Chapter 11 Monk Tang Taught Sun Wukong A Lessons

After confirming that Sun Wukong was really gone, Monk Tang couldn't wait to give himself a big mouth, which was really bad.

However, hare they are, and regret is useless. Sun Wukong is not in his presence. There is no turning back. When he took the task of sutras seeker, he could not turn back. He had to finish this task.

"Without Sun Wukong, I wouldn't believe that I can’t do this!" Monk Tang muttered.

"Master, what are you mumbling about?" A voice sounded abruptly.

"Damn, you, monkey head, scared me!" Monk Tang startled and said with a pat on his chest in shock.

Looking at Sun Wukong who walked and returned, Monk Tang was frightened and rejoicing. The monkey did not leave!

"Ah? Did I scare you, Master? You eat a peach in the first, don't get angry." Sun Wukong said delivering him a peach.

What the hell, where did he get the peaches, like such big balls, Monk Tang looked at the peaches with the size of the football, in front of him with emotion.

Huh? No, this monkey didn't behave right. Is this dedication? Monk Tang looked at Sun Wukong with a smile on his face and finally got that something wrong. The monkey seemed to change his attitude a lot!

Monk Tang took the peach and took a bite. The peach was so delicious, juicy and sweet, and he asked, "What did you do just now? Can you leave without saying, you know that?"

"I went back to Huaguo Mountain and looked at my monkeys and grandchildren. Of course, the most important thing is to pick peaches for Master. Master, you have said so much. I think Master you must be thirsty! I am sure to remember Master's lessons, "Sun Wukong said.

Hearing that Monk Tang was stunned, this speed was stunning enough, somersault clouds really move so fast

"Master said those words just now. I was on my way back to Huaguo Mountain. I suddenly figured it out. I was really too arrogant. I looked down at the world. I, Wukong, am here to thank Master for your teaching!" Sun Wukong said kneeling in front of Monk Tang.

Monk Tang was so full of joy that he didn't feel as many lips in vain. He stretched out a hand and rubbed on Sun Wukong's head. By the way, he wiped the peach juice on it and said graciously, "Hey, what I just said, it’s too verbose, but it's all for you! "

"I understand it!" Sun Wukong said, "Master, I don't know if you can beg you something?"

"What? Come on, you are my apprentice. You don't need to ‘beg’ me. I will make my best efforts to do you ask!" Monk Tang was happy to fly. The famous Monkey King begged him.

"Master, please teach the students how to revenge!" Sun Wukong gimmicked.

Monk Tang heard a word but did not expect that Sun Wukong asked him for this matter. Monk Tang also looked solemnly. After thinking about it for a long time, Monk Tang said, "Wukong, get up at first, this enmity must be I will take revenge, and I will help you get revenge. I can’t let My apprentice suffer. but the enemy is strong and we are weak. This revenge must be considered in the long term. "

Sun Wukong was touched by his words. He did not expect that Monk Tang would say he wanted to avenge him. Sun Wukong suddenly felt Monk Tang was too good, even better than his other master. Although that master taught him a lot of skills, it was because he was afraid of trouble and denied him.

"Master, please give me advice, what am I going to do?" Sun Wukong said respectfully.

It’s not easy. Monk Tang felt the respectful attitude of Sun Wukong and said, "We must not take revenge too fast. We need to take it slowly. First of all, we must improve our strength. Strength is the most fundamental and sufficient. Strong, it's not easy to get revenge!? "

"Master is right!" Sun Wukong heard the light in his eyes and asked, "Then what?"

"I will give you one word which is ‘Forbearance’. When the strength is not enough for revenge, we might as well tolerate it. Although this is aggrieved, it is indeed the easiest way to protect yourself when the strength is not enough for revenge. Wukong, your biggest shortcoming is that you don't have this forbearance. "Monk Tang said.

"But, my Master, ‘forbearance’, I'm afraid I can't do it. I see things that are not pleasing I will wave my stick and never bear it!" Sun Wukong scratched his ears.

"I know, that's why I made you have to learn to endure. If you learned to endure five hundred years ago, would you have been fooled by the provocation of Tathagata? Would you still be suppressed under The Five-Fingers Mountain? Monk Tang asked.

"Master, I know you're right, but I'm afraid I can't bear it!" Sun Wukong jumped up and down, and he couldn't stand it before he learned to bear it.

"Oh, it's okay, Master will help you. When you want to do something in the future, you might as well think about it. In addition, you can listen to the teacher’s password. When I let you do it, you can do it again. Hold on! "Continued Monk Tang.

"Well then, I'll listen to the master!" Sun Wukong said.

"Well, good, the teacher will test your endurance at any time in the future!" Monk Tang nodded with satisfaction and give him a previous warning.

Sun Wukong didn't know what to do, but nodded earnestly, saying, "Master, I'll wait for you to test at any time. I will definitely bear ... Master, what are you doing?"

Monk Tang coughed awkwardly; it was embarrassing that he wanted to steal a peach and found that he couldn't get it at all. He said in earnest: "The test has been started!"

"Oh ~ Master, you go on!" Sun Wukong said.

"No need!" Monk Tang pouted: shit, I'm not a pervert.

After a while, the air was not so embarrassing, Monk Tang said, "Come, Wukong, tell me about all the passages you made in the Heaven Palace that year, and I’d like to analyze it!"

"Okay, Master!" Sun Wukong replied briskly and then began to speak.

Monk Tang listened to Wukong with fascination. and Sun Wukong's own story was much more exciting than TV shows. Many details were not expressed on TV. the Heaven Palace was Destroyed by Sun Wukong, which is not as simple as it is written in the original and not as simple as a TV series as well.

That was a real disaster in the Heaven Palace, and Sun Wukong almost overturned the palace at that time, and the damage caused was not what Monk Tang couldn’t be imagined. At that time, Sun Wukong was arrogant and powerful with high prestige, Monk Tang heard it excited, straight admire him that that is my real monkey bro, which can be described as a word, niubi!

Monk Tang even thought that it would be great if he causes that damage in the Heaven Palace one day, of course, such an idea was only suppressed in his heart.