Chapter 100 The Three Hospitable Men

"You don't know Qiangu after she changes her appearance? Haha!" "Monk Tang laughed when Sandy said that.

"What, she's the white bone... No, she is Hua Qiangu?" After listening, Sandy, Pigsy and the Little White Dragon all opened their mouths in surprise. Then they seemed to understand something and looked at each other for a moment. The master had helped the White Bone Demon regain her body. The three of them look at Monk Tang and the White Bone Demon with strange eyesight!

Fortunately, Monk Tang doesn't know what the three disciples are thinking, otherwise, he is going to kill them. it was a lily-white thing he did for the white bone demon, but they misunderstand him. Human hearts are not what they were in the old days!

"Well, she is Hua Qiangu!" Monk Tang said that although the three disciples' eyesight are very strange, Tang did not understand the deep meaning in the eyes of the three apprentices, and at the same time looked at Sun Wukong, who is laughing right now, he was a little confused... The monkey's smile seemed to be schadenfreude!

The White Bone Demon is familiar with Monk Tang, but as for Sun Wukong and other several people, she has no word to say to them. facing with Pigsy and two strange people, she just frowned without no words!

Monk Tang had expected the apprentices will be angry and verbally attack, but Pigsy's behavior surprised him!

"T... No, bone fairy, are you hungry or not, I have good food here!" "Said Pigsy, pulling out his prized food.

"Bone fairy, I have a few kinds of treasures here. you can take everything you like!" Sandy flipped his hands and pulled out some glittering treasures.

"Bone fairy, I am very poor. I have nothing to give, you see! me my slough-off inverse scale is not bad, here you are!" The Little White Dragon also opened his mouth to spit, and a basin of large silver flame gushing the Dragon's mighty Dragon scales appeared.

Monk Tang opens his eyes and sees the picture. What's wrong with you? Are the three apprentices sick or confused by the beauty? The bone fairy? You didn't do that to me. I am very sad.

Monk Tang looks at the Sun Wukong with a muddled face.

When Sun Wukong saw Monk Tang looking at him, he shrugged his shoulders, spread his hands, and made a look that 'I didn't know'!

What the hell is going on? The three apprentices are absolutely abnormal, Monk Tang in the heart of doubt suddenly. he didn't know Pigsy and the two treat the White Bone Demon as their master wife, so they try their best to make her happy!

Although in the heart of doubt, but still want to hit the road, under the heart of doubt, a wave of the big hand, a line of people continue to go to the west!


"To..." A shout echoed across the bowl mountain, and a small leopard-headed demon raced toward the Moon Cave.

In the Moon Cave, the Demon in Yellow Robe heard the voice rising abruptly from her throne, and then appeared in front of the little monster. "have you found the trail of Monk Tang and his team?"

"Yes, your majesty, Monk Tang and his party are in the Treasure Elephant Country now, but..." The little demon replied reverently.

KuiMu Wolf frowned. "but what?"

"but there's an extra woman next to Monk Tang, a very beautiful woman!" he answered.

"pretty women?" KuiMu Wolf said something to himself for a moment, then smiled coldly and said, "hum, the White Bone Demon is that you? Sure enough, Monk Tang helped you break the seal of being my puppet. Did you follow Monk Tang and come to seek revenge on me?"

KuiMu Wolf said to the little monster, "go ahead, let's get ready. Today we will eat boiled Pigsy, steamed Tang Sanzang, Fried Sun Wukong, stir-fried Sandy, and sashimi Little White Dragon!"

"Thank you! My King"

"Your majesty is wise!"

When the small monsters heard KuiMu Wolf's words, they all shouted loudly, and the sound spread for dozens of miles around. For a moment, the sinister smell soared into the sky, as if it were an invisible mouth, waiting to devour Monk Tang and others.

On the other side, Monk Tang and his party arrived at the Treasure Elephant Country. On the westward road, each country or city has a different style, so walk through every country or city is a novel experience.

"Master, why didn't you let me catch that little demon?" Sun Wukong asked Monk Tang in a puzzled tone. Not long ago, when they were not in the Treasure Elephant Country, they found a small demon sneaking behind them. He wanted to catch it, but Monk Tang stopped him!

"Haha, it is a small demon. there is no need to be so serious! Our real enemy is the KuiMu Wolf. If you capture it and kill the demon. KuiMu Wolf will send another one to us. And these little goblins will be with you around. More importantly, I have you by my side, I'm not afraid that the devil can do something to me. Now, all we have to do is enjoying the Treasure Elephant Country!"

Monk Tang smiled. Then he walked over to a sugar gourd vendor and bought a bunch of them for everyone to eat.

When Sun Wukong heard it with light in his eyes, he felt that the master was right. Kill them all was the best thing to do together. Especially when Monk Tang said, 'I have you by my side' he felt even happier.

"The master is right. There are only KuiMu Wolf and some goblins in the vicinity of the Treasure Elephant Country. Killing a demon won't help. "Said the White Bone Demon, with a look of hatred in her eyes and a desire to rush to the Moon Cave to tear off KuiMu Wolf, the love rat!

Of course, she knows that she can't fight KuiMu Wolf alone. Only by fighting with Monk Tang and others can she win, so the White Bone Demon suppresses her hatred.

Looking at the White Bone Demon with cold eyes, Pigsy three immediately began to pay attention to each other, patting their chest and saying: "Bone fairy, you can rest assured that we will help you to catch the KuiMu Wolf, and then you can do what you want to do with him!"

See this, the Monk Tang speechless flipped through your eyelid. along the way, Monk Tang doesn't know how many times he has seen that they treat Hua Qiangu very well with their efforts, but he is always unknown why those three people suddenly are nice to the White Bone Demon, and when they did so, Sun Wukong was snickering by their sides!

That made Tang suspect they were hiding something from her. Unfortunately, when tang's monk asked Sun Wukong why they did it, they said nothing and looked at him with an expression of 'don't cheat me'. They made their master puzzled along the way!