Chapter 109 Don't Dare Mess

Above the dome of the sky, the huge KuiMu Wolf body lies across the sky, like a magic mountain, ferocious and terrifying.

At the chin, there is a small spot, just like soybean grains, which is Sun Wukong!

After Sun Wukong became a normal person, he took one step and appeared under KuiMu Wolf's chin. his voice resounded through the sky.

"Puppy, I have never broken my word, saying that if I defeat you in three rounds, I will defeat you in three moves. This is the second round!"

With a humming sound, Sun Wukong swung Monkey King Bar from bottom to top and hit KuiMu Wolf on the chin.

Monkey King Bar is getting longer, bigger and thicker. When it hits on KuiMu Wolf's chin, Monkey King Bar is bigger than KuiMu Wolf's head.

Dong, a choking scream accompanied by the sound of bone fracture.

Blood was flying away and huge teeth were also scattered. One of bloody tooth flew towards Monk Tang and others. Suddenly, the bloody tooth was above their head here when Monk Tang and others found it!

Although it was only a tooth, it was also 100 meters in size, like a hill, and it was no laughing matter when it was smashed.

Fortunately, Monk Tang and others were lucky. Although they didn't have time to escape, the tooth didn't hit them but touched their scalp and flew past.

Of course, Monk Tang and others were also extremely upset. When their teeth flew over, the blood on the tooth dropped on them like a downpour.

I was drenched by Monk Tang and others----------They were all covered with blood!

At this moment, Monk Tang started to muddle. Who did he provoke? I just want to be a melon eater!

Is this wrong? Why do you want to give me a blood shower?

Monk Tang became angry, and neither did he eat the melons. He threw them aside and shouted angrily, "Dead monkey, did you do it on purpose?"

"Yes, did you do it on purpose?" Pigsy also followed the thunder. Between monkey and monk, he chose to stand by the monk.

Sandy is also a face of anger, looking at his small notebook. Do you think he is easy? He just got it back. This time he was soaked with blood. At that time, he didn't know what to do!

The White Bone Demon looked at Monk Tang and his disciples speechless. She really couldn't understand the relationship between them. They were worried about Sun Wukong just now, but now they are actually scolding them.

Moreover, the White Bone Demon did not realize that Sun Wukong did it on purpose. Didn't he see the teeth flying in all directions?

However, the next moment, the White Bone Demon felt that she was really too naive. Damn you! he did mean it. What's most shameful thing is that you, the dead monkey, have admitted it with great grace.

The White Bone Demon is also angry---------you gave me back my trust!

"Aha, you found all this, why it kill you!? Mistakes, I will do it on time next time! " After Sun Wukong heard Monk Tang's words, he replied in this way and admitted without blushing.

Monk Tang laughed scornfully when he heard this. The dead monkey really couldn't give him too much admiration. As soon as there was more admiration, he will forget who he is! Sun Wukong's strength gradually recovered, and the strong and aloof wildness also returned.

Sun Wukong said that he looked again at KuiMu Wolf, who was being pumped and tumbling over time tunnel!

The plot against Monk Tang is only a small matter. It is best to interrupt Monk Tang's interest. Sun Wukong cannot just forget what Monk Tang was doing 哦on the ground!

Now the most important thing is to completely defeat KuiMu Wolf!

There is another trick!

Sun Wukong plans to make another move. No matter how KuiMu Wolf is, whether he lives or dies, he will not make another movement!

The foot stepped on the somersault cloud, and the figure was blurry. Sun Wukong just appeared above KuiMu Wolf, and Monkey King Bar brazenly smashed it down again!

Time tunnel collapsed, Monkey King Bar broke the emptiness and landed on KuiMu Wolf's huge wolf head!

Immediately, the one-horned steel knife on KuiMu Wolf's head was smashed and flew out, falling into the mountain forest!

At the same time, more intensive bone fracture sounded, KuiMu Wolf's eyes were almost smashed out and his eyes were bloodshot!

Moreover, KuiMu Wolf's entire body was also smashed onto the ground, and the Bowl Mountain and other areas disappeared instantly, leaving only a huge depression.


Sun Wukong appeared beside Monk Tang and others, shrinking Monkey King Bar and throwing it into his ear. "All right, leave the rest to you. It should not be dead yet!"

The White Bone Demon trembled with excitement and rushed to the big pit before Sun Wukong finished his words.

Seeing this, Monk Tang had to shout from behind: "Gu, don't kill him!"

"Rest assured, Master, I know!" The voice of the White Bone Demon came from the big pit.

A little while later, more painful shrieks sounded, and when I heard them, Monk Tang and Pigsy looked at each other, remembering what they had said before the White Bone Demon, I couldn't help observing a moment of silence for KuiMu Wolf. At the same time, they felt a cold wind blowing from their crotch----------the wind blowing to their two balls--------their balls feel chilly!

"pig, you go and get KuiMu Wolf's steel knife!" Monk Tang ordered Pigsy.

The steel knife is a unicorn of KuiMu Wolf. It is a treasure and cannot be wasted. It can be combined with the Nine-Ringmong Spade to improve the quality of the Nine-Ringmong Spade.

"Yes, master!"

Pigsy promised to go, but after a long time, Pigsy came back with a bright steel knife!

The steel knife is extremely heavy and sharp-edged. If Monk Tang's level has been raised to level 20, don't say if you take it, you will be hurt by its own sharp edge.

This is definitely a good treasure, and after so many hard knocks with Monkey King Bar, it can be seen that there are no cracks or gaps.

KuiMu Wolf's skill is about three points above this steel knife!

After looking at it, Monk Tang took it into the portable space and prepared to smelt it into his ring at some time.

Then I looked at the direction of the big pit. The shrieks over there were too weak to be heard. Monk Tang was worried that the White Bone Demon had forgotten what he said. If KuiMu Wolf was killed by accident, he would be worried. That was a lot of experience value!

Fortunately, the White Bone Demon was not blinded by hatred, leaving KuiMu Wolf's last breath to Monk Tang!

The White Bone Demon pulled KuiMu Wolf's tail, which had shrunk to the size of a normal German shepherd, out of the big pit, leaving a trail of blood trace!

The crowd took a gasp when looking at it. apart from KuiMu Wolf's skull smashed by Sun Wukong, KuiMu Wolf had several more wounds on his body!

One is crotch, which is bloody!

The other would is on the waist. Two kidneys were removed!

The crowd looked at the White Bone Demon, and thought: This woman really did what she said!

One dares to mess with that lady.

Of course, what Monk Tang did not see was another meaning in the eyes of Pigsy and Sun Wukong's eyes!

A few people believe that this monk definitely had something to suffer in the future. Once he dumped her, she would be stabbed to death without two kidneys.

In particular, Pigsy's spirit shuddered. Fortunately, the White Bone Demon has been the master's girl!