Chapter 108 The Masses Like Eating Watermelon!

Looking at the horrible scene in the sky, Monk Tang couldn't help gasping. This destructive power is too great!

If the attack is above the ground in the territory of Treasure Elephant Country, it is enough to wipe out the Treasure Elephant Country!

KuiMu Wolf's body is huge, and if he moves lightly, he will stride over thousands of feet, and the steel knife above his head will be cut off.


Sun Wukong raised the Monkey King Bar like a giant pillar to be a crosspiece, and the steel knife struck the Monkey King Bar to send out a deafening metallic tremolo. The terrorist sound waves scattered like real ripples, and the time tunnel exploded along the way.

There are sparks flying everywhere and falling in the forest, which is causing some fire.

And every spark is extremely heavy, with extremely high temperatures. If it falls on the ground, it will be a big crater and magma will roll!

Sun Wukong was hit by a huge wave. Sun Wukong repeatedly trampled on time tunnel and flew for more than ten miles before it could stop.

And there is a terrorist knife mark, appeared on his body, flesh rolled up, rolling blood flowing down, ferocious terror.

Sun Wukong defended the body of the KuiMu Wolf steel knife but did not defend knife Qi.

Looking at Sun Wukong's huge wound, Monk Tang and others were all shocked. Monk Tang took the lead to return to absolute being and slapped Pigsy and Sandy on the head, saying: "What are you still doing foolishly? Don't give your brother a cheer? Wukong, 666! "

Pigsy and Sandy came to their senses and immediately shouted, "Senior Brother, 666!"

666' s voice spread far and wide and reached Sun Wukong's ears. Sun Wukong was cheered up and then "burning" again. He looked at Monk Tang with indecision and uncertainty and thought: what did the monk learn such strange spell and it had such miraculous effect?

Sun Wukong felt that his blood was boiling, his strength was pouring in from the depths of his body, and his chains in his body were breaking.

When KuiMu Wolf heard the cheers of Monk Tang and others, Bang laughed: "Ha, ha, ha, monkey sun! Can you hear them letting you" sneak around "?This is to let you run away, isn't it? It's a wise man, how is it? I can let you run 999 meters first! " (ps:It is a homophone for the word 'sneak' in Chinese, the same as "six" in Chinese.)

"Hum, little puppy! you are really noisy! Escape? I never knew how to write 'run '! " Sun Wukong grunted.

Soon, that layer of shackles will soon be completely broken. After that layer of shackles is broken, it will be your death!

Sun Wukong thought, his chest that huge "Svastika" word mark is revealed, a corner crack appeared, expanding!

"Puppy? Hahaha ... "Kuimu Wolf sneer at silence was Sun Wukong twice called a puppy, he has been out of anger!

KuiMu Wolf's body moved again, and another galactic knife light fell towards Sun Wukong, which was submerged again.

However, this time KuiMu Wolf cut out a knife, but it was back at top speed and did not continue to move forward. He was shocked and uncertain to see the place submerged by the knife light. At that moment, KuiMu Wolf felt a huge crisis!

What's happening? KuiMu Wolf's huge wolf eyes twinkled with doubts, and his whole body of green wolf's hair stood up straight.

Bang !

Knife light then fiercely burst, a fierce and complete incomparable breath spread in all directions, a small figure appeared.

It was Sun Wukong who became the size of an ordinary person. At this time, Sun Wukong carried Monkey King Bar on his shoulder with one hand and held it with the other hand.

The hand has a silver jump, bright and dazzling, which is the strongest knife Qi cut by KuiMu Wolf.

"How is it possible?" Looking at his strongest knife Qi being held by Sun Wukong, KuiMu Wolf could not help but exclaim immediately.

Even more frightening to KuiMu Wolf is that the wound on Sun Wu's chest is rapidly healing and the blood flowing out is also rolling back.

"There is nothing impossible in my eyes, only you are too weak!" Sun Wukong said.

Holding knife qi's hand with a gentle pinch, the knife qi burst away, while Sun Wukong took a deep breath and climbed to the top.

At this moment, the unnatural vision is in their eyes. The uber come from nowhere!

"Dog, die!" Sun Wukong's body moved and the unnatural vision turned into the sinister smell rolling into his body.

"How did this happen? How did Sun Wukong suddenly become stronger? "

KuiMu Wolf did not understand, felt the great crisis, his body could not help shivering, and he involuntarily regressed.

Sun Wukong appeared in front of KuiMu Wolf in a flash, and the small figure was almost negligible compared with KuiMu Wolf.

Seeing this, Monk Tang's face was just like an old father's pleased smile, saying: "Look, this is my apprentices!"

When Pigsy heard this, he just curled his mouth and thought. Does this have anything to do with you? Monkey Sun was cool. Now he is even cooler okay?

Of course, Pigsy just thought about it in his heart and never dared to say it out. Instead, he said with a straight face: "Yes, it is all the credit of master. Without you, how could the monkey be so powerful? It's all your credit! You gave him a good education! "

Monk Tang nodded happily when he heard this, regardless of whether the pig's words were true or not, but he felt comfortable and said, "Yes, a stupid child can be taught!"

After saying this, he turned to the White Bone Demon and said, "Well, don't worry about him this time. Now even if there are two KuiMu Wolfs they would bot be a problem for Wukong. you should think about how to give the heart breaker a great lesson later. Well, But you can only teach him, but not kill him! "

KuiMu Wolf is so strong, that it is a great sum of experience points. although he promised to help the White Bone Demon, he cannot waste his experience points.

Hearing this, the White Bone Demon smiles but looks gloomy, and then said, "I will stab his two kidneys and punch his little bird!" (you guys know 'bird' means......)

Oh no, Monk Tang, Pigsy, Sandy and the Little White Dragon heard it, feeling cold in the crotch and getting cold sweat.

Master and disciples looked at each other: mom, it was really the woman who couldn't be provoked most, and they mourn for KuiMu Wolf!

Monk Tang coughed softly and said, "whatever you want! As long as you don't kill him! "

Then, with a wave of his hand, tables and chairs and juice appeared in a vacant place.

"Master, what are these?" The White Bone Demon was stunned. There is still a war going on. Why is it like a vacation on your side?

On hearing this, Monk Tang waved his hand carelessly and said, "Sit down and help yourself. Wukong can take 'good' care of him, let's enjoy it and lets us be the 'eating-watermelon' masses! " Monk Tang holds a big watermelon and started to a bit.

Pigsy, Sandy, follow suit, sit down and pick up the watermelon and eat it!

True melon eaters-----born! (ps: in china 'melon eaters' refers to a group of people who are like to hear about the news. eating melon is a process that people are getting to know the news. And melon means the scandals)

The White Bone Demon looked at the master and his disciples and was speechless. He believed that Sun Wukong had such a master and those younger brothers, which was really heart-rending!

But who cares? The White Bone Demon also sat down-eating melons!

"Dead monkey! Watch out!" Monk Tang yelled. However, he was angry before he finished eating a piece of melon?

A huge tooth, with dripping blood, came crashing down from time tunnel in the distance and grazed the crowd's head. (ps: time tunnel means the midair)

Although it didn't hit, it still drenched Monk Tang and others with blood, but all the melon and fruit cold drinks were wasted!