Chapter 105 Can Wukong Do It?

After the White Bone Demon becomes a huge skeleton with an endless hatred rushing to KuiMu Wolf. The dozens of miles away for the White Bone Demon is not a big problem. She just took one second a moment is to arrive here.

A big white hand that blocks the sun from the sky slaps down KuiMu Wolf, where the time tunnel is twisted. The White Bone Demon wants to smash KuiMu Wolf into a paper to solve her hatred.

However, KuiMu Wolf, faced with White Bone Demon, is not in a hurry, and even with a sneer and disdain in his eyes. The big steel knife in his hand blooms out of the bright light, and then was swept away, which forced back Sun Wukong and others. then He gave another shot. The speed of the knife is even faster than the light velocity!

"Blah, blah, blah!

Sun Wukong, Pigsy, and Sandy all raised their weapons to strike the light of the knife and made a clanging sound. Although they know that it could not hurt him, they were still pushed backward by the great power of the knife!

'bone fairy, be careful" Pigsy looked at KuiMu Wolf who is holding his knife toward the White Bone Demon. Pigsy shouted at the White Bone Demon. While he was forced back by KuiMu Wolf, he was giving him another attack, which was right on KuiMu Wolf's knife blade!

"Go to Die, die, KuiMu Wolf!" The White Bone Demon turned a deaf ear to Pigsy's voice. The giant skull continued to clap its hands, and the time tunnel was completely destroyed by the thunderous explosions.

However, it is the powerful attack of the White Bone Demon that, when it comes to KuiMu Wolf's sword light, it is just like a piece of paper.


Without a particularly loud noise, the huge bone palm of the White Bone Demon was cut in half by the knife light, and the knife light didn't fade away and cut off toward the huge body of the White Bone Demon.

"No!" Seeing this, Sun Wukong thought he was too strong. Monkey King Bar in his hand was instantly enlarged and fell toward the knife light.

"boom!" “ crack !”

Monkey King Bar immediately smashed the 'knife light' into pieces and scattered the 'knife light' into small pieces.

“ Bang Bang Bang !” The fragments of knife light penetrated the time tunnel. Although the fate of the White Bone Demon being split into two was avoided, the White Bone Demon was still riddled with holes by the fragments. the White Bone Demon was instantly hit hard and fell down from the time tunnel. The huge white skeleton rapidly disintegrated, and the White Bone Demon fell to the ground and got back to the human body!

After Monk Tang had just killed all the little devils, what he saw was this scene. His heart was shocked. KuiMu Wolf was indeed powerful. Under the siege of Sun Wukong, Pigsy, and Sandy, he was able to hurt the White Bone Demon so hard!

In an instant, Monk Tang appeared beside the White Bond Demon and looked at the White Bond Demon coughing up blood at the bottom of the pit and said, "Gu, how are you?"

"Oh, I'm going to kill him!" The White Bone Demon struggled to get up and was again in the air, but was stopped by Monk Tang.

"Master, you let me go, I'm going to kill him, kill him!" The White Bone Demon shouted!

"Shut up and stay here!" Monk Tang felt the weakness of the White Bone Demon. how could he let the White Bone Demon go for him so he shouted at her coldly?

"wooshing!" At the same time, two streamers fell. these are Pigsy and Sandy.

"Bone Fairy, are you all right?" Pigsy was worried and said that he did not dare to look at Monk Tang. Under their protection, the master's wife was still hurt like this. He was really worried that Monk Tang would get angry and punish him!

"Bone Fairy, are you all right?" Sandy also asked with concern.

When Monk Tang sees two people like this. Damn you. You are too concerned about the White Bone Demon, aren't you? Shouldn't you help your big brother, Sun Wukong, fight KuiMu Wolf?

"You let me go, I must kill him!" The White Bond Demon still said the same thing and wanted to take off again. However, with her seriously injured body, how can she get rid of the suppression by Monk Tang and others? At this time, a little goblin can possibly suppress the White Bond Demon!

"Bone fairy, you don't have to go, just give it to my senior brother!" Pigsy urged.

"Yes, elder brother can do it" Sandy also propitiated.

"Ha, ha, ha, Trash! You all trash!" KuiMu Wolf laughed at this moment, playing with his knife, and pointed at Monk Tang, Sun Wukong and the other four with his finger in an arrogant way. "You are all garbage! what kind of Monkey King you are, Sun Wukong? what kind of Tianpeng Marshal you are, Pigsy? what kind of Juanlian General you are, Sandy? the Great Sage Tang Sanzang? The holy monk? You all trash. You will all be my lunch! "

The crowd was furious when he heard this. Oh, he was mocking at them. The crowd felt extremely bad, especially Sun Wukong, Pigsy, and Sandy. On one of them put KuiMu Wolf in his eyes in the old days, but now they become the one who was looked down by KuiMu Wolf!

Monk Tang was also angry and shouted at Sun Wukong, "Wukong, can you do it or not? If your answer is 'No' then I'll fight with him! "

Sun Wukong's eyes were glistening with gold and his heart was burning with anger. As for KuiMu Wolf this kind of people, he could easily beat them down in one hit. BUt now KuiMu Wolf dares to jump up and down in front of him. The feeling of holding back almost made Sun Wukong's body burst apart!

Especially when he heard what Monk Tang said, Sun Wukong was even angrier and shouted, "Yes, why can't I? Master, you wait for me. We will see it. I will not defeat him in three moves, I will call me Sun Wukong, and I will never be called the Monkey King! "

"Well done, Wukong! Kick his ass off ! but don't kill him. I'll take care of the killing thing!" Monk Tang said.

"Hum, you? Sun Wukong do you think you are still Sun Wukong in old times? Ha, ha, ha, ha! " KuiMu Wolf laughed. after the first war, he was already convinced that Sun Wukong and others were much weaker than he imagined.

"Yes me! Ah!" Sun Wukong burst into a roar and saw the blood-red fire surging on Sun Wukong's body, his canine teeth protruding suddenly and violently, and his body enlarged to become a 100-meter-high ape. His muscles were throbbed, and a strong and incomparable breath broke out. The whole time tunnel trembled, and a golden word "Svastika" loomed in his chest.

"Ape? Hum, but you are no match for me! " KuiMu Wolf felt the momentum of the outbreak on Sun Wukong. He felt that Sun Wukong was different from before. He was extremely alert in his heart and felt the great crisis. However, on his face, he was stay clam but he took the lead in attacking at Sun Wukong!

The bright big steel knife in his hand fell on Sun Wukong. In a flash, the sky was split.

A few hundred miles of cracks appeared on the sky like a huge scar.

Throwing away the knife, KuiMu Wolf's face did not have any joy, but a little panic emerged in his face, because he found Sun Wukong missing, and his very confident with knife skill… but he hit on nothing!