Chapter 115 Life Converter

Sun Wukong :“ OMG !”

Sandy :“ OMG , OMG !”

Pigsy :“ OMG , OMG , OMG !”

the White Bone Demon :“……”

Sun Wukong and others were shocked by Monk Tang's sudden move and could only express their feelings at this moment with the word "OMG".

Looking at the bald head shining in the dust, Sun Wukong and others felt cold all over their bodies. They had only one thought, that is, what the monk said in the future must not be believed.

It took Pigsy a long time to digest what happened here and say, "Master, why did you kill him? You killed him, master! "

"You idiot shut up and said it was a goblin. Your eyes are really covered with your fat!" Sun Wukong squeezed Pigsy's ear and tugged at it. He is exasperated at his failure to make good. Why does this silly pig still think that it is a human being?

"Pain, pain, pain, let go, you monkey, old pig's ears are almost pulled off!" Pigsy repeatedly called for pain.

The smoke gradually dispersed, and Monk Tang sighed. Indeed, Silver Horn King, a goblin, is not so easy to kill!

A large pit within a radius of several zhangs appeared, but there was no goblin's body in it. Although Monk Tang sensed this situation when there was no sound, Monk Tang was still a little lost. After all, it was a real hit just now!

"Hey? What is that? " Monk Tang's eyes narrowed slightly. Although there was no goblin's body at the bottom of the pit, there was a piece of yellow paper!

Monk Tang reached for a move, and the yellow paper flew into his hand, but when he flew into his hand, it turned into debris.

"master, what is that?" Pigsy asked.

"it's a Life Converter!" Although rune paper was broken, Monk Tang knew what it was from hint by the system!

“ Life Converter ? Is that the kind of legend that it can replace the death of wearer and the wearer will have an extra life? " The White Bone Demon exclaimed.

"For life? This paper is equivalent to a life? " Sun Wukong was surprised when he heard this. Obviously, he had not heard of this kind of ofuda.

"Hey? Qiangu, do you know it? " Monk Tang was really surprised this time because this Life Converter is one of Lord Lao Zi's exclusive rune paper. it is very difficult to make and very precious. few people know it and will not give it to others easily. if it were not for the system, Monk Tang would not have known that there is such rune paper in the world.

"Well, know a little, I know it from KuiMu Wolf, but I didn't believe it, I didn't expect ..."

At that moment, the White Bone Demon's words were not finished yet. On a stone mountain far away in the crowd, there was a bright silver light, accompanied by a roar of exasperation: "Wow, I am so angry! you bald donkey dare to cheat me?"

If the silver light is not Silver Horn King. Who else would it be? At the moment, Silver Horn King's eyes were bloodshot and he couldn't wait to eat Monk Tang.

Silver Horn King was heartbroken to death, but Lord Lao Zi only rewarded the Life Converter after he worked for him for many years.

After all, I didn't expect to use it like this today. Silver Horn King wanted to swallow Monk Tang right now.

At the same time, he also thinks that Monk Tang's bald donkey is really very cunning. He actually cheated him in turn.

Because of Sun Wukong and others, Silver Horn King wanted to kill the monk immediately, but he did not dare to get too close.

Sun Wukong, who was teaching Pigsy, couldn't help being shocked when he saw the bright silver: "OMG, it is a silver light!"

Pigsy also rounded the pig's eyes and remembered what Monk Tang said---- a silver goblin appeared in his dream!

Does the dream made by the monk really appear? Pigsy thought, but still did not believe it, because there was no golden goblin.

Silver Horn King's murderous intention to Monk Tang was rampant. Without any unnecessary nonsense, he directly takes out Purple Red Calabash and said: "I'll call your name now, do you dare to give me a response? Monk Tang !”

Sun Wukong :“……”

Pigsy :“……”

Sandy :“……”

The other three brothers looked at Monk Tang with horror: the monk's dream was true!

At the moment, the other three brothers are aware of the real ability of Monk Tang!

In addition, when they think about the strength of the gourd, they can't help covering their mouths. They also covered the Little White Dragon's mouth. the White Bone Demon has a face of shock!

"Dare not!" Suddenly, the voice of Monk Tang sounded!

Sun Wukong and others were surprised: OMG, this monk is crazy or stupid. How could he forget not to respond?

"Ha, ha, ha! You stupid bald donkey, you ... huh? What's going on? " Silver Horn King laughed wildly when Monk Tang's voice sounded, but he stopped in the middle of laughing.

Because, Monk Tang is still standing where he is, smiling at him like a fool!

Are you stupid? I'm not stupid, Silver Horn King is angrier, but his heart is more shocked-how is it possible that the bald donkey has clearly answered, but why hasn't he been sucked in by Purple Red Calabash?

Silver Horn King did not believe this and said again: "I'm calling your name, do you dare to respond to me? Monk Tang ! "

Monk Tang: "No, I told you, you fool!"

Silver Horn King was even more shocked-why hasn't he been sucked in yet?

Sun Wukong and others were also shocked, thinking that Monk Tang had cheated them before, but soon the crowd found out something was wrong.

Although the voice came from Monk Tang, his mouth did not move at all. Then several people saw a strange object in Monk Tang's hand. the crowd is familiar with it. Was it the thing in Monk Tang's hand before? They just didn't pay attention to it!

What Monk Tang has in his hand is very simple stuff. It is actually a hand-held loudspeaker, but he recorded the sound beforehand.

At that time, Monk Tang was thinking that it was not his style to let him not speak, but he was afraid of being taken away by gourd and vase. So he had a brainwave and made a recording in it. He exchanged a loudspeaker from the system mall, but it was really useful!

"How is it possible?"

Silver Horn King was a little confused. He just checked. Purple Red Calabash was in good condition, but it happened that he could not suck Monk Tang in!

"Is it because I called the wrong name?" Silver Horn King thought, "Tang Xuanzang!"

Monk Tang pressed the play button on the horn: "oh, stop yelling. your gadget is not working well. You should throw it away!"

Silver Horn King gnashed his teeth: "Tang Sanzang! Damn, my stomach is going to explode with anger! "

-My stuff works well ... Monk Tang accidentally hit a sore spot with Silver Horn King!

Monk Tang pressed the play button again: "painless abortion, come to the large intestine hospital, the address is .........."

Thud ... Sun Wukong and others laughed loudly. This is a very good answer. People who have big tummy should receive the painless abortion. Correct!

Sun Wukong and others thought: Master, it's irritating to take such tricks,

Hearing this, Silver Horn King's eyes bloodshot: "the Golden Cicada X, I swear, my hatred for you will never die!"

----------damn bald donkey, not only said I that I have bad treasure but unexpectedly he also said I have a big belly? Abortion?

At this moment, Silver Horn King was furious and felt that he was going to explode!

Monk Tang pressed the key again: "Diamonds last forever, one will last forever!"