Chapter 1 To Be A Diverse Monk Tang

In the Zhenguan 13th year, in the east, there is a Huasheng Temple in Tang Land!
In the huge square, there are more than 3,000 monks, in white robes, sitting together.
There are the annual rituals in Tang Land which are extremely boisterous. and countless people come to pay respect to Buddha from other places in Tang Land.
Among the more than 3,000 monks in white robes, the monk sitting at the highlight of the Buddhist platform is the most attractive, because he is the youngest monk in the East in the Tang Land in recent years. At the age of eighteen, he has developed profound Buddhist dharma with the blooming Buddha light behind his head, which is a manifestation of becoming a Buddha!
This young monk was born with red lips and white teeth and looks abnormally handsome, and his tender skin can scoop out water. Even the woman will be envious and embarrassed at first glance without being jealous because this little monk in a white robe is too handsome. Many women who came to pay respect to Buddha looking at the little monk with red ears and red ears are shy.
The sounds of chanting the sutra surround the square. The golden Buddha power from 3,000 monks spreads far and wide, and all the people who came to salute the Buddha were bathed in the golden light with happy smiles!
And just as everyone felt the baptism of the Buddha's light, no one found that the handsome young monk sitting on the Buddha altar suddenly opened one of his eyes. suddenly the picture was very uncoordinated, and the young monk could be heard his murmuring at close range.
"what? what's the situation? Why are there so many bald guys?"
When the moment he opened his eyes, Monk Tang was a little dazed. He just wanted to close his eyes and have a rest, but the environment changed as soon as he opened my eyes, and there were 3,000 bald dippers shining in the sun, which is definitely puzzling for every normal person.
What's more, these white bald guys still exude golden lights. Actually, it feels quite comfortable!
However, none of those are the points. The point is where is this? Why are there three thousand bald guys, like scoops, chanting the sutra around himself, and why are there so many people in strange costumes kneeling down to himself?
Monk Tang is muddling right now!
Monk Tang, whose surname is Tang and last name is monk, famous as Monk Tang. According to his mother, she was pregnant when she was eating 'Monk Tang meat'. The name was very appropriate. Monk Tang indicated that he would do something to calm down at that time.
So Monk Tang ate several bags of "Monk Tang Meat"(a kind of snack called Monk Tang Meat)!
And when Monk Tang's muddling, a crisp, sweet voice sounded in his mind:
'Ding Dong! Congratulations on the successful binding of the host and the system. Welcome the host to the world of evil travels and start a fantasy journey.'
"Evil Journey? Why not the Journey to the West! What is the situation!" Monk Tang's face show ignorance and his eyes were rounded like a ball.
The next moment, Monk Tang found a panel in his mind:
Host: Monk Tang
Occupation: Monk
Level: 19th
Experience: 0/2621440
Skills: Complete Buddhist scriptures
Props: None
Monk Tang saw this information, and the next moment, a strange memory and a huge flow of information came to his mind.
Two seconds later, Monk Tang understood the whole story. It turned out that he had a time travel and into Monk Tang, which is the body of the Golden Cicada X, and obtained all the memories and practices of Monk Tang. Monk Tang suspected that all because he is also called Monk Tang. Monk Tang regrets that he should have been called Sun Wukong!
In addition, Monk Tang also knows that the world he travels through is not the world of Journey to the West, but it is called Evil Journey. Monk Tang doesn't know why he has a furry feeling in his heart looking at the two words "Evil Journey"!
Monk Tang actually thought about what to have time travel, but when it happened to him, Monk Tang was still a little dazed, of course, just one second!
Monk Tang was puzzled not by his, but by a fact that why he became Monk Tang. To be honest, of all the characters in Journey to the West, Tang Sanzang is Monk Tang 's least favorite character, although Sanzang is knowledgeable and handsome, his disadvantages are more!
Sanzang is timid, afraid of things, and he isn't flexible, and he clearly blamed Sun Wukong sometimes he knew he was wrong, and he doesn't know the sincere apology but few words.
The only thing that Monk Tang admits was Monk Tang's good skin. Really damn it ... handsome!
However, since it is already a reality that Monk Tang has had time travel, Monk Tang vowed that he must be a different Monk Tang!
Start with the things around him, let's get rid of all the rules and regulations!
The meat is still eaten, and the wine is still drunk, and the girls are still picked up... Ahem!
In addition, he should also treat the will-be apprentices well.
In Monk Tang's view, Tang Sanzang in the original was not a qualified master at all.
As a master, you must consider for your apprentices, and as a good master, you must seek benefits for your apprentices!
However, in the original book, Tang Sanzang did nothing but chanted. When the Sun Wukong feels bad, he chanted the tight spell!
Moreover, Monk Tang also felt that the thing that protecting the master to get the Western Classics, which is how shameless is that?
This is definitely going to change. Monk Tang has confidence. Not to mention that the body itself has such cultivation. (Em? Why Monk Tang has cultivation? Is this a benefit?!) There is a system that makes Monk Tang have the confidence to protect his apprentices, and find benefits for his apprentices while they on the road to take the Western Classic, although Monk Tang feels that the Western Classic is useless to Tang Land!
Of course, if he can resume secular life, it is the best. Monk Tang still does not like this occupation!
Thinking of this, Monk Tang couldn't help but ask, "System, can I resume secular life? Change to another profession or something?"
System: 'Host, you 're not playing games. You can't change your profession, but it is also possible to resume secular life!'
"Huh? There is a chance! Tell me about what conditions if I want to resume secular life?" Monk Tang's eyes brightened, and it was even better to be able to change career.
System: 'Ding Dong, the host level is not high enough, and the permissions are limited. Host, please upgrade!'
Hearing these words, Monk Tang shocked. How could be like this? Permission? and Monk Tang asked, "How many levels do I need to get permissions?"
System: 'Not high, only need 90th levels!'
Monk Tang: "..."
Well, Monk Tang knew that it would take a long time before he could resume secular life, so he asked other things he cared about: "System, you are a system. Is there a system mall? Please show me what it has? "
System: 'OK, host!'
The task page in my mind was replaced by the mall page. There are varieties of products, martial-art methods, and props at different prices. Their prices are needed from a little experience value to tens of billions of experience value. Monk Tang drools but now he can only watch them. He has no experience at all now!