Chapter 112 It Turns out That Only I Am Bachelor

"Come on, come on!" After the six stars gods ran away, Monk Tang clapped his hands and once again attracted everyone's attention!

"Master, what can I do for you?" Pigsy responded first.

"Hey hey, of course, it's a good thing. The dog hot pot has been finished and the dessert hasn't been eaten yet. Now eat!" Monk Tang road.

"Suck!" Pigsy took a sip and said, "master, what dessert?"

Sun Wukong and others showed their interest when they heard this.

Monk Tang did not answer. With a wave of his hand, several little people appeared in front of the crowd, giving off a dazzling luster.

A faint scent is spread and the smell that makes people feel excited.

And with the crowd as the center of the circle, the vegetation within a few miles grows crazily at this moment, and for a moment it became a forest!

"is this Caohuan Pellet?" The White Bone Demon looked at the dolls and screamed!

When working in the Incense Temple, the White Bone Demon saw Caohuan Pellet from a distance, so she recognized it at a glance!

But it was just because of recognition that Caohuan Pellet was shocked. That was Zhenyuanzi's treasure. How could this monk have them?

And ... one, two, three ... eight, eight, eight, all of a sudden, the White Bone Demon opened his mouth!

Sun Wukong and others were not shocked. After all, they had eaten them, but their hearts were not filled with anger---------- the monk has so many Caohuan Pellet, but wouldn't share with them more. He even gave them only one last time!

"Help yourself!" Monk Tang waved generously and said, picking up a Caohuan Pellet and bit a big of mouth, and the juice is running in his mouth!

Before, Monk Tang didn't take it out. it wasn't that Monk Tang was stingy, but that Caohuan Pellet was able to exchange experience value.

A Caohuan Pellet can be exchanged for 100,000 experience points, which was a lot of experience points for Monk Tang at that time.

But now, 100,000 experience points are too little for him now, so it is better to eat them!

Seeing that Monk Tang had already spoken, Pigsy and others hurriedly reached for one. Even the Little White Dragon temporarily broke the seal and grabbed one. Looking at a group of master and disciples, the White Bone Demon was shocked.

The White Bone Demon immediately grabbed one, then took one bite, and it made her so comfortable that refraining from making an enjoyable sounds.


This voice is definitely the same as when she brushes her bones!

When Monk Tang heard this, he couldn't stand it. He shifted his attention and looked at some of his apprentices. He just gave a slight cough.

Monk Tang saw that Sun Wukong, the monkey, although he took two of the ginseng fruit together, did not eat them but put them away!

Monk Tang could not help but wonder and asked, "Wukong, why don't you eat and why are you putting it away?"

"Oh, nothing, I just want to give Zilan a taste!"

When Sun Wukong let out a cry and looked like he didn't care, but his eyes were a little flustered and his skin was red under the golden fur.

Zilan ? When Monk Tang heard this, he was shocked at first, then the whole person was not well, and his face was black!

Fairy Zilan? How can Monk Tang not know that Fairy Zilan was Sun Wukong's childhood friend ...

Monk Tang's face is black, not because the monkey cares about women, but simply because he is jealous of him!

Oh, no! Monk Tang regretted asking. Being a bachelor, he is for self-abuse, but Monk Tang feels good about this behavior of monkeys.

If a man doesn't be nice to his girl, what a man he is?

"Then why do you want to hide two? Eat one is the most useful! ?” Monk Tang turned his eyes and asked.

"The other one is for Zixia that crazy woman! She hasn't eaten it either! " Sun Wukong said.

Thud ~ Monk Tang felt the punch from "You are a bachelor" which made by Sun Wukong!

Monk Tang's face is even darker this time, Damn it, damn monkey, it's not enough to show off one woman, do you still show the other woman you have?

Who is Zi Xia, of course, the one who is chasing Sun Wukong and saying that she wants to marry Sun Wukong!

Monk Tang finally calmed down and saw Pigsy also put away the ginseng fruit!

Seeing Monk Tang's eyes, Pigsy smiled shyly: "master, I have Cuilan!"

Thud ~‘' you are a supporter' thud +1

"Wujing, your senior brothers put away the ginseng fruit for a reason. Why do you put it away?" Monk Tang suffered a dull pain in his chest. He was hit hard by two successive blows. His heart was very hard. Seeing Sandy also putting away the ginseng fruit, he became angry. Monk Tang did not believe it. You are an ugly fish goblin. How come someone is into you?

Sandy blinked and said: "master, I just looked through my previous notebook and found that there are many my fish girls in the Running Sand River!"

Thud ~ ' you are a bachelor ' thud +1

"You ..." Monk Tang felt very painful. This is too painful. He looked at the Little White Dragon. This time, Monk Tang didn't bother to ask. Sandy looks ugly but he has fish girls around him. and the Little White Dragon looks so good and so handsome. If he doesn't have any woman, that would be strange!

At the moment, Monk Tang found out that only he was the real bachelor in this team. This is not fair!

Monk Tang's heart twitched, his eyes were tearful and he could not breathe with heartache. he said, "go, continue on the road!"

At this moment, the pain in my heart can only be relieved by continuing westward.


When Monk Tang, with tears in his eyes by a crowd of apprentices, continued to hit the road with severe pain, two goblin kings were drinking wine and talking loudly while eating human flesh captured by their subordinates in the Lotus Cavein the Flat Top Mountain, which is far away from Monk Tang.

"Eldest brother, why Monk Tang still not be here? I can't help but kill them and avenge for our younger brother KuiMu Wolf! "

The person who speaks is full of bright silver light, like a round of silver moon shining in the cave, his identity has been confirmed---------Silver Horn King.

"Don't worry, the second brother, They will come sooner or later. However, it is the Monk Tang gang that has come. You and my brother should also be careful. The Supervisor for Heavenly Horses is difficult to deal with, and Brother KuiMu Wolf was very strong. But he has not been killed by the Supervisor for Heavenly Horses?"

This person is different from Silver Horn King. His whole body is shining golden light, like a big sun hanging in a cave.

The lich king is Silver Horn King's brother, Golden Horn King, with a very calm character.

"Eldest brother, what are we afraid of him? Brother KuiMu Wolf failed, or was it not because he was too anxious to render meritorious service and repay the kindness of the old king? If he asked for some treasures to the human world, he would be easy to kill Supervisor for Heavenly Horses and Monk Tang. This time I don't need your help. I can win them myself! " Silver Angle King objected, patted the waist hung with a money color gourd, confident between words.

Golden Horn King did not say anything this time, but he knew how powerful the treasures they had this time. They can protect themself perfectly even if Sun Wukong and others are at their all-out period.