Chapter 106 666!

In the Treasure Elephant Country, among the king down to the peddlers, all looked up at the sky with a full face of horror.

"Oh my god, what's the matter? Is the end coming? "

"Why did the sky was split up?"

A crack across the horizon, like a huge scar, ferocious terrible, the crowd trembled.

Fortunately, the place where KuiMu Wolf and Sun Wukong were at war was far from the Treasure Elephant Country, and they did not make any damage to them.

Not to mention that it almost scared a group of ordinary people.

Here, KuiMu Wolf's face changed after a knife was cut into the air: so fast, did the monkey take hormone?

"Watch out my bar!" A loud roar came from KuiMu Wolf's head, and a giant pillar of heaven fell on KuiMu Wolf.

Monk Tang found that his disciple especially liked the action of "poke" and once did he it he couldn't stop.

"dong!" KuiMu Wolf was right to be hit and was directly knocked into the ground.

"Master elder brother, you are wonderful. I love you so much!" Pigsy immediately cheered when he saw this. He can't wait to flattery on Wukong ----Pigsy has mastered the art of flattery and said it directly.

"Come on, big brother!" Sandy also shouted, taking out a small notebook to write down Sun Wukong's "great achievements". When Sun Wukong comes back, he will show it to Sun Wukong. Sandy also has his own little plan to do in his mind.

Looking at the movements of the two disciples, Monk Tang curled his lips and snorted in his heart: Let me show you what is the most orthodox and true flattery.

Crac cha, Monk Tang inserted the Nine-Ring Monk Spade into the rock beside him to free up his hands.

Seeing Monk Tang acting like this, Pigsy and Sandy both cast puzzled eyes ... What does Master want to do again?

Monk Tang didn't care about the eyes of the two men, his hands pointing to the sky, all made six gestures(On the internet, 6 is a number to describe "so cool" or "you are such amazing"), and then he held the breath in the abdomen is suddenly and violently shouted:

"Wukong, 666 ......"

The sound was so loud that sound waves formed ripples that spread in all directions and reverberated among the mountains.

"666 ...... 66 ...... 6 ...... ah ......"

Pigsy shocked, Sandy, shocked, the White Bone Demon shocked, the Little White Dragon shocked!

Although they don't know what "666" means, they have a feeling that this is the best term for flattery.

Sun Wukong, who is holding giant pillars in his hand and is furious, was shocked to hear the slogan of "666". He doesn't know why he suddenly feels "burning" up, and it is even more exciting ... It seems he got such big encouragement. Thus he wants to fight with the damn wolf till the end.

Monk Tang finished shouting by himself, looked at the crowd in surprise, and couldn't help but smile proudly and said: "don't stand still, come with me ... Wukong! Wukong is the so 'six'! Monkey King! Monkey King! You are such 'six'!"

Pigsy and Sandy came back to their senses. Following Monk Tang's trumpet, the crowd shouted together. The voice was even more powerful and spread to the Treasure Elephant Country. From then on, the legend of "Monkey King is the best 'six' " was left in the Treasure Elephant Country, although they didn't know what "6" meant.

The crowd's chorus of' 666' seemed to inject infinite strength into Sun Wukong, with his huge body suddenly growing into double size.


The huge Monkey King Bar suddenly poked into the ground deeply, and the huge rift spread in all directions.

The crowd seemed to hear the howling of the wolves, and their faces were beaming with the relief of an old father ... How effective!

The White Bone Demon was also delighted to see KuiMu Wolf driven underground. However, knowing that KuiMu Wolf is powerful, she knew that KuiMu Wolf is not so easy to be defeated. Although there is a smile on her face, she is more worried.

Monk Tang sensed the look of the White Bone Demon and said, "Gu, what's the matter, loathe to give up?"

Monk Tang has an' I understand' look.

Monk Tang regarded the hidden worries of the White Bone Demon as unbearable. After all, the White Bone Demon and KuiMu Wolf are good friends, and once the White Bone Demon still loved to death. Although he wanted to be killed and cut before, it is understandable that she could not bear her man was beaten to death.

The White Bone Demon looked at Monk Tang's face. Her mouth twitched and she wanted to shout "Go away!"

But think about this her character, as well as the means to act, it is better for Monk Tang not to say a word.

It was not easy for the White Bone Demon to organize the language: "No, master. I wish KuiMu Wolf could not die anymore. I am just worried that KuiMu Wolf will not die so easily. "

As if to match the words of the White Bond Demon, just as the words of the White Bond Demon dropped, a loud howl came from under the earth.

Ow, ow, ow

"Goddamn supervisors for healthful horses, you have finally angered me. I will try monkey meat today!"


The ground fluctuated like water waves, and the topography of the Bowl Mountain changed instantly.

"hmm? Do you still want to come out under my suppression? "

Sun Wukong's face changed, and he felt the overwhelming power surging from Monkey King Bar and it was passing it on to him.

"Oh, my gosh, what's wrong with KuiMu Wolf?" Pigsy was shaking on the ground like having been drunk and said.

The monkeys have all changed his body. But he can't suppress the wolf? The monkey must be stimulated!

With this in mind, Pigsy just looked up at Sun Wukong and shouted, "Dead monkey, are you okay? If you can't do it, I'll do it! "

"Dead pig, you shut up!"

Sun Wukong's giant monkey's face was red and blue veins stood out like old tree roots.


Just as Sun Wukong's voice fell, a big explosion occurred underground, and the energy blew out Sun Wukong and Monkey King Bar together.

Terrible shock waves spread, earth and rock rolled and spread in all directions, just like a tsunami!

Looking at the earth and rock rolling over, Pigsy was immediately shocked. he had no time to wrangle with Sun Wukong. he jumped into the air with a cry of alarm to avoid the attack of the earth waves.

Monk Tang and others also floated in the air in an instant, but the crowd's eyes were attracted by other images.

"OMG, is that a wolf?" Pigsy looked horrified.

"OMG, is that a wolf?" Sandy was so surprised that he couldn't hide his original form. His notebook fell to the ground.

"How do I express my feeling? Amitabfa !” Monk Tang also opened his eyes wide and grabbed the horse mane of the Little White Dragon with one hand.

"that's the original body of KuiMu Wolf. he's finally going to show his true skill!" The White Bone Demon is a wry smile. Indeed, KuiMu Wolf is not so easy to kill. She felt the ferocity of KuiMu Wolf. in her eyes, besides his hatred, only a wry smile remained.

"is that really KuiMu Wolf?" On hearing this, Monk Tang looked at the White Bone Demon.

The White Bone Demon nodded and said: "I saw he did so once, but KuiMu Wolf's body was much smaller than this at that time, but now ... Sure enough, KuiMu Wolf has become stronger!"

"It doesn't matter, believe Wukong, Wukong said he can kill him in three rounds!" Monk Tang gave a pep talk to the White Bone Demon.

Of course, Monk Tang only talks like this, and his heart is also uneasy. How do you think Sun Wukong is a weak chicken now?