Chapter 104 The Raged White Bone Demon

Monk Tang was thrilled to hear a steady stream of systematic hints in her head that sounded like a symphony. Each time the cue sounds, they represent at least 20,000 experience points in his pocket. Monk Tang was thrilled.

Of course, in addition to the excitement, he also has a bit of worry. the White Bone Demon heard what KuiMu Wolf said and she stands still, like a silly girl. Monk Tang is really worried about the White Bone Demon really silly, he does not want to have a silly girl around him.

Monk Tang Bang sees the White Bone Demon after a small demon with a wolf's head breaks into pieces with a sound and then is stunned. he doesn't know when the White Bone Demon's hair turns into white, and every white hair is squirming like a long snake, and the fierce evil spirit is surging on her body!

When Monk Tang sees the White Bone Demon with white hair, he thought a lyrics: when the hair goes grey...

But, no, this is not the time for the song, the White Bone Demon's state is obviously not good, but just when he wants to see what happened to the White Bone Demon, the White Bone Demon started to move. Her pale face lifted up with a sad and shrill roar to the sky!


The terrifying sound wave, with the White Bone Demon as the center, is scattered, and the Black Pine Forest within a few miles is instantly pulverized. After the sound wave passes, many small demons are vomiting blood, even breaking into pieces!

Monk Tang felt a headache when she heard the sound. Damn it, this is an indiscriminate attack. Does she become a raged girl?

But Monk Tang doesn't care about this, what matters is that the White Bone Demon actually killed his goblins. in the White Bone Demon this life under the scream, he should at least receive hundreds of thousands of experience points at least!

When he wants to ask the White Bone Demon why the hell is going crazy, the White Bone Demon's roar is: "KuiMu Wolf, I must let you die today..."


Voice also stay put, the White Bone Demon ontology has jumped out, and between its action, the White Bone Demon flesh began to melt, turned into a skeleton, the earth also is rumbling noise, terrorist cracks appear, bodies buried in the ground of the skeleton are speared out, toward the White Bone Demon, instead of melting together, in a twinkling, an enormous skeleton showed up!

On the other side, KuiMu Wolf, who fought with Sun Wukong for a time and never lost the wind, heard the cry of the White Bone Demon. As soon as he pulled the corner of his mouth, he sneered and said: "ha ha ha, just you? Do you want to kill me? I can let you die once, I can let you die twice! Kill!"


KuiMu Wolf cut out a blade, a blade with the size of ten thousand meters appeared, which was chopped down against Pigsy, and the time tunnel was all cut open.

When Pigsy saw this change of countenance, the silver light of the nine - toothed rake in his hand was thrown at him.


Nine tooth rake fell on the knife, a big explosion occurred in an instant with a huge mushroom cloud.


Pigsy, the moment was hit, turned into a stream of light toward the ground. With a boom, a radius of thousands of meters of the huge hole appeared, KuiMu Wolf rampant a laugh: "ha, Tianpeng Marshal, but so!"



When Sun Wukong and Sandy saw this, their faces changed and they shouted anxiously, and then they attacked KuiMu Wolf. His Monkey King Bar fell on KuiMu Wolf.

Over there, after Monk Tang had killed several of the monsters again, he saw Pigsy fall down from the sky like a shooting star. he also appears at the bottom of the pit with a body movement. He runs to Pigsy and got him up, say, "How are you doing? Pigsy? KuiMu Wolf is really strong."

"Master, I'm fine... It hurts. My waist... Damn KuiMu Wolf. "Pigsy rose from the pit, touched his waist, red in the eyes and run to KuiMu Wolf again!

Monk Tang was relieved to see that Pigsy had thick skin and thick flesh.

"Kill Monk Tang and steam him!" The little monsters were killed by Monk Tang, but they were still screaming towards Monk Tang, and various attacks fell towards Monk Tang in the cave!

Monk Tang: oh, Damn it! A bunch of animals wants to eat his meat! A huge arhat Buddha phantom appears behind Monk Tang.

"Thud Thud Thud..."

The attack was instantly smashed by Monk Tang, and the virtual shadow of the monk spade continued to be pushed sideways.

"Bang the gong..."

Dozens of small demons were killed immediately showing the original shape. there are sheep, pigs, dogs, and wolfs...... with about ten meters height. With a quick thought, Monk Tang collected them into his portable space. He prepared some food for the future.

"Ding dong, congratulations to the host to kill a small demon, gain experience 20,000 points. '

"Ding dong, congratulations to the host to kill a small demon, gain experience 20,000 points. '


At the same time, the beep starts to thicken again. The monsters are fierce, but when they see Monk Tang, they are even more fierce than they are. And tang's monk beheaded after killing more than ten companions, the remaining small demon people also meng, feeling very afraid!

"Oh, run, Monk Tang, is too strong. We are no match for him!" A small demon with the head of a chicken, looking at Monk Tang with blood on his body, looks terrified. Then he screams and turns to run. At this time, he is not going to kill Monk Tang, but just wants to be alive in Monk Tang's hands!

The chicken demon shouted, the other small demon is also afraid shiver, and then quickly ran in all directions.

See this, Monk Tang cold hum, he naturally won't let goblins as his experience point plus food materials to run away. He appeared in the furthest out of the chicken demon body, and then a monk spade hit out!


The chicken demon was knocked to the ground in an instant, and he died and could not move again.

Monk Tang then flashes continuously, killing the goblins one by one and remaining them for food!

Monk Tang, glancing around, didn't see any demon survive, then he looked at the sky far away, where the Sun Wukong was, etc and KuiMu Wolf wars location, where the heavens and the earth energy boiling, yellow mushroom cloud of terror in blossom and annihilation, in Monk Tang eyesight, there are some colorful lights flashed!

In which, a huge Bone frame is a prominent feature, which is naturally the White Bone Demon. When Monk Tang kills the small Demon, the White Bone Demon is apparently also joined in the battle group of KuiMu Wolf.