Chapter 10 Monkey Sun Ran Away

"Of course, I ’m not going to fight with him. I ’m really unwilling. Five hundred years ago, if I had not been in the trap of Tathagata, how could I lose? how could I be suppressed in the damn The Five-Fingers Mountain for five hundred years!? "Sun Wukong said, grieving over what happened in that year.

"Oh? So, if five hundred years ago Buddha Tathagata didn't use tactics, you wouldn't lose at all?" Monk Tang asked.

"Huh, of course. I admit that although Tathagata's mana is great, it's not invincible. I hate that I was actually fooled by him. If I wasn't fooled, I don't know who will win in the end, maybe I've been the Jade Emperor for a long time! "Sun Wukong hated.

After listening to Sun Wukong's words, Monk Tang felt it’s funny, this monkey is still thinking about the throne of the Jade Emperor!

I don’t know what would the Jade Emperor think when he heard what the monkey said at this time?

However, Monk Tang also heard it. Although Sun Wukong has repeatedly emphasized that he would not lose that year, in fact, whether he wants to admit it or not, he also knows that Tathagata is stronger than him. Monk Tang analysis, the winning percentage of the fight should be 40% or 60%, and Tathagata has 60% to win.

"In that case, you didn’t have the confidence to defeat You. You did n’t have the certainty to win five hundred years ago. I don’t know where you came from. You can defeat the Tathagata Buddha today. Five hundred years later, the Tathagata Buddha will stay where they were? "Monk Tang asked.

"well ..." Sun Wukong blinked as he heard his words!

"Well, even if Tathagata hasn't made any progress in the past 500 years, what about you, in the past 500 years, have you made any progress? Hehe, I don't see that you made progress, but you have regressed a lot!?" Monk Tang, seeing Sun Wukong shaken a little, then questioned.

Monk Tang remembered that in the original book, Sun Wukong was in a big way when he was fighting in the Temple, and then there was a big gap between the performance of chickens in the story of seeking sutras, just like changing a Sun Wukong!

Hearing that Sun Wukong's face was twitching, and the flames in his eyes were beating uneasily. Monk Tang's interrogative truthful sentences were poking at the softest place in his heart.

Sun Wukong was really not sure that he could defeat the Tathagata Buddha five hundred years ago, even if Tathagata did not use conspiracy.

In addition, Monk Tang is correct in saying that even if there is no improvement in Tathagata for five hundred years, he is not likely to be an opponent of Tathagata. For five hundred years, he should not say that he has made progress in cultivation. It is because he was born as a saint otherwise, he would have been crushed to death under The Five-Fingers Mountain.

If you just think that The Five-Fingers Mountain is just suppression, then the thinking is too simple.

For five hundred years, not mentioning the progress in cultivation, he has gone back a lot. Sun Wukong also understands that he is no longer an opponent of Tathagata, but he is too arrogant to admit it!

"Enough, you, dead monk, I don't want to listen to you!" Sun Wukong exasperated.

"Don’t say it? Huh, you don’t let me say but I insist, you are not the opponent of Tathagata Buddha now, and you want to avenge for yourself, well, I ’m not stopping you, you ’re going to find and give your blood to him, and are you going to revenge in the West, you should understand where it is, but there are gods and gods there, I think even it's difficult to see Tathagata, so don’t mention that you are able to get revenge on Tathagata, "Monk Tang said.

"Ah! You are such a verbose man, dead monk!" Sun Wukong scratched his head angrily.

Monk Tang listened and rolled his eyes: Damn, do you think I'm willing to talk with you, if I can win you, I'll beat your ass!

"Do you know why you lost to Tathagata five hundred years ago?" Monk Tang continued as if he hadn't heard.

"Well, that's worth saying, I lost to Tathagata because I hit Tathagata's trick!" Sun Wukong said.

"Ha ha ha ha ... ridiculous, ridiculous!" Monk Tang laughed before Sun Wukong finished talking.

"What are you laughing at, am I wrong?" Sun Wukong laughed at Monk Tang inexplicably and at the same time.

"Of course, I'm laughing at you. For five hundred years, not only have you not cultivated, but you haven't made any progress. Do you still think that you lost to Tathagata because of the conspiracy of Tathagata! Wrong, big mistake! What a big mistake, even if Tathagata doesn't use tricks, you won't win Tathagata at all! "

"What did you say? You said that I wasn't Tathagata's opponent at all, you fart, you dead monk is really looking for death!" Sun Wukong immediately his hair stands to piloerection when he heard the words of Monk Tang, staring at the fierce light in Monk Tang's eyes flicker.

Monk Tang felt that the hair was upside down, and he felt like he was talking a little too much. He said that he could not stop when he stopped talking, Nima, Monk Tang took his heart. Since everything has been said, let ’s continues. Go on, even if Sun Wukong has already planned to kill him, then even if he dies, he must have a happy talking before he dies.

"Huh, you can kill me, but I still have to say that the reason you failed five hundred years ago was not because of others, but for your own reasons. You were arrogant and thought that no one can beat you down in the world and no one can be your opponent, the root reason why you are in the trap of Tathagata is not that you are stupid or that you not smart enough, after all, but is because you are too arrogant. "

"You think you have defeated anyone. At that time, you did not take Tathagata in your eyes at all, so you lost at that time. It doesn’t matter you lose but to summarize the failures from failures matters a lot, but you, for 500 years, you simply I didn’t realize the reason for your failure, you are still so arrogant, if there is one more ‘five thousand years’, you still wouldn’t revenge! "

Monk Tang said impassionedly, drooling, more and more addictive, but his chances of training the catholic god are little!

Sun Wukong listened to the words of Monk Tang. His face became increasingly distorted. Every word of Monk Tang was inserted into his heart socket like a knife so that his emotional fluctuations were a bit out of control. And wrinkles appear in the space around the body of Sun Wukong as if to be broken!

"Ah, that's enough, you, dead bald donkey, I won't listen anymore!" Just as Monk Tang was about to mutter a few words, Sun Wukong suddenly roared, and then turned a somersault and disappeared!

When Monk Tang saw this face muddled, hey, did Sun Wukong run away? Or did he go to Tathagata to get revenge?

Monk Tang doesn't know what is the plan of Sun Wukong, but he absolutely has gone. That's right. Monk Tang is stunned. What should he do without somersault? Without Sun Wukong as his bodyguard, Monk Tang is really not confident to go to the west and seek sutras.

Don't say that there are all demons’ kings on road to the west, now a little demon can easily kill him!