Chapter 111 Cannot Beat Those Who Are on Duty

People who stretch out their hands will not beat people, who are smiling in a nice manner. although Monk Tang and his disciples are hostile to the people in heaven, Dog LouJin and the other five stars gods have done their courtesy very well, and it is not good for Monk Tang to show them bad faces!

Monk Tang saluted the Buddha's name and said, " why you came here today."

Monk Tang took one look at Cock Mao. According to the plot, they will meet the official man again in the future.

Dog LouJin sniffed and thought it smelled good. But he smells the breath of KuiMu Wolf at the same time.

Dog LouJin said: "In fact, KuiMu Wolf went down to earth secretly. I came to fetch him back to heaven at the order of the Elder!"

The six gods were very clever and did not say they came to save KuiMu Wolf. From a distance they saw the earth on the Bowl Mountain's side was devastated and demon bodies were everywhere. Obviously, a great war had just taken place, and they would know everything happened here if they make a fortune-telling calculation.

At this time, if they say that they are here to save KuiMu Wolf, they will definitely put themselves and Monk Tang in the opposite position!

Although they received orders from the old king to rescue them, there was no need to fight with Monk Tang and his disciples.

Although they are far away from each other, they know what Monk Tang has done on the way to the west.

It doesn't look like they are coming for the seeking-sutras thing, but it looks like they came for killing, who hold the intense killing intent.

If it is not necessary, Dog LouJin and others don't want to be enemies with Monk Tang and his disciples--------the key is they can't defeat them!

The Elder? Lord Lao Zi ? Raymond smiled when he heard this and knew Lord Lao Zi definitely didn't send them to arrest someone.

However, He sees through but he doesn't say it. Monk Tang said: "Amitabfa, Lord Loujin, you may be late!"

Hearing this, Dog LouJin was shocked and said, "The holy monk, what do you mean?"

Monk Tang shook his head and said nothing.

Hey, it's not too late! If you come here later, you only can go to the place of the reincarnates. oh, there is still some minced meat in the pot!

Next to Pigsy smell speech is a little have a guilty conscience, kicked the dust with their feet to cover a blue wolf skin!

Monkey Sun was sneering, playing with Monkey King Bar, ready to take action at any time. Those people were also his enemies then!

Sandy is the calmest one because this guy has long forgotten who KuiMu Wolf is and what was the dog hot pot made of just now!

Dog LouJin and other stars, of course, discovered Pigsy's little tricks! The stars gods who are alert and bright are not decorations.

The cyan hair, ferocious bone spurs and familiar smell all express the owner of the wolf-skin!

Dog LouJin and others saw the darkness at the moment and immediately realized that they were indeed late. They ate him.

The aroma once again fills the air to the tip of Dog LouJin's nose. Dog LouJin's face turned black. he understood why KuiMu Wolf's breath was in the aroma. The elder brother was fucking cooked!

Dog LouJin felt dizzy in his head, and a kind of sad mood emerged. Although KuiMu Wolf is a bit lonely, KuiMu Wolf has a good relationship with him because the wolves and dogs are genic brothers. at the moment, Dog LouJin is the saddest of the six gods!

Of course, sad is sad, Dog LouJin has no intention to avenge for KuiMu Wolf!

Damn it, he's not stupid. they have 28 stars gods. KuiMu Wolf's fighting power can be ranked first. KuiMu Wolf has been killed by someone. he doesn't want to present Monk Tang and his disciples another dog hot pot again!

Knowing that KuiMu Wolf could not be saved, the six gods looked at each other and decided to leave, because they found that Monk Tang's eyes were gradually getting wrong as if they were looking at dishes. His eyes light really made them sick!

Lord Lao Zid said: "haha, holy monk, since KuiMu Wolf has already run away, I will look for him elsewhere and we will leave now!"

Saying, they set up dun light and gone , loos... Cock Mao and others also immediately follow him.

They left in such a hurry that they didn't give Monk Tang the chance to figure out what is going on!

"OMG, they are gone? Why are they in such a hurry? am I horrible? "

Monk Tang wiped her mouth saliva, said with a dissatisfying tone.

The White Bone Demon twitched at the smell of the speech, and your eyes just now could not be described as horrible!

Monk Tang thought, will the two groups fight?

What happens in a fight? There will definitely be casualties, and it is definitely the other party!

What if there are casualties? Monk Tang, who has the virtue of being thrifty and thrifty, can't let it go to waste. He must make use of it.

How to make full use of them? Eating. When it comes to eating, Monk Tang enters the state and looks at' ingredients'.

Monk Tang has eaten dog meat hot pot just now, so he can't eat it again, so barbecue dog meat is good!

Then there will be a white cut chicken, roasted blackbirds, and fried pheasant.

As for how to make monkey goblins, Monk Tang has long thought about them-Monkey Brain, I've long wanted to eat them!

And it happens to be a pair of cold good and hot dishes, which can form a perfect taste. It must be delicious to eat!

Of course, Monk Tang is thinking in his mind. If he really wants to fight, he can't kill the other party!

These six stars gods are different from KuiMu Wolf. KuiMu Wolf secretly came to the lower world as a demon and did not know how many creatures were killed. moreover, KuiMu Wolf had a fight with them. they killed KuiMu Wolf on the basis of a good reason.

However, Dog LouJin and others are different. they did not descend into the human world without permission but got orders from Lord Lao Zi. They are on duty seriously.

These six people are equivalent to the imperial envoys sent by the emperor. If the imperial envoys are killed, it is equivalent to beating the emperor in the face and humiliating the court. Do you think the emperor and the court will let go and kill the imperial envoys? They will not!

Although Monk Tang has long known that he and his team will never come to stand a line with people in Heaven, he still does not want to break their relationship with Heaven now because his own strength is still too weak.

Therefore, Monk Tang's idea of how to cook the six stars is just a thought. Even if there will be a real fight, Monk Tang will plan to kill Dog LouJin and others, but at least it will not happen at this stage, and it is not yet time to completely have a serious fight with them.

But what Monk Tang did not expect was that the other party was scared away by his eye lights. Monk Tang was speechless.

Looking at the nearly invisible six ways of escape, Monk Tang curled his lips and said: "Looking at it, this is the celestial immortals in heaven, who do not even have the idea to avenge for their little partners. Clearly they knew that we killed him, but they even said he ran away. The immortals cultivate nothing but lost all their humanity. They have no human touch at all, a group of selfish guys."

The White Bone Demon nodded and agrees with Monk Tang very much that the celestial immortals are indeed selfish as Monk Tang said.

Not only selfish but also very mean. the Jade Emperor is the representative of all immortals, a petty mean person!

But, you speak everything in front of somebody else. you talk big when they are gone? The White Bone Demon rolled her eyes.