Chapter 102 The Black Pine Forest

The Bowl Mountain is called the Bowl Mountain because its shape is like an upside-down Bowl. The Mountain is very majestic, with silver waterfalls flowing on it, which can be seen from a distance. Monk Tang cannot marvel at the magic of nature after seeing it.

'Are we going to see him at last? The White Bone Demon looks at the mountain in the distance, so lamenting that the two small hands like jade are clenched tightly, the voice is trembling, there is hatred in her eyes.

Sensing the hatred of the White Bone Demon, Monk Tang pats her on the shoulder and says, "don't worry, your revenge will come true!"

"Yes, bone fairy, don't worry, even if that KuiMu Wolf is invincible. We have Sun Wukong. there will be no problem!" Pigsy said so.

"Hey, dork, I thought you'd say 'it's all right because I'm here' " Sun Wukong laughed.

Although he wanted to please master's wife, he didn't want to risk his life. It was his dream that Wukong will take care of everything. All he had to do was to raise the flag and shout in the rear. So he smiled and said, "You are here now. I think I don't have a chance."

"Oh? Since this, the an don't make a move, will the opportunity give you how?" "Said Sun Wukong, looking at Pigsy playfully. He could see Pigsy's little mind!

"How can that be? I absolutely can't grab your success. You should do it!" "Said Pigsy, with an upright expression.

Monk Tang saw this, shaking his head, this pig's the habit of timid and laziness is back again. He is difficult to change himself!

When Sun Wukong heard Pigsy say this, he just curls his lips, then looked at the direction of the Bowl Mountain. before Monk Tang and the White Bone Demon said that KuiMu Wolf is very strong, he already itching. he is not afraid of the enemy is not strong for him to play with!

At this moment, Sun Wukong rose into the air and flashed a light in his eyes, saying, "the sinister smell! Pigsy, Sandy! Protect our master! Hum, this goblin unexpectedly so bold, unexpectedly take the initiative to come to my trouble!"

Hearing this, Pigsy was astounded and said, "a goblin? Where is a goblin? Why didn't I feel it?"

"I haven't seen a goblin either, big brother. we haven't arrived at the Bowl Mountain yet." Sandy was confused too!

And the White Bone Demon trembles a little. her eyes are focus on the surrounding. she wants to see the unforgettable figure.

Monk Tang is also wondering, looking around, and then they show suddenly, at this time though they are far from the Bowl Mountain, they are in place is a pine forest, the pine is not green, but the perfect black. here is the Black Pine Forest, according to his memories in his last life, that Black Pine Forest is a place where the Demon in Yellow Robe shows up!

He didn't see anything either, but the monk spade was in his hand.

"Goblin isn't around, it's a long way from here!" Then Sun Wukong said again.

"Damn, you don't frighten me! if you frighten bone fairy you can take the responsibility? You're not afraid of being punished by our master?" That was Pigsy's immediate complaint when he heard goblin not around.

"You fool, what do you know?" Sun Wukong appeared at Pigsy's side, pinched Pigsy's ear, and said, "goblin is not around, but there are many traces of goblin activity. What if some trap hurts our master?"

"Ah, ah, master, he pulls my ears! no..." Pigsy screamed, then shook off Sun Wukong's hand in discontent and humbly said, "you are too contemptuous of Master, master brother. Do you think master will be hurt by a little trap?"

Master is far from as simple as he thought. Since he has a master, Monk Tang's strength has been increasing rapidly and strangely. Because of the short time, Sun Wukong's deepest impression on Monk Tang is still on the image that he can be scared of a stone.

Nevertheless, Sun Wukong did not want Pigsy to be so lazy. He glanced at the White Bone Demon, and as soon as he rolled his eyes, he had an idea and said, "Pigsy, even if the master is in danger, but what if the Bone fairy is? Watch out, simpleton, if anything happens to the bone fairy, you are dead!"

Pigsy was startled by the words. OMG, he almost ignores it, immediately beating the chest bang bang sound, the nine teeth silver shining rake appeared in his hands, a step on the side of the White Bone Demon and said: "Master, rest assured, I will protect the Bone fairy. if goblins dare to appear, I will use this rake to kill him!"

When Pigsy spoke, he winked at Sandy. Sandy understood immediately, and when he took the stick, he also stood beside the White Bone Demon, saying, "Master, rest assured, goblins can't hurt the Bone fairy!"

The White Bone Demon,"......." These two are absolutely abnormal!

Monk Tang gaped. What? Aren't you guys supposed to protect me? Why you all protect the White Bone Demon? She's stronger than me, okay?

The crowd walked cautiously, the sound of pines and the sound of a worm. The atmosphere was a little depressing, and the weather was very hot. The crowd was in a bad mood. Monk Tang felt agitated too, and then he stopped dead in his tracks!

"Master, why aren't you moving?" "Sun Wukong asked.

Pigsy, Sandy, and the White Bone Demon look puzzled at Monk Tang!

"This is not the way to go," Tang said. "we need to be proactive."

"What do you want to do?" Sun Wukong asked, also feel so has been guarding against goblin's sneak attack is not a good way!

"Watch yourselves, each of you!" "Monk Tang said. Then he jumped off his horse and a huge shadow of arhat Buddha appeared behind him, thousands of meters high, with a huge Monk spade in his hand.

"Buddha's Warrior Attendant's Exorcism Kung Fu of with Spade!" Monk Tang hissed, and then a Monk spade came crashing down on the Black Pine Forest below!



In an instant, the Black Pine Forest was smashed into a huge pit, and dozens or hundreds of Black Pine trees that were all towering trees were smashed into pieces. But nothing showed up, let alone goblins!

Monk Tang didn't stop, but he used his skills 'Shrink Into Inches'. Every time he appeared in a new position, he would smash a big hole by Buddha's Warrior Attendant's Exorcism Kung Fu of Spade. Soon the Black Pine Forest was destroyed as if it had been bombed by countless bombs!