Chapter 107 The Pit on Head

Over the Bowl Mountain, a huge magic mountain lies across the sky, casting a large shadow on the ground!

Monk Tang and his disciples were floating at a low altitude, looking up at the magic mountain and opening their mouths in surprise.

Where is the magic mountain, that is a huge magic Wolf, like a magic mountain, magic flame monstrous?

The giant wolf is several thousand feet in size, one eye is dozens of feet in size, like two small moons, fierce and terrifying!

KuiMu Wolf's appearance at this time was ferocious and horrible, with dense scales and bone spurs.

In addition, there is a huge steel knife, which is as long as 1,000 meters long, and it wanders around its body like a fish.

When Sun Wukong's body was soaring 100 meters high, it gave people the feeling that he is a giant.

But at this moment Sun Wukong is standing in front of KuiMu Wolf like a chick standing in front of a human ... a weak chick!

Pigsy and others were shocked and awed by KuiMu Wolf's ferocity.

KuiMu Wolf in this state is more than ten times stronger than that in human form.

Although Monk Tang was shocked, he was only shocked by KuiMu Wolf's ability to become so big. Unlike others, others were awed by KuiMu Wolf's ferocity, but Monk Tang had the leisure to watch KuiMu Wolf up and down!

Also don't say, Monk Tang has really found that KuiMu Wolf has a ... pit on his big head!

Monk Tang couldn't help but say 'Amitabfa' to express shock. he thought it was KuiMu Wolf's third eye.

But after looking at it for a long time, Monk Tang was sure it was a pit, a big pit, right in the middle of KuiMu Wolf's head.

A true pit on the head! (In Chinese, it means 'stupid')

Really the head has a big hole!

"Master, what's wrong with you and what have you found?" Pigsy heard Monk Tang announce the name of buddha and asked.

"There is a pit, there is a pit in his head!" When Monk Tang heard this, he subconsciously answered.

Pigsy's face turned pale when he heard this, and his head was covered with pits. After being nurtured by Monk Tang, Pigsy naturally knew what it meant. When he heard this, his face turned black immediately. "master, why do you swear at me? I'm not stupid. My head is not covered with pits!"

"I didn't mean you, you look, is there a pit in the middle of KuiMu Wolf's head !” Monk Tang said this in his mouth, but he looked at Pigsy with some disdain: looking for cursing yourself, and saying that your head had no pit?

To understand the meaning of Monk Tang's eyes, Pigsy's face is even darker. This master is too unreliable. How can you treat apprentices like this?

However, after hearing Monk Tang's words, Pigsy and others found a big hole in KuiMu Wolf's head.

The White Bone Demon was surprised and said, "what's going on? Why is there a hole in his head? I remember there was a horn there? "


"Monkey Sun, Supervisor for Heavenly Horses, I will kill you today! Three moves to defeat me? Ha, ha, ha ...I give you another 300 rounds, and you can't do it, Sun Wukong. you are too weak. If you are afraid to beg for mercy, I may consider leaving a full corpse for you! " KuiMu Wolf's fierce power has soared, his words are even more rampant, and he is extremely contemptuous of Sun Wukong!

Sun Wukong was silent as if he had been stabbed in trigger point and hit his weak point!

"What's the matter with him, elder brother? why doesn't he move, is he really afraid? I'm going to help my elder brother! " Pigsy looked at him eagerly, but although he said to help, his feet did not move. The dead monkey was not an opponent. How could he be an opponent to the wolf? He just likes to talk big!

"master, who ... who, why don't you move? That wolf is irritating!" Sandy said.

He was extremely speechless. a disciple is a timid fear, another one's memory is short. Oh well, he had another one but he is locked in a seal. listening to Sandy, Monk Tang knew that Sandy has forgotten Sun Wukong and KuiMu Wolf, the only thing that makes Monk Tang gratified, this guy also know him.

"By the way, who are you?"

However, just when Monk Tang thought so, Sandy's words directly poked his heart into his heart ... and pierced his heart!

"Look at your small notebook and you will know who we are!" Monk Tang pointed out an open road to Sandy. Sandy's eyes lit up when he heard this, and he went to look for his notebook that had fallen to the ground.

When Sandy, an amnesiac apparition, was released, Monk Tang looked at Pigsy and said, "Believe Wukong, he can do it!"

Although Monk Tang "gets angry" with Sun Wukong every day, Sun Wukong has always been an idol in Monk Tang's heart and he has inexplicable confidence in Sun Wukong. Even though Sun Wukong in this world is different from Sun Wukong in Journey to the West, Monk Tang's confidence in Sun Wukong remains the same.

Monk Tang looked at Sun Wukong again. if it does not erupt in silence, it will perish in silence. Sun Wukong will not perish.

At the moment when Monk Tang looked up, the silent Sun Wukong also slowly looked up, straight to the huge KuiMu Wolf.

Sun Wukong's voice rang and shook, "I, born of a multicolored spirit stone, called Monkey King, once made a big scene in hell and heaven. The evil soldiers and ghosts will not be able to hold me ..."

KuiMu Wolf said with his eyes tilted and smiled: "ah ... is this a memory before he died?"

Despite Sun Wukong's continued remarks, his voice grew louder and louder: "The heavenly troops and the heaven will not stop me, nor will they cover me on this day, nor will the earth hold me down. Today, a puppy wants my life? Ha, ha, ha ... I've never heard such a good joke. I said I would defeat you in three moves and defeat you in three moves. I never break my word! "

"Well, Wukong, what you said is great, 666!"

When Monk Tang heard Sun Wukong's words, he immediately felt his blood boiling. He IS the one, Monkey King, in his heart!


KuiMu Wolf, on the other hand, made a deafening noise by biting his teeth and said: "Hum, don't give your face. I will never leave you all dead. Shout, Supervisor for Heavenly Horses, and that noisy bald donkey, I will swallow you alive later ..."

Bang ~

With KuiMu Wolf's words, the huge steel knife circling around KuiMu Wolf is just a quiver!

Then, a flash appeared on KuiMu Wolf's head, and then the hilt was inserted into the big hole ... fitting perfectly!

Monk Tang saw this eye stare. He unexpectedly still have this action.

At this time, if he still doesn't understand, Monk Tang should give up the identity of master of divine focus. Originally, Monk Tang doubted why KuiMu Wolf's steel knife could be hard shaken but not broken with Monkey King Bar. At this moment, it has been understood that the steel knife was made by the one horn on KuiMu Wolf's forehead.

When a steel knife was inserted into KuiMu Wolf's head, KuiMu Wolf's momentum climbed another level.

Also at the same time, KuiMu Wolf's huge body moved, leaving an afterimage in the time tunnel ...

The snow-white knife shines in the sky and falls like a river towards Sun Wukong ...


Time tunnel, suddenly burst, ferocious cracks densely covered time tunnel!