Chapter 103 The Pervert--- KuiMu Wolf

Monk Tang was now about a dozen Monk spade down, and one after another large hole appeared in the Black Pine Forest. When he was about to make another attempt, he suddenly caught his eye and saw a huge Wolf's head emerging from behind a tree about one thousand miles away.

"Ha ha ha ha I found him!"

Monk Tang was so happy. Then he flashed by Shrink Into Inches and hit him with his Monk spade!

"Bang Bang!

A loud bang, goblin together with the tree was hit by Monk Tang fly, goblin skull shattered, was directly hit dead, showing a dozen meters of the size of the original form!

"Ding dong, congratulations to the host to kill a small demon, gain experience 20,000 points. '

"Damn, it is just a small demon!" If KuiMu Wolf is killed by a Monk spade, then KuiMu Wolf is not called KuiMu Wolf!

But just after his words, Monk Tang felt his hair stand on end and he began to roll on the floor, regardless of his identity.

At the same time, he heard Sun Wukong Shouting, "master, be careful!"

Just as he fell, Monk Tang felt a cold knife Qi fly past his scalp. He thought and used Shrink Into Inches. At last, he flashed up beside Sun Wukong!

All this may sound slow, but in fact, it was only for a moment. When he appeared beside Sun Wukong and others, he could see a huge knife light sweeping across a large area of the Black Pine Forest.

When the light of the knife dissipates, the huge black pines are broken from the middle. Moreover, the fracture is as smooth as a mirror!

A drop of cold sweat drips from Monk Tang's head, and he freaks out. OMG!! He almost lost his head!

"Hum! Pretty quick!" A sneer was also at this time passed into his ears, where he killed the position of the small demon, there a yellow demon cloud burst out. A tall figure, wearing yellow robes, holding a bright big steel knife look cold figure, who is KuiMu Wolf.

When seeing KuiMu Wolf, Monk Tang also has to admit that this KuiMu Wolf is very handsome, is definitely a girl killer for those who have not been in love, no wonder that the White Bone Demon will fall in love with the love rat!

KuiMu Wolf appeared at the same time, one after another figure began to appear. they are the team of KuiMu Wolf. At this time those goblins have been surrounded by them all, looking at them as their five prey.

"KuiMu Wolf!" The moment KuiMu Wolf appeared, the White Bone Demon was burning with the flames of hatred and icily shouted.

"Oh? It's the White Bone Demon. You're back in the flesh. What? Are you here to avenge me? Welcome to you, ha ha ha..." Hearing the voice of the White Bone Demon, KuiMu Wolf seems to see the White Bone Demon just now, spread his hands and laughed.

"KuiMu Wolf, let me ask you one question. Have you never felt guilty for me in more than a thousand years?" Asks the White Bone Demon.

"Guilty? To you? Hum, are you qualified to let me guilty, you are not worthy, but you took the initiative to come to me. you are so stupid that you believe everything I said to you. You are so stupid to blame me?" KuiMu Wolf groaned coldly: "rest assured, I will kill you again later, and then refine you into a bone puppet!"

"KuiMu Wolf, what did you say? Again, what does again mean?" "Exclaimed the White Bone Demon.

"Why, don't you know? Well, you don't have that part in your memory. Damn it, why did I let it slip? Well, well, for the sake of your dying again, I'll tell you!" KuiMu Wolf said so, although his mouth is blaming his mouth, the tone and look are that he is deliberately speaking it!

Monk Tang thought: this KuiMu Wolf is not a human at all. He would like to knock him to death at once!

KuiMu Wolf looks at the White Bone Demon and continues: "in your memory, you waited for me to die of old age to become bones? Tell you oh, you that part of the memory was I forged, in the beginning, you were raped to death, and tell you a fact oh, I personally sent those people to you, ha, ha, are you excited to hear it. Are you very angry?"

Angry, of course, Monk Tang was furious, "what are you waiting for? Wukong! Pigsy! Come on! Beat him! Catch him for me! I will torture this pervert to the dead who cheats on a female!"

"Yes, master! three people together shouted, this time Pigsy are not lazy. he is the first one rushed towards KuiMu Wolf. What KuiMu Wolf did evil things is thoroughly angered the three brothers!

"All three together? All right, let me see Monkey King, Tianpeng Marshal and Juanlian General are as strong as the outside world boasts!" Looking at those three people at the same time, who are running towards him, KuiMu Wolf did not have any panic, but some light disdain, he has heard those three people in the Lord Laozi there, three people are not strong compared with the ones in their heydays.

And in the face of the three rushed to him, he also gave orders to the small demons. In order to show that he doesn't care about the three, he said, "kill Tang Sanzang and the White Bone Demon!"

"It's my king! "The little monsters shouted, and then they go to Monk Tang and the White Bone Demon!

Looking at the small demons rushed towards him, he is not surprised but happy. those are experience points, but see the White Bone Demon is still. He frowned dissatisfaction without but some sympathy with the White Bone Demon. He thought the White Bone Demon has been miserable enough, but did not think of the truth is more miserable.

This KuiMu Wolf will be killed no matter what, even if Lord Lao Zi appears now will not stop the determination to kill him!

"It seems that I need to protect you for a while" "Monk Tang says, leaving the White Bone Demon behind.

"Kill!" Monk Tang gave a loud sound, Buddha's Warrior Attendant reappeared, his spade is hitting on the goblins with a bang!

"Boom, boom!

"Bang Bang Bang!

The 'bang' continued, in an instant, between heaven and earth, there is a virtual shadow of the golden monk spade occupying by the full, goblins under the small monsters met the virtual shadow of the golden monk spade are dead by broken bones and tendons.

Although these small monsters are very strong, they are almost demon kings in some small places, but after all, they can't reach the realm of demon fairy, weaker than Monk Tang, so they are no match for Monk Tang. They have been killed by Monk spade of Monk Tang one after another. The hints from the system sound steady.

"Ding dong, congratulations to the host to kill a small demon, gain experience 20,000 points. '

'ding dong, congratulations to the host to kill a small demon, gain experience 30,000 points. '

"Ding dong, congratulations to the host to kill a small demon, gain experience 20,000 points. '