Chapter 116 Gold Is More Expensive than Silver

Monk Tang looked at the angry Silver Horn King and was speechless. Monk Tang swore he didn't mean it.

He made a trumpet just for a moment though. Except for the first two sentences that were specially recorded, the rest were all ad words record casually by Monk Tang. However, Silver Horn King really cooperated with him, so that he could answer every word Silver Horn King sadi smoothly!


Eternal? Forever? Thud Bang, Silver Horn King just couldn't help spitting out one mouthful blood!

Isn't this refers to his everlasting hatred? Silver Horn King suddenly felt so tired that he couldn't stand it!

"Don Bald, I swear I will never spare you!" Silver Horn King shook his body and shouted.

Monk Tang was also a little angry when he heard this. I didn't say anything. why did you give me so many nicknames?

Monk Tang again severely pressed a play key: "good news, good news ..."

When Silver Horn King heard this advertisement, he became even more furious. He made Lao Zi angry. How dare you say it is good news?

At the moment, Silver Horn King's anger value has reached a critical state, and the silver light on his body is shining!

The so-called "great anger hurts the body" is definitely harmful and useless if not let the anger out of the body in time.

Now, Silver Horn King is in this state, but his anger is not giving off at all, and he is starting to hurt himself!

Silver Horn King wanted to take out Monk Tang, but Sun Wukong and others were eyeing him up so he did not dare to do anything.

Therefore, Silver Horn King exploded. At some point, the whole person suddenly exploded like a bomb!

There was only a roar that shook the heavens and the earth: "Monk Tang, I hate you! Golden Horn King! Avenge for me! "


Voice fade away, the explosion is here!

A mushroom cloud of silvery light appeared and quickly devoured the hill where Silver Horn King stepped on.

Rolling silver flame burning, the stone mountain quickly melted into rolling lava!

Monk Tang and others are all muddled now. I don't know what Silver Horn King is doing. New tricks? Playing like a self-destruct?

But why didn't you blow us up? You blew yourself up so far away that we were confused, okay?

Monk Tang and others looked at the mushroom cloud disappearing in confusion, and did not know how to express their current mood!

"Ding Dong, congratulations to the host for slaying Silver Horn King and rewarding 15 million experience points!"

In the confusion of Monk Tang, when he thought this was a new trick played by Silver Horn King, the system's prompt tone sounded!

"Dead?" Hearing the sound of the system, Monk Tang couldn't help being surprised? Damn it, did that really blow itself up?

Monk Tang muddled, although my heart is wide of the mark, the system has given a hint, can it be false?

"Hey? The smell of the goblin just disappeared! " At this moment Sun Wukong said with a frown, the gold flame burning in his eyes.

"elder brother, do you mean that goblin escaped by playing a fake self-explosion?" Pigsy said.

"No, the smell of goblin is basically gone, he is ... dead!" Sun Wukong said.

"Dead? Big Brother, are you kidding? We didn't do anything. How could goblin die? " Pigsy shook his head.

"He blew himself up! Did you not see the Bang just now, Bro? " Sandy honest and frank said.

"I saw it, but ... damn it, was that really a self-explosion? Is goblin a fool? " Pigsy stared.


After Pigsy's voice dropped away, the crowd looked at Monk Tang. They all knew that goblin could not be a fool.

But goblin blew himself up and died, so there is only one truth that is definitely related to this bald monk!

Feeling the crowd's eyes, Monk Tang couldn't help smiling awkwardly and said, "Amitabha, I didn't mean it!"

Not on purpose? Screw you! The crowd looked at each other and couldn't help yelling in their hearts!

At this time, the crowd couldn't help but think that Monk Tang was not a really ordinary monk. What happened in his dream and took out a strange thing. He just made a few noises, then the goblin abruptly "blew himself up".

The crowd has no idea how Monk Tang did it! All I know is that we must be careful of this evil monk in the future!

Looking at the crowd's strange eyes, Monk Tang was also speechless. He didn't even know why Silver Horn King exploded perfectly.

Didn't we have a good time chatting before? ? ----------well, Monk Tang is very happy!

Forget it, Monk Tang shook his head, not thinking about why Silver Horn King suddenly blew himself up and killed himself. Shrink Into Inches, one step ahead, he came to the place where Silver Horn King blew himself up.

At this time, the stone mountain disappeared completely, leaving only a lava lake.

Monk Tang is here to clean up the battlefield. although Silver Horn King is dead, treasures such as Purple Red Calabash will not be damaged.

Sure enough, there are two things floating on the lava lake, one is Purple Red Calabash, the other is a golden rope.

As soon as Monk Tang saw this, he was excited. there were actually two treasures on Silver Horn King. Gold Rope was a good thing. With it, he would be much easier to deal with Golden Horn King after a while.

"Hey? Treasure, there are two more! " Sun Wukong came to Monk Tang and said, reach for it!

"Monkey, what are you doing? it is not yours. Do you want them? " Pigsy also came and saw Sun Wukong's action was just like this, throwing dirty water at Sun Wukong. Pigsy is now seizing the opportunity to throw dirty water at Sun Wukong, although the relationship between the two is very harmonious!

Pigsy wants to be a master's best brother, he must let the monkey leave!

"Hum, you idiot, I just delivered them to master!" Sun Wukong snorted.

"All right, you two stop talking, I know Wukong is trying to help me!"

Monk Tang saw the two men quarreling, drank, and then reached out to take the two treasures into his hand.

The two treasures are heavy and strange to start with. They have been soaked in magma for so long, but there is no temperature at all.

From this, we can see that the two treasures are extraordinary, but it is a pity ... Monk Tang shook his head disappointedly.

Only Monk Tang understood that these two treasures could not be in his hand for long.

According to the plot, Lord Lao Zi will appear sooner or later and take back the treasure.

If he wants to really take possession of them, he has to kill Lord Lao Zi, but ...

Therefore, what should be done now is to hurry up and use these two treasures to kill Golden Horn King is the right thing to do!

"go, go to Lotus Cave and kill Silver Horn King's brother Golden Horn King!" With a wave of his hand, Monk Tang sat on the Little White Dragon and said.

"master, why is the elder brother? Can't Golden Horn King be the younger brother?"

Sandy asked when he heard this, and at the same time he wrote down what happened today in his notebook.

Monk Tang hesitated for a moment when he heard this and said earnestly, "Gold is more expensive than silver, so he is his brother!"

Sun Wukong :“……”

Pigsy :“……”

the White Bone Demon :“……”

the Little White Dragon :“??”

Sandy suddenly realized: "That's the way it is, I see, master, you are really amazing!"