Chapter 117 Talking Before Shooting

"Is this Flat Top Mountain?" Monk Tang squinted up and looked at the giant ahead through the afterglow of the sunset.

A reddish-brown, full-bodied rock mountain is lying on the end of the Stone Forest which has not even a tree on it but spurts magic smell.

The Flat Top Mountain is very large, covering an area of several tens of miles, with a height of ten thousand feet. it looks like a big red-skinned beast lying prone there.

Flat Top Mountain has no mountain tip like it is cut off in the middle, only has a very smooth section.

Monk Tang understands that the title of Flat Top Mountain should come from its look!

After blowing up Silver Horn King ... the Monk Tang and his apprentices came at a gallop towards Flat Top Mountain.

Finally, before it was completely dark, they came to the vicinity of Flat Top Mountain.

"Master, do you want me to stir up this mountain?" At this moment Sun Wukong came to Monk Tang's side, eager to try.

Sun Wukong now sees mountains or so on, especially those with goblins, and always wants to smash them into pieces!

Monk Tang turned over his eyelid secretly and said: "Don't worry, use your golden eyes to see the situation inside Flat Top Mountain!"

Monk Tang lamented: If he takes our bar, no goblin would live to contribute to Monk Tang's experience points.

"master is right. Let's see where goblin is and smash them to death. It saves some time!"

As soon as Sun Wukong's eyes lit up, two golden beams of light gushed out from his eyes, looking at Flat Top Mountain!

Monk Tang: "..." crap, that's not what I meant ~

Sun Wukong watched for a while and withdrew his golden lights. He looked a little dignified and said, "This mountain is really extraordinary!"

"Nonsense!" Monk Tang couldn't help rolling his eyes when he heard this. As long as he didn't blind he could see the special smell surrounding the mountain!

Monk Tang still asked, "what do you see?" Wukong. " I will cooperate with you.

"I didn't see anything!" Sun Wukong grinned at Monk Tang

Monk Tang's face darkened immediately------OMG, being tricked by the dead monkey.

Looking at Monk Tang's gloomy face, Sun Wukong's heart was amused. Dead bald donkey, did you ever think that there was a time when you were tricked by me?

Then Sun Wukong said seriously, "master, the mountain is really extraordinary. I can't see through it! What should I do, master? should I smash it with my bar? "

Monkey King Bar appeared in Sun Wukong's hands, getting longer and shorter, getting thicker and thinner!

Monk Tang understood that what is really extraordinary is what make the monkey cannot see through.

While watching the changing Monkey King Bar, Monk Tang is speechless ... What are you excited about?

Monk Tang thought for a moment and said, "No, don't let Pig and them wait for us!"

When the master and the disciples fell to the ground one after the other and saw them fall, Pigsy asked, "what did you see?"

"I didn't see anything!" Monk Tang grinned when he heard this and replied.


Crap, he hasn't seen anything. He's been watching it for so long. Are you playing with us? Pigsy's faces were also dark.

Seeing Pigsy and others' faces darkened, Monk Tang smiled happily and was tricked by Sun Wukong. Then he tricks others and it makes him feel much better. Monk Tang silently praised himself ... Wit is me, and there is a wonderful way to relieve the heart jam.

The White Bone Demon gave a wry smile. The monk was still so dicking around that he couldn't help it. "Master, what shall we do next? Can you give us an instruction? "

Monk Tang touched his bright skull and said, "Let's Talking Before Shooting. Everyone is civilized!"

Ah bah ~ the crowd almost spit when he heard this.

Civilized man? Talking Before Shooting? If you were a civilized person, everyone would be civilized people in the world.

The crowd couldn't help rolling their eyes at the smell speech, but they were afraid to speak out, afraid of being remembered by "civilized people".

But honest Sandy took it seriously and said, "master, what gift do you want to send? If you send a small present, it will lose our faces! "

Monk Tang said with a smile, "That gift is definitely a big one. Don't worry."

Sun Wukong, Pigsy, and the White Bone Demon looked at each other and knew that the monk had absolutely no good idea. The monk's tricks were too complexed.

Waiting for and watching the play, several people thought.

"Come on, let's find the entrance of the cave and give Golden Horn King a big gift!" With a wave of his hand, Monk Tang went ahead.


"master, what do you call the place where goblin lives?" Pigsy looked at the direction of the cave and couldn't help asking Monk Tang.

"Lotus Cave, how ... lie, Em? Chrysanthemum Cave? Chrysanthemum Cave! ?” Monk Tang was shocked when he heard the name.

At the moment, Monk Tang and his party are standing outside a huge cave with vermilion doors closed, unable to see clearly the situation inside the cave.

There was no small goblins guard outside the door, so Monk Tang and his party did not hide their body shape and Monk Tang looked at a plaque with stupefaction.

He saw a huge plaque hanging on the lintel of the vermilion gate, saying "Chrysanthemum Cave".

Not only that, but the plaque is also carved with many chrysanthemum reliefs, lifelike and in the bud!

"Master, are we barking up the wrong tree?" The White Bone Demon couldn't help asking.

"Impossible!" Before Monk Tang could speak, Sun Wukong shook his head and denied: "I have searched this area of a hundred miles with my mana. Only here has ' the sinister smell 'and I also feel that there is ' the sinister smell' of Silver Horn King goblin. This must be his nest! "

"Master, do you really remember the name correctly?" The White Bone Demon looked at Monk Tang and said that it would be interesting if it was an incorrect place to send gifts.

Monk Tang is also a little muddled at the moment. Flat Top Mountain should have only one goblin cave, which named Lotus Cave.

What's going on here? Why it called "Chrysanthemum Cave". Monk Tang wants to pluck up his hair!

Just outside the door of Chrysanthemum Cave, Monk Tang was wondering whether here was Lotus Cave or not and when gifts were to be sent in. While Golden Horn King in Chrysanthelmum Cave was also walking anxiously around the cave. Silver Horn King had been away for half a day, but there was still no news.

"brother, is he safe?" Silver Horn King did not return for a long time and Golden Horn King couldn't help thinking.

However, considering the two treasures of Silver Horn King, Golden Horn King shook his head again and tossed a bad idea out of his head.

Those two treasures are well used. It doesn't take much effort to win Monk Tang and others. Golden Horn King is still confident about this!

"Forget it, after waiting for half an hour, half an hour later, Silver Horn King will not come back, I'll find him!" Golden Horn King finally made up his mind and sat back on his throne, sipping his stuffy wine.

Outside cave, Monk Tang is no longer entangled. Whether it is or not, here is a goblin cave. It's absolutely right to have a battle here.

After Monk Tang figured it out, he shouted: "Pig, Wujing, you two, open the gate for me! Wukong, give me your Monkey King Bar, I want to have a shot here!"

"Yes, master!" Sun Wukong threw Monkey King Bar to Monk Tang while Pigsy waved a nine-tooth rake and a demon-----subduing staff towards the scarlet gate.

This way Monk Tang took over Monkey King Bar, read a quick "Love You for Ten Thousand Years" and obtained temporary permission to use Monkey King Bar. After that, he deformed the Monkey King Bar. In a twinkling, a giant shining with golden light appeared outside Chrysanthemum Cave.