give him a big thumb.

"OMG, what is this thing? I feel it is very dangerous! "

Looking at the sudden appearance of the monster, Pigsy could not help but stop his hand, his eyes filled with horror.

"Master, what is this?"

Sandy also stopped and put the demon-reducing staff beside her with a small notebook in her hand ... This guy was actually drawing.

Monk Tang smiled proudly: "Haha, this is a good thing, I promise, one shot can make the goblin inside fly away!"

If there are military enthusiasts here, they will surely find that this cannon is very similar to a German cannon in World War II.

Monk Tang is based on the cannon with the name of the world's largest cannon, and Monk Tang makes Monkey King Bar change this cannon!

No other characteristics, it is big. the gun tube is long enough, big enough!

"Well, I'm going to fill bullets. You can open the door of the cave now!" Monk Tang clapped his hands.

"all right, master!" Pigsy and Sandy responded and set about to open the door at the same time.

Whoosh! The nine-toothed rake and the demon-quelling staff blew on the scarlet door with a bang.

With a roar, the gate burst open, revealing the deep passage inside.

When the gate opened, Monk Tang just laughed and manipulated the cannon to face the cave.

Bang, Monk Tang was a little embarrassed. The barrel was too thick and the hole was a little narrow … the gun body couldn't get in!

"master, you can get in if the cannon gets smaller!" Sun Wukong warned.

"Nope, I'll be stubborn. I'll go in there!" Monk Tang gets angry. the narrow hole will be 'stretched'!

Monk Tang immediately gave a command to Monkey King Bar!

Monkey King Bar was trembling. Boomed. Monkey King Bar slowly retreated.

Then, it accelerates the forward rush ... Bang!

This time Monkey King Bar succeeded, and suddenly the gold cannon went in. The rock walls around Chrysanthemum Cave were full of cracks.

"OMG, it works out! ?” Pigsy rubbed his cheek severely and was shocked.

This is really thorough ... The whole barrel was completely stuck into the entrance to the cave.

"Well done!" Monk Tang clapped his hands and said ... this time he blocked the entrance of the cave completely. We will see where else you are going to?

Monk Tang grinned grimly and patted Monkey King Bar and said: "Fire! Monkey King Bar!"


Golden Horn King, who is drinking wine in a gloomy mood, is extremely worried about Silver Horn King.

Golden Horn King was about to pour himself another glass of wine when he was startled by a loud noise and his glasses were thrown out.

Golden Horn King roared: "what's going on? Somebody, please! "

A little demon came running from a distance and shouted as he ran, "No, Great King, two goblins have broken our gate!"

"what?" Golden Horn King immediately became furious and shouted, "Where did the little demon dare to attack my chrysanthemum gate?"


However, just as Golden Horn King's voice gone, another loud noise came, and the whole Flat Top Mountain seemed to be shaking!

Another little demon came running from a distance in a panic, "My King! something has entered our Chrysanthemum Cave! ?”

"What it is ? can you see it clearly?" Hearing this, Golden Horn King breathed fire in his eyes and smoked his nose. he felt very unhappy today.

"My Lord! that thing is glittering with gold and has a hole in the middle. It is thick and long, blocking the whole hole. We can't get out!" The little demon shouted at once. He swore that he had never seen anything so long and so big.

"Go, follow me and see who dares to make trouble with me in my Chrysanthemum Cave!" Golden Horn King fumed.

A slap shot the stone table beside him into dust, with a seven-star sword slung over his waist, Palm-Leaf Fan in his mouth, and Suet Jade Bottles in his hand.

"Yes! My Lord" Within Chrysanthemum Cave, hundreds of small demons became rivers came following behind Golden Horn King.

"OMG, what is this?" A little while later, Golden Horn King and other goblin arrived at the entrance to Chrysanthemum Cave.

Golden Horn King could not help but gasp when he looked at the glittering gold and the thick and long things.

Golden Horn King is much stronger than Silver Horn King. he is close to the powerful man in the fairy-level, and he is smarter than Silver Horn King.

Although the mouth of Chrysanthemum Cave was tightly blocked, Golden Horn King could still hear some voices outside.

Golden Horn King doubts, fire? What does it mean to fire?

All of a sudden, Golden Horn King felt his hair stand on end and an extremely dangerous smell swept through him.

"No, get out!" Golden Horn King shouted out and turned to run, for Golden Horn King saw a torrent of gold surging out of the thick and long column. It was destructive energy!



Monkey King Bar shivered and a muffled thunder came from Flat Top Mountain. then, Flat Top Mountain vibrated a little and the earth and rock splashed.

There were many cracks in the Flat Top Mountain, and golden light penetrated through the cracks.

"We will see you die or not! " Monk Tang smiled.

At the same time, the system's prompt tone sounded continuous:

"Congratulations to the host, slaying a small demon and rewarding 30,000 experience points."

"Congratulations to the host, slaying a small demon and rewarding 30,000 experience points."

"Congratulations to the host, slaying a small demon and rewarding 30,000 experience points."

"Congratulations to the host, slaying a small demon and rewarding 50000 experience points."


The tone sounded hundreds of thousands of times in a row. Monk Tang did not know how many goblins had been killed. He only knew that if one bomb shooting out, he has yielded 14 million experience points. Unfortunately, Monk Tang did not hear the hint that Golden Horn King had been killed.

Monkey King Bar changed back to its original shape and its breadth weakened. Monk Tang knew that it was caused by releasing too much essence at once ... The body of Monkey King Bar was hollowed out and it will recover after a rest!

"come on, follow me in and see if Golden Horn King is dead!" With a wave of his hand, Monk Tang was ready to enter Chrysanthemum Cave and find Golden Horn King. Monk Tang believed that although Golden Horn King was not dead, he would definitely not be comfortable. It was a good opportunity to kill him while he was injured.

For a moment, master and disciples entered Chrysanthemum Cave.

Looking at Chrysanthemum Cave at this time, the situation is unbelievable. The internal space is very vast and the rock wall is as smooth as a mirror.

And there is a golden energy beam blooming on the rock wall. The crowd is familiar with the energy smell, which is undoubtedly Monkey King Bar's.

"HSS ~ why there is no goblin? Are they all dead? " The White Bone Demon looked at the surrounding situation and asked like this. She did not feel the slightest bit of the sinister smell, only the energy breath of Monkey King Bar was surging. The White Bone Demon could feel that the width of Chrysanthemum Cave was caused by the gun just now, which was abruptly scoured by the powerful energy!