Chapter 114 Can't Believe What Monk Tang Said

On this day, the sun tilted west, pulling long the shadows of Monk Tang and his disciples.

At this time, Monk Tang and his party walked into a forest. The shadows were shaking in the stone forest like evil monsters lurking!

"ha ~ master, it will be late soon, shall we find a place to stay?" Pigsy yawned.

Monk Tang looked at the sky. The sunset was about to set and said, "All right!"

At this moment, the voice of Monk Tang just fell, and from a distance, there was a voice like human voice.

"Help, help me ..."

"master, I heard someone calling for help." Sun Wukong's ear moved and said.

"I also heard someone calling for help!" Pigsy waves his big ears.

"Master, I'm afraid it is not a goblin, is it?" Sandy whispered.

"No, why did you think there are so many goblins? The younger brother, don't be suspicious! " Pigsy said.

"Bones ... no, you said the White Fairy that was not a goblin, but how about the result!?” Sandy retorted.

The White Bone Demon said, "You want to quarrel with each other, don't grab me to your verbal war!"

"Bro, what do you think this is?" Pigsy shook his sandbag fist.

Seeing this, Sandy jumped up and came to Sun Wukong and said, "Brother, look at him bullying me!"

Sun Wukong picked his eyebrows and looked at Pigsy. Then there was a kick, and with a Bang, Pigsy was kicked out.

Then Sun Wukong said, "Pig, what do you think this is?"

"ah ~ dead monkey, why don't you follow the routine?" For a moment, Pigsy came back and white smoke from his nostrils.

Monk Tang shook his head at the sight of this, regardless of the slapstick among the three apprentices, he said with a serious look: "let's go, let's go for the voice of asking for help and see who is asking for help."

After all, what should come will come. Monk Tang snorted coldly in his heart. It must be Silver Horn King who asked for help.

The crowd continued on the road with intermittent cries for help. It took almost two miles to see the man.

At this time, Monk Tang had black lines on his forehead, seriously doubting Monk Tang's IQ in Journey to the West. Of course, Silver Horn King is not so smart either.

The Monk Tang in the Journey to the West is a great good man. Yes, but he is definitely too kind to be a fool. This is an obvious trap. The Monk Tang in the Journey to the West can also be fooled in such a situation. No one won't be such stupid. What's more, before Silver Horn King, the White Bone Demon used the same method to get him in trap several times!

In Journey to the West, Monk Tang is kind but a bit silly, but Silver Horn King, can you use your mind to do it? You don't even have a plan for doing this, do you? Monk Tang really wants to exchange a copy of "Self-cultivation of Actors" and throw it in his face. Let him look through it and then come back and act a real show for him!

Well, the appearance of people is good, with wrinkled face, tattered clothes, and gray hair. It seems like a farmer forced by life.

The scene was well arranged, not directly moving stone and putting it on his leg!

But choose a stone mountain, split a piece, fell down on the leg!

However, can you be serious? You were hit in the leg by a big stone like a huge jack. how could you not get any blood?

Even if there is no blood, it can be said that the blood was under the stone!

However, what's the matter with your face? The white and red face doesn't look like an expression of being injured or frightened at all, okay?

The most irritating Monk Tang is, can you be a little more miserable and weak in your cry, what's the matter with your extremely loud cry?

Don't think that you are really like a dying person will yell 'dead' twice?

If you shout louder, I will think that you want to sing a song of "want love even dead!"

When Monk Tang saw the appearance of Silver Horn King at this time, he could not help but complain in his heart!

"Ah ... help ... dying ..." Silver Horn King saw Monk Tang and his party shouting even harder!

"ah, elders, save me, my leg is pinned!" When Monk Tang and others came near, Silver Horn King said.

"Old man, you are really in a mood. What are you doing here at this late time?" Sun Wukong did not wait for Monk Tang to speak, but just smiled and said, his eyes beating with golden flames.

"I passed by here and came across this rock collapse and was pinned down!" Silver Horn King looked at the golden light in Sun Wukong's eyes, and there was a flicker of panic in his eyes.

"Master elder brother, what do you mean? Do you suspect that the old man is a goblin? Why there always are so many goblins come in front of you? If the old man were a goblin, he would still let stones hold him down? You get out of the way, I'm going to save him! " Pigsy grunted when he heard this, and rolled his arms and sleeves to reach for the big stone.

"Wait!" At this moment, Monk Tang suddenly burst out to drink, "Let me save him."

Monk Tang jumped from the Little White Dragon's back when he was talking, and hold his monk spade coming to the front of Silver Horn King.

"Thank you, nice monk!" Silver Horn King's eyes flashed with joy when he saw Monk Tang approaching him.

"Amitabha, don't mention it, Almsgiver. you'll have to hold back. it may hurt!" Monk Tang announced the Buddhist words.

Silver Horn King looked straight and said, "Master, do it, I will endure it!"

"then I'm relieved. Almsgiver, please close your eyes and it will be over soon!" Monk Tang breathed a sigh of relief as if he were really relieved.

"Well ok!" Silver Horn King closed his eyes when he heard this, but he thought: Why do you want me to close my eyes, this damn monk? Forget it, just cooperate with him to play, anyway, he will soon become a dead man!

Sun Wukong several people saw this is also waiting for a while's, the heart does not understand, moves a stone, what do you let the human close the eye?

"I'm going to start, Almsgiver!" When Monk Tang shouts, it's like doing a big thing!

"Come on, master, I promise not to open his eyes!" Silver Horn King also shouted.

Om~ Mani~ Padme~ Hung~

Suddenly a huge arhat Buddha shadow appeared behind Monk Tang, holding a magic spade and reciting the Buddhist six-character mantra.

This is exactly what Monk Tang used, Buddha's Warrior Attendant's Exorcism Kung Fu of With Spade. When Monk Tang swung at Nine-Ring Monk Spade, he smashed on the goblin's head!

With a bang, immediately a small mushroom cloud rose in front of Monk Tang, and the smoke-filled the air!

Sun Wukong, Pigsy, Sandy, the Little White Dragon, and the White Bone Demon are all dumbfounded by muddled!

What is this situation? What kind of tricks? Why did you suddenly kill him?

The crowd thought that Monk Tang was really going to attack an old man. Unexpectedly, he suddenly killed an old man!

With one hit by the spade which was cast Buddha's Warrior Attendant's Exorcism Kungfu, not to mention the old man and the huge stone, a celestial being can be killed!

Looking at the glistening bald head in the smoke, whether Sun Wukong or Pigsy, one cannot help but think: we must not believe what the monk said!