Chapter 113 Hard Backstage

 "the hoofs of the White Dragon Horse faces west."

"Carrying Tang Sanzang with three apprentices."

"seeking for sutras in the west ... It's really not easy!"

Monk Tang was humming a song in his mouth, but he was speechless. What about the road? The road connects where? Where can I find it on the right road?

The lyrics are full of lies! Monk Tang just wants to say this right now.

On that day, after dessert, the crowd headed straight to the nest where KuiMu Wolf was----property hunting!

Then he got the passport of the Treasure Elephant Country, and then the crowd left there and walked into the vast mountains.

After that, the crowd went all the way. Although the scenery along the way is good, the mountains and waterfalls are magnificent.

However, if you watch too much, you will get bored.

"Hey? Master, why don't you sing? " The Little White Dragon's voice sounded, some puzzled, he is happy to hear!

Monk Tang rolled his eyes and said, "Nope! I don't want to sing anymore, stop and make a fire to make a meal! "

This time, Monk Tang didn't do it himself, just took out the ingredients and tools and let the White Bone Demon do the cooking stuff, while he was thinking deeply!

According to Monk Tang's plan, they should have come to another strange place--------flat-top mountain!

Monk Tang is thinking about how to kill goblins for EXP. He must do it quickly, accurately and ... his movement must look cool!

The goblins in that cave are difficult to deal with. They are the two famous brothers Golden Horn King and Silver Horn King in Journey to the West.

Of course, the two brothers are tough to deal with, not because of the strength of the two goods or their fighting capacities are really invincible or something!

But because they have many divine weapons. Their backstage is hard!

Golden Horn King is the golden boy guarding the golden pellet furnace beside Lord Lao Zi, while Silver Horn King is the other boy guarding the silver bullet furnace. their grades are not too high, at best, they are fairies working in heaven. Leaving Sun Wukong alone, but Pigsy can crush them now.

However, they will die here if they do not care about those two. their ranking is not good, but those two are well equipped.

Monk Tang thinks that the treasure, which are Suet Jade Bottles, Seven Stars Sword, Palm-Leaf Fan, Purple Red Calabash, and Gold Rope. Every treasure is valuable! If you can get one, it is absolutely awesome!

Of course, Monk Tang is just thinking about it. he wants these five treasures unless Lord Lao Zi is dead.

But considering the difficulty of killing Lord Lao Zi, Monk Tang baffled!

Wiped the mouth of saliva does not exist, thoughts back to how to kill goblins for EXP.

If he wants to kill Golden Horn King and Silver Horn King, he must think of a way to deal with their treasures.

Fortunately, although the other party's treasure is strong, its weakness is obvious. As long as you don't make any noise or say a word, the Purple Red Calabash is a pile of rubbish! (ps: the Purple Red Calabash can take anyone inside as long as the person replies to the owner's words.)

Of course, Monk Tang has no intention of belittling Purple Red Calabash and Suet Jade Bottles.

Monk Tang speculates that the reason why Purple Red Calabash and Suet Jade Bottles require people to promise aloud to suck people is because of the relationship between the owner. if Lord Lao Zi uses it, he definitely does not have to say ' I'm calling your name. do you dare to give me a response?’ like these kinds of funny words.

Gold horn king and Silver Horn King shout like this, the big reason may be that Golden Horn King and Silver Horn King are not the owners of the treasures.

Otherwise, Purple Red Calabash and Suet Jade Bottles would not have become magic weapons with great prestige in all three worlds. (ps: the three world means the human world, heaven, and the hell. Each represents three kinds of beings, which are human beings, gods or fairies, and monsters.)

After a simple meal, the crowd continued on the road for a long time. Monk Tang pretended to be surprised and said, "Not good!"

"Master, what's wrong?" Pigsy got a fright, hurriedly pulled out nine teeth rake looking around!

Sun Wukong's eyes were also shining with golden fire when he heard this, and he looked around warily.

"I just had a dream!" Monk Tang touched his forehead and said as if he were wiping away his weak sweat!

"Master, please don't scare us. It's just a daydream. It can't be true!" Pigsy was speechless and put his nine teeth harrow on his shoulder, how can you take a dream seriously?

"Shut up, you dead idiot. my dream is not false! it often comes true! it just like my ability to fortune-telling. " Monk Tang glanced at Pigsy when he heard this. this damned pig head, why don't you know how to cooperate with me?

After being scolded by Monk Tang, Pigsy was not angry either. He smiled and said, "master, what dream did you have? It's not bad to listen to stories just after dinner! " he also doesn't believe the fortune teller. It is a bedtime story for kids!

Monk Tang really wanted to slap the pig head to death, but he didn't want to have words with him now and said: "Just now, I dreamed that we might meet two goblins ahead, one looks golden and the other one glittering with silver!"

"master, are you desperate to want gold and silver? We have done property hunting for several times! we had many golds and silvers! you are too greedy! ” Sun Wukong sneered at him, hum, this thief is bald and he didn't sing a song for me? But he wrote a song to Pigsy!

Damn it, Monk Tang stares. What's wrong with this monkey? How did he say bad about me?

Monk Tang was puzzled and continued: "The two Goblins were strong and the treasures in their hands were very strong. In my dream, we were all taken away by these goblins and then they refined us into pus and blood!"

"Ha, ha, ha!" When Pigsy heard this, he laughed loudly: "master, dreams are all opposite in real life. You dream of a goblin in front, then there is no goblin in front. You dream that we turn into pus and blood, then we must be safe!"

Monk Tang's eyes rolled wildly in his heart. He thought that the idiot had said too much today. He really wanted to shut Pigsy's mouth!

Monk Tang took a deep breath, refraining from blocking Pigsy's mouth and said: "Whether he is real or not, let's be careful. By the way, I also dreamed that the two treasures in the goblins' hands are special. As long as they don't answer, the treasures will be useless!"

"master, this is really a day you sleep confused, what kind of stupid magic treasures in the world, also it must get a response to work!?” Pigsy shook his head when he heard this. he didn't believe Monk Tang at all.

Other people have the same expression, feeling that Monk Tang's "dream" is really too wide of the mark.

When Monk Tang saw this, he shook his head secretly, but at least he also told them and said, " true or false? I will see. Don't blame me for not reminding you. If you hear 'Do you dare to give me a response?' Pay attention to such jokes and don't answer it. "

"Yes, master, I remember!" Pigsy said casually.

Monk Tang shook his head again. No matter what Sun Wukong and others think, Monk Tang is going to stop talking for a while.

At least not until he is sure it is safe!

Monk Tang, who was riding on the horse, suddenly turned his eyes, pulled out something from his crotch, and then mysteriously began to mutter about it, with a bad smile on his mouth.

Ps: Have a guess how Silver Horn King died? Hey hey.