Chapter 101 Seek for Sutras Is Just An Beginning

Not to mention that Monk Tang doesn't understand their attitudes, but the White Bone Demon herself can't figure out why the three of them are paying so much attention to her. At first, she thinks that the three of them are coveting her beauty, but it soon becomes clear that they are not. For she found that they were as respectful to her as their mothers.

As he walked along, Monk Tang suddenly remembered something and said to the system in his mind, "system, are you going to issue a task?"

System: 'huh? '

What? The system is so naughty that he even learned to play dumb! Monk Tang said, "don't be silly, I summarized the rules of your task posting. Although there is no rule, there is still a trace to follow. Wasn't the princess in Treasure Elephant Country captured by KuiMu Wolf?" According to your rules for publishing tasks, you should publish a task such as' rescue the princess ', right?"

System: 'the princess in Treasure Elephant Country? Who is that? there is no princess in the Treasure Elephant Country! '

Monk Tang was surprised and said, "there is no princess in the Treasure Elephant Country? I remember the journey to the west..."

The system then sneered and said, 'oh, it seems that host remembered that this world is not the world of the journey to the west as you know it, but the world of the evil journey. Please don't trust the memory of your past life too much. You don't seem to have taken everything I said to your heart. '

Monk Tang smiled. He had really forgotten that this was not the journey to the west, but the evil journey. Then he said, "oh, I'm sorry."

System: 'no, the story of the evil journey and the story of the journey to the west is similar in general, some of the host's experience is very useful, but this system to you a bulletin, do not believe your experience too much, sometimes the experience can kill people! '

Monk Tang heard: "so the Guanyin I met was fake! ?"

System: 'She is false is also true. according to your experience, Guanyin is false Guanyin, but in the evil travels she is a true Guanyin, in this world the Buddha is not necessarily good. how to judge the specific situations depends on yourself! Remember, Buddhism does not refer to a person, but to a kind of Taoism. '

Monk Tang nodded his head in disbelief. No wonder that the Guanyin she encountered was a fake Guanyin because it was not the world of the journey to the west. "It seems I can't trust my experience too much," Tang said.

Monk Tang instantly thought of many things and asked, "systems, there is the most important question I want to ask!"

The system: 'oh? Just say it! '

"seeking for sutras in the west in this world should just be a start for me?" "Monk Tang asked. This is a question that Monk Tang has always wanted to ask.

System: 'I have to say that you are very smart, indeed, seeking sutras is just the beginning for you in this world, as for what the result will be, you need to find the answer by yourself! '

Monk Tang's mouth twitched, and the system started a charade with him, but he didn't ask, knowing that the system wouldn't say anything anyway.

"Master, I suddenly remembered a very important thing!" The voice of the White Bone Demon rings in Monk Tang's ears.

"Oh? What's important? You say." Monk Tang said, catching herself.

"KuiMu Wolf has a powerful man behind him. I don't know if killing KuiMu Wolf will annoy that person. If that powerful man can strike us, it will be bad!" "Said the White Bone Demon.

"Powerful man? Monk Tang frowned, a flash of lightning flashed in his mind, and asked, "Gu, the powerful man is Lord Lao Zi?"

"Ah? Master, how do you know that? Yes, the powerful man behind KuiMu Wolf is indeed Lord Lao Zi, and Lord Lao Zi is half master of KuiMu Wolf. KuiMu Wolf once worked as a servant boy next to Lord Lao Zi for in a period of time!" It's a surprise to hear Monk Tang name the powerful man behind KuiMu Wolf. The White Bone Demon was surprised about it!

Monk Tang smiled with relief. It seems that some experience is still useful!

"Bone fairy, you do not know that our master knows astronomy and geography and he can calculate all things around the world. there is nothing our master does not know!" Then Pigsy went on, seizing every opportunity to butter up Monk Tang, not to mention praising his master in front of the master's wife!

With that, Pigsy winked at Monk Tang's claim to credit: master, what's up, isn't that a nice assist?

To tell the truth, Monk Tang is really glad to hear Pigsy's flattery, but he just stays calm and even closes his eyes not to see his face. he says to the White Bone Demon, "Gu, did you dare to pretend to be Guanyin bodhisattva because of Lord Lao Zi?"

"Yes, you are very perceptibly. Gu had the courage to pretend to be Guanyin bodhisattva because of Lord Lao Zi. I was a subordinate to KuiMu Wolf. KuiMu Wolf is my backing, and Lord Lao Zi is the patron of KuiMu Wolf. So even if it is exposed, Guanyin bodhisattva won't do anything to me for the sake of Lord Lao Zi, because they have a very good relationship, but now..."

So says the White Bone Demon, which is also small flattery to Monk Tang!

He knows the meaning of the White Bone Demon's unsaid words. Now she has recognized him as her master. Naturally, the former patron has become the enemy.

The crowd went on and soon came to the royal palace in the Treasure Elephant Country!

The crowd came to the Treasure Elephant Country not for traveling, but for looking for the king in Treasure Elephant Country to please his stamp on the customs ultimatum. Only in this way can they continue their journey to the west. The process of confirming the identity was very simple. The King heard their story so he let them pass through the Treasure Elephant Country!

Of course, it was not possible to avoid a warm reception from the king in Treasure Elephant Country. Monk Tang and other people would not refuse so they enjoyed themselves for a while before they left the Treasure Elephant Country. However, after leaving the Treasure Elephant Country, the crowd became serious, because they all knew that they would fight again. And a very strong opponent is waiting for them this time... KuiMu Wolf!

KuiMu Wolf is backed by Lord Lao Zi, the powerful man!