The Invincible Monk Tang

Sun Wukong asked, "Master, is it really good for you to drink and eat meat? You are breaking a religious precept!" the Golden Cicada X said, "Amitabfa, wine, and meat walk through the intestines, Buddhism stays in my heart. Of course, it’s not!" Sun Wukong continued to ask, "But how do you explain with your lady?" the Golden Cicada X said, "Ahem... Haven't you heard of ‘Beauty is also a dish’, it's the same..." Pupils, "..." Sun Wukong asked, "Master, what is the most important thing you want to do?" the Golden Cicada X answered, "I want to resume secular life!" This is a story of a super monk who protects his apprentices to the West, maximizes benefits for his apprentices, and seeks out the truth!

Chapter 1 To Be A Diverse Monk Tang

In the Zhenguan 13th year, in the east, there is a Huasheng Temple in Tang Land!
In the huge square, there are more than 3,000 monks, in white robes, sitting together.
There are the annual rituals in Tang Land which are extremely boisterous. and countless people come to pay respect to Buddha from other places in Tang Land.
Among the more than 3,000 monks in white robes, the monk sitting at the highlight of the Buddhist platform is the most attractive, because he is the youngest monk in the East in the Tang Land in recent years. At the age of eighteen, he has developed profound Buddhist dharma with the blooming Buddha light behind his head, which is a manifestation of becoming a Buddha!
This young monk was born with red lips and white teeth and looks abnormally handsome, and his tender skin can scoop out water. Even the woman will be envious and embarrassed at first glance without being jealous because this little monk in a white robe is too handsome. Many women who came to pay respect to Buddha looking at the little monk with red ears and red ears are shy.
The sounds of chanting the sutra surround the square. The golden Buddha power from 3,000 monks spreads far and wide, and all the people who came to salute the Buddha were bathed in the golden light with happy smiles!
And just as everyone felt the baptism of the Buddha's light, no one found that the handsome young monk sitting on the Buddha altar suddenly opened one of his eyes. suddenly the picture was very uncoordinated, and the young monk could be heard his murmuring at close range.
"what? what's the situation? Why are there so many bald guys?"
When the moment he opened his eyes, Monk Tang was a little dazed. He just wanted to close his eyes and have a rest, but the environment changed as soon as he opened my eyes, and there were 3,000 bald dippers shining in the sun, which is definitely puzzling for every normal person.
What's more, these white bald guys still exude golden lights. Actually, it feels quite comfortable!
However, none of those are the points. The point is where is this? Why are there three thousand bald guys, like scoops, chanting the sutra around himself, and why are there so many people in strange costumes kneeling down to himself?
Monk Tang is muddling right now!
Monk Tang, whose surname is Tang and last name is monk, famous as Monk Tang. According to his mother, she was pregnant when she was eating 'Monk Tang meat'. The name was very appropriate. Monk Tang indicated that he would do something to calm down at that time.
So Monk Tang ate several bags of "Monk Tang Meat"(a kind of snack called Monk Tang Meat)!
And when Monk Tang's muddling, a crisp, sweet voice sounded in his mind:
'Ding Dong! Congratulations on the successful binding of the host and the system. Welcome the host to the world of evil travels and start a fantasy journey.'
"Evil Journey? Why not the Journey to the West! What is the situation!" Monk Tang's face show ignorance and his eyes were rounded like a ball.
The next moment, Monk Tang found a panel in his mind:
Host: Monk Tang
Occupation: Monk
Level: 19th
Experience: 0/2621440
Skills: Complete Buddhist scriptures
Props: None
Monk Tang saw this information, and the next moment, a strange memory and a huge flow of information came to his mind.
Two seconds later, Monk Tang understood the whole story. It turned out that he had a time travel and into Monk Tang, which is the body of the Golden Cicada X, and obtained all the memories and practices of Monk Tang. Monk Tang suspected that all because he is also called Monk Tang. Monk Tang regrets that he should have been called Sun Wukong!
In addition, Monk Tang also knows that the world he travels through is not the world of Journey to the West, but it is called Evil Journey. Monk Tang doesn't know why he has a furry feeling in his heart looking at the two words "Evil Journey"!
Monk Tang actually thought about what to have time travel, but when it happened to him, Monk Tang was still a little dazed, of course, just one second!
Monk Tang was puzzled not by his, but by a fact that why he became Monk Tang. To be honest, of all the characters in Journey to the West, Tang Sanzang is Monk Tang 's least favorite character, although Sanzang is knowledgeable and handsome, his disadvantages are more!
Sanzang is timid, afraid of things, and he isn't flexible, and he clearly blamed Sun Wukong sometimes he knew he was wrong, and he doesn't know the sincere apology but few words.
The only thing that Monk Tang admits was Monk Tang's good skin. Really damn it ... handsome!
However, since it is already a reality that Monk Tang has had time travel, Monk Tang vowed that he must be a different Monk Tang!
Start with the things around him, let's get rid of all the rules and regulations!
The meat is still eaten, and the wine is still drunk, and the girls are still picked up... Ahem!
In addition, he should also treat the will-be apprentices well.
In Monk Tang's view, Tang Sanzang in the original was not a qualified master at all.
As a master, you must consider for your apprentices, and as a good master, you must seek benefits for your apprentices!
However, in the original book, Tang Sanzang did nothing but chanted. When the Sun Wukong feels bad, he chanted the tight spell!
Moreover, Monk Tang also felt that the thing that protecting the master to get the Western Classics, which is how shameless is that?
This is definitely going to change. Monk Tang has confidence. Not to mention that the body itself has such cultivation. (Em? Why Monk Tang has cultivation? Is this a benefit?!) There is a system that makes Monk Tang have the confidence to protect his apprentices, and find benefits for his apprentices while they on the road to take the Western Classic, although Monk Tang feels that the Western Classic is useless to Tang Land!
Of course, if he can resume secular life, it is the best. Monk Tang still does not like this occupation!
Thinking of this, Monk Tang couldn't help but ask, "System, can I resume secular life? Change to another profession or something?"
System: 'Host, you 're not playing games. You can't change your profession, but it is also possible to resume secular life!'
"Huh? There is a chance! Tell me about what conditions if I want to resume secular life?" Monk Tang's eyes brightened, and it was even better to be able to change career.
System: 'Ding Dong, the host level is not high enough, and the permissions are limited. Host, please upgrade!'
Hearing these words, Monk Tang shocked. How could be like this? Permission? and Monk Tang asked, "How many levels do I need to get permissions?"
System: 'Not high, only need 90th levels!'
Monk Tang: "..."
Well, Monk Tang knew that it would take a long time before he could resume secular life, so he asked other things he cared about: "System, you are a system. Is there a system mall? Please show me what it has? "
System: 'OK, host!'
The task page in my mind was replaced by the mall page. There are varieties of products, martial-art methods, and props at different prices. Their prices are needed from a little experience value to tens of billions of experience value. Monk Tang drools but now he can only watch them. He has no experience at all now!

Chapter 2 The Cold Gaze in Guanyin's Eyes

'Ding Dong! This system issues a task: Become a person who gets sutras, rewards 10 points experience value! '
As if it knows his thoughts, the sound of the system sounded again, and the first mission was released to Monk Tang.
Looking at this task, Monk Tang smiled a little, and it must be him. This task is to send him experience value!
The system is really a good system!
Although the experience value is relatively little to upgrade, Monk Tang doesn't mind. Even though mosquitoes are small, it still is meat!
According to Tang Sanzang's memory, Monk Tang knew that this was Puja's scene. When Guanyin arrived, as long as he promised to become a sutras seeker, ten points of experience value would be available!
The chanting is continued, and the people below didn't even know that the monk in their eyes had changed into other people in a short time!
Eyes have been opened, so Monk Tang didn't plan to close it again but looked around curiously. Although he has Tang Sanzang's memory, Monk Tang is still very curious for the first time. This is really ancient times. It' s not those film bases, and the feeling is very different!
Uh ~
Monk Tang looked back and found that not only himself on the Buddha's platform, but also two unusually beautiful maids in a palace costume, standing at the left and right behind him. At this time, the two women opened their mouths slightly and looked at him with a surprised expression. Apparently, Monk Tang the action of looking back at them surprised them.
The corners of Monk Tang's mouth were tilted, showing some evil charms, blinking at the two women, and saw that the two women's cheeks became rapidly crimson, and some shyly bowed their heads!
With a laugh inside, Monk Tang was so proud of his charm!
Then Monk Tang looked at a middle-aged man not far away wearing a golden dragon robe, not angry but majestic, that man was the emperor of the east, Tang Taizong Li Shimin!
Another interesting thing Monk Tang discovered is that a monk is not only who can shine and emit golden Buddha power in this world.
Even Emperor Tang Taizong, Li Shimin, also had golden light flowing, and the majestic atmosphere was permeated, but Emperor Tang was obviously just an ordinary person. Monk Tang looked carefully. Monk Tang found that those golden light turned out to be a piece of dragon scales. which is a complete true dragon.
Listen carefully, and a dragon roar is also ringing in his head. Monk Tang took a breath. Is this the true dragon's Qi, will every true emperor have it!?
However, when Monk Tang felt the breath of the true dragon, he was puzzled. that is, the real emperor has the Qi of the real dragon, which is almost invulnerable, and ordinary monsters cannot get close to his body at all. Although they cannot live forever, protecting his health is more than enough.
However, Emperor Tang had a nightmare and would scare himself every day. This was unreasonable, but such thoughts just interrupted. At this time, a colorful glow suddenly appeared in the sky, which illuminated the whole scene of Puja.
Everyone was awake at this moment, looking at where the glow appeared!
There is a figure bathed in colorful rays of light falling from the sky!
"Fairy, look at the fairy coming to the human' world!"
"Ah, a real fairy ..."
"It's the Buddha Guanyin."
"Guanyin Bodhisattva has fallen!"
The entire Puja scene suddenly boiled, and everyone was eagerly watching the woman who suddenly dropped from the air.
Some people were crying with excitement. It was great luck for them to see the gods or the goddess of mercy.
Monk Tang is also a beautiful woman with bright eyes, watching the slowly falling down, convinced that Guanyin is indeed a woman!
Emperor Tang was also very excited but was still restrained because he knew in advance that there would be gods coming into the world today, but he did not expect that the Guanyin Bodhisattva descended from the earth, stood upright with excitement, and then bowed down in reverence, saying: "my the Guanyin Bodhisattva!"
All the people present were kneeling in response, all shouting 'Guanyin Bodhisattva', but there was one exception: Monk Tang. Monk Tang just stood upright, although, from the memory of Tang Sanzang, this world is known as there are gods, it is still different to see them, it is so shocking. especially Monk Tang does not know how did the Guanyin Bodhisattva appear!
So, there was no response for a while, but when Monk Tang reacted, he did not bow down, because he did not believe in Buddhism. He had no religion. As for bowing down, he only bowed down to worship his parents.
Monk Tang not only did not bow down but also looked at Guanyin with a curious look. Curiously, this is a living god!
At the same time, Monk Tang was also attracted by the beautiful face of Guanyin. It was too beautiful. He saw that Guanyin was wearing a white gauze with no amount of life on her head. Her long black hair was as straight as satin to her slim waist. The body curve is undulating, and her feet are bare and clear.
This is a typical black-long-straight beauty. In the last life is definitely the goddess among goddesses. Monk Tang couldn't help drooling. She was so beautiful!
The Guanyin Bodhisattva stepped on the Lotus Table, slowly descended from the air, and finally stopped on the ground. The Lotus Table scattered like a flower, then fade away!
At this moment Monk Tang finally spoke, saying: "My respect, Guanyin Bodhisattva!"
He put my eyes on the Goddess of Mercy, and looked at each other with admiring eyes!
The Guanyin Bodhisattva heard Monk Tang's voice, looked at it, and there was a stun in her eyes: Is this the Golden Cicada X, Monk Tang? It' s really amazing. It' s the Golden Cicada X, the tenth generation. It's so amazing that you can cultivate yourself into a Buddha without being taught.
A cold light suddenly burst into the eyes of the Guanyin Bodhisattva; Monk Tang shivered as a falling ice cellar.
The cold light in the Guanyin Bodhisattva's eyes flashed away, and even surprised feeling disappeared. The compassion to people bloomed in her eyes!
Monk Tang has been observing the Guanyin Bodhisattva, so surprising eyesight was found by himself. Monk Tang could see clearly. Monk Tang did not know why the Guanyin Bodhisattva was surprised when she saw himself. Monk Tang did not plan to study it in detail!
However, the flash of cold sight under Guanyin's eyes cannot be ignored by Monk Tang. At that moment, Monk Tang feels like falling into an ice cellar, and the whole person is frozen for a moment. If Monk Tang is not confident in his gaze, Monk Tang absolutely doubted that he was wrong.
Why does the Buddha look at me with such cold eyes, like looking at a dead person?
Suddenly, many questions appeared in Monk Tang's mind!
The Guanyin Bodhisattva ignored Monk Tang, but looked at Emperor Tang and said directly: "I have a sutra at the place of the Buddha. You can send someone to take it which could protect the prosperity of the Tang Dynasty for hundreds of years and guarantee the safety of people and country, to help you go through the misfortune."
Emperor Tang immediately rejoiced when he heard this, and respectfully said, "I, as ordinary people obey the order of the Bodhisattva!"

Chapter 3 I ... Want to Resume Secular Life!

The Guanyin Bodhisattva continued, "The road to the west is long, and the sutra must be obtained by virtual people, and it is required one step by one step to obtain the true sutra!"
When Emperor Tang heard it, he immediately understood that the sutra was not so easy to get, but no matter how difficult he had to get it. he was already tortured crazily by nightmares. As for whether it can really bless the people and country already.
No matter how difficult to get sutra this is, he must get it!
After taking a deep breath, Tang Huang looked around for a week, and said loudly, "Who wants to take my will and go to the west to worship the Buddha and get sutra? "
Emperor Tang glanced at every monk and finally fell on Monk Tang. If there is someone, it has to be Monk Tang!
Moreover, Emperor Tang also found that Guanyin Bodhisattva gave a glanced at Monk Tang. The Tang Emperor knew that the sutras seeker had already booked it. It should be Monk Tang, looking at Monk Tang. "Master, I wonder if you would like to worship Buddha in the west and seek sutras. "
As soon as Monk Tang heard this, he knew that his chance to complete the task came, but Monk Tang was hesitant at this time.
If it weren't for the cold sight that flashed under the eyes of Guanyin Bodhisattva, Monk Tang would jump to take the task!
"System, did I make it wrong just now? Why does Guanyin Bodhisattva want to kill me? The cold sight in Guanyin's eyes is creepy?" Monk Tang asked the system for help.
System: 'The host, you didn't make it wrong. Guanyin does want to kill the host. As for the host, don' t forgets the evil journey, not the journey to the west. Good people may be bad people! Anything can happen here.'
When Monk Tang heard these words, he suddenly felt his hair fluffy, and almost jumped his feet, and scolded him in his heart. He immediately knew that seeking sutras was absolutely dangerous. In this case, it shouldn't do anything. "I ..."
Heard Monk Tang's voice, Emperor Tang was very pleased. In the eyes of the Guanyin Bodhisattva, compassion was more prosperous, but the next moment, the Emperor and Guanyin almost did not fall to the ground, because Monk Tang had still something to tell.
Monk Tang: "I ... want to resume secular life!"
Secular life!?
Damn it! I want to resume secular life! You should say it earlier. Are you kidding me?
Heard that, Emperor Tang almost fell down. I have a look of "comfort in my heart", and you say that you want to resume secular life?
If it was not for Guanyin, Emperor Tang would have to go forward to Monk Tang and give him two big ear scrapers, even if he was a high-level monk.
Damn it! Tang Huang's eyes were swollen round, can't wait to kill Monk Tang with his eyes now!
The Guanyin also twitched at the corners of his mouth. She looked at Monk Tang with a different kind of sight and had doubts in her heart.
Is the memory of the Golden Cicada X awakened? Impossible, the Golden Cicada X never think about wakening up!
resuming secular life? Hum, that's absolutely impossible. Seeking sutras in the west is the way you have to go. You can't escape if you want to escape.
The Guanyin Boss sneered, but her eyes became more compassionating. Looking at Monk Tang was like caring for an intellectual disability!
More than 3,000 monks at the Puja site, as well as many people in Tang Land who came to pay respect to Buddha, heard the words of Monk Tang and were absolutely amazed.
The monk wants to resume secular life, why?
Everyone looked at the beautiful Guanyin Bodhisattva, and an idea came up in their hearts. Is it that the Guanyin Bodhisattva is too beautiful, and it makes the monk touched? Damn, everyone's alpaca is running. master, you are such like this.
Damn it, everyone suddenly realized that they must have worshipped a fake monk today!
"Master, what do you say? Do you say you want to resume secular life, is this true?" Said Emperor Tang, his heart was extremely unpleasant, and his teeth rattled. He looks that I ate yours if you dare to say yes.
Oops, Monk Tang regretted it after saying that and forgot when and in front of whom.
This is in front of Emperor Tang and Guanyin Bodhisattva, especially the former definitely dare to kill him in the large court. The majesty of the Ninth Five-Year Plan cannot be taken lightly by anyone!
As for the Guanyin Bodhisattva Monk Tang, he is not so scared in front of so many people. Although Guanyin kills him, he will never do it in front of those people!
"Ah? Hahaha, have I said that I want to resume secular life! My lord, Tang, you must have heard it wrong. What I said is that I am willing to go to the West, even if there are obstacles on the road. Even if I need to clamp the knife mountain and swim in hot oil, I will be at his wits! "Monk Tang laughed and his voice was so sincere and impassioned.
Hey, what a shame!
Everyone heard the words of Monk Tang, and they were all sneered. If it was not the previous performance of Monk Tang, they would believe it.
No matter what the public thinks, after listening to Monk Tang's words, Emperor Tang finally looked better, so he showed his expression of "comfort": "well, great!"
Good, Monk Tang whispered secretly, feeling that he was on the thief ship, but now it can only be so.
Monk Tang made his mind. Go there and just do it. Am I afraid that? Suddenly there was a sharp feeling in his body!
The Guanyin Bodhisattva has been observing Monk Tang. The Monk Tang feels too strange. The Golden Cicada X's shadow is not visible, but she had no doubt. However, the Monk Tang in front of her is no longer what she thinks!
Even, the less Monk Tang looks like the Golden Cicada X, the happier she is, because the Golden Cicada X may never wake up!
This is a result she and some people would love to see.
"Bodhisattva, the sutras seeker has been found, and please give us some advice!" Emperor Tang turned and respectfully say to Guanyin Bodhisattva.
The Guanyin Bodhisattva smiled slightly, and everyone at Puja was so happy that their exhaustion swept away.
The Guanyin Bodhisattvak' calmly said, "Now it's time to bestow five treasures."
It has to say that the sound of Guanyin Bodhisattva is very good which is between mature women and girls, easy to be intoxicated. People at Puja site are almost intoxicated, but no one showed a blasphemy expression because Guanyin comes with a temperament that makes not allow any profanity.
If it wasn't for the cold gaze in Guanyin's eyes, Monk Tang has always been vigilant, but at this time Monk Tang is absolutely intoxicated!
At this time, Monk Tang just watched and listened quietly, and at the same time, he was more afraid to expose himself. Monk Tang guessed that Monk Tang doubted whether Guanyin would shoot him if Guanyin Bodhisattva knew that Monk Tang had been changed into another person!
Guanyin's words didn't finish, a golden light flashed, and five treasures appeared at the same time in front of Monk Tang and Tang Huang.
Five treasures floated so quietly in the air, which surprised Monk Tang, as a good young man in society.

Chapter 4 The Emperor Wanted to Play Routines Again

There are a monk spade, a kasaya, and three golden metal rings.

Guanyin said: "This kasaya, named 'Brocade Kasaya', with seven treasures embedded in it, will not invade water and fire, and prevent evil spirits. "

"The spade named, 'nine-ring tin rod', is strong and solid, and it has the power of shocking!"

"The three golden circles are gold hoop, tight hoop, and forbidden hoop, which can be used to surrender the demon with huge powers.

"With these five treasures, the sutras seeker will definitely help."

The emperor Tang stepped forward, respectfully received the five treasures, and then handed them to Monk Tang one by one, and helped Tang Sheng dress neatly.

I would be grateful if it would be others. But the emperor helped to dress, but Monk Tang is not grateful at all. How Monk Tang feels is that Emperor Tang wants him to go on the road quickly to learn from the experience!

After tidying Monk Tang, Emperor Tang kindly took Monk Tang's hand and said: "when The master goes westward all the way, there must be more hardships, I, willing to swear you as my brother, given the name of Sanzang. Are you willing?"

Monk Tang was overjoyed, "Thank you for your name," but muttered in my heart: the routine is so deep, did the ancients play like this?

Huh? Why hasn't Guanyin left? Monk Tang glanced at Guanyin, who had been smiling, wondering. According to the plot, Guanyin should leave after leaving the five treasures!

Emperor Tang also looked at the Guanyin Buddha in amazement. Isn't the fairy busy?

Guanyin's voice sounded again: "It is natural to experience a lot of hardships on the way to the west, but it is also an opportunity. However, the sutras seeker must be qualified with one condition. It must be a body of common people. Only the mortal body can experience hardship. When you get the real sutra, you can become a real Buddha."

What do you mean? Monk Tang was frozen!

Guanyin waved her hand, and a golden light fell on Monk Tang. "I will temporarily seal your cultivation. The day you get the true sutra is when the seal is untied!"

The colorful glow appeared again on her body, and her body slowly lifted off and then disappeared.

Monk Tang: "# ¥% # ¥% ……"

Monk Tang felt so weak that his strength seemed to be taken away when the golden light fell on him.

Monk Tang immediately opened his own character panel:

Host: Monk Tang

Occupation: Monk (sutras seeker)

Level: 1

Experience: 0/10

Skills: Complete Buddhist scriptures

Props: Brocade Kasaya, Nine-ring spade, and gold three-hoop (fake)

Monk Tang jumped his feet. This seal should be abolished directly. And no changes were found in the panel.

Ruthless enough, Monk Tang thought, this is to make him be a weak chicken, there is no power to protect himself!

And Monk Tang still felt a force remaining in his body, and continued to destroy his body!

"Is the system in?" Monk Tang remembered the system.

System: ‘Yes, host, I ’ve been there!’

"Damn it, now that you've been there, why have you been banished from cultivation?" Monk Tang stared.

System: ‘Host is destined for this!’

Monk Tang: "..." is destined? Damn it, shouldn't the system be omnipotent?

"Can I recover?" Monk Tang refused to accept it. The 19th-level cultivation was a service benefit.

System: ‘Rebuilding is better. As long as the host has enough experience, upgrading to level 19 is very easy!’

Monk Tang: "..." even speaks a set, this system!

"How do you get experience? Complete the task?" Monk Tang asked.

System: ‘Yes, you can gain experience by completing missions, and you can gain experience by killing monsters!’

"Kill the monster? How do you define this monster?" Monk Tang asked curiously.

System: ‘Everything in the world can be killed, and all are monsters!’

Hiss ~ Monk Tang took a breath of cold air, this system is so ruthless, so indifferent, so killing!

‘Ding Dong, congratulations to the host, complete the task of becoming a sutras seeker. Do you want to receive rewards? ’

"yes!" Monk Tang no longer wanted the system's ruthlessness, and immediately received the reward. After receiving ten points of experience, Monk Tang immediately chose to upgrade, and he still had experience playing the game to upgrade.

“Ding Dong, the upgrade was successful! ‘The system ’s prompt sounds.

At the moment of the upgrade, Monk Tang immediately felt stronger, as if there was a supreme existence in the underworld and then instilled energy into him.

Of course, it feels stronger, but it is far worse than the previous 19 levels, but the chat is better than nothing.

"You, my brother, when do you set out to get sutras in the West? It's getting late!" the Emperor Tang Huang's voice sounded.

Monk Tang's scolding in his heart turned out to be ruthless for the emperor, for his own country, and even for himself. This is obviously to let him go now. Of course, Monk Tang just dared to think in his heart.

"Of course, the sooner the better!" Monk Tang said, but he thought: Li Shimin, you should wait for me, and when I come back, let you kneel before me to sing the song “Conquest”!

The Tang Emperor heard the words and was overjoyed, and secretly said that Monk Tang was on the road, with a big wave of his hands, and shouted, "Come, don't be ready yet!"

The emperor moved his mouth and many people are rush to do things ... Monk Tang envy, why if I wasn’t the emperor when I have time travel? unfair!

That is, in less than ten minutes, everything was ready, customs clearance papers for identification, several sets of moon white monk clothes, and a bag of dry food, a purple gold bowl, and a tall white horse.

Dressed in brocade kasaya, holding a nine-ring spade, and then holding a white horse, he walked out of the city.

Beating the gongs and drums, the country celebrated, and Tang Land was in a state of jubilation. The Bodhisattvas were down to the earth, and the sutras seeker was selected. This said that Tang Land was about to enter the rhythm of the prosperous age.

People in Tang Land believe in Buddhism. How can they not be happy? Although it may be a false master to get sutras.

But some people can go to study the scriptures, anyway, it is not them who suffer.

At this moment, they are really sending off!

Two hours later, outside the city gate, Monk Tang and Tang Huang walked to the front, and behind them was a farewell party that stretched for several miles.

Emperor Tang said to Monk Tang, "my brother, this journey is difficult and dangerous. You must be careful and you must bring the true scriptures back."

Monk Tang smiles: Alpaca, you just care about the true sutras!

Monk Tang said, "Yes, Your Majesty, I will be more careful!" I thought: I will come back and let you kneel in front of me.

At this time, a eunuch came forward, took a jug of fine wine, and poured two glasses.

Emperor Tang personally took a cup and handed it to Monk Tang, and then he picked up a cup himself and said, " my brother, I will do it for you today, I hope you return soon!"

Monk Tang took the wine glass and heard the words, "Okay, do!"

"Slow, my brother!" Tang Huang held out a hand and stopped Ling Yu. " my brother, I know that my homeland is hard to leave. You must be very reluctant to live with Tang, but Tang cannot follow you westward, but it will allow Tang Land to be incorporated into your blood. And I will go the west to worship the Buddha together with my brother! "

Monk Tang heard a word, secretly said what kind of routine this Emperor Tang will play?

Chapter 5 Monk Tang Wrangled with The Emperor Tang

Emperor Tang bending down slowly, picking up a handful of soil on the ground, and then sprinkled it into Monk Tang's glass.

Monk Tang is frozen, looking at the murky drink, he really wants to curse: Emperor Tang, you really don't care about hygiene.

It's okay to scatter some dirt, why are there straw sticks. Huh? Why is that thing looking like horse shit?

"My brother, I'll do it in honor!" Said Emperor Tang, saying that he would drink the wine when he raised a glass!

"Slow, Your Majesty!" Monk Tang yelled, and then bent down quickly, grabbing a handful of soil from the ground and throwing it into the other's wine glass, it became mud in the blink of an eye!

"Your Majesty, let Tang Land fit into the blood of our brothers together!" Monk Tang toasted, but he did not move.

the scene was embarrassing for a long time. Then Emperor Tang smiled and said, "My brother, you are a monk, how can you drink and break the rules? This is my negligence. I want to substitute water with wine! "

Two cups of clear water were brought up immediately, this time Emperor Tang picked up a cup and immediately did it in honor.

Monk Tang was just as quick. After drinking, he looked at him and smiled.

"Let's go, let's go!" Said, Emperor Tang.

Monk Tang turned on his horse and arched his hands at Emperor Tang, like a green forest man, and said, "I, leave now! Drive."


As soon as the horse's belly was kicked, the white horse immediately flew on its four hoofs, and when it was riding on the dust, it raised a large area of ​​sand and dust. Emperor Tang and others suddenly were covered with dust!

Emperor Tang froze in place, his face flushing with anger, and for a moment, he wanted the urge to stop Monk Tang and cut him into two parts.


On the way to the west, the white horses galloped, and the wind blew the Brocade Kasaya with a rustle, Monk Tang finally had a step on the westbound road.

Seeking sutras is not an easy task. Monk Tang realized it after a few hours. He ran for several hours on a horse and almost broke his body.

Couldn’t bear it. Monk Tang stopped to rest. Tie the white horse aside, and Monk Tang is the character who opens the panel:

Host: Monk Tang

Occupation: Monk (sutras seeker)

Level: Level 2

Experience: 0/20

Skills: Complete Buddhist scriptures

Props: Brocade Kasaya, Nine-ring spade, and Gold three-hoop Ring(fake)

"System, the five treasures also counts as props? What does it do? How to use it?"

System: ‘Brocade Kasaya, with seven jewels embedded on it, the ordinary water and fire are inviolable, and you can prevent ordinary evil Qi. Just wear it on your body! ’

"Fuck, this is what it looks like!" Monk Tang heard.

System: ‘Nine-ring spade, which has a deterrent skill. You can urge it by inputting Buddha power to achieve the effect of deterring others. ’

"Damn it, that's a chicken rib skill!" Monk Tang pouted.

System: ‘three hoops, just ordinary iron rings! ’

"What? It's just an ordinary iron ring? Isn't it that you can use it to surrender a powerful demon?" Monk Tang stared, only to see that there was a fake word behind the third hoop in the prop column. Monk Tang almost vomited blood.

Knowing that the Guanyin Bodhisattva gave him all fake and shoddy products, Monk Tang understood that the woman sincerely wanted to play him dead. Without this tight curse, how could the monkey be obedient? The first pass may not be able to pass!

Monk Tang suddenly frowned and finally turned into a sigh. At that time, he could only rely on his blandishments and warm heart to make the other side touched!

In sigh, Monk Tang was shocked again, because Monk Tang found that not only his cultivation was abolished, but even the system mall was closed. Damn, what's going on? Monk Tang hurriedly asked the system.

System: ‘The host doesn’t have to panic. The opening condition of the system mall is host level 10. Now the host level is level 2. The mall system is automatically closed.’

Monk Tang twitched: "So, as long as I upgrade to level 10, I can open the system mall again?"

System: ‘Yes, host! Waiting for the host to upgrade to level 10 is considered the first system upgrade of the system.’


‘Ding Dong! Congratulations to the host for taking the second step of the westbound journey, now the second task is released: Take Sun Wukong as an apprentice. Mission reward: 10 to 100 points of experience value! ’

After a night of rest, and eating a little dry food in the morning, Monk Tang rode on the white horse and continued to move forward. When walking to a place, Monk Tang's mind sounded a sound of the system.

Monk Tang's face changed immediately, secretly: Has he entered the boundary of the Five Fingers Mountain? I don't know what kind of monkey Sun Wukong is in this world, is it the same as the monkey in Journey to the West!

At this moment a widower walked towards this side carrying a bundle of firewood, and Monk Tang dismounted and headed towards him!

Monk Tang made a loud noise which isn’t Buddhist words, saying, "Omi~ this man, will you tell me is this the Five Fingers Mountain?"

It is an old man. His face is full of years. Hearing the voice of Monk Tang, he saw that he was a monk and his hands were crossed, but there was a flash of caution on his face. He said, “you master, it isn’t. but two miles further ahead is the boundary of The Five Fingers Mountain! I wonder where the master is going from here? "

"Without concealing, I am going to the Five Fingers Mountain Boundary!" Monk Tang said.

The woodman suddenly changed his face when he heard the words of Monk Tang, and hurriedly said, "Master, no, The Five Fingers Mountain you cannot go there!"

Monk Tang also changed his face and asked, "What do you mean? Why I can't?"

The woodman sighed, with horror on his face, and said, "Master, you don’t know. The rumor of The Five Fingers Mountain fell from the sky five hundred years ago. The mountain suppresses a peerless demon. It is very scary. It is very tyrannical and cruel to swallow the population of a country! "

Peerless Demon? Is it Sun Wukong? Monk Tang heard thoughts.

"Almsgiver, what you said is true? Have you ever seen the peerless demon? What does it look like?" Monk Tang said.

The woodman changed a rosy face, and said a little embarrassingly, "How can that be, how old can dare to see the peerless demon, I also listen to others, but one thing is true, that is, people only need to enter The terrifying roar of the peerless demon will be heard in The Five Fingers Mountain's territories. Except for that demon in The Five Fingers Mountain, no one dares to stay there for long. It is terrible. The Five Fingers Mountain and the outside are two worlds.

There was a look of fear at the end of the woodman's face, and there was no fraud at all!

Monk Tang couldn't help but swallow saliva, secretly in his heart, Sun Wukong in this world and the original Sun Wukong seemed really different, this Sun Wukong seemed very fierce.

"Thank you for your help!" Monk Tang said and then headed towards The Five Fingers Mountain. The seek sutras westbound must pass this level. Besides, Monk Tang is still very curious about Sun Wukong in this world.

Watching Monk Tang riding in the direction of The Five Fingers Mountain, the woodman shook his head and said, "this monk is decided!"

Then, the woodman carried the firewood and went away.


Chapter 6 Monk Tang Wrangled with Sun Wukong

The two-mile road is not too long, so Monk Tang rode the White Horse and soon came to the vicinity of The Five-Fingers Mountain. Just one step forward is the boundary of The Five-Fingers Mountain.

The reason for this is because there is a stele in front of Monk Tang that reads: The Five-Fingers Mountain.

Monk Tang looked up, then frowned. He didn't find any peaks in the front like palms. Although there were mountains, they were all very low, and there was no such momentum as the legendary The Five-Fingers Mountain.

Monk Tang had doubts in his heart, and then drove the White Horse forward, crossing the boundary of the stele!

With a buzz, Monk Tang immediately felt that the scenery in front of him changed, all the previous scenery disappeared, and the low hills disappeared. It is far away from a huge palm-shaped mountain stand between heaven and earth, suppressing everything and the heavens. The momentum passed violently from that mountain peak!

Xiu ...

At this time, the White Horse was sitting, with a hissing suddenly, and then stood up, Monk Tang was toppled to the ground all of a sudden, and the bones that fell were almost scattered, cursing: "Damn it, dead horse, you are Crazy, I should have killed you before I knew it! "

But the White Horse couldn't hear it. When Monk Tang was turned to the ground, it ran like crazy, as if it saw a very scary monster!

Monk Tang stood up, rubbing his almost broken back waist with his hands, while looking around, and suddenly felt a toothache!

Because I was attracted by the huge The Five-Fingers Mountain just now, so he hasn't found the surroundings yet, but at this time I can see clearly, all the surrounding scenes have changed, and great pressure is revealed in the air. Monk Tang feels stuffy in his chest for a while.

Looking back, the stele was gone, and the way in before was gone.

"What's going on? Am I in another space?" Monk Tang whispered to himself.


Then suddenly a roar came from the direction of The Five-Fingers Mountain, like a nuclear explosion!

With the roar, Monk Tang felt that the world was shaking violently as if the sky was sinking.

Monk Tang was unstable and fell to the ground again.

Looking up, the sky has now darkened, and countless black clouds are condensing, covering the sky!

Rumble ...

The huge and incomparable thunder dragons’ shuttle through the dark clouds, containing the energy of incomparable terror, just like the last days!

"Tathagata, you’re such despicable villain, I swear, I will kill you, I will, you will wait for me, I will not only kill you, but I will also wipe your West from heaven and earth, roar ... ... "

A roar louder than the thunder sounded, and with this sound, the murderous spirit soaring into the sky rose up and down from the five fingers and went straight to the thundercloud in the sky.

Boom, a big explosion in the void, and a huge mushroom cloud blooming in the void!

Seeing this, Monk Tang swallowed his mouth with a grunt ...

Rumble ...

The Five-Fingers Mountain shakes violently, then slowly begins to rise, as if growing!

"Tathagata, you can suppress me for five hundred years, but you can't trap me forever. I grandson will overturn your broken mountain today and give it to grand grandson ..."

The Five-Fingers Mountain slowly pulled up, and the sound followed, and the master of the sound came out, naturally, it was Sun Wukong, the demon king, suppressed five hundred under The Five-Fingers Mountain!

But this script is not right. Now Sun Wukong just wants to break the seal. It doesn't need him to save!

At this moment Monk Tang was muddled!

Monk Tang has a feeling that the repressed grandson monkey under The Five-Fingers Mountain is definitely more powerful and cruel than the monkey he remembers. The monstrous blood in that monkey’s eyes is so wicked that Monk Tang felt it scared. As if he saw the icy from that monkey’s eyes, which make Monk Tang shivered!

The Five-Fingers Mountain is slowly raised, the whole world is shaking as if to overturn!

Thunder clouds covered the sky, and thunder dragons passed through the clouds, and then roared and shot down towards The Five-Fingers Mountain.

Boom! boom! boom……

A huge cloud of mushrooms rose up with dazzling light!

Just when Monk Tang thought that Sun Wukong, the demon king, would break out like this, suddenly the Buddha's horn that sounded through the heavens appeared!

Namo Amitabha!

On the top of the middle finger of The Five-Fingers Mountain, a golden light burst suddenly, a loud Buddha sign appeared, and a huge phantom appeared. Behind the phantom, there were countless large stars set against it, which shocked the whole universe.

Is that a shadow of Tathagata? Monk Tang saw this scene shaking in his bottom of the heart.

After Tathagata's shadow appeared, the shadow was murmured Buddhist words in his mouth, and a huge palm was shot down against The Five-Fingers Mountain.


With the fall of Tathagata's palm and the elevated The Five-Fingers Mountain, numerous cracks appeared and spread quickly to the entire world.

"Damn Tathagata ... I don't agree!"

With the fall of The Five-Fingers Mountain, Sun Wukong's voice with brutality and unwillingness was full of the whole valley.

But the Buddha's shadow didn't reply. After a huge palm was shot on the monkey, it disappeared!

Sun Wukong failed to break the seal and was still suppressed under The Five-Fingers Mountain. Monk Tang was relieved inexplicably to see this!

If Sun Wukong really breaks the seal, Monk Tang really doesn't know how to take Sun Wukong as an apprentice.

Sun Wukong was repressed, the thunderclouds disappeared, the sky was also brightened, and the cracks on the ground were quickly repaired. All this was done in a blink of an eye, just like a dream, but Monk Tang knew that it was all happening right now!

"Little bald donkey, com over there, come here!"

Sun Wukong's voice sounded abruptly in his mind. Monk Tang froze, knowing that Sun Wukong should have discovered him when he entered the boundary of The Five-Fingers Mountain, but he was just trying to break the seal and ignored him.

But then Monk Tang was a fire, cursing: "F**k, you dare to call me a dead monkey? don't want to be alive!"


Monk Tang's scolding sounded silent in the whole valley, and then the air was suppressed again.

Sun Wukong's violent voice sounded: "Dead bald donkey, what are you calling me? Dead monkey? Come here and let me eat you!"

After Monk Tang scolded that monkey, he was refreshed, but then he regretted it, but it was too late to regret it, and he put a bold face on it, and said, "Go to hell, Isn't it shameless if I do what you said? "

"Come here, let me eat you!" Sun Wukong roared again.

"nope, if you dare, you should come out!" Monk Tang stumped on his neck.

"Baldhead, you come here, I must eat you!" Sun Wukong roared.

"I won't go there; don’t you dare to come out!"

"Don’t you dare to come over!"

"Dead monkey, be careful, one day I will be your teacher (one day I will ‘f**k’ you)!" Amitabfa, it’s a sin. Isn’t My taste too strange?

Chapter 7 Monk Tang Fooled Wukong

After hundreds of rounds ofverbal battle with each other, and Monk Tang had dry mouth, finally believed that Sun Wukong could not come out. After the struggle just now, Sun Wukong should be very weak, not only impossible to come out, but also not even to stimulate bloody ferocious Qi in the body. His ability should be gone!

"Monkey Sun, if you beg me. Maybe I will let you out!" Monk Tang said, with a smile on the fancy and handsome face. The verbal battle just now can be said Monk Tang gained the upper hand!

"Huh, I never do that, you want me to beg me, you don't even think about it!" Sun Wukong heard this and said so.

"Oh, if you don't beg me, you’d never want to come out of The Five-Fingers Mountain, you will be suppressed forever and ever, are you willing to be suppressed all the time?" Monk Tang said.

"I ..."

"what, I ask whether you want to come out or not!" Monk Tang yelled.


"Then do you want to come out and find Tathagata and revenge?" Monk Tang asked again, and the momentum had begun to prevail!


"since then, don’t you beg me?" Monk Tang said.

"Yes ..." what the hell? Go to hell! Almost fooled, Sun Wukong thought.

"Who the hell are you? Do you say you can release me? Why do I believe you, if there is no special spell, no one can uncover the decree of Tathagata!" Sun Wukong said, his tone has softened and suppressed Five hundred years under The Five-Fingers Mountain is not so good, especially, Sun Wukong, this character is sly, he wouldn’t bear it!

What the hell, the monkey was right, he couldn’t release Sun Wukong without a spell!

That's the spelled decree of Tathagata. If it could be untied casually, Sun Wukong would have run out!

Without spell, this is a trap! What should do?

"You, System, come out, I don’t have a spell, how can I release Sun Wukong! I said a lot just now, let's talk about it, I'm here to complete the task! You must be responsible for it." Monk Tang said in his heart, and the system is like a little rogue.

System: "... take it easy, the spell is already prepared. As long as the host climbs to the top of the mountain and then chants the spell, you can break the spelled decree of Tathagata and release the demon king Sun Wukong, but the task is to let Sun Wukong be your apprentice, not let him go! "

Monk Tang's eyes light up when he hears it. It’s good to have a spell, but what the mission is Monk Tang naturally did not forget. At this time, it is pavement. Without a real tight-curse ring in his hand, Sun Wukong is definitely not so well controlled. Sun Wukong spontaneously promises to be his apprentice.

There was an extra message in Monk Tang's head, and naturally, it broke the Tathagata’s spelled decree.

After knowing the spell, Monk Tang's expression was as exciting as he could be, and he couldn't help asking: "System, did you made mistakes?"

System: ‘system goes nothing wrong! ’

With the spell in hand, Monk Tang was so full of energy that he said, "I, Monk Tang, am from the east ..."

"Hee! You're the sutras seeker? The one whose meat is worthy of being eating for immortal?" Monk Tang was interrupted by Sun Wukong before he finished speaking.

"If there is only one sutras seeker, it is me!" Monk Tang said.

Damn it, who said that Monk Tang can live forever with a bite of his flesh. This f**k definitely wants to push him to the tip of the wind. Monk Tang secretly vowed to find out that person and then teach the one.

"Oh, I'll trust you once! Come over now and let me go." Sun Wukong said.

Monk Tang heard and thought Sun Wukong knew his existence, or that Monk Tang existed!

And this monkey is so cunning!

"Oh, not be so hurry!" Monk Tang grinned, "How can I guarantee that I will not be hurt after I release you? You just ate me with your mouth open and closed! I am a common person, and if you blow me I will be over! "

"Huh, okay, I swear in front of you, as long as you let me out, I will never hurt you. I do what I said, I never retract it!" Sun Wukong said.

"Don't be rush to do that, you can come out, but you have to promise me two things!" Monk Tang said, nervously, wondering if he could complete the task.

The ground is brown, without any vegetation, and it is desolate.

In the distance, a large mountain shaped like a palm stands on the brown ground. It is The Five-Fingers Mountain. When the Five-Fingers Mountain flashes a golden light from time to time, the Five-Fingers Mountain suddenly becomes like a golden Palm.

Monk Tang said there are two conditions, it was quiet for a while, and Sun Wukong made a sound after a long time.

"Two conditions? Haha, I was the first time I met someone who dared to negotiate with I. You said what you want, I would like to see those conditions Tang Monk of Tang Dynasty asks for!" Sun Wukong's voice came rumbling!

Monk Tang took a deep breath and said, "The first thing is that after I release you, I must protect my journey to the west!"

Sun Wukong didn't say anything.

When Monk Tang saw this, he didn't mind and Monk Tang went on to say, "The second is that you must respect me as a master and become my first apprentice. Take it easy, I won't let you follow me forever, nor make you respect me as Master after took the sutras in the west, if you don’t want me as a master, you can leave!”

"Hahaha ..." Suddenly Sun Wukong laughed, and the earth seemed to be shaking. "You, such monk, wishing to be my master, is stupid. Hum, the first condition I can promise reluctantly to make for you, but my master? you are not qualified! "

"Oh? Really, then there is no other way, then Almsgiver Sun, I quit, Amitabfa!" Monk Tang retreated and said that he was about to exit the space.

"Stop, you damn monk, can you change your terms?" Sun Wukong sees that Monk Tang was about to quit, he said in a hurry, because he didn't want to be suppressed under The Five-Fingers Mountain for one more second.

"No!" Monk Tang shook his head firmly. He had heard Sun Wukong's tone shows weakness. At this time, he must take advantage.

"Almsgiver Sun, the journey to the west, at most is more than ten years. For you, it’s in a blink of an eye, the time has passed. Almsgiver Sun, you think about it, this is a good deal! In the Five- Under Fingers Mountain, you have waited for five hundred years. Are you willing to pay for more than ten years or relatively ten years with freedom? "Monk Tang said, starting a fooling mode.

There was another silence under The Five-Fingers Mountain. Although Monk Tang was anxious inside, it was calm on his face. It was impossible for anyone to guess what he was thinking. It seems he didn't care about what he said.

Chapter 8 Witness I Climbing Rock

It took a long time before Sun Wukong's voice sounded again, saying, "Little monk, what you should be realized, when the seek sutras are finished, I just do what I want? Don't you stop me?"

"Amitabfa, the monk doesn't slang, the poor monk naturally says it will be done." Monk Tang folded his palms, his face was calm, but his heart was undulating: Damn him, and finally, I will succeed!

"Okay, I believe you, this little monk, if I u find that you lied to me, Monkey's King Bar of I will definitely break your head, and then beat you till your soul flying away." Sun Wukong's voice is murderous, Monk Tang felt a chill in his body and secretly murmured that this Sun Wukong was fierce enough.

Monk Tang said: "Amitabfa, Almsgiver Sun, you should have a rest, oh, no, I should call  Wukong, you have to trust me. I will not lie to you!"

"Well, you, little monk, actually you can follow what I said. Well, I subdue myself for a while and see you as my teacher, and I also wanted to see what happened in the world in the 500 years, are my monkeys live well? Master, you can release me now! "

Monk Tang heard that tears burst into tears, Damn, it was not easy!

However, it cannot let down his guard, after all, the system does not indicate that the task has been completed.

"Well, Wukong, I will let you out now, you have to wait!" Monk Tang said.

It takes so much time that even a horse can run to death, but the road seems easy to arrive. But it’s without the White Horse. When Monk Tang walked down to the foot of The Five-Fingers Mountain, it took already a few hours, and Monk Tang tired and sweaty.

However, Monk Tang finally saw Sun Wukong, who is under The Five-Fingers Mountain.

The looking of Sun Wukong is somewhat different from that of Sun Wukong of Journey to the West(A teleplay)in 1986, and it is similar to that in the Journey to the West(A movie in 2013. 2.10, in China).

It looks Very aggressive!

This is the first impression of Wukong. Monk Tang can only say that Sun Wukong is indeed a generation of a demon king, Monkey King, who is suppressed under The Five-Fingers Mountain, but it cannot cover up the fierce demon that belongs to the demon king.

The hair on his head is dark golden, and the eyes are like two golden lamps. The golden flames burn in those as if they can be into everything.

Is this the golden eye of fire?

Monk Tang murmured.

"Master, you finally are here, and you are too weak. You have spent several hours on this short distance! I, have waited for a long time that the flowers fade!" Sun Wukong said, looking up at Monk Tang.

Monk Tang rolled his eyes silently and said, "Wukong, the distance is for you. Being a teacher is just a common person. It is very good to be able to come so fast. I am going to be exhausted to death but you haven’t noticed it?! "

"Heehee! Yes, Master, you are too weak. Master, since you are here, please be hurry to the mountain’ peak to unveil the Tathagata spelled decree, I can't wait!" Sun Wukong said.

Monk Tang's eyes glared, "one more minute, do you want your master to exhaust to death?"

Having said that, Monk Tang sat down regardless of it, and began to rest, while looking curiously at this Sun Wukong.

Sun Wukong is also speechless. This monk feels weaker than a chicken. If he was not going out, he would not worship the monk as a master, even if it was a verbal promise.

Suddenly, Sun Wukong felt a hand on his head. When Sun Wukong saw it, it turned out that Monk Tang was cleaning the dust off his head. He wanted to get angry, but he could not help seeing his serious appearance. For 500 years, finally, someone is close to him!

When Monk Tang put his hand on Sun Wukong's head, he regretted it. Is this the head of the demon king, can he touch it casually? When Monk Tang thought that Sun Wukong would get angry, he realized that Sun Wukong had closed his eyes and showed a happy expression.

Seeing this Monk Tang, Sun Wukong is a demon monkey and demon king, but it is still a monkey in nature!

Monk Tang relaxes, not to mention, Sun Wukong's head is really comfortable to the touch, it is fluffy, his head is slightly smaller than a human head, and he can completely cover it with one hand.

Once relaxed, there is a problem with Monk Tang. It is love thinking, touching Sun Wukong's head, Monk Tang swallows saliva and murmurs: "The monkey brain should taste good!"

"Master, what did you just say?" Sun Wukong didn't hear it but felt a chill.

Sun Wukong swears that he was right. Monk Tang just looked at how evil his eyes were.

It is exactly the same as when he saw the peach, no, it should be more terrible, too greedy and terrible.

"Ah, I didn't say anything, I said that I want to release you now as a master!" Monk Tang was awakened, how could he say what was in his heart? Fortunately, the monkey didn't hear it clearly, otherwise, he would lose all his goals!

As soon as Sun Wukong heard that Monk Tang was about to release him now, he was immediately attracted and left behind what he had just said, "Haha, master, you go quickly, I can't wait!"

Monk Tang was relieved, and in the future, he couldn't really say what he thought!

Monk Tang said, "Well, Wukong you wait for me, I come in a short time!"


Monk Tang looked up and looked at The Five-Fingers Mountain, which didn't see the top. He muddled, and thought this is too high!

The Five-Fingers Mountain is not only high but also very steep. It is definitely not easy to go up the mountain.

Monk Tang smiled bitterly, is this the situation of wanting him to climb freehand!

"Master, what's the matter? Come on!" Sun Wukong looked Monk Tang with worried eyes, who was stagnant there.

"Okay, I will go now!" Monk Tang exhaled heavily and said, "Wukong, you keep eyes on me, I will show you some free climbing!"

"What? What is freehand climbing?" Sun Wukong muddled, he couldn't understand.

Whether Monk Tang can understand Sun Wukong or not, he has already chosen away and started climbing up!

Sun Wukong laughed, for Monk Tang's ugly action.

Holding one buttock, using both limbs, moving upwards little by little!

Hearing the laughter of Sun Wukong, Monk Tang’s face is also blushing. He also knows that he is absolutely ashamed at this time, but there is nothing he can do. He doesn’t have any protective devices now. The only thing he can do is to do it in this way to let himself feel at ease!

Let it go, and I'll get used to it in a while!

Monk Tang said to himself like this.

Indeed, once broken shame or something, there is no so-called shame. Suddenly, Monk Tang feels his legs and feet are flexible, and he can climb up a lot faster. His speed became quicker. Of course, the pose is even uglier!


Chapter 9 Five Hundred Years of Breath ...Is Too Awful

After a few more hours, Monk Tang finally climbed to the top of the mountain and came to the front of the Tathagata’s decree.

Damn, it is really uneasy to complete a task, not only to use the brain but also to consume a lot of physical strength!

Monk Tang wiped a sweat!

"Wukong, get ready, I am coming!" Shouted Monk Tang after a sigh of relief.

Sun Wukong has fallen asleep under the mountain. Hearing Monk Tang's voice, he was immediately sober and excited: this moment is finally coming!

"Master, come on, I'm ready!" Shouted Sun Wukong, golden flames burning in his eyes: Tathagata, I'm coming out, you wait for me!

Monk Tang calmed down, thought about the spell, and exhaled: "% #% …… #, go to hell!"

After finishing the spell, Monk Tang unveiled the decree and was threw away.

At the moment when Monk Tang unveiled the decree, Sun Wukong immediately felt that the power to suppress himself was many times less, and he was relaxed for a while. Sun Wukong was unprecedentedly excited and shouted: "Master, you should hide, I am coming out! "

Hearing the voice of Sun Wukong, Monk Tang’ heart suddenly jumped, what the hell, you should wait for me till I get down!

"Wukong, wait, my legs and feet are inconvenient for !" Monk Tang said.

Before the words fell, Monk Tang felt a force acting on his body. As soon as he saw it, he appeared where he came in! Monk Tang understands that this is done by Sun Wukong. After the decree of Tathagata is unveiled, Sun Wukong can use its power!

Just then, Tang Sheng heard a roar of excitement and joy!

"Heeheehee ha ha ha, I'm coming out now, get me up!"


The sky is falling apart. Under the eyes of Monk Tang, the huge The Five-Fingers Mountain is rising at an extremely fast speed. A monkey is standing under the Five-Fingers Mountain. The shape is also rapidly growing, and it will soon change. Become a huge ape.

The Five-Fingers Mountain was also tossed high and flew high!

A huge iron bar appeared in the hand of the huge ape with a dig in his ear.

"Change!" A thunderous voice spit out of the monkey's mouth!

The iron bar, which was originally huge, became even larger in an instant, and became extremely thick, like a mallet.


The ape leaped high and flew towards The Five-Fingers Mountain, then hit it with a hit towards The Five-Fingers Mountain!

"Go to hell!"


The Five-Fingers Mountain exploded suddenly. Under Sun Wukong's bar, it suddenly turned into countless pieces and blasted in all directions!

"Damn, this dead monkey is this going to kill me!" Monk Tang's forehead was sweating coldly, watching countless huge stones blasting out, shrouded by a huge crisis.

Boom boom!

Stones bombarded the brown ground. Like a bomb, it was extremely dangerous. Monk Tang tried to avoid milking, but he was almost smashed into meatloaf several times!

The stone rain finally stopped, Monk Tang lay tired and lay directly on the ground, his mouth could not stand it!


With one foot in front of his eyes, Monk Tang looked up, and it was Sun Wukong who stood in front of him, with bad intention!

What the hell? What is this monkey going to do, he won't regret? Or he wants to kill me!

Sun Wukong looked at the monk lying on the ground, and his eyes flashed with struggle, and he thought, this monk was really so lucky that he was not shot by the stones. For a moment, Sun Wukong really wanted to club the little monk in front of him and get absolute freedom!

Monk Tang looked at Sun Wukong like that, meanwhile, Sun Wukong stared at Monk Tang like that. The circumstance was terrible!

As the saying goes, nothing is terrible, but the quiet suddenly air. Monk Tang realized this time.

Monk Tang's heart is cold. Can you really not subdue Sun Wukong without a secret spell?

Monk Tang really wants to ask now, why does Guanyin want to kill him and why did she give him a fake three-hoop Ring!

"Master is here, I, Wukong, respect you as my master!"

Just when Monk Tang thought that Sun Wukong was about to kowtow, Sun Wukong suddenly fell to his knees, banged a bang, and the brown earth under the two feet suddenly sunk and became a huge pit!

‘Ding Dong, congratulations to the host for completing the mission of receiving Sun Wukong and rewarding 100 points of experience value! ’

It was also at this time that the sound of the system sounded like a sound of heaven, and upon hearing this sound Monk Tang understood that he was safe.

Quickly got up, raised Sun Wukong and said, "Get up, haha, my good apprentice!"

"Thank you, Master!" Sun Wukong said. After visiting the teacher, the struggle in Sun Wukong's eyes had completely disappeared!

But with unwillingness and hatred in his eyes, he fell to the ground again and said, "Master, I want to do something, and may not be able to protect Master from going to the west!"

Monk Tang frowned suddenly when he heard that, what did the monkey do, and said, "Are you going back to the Huaguo Mountain?"

"No, I'm going to get revenge on that Tathagata. If I don't avenge on him. I was really sucking, and ..."

"mischievous, I don’t allow you to go!" Suddenly Monk Tang sighed and interrupted Sun Wukong.

Sun Wukong was stunned by Monk Tang at once, and then there was a burst of fire. He was the demon king Sun Wukong, who was the Monkey King. When was he scolded like this, the anger was up and his eyes were golden? Blooming, shouting at Monk Tang: "Your dead bald donkey don't cross the line! I call you my master. Do you think you are really my master? Believe me or I will swallow you now? Roar ..."

Sun Wukong yelled at Monk Tang. The monkey's mouth grew quickly, higher than one person, like a bridge hole. With the roar of Sun Wukong, the sound wave was excited from the monkey's mouth, and the earth behind Monk Tang immediately collapsed. Come on!

Monk Tang frowned and faced Sun Wukong's big mouth. Monk Tang was also afraid in his heart.

However, what makes Monk Tang care about is Sun Wukong's breath. By the way, he hasn't brushed his teeth for 500 years. His breath is absolutely superb.

Although I was afraid, at this time, I couldn’t be frightened. I took a step forward and walked into Sun Wukong's mouth. He said, "Come on, Sun Wukong, I am here, aren't you going to eat me! You, come on and eat me, I am in your mouth now. "

"Ah! I won't eat your rotten meat. I like peaches." Sun Wukong's eyes flickered, and then he spits out Monk Tang, as he said, then looked at Monk Tang and watched him. Monk Tang felt scared. The monkey makes Monk Tang feel dangerous.

"Do you really want to take revenge on the Tathagata Buddha?" Monk Tang asked him a long time later.

Chapter 10 Monkey Sun Ran Away

"Of course, I ’m not going to fight with him. I ’m really unwilling. Five hundred years ago, if I had not been in the trap of Tathagata, how could I lose? how could I be suppressed in the damn The Five-Fingers Mountain for five hundred years!? "Sun Wukong said, grieving over what happened in that year.

"Oh? So, if five hundred years ago Buddha Tathagata didn't use tactics, you wouldn't lose at all?" Monk Tang asked.

"Huh, of course. I admit that although Tathagata's mana is great, it's not invincible. I hate that I was actually fooled by him. If I wasn't fooled, I don't know who will win in the end, maybe I've been the Jade Emperor for a long time! "Sun Wukong hated.

After listening to Sun Wukong's words, Monk Tang felt it’s funny, this monkey is still thinking about the throne of the Jade Emperor!

I don’t know what would the Jade Emperor think when he heard what the monkey said at this time?

However, Monk Tang also heard it. Although Sun Wukong has repeatedly emphasized that he would not lose that year, in fact, whether he wants to admit it or not, he also knows that Tathagata is stronger than him. Monk Tang analysis, the winning percentage of the fight should be 40% or 60%, and Tathagata has 60% to win.

"In that case, you didn’t have the confidence to defeat You. You did n’t have the certainty to win five hundred years ago. I don’t know where you came from. You can defeat the Tathagata Buddha today. Five hundred years later, the Tathagata Buddha will stay where they were? "Monk Tang asked.

"well ..." Sun Wukong blinked as he heard his words!

"Well, even if Tathagata hasn't made any progress in the past 500 years, what about you, in the past 500 years, have you made any progress? Hehe, I don't see that you made progress, but you have regressed a lot!?" Monk Tang, seeing Sun Wukong shaken a little, then questioned.

Monk Tang remembered that in the original book, Sun Wukong was in a big way when he was fighting in the Temple, and then there was a big gap between the performance of chickens in the story of seeking sutras, just like changing a Sun Wukong!

Hearing that Sun Wukong's face was twitching, and the flames in his eyes were beating uneasily. Monk Tang's interrogative truthful sentences were poking at the softest place in his heart.

Sun Wukong was really not sure that he could defeat the Tathagata Buddha five hundred years ago, even if Tathagata did not use conspiracy.

In addition, Monk Tang is correct in saying that even if there is no improvement in Tathagata for five hundred years, he is not likely to be an opponent of Tathagata. For five hundred years, he should not say that he has made progress in cultivation. It is because he was born as a saint otherwise, he would have been crushed to death under The Five-Fingers Mountain.

If you just think that The Five-Fingers Mountain is just suppression, then the thinking is too simple.

For five hundred years, not mentioning the progress in cultivation, he has gone back a lot. Sun Wukong also understands that he is no longer an opponent of Tathagata, but he is too arrogant to admit it!

"Enough, you, dead monk, I don't want to listen to you!" Sun Wukong exasperated.

"Don’t say it? Huh, you don’t let me say but I insist, you are not the opponent of Tathagata Buddha now, and you want to avenge for yourself, well, I ’m not stopping you, you ’re going to find and give your blood to him, and are you going to revenge in the West, you should understand where it is, but there are gods and gods there, I think even it's difficult to see Tathagata, so don’t mention that you are able to get revenge on Tathagata, "Monk Tang said.

"Ah! You are such a verbose man, dead monk!" Sun Wukong scratched his head angrily.

Monk Tang listened and rolled his eyes: Damn, do you think I'm willing to talk with you, if I can win you, I'll beat your ass!

"Do you know why you lost to Tathagata five hundred years ago?" Monk Tang continued as if he hadn't heard.

"Well, that's worth saying, I lost to Tathagata because I hit Tathagata's trick!" Sun Wukong said.

"Ha ha ha ha ... ridiculous, ridiculous!" Monk Tang laughed before Sun Wukong finished talking.

"What are you laughing at, am I wrong?" Sun Wukong laughed at Monk Tang inexplicably and at the same time.

"Of course, I'm laughing at you. For five hundred years, not only have you not cultivated, but you haven't made any progress. Do you still think that you lost to Tathagata because of the conspiracy of Tathagata! Wrong, big mistake! What a big mistake, even if Tathagata doesn't use tricks, you won't win Tathagata at all! "

"What did you say? You said that I wasn't Tathagata's opponent at all, you fart, you dead monk is really looking for death!" Sun Wukong immediately his hair stands to piloerection when he heard the words of Monk Tang, staring at the fierce light in Monk Tang's eyes flicker.

Monk Tang felt that the hair was upside down, and he felt like he was talking a little too much. He said that he could not stop when he stopped talking, Nima, Monk Tang took his heart. Since everything has been said, let ’s continues. Go on, even if Sun Wukong has already planned to kill him, then even if he dies, he must have a happy talking before he dies.

"Huh, you can kill me, but I still have to say that the reason you failed five hundred years ago was not because of others, but for your own reasons. You were arrogant and thought that no one can beat you down in the world and no one can be your opponent, the root reason why you are in the trap of Tathagata is not that you are stupid or that you not smart enough, after all, but is because you are too arrogant. "

"You think you have defeated anyone. At that time, you did not take Tathagata in your eyes at all, so you lost at that time. It doesn’t matter you lose but to summarize the failures from failures matters a lot, but you, for 500 years, you simply I didn’t realize the reason for your failure, you are still so arrogant, if there is one more ‘five thousand years’, you still wouldn’t revenge! "

Monk Tang said impassionedly, drooling, more and more addictive, but his chances of training the catholic god are little!

Sun Wukong listened to the words of Monk Tang. His face became increasingly distorted. Every word of Monk Tang was inserted into his heart socket like a knife so that his emotional fluctuations were a bit out of control. And wrinkles appear in the space around the body of Sun Wukong as if to be broken!

"Ah, that's enough, you, dead bald donkey, I won't listen anymore!" Just as Monk Tang was about to mutter a few words, Sun Wukong suddenly roared, and then turned a somersault and disappeared!

When Monk Tang saw this face muddled, hey, did Sun Wukong run away? Or did he go to Tathagata to get revenge?

Monk Tang doesn't know what is the plan of Sun Wukong, but he absolutely has gone. That's right. Monk Tang is stunned. What should he do without somersault? Without Sun Wukong as his bodyguard, Monk Tang is really not confident to go to the west and seek sutras.

Don't say that there are all demons’ kings on road to the west, now a little demon can easily kill him!

Chapter 11 Monk Tang Taught Sun Wukong A Lessons

After confirming that Sun Wukong was really gone, Monk Tang couldn't wait to give himself a big mouth, which was really bad.

However, hare they are, and regret is useless. Sun Wukong is not in his presence. There is no turning back. When he took the task of sutras seeker, he could not turn back. He had to finish this task.

"Without Sun Wukong, I wouldn't believe that I can’t do this!" Monk Tang muttered.

"Master, what are you mumbling about?" A voice sounded abruptly.

"Damn, you, monkey head, scared me!" Monk Tang startled and said with a pat on his chest in shock.

Looking at Sun Wukong who walked and returned, Monk Tang was frightened and rejoicing. The monkey did not leave!

"Ah? Did I scare you, Master? You eat a peach in the first, don't get angry." Sun Wukong said delivering him a peach.

What the hell, where did he get the peaches, like such big balls, Monk Tang looked at the peaches with the size of the football, in front of him with emotion.

Huh? No, this monkey didn't behave right. Is this dedication? Monk Tang looked at Sun Wukong with a smile on his face and finally got that something wrong. The monkey seemed to change his attitude a lot!

Monk Tang took the peach and took a bite. The peach was so delicious, juicy and sweet, and he asked, "What did you do just now? Can you leave without saying, you know that?"

"I went back to Huaguo Mountain and looked at my monkeys and grandchildren. Of course, the most important thing is to pick peaches for Master. Master, you have said so much. I think Master you must be thirsty! I am sure to remember Master's lessons, "Sun Wukong said.

Hearing that Monk Tang was stunned, this speed was stunning enough, somersault clouds really move so fast

"Master said those words just now. I was on my way back to Huaguo Mountain. I suddenly figured it out. I was really too arrogant. I looked down at the world. I, Wukong, am here to thank Master for your teaching!" Sun Wukong said kneeling in front of Monk Tang.

Monk Tang was so full of joy that he didn't feel as many lips in vain. He stretched out a hand and rubbed on Sun Wukong's head. By the way, he wiped the peach juice on it and said graciously, "Hey, what I just said, it’s too verbose, but it's all for you! "

"I understand it!" Sun Wukong said, "Master, I don't know if you can beg you something?"

"What? Come on, you are my apprentice. You don't need to ‘beg’ me. I will make my best efforts to do you ask!" Monk Tang was happy to fly. The famous Monkey King begged him.

"Master, please teach the students how to revenge!" Sun Wukong gimmicked.

Monk Tang heard a word but did not expect that Sun Wukong asked him for this matter. Monk Tang also looked solemnly. After thinking about it for a long time, Monk Tang said, "Wukong, get up at first, this enmity must be I will take revenge, and I will help you get revenge. I can’t let My apprentice suffer. but the enemy is strong and we are weak. This revenge must be considered in the long term. "

Sun Wukong was touched by his words. He did not expect that Monk Tang would say he wanted to avenge him. Sun Wukong suddenly felt Monk Tang was too good, even better than his other master. Although that master taught him a lot of skills, it was because he was afraid of trouble and denied him.

"Master, please give me advice, what am I going to do?" Sun Wukong said respectfully.

It’s not easy. Monk Tang felt the respectful attitude of Sun Wukong and said, "We must not take revenge too fast. We need to take it slowly. First of all, we must improve our strength. Strength is the most fundamental and sufficient. Strong, it's not easy to get revenge!? "

"Master is right!" Sun Wukong heard the light in his eyes and asked, "Then what?"

"I will give you one word which is ‘Forbearance’. When the strength is not enough for revenge, we might as well tolerate it. Although this is aggrieved, it is indeed the easiest way to protect yourself when the strength is not enough for revenge. Wukong, your biggest shortcoming is that you don't have this forbearance. "Monk Tang said.

"But, my Master, ‘forbearance’, I'm afraid I can't do it. I see things that are not pleasing I will wave my stick and never bear it!" Sun Wukong scratched his ears.

"I know, that's why I made you have to learn to endure. If you learned to endure five hundred years ago, would you have been fooled by the provocation of Tathagata? Would you still be suppressed under The Five-Fingers Mountain? Monk Tang asked.

"Master, I know you're right, but I'm afraid I can't bear it!" Sun Wukong jumped up and down, and he couldn't stand it before he learned to bear it.

"Oh, it's okay, Master will help you. When you want to do something in the future, you might as well think about it. In addition, you can listen to the teacher’s password. When I let you do it, you can do it again. Hold on! "Continued Monk Tang.

"Well then, I'll listen to the master!" Sun Wukong said.

"Well, good, the teacher will test your endurance at any time in the future!" Monk Tang nodded with satisfaction and give him a previous warning.

Sun Wukong didn't know what to do, but nodded earnestly, saying, "Master, I'll wait for you to test at any time. I will definitely bear ... Master, what are you doing?"

Monk Tang coughed awkwardly; it was embarrassing that he wanted to steal a peach and found that he couldn't get it at all. He said in earnest: "The test has been started!"

"Oh ~ Master, you go on!" Sun Wukong said.

"No need!" Monk Tang pouted: shit, I'm not a pervert.

After a while, the air was not so embarrassing, Monk Tang said, "Come, Wukong, tell me about all the passages you made in the Heaven Palace that year, and I’d like to analyze it!"

"Okay, Master!" Sun Wukong replied briskly and then began to speak.

Monk Tang listened to Wukong with fascination. and Sun Wukong's own story was much more exciting than TV shows. Many details were not expressed on TV. the Heaven Palace was Destroyed by Sun Wukong, which is not as simple as it is written in the original and not as simple as a TV series as well.

That was a real disaster in the Heaven Palace, and Sun Wukong almost overturned the palace at that time, and the damage caused was not what Monk Tang couldn’t be imagined. At that time, Sun Wukong was arrogant and powerful with high prestige, Monk Tang heard it excited, straight admire him that that is my real monkey bro, which can be described as a word, niubi!

Monk Tang even thought that it would be great if he causes that damage in the Heaven Palace one day, of course, such an idea was only suppressed in his heart.

Chapter 12 Wow ... How Exciting!

Besides that, through chatting, Monk Tang also learned that The Five-Fingers Mountain is not as simple as suppressing The Five-Fingers Mountain. The real purpose of it is to kill Sun Wukong. After knowing this, Monk Tang was shocked in his heart. No wonder Sun Wukong wants to go out and to seek revenge no Tathagata. It turns out that there is another reason for this.
Monk Tang took a sigh of relief. Is this the real Journey to the West? Monk Tang had this idea at this moment! The Sun Wukong in the original book is likely to have been killed when it was released from the Five-Fingers Mountain, and then a fake Sun Wukong came out, so it turned out he was so weak, either it couldn't beat one or another monster in original.
Of course, such an idea just passed away and was immediately left behind by Monk Tang. As to which is true but it is not important, the most important thing is that he lives in this world now, so here is the truth, since it becomes With the Golden Cicada X, I have to do a different Monk Tang.
"Master, let's get on the road now?" Sun Wukong told what happened five hundred years ago and then asked.
"Well, let's get on the road, but let's found my horse and make it back!" Monk Tang said thoughtfully.
"Master, are you talking about a White Horse? No need to look for it, it was stoned to death just now! Haha ..." Sun Wukong said.
Hearing that, Monk Tang stared, and shit, the White Horse was dead? Of course, it didn't follow the script. Isn't it that he has to go a long way on his legs and then have a new mount? Monk Tang was distressed for a while, and looked at Sun Wukong grieved ... it all should account on this monkey!
"No, you have to find it, there is something very important on the horse, you have to take it away!" Monk Tang said with tears in his heart.
"Oh, sir, master, come with me and I will take you over now!" Sun Wukong stepped forward and grabbed Monk Tang's arm, and then they shot out like an arrow, wow ... what an excitement!
Monk Tang: Ahhhhhh ...
"Master, you are here, but what is your name, Master?" Sun Wukong said.
"I, don't like drag racing too fast!" Monk Tang said in a whisper, feeling that his legs were a little soft. Couldn't the Golden Cicada X have the problem of fear of heights fail?
"Drag racing? What the hell is that?" Sun Wukong asked with strangely wide eyes.
Monk Tang didn't care about the damn monkey, but looked at the White Horse ... it was in miserable, smashed by a large stone, it can't be seen as a horse at all. If it wasn't for the four hoofs, he wouldn't I believe this was once a horse.
What the hell, the document of customs clearance will not be ruined? Monk Tang remembered the important one thing and quickly looked around.
"Master, are you looking for these things again?" Sun Wukong jumped up to Monk Tang, holding a parcel in his hand and a monk spade in his other hand, which was exactly what was took away when the horse was shocked.
"Yes, that's it!" Monk Tang saw this joy, and there was no damage to the document of customs clearance, and there was no need to make a U-turn back to Tang Land to solve it, which was so troublesome to handle and was not a good sign.
After getting what he should find, Monk Tang decided to continue on the road, but before looking at the tragic situation of the White Horse, he could not help shaking his head: "It's a pity!"
"for what kind of pity! Isn't it just a horse!" Master Sun Wukong feels he is really a monk, to be compassionate.
Hearing that, Monk Tang gave Sun Wukong a glance, and said, "What do you know, monkeys? I regret that the White Horse is so good to eat. It must be very delicious. I knew it was so miserable and poor. I should kill it first, and sacrifice my temple of the five internal organs. "
Talking, Monk Tang took a sip of water, as if thinking of something delicious.
Seeing this, Sun Wukong suddenly felt cold, and the look that made him feel terrible appeared again!
So scary, Sun Wukong suddenly felt Monk Tang must be a fake monk.
"Master, what do you mean by saying that, you said that you wanted to eat horse meat, and you wanted to kill it by hand? Master, are you a monk, aren't monks all disciplined! Have I not been born for 500 years, rules already changed? "Sun Wukong couldn't help asking.
"Amitabfa, of course, I am a monk, but I am not a monk before, and may not be a monk in the future!" Monk Tang uttered an unlike Buddhist words from his mouth.
"What do you mean?" Sun Wukong didn't understand. It felt so profound. Is the master talking about the past, present, and future of the Buddha?
"It's nothing, but I always have a dream for my teacher!" Monk Tang said, looking at forty-five degrees, his face sullen.
Sun Wukong blinked, and suddenly felt that Monk Tang was pretending this time, but he was still curious and asked, "Master, what is your dream?"
"I think ... really want to resume regular life!" Monk Tang said.
Sun Wukong wants to vomit blood and want to die!
The master and apprentice went on the road, but they did not find out that at the moment of The Five-Fingers Mountain's fragmentation, there was a piece of stone the size of a person, turned into a streamer, headed for the west, disappeared in an instant!
Without the White Horse, there is only walking. Of course, except for monk spade and monk clothes in moon white, even as for Brocade Kasaya, Monk Tang takes it off and held it by Sun Wukong. It can reduce his own weight and come It's also because Monk Tang doesn't think Brocade Kasaya looks good.
Maybe in the eyes of other people, this brocade is a treasure, it is very beautiful, but in Monk Tang's eyes, what looks and feels like a tablecloth, not only Brocade Kasaya, all the kasayas for Monk Tang looks the same.
Monk Tang has decided not to wear brocade when it is not necessary. Not only is it ugly, but it is not very convenient to wear it, especially when having a fight.
Monk Tang has another idea. If he meets a good tailor in the future, he must change Brocade Kasaya and change it according to his favorite style. For example, change it to a big cloak. When thinking about it, monk Tang smiles with alacrity.
During the march, Monk Tang suddenly remembered that he, completed the 'Sun Wukong' apprenticeship, had gained a hundred points of experience and had not yet used it, so he opened the character panel:
Host: Monk Tang
Occupation: Monk (sutras seeker)
Level: 2
Experience: 100/20
Skills: Complete Buddhist scriptures
Props: Brocade Kasaya, Nine-ring spade, and Gold three-hoop Ring(Fake)
"System, can I choose to upgrade?" Monk Tang asked in his heart.
System: 'Yes, the host can choose to upgrade as long as they meditate in their hearts!'
"Okay, upgrade now!" Monk Tang meditated in his heart.
System: 'Ding Dong, congratulations to, Host, your level upgrades to level three, may I continue to upgrade? '
"carry on!"
System: 'Ding Dong, congratulations to the host. your level upgrades to level four. Lack of experience cannot continue to upgrade! '
The pleasure brought by the upgrade is indescribable. In short, it is too cool. Although it has only been upgraded by two levels, Monk Tang immediately felt that his whole body was full of strength, and he feels a strong wind under his feet.
However, when he wanted to continue to upgrade again, the system prompts a lack of experience, so Monk Tang feels awkward, and check the character panel again:

Chapter 13 Killing the Real Chicken Before The Real Monkey

Host: Monk Tang

Occupation: Monk (sutras seeker)

Level: 4

Experience: 40/80

Skills: Complete Buddhist scriptures

Props: Brocade Kasaya, Nine-ring spade, and Gold three-hoop Ring(fake)

Sun Wukong walking in front, suddenly felt the breath behind him, looked back with some doubts, Monk Tang's two breakthroughs naturally could not conceal the Monkey King, it was too easy for him to breakthrough. When he was still a stone, he already had a sense of intelligence.

Every so often he breaks through and becomes stronger, so he is no stranger to breaking through.

However, Sun Wukong feels that Tang Sen's breakthrough is a little different. Even his breakthrough has an omen, but Monk Tang broke through without any symptoms, which made Sun Wukong wonder.

Of course, this doubt only lasts one second, and in a blink of an eye, it was left behind, and he runs in front of Monk Tang and has a look at here and there, and his lively nature was revealed.

The master and apprentice walked not fast, but not too slow. After traveling for nearly a day and a half, when they came to a forest, the prompt of the system sounded, and Monk Tang was immediately refreshed.

Because the prompt sounds, which means that a task has been released. Having a task means having experience, and having experience means being able to upgrade and become stronger.

‘Ding Dong, congratulations to the host for taking the third step to the west. Now release the third task: through the Tiger Monk Forest, the task rewards 10-100 experience value. ’

Hearing the sound of the system, Monk Tang laughed in his heart, and finally came to the Tiger Forest? Monk Tang thinks that this forest is also a good place to fight with little monsters!

Looking at the forest in front, Monk Tang waved his hands to Sun Wukong happily and said, "Wukong, let's go but be careful, there are tigers!"

Sun Wukong heard that although he didn't know why Monk Tang was so happy, he was dismissive when he heard the tiger. he even was not afraid of dragons not mentioning the little tigers.

However, Sun Wukong kept up quickly. He was really afraid that his weak chicken master would be killed by the tiger. Although he could regain his freedom, it would take a lot of effort to get revenge. Wukong's bottom line is that Monk Tang cannot die, at least until he avenges his death!

The Tiger Forest not only has tigers, but also many other beasts. For example, a chicken appeared in front of the eyes of the two. Monk Tang drooled when he saw the chicken, although the chicken was several times larger than the earth. Monk Tang swears by his previous profession it is definitely a chicken.

The reason why this chicken can grow so big is due to the reasons of this world. There are fairy and monsters here. It is quite normal for a chicken to grow bigger! This is fine.

Looking at this chicken, an idea suddenly appeared in Monk Tang's mind: there are umpteen kinds of methods for cooking.

White chopped chicken, braised chicken, spicy chicken, drool chicken, callous chicken ...

Monk Tang decided this dinner is this chicken!

Big cock: Damn you! dead bald! Why are you staring at me? You pervert dead bald donkey!

Sun Wukong looks at Monk Tang as a fool. He didn't know why Monk Tang has to face a big cock and keep saliva. Sun Wukong feels a bitter chill. The young monk is very handsome. Why his taste is so heavy!

After Monk Tang finally recalled all the chickens in his head, he raised monk spade and hit the big rooster in a threatening manner: "You, chicken! Go to die!"

The big cock was muddled, and it was still the man who kept gentle eyes on itself, and suddenly hit it aggressively, which really scared him.

The big rooster chuckled, not only did not run but rushed towards Monk Tang: Damn, you want to rob in my place, on way!

Although the big cock is big enough and the fighting power is good, he finally died in the hands of Monk Tang at level 4.

‘Ding, kill a beast and reward 5 experience value! ’

Listening to the voice of the system in his head, Monk Tang smiled slightly. He felt very satisfied, not only meat but also experience value. So cool. Although the five-point experience value is not much but relative to his current level, that's not too small.

Monk Tang could not help but open the character panel to view it.

Host: Monk Tang

Level: 4

Experience: 45/80

Skills: Complete Buddhist scriptures

Brocade Kasaya, Nine-ring spade, and Gold three-hoop Ring(fake)

Monk Tang glanced at the experience value and sighed. He wanted to upgrade but had a long way to go, but soon Monk Tang left the upgrade behind him, watching the big cock knocked to death, Monk Tang swallowed his saliva again.

Due to cooking conditions, Monk Tang chose to use a method called beggar’s chicken to deal with this big cock!

Of course, he scolds about Guanyin Bodhisattva. If the system mall still is here there are more ways to cook it.

Sun Wukong thought that Monk Tang was just trying to get rid of the big cock. He didn't expect Monk Tang to kill the big cock. Although in the Five-Fingers Mountain space, Tang Sheng mentioned eating horse meat, Sun Wukong just thought that it was Monk Tang's nonsense, but now he killed a big rooster like this, he still has a bun.

Although he did not know how to kill the ghost soldiers and soldiers from the heaven palace when he was in trouble at the palace, he would not kill a beast who came to provoke him for no reason. But the monk did!

Sun Wukong said: Is this a monk?

But after the bun, Sun Wukong was happy, and he thought the monk was really interesting.

But he didn’t think Monk Tang was interesting a few minutes later, but abnormal, even the corpses were not let go, and the hand, within a blink of an eye, was cut off. took off the feather of the big rooster, and it was gutted.

Suddenly Sun Wukong deeply understood that Monk Tang had a cruel heart under his handsome face.

What the hell, while doing ferocious things, and smirking while swallowing, Sun Wukong didn't know why he suddenly felt cool and looked at Monk Tang with a hint of fear.

Monk Tang was immersed in cooking. He didn't know that I had already performed a "kill chicken before a monkey" and had achieved unexpected results. Even Sun Wukong, who was not afraid of anyone, felt scared, Monk Tang doesn't know, if he knew, he would be happy about it!

After busy work, Monk Tang finally finished processing the big cock. Without the tin foil, Monk Tang found huge leaves in the forest instead, wrapped it in several layers, and then baked it with fire.

The most indispensable thing in the forest is the firewood. Within a few minutes and two piles of firewood are piled up in front of them, but the fire is a big problem. Although the principle of drilling wood to gain fire is understood by Monk Tang, it needs skills and luck. If it had bad luck, it would take a long time to succeed, which has nothing to do with strength.


Chapter 14 Wukong, Borrowing Me A Light

Dispose of the big rooster cleanly and wrap it with large leaves. After getting a lot of firewood, it is a problem of fire. If the system mall is not closed, it is simple to solve the problem of fire. He only can think of other ways!

Log fire? Monk Tang denied that this requires technology and luck. In addition, although there is enough firewood in the forest, they are all relatively humid, and it is even more difficult to drill wood for the fire!

When Monk Tang was thinking about how to light a fire, Monk Tang suddenly saw a flash of golden light flashing in Sun Wukong's eyes, and then smiled and said to Sun Wukong: "Wukong, come, come here, Master has something to discuss with you! "

Hearing what Monk Tang said, Sun Wukong felt bad instinctively. Although he didn't want to be in front of Monk Tang who had just killed the chicken, he looked at Monk Tang's bright smile and eventually came to Monk Tang in front of him and said, " Master, what do you want to discuss about? "

"I want to borrow you a light?" Monk Tang coughed softly with a little guilty!

Sun Wukong heard. Although he has the high ability, he will change seventy-two, but he can’t play fire. He doesn’t belong to Fire Mastery, but he still asked, “Master, do you mean to let me look for someone and borrow a light? "

"No, Wukong, you had fire!" Monk Tang shook his head.

Sun Wukong continued to muddle, how could he not know that there was a fire on him?

"Wukong, look at the firewood. What do you see?" Monk Tang pointed at the firewood.

When Sun Wukong heard the words, he saw a pile of firewood, and as soon as he was about to speak, he felt that he was patted heavily on the back of his head, which was very heavy, and his eyes almost burst out.

Uh ... a little bit of golden Mars floated out of Sun Wukong's eyes, fell on the woodpile, and it ignited when it was blasted!

"Haha ... it's done, you see, Wukong, doesn't it have any fire on you?" Monk Tang laughed and pointed at the fire.

what the hell, what the hell is that, why is this firewood burning suddenly?

"Master, this is blame, why did it burn? Did I ignite it?" Sun Wukong asked curiously.

"Of course, it's you, Wukong, although you can't fire spells, there is a fire in your eyes, does this not come out in one shot!" Monk Tang said, watching the burning fire with great satisfaction, he thought that he would always have a lighter next to me ... a lighter monkey!

Huh? Why am I suddenly so cold? Monk Tang shivered, and the heat from the fire couldn't drive away any chill. He swallowed a bit of saliva, and Monk Tang saw a pair of angry cold golden eyes!

Not good, Monk Tang was bitter, Sun Wukong was angry!

"Dead bald donkey, you dare to make a fire with my fire eyes and golden eyes, you are really looking for death!" Sun Wukong said, his teeth biting, Monkey King Bar squinting in his hands as if looking at where It's more appropriate to stick!

"Wukong, what are you trying to do? Put the stick down and what if you hit the flowers and plants!" Monk Tang smiled wryly.

"Master, rest assured, every stick of mine will fall on you very accurately!" Sun Wukong smiled.

Damn, this dead monkey is serious, Monk Tang feels it, his eyes turn, and he throws the big cock into the fire, splashing a large amount of fire, and the shaking person can't open his eyes, use this opportunity Monk Tang Run away!

"Damn, where are you, you, sly monk?" After Sun Wukong covered the fire with his hand, he shouted at Monk Tang, who was already running, and then flew towards Monk Tang in a relaxed manner, ecstatically lying on his side!

Monk Tang looked back and Sun Wukong had caught up. Immediately, there was an anxiety in his heart. Mom, there was no curse. This monkey really angry without any warning.

"Master, what are you doing here?" Sun Wukong flew forward, keeping up with Monk Tang, and asked mischievously.

"I, I was taking a walk to admire the beautiful scenery, look at how round the moon is tonight!" Tang San said, turning his eyes.

Sun Wukong looked up at the sky. Where is the moon, not even a star? Huh? Where did the little monk go?

Damn it, this damn monk dared to lie to me, Monk Tang ran back.

And he has sat next to the fire. At such an event, Monk Tang has smelled the meat!

"Master, you lie to me!" Sun Wukong landed next to Monk Tang, staring at Monk Tang's bright head, "Master, you must let me knock on your head, otherwise I won't sleep off!"

Monk Tang heard the words right: "Well, just play with you for a while, Wukong, what did the teacher tell you? You have to learn to bear, I just shot your head just to test you, did you just have no tolerance? almost start to have a fight? "

Monk Tang's eyes looked at Sun Wukong ‘sincerely’. It wasn’t for firing the chicken. Monk Tang told himself.

Sun Wukong heard a word and put away Monkey King Bar said, "Master, I misunderstood you. It turns out that you are testing me, Master, I almost didn't hold back!"

"Ah, it's okay, didn't you hold back in the end? This is a great improvement. Come, the chicken is already good, let's eat!" Monk Tang said with a pretense sigh but smelled the fragrance at that time, I couldn't help but swallow. According to the amount of scent and the richness, Monk Tang judged that the chicken was fully cooked!

This made Monk Tang a little bit surprised. It was a bit fast. Looking at the golden line of fire jumping from time to time in the fire, Monk Tang produced a hint of enlightenment. The reason why the chicken is ripe so fast must be the golden color in the eyes of Sun Wukong. Is the flame related to the true fire of Samadhi?

But regardless of him, Monk Tang smells the fragrance and doesn't care about others. It has been several days since he came to this world. Except for the fruit, the only is solid food, Monk Tang has had enough. His eyes went green and he looks like a wolf.

Taking the beggar’s chicken out of the fire, Monk Tang couldn't help his hands, and sliced off the dried leaves layer by layer, the aroma became more intense, and Monk Tang's eyes were bright: here it is.

When the last layer of leaves was cut off, the golden-colored chicken that had been roasted on the inside, which was exposed. As well at this moment, when the aroma became strongest, the water vapor was lifted up by the fire, like a mushroom cloud, The aroma is spreading out, drifting away in the distance!

Duong~ Monk Tang swallowed a sip of water and tore off a thigh larger than the turkey's leg.

The golden, crispy skin that was torn between them made a crisp sound, which is so clear and pleasing to the ears!

Chapter 15 Wine and Meat Walking in Intestines, The Buddhism Remains in Heart

"Come on, Wukong, eat a chicken leg!" Monk Tang said, bringing the chicken leg to Sun Wukong.

Feeling the heatwave and scent, Sun Wukong hurriedly withdrew, and his eyes said with a horror: "No, no, Master, I don’t eat meat, I just eat fruit." At the end of speaking, just like a trick, one head-sized peach appeared in his hand, which is fruity!

Looking at the chicken legs in front of him, Sun Wukong did not know why he was sad. He remembered the tragic life of the big cock, from being killed by a monk spade, from being gushed out of the skin, and from becoming a fragrant roast chicken. Suddenly he felt the life of big cock is so miserable, Master is so cruel!

"Don't eat meat? Oh, yes, monkeys don't eat meat!" Monk Tang sniffed and then understood.

"It's okay, you don't eat it, but I do!" Monk Tang said, then took a big mouthful of chicken leg, then nodded with satisfaction, the skin was golden and crispy, the meat below was fresh and juicy, just the cooking heat is appropriate!

Suddenly, Monk Tang ate, with a mouthful of oil. Of course, there are still some shortcomings in this chicken. If there comes to a bottle of wine at this time, and some dipping sauce, alas, Monk Tang's saliva is more vigorous!

Watching Monk Tang eating meat there, Sun Wukong really began to wonder if Monk Tang was a monk and a sutras seeker!

Therefore, Sun Wukong couldn't help asking: "Master, don't you break a religious precept if you eat meat?"

Hearing that, Monk Tang leaned Sun Wukong obliquely, and bite a big mouth again and said, "Amitabfa, what do you know? This is that wine and meat walk in my belly, Buddhism stays in my heart. This is the realm you do not understand! "

"The wine and meat walk in my belly, and the Buddha stays in the heart?" Sun Wukong followed, muttering, but it felt really deep, but still felt something wrong, "Master, I feel that this sentence is a bit wrong, it should be changed into that Buddha remains in heart, which seems more appropriate! "

Monk Tang heard a word but did not expect that Sun Wukong actually spoke what the Mad Monk said, showing that Sun Wukong has a good Pabbindriya.

But Monk Tang shook his head and said, "Wukong, you are right, but Buddhism is my own understanding. I believe that the Buddha refers to a certain person, and Buddhism refers to a religion which is a kind of meaning that is much larger and wider than the Buddha. Of course, individuals have their own understanding, and any understanding may be a kind of Buddhism! "

Sun Wukong raised his eyebrows and fell into contemplation. Monk Tang ignored him and continued to eat meat. He just said that with fabricated words. If Sun Wukong can understand something in it, it will be his. good fortune.

The big rooster is very large and weighs several tens of pounds, but in the end, it was all eaten by Monk Tang alone, which made Monk Tang wonder. When can he eat it so much? After asking the system, he knew it was normal because he became stronger. Although he is only in level 4 now, his physical fitness or appetite is more than ten times that of ordinary, and there are no problems with dozens of cows!

After eating, Monk Tang felt warm and comfortable, and seemed to be lazy. Tang could feel a trace of heat permeating from the abdomen to the body in all directions.

Monk Tang's eyes flashed, he became stronger after eating these chickens, Monk Tang didn't know if this was an illusion, and hurriedly opened the character panel:

Host: Townsend

Occupation: Monk (sutras seeker)

Level: 4

Experience: 45/80

Skills: Complete Buddhist scriptures

Props: Brocade Kasaya, Nine-ring spade, and Gold three-hoop Ring(fake)

"Huh? The level hasn't changed. How can you feel stronger? Is it really an illusion after fullness?" Monk Tang looked at the character panel and found that there was no such change, but Monk Tang could feel it. I am still getting stronger, although the margin is small!

"System, what's going on? I feel like I'm getting stronger, but why hasn't the level changed a little?" Monk Tang asked.

System: 'Host, you feel right, you are indeed getting stronger, but the cultivation, that is, the grade, has not changed. The only thing that gets stronger is your body. The turkey contains energy, although the energy cannot be improved. cultivation level, but it can increase physical strength!’

Monk Tang heard his eyes light up: "System you mean, even if the level does not increase, I can become stronger? I just need to keep eating?"

System: ‘It’s theoretically, but it’s not that you can increase the strength of your body by eating something. Some of them are ordinary foods, and they don’t play a special role. This cock is different, which already has some practices. If it has been practicing for dozens or hundreds of years, it will probably become a demon.’

Monk Tang nodded secretly and understood something, and asked, "System, if I eat a monster or a good deed, should I be able to enhance the physical strength? Then I eat a piece of Sun Wukong's meat, and my physical body should be able to change very much. Strong? "

Having said that, Monk Tang's eyes flashed fiercely as he looked at Sun Wukong.

Sun Wukong felt Monk Tang's gaze and suddenly felt a chill and his chrysanthemum (asshole)was tight, thinking that Master's eyes were so evil.

He really wants to hit it with his stick! Sun Wukong smashed the peach core bite and meditated on the word ‘forbearance’. Master is testing him again!

System: 'The host understands it correctly, but this system does not recommend the host to eat Sun Wukong's meat, because then the host will die. The energy contained in Sun Wukong's meat is too majestic. If the host eats, not only will it not get strengthened by the meat, but it also sets fire to self-immolation. The majestic energy will turn into a fire of energy that will burn you to death!’

Monk Tang heard that he couldn't help but shuddered, and sighed a pity, knowing that some meat can't be eaten, or it can't be eaten right now!

The warm current in the abdomen lasted for more than ten minutes. Obviously, although the big cock has little cultivation, the meat does not contain a lot of energy that can strengthen the physical body. The warm current of threads is only ten minutes. After the warm current disappeared, the warm comfort was gone!

When Monk Tang wondered if he would hit a few more cocks tomorrow to eat, a sudden humming came, and a rattling sound appeared, and the ground was trembling as if a giant creature was walking through the forest!

And Sun Wukong also stared at one direction for a long time. The golden light in his eyes flickered, but there was no serious expression. Although he looked in that direction, he didn't care about it!

Monk Tang also stood up and looked in the direction of the sound, which sounded like a wild boar!

Clicking, a big tree suddenly fell to the ground, Monk Tang was right, it was indeed a wild boar, attracted by the smell of roasted chicken. When it appeared, the dark eyes stared at the chicken bones in front of the fire!

Chapter 16 Pigsy! Pigsy!

At the camp, a wild boar was attracted by the scent of the Beggar Chicken. When it appeared, it stared straight at the bones next to the fire.

Although Monk Tang guessed what it was, he didn't have any excitement, but could not help swallowing saliva. Damn, this boar is too big. It is definitely three meters high. his huge scimitars are like two knives, with white light under the fire!

Monk Tang watched the big boar tentatively and said, "Pigsy!"

Sun Wukong heard a word of surprise and wondered. Does this monk know this pig?

Big boar: Huh!

Monk Tang spoke again: "Pigsy?"

Big boar: Hum!

A black line appeared on Monk Tang's forehead. Knowing that this big wild boar was not a pig Pigsy at all.

"Master, do you know this pig?" Sun Wukong asked.

Monk Tang shook his head. "I don't know!" You did!

Hum, at this moment the big boar moved, like a black tank, swaying towards the Monk Tang, the small eyes were bloodthirsty, and when those eyes were facing the fire, it was flashing!It was Shining shining!

This wild boar smelled the extremely fragrant chicken smell on Monk Tang's body, and regarded Monk Tang as a roast chicken!

"Bold animal, how dare you to hurt my master!" Sun Wukong saw the wild boar rushing towards Monk Tang. As soon as he drank and jumped in his mouth, he would hit a wild boar with a stick!

"Wukong stop, don't move that wild boar." Monk Tang saw that Sun Wukong was going to take a shot, and immediately drank, Damn it, you dead monkey, are trying to steal my opportunity to kill demons, aren’t you?

"Ah? Why Master, this boar wants to eat you!" Sun Wukong heard that his body stopped in the air, his face was puzzled. He couldn't understand what was in Monk Tang's head. it really wanted to eat his meat. If the monk doesn’t kill, this pig will eat your meat. is he a dumb donkey?

Monk Tang jumped away at this time, and the boar slammed and smashed the big tree on which Monk Tang was backing. The two huge fangs were like two extremely sharp long knives. I made several breaks.

"Amitabfa, Wukong, you have misunderstood me. I mean that let me do kill. You don’t have to do it. The evil spirit in your body is too serious for you to promote cultivation, and not letting you kill is testing your patience! "Monk Tang chanted the Buddha.

"Master ..." Sun Wukong heard the words for a moment and moved. It turned out that the Master didn't let him do everything for his own good. Sun Wukong was so moved. Sun Wukong also felt that the evil Qi on his body was too heavy. There was a certain impediment to his promotion of cultivation. He did not expect that the Master had already seen it and had begun to think about him.

Monk Tang naturally can't see how bad the Sun Wukong’s evil Qi is. He said that it was just casual and didn't want Sun Wukong to steal his chance. However, he did not expect to mention the point at once, which made Sun Wukong more grateful.

Nine-ring monk spade took it in his hand and rushed towards the wild boar. Monk Tang's physical quality in Level 4 is more than ten times stronger than ordinary people. The speed and power naturally changed a lot, and the speed became faster. The jump is a few meters high, and the monk spade in his hand is also raised high!


The monk spade lifted high and fell off. The monk spade going down with a force of thousands of kilograms, which hit the huge head of the wild boar with great accuracy. The blood-splattered immediately. The wild boar wailed lying on the ground!

Booming, the boar shook his stunned head and couldn't help backing up!

While he was dying for his life, Monk Tang was stunned when he saw the big boar. Monk Tang also showed no mercy, jumped, fell, and fell, and then almost repeated this action. Resounded in the Tiger Forest!

Banging, Monk Tang didn't know how many times did monk spade knockdown, and finally, the big boar fell to the ground, and his head had a deep hole, which was caused by smashing the cranium, and his mouth, nose, eyes, and ears cannot stop the blood flowing out. Finally, wild boar lying on the ground and humming, it already intakes less air but exhales more air, soon died!

Monk Tang shook his paralyzed arms, and he couldn't help feeling that the skull of the wild boar was really hard. If the ordinary wild boar could not stand his monk spade.

Sun Wukong watched Monk Tang finally bring down the wild boar and couldn't help shaking his head. He felt that this master was too weak.

Monk Tang looked at the monk spade without any damage and nodded with satisfaction. This is the only real thing among the five treasures given by Guanyin. Although there is only a very scary skill to scare, the material of the monk spade itself is extremely strong and hard!

‘Ding Dong, congratulations to the host for successfully killing a wild boar and rewarding 15 experience value. ’

After the boar fell to the ground, he died completely after a while. The experience of 15 o'clock made Monk Tang a joy. Monk Tang checked the character panel. He only got 20 points of experience value to upgrade again.

Monk Tang has a little excitement, looking at a wild boar-like a hill in front of him. This is the first time he has hunted such a large creature, and it was done by himself. I can't help but think about it.

However, this excitement did not last for a long time and was replaced by a sense of exhaustion. Monk Tang immediately knew that he had begun to kill the wild boar, and he had no sense of it during the battle. Now when he relaxes, the exhaustion is coming. After all, Monk Tang is now only level 4!

His feet were soft, and just when he was about to fall, Monk Tang felt that someone was supporting himself, turning his head to look at Sun Wukong.

"Master, are you okay?"

Monk Tang was touched by the words and thought that the monkey was good, but the next moment Monk Tang regretted thinking so!

"Quack, I laughed to death, Master, you are too weak, you can kill a wild boar to max out, hahaha ..." Sun Wukong grinned on the ground, Monk Tang twitched his skin, really wanted a monk spade to kill the dead monkey I thought this monkey knew that he cared about people, so he came here to help him just to laugh at him!

Monk Tang secretly said: Teaching this monkey is really a long way to go!

Grunt ... The stomach started to yell again, and after a fierce exercise, all the chickens that had eaten before were digested!

Fortunately, another wild boar was beheaded and killed. Monk Tang wiped his mouth with saliva. Wild pork is also a good ingredient.

In the previous life, Monk Tang didn’t eat wild pork and still doesn’t forget the taste. After a rest, Monk Tang started cooking this wild boar. The wild boar is big enough, so Monk Tang chooses more. Are the best prepared for a barbecue!

Of course, this is a waste, but Monk Tang can't help it. The cooking conditions are too poor. Many wild pork dishes can't be prepared, the only barbecue can be used to deal with his belly!

Chapter 17 Lion Tiger Beast

Although it is grilled and there is no seasoning, the roasted wild pork is still incredibly delicious. It has a much richer flavor than the previous flower chicken. Monk Tang feels that he may be too hungry.

However, after the first bite, Monk Tang knew that this was not the cause of his hunger, but the cause of the ingredients themselves. They all knew that wild pork was better than firewood, especially dry meat. The fiber was very thick, which affected the taste.

But after this mouthful of wild pork goes into his mouth, only staying tender and smooth flavor. If it is not cut from the wild boar and roasted by himself, Monk Tang will definitely not believe that he will eat wild pork with the flavor of wild pork. But the meat is extremely tender and smooth, it doesn't take any effort to bite.

Not only that, but after chewing a few mouthfuls, Monk Tang found that the wild pork he ate at this time was definitely better several times than his last life, even without any ingredients.

Why is this? When eating meat, Monk Tang had such a doubt in his mind. At this time, Monk Tang realized that whether it was fruit that he ate, chicken or wild pork, it seemed to be much better than his previous life.

Yes, Suddenly, Monk Tang flashed and knew the reason. One is that the world environment is so good and there is almost no pollution. Of course, the main reason is that the world has a strong aura from heaven and earth aura, also called the existence of vitality,which is Yuan Qi. Living in such an environment, ordinary animals can become fairies or demons over time!

And bathing in the aura from heaven and earth, naturally changes the meat quality, making the meat quality infinitely better!

This world is a pure natural farm. Monk Tang's eyes have never been brighter.

After eating the boar pork, the feeling of warmth reappeared, and the body was gradually strengthening. Obviously, the boar also contained energy that was of great benefit to the body, and the energy in the wild pork was more than that of the big rooster. A lot more.

Monk Tang has been eating until he can't eat a bit. Almost a hundred pounds of wild pork was done by Monk Tang. Monk Tang's physique is therefore nearly twice as strong. This is a big gain. Monk Tang's strength is virtually enhanced. When killing a wild boar, Monk Tang will never lose his power!

After eating, the sky was already full of stars and Monk Tang’s drowsiness came slowly. Monk Tang found a dry place close to the fire and began to lie down in clothes. After living in the wild for a few days, Monk Tang was used to sleeping and resting very good in the wild


Monk Tang slept sweetly and was extremely comfortable, probably because of the strength of the body. Monk Tang did not feel any trace of coolness that night, even if the fire was extinguished very early in the middle of the night!

Monk Tang dreamed, dreaming that he drank and ate meat, and countless monsters and monsters became their own dishes. The one that ate was called Shuang, but what made Monk Tang uncomfortable was poured rain when he was eating and drinking in the dream. He got wet and it was so uncomfortable that Monk Tang woke up when I was!

When he opened his eyes, Monk Tang saw a lion head that was as big as a car cover above his head. A lion's leg was chewing in the mouth of the lion's head. Blood and meat dregs were crackling down and poured on him. Monk Tang knew why he dreamed of being rained, the original source is here!

But dreaming is not the point. The point is where does the lion come from? Is there a Chinese character “King” on the head of the lion?

Are you a lion or a tiger? Monk Tang would like to ask aloud!

But Monk Tang didn't dare, and his hair stood a little because this guy who looks like a lion and a tiger is looking at him with a dessert-like expression. Monk Tang is almost going to scold its mother, who will see blood when he opens his eyes. It's not bad to have a sloppy head without urinating, and swearing is normal!

Monk Tang now wants to ask Sun Wukong where the dead monkey has gone. Why not remind him, Monk Tang absolutely does not think that Sun Wukong did not discover this Lion Tiger Beast in advance.

His body was still and his eyes were confused. Soon he saw the monkey with peaches in a tree.

Of course, that grandson, dead monkey, had already discovered the Lion Tiger Beast, but instead of reminding Monk Tang, he means to be spectators with interest. Sun Wukong wanted to see when Monk Tang would wake up.

Sun Wukong saw Monk Tang come over and said softly with a smile in his eyes: "Master, you wake up, good morning!"

When Monk Tang saw Sun Wukong with a clear smile in his eyes, he really wanted to curse: M**herF**ker!

But he didn't open his mouth, Damn, minced meat, blood and even drool, as long as he opened his mouth, those would be poured in his mouth, which is too disgusting!

Whoops ... The Lion Tiger Beast finally ate all the boar's thighs, and then opened their mouths and snarled at Monk Tang. The smell of the wind was blown out, and its breath is heavier than Sun Wukong’s whose teeth hadn’t brushed for five hundred years. The Lion Tiger Beast bites at Monk Tang.

Beast: I'm going to eat my dessert, the tender one must be delicious!

The nine-ring monk spade is right next to Monk Tang. Monk Tang grabs the monk spade, thrusts his big head into the mouth of The Lion Tiger Beast, and at the same time the body stands up from the ground with a roll.

Dangdang, followed by a scream.

The Lion Tiger Beast beast's biting force is absolutely amazing. Monk Tang can feel it from the monk spade, but this beast has a bite on the wrong object. Although the monk spade's skills are very chicken-rib(weak), the material is amazingly hard. We can see the end of the beast!

The moment the lion tiger bite, its huge teeth broke several at once. Its blood flow made it unbearable. Two big paws rolled around the big mouth, whining, big tears drops. Tears flowed from the eyes, showing that it was painful enough!

Monk Tang takes advantage of the occasion to pull his spade back and did not go forward to kill but he stopped. This Lion Tiger Beast is different from the wild boar. The Lion Tiger Beast is not faint. Although it feels hurt, as long as it goes for a fight, it will definitely be a hungry tiger to leap, which is dangerous!

"YOU, why don't you wake me up!" Monk Tang retreated under the tree where Sun Wukong was, and asked angrily, hey, he almost was eaten by the Lion Tiger Beast, can he not be angry??

"Hee hee, Master, you shouldn’t blame me, you ’re in a deep sleep, and I don’t dare to disturb you, my Master! You should rest assured me that a little tiger will definitely not hurt you! "Sun Wukong said, taking out a new peach," Master, do you eat a peach? "

Damn peaches, Monk Tang swear in his heart, Sun Wukong definitely did not summon him intentionally. Looking at the grinning expression, he knew that this damn monkey was definitely revenged on him, this capricious monkey, he is supposed to be careful in the future.

Chapter 18 Upgrade

The Lion Tiger Beast rolled on the ground. After a while, it stopped. After standing up, it looked at Monk Tang with a very hateful look, and then opened his mouth and roared, and the tiger shook the mountain forest.

When he shouted, Monk Tang felt a strong wind, and the leaves on the nearby trees couldn't help shaking, making a rattling noise, and the ground was shaking slightly, and Monk Tang felt a palpitation!

what the hell, wouldn't it be tiger imposing? Monk Tang thought, holding the monk spade in his hand!

The Lion Tiger Beast started to spin around Monk Tang. There was a roar from time to time in his throat, but there was no flutter. Watching the monk spade in Monk Tang's hand flashed a dread, that hardness made him feel uneasy, and he didn't want to Bite it and taste it!

Suddenly, Monk Tang found a problem. The Lion Tiger Beast didn't seem to see Sun Wukong. Although Sun Wukong was not high above his head, The Lion Tiger Beast never looked up. This is not reasonable!

"Wukong, this Lion Tiger Beast, as if it hasn't seen you!" Monk Tang asked Sun Wukong.

"Well? Master's observation is good, yes, this evil animal can't find me, I used a small trick to make it think I was a stone!" Sun Wukong said bluntly.

Monk Tang: Good skills, but why not you can't give me one, you! dead monkey, you are on the purpose? right?

Roar, The Lion Tiger Beast screamed again, and finally couldn't help but rushed towards Monk Tang, but he bit it without opening his mouth. The monk spade in Monk Tang still gave it a great shock. The Lion Tiger Beast The attack slammed forward and swept across with the same tail of a steel whip.

Snapped! Click!

One bent down, his tail swept across with wind, and it was pumped against a large tree that was embraced by several people.

The big tree was immediately pulled out of a deep trance, the sawdust flipped, and Monk Tang felt cold all over. If it was drawn to the body, it would be a broken bone and a drop of sweat from his forehead. Only the Lion Tiger Beast is much stronger than the wild boar last night!


Monk Tang also counterattacked. As soon as the monk spade was on the waist of The Lion Tiger Beast, The Lion Tiger Beast hit by a huge force, who was also a swaying, painful howl from the mouth of the Lion Tiger Beast.

Monk Tang's eyes glowed. Sure enough, the cats were copper-headed iron-bone tofu waist. This monk spade seemed to be more harmful than the Lion Tiger Beast's self-destructing incisors. The Lion Tiger Beast walked after this blow. It seems to be awkward!

Sun Wukong was sitting on the tree, eating peaches while watching Monk Tang fight with The Lion Tiger Beast. When he saw Monk Tang dodging the tail of The Lion Tiger Beast and sweeping back, he couldn't help but hit The Lion Tiger Beast's waist. Wukong Nodded.

Wukong thinks Monk Tang did a great job. Although the strength is a bit weaker, it can be found where the weakness of the Lion Tiger Beast is. It is a very good choice to attack others' weak points when they are relatively weak. Sun Wukong fights by himself since he was a little baby, I don't know how many fights.

Before going to Three Stars Cave to learn magic, he just hit the weakness of the enemy.

However, after studying art, he has not attacked the enemy's weaknesses. The only thing he does is waving his stick! All will surrender themselves to his stick.

Monk Tang naturally did not know what Sun Wukong thought. Monk Tang was a little excited at this time. After discovering that the weakness of the Lion Tiger Beast is the same as that of the earth cats, Monk Tang is greatly confident. The Lion Tiger Beast is not so difficult to deal with.

Although Monk Tang is still 4th level, after having a meal of the wild pork meal last night, Monk Tang's physical fitness has improved a lot, and his endurance has also greatly increased, so they fell into a stalemate.

Half an hour later, Monk Tang finally found the opportunity again. This time he was ready, so this spade he gave to the beast was particularly strong.

The nine-ring monk spade hit the Lion Tiger Beast's waist like a golden meteor. This time The Lion Tiger Beast is not only so painful. The moment the monk spade falls, but also the bones are broken. The cracking sound is ringing, and at the same time, there is the roar of trembling!

Monk Tang seized the opportunity to attack in succession. In the end, The Lion Tiger Beast was unwilling to scream, it still killed Monk Tang's hands.

‘Ding Dong, congratulations to the host for beheading The Lion Tiger Beast and rewarding 50 points for experience values.’

Hearing the system's prompt, Monk Tang was a bright eye. I didn't expect this Lion Tiger Beast was worth so many experience values. It seems that it can already be upgraded. Monk Tang immediately opened the character panel to check it:

Host: Monk Tang

Occupation: Monk (sutras seeker)

Level: 4

Experience: 110/80

Skills: Complete Buddhist scriptures

Props: Brocade Kasaya, Nine-Ring Monk Spade, and three-hoops (fake)

Sure enough, after killing The Lion Tiger Beast, the experience value has accumulated to 110 points which are enough to be upgraded again. Monk Tang said without any hesitation: "System, I want to upgrade!"

‘Ding Dong, congratulations on the level of the host being upgraded to one level, and the lack of experience do not meet the conditions for continued upgrading! ’

Immediately after the upgrade, the task panel changed:

Host: Monk Tang

Occupation: Monk (sutras seeker)

Level: 5

Experience: 30/160

Skills: Complete Buddhist scriptures

Props: Brocade Kasaya, Nine-Ring Monk Spade, and Gold three-hoop Ring(fake)

After seeing Monk Tang finally killing The Lion Tiger Beast, Sun Wukong jumped down from the tree and said, "Master, I can stand it this time, have I? I never felt the urge to shoot!"

Saying this in his mouth, but a flash of golden light in his eyes, Sun Wukong felt that after killing the Lion Tiger Beast, the realm of Monk Tang was elevated. This made Sun Wukong puzzled. Can a fight raise the cultivation? This is one thing even he can't do!

Monk Tang didn't know that his level improvement immediately made Sun Wukong aware of it. Hearing Sun Wukong's words, Monk Tang was twitching his face. This monkey even dared to come to take credit for his achievements. How couldn’t he find this monkey was so shameless? He was grinning and smiling, "That's really hard for you!"

"Hey, no hard work, no hard work, I'm not tired at all, it's very interesting to watch!" Sun Wukong laughed and blinked at Monk Tang. He almost enraged to twist Monk Tang's nose. The monkey was definitely intentional.

However, Monk Tang is not tangled in this aspect but looks at the dead The Lion Tiger Beast, drooling. This tiger forest is really a natural treasure house of ingredients. There is no need to move the place to automatically bring the ingredients to the door, first is a large cock, and then a big boar, and now there is a tiger waiting for him to eat!

The thought of eating, Monk Tang is to start cooking it immediately, he thinks that it must be his brunch.

As for Monk Tang, flaying and plucking can be said to be extremely skilled. The Lion Tiger Beast was quickly broken down. The Lion Tiger Beast looked very large and was similar to that wild boar, but its body was not big. After picking meat down, those are two hundred pounds.

Chapter 19 Flogging You with A Tiger Penis.

In the resentful eyes of Sun Wukong, I used the Wukong’s fire again to ignite the wood, and Monk Tang cooked again. Of course, it's a damn barbecue, but there are more ways to do it. One way is cooking with naked fire and another way is dark fire. The Beggar’s Chicken is roasted on a dark fire. The Lion Tiger Beast is using a method the same as that chicken!

After roasting, it is still enjoyed by Monk Tang alone. The meat of The Lion Tiger Beast and wild pork are comparable, and the flavor is very strong, but the meat of The Lion Tiger Beast contains more energy about three times than wild pork.

After eating the belly, the warm current is very obvious. In the process of strengthening the physique, Monk Tang can even see his body emitting a bright light, like being coated with a layer of gold, just like the golden body!

This is a manifestation that very abundant energy is in the body or in the cells. The cells have no time to absorb, so there is some spillover, and the light diffuses outward.

After eating and drinking, washing off the blood on his body and changing into a moon-white monk's clothes, the master and apprentice returned to the road.

Of course, Monk Tang added a burden to Sun Wukong. Monk Tang remained the rest meat and roast it with fire. Then he packed it with the tiger skin and bring it together. One thing he did not throw away is the huge tiger penis. The Lion Tiger Beast is a male, and it is a great supplement for men. Naturally, Monk Tang will not throw it away.

Real man, he has to make up, although he is still a single dog!

Of course, Sun Wukong was naturally disgusted when he saw it, so he didn't want to carry it, but after Monk Tang's persuasion, finally, he gritted his teeth as if he had eaten a rotten peach.

Monk Tang walked in front and looked back at the expression of Sun Wukong's constipation. There was a dark heart in his heart: Hum, let you play a prank with me in the morning, and I will show you some lessons!

After three hours, the two masters and apprentices finally passed through the tiger and monk forest. It is strange that Monk Tang never found a living creature along the way. Monk Tang who was thinking of upgrading was quite sorry, Monk Tang cursed, did all the animals in the tiger forest die?

In fact, what Monk Tang didn't know was that the reason they didn't see other living creatures along the way was not that there was no tiger in the forest, but because of the tiger skin and the tiger penis. Lion Tiger Beast is dead, but his power is still there. The scent of on tiger penis and tiger skin is the strongest.

When other animals felt the smell of The Lion Tiger Beast, they naturally avoided it. The Lion Tiger Beast is the real overlord in the tiger forest. That is to say, when they met a foreigner, they lost their lives!

‘Ding Dang, congratulations to the host, complete the task of going through Tiger Forest, reward 60 experience points! ’

When stepping out of the Tiger Forest, the system prompt sounded immediately, Monk Tang's brow frowned. The 60-point experience was a bit unexpected and a bit lower than Monk Tang's expectations.

Monk Tang couldn't help asking: "System, how did I get 60 points of experience? The Lion Tiger Beast should be the big boss in the Tiger Forest. I killed it before I had to travel through the Tiger Forest. This experience, is low? "

System: ‘Not low, the reason why you didn’t get more rewards is that you have to travel a little bit longer than the best time for evaluation!’

Monk Tang heard his mouth open, Damn it, time limit? Why didn't you say it earlier?

"Master, what's wrong with you? Stop for a while?" Sun Wukong asked after seeing Monk Tang out of the forest.

"Nothing serious!" After hearing that, Monk Tang shook his head in dismay. The task of going through Tiger Forest is indeed time-limited, and it is the only time-limited task that will not appear in the future. 60points of experience value is the minimum reward. The reward of 60 points of experience value to Monk Tang is like passing a test!

Monk Tang is in a complicated mood!

Monk Tang said, holding on to monk spade, kept on walking and if he remembered correctly, Monk Tang remembered a gang and a small village will appear after coming out of the Tiger Forest.

These two are what Monk Tang wants to meet. He can get experience when he meets a robber. When he meets someone, he can have a good meal. Although the barbecue is delicious, Monk Tang lacks the seasoning. He felt something missing in the meal.

In addition, there are insufficient cooking tools to show his cooking skills. He thinks that eating barbecue wastes ingredients!

Out of the Tiger Forest, after walking twelve or three miles away, we could vaguely see a few households located with cooking smoke rising. Monk Tang looked at the sky, and it was time to prepare dinner in the evening.

Monk Tang smiled at this, and finally, he no longer needs to sleep without covers.

In the mood, his speed is much faster.

"Master, it's not good, there is a robber in front as if robbing the small village in front?" At this moment Sun Wukong's eyes bloomed with gold, and he looked at the small village in the distance and said suddenly.

"Really? Let's stop it. We must not let the robbers harm the villagers!" Monk Tang was surprised when he heard the words. Damn it, the robbers are equal to experience in Monk Tang's eyes.

"Okay, Master, hurry me!" Sun Wukong replied, and a flash appeared beside Monk Tang.

Huh? What do you mean? Monk Tang sniffed, and then left a stream of screams in the air!

Monk Tang: Ahhhhhh ...

"Master, we are here!" Sun Wukong said.

"Good job, Wukong!" Monk Tang burst into tears, damn it, the damn monkey, and drag racing, you should give me time to prepare to fly, how can you kill the monster with my soft scared legs!

The sudden appearance of Monk Tang and Sun Wukong made the villagers and robbers stunned, but the lesser-known robbers and villagers did not realize how powerful Sun Wukong was. A bearded robber stood up and courageously said: "who are you, the monk with a fur-faced face and a bald little monk, eh? The little monk is very charming! Would you like to come to me and accompany me for a while !?"

What the hell, Monk Tang's face immediately turned black, wondering if he would take the tiger penis out and slash the damn man!

However, he thought about it and give up, it's too wasteful to eat!

"Well, a dumb? If you don’t talk, I think you agree!" Beard saw Monk Tang black-faced and laughed!

The bearded man said to one of the robbers, "Go, hack the hairy monk to death, and catch the bald little monk., I will enjoy him tonight!"

"Yes!" The accused robber rushed towards Sun Wukong after playing with a knife, raised the knife and chopped down. The scared villagers were exclaimed, while the beard and others were smirking and imaged that it was a very beautiful process when people were split the two halves and then slowly separated!

Chapter 20 Goblins, get out!

The villagers screamed and reminded to avoid, seeing that the robber's sword was about to hit the hairy monk, but whether it was the hairy monk or the bald little monk, both of them seemed to be scared and stopped to move.

Monk Tang did want to move, but he couldn't do anything. This is the aftermath of drag racing came out. His legs are now soft!

Sun Wukong didn't move because he doesn’t care about the little robber. But a little robber dared to do something to him and waved his knife. Sun Wukong was also angry, with a mocking smile on the corner of his mouth, and rushed towards him, blowing a breath of air like him!

"Stop!" When Monk Tang watched Sun Wukong move, he was so loud and wanted to stop him, but it was too late. Sun Wukong blew through the robber in an instant, and the robber's flesh disappeared instantly. And then his white bones are like efflorescence, and become white bone powder!

Seeing this scene, Monk Tang was also dazzled and realized that Sun Wukong was powerful, but Monk Tang soon became angry. Damn it, this monkey dare to steal my chance to defeat those goblins!

"Master, why can't I kill these robbers? Shouldn't they be killed?" He heard Monk Tang's voice, Sun Wukong asked a little unpleasantly, and he was a little impatient to stop him at this time. Sun Wukong believes that they all should be killed, which is to be correct!

There was a sudden shock in Tang’s heart. The monkey's evil Qi was really heavy. He noticed the monkey is unhappy, but Monk Tang was not very scared of him. He said, "It's not that you can't kill, but you shouldn't kill. I taught you something that you have to learn to tolerate. Besides, let me do such things! "

Monk Tang secretly moved his legs and feet. He felt no longer weak on his feet, and he can kill goblins!

Sun Wukong's eyes flickered, his eyes flickered, and after a while, he said, "Master, I'm wrong. Next time if you won't let me do it, I will definitely not do it!"

" A stupid guy can be taught!" Monk Tang nodded comfortably, reached out and stroked Sun Wukong's head, and wiped all the sweat stains from the palm of his hand on the monkey's head. Monk Tang felt much cooler at the moment, and it was less slipper while he was holding the monk spade!

When did the villagers and robbers see such a terrible and weird scene, a big living person turned into a pile of bone powder in front of everyone, and they come to be frightened After a long time to realize it, they all screamed and escaped away.

The robbers ran faster and ran towards the small village!

When Monk Tang saw this scene, he immediately became angry, and the goblins got in his hands must not run away, so he yelled, "My goblins, where do you run?"

Monk Tang yelled like thunder, and the timid villagers suddenly fell into a coma. The village became more chicken and dog jumping, even more, chaotic than when the robber robbed him just now!

While shouting, Monk Tang picked up a monk spade and chased after the robber who had run away.

Seeing this, Sun Wukong followed lightly, whispering in his mouth: " goblins, where are the goblins, did the Master notice the wickedness of these robbers? Master did not show what you are really capable of!"

Although the robber runs fast, it is just an ordinary person. The speed is naturally worse than Monk Tang, who is at level 5. Just after running out of the village, a bearded robber was caught up by Monk Tang. Monk spade held up and hit the bearded robber. this guy must die!

With a click, the head of the bearded robber burst like a watermelon!

‘Ding Dong, congratulations to the host for beheading a robber and rewarding 10 experience value! ’

Hearing the system prompt, Monk Tang's mouth suddenly flickered. Without any pause at his feet, he came to another robber and raised a monk spade to kill him!

‘Ding Dong, congratulations to the host for beheading a robber and rewarding 10 experience value! ’

‘Ding Dong, congratulations to the host for beheading a robber and rewarding 10 experience value! ’

‘Ding Dong, congratulations to the host for beheading a robber and rewarding 10 experience value! ’


One gangster after another died under Monk Tang's monk spade, and Monk Tang didn't stop until the last robber remained.

Seeing this, he was always puzzled behind Monk Tang and asked, "Master, why don't you kill that robber?"

Hearing that, Monk Tang gave a glance at Sun Wukong and said in a didactic tone: "Who said that the robber should be pardoned, I am deliberate to do so, in order to let him lead us a way to find the robber's cottage, we should resolve the roots. You should learn from me, Wukong! this is called kill it once and for all! "

Sun Wukong's eyes flashed as if he was tasting Monk Tang's words. It took a while before he said, "I have been taught!"

"good, you had the root of wisdom that can lead one to the truth!" Monk Tang patted Sun Wukong's shoulder, exclaiming.

Then he glanced at him, and said that the robber was about to run away, and said, "Let's go, we keep up!"


" my lord, my lord, it's bad! The Little King and his followers are all dead!"

The robber crawled all the way back to their nest. Before he entered the nest, he cried and screamed.

Brush, a flash of silver light, with a face of a sharp-billed monkey gill, a wretched middle-aged man with silver hair appeared in front of the robber!

As soon as the silver-haired middle-aged man appeared, he immediately caught the robber and asked, "What are you talking about? The second king and his troops are dead? Didn't the little king take you to rob a small village? Why did they die? What happened? What happen?"

"my, my, my lord, we did rob a small village. In the beginning everything went well. Those villagers did not dare to resist. Just when we were preparing to rob their food, belonging and some beautiful ladies. I don't know where two monks came from! "The robber said intermittently.

"You mean, the little king was killed by two monks?" The middle-aged man asked.

"Yes, one looks like the Thunder God, the other one is a small bald head, both of them are too powerful, especially the Fur-faced monk is even more powerful, killing the Old Dao by one breath! It is terrible!"


Heard that silver-haired people couldn't help taking a breath, even if he couldn't blow a person to death!

Who is that hairy monk? Will be……? Man, who is Middle-aged with silver hair, is a little embarrassed and afraid!

"Well, what about the little king and his people, who were also killed by the monk?" Then he asked.

"No, no, it was the little bald mon. He was too cruel. When a monk spade went down on their heads, the heads of the little kings were gone. They were all killed by smashing the head. My Lord, you have to take revenge for them!

The silver-haired man, just about to speak, has changed his face, and whispered that something bad is going on!

At this time, a thunderous voice passed into their ears!

"Goblins, get out!"

Chapter 21 the Silver-Fur Mouse

Monk Tang, following Sun Wukong all the way, really came to the robber's nest.

But when he saw this robber's nest, Monk Tang was disappointed. What kind of cottage is this? It's just a cave.

Seeing this, Monk Tang knew that the bandits, maybe just a few people, will not be more, Monk Tang knew it that thinking about killing a few more robbers and accumulating experience was ruined!

But killing one can also get little experience value, at least the released one must be killed, and then Monk Tang headed for the cave.

However, he was dragged by Sun Wukong, Monk Tang asked in wonder: "What's wrong with you? Wukong?"

"Master, I felt a strong smell of demon in the cave!" Sun Wukong said.

Hearing, Monk Tang was startled immediately. Goblins? According to Monk Tang's analysis, at least those are at level 10 or above. He is not an opponent to them now. If he is not prepared, he may go in face to face with those goblins and may be clicked off!

"Wukong, do you know what goblins they are?" Monk Tang asked.

"let me take a look at it!" Sun Wukong said verbally, but there was doubt in his heart. Didn't Master find any goblins? What happened to the " goblins " Master said before?

Two golden flames burned in the eyes of Sun Wukong, and the golden light bloomed from the eyes. Sun Wukong stared at the direction of the cave and said for a while, "Master, that goblin is a Silver-Fur Mouse, who just became a goblin for not so long and can only be the king among a group of common people! Master, do you need me to catch him! ”

Monk Tang nodded, and his sleeves fluttered, "Well, let's go, I allow you!"

"Goblins, get out!" However, Sun Wukong didn't move and just yelled when Monk Tang's voice just came down.

What the hell, a loud voice, Monk Tang jumped up when he heard the voice: "Amitabfa, what do you do, monkey? Do you want to scare me to death!? Didn't you say you want to catch? Why did you shout? "I slammed Sun Wukong's head with a monk spade, and his furious anger flew!"

"Um, Master, I didn't mean it. It was too shameful to catch a little goblin!" Sun Wukong said, scratching his head, and a monk spade by Monk Tang was not enough to tickle him.

Damn, what a proud monkey, but instead of catching it, you can’t just catch the goblins by shouting!

"forget about losing face, hurry up, who would it be responsible for it if the goblins ran away?" Monk Tang waved his hand, and served!

"Yes, Master, I know!" Seeing Monk Tang saying so, Sun Wukong no longer insisted, and he entered the cave changing himself into a golden light, then he came out soon. In front of Monk Tang, and one person was thrown by Wukong to the ground.

"Where're the goblins?" Monk Tang asked, glancing at the man on the ground, who was the robber who had been released before, but the robber was dead, his eyes widened and he was scared to death!

"they ran away, when I enter, there is only this scared guy! Master, what shall we do next?" Sun Wukong said.

Monk Tang flipped helplessly, glanced at the cave, and said, "Throw this man in that cave, destroy this cave, leave nothing to no other robbers, and then we will go back to that small village to find a house to live in Down, and then make a meal! "

"yes, Master!" Sun Wukong nodded, kicking the robber's body into the cave, and then took out Monkey King Bar, which quickly became larger and banged, and then the hill where the cave was located was destroyed!

Seeing this, Monk Tang nodded with satisfaction and waved his hand: "come on, my pupil, let’s go home for dinner!"

As the two walked away, at the foot of the collapsing hill, a piece of earth and stone rose up, and then a giant rat with silver scales over two meters in length got out of the ground, only to hear the rat saying: "Damn, my cave, that damn monk, that damn Supervisor for Heavenly Horses, I will kill you sooner or later!"

"Do you know my apprentice?" A voice sounded abruptly, and the scales of the Silver-Fur Mouse stood upright!

The Silver-Fur Mouse immediately was about escaping, but when a bigfoot stepped on it, it was shocked to find that it couldn't move, as if it was sealed, and at the same time a voice sounded at the same time: "Do you know me?"

The Silver-Fur Mouse heard the voice of Sun Wukong, the whole body was scarred and stiff, damn it, wasn't that the voice of Supervisor for Heavenly Horses!

"Say it, do you know me? Don't say, step on you to death!" Sun Wukong said.

" of course I, I, know you, you are the Monkey King, my Grandpa! You made troubles in Heaven, and this story is spread among all the goblins. You are the role model of all our goblins, and you are a Hero! Everyone is fantasizing that they will be able to make trouble as you did! "The Silver-Fur Mouse said and its eyes were rolled.

Heard that, Monk Tang thought that 'what the hell' in his heart. What a good obsequious mouse! And then he glanced at Sun Wukong. This monkey is obviously very comfortable with his flattering. Though this Silver-Fur Mouse can cheat on Sun Wukong, he couldn't be cheated.

"You lied!" Monk Tang yelled sharply, staring like a knife, piercing the heart of the Silver-Fur Mouse.

Sun Wukong heard a word and looked at Monk Tang with a puzzled look. Why didn't he realize it? This guy was lying to me? Master, wouldn’t you be jealous of me?

Monk Tang ignored the meaning of Sun Wukong's eyes and looked at the Silver-Fur Mouse and said, "You said you knew me as an apprentice, and I don't doubt it, but you said that you treat me as a hero and an idol for study, but you What did you call my apprentice just now? If I heard correctly, you should call him Supervisor for Heavenly Horses? "

"Well ... Supervisor for Heavenly Horses! Don't you know that my apprentice really hates being called him like that? This is a stain on his back then. You call my pupil like this; I can't understand how much you worship my pupil!? "

Sun Wukong would also be a bit frizzy when he listened to him, and his anger began to burn, and being the Supervisor for Heavenly Horses was indeed the stain of him that year, the stain left by the old man, called Perelandra that year.

"tell me, why did you lie to me, how did you know that?" Sun Wukong said in a cold voice. After hearing what Monk Tang said just now, Sun Wukong also fully understood. This Silver-Fur Mouse is making fun of him. It’s true that the mouse was flattering. And he was playing the fool with him.

The bones of the Silver-Fur Mouse squeaked under Wukong’s foot, its scales began to crack, and the Silver-Fur Mouse howled!




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Chapter 22 An Implosion

The Silver-Fur Mouse was screamed by Sun Wukong, saying, "my Monkey King, please let me alone! Please raise your noble feet, and I will be trampled to death! Ah ~ it hurts, painful!"

"Ah? Huh, you can let me not step on you, but tell me first, how did you know me? Without telling the truth, I'll step on you the next moment!" Sun Wukong hummed coldly.

Monk Tang watched coldly and let Sun Wukong ask questions. The Silver-Fur Mouse was very afraid of Sun Wukong. This can be seen!

"It was my Lord who sent me here to wait specifically for you, saying that I should send him messages in time if you are here!" The Silver-Fur Mouse did not have too much backbone, so frightened by Sun Wukong, he immediately said something.

It was said that Monk Tang frowned, and did not expect that there was another king behind the Silver-Fur Mouse and that the king sent him here to wait for them to pass, but what's the point of doing this? Monk Tang couldn't figure it out.

"tell me, who is your king and where is him?" Sun Wukong asked.

"well, ah ..." the Silver-Fur Mouse hesitated. Tears flowed, one reason was scary, and the other one was the pain.

"Say it!" Sun Wukong screamed and clicked, the scales of the Silver-Fur Mouse cracked, peeled off, and blood flow.

"Ah, My Monkey King, please spare my life, not because I don’t want to say it, but I can't say it!" The Silver-Fur Mouse screamed!

"Why can't you say it?" Monk Tang asked questions, among them, there are some odds. The Silver-Fur Mouse appearing here is one of the odds that the king behind him sent him here to monitor their past.

"Because, if I said, I will die!" The Silver-Fur Mouse cried.

"Dead? Huh, if you don't say it, you're going to die soon but tragically!" Sun Wukong said sharply, and his impatient temper came up. He was impatient, his whole body was surging, and his feet were harder, The Silver-Fur Mouse has begun to spray blood!

"Wukong, be merciful at your feet, don't kill him!" Monk Tang hurriedly saw this, the Silver-Fur Mouse couldn't die yet.

"Stop!" Hearing Monk Tang's voice, Sun Wukong stared back at Monk Tang and yelled, his eyes were filled with suffocation.

Monk Tang was startled at first, but he struck his scepter against the monkey's head fiercely when he returned his hand: "Who are you yelling at? Wake up, can’t you control yourself because of little thing?! "

Suddenly, the anger in Sun Wukong's eyes disappeared, and his eyes cleared and said, "Master, I'm wrong again!"

Seeing this scene, the Silver-Fur Mouse was stunned, and even forgot the pain, what he saw, a bald monk slammed the head of the demon king Sun Wukong fiercely. Sun Wukong not only was not angry, but instead looked like a good baby admits mistakes, and he really wants to ask Sun Wukong: Are you really the Monkey King, Sun Wukong?

"Yeah!" Monk Tang murmured softly, and then said, "Let me do the next!"

Monk Tang looked at the Silver-Fur Mouse, with a sunny smile on his face, looking very kind, and asked, "Little mouse, come on, be obedient, you said you can’t say or dare to say it because you are afraid of him and the king will kill you after he knows you did it!? "

How handsome! The Silver-Fur Mouse looked at Monk Tang with a sunny smile on his face, and said in his heart, if he was steamed with sugar, it would be delicious, but after hearing Monk Tang's words, he waked up and wake up. Little mouse? Your whole family is a little mouse!

Although he had unspoken criticism, he felt Sun Wukong's feet started to strengthen again, the Silver-Fur Mouse said, "Yes!"

"Oh, that's the case. If that's the case, you don't have to be afraid. Since you know my apprentice, then you know what he is capable of. As long as you say who your king is, we guarantee that your king will not hurt you! Monk Tang said immediately when the Silver-Fur Mouse was moved.

"Really?" The Silver-Fur Mouse asked, glancing at Sun Wukong at the same time.

"You don't have to look at him, I am in charge of it here!" Monk Tang said this, and Sun Wukong just snorted and didn't refute.

The Silver-Fur Mouse saw this eye light up, and at the same time, his heart was shocked. The monk felt very good, and said, "Okay, I said, my Lord, lives in ..."

Monk Tang and Sun Wukong both had their eyes lit. This damn the Silver-Fur Mouse is finally about to say, they listened to it, and then they don’t hear its voice. The only thing they heard is that the Silver-Fur Mouse screams terribly!

"Ah, no, My Lord! I was wrong, and I was wrong, so please spare my life, I will never dare to do this again!"

"What the hell, what the hell is this?" Monk Tang was startled by the sudden scream of the Silver-Fur Mouse.

"Not good, Master, retreat!" Sun Wukong's expression suddenly changed, so roared, a flashing body appeared next to Monk Tang, then grabbed Monk Tang's arm and disappeared in place.

With a bang, the Silver-Fur Mouse screamed and glowed at the moment and then disappeared, and it was exploded. The ancient trees and boulders within a kilometer were all blown up and shattered. A huge deep pit appeared.

Monk Tang, who appeared two kilometers away, couldn't help but swallow his saliva and was frightened for a while.

"What the hell, what the hell is going on here? Scared me!" Monk Tang said warily.

"Wukong, thank you for saving my life!" Monk Tang said sincerely, looking at Sun Wukong next to him.

"Hey, hey ..." Sun Wukong scratched his head, and a flush appeared on the monkey's face, saying, "Yes! It was my duty"

Monk Tang saw this fun, and this Sun Wukong was actually shy, so cute, he said, "Wukong, that fairy blew himself up?"

"Self-exploding?" Sun Wukong shook his head. "Master, the Silver-Fur Mouse was not self-explosive, and then someone controlled it!"

With that said, Sun Wukong's eyes flashed coldly, and then he said, "The one who controls the Silver-Fur Mouse's self-detonation should be the king that the Silver-Fur Mouse said, and that guy should be aware that the Silver-Fur Mouse wants to say where he is, so he chose to sacrifice the Silver-Fur Mouse! "

Monk Tang's eyes flickered when he heard that the world was really different from the original, so there was no mention in the original of the ability to control the self-explosion. There're must someone behind him!

Although the King manipulated the Silver-Fur Mouse to explode, protecting his identity from being exposed.  Monk Tang became more interested in the King of the Silver-Fur Mouse.

While the Silver-Fur Mouse blew itself up, a dark-faced demon king sneered and said in a huge but gorgeous cave with dim light in the distance: "Hmm, wanting to betray me is your end of death. I will wait for you, Golden Cicada X! "

Under the throne of the black-faced demon king,  a group of the little demons was shivering tremblingly and kneeling!

Chapter 23 Wukong, It’s All Your Fault

The Master and apprentice got back to the scene of the implosion and wanted to see if there were any clues left.

However, it was clear that Monk Tang was disappointed. The mouse that blew up thoroughly, leaving only a few pieces of scale armor, but nothing!

"Let's go, Wukong, let's go back to that small village and rest overnight. We will continue on the road tomorrow. Since the demon king is very concerned about us, we will probably meet him sooner or later!" Said Monk Tang, putting monk spade on his shoulders, Go towards the direction of that small village!

On the way to it, Monk Tang opened the character panel. He had killed seven robbers. Monk Tang remembers that he should be able to upgrade again:

Host: Monk Tang

Occupation: Monk (sutras seeker)

Level: 5

Experience: 160/160

Skills: Complete Buddhist scriptures

Props: Brocade Kasaya, Nine-Ring Monk Spade, Gold three-hoop Ring (fake)

Sure enough, the experience of upgrading to level 6 is full. Seeing this, Monk Tang upgrades without hesitation.

‘Ding Dong, congratulations to the host, you have increased by one level, but lack of experience does not meet the conditions to upgrade again! ’

Host: Monk Tang

Occupation: Monk (sutras seeker)

Level: Level 6

Experience: 0/320

Skills: Complete Buddhist scriptures

Props: Brocade Kasaya, Nine-Ring Monk Spade, Gold three-hoop Ring (fake)

After that, Monk Tang immediately felt a lot stronger and full of energy, and because he didn't need to track the robber, so he came back faster, it only took less than one-fifth of the time. Those two came to the small village again.

At this moment, it was dark, but the small village went complete peacefulness, but Monk Tang could feel that the people in the small village were all inside the house, looking out through the window slit.

The robber's body is still at the entrance of the village, they posed what they were like when the two persons left, and obviously the people in the village have not come out of the house after they left!

The corpses cannot be left like this, and the bloody smell of them will likely attract other beasts. In addition, the corpses will quickly rot and breed an epidemic situation in hot weather, so after seeing Monk Tang, he said to Sun Wukong: "Wukong, you make arrangements for these corpses! "

Sun Wukong: "Huh?" How dare he let Ben Dasheng do the work?

Monk Tang said: "Just bury them. Anyway, it’s good, as long as you can't see anybody and blood on the ground!"

Sun Wukong nodded and said, "Copy that!" Then I saw Sun Wukong lame, and a huge and unknown-deep crack appeared, like a largemouth, swallowing the body with the blood on the ground. Now, and then it was closed, and the ground seems to have not happened anything!

Monk Tang was stunned. The magic spell was really NiuBi(awesome). Monk Tang was envious him for a while, but if he wanted to learn the spell, only could he do is to wait he updates to until the level 10, system mall would open!

After dealing with the corpse, Monk Tang walked towards a family, prepared to stay overnight, and used their kitchen to make a delicious meal for themselves, but he ran up against a stone wall when he knocks the first one’s door. They not only did not open the door but also screamed when the door was knocked by Tang!

This happened several times since then. Monk Tang is speechless. Are he and the monkey so scary?

I am so sunny and handsome, Monk Tang said so in his heart.

However, Monk Tang can understand the mood of these villagers. Fear is right. First, they were scared by the robbers enough, and then they saw Sun Wukong kill someone by blowing his breath, and it was still in slow motion so that others could see clearly. Not to mention those villagers, even Monk Tang, are a little scared!

As for the scene where he beheaded the robber at the village entrance and blasted the robber's head, the villagers didn't see it, Monk Tang didn't know, okay, that behavior was not seen by the villagers. How could he, such a sunny and handsome monk, do bloody things like that!

Alas, the monkeys did it! Monk Tang said to himself brazenly!

"Wukong, it’s all your fault. You see, you scared the villagers and they didn't dare to leave the house?" Monk Tang said.

Sun Wukong: "Ha?" Master, you are so brazen, how can you blame me for this? When you killed, you were fiercer than me. Of course, Sun Wukong thought about those words in his heart, no way to say it out. These days, Sun Wukong also has understood some of his master's temperament, he is definitely a vengeful person, and he will pay back when Wukong is not prepared.

Seeing Sun Wukong not talking, Monk Tang waved his hand and glanced at the closed door of the villager. Monk Tang was helpless. Is he going to sleep without cover again tonight? Monk Tang felt bitter and miserable. He wants to sleep in a bed. He didn’t want Simmons, just a hard bed!


Just as Monk Tang looked up and shed tears into his heart, the door of a farmer's house rang, a little head was exposed, and at the same time, one cute but scared voice sounded: " are, are you looking for somewhere to sleep? "

The sound was a bit abrupt, but Monk Tang was very happy to hear it, and hurriedly looked at the owner of that little head. It was a little girl, eight or nine years old, with two sky-toward braids, leaning timidly behind the door.

At this moment Monk Tang was crying and moved, but there was no extra movement, for not scaring the little girl: "This younger sister, are you inviting us to visit me to your house?" the child's heart is beautiful, Monk Tang Heartfelt admiring her!

But before the little girl answered, a big hand pulled it in from behind the door, and the voice came: "Little sister, what are you doing? You are not afraid to let bad guys in our house!" This is a man's sound.

"But, father, they helped us to hit the robbers running away, they are good people!" The little girl's voice sounded!

Monk Tang heard that he was moved again. This little girl is so sensible, she knows right and wrong more than adults.

After taking a look at the moon-white monk's clothes that were not stained or stained with blood, he held monk spade and went to the little girl's house, saying, "Oh Almsgiver, Almsgiver, we are really good people, we only kill bad people, Don’t kill good people, please don’t be afraid, my apprentice and I just want to stay overnight, and by the way, use a cooker to make some food! ”

After speaking, Monk Tang stared at the door, his eyes were full of hope. If he could successfully stay, Monk Tang would only think that this family was the only one to allow them to stay!


The door opened again. This time, instead of revealing a little head, it was three brains showing, two big and one small. This is a family of three!

Obviously, both the host and the hostess had obvious alertness in their eyes and looked up and down Monk Tang as if he was lying.

The appearance of Monk Tang is definitely a bonus. It is beautiful and unusual, plus a kind smile, it is easy to make people think he is good, especially Monk Tang is at a higher and higher level, and his charm is also getting more alluring. It took little time that the couple thought Monk Tang is a good person.

Of course, if they haven't seen this young monk banging heads by monk spade, it would be even better! Tang and Wukong thought.

Chapter 24 Golden Money Meat!

In the end, Monk Tang still found a family to stay as he wished. It was the family of three with the little girl.

Monk Tang chatted with the family for a while to understand the situation of the family. The man’s surname is Zhang, called Zhang Jun, a well-behaved name. The mother of the girl is called Li Xiu. It is a beautiful young woman. That little girl is called Zhang Xiaomei.

In the process of chatting, Monk Tang finally let their defense down, and they became more enthusiastic.

Of course, the little girl always is warmhearted and she showed no awe for Monk Tang. But she was just curious about them, questions are all showing on the face. After the two persons entered the house, her big eyes kept looking at the bald head of Monk Tang for a while and looking at the long hair on Sun Wukong's face again!

"Master, you haven't eaten yet. My wife will cook for you in a moment!" Zhang Jun said to Monk Tang.

"Thank you, Almsgiver, but you only need to lend me a stove and some rice noodles. We bring our own food, and I will cook for ourselves. It’s better to ask Almsgiver to taste it. Now! and in this way to pay your kindness." Monk Tang heard this, saying that. Asking them to stay was just one of reason. Borrowing stoves to cook was more important. Jerky meat, especially tiger penis, if they don’t eat it, it would rot!

"Master, you are able to cook?" Zhang Jun heard his eyes brightened, Li Xiu looked over, Zhang Xiaomei still looked at the bald head of Monk Tang and the hairy face of Sun Wukong!

"Well, yes, I am. Not so good at it!" Monk Tang nodded, seemingly humble, but his tone was quite contented!

"It's great, then go head, Xiu, take the master to the kitchen!" Zhang Jun said excitedly.

Monk Tang: "Huh?" Monk Tang was a little embarrassed. Liu Jun doesn't show cards as routine, shouldn't it be blocked at this time? Why did you agree eagerly? Monk Tang gave Li Xiu a strange look. He thought that was Li Xiu's food awful to eat?

Zhang Jun is a little bit happy. The reason why he didn’t want Monk Tang to approve their stay is not only a bit scared, but also a more important reason, which is the problem of food. Zhang Jun does not want to share the food of the family with others. If it wasn't for Zhang Xiaomei, he definitely didn't want Monk Tang to come in!

At this moment, the bald monk in front of him not only said that he would cook, but more importantly, he brought his own ingredients. Hearing this Zhang Jun immediately was full of joy, and their food can save a little bit. Looking at Monk Tang muddled, Zhang Jun can't wait for Monk Tang to 'roll' into the kitchen with one kick: Damn, quickly cook! It is best to use your own ingredients!

Of course, the most important thing is that Zhang Jun smelled the meat. It was in that big parcel and the big parcel carried by him. Meat, that ’s meat. Zhang Jun did n’t know how long he hadn’t eaten meat. He can't help drooling when smells a meaty incense!

As for why the monk carried a large piece of meat, Zhang Jun wouldn’t take care of it! Just thinking about having meat to eat, that's enough. When Monk Tang went to the kitchen with the parcel, he knew that he would eat the meat!

The kitchen is not large. There is only one cooktop, but Monk Tang nodded with satisfaction. One pot is enough. Besides, the cooktop has two pots, which is enough to show his cooking skills!

Monk Tang took a brief look. The family of the family is not affluent, but of course, they are not poor. They have rice noodles and various seasonings. Although not as diverse as modern seasonings, salt is still available. It's enough to have this. Seeing this Monk Tang almost cried, these days his taste almost faded f**king out!

But the only thing missing was the oil. He searched the kitchen Monk Tang and did not see a drop of oil!

But it doesn't matter, because Monk Tang not only saves a tiger whip and jerky but also saves a piece of fat. With this piece of fat, oil wouldn’t be a problem.

Weighing up a cutting knife on the cutting board and tried it. It was slightly lighter, but it was quite great. After playing knife, Monk Tang started to cook officially. Lighting fire and washing pan are easy to handle, and then the knife flashed, and the fat was cut finely into chopped pieces and was stirred fry in a pan.

At the same time, another pot of white rice has been washed and he started to cook the rice!

The reason why the fat is cut into pieces is to make the fat quickly generate oil. Although this will inevitably be a bit stale, Monk Tang has no time to slowly fry the oil, under the fierce fire, quickly A large bowl of oil appeared, and the fragrance of the meat oil drifted out so that the family in the house swallowed and kept sniffing in the air.

"It's so fragrant, it's so fragrant. Is this the smell of meat?" Zhang Xiaomei didn't look at Wukong at this moment, closed her big eyes and sniffed on the ground, and said excitedly.

And the Monk Tang from the kitchen has begun to cook officially, leaving some oil in the bottom of the pot, and then Monk Tang pours the chopped pieces of scallion and ginger and garlic found in the kitchen into the pot and starts to cook. The smell blows up like a bomb!

Take out the jerky, cut into strips, pour into the pot, then stir fry, add water and start to simmer on fire!

This is the first dish prepared by Monk Tang. It's not that Monk Tang doesn't want to use tiger meat to make something else, but considering that Zhang Xiaomei is young and has some missing teeth, dishes can only be boiled and simmered in such a high fire, which is convenient for her chewing!

Next, Monk Tang was excited, which is the key dish of today. Looking at the tiger penis, Monk Tang sighed: How big it is!

Before becoming the Golden Cicada X, although Monk Tang had eaten a lot of delicious, there are still many things that have not been eaten, such as the monkey brain, such as the tiger penis, let alone such a large tiger whip!

At this time, the cooking skills of Monk Tang were shown, and the speed of cleaning the tiger penis was very fast. The bad leather was removed, and the most important thing was to remove an offensive smell. Then Monk Tang sliced ​​the tiger whip.

Without starch, Monk Tang had to make a little flour instead.

After the preparation of the tiger whip is finished, the stewed tiger meat is just stewed well, and the pan is filled with a large pot and two small pots of the meat.

Brush the pan, then pour the previously boiled oil into the pan and heat it. After the oil temperature reaches a certain level, Monk Tang's eyes suddenly flashed, the tiger penis dish was officially stared, and the sliced meat was poured into the pot. Then fry until it went gold, and then pour them into a pan, and soon a large plate of the golden sliced penis is completed! (Do you feel any hurt somewhere?)

Then Monk Tang evenly sprinkled some salt and pepper on that. The second dish ... the Gold Money Meat was also completed!

At the same time, in the other pot, the taste of rice fragrant and slightly fried rice was also fluttering out, and the rice was ready!

Monk Tang nodded with satisfaction. The craftsmanship is still there. The timing is just right. The staple food and dishes can be served together!

Chapter 25 The Dog Food

"Master, did you cook this all by yourself?" Zhang Jun said excitedly at the dinner table, pointing at the golden meat and stewed tiger meat, but they stutter a little because a mouthful of saliva would almost flow out, it was too fragrant!

"Yes, all was cooked by me. Almsgiver, you can taste it and see my skill!" Monk Tang said.

However, Zhang Jun did not immediately move the chopsticks but looked at the golden meat, and he always felt this stuff was familiar, and asked, "Master, can you ask what is the name of this dish? What is the material?"

"Almsgiver. This material is inconvenient for me to say, but the name of this dish is called Golden Money Meat!" Monk Tang said, blinking at Zhang Jun, giving Zhang Jun a look that all men understand it!

"Money Meat?" Zhang Jun murmured after hearing the words, then saw Monk Tang's eyes, his eyes widened, and suddenly he knew what it was. No wonder he was so familiar with it. Yes, he also ate donkey penis and it looks almost the same!

After understanding what this thing was, Zhang Jun's eyes almost spit some fire. This thing is definitely a great supplement. Looking at such a large plate and looking at the meat, it is not difficult for Zhang Jun to guess that this stuff must be very large. It must have been taken from a giant beast. The value of it cannot be measured anymore.

Thinking of this, Zhang Jun glanced at his wife who was sitting next to him and found that his wife was also blushing. Obviously, his wife also knew what it was. Zhang Jun decided that he would have great sex with his wife after having dinner!

Monk Tang is about to be jealous to vomit his blood. Zhang Jun and Li Xiumei are looking at each other. Monk Tang really looks at them, Damn it. Is this to sprinkle dog food for him, this single dog? Monk Tang can't stand this unexpected dog food!

Damn it and he won't share it with them! At a certain moment, Monk Tang looked at Zhang Jun and thought so.

"I want to eat meat. I want to eat meat!" Zhang Xiaomei shouted at this moment, the little girl felt strange, the meal was served, why don’t they eat it, why should they talk, and She would like to ask her mother: Why do you always roll your eyes at Daddy!

Hearing Zhang Xiaomei's voice, everyone around the table is back to normal, Zhang Jun and Li Xiu are not flirting, Monk Tang has eaten the dog food, and Sun Wukong lying on the beam of the house is disdainful: a group mortal!

"Okay, little Almsgiver, I will give you a piece of meat!" Monk Tang said with a smile and put a piece of braised tiger meat in Zhang Xiaomei's bowl.

"Don't, I don't want this meat, I want that Golden Money Meat!" But the little girl didn't appreciate it. Obviously, the strangely shaped gold money meat was more attractive to children, looking at the Gold Money Meat, with a pair of big eyes are bright.

Monk Tang is awkward, and Zhang Jun and Li Xiu are also awkward as well.

Monk Tang's face was indescribable. He didn't expect the little girl wanted to eat it, but this thing was not what a child should eat. He coughed twice. "Little one, this thing is not You can eat now! "

"My daughter, you can’t eat this thing, you are not allowed to eat it!" Zhang Jun said.

"My baby, be good, let's not eat this, let's eat this stew, this stew is better!" Li Xiu blushed.

"Why? it smells so good, why can't children eat it?" Zhang Xiaomei pouted.

After hearing this, Monk Tang's eyes turned and said: "This is that children can't eat it. You can eat it when you grow up. You need to wait for your teeth to grow up and wait for you to grow up. You may be able to eat it every day, don't worry! It will be ... "

"Master, okay, stop it!" Li Xi suddenly said at this moment, interrupting what Monk Tang said, his face flushed like a red balloon!

Monk Tang was interrupted and looked at Li Xiu in doubt. I don’t know why he interrupted himself. He was right. she could eat it when she grew up. When she grows up, no one would care about whether to buy it or to eat it. This is fine!

But looking at Li Xiu's anger in her eyes and her flushed face, Monk Tang was shocked and realized it!

What the hell, this female Almsgiver, you are so damn dirty, I have received so many film educations in ‘that’ area and I haven’t thought about that. How can you think about that? Monk Tang is so tired and wants to cry!

Feeling a little angry from her mother, Zhang Xiaomei pursed her lips and said, "If you don't let me eat it, then I don't do that!"

He ate the stewed tiger meat with a big oil mouth.

Monk Tang glanced at Zhang Xiaomei who was not tangled in Golden Money Meat, and said to Sun Wukong who was still licking peaches: "Are there any peaches? Bring one to the little girl!"

Sun Wukong on the room beam heard no squeak, saw a peach appear on the palm of his hand, and threw it into Monk Tang's hand.

Zhang Jun's family looked at each other by this means, and in a short time, they forgot the previous episode of ‘meat meat’.

The little girl was already eating, and the rest of the three people weren't waiting anymore.

Monk Tang picks up a piece of the meat and puts it in the mouth to bite. The flavor is extremely strong, the outside is crisp and tender, and the heat is extremely precise. Because it is fried with tiger meat, the taste is more fragrant. Monk Tang can even Without hesitation, this gold money meat is more delicious than any dish eaten in the last life.

The ingredients in this world are definitely not negotiable. If the ingredients in this world can be sold in previous lives, Monk Tang can guarantee that those can sell by sky-high price.

Clicking and clicking, Monk Tang kept eating, and he likes the meat. Although the stewed tiger meat was also delicious, compared to those two dishes, tiger meat was not as delicious as the Golden Money Meat.

Zhang Jun and Li Xiu also moved chopsticks. They were instantly conquered by delicious food. Zhang Jun also quickly succumbed to a few pieces of money, but he stopped after eating a few pieces. But it was too much for him. He couldn't stand it. He looked at Li Xiu with spitting eyes, and Li Xiu looked at him with a wink.

The two immediately hooked up. It was ... ahhhh, it triggered the ‘sky thunder’ and the ‘ground fire’!

"Master, you enjoy it slowly. Xiu and I remember that there is another important thing to do. Please help me take care of our daughter!" Zhang Jun stood up and said to Monk Tang, holding Li Xiu's hand in Monk. When Tang didn't respond, he ran away with Xiu!

Damn it, what's the situation, Monk Tang is a little embarrassed!

"Master, what Mom and Dad are going to do?" Zhang Xiaomei said with confusion.

Monk Tang shook his head, his eyes fell on the golden money meat ... what the hell!

Shouldn't it be ... what the hell, mortal, can't stand it after a few slices?

Monk Tang scorned, licking the meat, but he ate it as dog food because he wants a lover as well!

Chapter 26 I Want To Be A Dragon Knight

Ninety-nine percent of a large plate of meat was eaten by Monk Tang, and at the same time, Monk Tang ate most of the pot of stew.

As for this meal, Monk Tang was very comfortable. After eating Monk Tang was not in a hurry to clean up but watched Zhang Xiaomei, who was exuding a slight fluorescence, playing. Zhang Xiaomei was really a little child. Not only was she not afraid, but she was also jumping around excitedly.

"It's fun, it's fun, I will shine!" Zhang Xiaomei bounced to Monk Tang and said.

"Oh, okay, shining Xiaomei is even cuter!" Monk Tang rubbed her head.

It's strange that Zhang Xiaomei can glow, Monk Tang though. She is just a small child. Although she eats less, the energy in The Lion Tiger Beast's meat is still very strong compared to Zhang Xiaomei, a mortal girl.

In addition, Zhang Xiaomei also ate two peaches given by monkeys, which are not ordinary fruits. They were taken by Sun Wukong from Huaguo Mountain. That spiritual fruit is so strange that Zhang Xiaomei eats no light, but this is a good thing. After Zhang Xiaomei naturally absorbed these energies, Zhang Xiaomei could be reborn.

In other words, with the capital of cultivating immortals, even if it is not immortal, she can live a long life and be healthy without any illness!

"Oh? Master, you are also radiating light, Master will also shine!" Zhang Xiaomei bounced to Monk Tang again.

Heard that Monk Tang stunned a little, looked at his hand, and it really exudes a faint fluorescence. How could Monk Tang glaze himself, the energy of The Lion Tiger Beast should not be enough to let him shine!

Could it be ...

Boom! When Monk Tang thought of what the reason was, Monk Tang felt like he was wrapped in a blaze of flames, and the blaze was burning from his abdomen. Suddenly, Monk Tang felt very hot, and a wave of turbulent energy followed. A kind of energy was hitting and washing his body.

Every moment and every second, Monk Tang can feel that his physical body is constantly strengthening!

What the hell, This Lion Tiger Beast is definitely an erotic tiger, and it stores most of the energy in that thing. Monk Tang is no wonder that the size is a bit larger, compared with than other The Lion Tiger Beast! It can be said that The Lion Tiger Beast almost can be a great goblin if it doesn’t do that.

At the same time, Monk Tang also understood why Zhang Jun took a few slices and went out in a hurry!

Because he also has such a feeling now, so bloated, Monk Tang has a feeling that he can .......!

It really tonifies too much! Monk Tang felt a sense, opened his eyes and glanced at Zhang Xiaomei, why did it feel a little different?

So cute, so cute, such a thought suddenly appeared in Monk Tang's mind!

This idea scared Monk Tang as soon as he appeared, what the hell, it should be three years after the highest death penalty if he .......!

Although he thinks so, the more Zhang Xiaomei who looks and cuter. Monk Tang knows that this is all the trouble caused by the meat.

Monk Tang sat cross-legged quickly, silently in his mouth: "If the heart is clear, the sky will not be shocked, the heart ... three years ... ## @% ¥ **shock……"


"you, why did you stop, come on!" Li Xiu said, there was dissatisfaction with Zhang Jun in his voice, and it would be uncomfortable to stop.

"Wait for a minute, have we forgotten something?" Zhang Jun ignored the dissatisfaction of Li Xiu.

"Ah? What can we do, don't think so much, hurry up!" Li Xiu said.

Zhang Jun: "Did we forget the master and our little daughter? I just ate a few slices, and the master ate so much, will he ..."

Li Xiu: "..." what the hell, if you don't remind me,  I really forgot!

Li Xiu: "I'm going to be a dead ghost, why don't you say it early? You can't get up quickly, put on your shoes ... Little girl, you can't go wrong!" the young girl is too young to enjoy such an intense......

Zhang Jun: "..." Damn it, damn you, it's you who won't get me up, now it's you who got me up, it's really hard for a man to do it!

After a while, the two put on their shoes.

Looking at the bald little monk sitting cross-legged on the ground, and the little girl Zhang who was still playing, the couple was relieved, but also because they were not in the mood anymore. After they entered the house and cleaned the table, they Take Zhang Xiaomei to bed.

It is very important now to keep Zhang Xiaomei away from the bald young monk, especially when she saw that all the money and flesh were eaten up, and the couple was really frightened.

Feeling that the two came back and took Zhang Xiaomei, Monk Tang was relieved, and finally was able to absorb the majestic energy of the money and flesh at ease, and Zhang Xiaomei was bouncing nearby, but really couldn't let him concentrate ...... The child is so small and needs an adult to care for!

Absorbing refining energy, the physical body continues to become stronger!

Without a word overnight, Monk Tang woke up early. The energy of one night was absorbed by Monk Tang ’s body. It was Monk Tang's own perception, and his physique improved at least three to four levels, having the endless feeling.

Of course, Monk Tang knew that this was an illusion. After having breakfast, the apprentices said goodbye to the family of three kind people and continued their journey westward!


After saying goodbye to the family of three kind people, master and apprentice walked for many more days and finally came to Eagles Stream.

As soon as Eagles Stream was approached, the system beep sounded again:

System: ‘Ding Dong, congratulations to the host for another step forward on the westbound road. Now the system has released a new task: take an apprentice, Little White Dragon, the task experience value is 10-100 points. ’

Hearing the sound of the system, Monk Tang burst into tears, and he looked at the legs that had been significantly thicker and thicker these days. Mom sells batches, finally came to Eagles Stream? Finally, there is a new mount, no need to walk on his legs!

Thinking of it, Monk Tang was in fine fig, his sleeve waved, "Go, Wukong, let’s go grab mount with me!"

"Mounts? What mounts?" Sun Wukong asked when he heard the words.

"One dragon!" Monk Tang said looking at the Eagles Stream, his voice was a little excited. As long as he thought he would ride a dragon in the future, he felt very excited. Monk Tang remembered that in the previous life, it was a bit speechless to turn the little white dragon into a horse. Isn't it necessary at all? Riding a dragon is more powerful. As for dragon power, the dragon can completely converge and control his power!

In addition, if in the original Monk Tang rides a dragon, it will definitely have less trouble. The average little demon will definitely scare till the fart and urinate. How would you dare to shout to eat Monk Tang meat? That's great if he would not be eaten by the dragon!

What the hell, if the mount is a dragon, wouldn't it mean that I became a dragon knight? to get a knight gun or not? monk spade is not matched with the identity of a dragon knight!

Suddenly, Monk Tang thought and imagined a picture of being a dragon knight.

Chapter 27 Conjecture of Monk Tang

"Dragon? Master, you said that there is a dragon in front?" Sun Wukong asked, "Master, how do you know that?"

"Well, who am I? I know astronomy and geography. Can't I find a little dragon? Look at the Eagles Stream in front of you. It is a place where the dragon and the tiger are. There is a faint rise of the dragon spirit, and there must be a dragon! "Monk Tang snorted, serious nonsense.

Sun Wukong heard, and the golden light bloomed in his eyes, looking away at Eagles Stream. After a while, he said, "Master, you are really amazing. Eagles Stream really has a strong dragon spirit. Even if there is no real dragon, there must be a big demon with the blood of a real dragon. It can be taken as my mount without losing my identity of being a Master! "

"Oh, rest assured, Wukong, I'm sure it's absolutely a real dragon!" Monk Tang said firmly.

Saying so, Monk Tang unfolds quickly towards Eagles Stream, but in his heart is thinking about how to conquer Little White Dragon and make him willing to be his mount. In the original book, the reason why Monk Tang can conquer Little White Dragon is by the power of Guanyin.

But the world is completely different. Monk Tang even feels that if Guanyin did not try to trip him up, he will appreciate her!

In the process of walking, Monk Tang remembered everything about the little white dragon, and dragon Monk Tang was quite impressed by the impression of the little white.

Of course, it is not a good impression. From the perspective of Monk Tang, the little white dragon is a poor worm with a green hat, and it is still very green, and it can emit green light.

And this little white dragon was particularly unlucky. He accidentally burned the night pearl from the Jade Emperor and committed the death penalty. He was impressed with the night pearl Monk Tang. To be honest, the night pearl was so simple to burn, Monk Tang felt that there are strangers.

That was a gift from the Jade Emperor, and it must be a very important and powerful treasure. If it was just a simple night pearl, the Jade Emperor who is the Lord of Heaven and Earth would be too stingy. But that night the pearl was burnt down. A fire caused by a candlestick, Monk Tang felt strange, and the night pearl was too fragile.

In addition, Princess Halloween should have been cheating on him for a long time, and successfully concealed Little White Dragon for a long time, but it happened that the princess infidelity on their wedding day was suddenly unknown, as if they wanted Little White Dragon to know it.

Because of this, Little White Dragon was so angry that he accidentally caused a fire and burned the night pearl.

After the analysis, Monk Tang became more and more strange. The whole thing was like a conspiracy. One link was linked to the other. In the end, the unlucky child of Little White Dragon was in the way.

Another thing is that Princess Halloween ’s infidelity with Nine-headed Demon is also suspicious. Think about who the Little White Dragon is, that is the grandeur of the third Prince of the West Sea Dragon King, and his martial arts is strong, with a handsome face and attractive body, is definitely a proper high-rich handsome, super second generation!

In addition, Little White Dragon is very outstanding and has a great chance to inherit the throne of Dragon King in the West Sea. It can be said that Little White Dragon is definitely a promising high-end handsome, and is definitely the perfect lover in the hearts of all women!

Let ’s take a look at who the Nine-headed Demon is. Although his force is high, he looks ordinary and has no background. It is not comparable to Little White Dragon at all, but Princess Halloween is just not wanting Little White Dragon but had an affair with Derailed Nine-headed Demon.

Think about carefully, there may be many things hidden in it!

Of course, what exactly is hidden, Monk Tang can only figure it out by asking the person!


Eagles Stream is definitely a strange peak, and Monk Tang has felt the extraordinary circumstance and magnificence of this place.

Peaks flow precipitously above the precipitous peaks, and the huge deep lake below is translucent, which is definitely an excellent cultivation place.

However, Monk Tang didn't feel the existence of any creatures nearby. Monk Tang knew that it was all due to Little White Dragon. Feeling the power of Little White Dragon, and which creature dare to approach here!?

Looking at the deep pond, Monk Tang was in deep thought. He knew that the Little White Dragon was sleeping in the deep pond, but how can I get the Little White Dragon out? In the original book, Little White Dragon appeared because of eating the White Horse of Monk Tang and finally became the White Horse mount.

But here the White Horse of Monk Tang was smashed into a meatloaf at The Five-Fingers Mountain, so it would be awkward to do it like the original. Let Sun Wukong fight? No. Although Sun Wukong is strong, the water bottle is relatively weak. In addition, even if it can fight the Little White Dragon, Little White Dragon will escape if he finds that he cannot fight.

Then maybe it will never come out again. Little White Dragon is not a guy who understands everything. Naturally, he knows Sun Wukong and knows that Sun Wukong is powerful. Little White Dragon maybe dare not come out to see Sun Wukong!

So, there is only one chance to get the Little White Dragon, and you must complete the task in this opportunity. If you do not seize this opportunity, then it is difficult to complete this task!

Therefore, it is necessary to think of a perfect countermeasure, such as the method of making Little White Dragon come out and not going back!

After thinking about it for a long time, Monk Tang knocked on his palm fiercely, his eyes were brighter than the bald head. He finally thought of away and said to Sun Wukong: "Wukong, you take me to that mountain."

Monk Tang points to the highest mountain trail of the Eagles Stream. From the top of the mountain, the entire deep lake can be overlooked.

"Knowing Master!" Although Sun Wukong didn't know what Monk Tang had an abacus, he promised and flew towards the top of the mountain after grabbing Monk Tang. Naturally, Monk Tang screamed all the way, and Sun Wukong flew. Speed, Monk Tang is still a bit unacceptable!

At the top of the mountain, Monk Tang found an excellent position, nodded with satisfaction, and said to Sun Wukong again, "Wukong, go back and take back a prey. Don't be smaller than the Lion Tiger Beast. But don't be too big! "

"Ha? Hunting? Master, do you want to barbecue again?" Sun Wukong couldn't understand that roasting a piece of meat for the hair was coming to the top of the mountain. Is it because of good ventilation?

Monk Tang glared when he heard the words: "You! Monkey! Why do you have so much nonsense, go, go! Go!"

"I see, Master!" Sun Wukong's figure flickered, people were gone, leaving only his voice in place!

After a moment of effort, a shadow appeared on the top of Monk Tang. Sun Wukong returned with huge prey. It looks similar to an elephant, but it has four huge machete-like teeth. It is also about twice the normal elephant.

With a bang, Sun Wukong threw the elephant on top of the mountain, and the whole mountain shook with it.

"Master, do you think this prey is OK?" Sun Wukong asked beside Monk Tang: "If it doesn't work, I'll catch it!"

"Nice, well done !" Monk Tang patted Sun Wukong's shoulders in praise.


Chapter 28 Love You, for Ten Thousand Years

Watching the elephant Monk Tang nodded with satisfaction, this elephant is enough for bait, and the following is missing a tool.

Monk Tang put his idea on Sun Wukong again. There is no certainty whether he can do Monk Tang, but he can only try it like this. If not, he can only find another way.

Yes, the method that Monk Tang thought of was fishing, fishing Little White Dragon like fishing, and now there is a huge fishing rod missing from the bait. It is absolutely impossible to use a large tree trunk for a fishing rod, so Monk Tang decided to use Sun WukongMonkey King Bar as a fishing rod, but also test to verify the conjecture in my heart!

If that conjecture is correct, then the plan for fishing Little White Dragon is almost perfect. As long as the Little White Dragon bites the hook, it is absolutely impossible to escape!

"Come here, Wukong, I want to borrow something from you!" Monk Tang beckoned to Sun Wukong and said.

Sun Wukong looked puzzled at Monk Tang. He glanced up and down all over the body, except for a big coat. What can he lend him? He said, "Master, what do you want me to borrow?"

"Amitabfa, I want to borrow your Monkey King Bar!" Monk Tang folded his hands.

Sun Wukong: "...?"

After a while, Sun Wukong laughed and turned around, saying, "Hahaha, Master, what are you talking about, you want to borrow my Monkey King Bar for use? Haha, Master, do you know what you are talking about? I That Monkey King Bar weighed a total of 13,500 kilograms, but it ’s not Master you can take this with your cultivation, if I allow Master to do so, you can’t take it! ”

Monk Tang waited for his eyes and said, "You monkey, why are there so many nonsenses, you can just borrow or borrow it. As for me, it's my business!" Damn you, dare to look down on me, I'm waiting ...

"Okay, I'll just borrow it, Master, don't be angry!" Sun Wukong was annoyed to see Monk Tang, he spread his hand, and Monkey King Bar appeared in the hands of Sun Wukong at the same time. "Master, you are next, Or should I put it on the ground first? "

Monk Tang: "Let's put it on the ground!" What the hell, then the fool will pick it up!

Sun Wukong couldn't hide his smile, but he stiffened and said, "I see!" After that, he put Monkey King Bar at the foot of Monk Tang, and the mountain was trembling again, but the rock of Eagles Stream Extremely hard, no cracking!

After putting down the Monkey King Bar, Sun Wukong stepped back silently. He had to take a good look at what Monk Tang should do?

Sun Wukong thought carefully that Monk Tang didn't manage it, took a deep breath, and didn't know if that statement was correct. If it wasn't correct, he really had to pull his face to ask the monkey.

Soon Sun Wukong stared at Monk Tang with wide eyes and startled: what the hell are you doing? Why do you want to rub your ass? Master, do n’t you, let me put my Monkey King Bar, he is just an iron rod, not a woman, do n’t kiss me!

Monk Tang kissed the Monkey King Bar on the ground, even if his posture was indecent, Monk Tang did not care about it. After the kiss, Monk Tang looked at the Monkey King Bar affectionately, just like the closest lover, affectionate The paragraph said: "Love you, for ten thousand years!"

What the hell, Sun Wukong finally couldn't take it anymore. He swallowed the monkey hair on his head and shouted, "Ah, damn bald donkey, leave my Monkey King Bar alone, I want ..."

Sun Wukong was angry. He didn't expect that Monk Tang borrowed his Monkey King Bar to do such an unbearable thing. He yelled that he would save his Monkey King Bar against Monk Tang to save him from the poisonous hands of Monk Tang, but When I was about to start, I was stunned by the scene in front of me and blurted out: "what the hell, what's the situation?"

Monk Tang did not care about Sun Wukong. At this time, he looked at Monkey King Bar and laughed. Sure enough, the conjecture was correct. Just kiss the Monkey King Bar, and say affectionately: love you, ten thousand In the year, you can control the Monkey King Bar, get the Monkey King Bar's approval, and get the right to use the Monkey King Bar temporarily.

At this moment, the Monkey King Bar is shining brightly, lighting up a sky, and has automatically taken off from the ground, and has become extremely soft. It is using a gentle face to Monk Tang, like a coquettish!

Monk Tang smiled smugly, stroked Monkey King Bar and said, "Okay, good boy!"

Sun Wukong was shocked. Although he could perceive Monkey King Bar as his treasure, and it could be recovered as soon as he wanted, Monkey King Bar turned into a noodle-like soft form for the first time. At this time, he had seen Ignoring what Monk Tang did to Monkey King Bar before, he asked, "Master, what's going on? How did my bar become soft?"

Monk Tang heard Sun Wukong obliquely and said, "Ah, why your stick is soft, it could have been soft, okay, but you are still the owner of Monkey King Bar, even Monkey King Bar doesn't know the ever-changing ability. Are you an idiot? "

Where does Sun Wukong dare to care about Monk Tang scolding him now? When he hears that the Monkey King Bar still has the ever-changing ability, he feels scratched and excited. He hums his face and says, "Hey, I'm wrong, just tell me. How did you do that? "

Monk Tang heard this and continued to squint Sun Wukong. "Want to know?"

Sun Wukong nodded again and again.

"That's good!" Monk Tang sat on a rock with a big smile and said, "I'm hungry!"

"Master, you wait, I'll come and go!" Sun Wukong said, and came back again, and brought back a bunch of gourmet food, Monk Tang looked at, what the hell, did the monkey just lose the robbed palace kitchen? ?

"I'm thirsty and want to eat fruit!" Monk Tang continued.

Sun Wukong: "Master, I have peaches!"

"No, I want to eat apples!" Monk Tang reached out and grabbed the peach and took a bite.

Alas, Sun Wukong disappeared again and brought back a bunch of apples.

"I'm tired, my shoulders are sore!"

"Master, I rub your shoulders!"

"Oh, my legs are so numb!"

"Master, I stole your legs!"


"Master, just tell me, I really know I was wrong, I shouldn't scold you!" Sun Wukong scratched his ears: he must scold you with his back ... dead bald donkey!

"Well, it's doing well, I'll just tell you what it is!" Monk Tang nodded with satisfaction, watching the monkey gnawing the monkey almost. "Wukong, you think, this Monkey King Bar can only get longer and shorter, Thicker, thinner, you are wrong! "

Monkey King Bar cooperation: become longer and shorter. Thicker and thinner.

Sun Wukong scratched his head: "Uh-huh, wrong, I was wrong!" mo**erf**cker, and the dead bald donkey quickly said the point.

Monk Tang continued to say in slow-speed: "In addition to the simple changes just now, Monkey King Bar can also change any object, such as a Wukong!"

Monkey King Bar cooperates: it becomes Wukong, golden!

Chapter 29 Congratulations on Catching A Little White Dragon!

Monk Tang: "Become an eagle, become a serpent ..."

Monkey King Bar cooperation: eagle, snake ... all are golden!

Monk Tang: "Come, Monkey King Bar, let's be a chicken again! Don't let Wukong wait!"

Sun Wukong shows an expression of "I am going to die!"

Monkey King Bar turns into a golden chicken!

Monk Tang: "what the hell, Monkey King Bar, I let you turn into a chicken, a rooster chicken, not that little penis (The two words of ‘chicken’ and ‘penis ’ are spelled differently, but pronounced the same), Monkey King Bar, I misread you, it turns out you are so dirty!"

Monkey King Bar: Blame me? Why don’t you say it clearly! [shy]

Sun Wukong: "Master, let's stop playing, the sun is going down!"

Monk Tang: "Ahm, okay, I'll tell you what's happening now!" Then Monk Tang told Sun Wukong the spell of "Love You, Ten Thousand Years" and related stories.

After learning the spell, Sun Wukong stroked Monkey King Bar and laughed again and again: "Haha, good baby, good baby!"


After playing with Sun Wukong and Monkey King Bar for a while, I started to prepare for business. First, Monkey Tang made Monkey King Bar into a huge fishing rod, fish hook and fish line, etc. Everything is complete, it is completely a modern fishing rod.

"Master, what are you doing?" Sun Wukong asked, puzzled as Monk Tang turned Monkey King Bar into something weird.

"I want to fish the dragon!" Monk Tang proudly said, and then hooked the bait with a fishhook. The fishhook that the Monkey King Bar turned into was sharp, and the elephant was pierced without any effort.

"Dragon fishing?" Sun Wukong heard and shocked. He had heard of fishing but hadn't heard of fishing. Can you do it? How silly is that dragon hooked?

Bang! There, Monk Tang has thrown the fishhook and bait off the deep pool of Eagles Stream, splashing a large splash of water, like a shell exploding. With the help of Monkey King Bar, Monk Tang can be completed with only a small amount of force all of these! After the bait is dropped, wait for Little White Dragon to hook up!


After being demoted to Eagles Stream, Little White Dragon has been living a life full of troubles, most of the time is sleeping in Tandi, only half awake when you feel hungry in the belly, and then go out to find something nearby food.

Little White Dragon felt hungry again at this time, half-squinted and ready to go out for food, and at that moment something banged into the deep pond, scaring the dragon, and Little White Dragon's eyes widened. A lot.

Looking at the sound, Little White Dragon was immediately happy: this stupid elephant was really stupid, fell down and fell to death, let alone, Ben Long can eat it and eat it!

Thinking about it this way, Little White Dragon's eyelids are getting heavier and closer, and they are about to close completely, but the body still swims towards the elephant according to the instinct of eating and then opens its mouth wide. The mouth is like a black hole, which generates a huge attraction the huge elephant instantly turned into a little white dragon's mouth food. I didn't see a bright fishhook on the elephant's body, and a gold thread was attached to it.

Um, ~ Little White Dragon burped and decided to continue to sleep, anyway, the day is like this, I can't vindicate it!

Slowly, Little White Dragon's body began to sink towards the bottom again!


Sun Wukong feels that Monk Tang is foolish. He who has heard of fishing has never heard of a fishing dragon. If the dragon below is a biting hook, it must be a silly dragon. Monk Tang already exclaimed.

Sun Wukong: what the hell, isn't that dragon really stupid!

"Haha, great, hooked up so soon!" Monk Tang watched the buoy just sink into the water just after the surface was slightly stable. Monk Tang was a stun, and then felt the power transmitted by the fishing rod, definitely caught it. Behemoth, Monk Tang is ecstatic. There will never be any creatures other than Little White Dragon in this deep pond. The little hook is definitely Little White Dragon!

Sun Wukong jumped to Monk Tang and asked, "That dragon is really hooked !?"

Monk Tang couldn't hide his smile, and at the same time gave an order to Monkey King Bar to turn the fish hook into a ring lock to prevent Little White Dragon from escape!

Monk Tang said: "It's definitely the dragon!"

"Master, do you really want to use this dragon to be your mount? He seems a little silly! I heard silly is contagious!" Sun Wukong said.

Monk Tang heard the words, hesitated a bit, damn it, Sun Wukong seems to make some sense, this dragon seems to be a bit silly, this hook is too fast, right? Monk Tang also suspected that this Little White Dragon is not a problem with his brain It's up!

Monk Tang gritted his teeth and said, "Pull it up first and say!" No matter how stupid it was, he shouted in his heart: for the experience value!

"copy that! Master, I'll pull it for you!" Sun Wukong said so the two apprentices pulled together.

With the help of Sun Wukong, soon, the deep pool rang out a sound of a behemoth that broke through the water.

What a big head, Monk Tang's breathing is a little tight. This is the first time he saw the dragon. As a descendant of the Chinese people, he has a 'dragon' complex. The first time Monk Tang saw the head of the dragon, he only saw it now. what a big head! Monk Tang couldn't believe that he fished a dragon!

Soon the entire body of Little White Dragon appeared on the water surface. The whole look was even more shocking. It is exactly the same as the image of the dragon in the myths and legends of previous lives, with a head like a camel, a horn-like deer, and an eye. Rabbits have ears like cows, items like snakes, belly like tadpoles, scales like carp, claws like eagles, and palms like tigers.

However, unlike the colors of the traditional magic dragon, Little White Dragon's body is as white as sheep fat white jade and has a milky halo from its body. Monk Tang thought that this is the origin of the nickname Little White Dragon, but immediately It is crooked. Is this a syndrome of albinism?


Little White Dragon, who fell into a deep sleep again, suddenly felt a little pain in his lips, and his body seemed to feel a little hairy. How did he feel like he had left the bottom of the pond?

Em? There is sunshine! Little White Dragon opened his eyes slightly, and the sun shot into his eyes, a bit dazzling!

Lying in a large trough, Little White Dragon suddenly awakened. The bottom of the pond was dimly dazzled by the damn sunlight. His eyes widened, and he found himself hanging in the air and being white-striped. Little White Dragon: Who can tell me what happened? Whoops, why do my lips hurt so much?

"Master, this silly dragon is finally awake!"

"Well, you don't need to say it, I see it!"

The sound passed into the ear, silly dragon? what the hell, is this talking about me? Little White Dragon was immediately angry, Long Wei pervaded the sky, shocked the sky, and the clouds in the sky were instantly broken, and then a terrifying dragon chant was issued: Ang Ang ~ (Dragon speech: Who is stupid, are you stupid, your whole family is stupid!)

Chapter 30 A Bit Silly Little White Dragon!

There is a grove of purple bamboo, vast and boundless, glittering with purple light, at a glance, they know that it is not ordinary stuff, there is fairy bamboo.

The sky above the sea of ​​bamboo is surrounded by mist and fairy birds passing by from time to time. There is a fairyland.

On the open space in the middle of the bamboo sea, on a lotus bed, whose size like a large bed, a peerless beauty in a white gauze lay on the side lazily, her body was stern, and there was a boy and a girl waiting and serving on the side, the girl gently beat her thighs that countless people envy, while the boy rubbed the shoulders of the beauty.

The breeze floated, the scent of fairy breath was attractive, the boy's throat surged, and he slowly swallowed the saliva in her mouth, trying to control her eyes, but he couldn't help but stare at the stack of ... Special cuisine next to the peerless beauty!

However, how can he hide the perception of the peerless beauty, even if the eyes of the peerless beauty are closed?

Peerless beauty smiled with a smile in her mouth: "Muzha, your concentration is still too poor, cultivation is still too low, you can't stand the temptation of good food!"

The boy panicked and stopped her action: "What the Bodhisattva taught is right, Muzha, I am useless!"

"Oh, work harder, when your cultivation has reached a certain level, I will reward you!" Peerless Beauty chuckled.

"Really?" The boy heard the words excited and looked up violently as if there was a flame burning in her eyes, but he knew what the food was, he knew the taste of the food and knew how powerful it was. He was rewarded once when he came to her purple bamboo forest. It was the first time he was rewarded, but he swears that he will never be forgotten, even thinking about being rewarded again and again!

"Oh, how can I lie to you!" Peerless beauty lifted up a slim jade and pointed at the boy's forehead, chuckling like blame, a punishment, and a helpless smile.

The flames in the boy's eyes were even stronger, and he said, "I will definitely work hard to meet your requirements as quickly as possible!"

The Peerless Beauty just smiled this time, and then he set her eyes on a pond not far away, where there was a fairy golden koi in red swimming, and the Peerless Beauty looked at that swim the koi and seems like thinking something, the smile on the corner of the mouth could not help but expand a little, and the beauty of the purple bamboo forest was overshadowed by the moment.

Suddenly, the peerless beauty seemed to notice something, her frowns were slightly fraught, and her posture was lazy to sit upon the lotus platform.

Seeing that the peerless beauty stretched out a slim hand and started to calculate, it took a long time to stop, as said to herself: "Are the established destiny really hard to be changed? Huh, I don’t believe, even if it can’t be changed, I have to try It's good to even get some trouble for the Golden Cicada X and her people! "

With a wave of jade hands, a set of white gauze female monks' gowns appeared with a looming delicate body, her hair was done automatically.

"You two take good care of the house, I'll go back soon!" Said the peerless beauty.

"Yes, my Bodhisattva!" Said the boy and girl with their hands clenched, respectfully, and stepped back from the lotus platform!

the lotus platform slowly lifted off and became smaller, shrouded in a colorful glow, and then disappeared!


Little White Dragon woke up, but it was muddled and found himself hanging in the air and being white-striped, which made him angry and even more annoying, he also heard someone say he was stupid, Dragon’ s might break out, and her roar was amazing: Ang Ang ~~~ (Dragon: Who is stupid, you are stupid, your whole family is stupid!)

"F**k, what a big voice!" Monk Tang said covering her ears. Although dragon's might is powerful, it doesn't work for him, but the dragon's voice is too loud, even if he covers her ears, Monk Tang feels eardrums and brains hurt!

As for Sun Wukong, he was not afraid of the Little White Dragon ’s dragon ’s might and turned a blind eye to the roar of Little White Dragon.

"Wukong, don't let him stop it, it's too noisy, and ask if he can talk human language!" Monk Tang shouted at Sun Wukong, covering her ears.

Sun Wukong heard Monk Tang's glance, nodded her head slightly, and her body appeared beside Little White Dragon's head.

While Little White Dragon roared, he also wanted to get rid of the metal ring that passed through her lips but found that he couldn't break it at all. The metal ring was not just as simple as passing through her lips, it seemed to be integrated with him. And even more horrible is that he feels that her soul has also passed through!

Just when Little White Dragon was thinking about what the metal was and what it connected to, suddenly a monk with a rough face and thunder-mouth appeared next to him, and he recognized who the man was at first glance. My heart is shaking ... what the hell, isn't this the dead monkey who made big trouble in Heaven? Why is he here? When did he come here?

Little White Dragon asked, "Dead monkey, why are you here? (Dragon!)"

Sun Wukong drew her ears and got closer to the dragon. He couldn't stand the sound, so he raised a furry fist and looked at it.

Little White Dragon: what the hell, what the hell is this monkey doing? Why am I chilling?

Alas, Sun Wukong slammed into Little White Dragon's head fiercely, and yelled at him, "why are you yelling? Why are you yelling?"

Little White Dragon: Roar ~ (It hurts!)

Alas, another punch, Sun Wukong said while beating, "yelling??? my master asked if you would speak the human language!"

Little White Dragon: Howl ... wow ... (damn monkey, who is your master?)

"Eh? Also called?" Eh, Sun Wukong banged on Little White Dragon's head.

Little White Dragon: what the hell, you should give me a chance to speak, I just hit you back when I said it, dead monkey I hate you!

I don’t know how many punches this is. Little White Dragon felt that his head had been smashed, and finally found an opportunity to speak, and said, "Oh ~ Damn Supervisor for Heavenly Horses, you! Stop it! hey ~ it hurts! "

"Supervisor for Heavenly Horses? Um? You mean you said the name, Supervisor for Heavenly Horses? Are you talking about me?" Sun Wukong's teeth were swollen, and her hair was surging like a burning flame.

Little White Dragon suddenly felt hairy when he saw it. Feeling the extreme danger, damn, what is going on, I just said a word of Supervisor for Heavenly Horses, why are you angry?

Hearing Little White Dragon's human words, Monk Tang is joyful, and Little White Dragon can speak the human language so that they can communicate, but when he heard Little White Dragon shouting “Supervisor for Heavenly Horses”, Monk Tang's face changed: what a pity. You can say anything but why do you have to call this monkey as Supervisor for Heavenly Horses? I will pray for you here!

At the same time, an idea came up in my heart: this Little White Dragon is indeed a bit silly!

Uh ...

Uh ...

The next moments of screams came and went, and it stopped after a while. When Monk Tang opened her eyes, he watched Sun Wukong dragging her dying Little White Dragon to the front.

Monk Tang looked at Little White Dragon's head and suddenly received a shock: what the hell, who are the horror monster?


Chapter 31 Bathing With Dragon Blood Can Become Stronger?

"Who am I? What am I doing? Where am I? Hers ~ Why is my head so painful? Oh, damn ..." It took a long time for Little White Dragon to wake up, but he was muddled, almost Forget who he is, but fortunately, her dragon body is strong, and he soon remembers who he is!

Suddenly he opened her eyes. These were a pair of majestic eyes, but when he saw the person in front of her, Little White Dragon couldn't help but tremble: Damn it, why is this dead monkey still there?

"Don't be afraid, my Almsgiver, my elder apprentice won't beat you anymore, I can protect you!" At this time, a voice like a majesty passed into the monk’s ear, and the dragon’s trembling heart returned to normal!

Little White Dragon turned to the voice, and found a bald little monk looked at him with a warm smile, so comfortable, he felt!

But ... Damn it, because the young monk Mao is more handsome than me, it doesn't make sense, Little White Dragon is jealous at first glance.

"Well? Was it even more stupid to be beaten? Forgot to say anything?" Monk Tang said to Little White Dragon, who looked out of breath, wondered.

More stupid? What do you mean, are you stupid? What the hell, this is absolutely unbearable, you are more handsome than me, but I must not insult my IQ.

Little White Dragon immediately burst into anger. "Hell, shut up, you bald monk, I'm not stupid, I'm smart!"

"Amitabfa, Almsgiver, you can still speak, I know, it's good to be stupid, otherwise I will be very confused. It would not be prestige to ride a silly dragon to become a silly dragon knight!" Monk Tang Saying Buddhism word, with a satisfied smile.

Little White Dragon: "..." what the hell, what do you mean, don't laugh, can you talk well, what the hell is riding a dragon?

"Baldhead monk, what do you mean? Riding a dragon, who do you want to ride on?" Little White Dragon stared.

"Don't stare at me, my Almsgiver. The dragon I said is you. I want you to be my mount!" Monk Tang said so.

Little White Dragon was silent for a second, and then immediately angered and said, "What do you say, little monk? Let me be your mount for you? You are so brave, I am the true dragon family, the third prince of the West Sea Dragon King, you, as a mortal, want me to be the mount? Do you think I would stupidly promise you? Believe me that I will eat you! "

Monk Tang shook her head when he heard the words, and he knew that it would not be so easy. He sighed and said to Sun Wukong, "Wukong, help me hold him, don't let him move around!"

Sun Wukong became bigger, and her two big hands grasped the dragon's tail and the dragon's neck, and said, "Master, I caught him!"

Little White Dragon twisted her body: "Bald monk, what are you doing? Dead monkey, please let me go, otherwise, I will make trouble with you."

"Wukong, you're doing well. Is there a spell that lowers someone’s defense?" Monk Tang began to squeeze her arms and sleeves.

"Yes, I have a lot!" Sun Wukong nodded. Although he hadn't deliberately practiced such a spell, it was useless in actual combat, but he learned something from some of her older classmates when he was at Three Stars Cave.

"Very good, no matter how many you have please use all are used on this dragon!" Monk Tang rubs her fists and wipes her palms.

"I see, Master!" Sun Wukong replied, and then a dim light brushed down on Little White Dragon's body like raindrops. The scaly white jade-like scales on Little White Dragon visible to the naked eye were dull and changed turning to grey.

"Monk, what are you going to do?" Little White Dragon felt the weakening of her defense and was frightened in her heart!

Monk Tang replied to him this time but answered with a monk spade. When the monk spade hit the head of Little White Dragon, according to the strength of Monk Tang, Monk Tang used all her strength to give Little White Dragon itching is not enough.

But before that, Little White Dragon was fattened by Sun Wukong, and the injury was quite serious. In addition, due to the Sun Wukong spell, the defense of Little White Dragon has been reduced to a minimum!

Therefore, when Monk Tang punched into him, Monk Tang immediately achieved the goal, and suddenly the dragon was splattered the dragon's blood!

"tell me! Do you want to eat me! Say, do you?" Monk Tang uttered a word, and it was a dozen monk spade on the dragon’s body in a flash!

Little White Dragon was howled, burned in anger, and bleed by a mortal. It was too embarrassing. Although it hurts more than Sun Wukong, he is proud of being a dragon. Although he screams, he still speaks hard. "Well, so what?"

"come on! Eat me, I let you eat!" Monk Tang heard that her forehead was blue, and her monk spade waved faster as if he was crazy, and soon her scales on Little White Dragon's head was dropped off a lot, the dragon's blood was flowing out of a blood hole.

Seeing this scene, Sun Wukong found that while Monk Tang had such a crazy dark side, her expression changed slightly, and he could not help whispering: It seems that in the future, I will say less than the word 'eat you'. It’s better to not stimulate this bald monk!

A smile flickered from the corner of Monk Tang's mouth, and Sun Wukong's expression was also seen in Monk Tang’s eyes. The reason why Monk Tang showed such a crazy side, in addition to surrendering Little White Dragon, there was also a show for Sun Wukong. Meaning, Sun Wukong is really too taunting, ignoring her good behavior right now, maybe he will turn her face down in the next moment, so he must let this monkey be afraid of him!

Seeing that Sun Wukong's expression changed slightly, Monk Tang knew that it would work, but there is an old saying that overdone is worse than undone, so Monk Tang stood up and gasped slightly, and said to Little White Dragon, "Are you still wanting to eat me?"

Little White Dragon was beaten to be muddled again, and the sounds of gurgling in her head were normal. It took a while to return to normal, and said, "I won’t!" The good dragon did not eat the immediate loss, first admit being defeated, damn bald monk! I can bear he is more handsome than me, but because the hair is darker than the dead monkey, it hurts.

"Well, then I ask you, are you convinced?" Monk Tang snorted. Can't the sample hurt you?

Little White Dragon: "yes, I take it!"

"Oh, fine, then I ask you if I should be my mount?" Monk Tang laughed.

"what? No!" Little White Dragon blurted out, and almost fell into the pit, Damn it, a sinister monk.

"Hey, it looks like you are still not convinced, Wukong, let's do it again. I heard that bathing in the dragon's blood can be strengthened and I don't know if it is true. This is just a little bit of blood!" he lifted her spade up again.

heard that Little White Dragon's body trembled, what the hell, this damn black-hearted monk, he is going to kill me!

Also, who is the idiot telling this black-hearted monk that bathing in the dragon's blood can strengthen, what the hell ¥% ... I want to swallow you and your whole family.

Chapter 32 Little White Dragon Bursts into Tears!

When Little White Dragon heard that Monk Tang wanted to bathe with the dragon's blood, her body became rigid and dark, and he kept cursing which bastard said that the bath dragon's blood can become stronger? Little White Dragon secretly vowed that he must swallow the man's family.

Of course, the curse was still, but Little White Dragon watched the bald monk who slammed her arms and sleeves and was about to dry again, he was afraid!

If he hits again, it is likely that the dragon's life will be over. Little White Dragon watched the moment when the monk spade smashed her head and shouted, "yes, yes……, will I be a master ’s mount? Whatever you want me to do I agree!"

Monk Tang heard a word of joy and thought how proud the dragons would be if they would die unyielding. It turned out that they were also afraid of death!

Monk Tang shouted and inserted monk spade in the rock and said with a smile: "good! You should have promised it earlier! Oh, look, who hit you so badly? Why are you bleeding? "

Little White Dragon: "..." F**k, you did it, damn bald donkey, even pretending to don’t know!

Little White Dragon: "Well, can you let me go?" if you say Yes, I'll run and see how you guys can deal with me?

Monk Tang heard a word and waved her hand and said, "That wouldn't work, what if you ran away? Where should I go to find you a good mount?" Hey, although this dragon is a little silly, a little stupid, it’s a good dragon, it's also good to be a mount!

Little White Dragon: what the hell, such a sly monk, was able to guess what I thought.

Little White Dragon: " master, how can you let me go?"

Monk Tang touched her bald head and smiled, "You respect me as your teacher first, let me see your sincerity!"

Teacher? Little White Dragon muddled, teacher and mount? Little White Dragon can't figure out what this bald monk is going to do!

He was revolving a scheme in her heart. With the countermeasures, he said, "Master you are here, please taking my respect from me, your disciples!" Then he hit the ground with a huge dragon head!

Little White Dragon looked at Monk Tang hopefully, "Master, can you let me go this time?" Huh, the moment you let go of me, I swallowed you!

Monk Tang heard sneer but smiled. This Little White Dragon is not honest, because the prompt to complete the system task did not appear at all, which shows that Little White Dragon did not want to be my pupil at all, just a verbal promise.

Alas, without saying a word, Monk Tang was a monk spade on Little White Dragon's head again, and his blood blasted out again.

Little White Dragon has muddled again, and it took a long time to respond, screaming in the mouth: "Hey, it hurts me, what are you doing, monk? You promised me to be your mount, I promised, you asked me to be your apprentice, and I promised, why does this monk still hit me, I disagree! "

Sun Wukong also looked at Monk Tang in confusion, and some wondered why Monk Tang shot again. Is it smooth?

Monk Tang heard and sneered: "Huh, don’t you agree? Hitting you is a small punishment. You aren’t so honest. You want to lie to me. Am I as stupid as you? Am I so easy to be deceived? There is no sincerity at all, it is nothing more than trying to cheat for my trust and run away! "

Little White Dragon was surprised, and secretly said how did this monk know what I was thinking? However, don't say that I am stupid!

Dang Dang, there was another hit, this time did not stop until Monk Tang got tired, the dragon blood is definitely enough to take a bath this time, Monk Tang gasped and said, "this time you are not convinced?"

Little White Dragon trembled and said quickly: "yes! Yes! this time I really do!" I don't want to be beaten again!

Hearing that Monk Tang finally nodded very satisfied this time. He could hear scary and really convinced from the tone of Little White Dragon, but the system prompt did not appear, indicating that Little White Dragon still did not want to worship It is a little bit worse for Little White Dragon to sincerely worship!

Monk Tang has no energy right now, and he doesn't plan to fight anymore. I have done enough to convince people. Now I should move my lips to the point of convincing people. To be honest, Monk Tang can do it. Never want to talk!

"Oh, little dragon, I know you have a knot, and don’t want to worship me, it’s okay, let ’s take care of it, if you are done, you still don’t want to worship me, then forget it!” Monk Tang said earnestly ... um, if that doesn't work, all have to do is eating dragon meat!

Upon hearing that, Little White Dragon froze and looked at Monk Tang in wonder: What was this bald monk doing? What's the conspiracy?

Sun Wukong blinked: Master, had something to do!

Little White Dragon swallowed and said in a crying voice, "Let's have a chat?"

Monk Tang squeezed her chin for thinking, then her eyes were brightened, her face full of gossip, and said, "Let's talk about why you were degraded to here Eagles Stream. Say everything, let me be happy, uh, no, let me listen! "

Sun Wukong: Damn, there is definitely something to do, does he have to expose the scars of others? Master is so cruel!

Little White Dragon heard vigilance: "How do you know I came here?"

"I know astronomy and geography. I  know everything, but there is not the point. Come on, let ’s talk about how you were put on a green hat by Princess Halloween ... Ah, how did you get that Princess Halloween betrayed, start here! "

Sun Wukong, heard the words blinking, although he didn't want to listen, her ears were choked. Sun Wukong felt that things were interesting!

Little White Dragon: "..."

Monk Tang: what the hell, why this guy didn't talk, shouldn't he poke her wound, made it awkward?

"Wow ..." Little White Dragon burst into tears, and the cry made a listener sad and tears. "Master, you don't know, the child's life is so hard, I'm awkward, I think It's a hundred! All this is a big conspiracy! "

What the hell, under the circumstances, the amount of information is so big, Monk Tang is excited.

But what makes Monk Tang most happy is that the system prompt sounds final, which shows that Little White Dragon has finally sincerely worshipped the master. That master is not a fake, but it also makes Monk Tang feel speechless. Knowing it will allow Little White Dragon to sincerely worship the teacher. What did he do long ago? Look at this bad boy!

Monk Tang couldn't help but reached out and stroked Little White Dragon's head, but accidentally pressed it on the wound, and snorted, Little White Dragon cried louder, tears broke completely, and the tears from the two huge the dragon's eyes billowed like a flood!

Well, without the bath of the dragon's blood but with dragon's tears bathed Monk Tang this time, he was wet overall, and Monk Tang was speechless especially when he saw the monkey aside chuckled, he was even more depressed!


Chapter 33 Little White Dragon Was Wallowing with Sun Wukong

‘Ding Dong, congratulations to the host for completing the mission and take Little White Dragon as your apprentice, rewarding 100 points of experience. Do you want to take it’

The moment the Little White Dragon yelled at Master, the system prompt finally sounded, Monk Tang took the seek sutras test reward without hesitation, and opened the character panel to view:

Host: Monk Tang

Occupation: Monk (sutras seeker)

Level: 6

Experience: 100/320

Skills: Complete Buddhist scriptures

Props: Brocade Kasaya, Nine-Ring Monk Spade, Gold three-hoop Ring (fake)

After checking it, Monk Tang said to Little White Dragon who was still crying and crying completely: "Don’t cry, be good, let's talk in detail about what is going on. Some things are not so uncomfortable after speaking, don’t always bury secret in your heart, that's unhealthy for your body and mind. Come on and let it go and say it out, don't hide, this is the detoxification stage! "

Monk Tang's eyes lighted up. Listening to the parties talking about the events of the year was definitely a treat. Not only was it possible to know what happened that year, but the main thing was also to know the feelings and moods of the parties at that time!

Little White Dragon glanced at Monk Tang with a huge dragon eye, still crying, saying, "Master, you don't know, I love Princess Halloween so much, and the moment I saw her, I fell in love with her. For her, I kept my integrity, there are so many maidens in the palace, and mermaids take the initiative to keep me close to me! But I kept my heart to her and didn’t get touched by others."

Monk Tang shows blackface: what the hell, why do I still want to slap him after hearing it?

Little White Dragon: "For Princess Halloween, I kept desperately holding on for my first time. I wanted to give my first time to the one I loved, but I never expected that Princess Halloween betrayed me, and later I then we meet for the first time and decided to get married the next day when Princess Halloween rolled the sheets with that Nine-headed Demon. "

"Also, they did it in my room, Master, can you imagine that? They rolled around, rolled around, rolled around ... my heart broke when I rolled. what!"

Monk Tang said: "Okay, Little White Dragon, I know how they rolled around, no more taking the monkey to show how they did, let go of that monkey!"

Sun Wukong muddled: what the hell, what just happened? Why would I roll around with this silly dragon?

Little White Dragon cried and said, "Master, when I knew the truth, I was going to die!"

Monk Tang clasped her bald head and said, "Well, as far as I know, you should have known that Princess Halloween cheated on you on the day of your wedding ... Um, betrayed you?"

Little White Dragon heard the tears stopped and did not cry, and said in surprise: "Master, how did you know? You are so good, yes, I only knew that day, I saw it with my own eyes Yes, they just did it in front of me and made me see it! "

Monk Tang's eyes widened: "Damn, it's so hot, let's talk about how about Princess Halloween's figure? Her skin is white or not ... Ah, that's wrong, I want to say that you didn't take a sword and kill those two? "

Little White Dragon said: "yes I did cut them. I was crazy at that time. I hacked it with a sword, so it caused a fire. I accidentally burned the pearl given by the Jade Emperor, and I was guilty of death. Come here! "

Monk Tang said: "No. Since the Night Pearl was given by the Jade Emperor, it should be a treasure. It should be fireproof and waterproof? Why is a fire caused by a candlestick?! "

Little White Dragon sighed: "Master is right, I was deprecated here, thinking about it for a long time before I realized that it was a chain of conspiracies against me and our Dragons of the West Sea! I guessed that it would be a simple fire."

Monk Tang heard and said, "Come here, talk about how stupid you are to be deceived, eh, not right, talk about how they frame you!" If there are some seeds, some tea ..., it should be better. Monk Tang feels a bit regrettable!

The dragon nodded: "Well, the whole thing is like this. The conspiracy started when I saw Princess Halloween at first glance, and I was immediately hooked at the time, and I was charmed by the beauty of Princess Halloween!"

Monk Tang: it fully proves that you are stupid, plus sperm-worm into the brain!

Little White Dragon continued: "Making me fall in love with Princess Halloween is the first step, and the second step is the night pearl that the Jade Emperor gave me as a gift. According to my intention, I was going to store the night pearl in my treasure house. But Princess Halloween disagrees, saying that it is to respect the Jade Emperor to put it in the wedding room! "

Monk Tang said, "So you did what Princess Halloween said?"

Little White Dragon shook her head and said, "No, absolutely not. Although I love Princess Halloween, I don't agree on this matter, because what the Jade Emperor sends is too precious and meaningless. I just Fear of something unexpected, annoying Jade Emperor! "

Monk Tang scratched her head: "Why would the pearl still appear in your wedding room that night? Someone put it in?"

Little White Dragon put her claws in her arms and said, "No, I put it in myself, because Princess Halloween told me that she wanted to roll the sheets with me through the light of the night pearl, so I can see clearly!"

Monk Tang full forehead black line: what the hell, it is still fine-worm on the brain!

Monk Tang said, "Since you put it in yourself, should that night pearl be real?"

Little White Dragon nodded: "Yes, it was true when I put it in, but it was not long after I put it in that it was replaced by Princess Halloween, but I didn't pay attention at that time, stealing the night pearl was the first of their conspiracy. Three steps. "

"The fourth step is that Princess Halloween and Nine-headed Demon's gangster-those two roll sheets, which I found, completely angered me, and then caused the fire to burn the fake night pearl, and then everything was logical. I committed the crime! Then I was demoted to Eagles Stream. "

I heard that Monk Tang knew the experience of Little White Dragon. He was indeed an unlucky child. The reason for it is because the enemy is well-designed. Of course, the main reason is that Little White Dragon is a bit stupid and beautiful. Fainted.

Monk Tang asked: "You were convicted of death at that time, but how did you get relegated to Eagles Stream? Someone pleased you?"

Little White Dragon smiled and shook her head with a bitter smile, and said, "Who is asking for me? There are only my old father and three uncles. I am alive because my father gave them a treasure of the Dragons in the West Sea to exchange my life, which was protected in thousands of years, so I said there was an intrigue against us, Dragons in West Sea! "

Chapter 34 Representation of the Guanyin Bodhisattva

Heard it, Monk Tang knows that what happed in this world is different from the original. Guanyin did not intercede for Little White Dragon, then it also shows that Little White Dragon has not been enlightened by Guanyin, waiting for his sutras seeker here.

If he doesn't know the original plot that there is a Little White Dragon in this Eagles Stream, and without the White Horse, he will probably miss the Little White Dragon so that the later plot will develop in a different way!

However, the task of the system released and he knew the original plot, the plot did not shift much!

After Little White Dragon finished speaking, Monk Tang said: "Little dragon, rest assured, I will get justice for you, one day I will redress for you and find the fair for you, even if there is a shadow of the jade emperor behind this conspiracy!"

Little White Dragon asked humorously, "Really?" Little White Dragon didn't expect Monk Tang to say such things,

Sun Wukong blinked when he heard the words and said, "Brother, you believe what Master said. When our strength is enough, we will go to revenge. Let us follow our Master to make another big noise in heaven!"

Make trouble in heaven? what the hell, sounds so good! Little White Dragon was a little excited, and the dragon’s eyes flashed with excitement!

"Amitabha, the monk doesn't slang. You Brother Monkey is right, how about making big trouble in the Heaven?" Monk Tang folded his hands and said in a stern voice. He was telling the truth. His apprentice can only be bullied by him. No one else can do it. You must not let your apprentice be aggrieved by others. A good master must not allow her apprentice to be wronged!

If he can't return the innocence of Little White Dragon, he will make a stroke and strife in the Heaven in the heavens. Monk Tang is actually looking forward to it!

Little White Dragon was able to hear the sincerity in Monk Tang's words, and was very touched inside, choking and choking, "Master ..."

Monk Tang touched Little White Dragon's head again and said to Sun Wukong, "Wukong, let him go."

At the same time, Monkey King Bar also changed back to the original size, and Sun Wukong held it in his hands and played with joy!

Without the double restraint of Monkey King Bar and Sun Wukong, Little White Dragon has returned to freedom and mana can run freely!

After Little White Dragon turned into a human figure, his nose was blue and swollen, and he knelt down in front of Monk Tang, with snot and tears, saying, "Thank you, Master, you accept me as your disciple. My Little White Dragon is willing to be your mount and go to the West and seek the truth! "

"Okay, you just follow me and practice well. Strengthening your strength is the most important thing. Sooner or later we will get revenge!" Monk Tang nodded but wanted to laugh because Little White Dragon's swollen face was a bit funny.

Of course, the appearance of the Little White Dragon is recovering quickly. The physical strength and speed of physical recovery of the dragon are very strong. After a few breaths, the scars on Little White Dragon's face are not left at all, he has to say Little White Dragon is really handsome, if the dragon was on the earth of the previous life, Little White Dragon need not do anything, just relying on this face can make a big fortune!

"Little Dragon show me the body of the dragon, narrowed it down, and let me test drive ... Ah, no, it's a ride, let me get familiar with it, and then we can continue on the road!" Monk Tang said.

"Yes, Master!" Little White Dragon said, and then Little White Dragon showed the dragon body, but it was much smaller than before, only a dozen meters long. I don’t know if it was because it became smaller. At this time, Little White Dragon is no longer majestic, but rather cute.

But no matter what, Monk Tang was excited, and shouted in his heart: I am going to be a dragon knight!

Sitting on one's body of Little White Dragon, monk spade pointed at the sky, ​​and then said with his majesty, "Go!"

Little White Dragon groaned, a cloud appeared under the claws of the dragon, and he lifted up in the air carrying Monk Tang and appeared in the sky. On the top of the mountain, Little White Dragon began to swim in clouds, indescribably unrestrained, like this unbridled He hasn't done it for a long time, at this time his mood is completely different from that of not long ago!

Little White Dragon had hope in his heart, the hope that Monk Tang gave him! Little White Dragon is grateful for Monk Tang at this moment.

On the top of the mountain, playing Monkey King Bar, Sun Wukong glanced at Little White Dragon and said to himself, "This silly dragon has been completely trusted in Master, but fortunately, there is an additional brother, which is also good. I can bully him whenever I want! "

Monk Tang is cool, this dragon-riding has a definitely different feeling,  compare with horse riding. The former does not say that it can be loaded, but the comfort is also incomparable. The key is that Little White Dragon is very obedient and does not like Little White Dragon’s drag racing, not as disobedient as Sun Wukong!

After playing enough in the sky, Monk Tang and the three men were ready to leave, but at this time, a colorful glow appeared in the sky, a lotus terrace slowly landed, and a peerless fairy stood silently Above the two, this person was Guanyin who came from the South Sea.

Guanyin watched Monk Tang and his three apprentices leave, especially the little White Dragon brows under Monk Tang's butt that he couldn't help but wrinkled slightly, fortunately, he didn't come late, he said, "Wait a minute, you can't leave now! "

Watching Guanyin appear, Monk Tang was secretly alert, and to be honest, after coming to this world, Guanyin in this world is very different from Guanyin that he knew in a previous life. (PS: In his previous life, Guanyin is a  kind and nice Bodhisattva in every novel or TV series,  who would always help others.) He could not help but be vigilant, that day in Puja, the cold light in Guanyin's eyes, and what he did, really made him do not understand and felt fear!

"What is Guanyin doing?" Sun Wukong was aware of it when Guanyin first appeared. So whispered, Sun Wukong is deficient in the heavenly gods and goddesses. He was not happy right now.

As for the Guanyin Bodhisattva, Sun Wukong is also inconspicuous. Although Guanyin did not shoot at him when he was in heaven, Guanyin's left and right arm as a celebrity around Tathagata are enough to be vigilant and hateful!

Little White Dragon saw the Guanyin Bodhisattva appear, and for a while, he was ready to become a human figure, bowing and saluting.

However, he was stopped in secret by Monk Tang. He was a little cyanotic for a while. he wondered why Master stopped him?

Although Tang didn't know why Guanyin appeared, although he was vigilant, he always felt that he was encountering a fake Guanyin, but after all, he didn't tell anyone what he thought, so Monk Tang went down from the dragon's back and said casually to Guanyin with his hands folded. “I ’ve seen the Guanyin Bodhisattva. Showing my respect. What are you doing here?”

When Little White Dragon saw Monk Tang failing to bow down, he was a stun, and Sun Wukong's attitude of neglecting even made him unable to bear the fear. Little White Dragon's dull thinking also keenly felt something wrong between the two parties. They seem not very friendly!

So Little White Dragon kept silent, and he pretended to see nothing!

Chapter 35 Open The Door!

The Guanyin Bodhisattva saw Monk Tang being so casual, and she was dissatisfied, and stealthily hummed, but on her face, it didn't show up, as if she didn't care to say, "Tang Sanzang, you mount, the white dragon, is the third prince of Dragon King in the West Sea? "

Heard that, Monk Tang immediately knew that Guanyin was coming for Little White Dragon, but the story was different. Guanyin shouldn’t be here. Monk Tang was more vigilant. There must be something dangerous in an abnormal situation. He said, "Amitabfa, you are right, this Little White Dragon is indeed the third prince of Dragon King in the West Sea, but he has been subdued by me, and he worships me as his master, and he is willing to be my mount! "

Guanyin heard it and a light flashed in her eyes, glanced at Monk Tang, and a shock flashed on her face, almost unable to conceal her shock: how could it be, how could the Golden Cicada X recover some cultivation again, obviously his cultivation has been deprived and cannot be cultivated!

Suddenly, Guanyin had a lot of thoughts in her mind, but I don’t know how Monk Tang did it, but Guanyin was Bodhisattva after all, and her shocked expression passed away. Even Sun Wukong didn’t notice it and said, “Oh, so, that proves there is a tie of discipleship between you and him. Since Little White Dragon is willing to be your mount, that's fine, but seeking sutras to the west should not be swaggered. The dragon body of Little White Dragon should not be shown. It is better to change him to another form. His appearance should be changed to the body of the White Horse! "

Heard it, Monk Tang immediately kicked at the Little White Dragon and said, "Little Dragon, haven’t you heard what the Bodhisattva said. You! Come on! Change yourself into  White Horse. Well, don’t forget your dragon's might too. You must remember you Not a dragon but a horse. "

"Yes, Master!" Little White Dragon did it immediately, and he turned into a horse in an instant, and his dragon's might has gone. He was really the same as the White Horse. It's easy for some simple changes for White Dragon!

Seeing this, the dim light in Guanyin's eyes flashed again and said: "Tang Sanzang, you're cunning, this simple change did not work! It should be like this ..." Before she finished her words, Guanyin waved her arms and made a spell at Little White Dragon, A bright stream of water hit the little White Dragon body was infiltrated into the White Horse when Monk Tang and Little White Dragon haven’t realized what happened!

"Bodhisattva, what are you doing?" Monk Tang shouted immediately when he saw the stream. This stream reminded Monk Tang of the stream that had hit him. He had a bad feeling in his heart.

"Nothing serious, it's just a ban on Little White Dragon. It just doesn't let Little White Dragon have the ability to turn into a dragon body, so I can assure that you are fine going to seek sutras to the west!" The Guanyin Bodhisattva slowly lifted off into the sky, looked at them condescendingly, and there was a flash of banter in her eyes.

He wonders if it was an illusion before Monk Tang found out that Guanyin had disappeared, he glanced at Sun Wukong, and at the same time, Wukong’s mouth was sneering!

Guanyin left, Monk Tang immediately said to Little White Dragon, "how do you feel, Little Dragon? How do you feel?"

Little White Dragon: " ...(whinnies)"

Monk Tang: "..." what the hell, wouldn’t you even talk?

Finally, with the efforts of Little White Dragon, he was able to speak and communicate normally, saying, "Master, it’s not good. I was sealed by the Guanyin Bodhisattva. Not only was the seal of my spell of transformation, but even my strength was also sealed. In this form, I can't even exert 30% of my strength! "

Hearing Little White Dragon's words, Monk Tang secretly said in his heart that the two streams had a similar function, and he asked, "Can you crack this seal?" If he can't crack, he can't ride the dragon to take a joyride!

"Yes, although this sealing method is very powerful, it has some loopholes, but it will take a long time to crack it, and I don't know how long it will take," Little White Dragon said.

"Well, you can crack it!" Monk Tang said, "well, what is the loophole?"

"According to this seal, I should not be unable to speak, but I can speak now. This is the loophole. Following this loophole, I also found a way to temporarily restore my real body and fight with my full strength, but I can maintain the real body for five only minutes per day! Master, I don't know why the Bodhisattva seals me? "Little White Dragon said.

He also didn't understand. Monk Tang stealthily said in his heart. When looking at the original book, the Guanyin Bodhisattva that Monk Tang felt that turning Little White Dragon into the White Horse is actually superfluous. It is understandable to say that to make their journey not too swaggering, but it is not necessary to say it should seal Little White Dragon as a real dragon, and the spell of changing is also very good to cover his identity. He can use his power to change his body.

But he still got a seal, which gave Monk Tang a feeling that Guanyin seems to weaken their entire team's fighting power. After Little White Dragon joined the team, the strength should have skyrocketed, although Little White Dragon is not strong as Sun Wukong is, his half of strength can still be equal to Sun Wukong, who is in bad condition before he was sealed!

But now ... however, fortunately, the Guanyin Bodhisattva’ s seal seems to have some problems. It did not completely seal the Little White Dragon, allowing the Little White Dragon to catch the loopholes and find a to restore his full strength. Although it is only five minutes per day, if he uses it well, he can solve big problems.

"Very good!" Monk Tang heard that and didn't say what he thought. just keep something in his heart is good to protect them!

"Let's go on," Monk Tang said, at last, all the good feelings before had destroyed by the sudden appearance of Guanyin.

On the back of Little White Dragon, Monk Tang didn't care about anything, and Little White Dragon carried Monk Tang forward.

Sun Wukong, who had not spoken, looked at the direction of the west for a long time after Guanyin disappeared, watching that Monk Tang had set off, and he snorted loudly towards the West and stepped forward to the Little White Dragon!

Those three had been walking for five days in addition except for the necessary rest. A temple appeared in front of the three, with the words ‘Guanyin Temple’ written on the plaque!

When I saw this plaque, Monk Tang was excited, because it was an opportunity to earn experience value. Monk Tang remembered that there were no good people in this Guanyin Temple.

Monk Tang didn't plan to take a break, but Monk Tang would not give up the opportunity to gain experience value, so he immediately got down from the White Dragon and said to Sun Wukong: "My pupil, let's go to this Guanyin Temple to stay overnight! "

"I see, Master!" Sun Wukong heard it and nodded, then ran to the temple door and said, "Open the door, open the door, open the door and open the door, I know someone in there! I and my master want to stay here for an overnight. "

Chapter 36 A Group of Fake Monks---Real Robbers

With a creak, the courtyard door opened, and a group of bald monks has tall and short, and fat and thin, running out, and then an old but loud voice sounded in the courtyard: "Haha, Monk Tang from Tang Land is here, sorry for our failure to greet you!"

With the sound, an old monk walked out of the temple with the help of two middle-aged monks!

Is this man Elder Jinchi?

Seeing this old monk's eyes narrowed, Monk Tang thought that the elder Jinchi seemed old, but Monk Tang felt some threats. Obviously, the Elder Jinchi was not as weak as he looked, and he immediately left doubt in his heart.

Additionally, when I heard Jin Chi's words, Monk Tang sneered in my heart: Before meeting me, he knew that I was from Tang Land. This script was wrong. Monk Tang had doubts in his heart ... Who told him the news?

Of course, although Monk Tang was puzzled in his heart, he didn't show it on his face. He said, "Amitabfa, I really don't deserve this. I am not a monk with huge power? I want to say that I am stronger a little bit than you, Elder Jinchi. "

With the words of Monk Tang, the atmosphere suddenly condensed, and the circumstance was quiet!

The light in Elder Jinchi's eyes flickered with shock: How did Tang Sanzang know my title?

Jinchi recovered after a while, no matter how Monk Tang knew it, he didn't care, because in his eyes Monk Tang was a dead person tonight, and his heart just prayed that the money of Monk Tang was much enough !!

Elder Jinchi thought of their money and made a gesture of welcome, saying: "Monk, let's talk in my temple, I have already prepared for you vegetarian food, and I was looking forward to your early coming!"

"Oh? Really! After you!" Monk Tang heard this, but his heart was secretly humming: all you said is nonsense!

"Let's go together!" Jin Chi said, walking towards the Guanyin Temple with the help of the two monks. When the elder Jin Chi turned around, a bloodthirsty cold flashed in his eyes.

Monk Tang followed, Sun Wukong led Little White Dragon and walked in. He came to Monk Tang and said, "Master, these monks are not easy. It seems they are not ordinary monks, but a group of robbers. Everyone has a smell of hint of blood. Master, you have to be careful. ”

Heard it, Monk Tang's expression was slightly condensed. Although it has been known for a long time that the monks in the Guanyin Temple are not good people, he did not expect that these people in this world are not monks at all, but robbers. Sun Wukong said that these people are like robbers. It is credible, Monk Tang believes in Sun Wukong's judgment!

"Copy that, Wukong, you also pay attention to them, and take action carefully, but don't kill anyone without my order, you must know that let me be the killer!" Monk Tang nodded, his lips moved slightly, and made a very small voice.

"yes, Master, you can rest assured, I will never do it without your command!" Sun Wukong responded.

Monk Tang nodded with satisfaction, solving the problem that Sun Wukong might steal his opportunity to beat down monsters. As for Little White Dragon, Monk Tang ignored it, because Little White Dragon has put most of his main spirit into the state of cracking the seal, with only a trace of mind to stay outside and to take on the role of driver and mount!

Following a group of fake monks into the Guanyin Temple, the first impression of the temple was that it was really a magnificent place, and it was built very beautifully and luxuriously.

"Monk, what do you think of my temple? What is the difference compared to the temple in Tang Land?" The voice of Elder Jinchi came again, showing off and being proud!

"Elder Jinchi, your temple’s courtyard is really very well built. Especially, the size and the degree of luxury are better than most temples in the capital! But I have some questions, I wonder if I should ask you?" Monk Tang said.

"Hahaha!" When Elder Jinchi heard the words of Monk Tang, he laughed with a concealed pride, and waved the palm of his hand: "Monk, if you have any questions, and I can answer any questions!"

Monk Tang smiled and said, "That's good, then I'll ask!"

"Monk, please! After finish the Q&A, let's go for our dinner!" Jinchisaid indifferently.

Seeing this scene, Sun Wukong holding the Little White Dragon snorted, watching Jin Chi with a sneering eye: the old guy was fooled by my master and this old guy is too young to play tricks with my Master.

"I walked along the way outside and found that this place is relatively bleak and desolate. There were very few passers-by. After I entered the Temple, I didn't find any pilgrims to come to worship Buddha, and I want to ask you where did the money for building the Temple comes from? Shouldn't there be a lot of money? "Monk Tang asked, smiling at Elder Jinchi with a smile.

Elder Jinchi heard it, and his eyes narrowed, and a light flashed away in his eyes. He said, "you had this question because you didn't know that although there were very few pilgrims, every pilgrim who came in for prayer and blessing, would give us a lot of money. It should be said that they would give all they had, although there are few people, this temple never lacks money! "

"Alright, so that explains it!" Monk Tang said in his mouth, but his heart was sneer: Not only you had taken their money but also their lives!

Monk Tang sniffed. Although the incense was strong, Monk Tang still smelled a little of blood.

Such a strong scent is a bloody smell that cannot be masked by incense. Monk Tang can guess that many people have died in the courtyard!

And, the time when the last person died will not be too far away from today!

When talking, the vegetarian food was ready. It was so bland that there wasn’t even a pile of pickles. There was the only gruel and steamed bread. Monk Tang saw it. Is this to show how the Elder Jinchi kept his precepts and kept his frugality?

"Monk, is it strange that I said that we don't lack money in the Temple, but the food is so bad?" Jin Chi said.

Monk Tang didn't speak, just watching how Jin Chi was going to justify himself.

"Amitabha, I said that it ’s true that we don’t lack money in our Buddhist temple. It ’s true that we don’t eat well. You may think that this is contradictory, but what I said is true. Although the Buddhist temple does not lack money, we never dare to spend it in disregard, because the money that the pilgrims gave to the Temple is used to maintain the building of the Temple. "Jinchi declared the Buddha.

The false monks of Guanyin Temple followed the mouth of him and declared the Buddha: "Amitabha!"

Monk Tang rolled his eyes when he heard that if he believes what he said, he is more stupid than Little White Dragon!


Chapter 37 A Strongly Murderous Intention

All are lies said from Jin Chi's mouth. Monk Tang would be stupid if he believed him. Monk Tang could only give Elder Jinchi three words: all are nonsense!

Monk Tang is speechless about this. You said you have to lie, you have to act, but you have to be more professional. You said that you eat not well. You should take a look your fatty and red face, do you really suffer from malnutrition, it is clear that you guys have excess nutrition.

Especially the fat guy, the smell of meat on his body is so strong, he must have eaten much flesh, and by the way, the chicken legs hidden in his arms are exposed. You say that you don't eat perfectly, who believes it?

Of course, Monk Tang didn't believe it, but it didn't show it on his face. He declared: "Amitabfa, you, really made me feel a bit ashamed and sighed!"

When Monk Tang was talking, he felt a little nauseated. If it was not to see how much they can act, Monk Tang would like to take a monk spade to kill the fake monks immediately.


After having dinner, Jin Chi asked Monk Tang to talk about Dharma. Of course, Monk Tang would inevitably deal with Jinchi courteously but without sincerity, it is said that it is about Dharma, but the purpose of Jin Chi is naturally not. During the process of talking about Dharma, Jin Chi was asked euphemistically about What treasures and possessions he has.

Monk Tang pushed the boat along with his current and told Jinchi that he had Brocade Kasaya, a purple golden bowl, and other treasures.

Of course, Monk Tang did not show them to him, as in the original, all was in his own bag!

And in the process, Monk Tang got new tasks:

‘Ding Dong, congratulations to the host for taking another step on the westbound journey and arriving at the Guanyin Temple, a new mission is now released: protect Brocade Kasaya from not being lost for 24 hours, complete the mission, and reward 10-10 points for the experience value’

Because of this mission, Monk Tang protected kasaya harder, even though Monk Tang did not like this kasaya!

After talking about the ‘Dharma’, Monk Tang returned to the house arranged by Jinchi. This house is in a special position where is far away from other buildings in the temple.

"Master, what did the fake monk tell you?" Back in the room, Sun Wukong asked with a smile.

"Haha, he talked about the ‘Dharma’, of course, his main purpose was to find out what treasures we have!" Monk Tang said with a smile. Although Jin Chi is a robber, his understanding of Dharma is really proficient, which even better than many other real monks.  otherwise, Jinchi would not probe me by the pretext of discussion about Dharma!

"Well, they want to die, and they dare to cast eyes at me, Master, what do you want to do? Do you need me to knock them one by one with my bar?" Sun Wukong said, murderously.

"Huh, what did I say, I'll be the killer if you want to kill!" Monk Tang said with a cold hum and said, "Moreover, kill them directly and make them cheaper, Wukong, come here, I have something to tell you! You do it as I said"

Sun Wukong moves his head close to Tang: "Master, please say it, I'll do it right now!"

"Wukong, firstly, you go for..." Monk Tang lay on Sun Wukong's ear and said, with a bad smile on his face!

Sun Wukong's expression also changed constantly with what Monk Tang said, and finally said disgustingly, "Master, your idea is too evil, too disgusting, can you change it?" Sun Wukong really doesn't want to do it.

Monk Tang said with a stern face: "They should be punished like this, I ask you one time, can you did it?"

"Yes!" Sun Wukong said decisively, this monk even doubted his ability to be the Monkey King, how unbearable!

"Hey, good, go ahead, I'll wait for your triumphant!" Hearing Sun Wukong's promise, Monk Tang immediately changed his face and laughed.

Shoo, Sun Wukong's body disappeared in the room before the words of Monk Tang had finished.

Five minutes later, Sun Wukong reappeared, and his face was not very good. Monk Tang wondered: "What? Didn't it work?"

"No, Master, everything you told me I've done, and by the way, I walked around this temple and found a lot of things, which made me angry. I'm afraid I would be furious so in com back!" Sun Wukong said.

"What did you find?" Monk Tang asked, and he was also very interested in what made Sun Wukong angry.

"I found ... hey, I don’t know how to say it. He said, forget it, Master, you go with me to see it! You will get angry when you look at it. The people in this temple are all brutes. No, not even brutes. Master, you are right, these guys must not be killed. it would be too mercy for them to do so! "Sun Wukong said.

Monk Tang looked solemn when he heard his words. Monk Tang could feel the anger of Sun Wukong. He would definitely see it when he saw something different. He said, "let’s go, take me there!"

Sun Wukong came forward to Monk Tang's side, grabbed Monk Tang's arm, and then disappeared.

A picture reappeared is that those two had already stood in the figure of Guanyin Bodhisattva in a house of the temple. The incense scented in the Buddhist house, the high incense was burning, and the candlelight was swaying slightly. The beautiful statue of Guanyin was a little bit horrible in the swaying candlelight.

"Wukong, where it is?" Monk Tang came to this Buddhist temple, glanced around and wondered. He didn't find anything suspicious in the Buddhist house.

"Master, let me show you something below this Guanyin statue. Come with me, I will remove this Guanyin statue now!" Sun Wukong said, and he took a breath at Guanyin statue, and then Monk Tang I saw Guanyin statue moving forward silently for a distance, exposing a place, which had been previously covered.

There is a black hole in the tunnel with an oblique downward passage and stone steps, which makes it easy to walk down.

At the moment when this channel appeared, Monk Tang frowned, because Monk Tang felt a cold air sprayed out of the hole, and the thick bloody smell and faint corpse smell got into Monk Tang's nostril!

"Master, follow me behind me, let me show you the way!" Sun Wukong said with a chill in his voice!

Monk Tang nodded heavily. When he smelled the smell of blood and corpse, he almost knew what was underground. Monk Tang followed, his face slowly changed, but he looked at this place as hell. The moment he saw it, Monk Tang changed his face suddenly, and his murderous intention has never been stronger like this time!

Chapter 38 My Bar Gets Hungry

If it was said that Monk Tang wanted to kill Jinchi and others just because they were not good persons, for the sake of gaining experience value.
So after seeing the scene in front of him, Monk Tang immediately forgets things about gaining experience value, but the only thing in his mind is to kill the group of these damn people. The last sense of wit did not drive Monk Tang crazy, he saw Everything in front of him, Monk Tang said heavily: "I will definitely take revenge for you and send them to inferno!"
Coming out of the ground, Monk Tang had frost on his face, with a murderous surgeon his body, and different from a usual image of a cute little monk, because Monk Tang saw a scene like a hell under the ground.
Before Monk Tang talked with Jinchi, he had speculated that the pilgrims who had left money might have been killed, but he did not expect that they died so cruelly. After going down the passage, there was a very large underground space, It should be an underground cell.
But there is no partition, that is, the whole room is full of various types of torture. The key is that Monk Tang found more than 20 bodies in it, including males and females, old and young, and the deaths were miserable. Cramps, bone shavings, shavings ... are even crueler than Ten Big Cool Punishment in Manchu Dynasty.
Especially those women, their clothes are disheveled, they are covered with tooth marks, and they are bitten away in some places!
Without even thinking about, what these women had suffered at their last gasps!
Even Monk Tang imaged some pictures in his head that Jin Chi and others used to punish those innocent people in this cell, Imaging the abnormal behavior of Jin Chi and others as well as their perversions. His intention of killing is more intense!
"Wukong, cover the mouth of the cave. After revenge for them, we will set them up for funeral and burial." Monk Tang stood in front of Guanyin and said, the cold light in his eyes was extremely fierce, which seems could freeze the space around him.
"Yes, Master!" Sun Wukong responded, and then did so. He was obedient and quiet this time. Sun Wukong did not know why he felt his master was so unfamiliar and even made him feel a little scared. Sun Wukong knew that he should be obedient at this time.
The hole was closed silently, and Sun Wukong said again, "Master, are we going to avenge for those poor people right now? My bar is hungry and thirsty!"
Alas ... Monk Tang heard the words and almost failed to hold on. Damn it, why did Sun Wukong say this? Monk Tang didn't remember what he said to do in front of Sun Wukong!?
"Take your time, let 's go back to the room and then figure out a way to take revenge. It 's a bit easy to kill them directly! And we don't need to take any action, they will come to us!" In the room, Jinchi and others will definitely do something for his golden bowl and Brocade Kasaya!
What Sun Wukong had done before was actually just for the disgusting Elder Jinchi and his people! However, it is the time to change his mind for Monk Tang, not only disgusting them but setting a trap to kill the beasts. In addition, Monk Tang also intends to kill the beasts in the trap as their graves!!
"Wukong, the trap I asked you to do just now, you go and make it deeper and bigger, and then get some iron drills, blades and the like it" Monk Tang commanded Sun Wukong.
Sun Wukong blinked when he heard it, and then disappeared after a flash, who appeared after a while, indicating that everything was done. Monk Tang said that Sun Wukong did a good job, stopped praised him that worthy of being Monkey King till Wukong 's face flushed
When Monk Tang was preparing with Sun Wukong, Elder Jinchi and other fake monks were plotting together!
"Elder, when do we start? The monk from the Tang Land seems to be very rich, just the purple golden bowl is enough for us to spend for a long time!"
"it's true, Elders, let's do it quickly. Look at the young monk who is thin-skinned and tender-skinned, much more beautiful than a woman, alas ... I can't wait!"
Jin Chi heard a cold hum and said, "You all have to wait. After they fall asleep, we start to steal the treasures that the little monk said, and then they will be burned to death with fire. This Tang monk is different from the monks we met. There must be no proof of their death. Otherwise, we can't explain it to the Emperor in Tang Land! "
"Copy that, Elder, we do what you say, but Elder, do we need to tell the Black Wind King! He said that we have to inform him when Tang monk Black arrives at here"
"hum, nope, if someone tells Black Wind King I will kill him, cook and eat his meat, and informing Black Wind King? are you stupid? If you tell Black Wind, can we still get any benefits? A purple golden bowl, Brocade Kasaya will become the collection of the Black Wind, nothing will be in our pockets! "Elder Jinchi hummed.
The fake monks heard it, after thinking for a while, they repeatedly flattered and said, "Yes, yes, you are right, we must not tell Black Wind King about the monk of the Tang Land about. If we have to inform him we can do it until everything has been done. The result is almost the same anyway! "
Hearing this monk's speech, Jin Chi nodded with satisfaction, and finally, there was a smart man.
Two more hours went by, and it was midnight. It is a deep time when most people fall asleep. It is the time when Elder Jinchi and other fake monks who are sleepy and yawning, got down to set fire, but when they saw Jinchi's face, they are all awake!!
"Be swift! get up! start to take action! Fatty, you, take a group of people to the kitchen to get the oil. Skinny, you take a group of people to move the firewood, and then surround the zen room with firewood and oil it. The rest! Come with me and steal the monk's stuff, remember that if there is anything wrong, we have to kill them! "Elder Jinchi commanded, and then walked towards the zen room where Monk Tang was with the help of two monks!
Monk Tang and Sun Wukong have never fallen asleep. After watching the scene, Monk Tang has no drowsiness at all. Although he closed his eyes, he was just chanting. Monk Tang was trying to calm down his violent mood.
Sun Wukong is sitting on a chair not far away, scratching his ears and scratching his cheeks from time to time, looking anxiously, looking out through the gap in the door from time to time!
A whisper of whistle and footsteps passed into the ears, Monk Tang opened his eyes and said in his heart: finally, you are here.
"Master, they are coming!" a shadow appeared next to Monk Tang. Then Sun Wukong whispered to Monk Tang, reminding Monk Tang!

Chapter 39 Go to Shit

(similar to 'go to hell')
"I see, I'm waiting for the show begins!" Monk Tang heard this, with a playful smile on his face!
"Hey, good luck!" Sun Wukong laughed and thought about what Monk Tang asked him to do, that trap, hey ... Sun Wukong felt nauseated about it.
Outside, Jinchi and other fake monks were here, holding the firewood, holding the firewood, and carrying the oil barrels. Jinchi nodded with satisfaction when he saw this scene, then waved the old palm and whispered: "Let's start!"
The moment the palm fell, a group of monks rushed towards Monk Tang's room lightly.
Inside, Monk Tang looked through the gap of the door to see what was happening outside, muttering in his mouth: This Elder Jinchi still wants to burn him to death, to destroy the evidence of my corpse!
Monk Tang watched the gang of fake monks who rushed to the door, and whispered, "Five, four, three, two ..."
When counting to "one", Monk Tang kicked the door open, pointed at Jinchi, and said, "Go to shit, you! Guys!"
Monk Tang kicked off the door, and his movement made an extremely loud voice. Elder Jinchi and others, who were a guilty conscience, were even more shocked!
However, Elder Jinchi is more concerned about that what Monk Tang said---- "go to shit?" means, and why he had a very bad hunch, he shouted, "Everyone, be careful, this little monk may play fox! "
Elder Jinchi reacted quickly, but it didn't work. The voice didn't fall. He heard a clicking sound from his feet, and then he fell to the bottom ... Damn it, when is there a pit here? he thought.
Ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ah ...
A blast of screams came, and the area of the ground subsidence was very large. Almost 90% of fake monks fell into the pit!
At the moment the ground collapsed, Monk Tang laughed. This was a trap that Sun Wukong made, and he modified it once, not only as simple as a big pit there. According to his instructions, Sun Wukong put some pieces of stuff in that pit.
"Ah ... help, what a deep pit ..."
"My feet! Ouch! How can there be iron bars in it, damn it, who did this trap !?"
"It's so stinky, how can it be so stinky? Damn, this is shit ... damn ..."
"Help, I can't swim! Help me! ... Oh my gosh, I ... eh ~"
"Monk Tang, you are despicable ... I want to kill you! Eh ~" The moment Elder Jinchi fell, he knew that he and others had caught the trap of Monk Tang, but he couldn't figure out how Monk Tang did such a trap which is so big, so disgusting but cruel!
Unsuspectingly, he was stained with filth.
Monk Tang covered his nose, and the stinking smell made Monk Tang dizzy for a while, not to mention Elder Jinchi and others in the pit. Originally, according to Monk Tang's idea, he wanted to make them disgusting and gave them a happy end of death, but After seeing the scene of the underground cell, Monk Tang decided to kill these people in a very cruel way ... such as killing them with feces, and this pit will become the grave of them.
In fact, Sun Wukong's execution ability is absolutely powerful. Not only did he fully meet his requirements, but he also made a crueler improvement. Monk Tang wanted to ask Sun Wukong where he brought so many e-x-c-r-e-ment to Jinchi and those fake monks. 
In fact, even if the pit was deeper, e-x-c-r-e-ment could not kill them, unless those unlucky robbers could not swim, but Monk Tang tells Sun Wukong to arrange iron knives in the trap to increase the mortality of Elder Jinchi.
At the moment of falling, many fake monks were cut in half by sharp blades and pierced into kebab by iron braces! like sugarcoated haws on a stick! 
Of course, there are still a lot of people who survived. Jin Chi also survived, and no longer pretended to be weak. After climbing up the ground, he took off the filthy monk's clothes and uncovering his muscles, which is strong like rocks.
So, the next moment, as the order of Jinchi, there were almost no more than a hundred naked bald men, who vomited and bypassed the trap and rushed towards Monk Tang. The scene, the style of the horrible picture... so 'spicy' to eyes!
Seeing this, Monk Tang grunted, monk spade held it in his hand and told Sun Wukong that he rushed out to help him out.
When the monk spade slammed out, he knocked down a big man directly. Although these fake monks are stronger than ordinary people, they are far worse than Monk Tang of level 6.  when his monk spade hit on them, those half bodies of the fake monks are gone and died instantly couldn't move anymore, and at the same time, the residual body fell into a trap, where the grave created by Monk Tang for these brutes!
'Ding Dong! Congratulations to the host for beheading one robber and rewarding experience for 10 points! '
While killing the robber, the system's prompt sounded, but Monk Tang didn't pay attention to it, because Monk Tang's killing intention finally broke out at this moment. There was only one idea, which was to kill all the brutes.
Every time his monk spade fell off is a life fade away. Monk Tang waved the monk spade, which came into an afterimage. In the beginning, this group of fake monks rushed towards Monk Tang, but the situation quickly reversed. Monk Tang is holding monk spade to hunt down a bunch of fakes monk, crying for dads and mommies!
"Runaway, this monk is so terrible, even let us eat shit!"
"Come, help! Who can stop this monk, I can't do it anymore, I can't run anymore!"
"Give me up, I won't dare anymore, I dare nothing! Don't kill me!"
"He is not a monk. He is a devil. He is Shura in hell. I don't want to die!"
Hearing the crying and begging of these beasts, Monk Tang was unmoved and ruthlessly harvested their lives, and even in order to prevent these people from escaping, Monk Tang asked Sun Wukong to completely block the entire Guanyin Temple, nobody could enter or exit!
Jinchi watched his younger followers were chased and killed by Monk Tang, his eyes generated rages, and he roared, rushing towards Monk Tang!
"Stop! You! Goddamn, monk!"
Did you finally come for me? Monk Tang looked at the Jinchi rushing to himself and snorted in his heart. Monk Tang wanted to kill Jinchi most, but those robbers protected Jinchi very tightly, even though the disabled people still protected him.
At this moment, Jin Chi rushed to him exactly as he wished. After killing a robber, Monk Tang swept him into the pit, Monk Tang gave up the idea of chasing others and rushed towards Jinchi!
Jinchi is very strong. Although he has not yet formally contacted him, Monk Tang understands that Jinchi's s strength is definitely not lower than the fifth level, he is the strongest among mortals he has ever encountered with, but he still can't stop his monk spade!

Chapter 40 Killing Them All

Elder Jinchi was still very confident. He cultivates the spell of growth which is physically strong to recover his body. Although he saw Monk Tang kill the Quartet, Jin Chi was still confident. So, when he was angry, he rushed to Monk Tang immediately. However, his confidence did not last for a long time. The moment when he collided with Monk Tang, his confidence fell apart!
He thought he could defeat Monk Tang's monk spade in one punch, but when his fist hit on Monk spade, it was a pain in his heart and a vigorous pouring of energy into his body, while he shouted out "it's impossible", He watched one of his arms was smashed by Monk Tang!
"Ah ... my arm!" Elder Jinchi screamed, holding his bloody arm, and regretted it so much, he shouldn't be that kind confident, he thought!
Those fake monks saw that Jin Chi's arm was broken by Monk Tang, and they suddenly were muddled. Then there was an unprecedented fear coming into their hearts. Monk Tang was stronger than they thought. They knew how powerful Elder Jinchi was. They saw a monster who was killed by the fists of Elder Jinchi.
But Elder Jinchi, who was able to cut the demon in that way, was defeated by Monk Tang all at once. They dare not imagine how powerful Monk Tang is!
These fake monks were frightened, screaming and running away, but what made them even more desperate and frightened was that they couldn't escape from Guanyin Temple, as if there was an invisible wall covering the Temple!
Regardless of the fake monks who fled and ran, the killing intent of Monk Tang did not diminish after almost kill Elder Jinchi in one shot. He took a big step, holding his Nine-Ring Monk Spade, which was covered with blood, steps for Jinchi again.
"Monk Tang, you can't kill me. There is a demon king behind me as my backer, and there is a stronger existence to protect us. If you kill me, you will not end well!" Jin Chi watched Monk Tang. His heart has beaten so fast.
"NOT kill you? If I don't kill you, how can I face those who you slaughtered?" Monk Tang glared, and his monk spade held up.
Hearing Monk Tang's words, Jinchi immediately understood that the bad things he did were revealed in front of Monk Tang, but how could be? He didn't understand how it was discovered by Monk Tang. But he would never understand it because Monk Tang's monk spade has been smashed down so hard.
"No ..." Looking at the monk spade that was constantly enlarged in his eyes, Jinchi screamed desperately: "King of the Black Wind! Save me!"
With a buzz, when Jinchi's words fell, his body immediately generated a black demon wind out of thin air, which was protecting him in it, blocking Monk Tang's hit at the last moment.
"Hahaha ... See! Monk Tang, you can't kill me, as long as this demon wind of bodyguard is not dispersed, you can't do anything!" Jinchi saw Monk Tang can't break the demon wind of the bodyguard and laughed immediately.
When Monk Tang saw the black demon wind on Jinchi, he immediately snorted. Sure enough, this Jin Chi was related to the black bear essence of Black Wind Mountain, and it was much closer than the description in the original work (as mentioned before A Journey to The West, one of Four Great Classical Novels in China). The Black Bear in the original work was not protected Jinchi, even he did not care about his death!
But it's really different here. Black Bear actually left a demon power as protection in Jin Chi's body!
But, so what? Even if the Black Bear appeared to come to protect him, he could not stop his determination to kill Jinchi!
"You really think you don't have to die with this demon power? Well, Jinchi, you are so arrogant!" Monk Tang yelled, "Wukong, break this cover and blow it away!"
Jinchi heard it and was muddled for a moment, he doesn't know what does it mean, but he knew it the next moment and saw the monk with a rough-hairy face blowing a sigh at him, and the demon wind on his body shook a few times and broken, Jinchi now understood that the monk with the hairy face was the strongest!
At the same time, he remembered what Black Wind said to him: if they met the monk who came from Tang Land, they must inform him, don't do it on their own!
Only then did he understand the meaning of Black Wind's sentence. It turned out that Black Wind knew how strong the two monks were, and he regretted it!
Of course, regret is not helpful anymore, Monk Tang's monk spade has hit him, and with a slam, he was caught in eternal darkness.
'Ding Dong, congratulations to the host, beheaded Elder Jinchi, and avenged the tragic death, with a special reward of 500 experience value! '
After beheading Elder Jinchi, Monk Tang couldn't help exhaling, and finally, let out a sigh of sullenness in his chest. He didn't care about the sound of the system. Although the evil head was gone, others should also be punished. After Jinchi's rotten meat was kicked by him into the pit, he ran to the other robbers!
"Ah, no, Elder Jinchi was killed by Monk Tang, run away!"
"Monk Tang is coming. It's scary. Runaway. He'll kill all of us."
"Don't kill me, I surrender, I want to go home, I want my mommy!"
Elder Jinchi was killed by Monk Tang, which completely breaking down those fake monks, some ran away recklessly, some slumped and kept their heads begging for his mercy, and some even stared blankly at nothing and scared!!
Listening to begging for mercy, Monk Tang decided at this time. Whether the one was scared or frightened, Monk Tang killed one by one.
'Ding Dong, congratulations to the host for beheading a robber and rewarding 10 experience values! '
'Ding Dong, congratulations to the host for beheading a robber and rewarding 10 experience values! '
'Ding Dong, congratulations to the host for beheading a robber and rewarding 10 experience values! '
Not only the system prompt sounded in Monk Tang's mind but also his experience value accumulated continuously. Only after killing all fake monks, Monk Tang stopped. The moon-white monk's robe was red with blood, which is ripping blood!
After killing all the fake monks, the bad feeling in the heart of Monk Tang was completely gone. Although his whole body was stained with blood, the image of him was terrible, but in the eyes of Sun Wukong, Monk Tang was bathed in golden light.
Sun Wukong murmured, "killing can gain merits and virtues?"
Monk Tang mouthed the Buddha and looked towards the underground cell: "Amitabha, Almsgivers, I have revenge for you, you can let your resentment go, and hope you all will be at Paradise as soon as possible and hope you can start new samsara, I will see you off!"
Monk Tang read the sutras of releasing souls from purgatory. Although the stench and bloodiness pervaded the Guanyin Temple, the night sky became brighter as the Chanting of Monk Tang sounded.
Monk Tang can't see it and didn't feel anything, but in Sun Wukong's eyes, he could see all different, all transparent figures appeared from all sides of Temple, then bowed to them, and then those figures disappeared.
At this moment, Sun Wukong frowned, then suddenly realized it, as if he understood something. There was a bit of respect in Wukong's eyes.

Chapter 41 This Is A Plugin!

In Black Wind Mountain, in Black Wind Cave, Black Wind King, Black Bear, and a bunch of little goblins are drinking alcohol and eating barbecue.
Suddenly, Black Bear's dark face changed noticeably. He stood up, spilled wine beside him, and said, "Not good, something happened to Jinchi, he used the magic power I left him!"
Seeing his gesture, the little goblins immediately stopped and one little goblin came forward, his eyes turned, and said, "my King, why not send someone to Guanyin Temple to see what happened?"
Hearing it, Black Bear thought for a moment and said, "Okay ... it's not necessary, Jinchi is dead, and my magic power has been broken up!" Black Bear's face turned dark.
Hearing the words of their king, the little goblins were all shocked. Who can dispel the magic power of their king? Even if it is a trace of little magic power on Jinchi, it is also a very powerful force, and mortals can never break it up!
"my King, do you know who did it, should we avenge for Elder Jinchi?" A little goblin asked.
"we'll know till I investigate what is going on!" Black Bear said, and then he stretched out his black hand with black hair and held it in the air. The luxuriant-decorated caves created strong winds, and there was a slight wind gathered towards the palm of Black Bear in all directions.
After a while, wind in the cave stopped, and there was a little black whirlwind in Black Bear's palm. It was exactly the magic power broken by Sun Wukong, which was brought together again by a secret spell from Black Bear. He can learn some information from this magic power.
Black Bear swallowed the little black whirlwind, and after a moment, he screamed angrily: "Damn the Golden Cicada X, how dare he ignore what I said. They did not report that Monk Tang and the monkey came, but they dared to kill the two by themselves, damn it. You really deserve it. You! Such idiots! even ruin my plan! "
All in Black Wind Mountain shuddered in the black bear's rage, and the little goblin knelt in fear and begged for mercy.
In the end, a little goblin braved his courage and asked him carefully: "The Monk Tang you said is the monk from the Tang Dynasty?"
Gurus, Black Bear took the wine glass and took a deep sip of the wine, and said, "yes, that's him. That damn Jinchi, bald donkey, who relied on my little power to kill Monk Tang. Is that monkey a display? He was still thinking about taking steps to approach his goal and looking for a chance to kill the monkey and Monk Tang. Now all plans have to be changed! "
As he said this, there was a hint of fear in Black Bear's eyes, and this fear is from Sun Wukong, although his master told him that Sun Wukong was suppressed under The Five-Fingers Mountain five hundred years ago without any past heroic, he does not dare to underestimate Sun Wukong.
According to his plan, he wanted to make Jinchi stand in front and make a secret whistle to him, and inform him of the whereabouts of Monk Tang, and then take action according to the plan, but Jinchi did so and also exposed his magic power, he knew every arrangement before is in vain and a new arrangement is needed to be discussed in a long term!
At this moment, Black Bear hated Jinchi, and regretted that he left Jinchi with a little of goblin power!
In the Guanyin Temple, Monk Tang rose up after finishing chanting. Seeing it, Sun Wukong came to Monk Tang and asked, "Master, what are we going to do next?"
Monk Tang heard it and glanced at Guanyin Temple and said, "Put all the corpses of these beasts in the pit and bury them. As for this Guanyin Temple, it doesn't have to exist anymore, burn it!"
Sun Wukong heard it was stunned, then quickly do as he said, and a short time later, the Guanyin Temple was on fire.
"Then? Master!" Sun Wukong, who returned and asked with a little excitement ... he coordinated well what Master said that kill people and set fire.
"kill the goblins!" Monk Tang's eyes flashed, carrying monk spade, and put on the back of Little White Dragon. The monk's robe was also not changed by him, and he went toward the direction of Black Wind Mountain in the smell of blood in his memory.
Sun Wukong's eyes flickered and he said, "Master, you are going on a killing spree!" But Sun Wukong didn't feel anything wrong but was even more excited. He just clearly looked at the goblin power on Jinchi just now. The goblins linked with Jinchi will not be any good ones! He knew he could have a fight too!
Riding on horseback, Monk Tang has opened the character panel and checked the experience value he has now. Although he was serious to kill goblins, Monk Tang knows that he is still weak, and may even defeat the weakest goblin. However, so upgrading is necessary!
Host: Monk Tang
Occupation: Monk (sutras seeker)
Level: 6
Experience: 1500/320
Skills: Complete Buddhist scriptures
Props: Brocade Kasaya, Nine-Ring Monk Spade, Golden Three Hoops(fake)
1500? When Monk Tang saw this, he was joyful that it should be able to upgrade several levels. Monk Tang immediately said: "I want to upgrade! System!"
System: 'Ding Dong, congratulations to host, your level is now at level 7, the upgrade conditions are met, do you continue to upgrade? '
"Go on!"
System: 'Ding Dong, congratulations to the host, your level upgrade one more level, your current level is level 8, the upgrade conditions are not enough to continue the upgrade!'
Heard it, Monk Tang was embarrassed, he thought he could upgrade to level 10, but he didn't expect that just upgrading two levels would be inexperienced, but Monk Tang was not dissatisfied. Although he only improved two levels, Monk Tang obviously felt that he was ten times more powerful than before. Monk Tang was confident that even if he encountered a goblin of level 10, he could kill them all!
Of course, in his heart, Monk Tang still hopes that he can now be upgraded to level 10 because when his level is at 10, the system will also be in an upgrade, such as the system mall and other functions will be open.
Once the system mall is open, he will be able to learn more skills, and his strength will be in leaps and bounds, instead of only relying on killing brute by his force.
But now he can only think about it, it is far from upgrading to level 10.
Of course, Monk Tang already had an idea in his mind, that is, to gain experience value by war. When he came to Black Wind Mountain to find some small goblins to kill, and accumulate experience value, and upgrade to level 10.
Monk Tang glanced at the new task panel:
Host: Monk Tang
Occupation: Monk (sutras seeker)
Level: 8
Experience: 540/1280
Skills: Complete Buddhist scriptures
Props: Brocade Kasaya, Nine-Ring Monk Spade, Golden Three Hoops(fake)
Monk Tang silently calculated in his heart. If he wants to upgrade to level 10, he needs 3300 experience. According to a little goblin's as 100 points of experience value, he has to kill 33 little goblins. This is not a decimal. Monk Tang took a look at it and worried. But Monk Tang glanced at Sun Wukong, who was running ahead and touched his chin. A plan had already been born.
With Sun Wukong, let Sun Wukong catch some little goblins and let him kill them. It is easy, Monk Tang's eyes are bright. This is a plug-in!

Chapter 42 My King! Something happened!

Green pines and cypresses grow and flowing silver waterfalls, its essence rises. Monk Tang burned Guanyin Temple and then heads for Black Wind Mountain. The closer toward Black Wind Mountain, the more powerful the mighty between heaven and earth become. Obviously, Black Wind Mountain is also a blessing place, otherwise Black Bear would not take Black Wind Mountain as his own nest!
Just a few miles away to reach Black Wind Mountain, Monk Tang gave Little White Dragon a sign to stop.
"Master, why don't you keep moving?" Seeing Monk Tang stopped, Sun Wukong turned his head and asked in confusion.
He was just wearing a murderous look just now, but now he was afraid? Sun Wukong thought it.
"Come, my plug-in ... Ah, no. Wukong, come here, let me tell you something." Monk Tang said.
Sun Wukong turned his eyes and said, "What's the matter? Master!" What was this young monk doing?
"You see. Black Wind Mountain is in front of you, there is the goblin's nest, go and catch a little goblin!" Monk Tang said.
"Master, why should I catch the goblins? Let's just go and hit them?" Sun Wukong glanced at Black Wind Mountain and said dismissively. Although there is a lot of evil smell and a powerful might of goblins on Black Wind Mountain, Sun Wukong didn't take it seriously!
"No!" Monk Tang said righteously, hit him directly, how can I use your plug-in to upgrade?
"Why?" Sun Wukong scratched his head.
"Well, I'll teach you one more thing. Do you think the goblins in front are just like that and they can't threaten you?" Monk Tang asked.
Heard it Sun Wukong froze, and blinked, the light inside flickered, and secretly said: How did this little monk know my thoughts?
Looking at Sun Wukong, Monk Tang was happy that he guessed it correctly. In fact, Sun Wukong's idea is easy to figure it out. This guy doesn't even look at Tathagata, so, how could he take count of those small goblins? Monk Tang is not a fool. As long as he said so, it won't be a problem for him.
Monk Tang continued to say: "The principle is not to underestimate anyone, even if you know that the other party is weaker than yourself. A person, who is weaker than you, maybe uses some conspiracy tricks to kill you. Of course, if your strength can reach a level that you are not afraid of all conspiracy, you don't have to think about anything. What I said is nonsense!
Heard it, Sun Wukong scratched his head as if thinking something, and then said, "Master, killing the goblins of Black Wind Mountain won't be a problem!"
Monk Tang: "..." what the hell, is this monkey agreed that what I said is nonsense?
Monk Tang twitched his mouth and said, "Ahem, this ... You, dead monkey, off you go! You can go now, so much nonsense. You can kill all, but I can't! You have to think about it for me! "
Sun Wukong smiled grinning, "Master, you should say it earlier. If you do so, why not I just do as you said? "
Monk Tang opened his mouth, Damn it, he was so angry!
"Hip-hop ha-ha ... I do it right now!" Sun Wukong was in a good mood, and disappeared!
The corners of Monk Tang's mouth were slightly raised, with a little evil: off you go, my plug-in!
Little White Dragon was awake now, but his face was muddled: Hey? What happened before? Where is my Brother Monkey? Why Master smiles so evil!?
In Black Wind Mountain and Black Wind Cave, Black Bear and a group of little goblins gathered together and scratched their heads. Elder Jinchi disrupted his elaborate strategy. At this moment, he was thinking of new countermeasures, but Black Bear can't come up with a great idea. So, 'happy' alone is not as good as 'happy' together, so he grabbed a bunch of little goblins to help think together and have a 'headache' together!
"One report! My King, it's not good, a goblin was caught by a monkey!" Then a yelling came from outside the cave, and a little goblin ran from outside the cave, shouting while running.
His thinking was interrupted, Black Bear screamed angrily, "What is it?"
The little goblin shivered and slumped on his knees and said, "Master, it's not good, a goblin has been taken away by a monkey! What I said is true, I didn't know where the monkey came from, he grabbed one of our brothers and ran away! "
Black Bear muddled in a rhythmical way, it takes a while to recovered: "You said a monkey caught a goblin? Damn, where is the monkey? Such arrogant ... what the hell, no, the monkey can catch my goblin and run? What does the monkey look like? "
The little goblin hurriedly said, "he has a hairy face like Thunderchief (ps: he is the Chinese Thunder God, who has a sharp face, holding a hammer. Of course, he is not as handsome as Thor.), his eyes are golden, the thief looks cool!"
Black Bear: what the hell, wouldn't the monkey be Sun Wukong? What is wrong with him? why catch a little goblin?
"let's go, I will figure out what is going on here!" Black Bear stood up and said, giving up his plan, on account of a fact his brain hurts!
"Master, you want a little goblin, I'll get one for you!" Sun Wukong appeared beside Monk Tang, and threw a goblin with a goat's head to the ground, saying so.
"Brother Monkey, hello!" Little White Dragon said when Sun Wukong appeared.
"Well? Bro, you are awake! How about the seal on your body? how much have the seal been broken?" Hearing his voice, Sun Wukong asked.
Little White Dragon: "..."
Sun Wukong: "..." what the hell, are you going to break the seal again? Then don't you fucking talk to me, silly! I almost believe you succeed to break it down.
Monk Tang, instead of having a conservation with the two, is holding the monk spade and tapping the goat goblin's head gently! But after several hits, the goat goblin didn't mean to wake up, Monk Tang asked: "Wukong, have you already beat him to death, right?"
Hearing his voice, Sun Wukong replied, "No, it was just that I told him I was the Monkey King and then he fainted!"
Monk Tang: "..." what the hell, such a timid goblin.
Monk Tang glanced at Goat Goblin again, and immediately he was happy. Because this guy turned out to pretend to be in a coma. No wonder he never wakes up!
There is a saying that you will never wake up a person who pretends to sleep and likewise, you will never have to wake up a goblin, who pretends to be haunted.
Monk Tang blinked, an idea occurred in his mind, "Wukong, I'm hungry!"
Sun Wukong muddled: "What?" What do you mean, what do you mean? How could you suddenly become hungry?
Monk Tang patted his forehead, and there is a generation gap between the people who have lived for thousands of years, but fortunately, Sun Wukong, as a monkey, is a smart creature. Monk Tang glanced at the goat goblin, although Wukong still does not understand the specific Meaning of Monk Tang, he still following the intention of Monk Tang: "Master, if you are hungry, kill this Goat Goblin and eat him!"
Goat Goblin, who was motionless, shook violently at this moment, but still pretended to be dizzy.
Monk Tang heard it, nodded its head, and said in his heart that the numb one could be taught, but his mouth opened: "Okay, mutton skewers I cooked are delicious. I just took a look at this Goat Goblin. The meat is absolutely delicious and a good ingredient." What the hell, why I drooled while talking. Ah~~~I really want to eat.

Chapter 43 Analysis from Monk Tang

"My Monkey King! My Monkey King! Please forgive me, you, as a NICE monk! Please forgive me, don't eat me, I woke up right now!" The goat suddenly jumped from the ground, and then he started to kowtow. Hearing the conversation between Monk Tang and Sun Wukong. He was scared. As for Monkey King, He always eats goblins. But what about his monk? Does he eat goblins? How terrible he is?
"Oh, wake up? Don't pretend to be dizzy?" Monk Tang said with a smile.
"no! No! Never dare to do so!" Goat Goblin staggered.
"You said you were pretending to be dizzy? Did you lie to me?" Sun Wukong's icy voice sounded very tense. He just said to Monk Tang that the goat was fainted by him. This is too embarrassing and shameful!
Goat Goblin heard the voice of Sun Wukong, so he almost feels dazed again, and cried, "My Monkey King, I was really dazed before, but I woke up again when you carried me to the ground, But I dare not wake up! "
Monk Tang said at the moment: "Wukong, I have a question to ask him. Don't scare him. If you scare him, he will be a waste!" if he was scared to death by Sun Wukong, it is not his experience value. Sun Wukong couldn't steal his opportunity to gain the experience value.
Goat Goblin: Waste? What does that means, isn't the terrified sheep delicious?
"Huh!" Sun Wukong heard it snorted but said nothing. According to his original intention, he wanted to kill him with his stick. Goat Goblin, who dared to tease him, but Monk Tang said, and he couldn't do so. Wukong was still staring fiercely at Goat Goblin, making Goat Goblin shiver.
"Well, little sheep, don't be afraid, he won't hurt you because I am here!" Monk Tang said softly and warmly.
Goat Goblin was even more scared. Although Monk Tang was so handsome and his voice is soft, his monk robe, which is exuding bloody smell, made Monk Tang like a bloody Shura!
"my kind monk, what do you want to know from me? I will say everything I know." Goat Goblin fought his teeth.
"Well, good!" Monk Tang reached out one of his hands and touched the goat's head. The goat was shaking his body again.
Monk Tang said, "Is your King the Black Wind King? What does he have to do with Elder Jinchi? Tell me about your King! Tell me everything you know."
"Yes, yes, got it!" Goat Goblin nodded again and then began to tell!
Monk Tang is very speechless. This Goat Goblin really has no rituals, so he sold his king and said everything.
However, Monk Tang has really gained something. In fact, Monk Tang really didn't mean to listen to it, but he didn't expect that Black Bear really did a set for him and Sun Wukong, but this set is really not technical one for them. It is a plan to lure the monkey away from his base!
Black Bear planned was to lead Sun Wukong away from him, and then send other little goblins to cooperate with Elder Jinchi and catch him and use him to defeat Sun Wukong and make Sun Wukong surrender. If Sun Wukong surrenders, it's a great idea to kill two birds with one stone.
Even if Sun Wukong is unwilling to surrender for him, that's fine. If Black Bear cooks Monk Tang and eats him, that's not bad!
After listening to the Black Bear plan, Monk Tang felt that the plan was very simple, but it was really feasible to implement. Not to mention whether he would be caught. Assuming that he was caught, it's another story that whether the monkey would surrender or not in order to save him. Monk Tang also worried a little about it in his heart.
Monk Tang could not help throwing his eyes at Sun Wukong, and Sun Wukong looked up as if hearing nothing!
Upon seeing this state, Monk Tang immediately understood that the relationship with Sun Wukong was not so stable as he thought. If he fell into the hands of the goblin himself, 80% of Sun Wukong would not save him!
"tell me that there is a big master behind your king? Do you know who it is?" But Monk Tang cares more about this!
"I do not know, all I know is that my king and Elder Jinchi have the same owner, but they have never seen him, and the owner of my king has never appeared once!" Goat Goblin said.
Monk Tang heard it touched his chin and fell into contemplation. Suddenly, there was a flash of light in his mind. Monk Tang had already guessed who the owner of Black Bear was. It was definitely Guanyin.
This is not a random guess by Monk Tang, but a careful analysis. When looking at the original book(A Journey to the West), Monk Tang found a suspicious thing, that is, Black Bear is a character in the original book, who is a wild goblin with no background, but he was taken away by Guanyin. And then he became a god of the mountain, he paced in the clouds in an instant!
But it is a bit unreasonable. Although in the original, Guanyin Bodhisattva has been observing the progress of Monk Tang and his companies in secret, it will never pay attention to them all the time, and it will never be so coincidental that she appeared when Sun Wukong is going to kill Black Bear.
Unless there is any connection between Black Bear and Guanyin, Guanyin will know what danger Black Bear will encounter, or Black Bear can ask for help from Guanyin Bodhisattva, so Guanyin appears so timely. Black Bear must be the beast pet of Guanyin Bodhisattva!
In addition, it can be seen from Elder Jinchi that the Guanyin Bodhisattva is the owner of the Black Bear because Goat Goblin said that the owner of the two is the same person, and Elder Jinchi worships Guanyin in his temple. It is absolutely logical that the slaves worship the master!
After analyzing it, Monk Tang exhaled in a strong breath. Although the system says that this is the world of evil travel, Monk Tang feels that this is basically the same plot in A Journey to The West, but what happened here is very different from the original.
Monk Tang recalled many plots in the original work. Monk Tang found that Journey to the West is likely to be a 'eunuch' version of the evil travel book which deliberately did not describe some things in detail, but implicitly contained many clues.
Monk Tang smiled. This world is becoming more and more interesting. Many secrets are waiting for him to realize and discover!
"my kind and nice monk, may I leave now?" Goat Goblin, a bit tingling kneeling, saw Monk Tang in deep thought, asking carefully.
Hearing Goat Goblin's voice, Monk Tang withdrew his thoughts and looked at Goat Goblin with a smile and said, "Want to go? Is it not possible, you can go after completing one of the things I told you!"
Goat Goblin nodded. Nonsense. If I don't leave, I 'll stay here and be eaten by you. He patted his chest and said, "you, my kind monk, if you have anything to ask me to do, not mention one thing, even if you got a hundred things, I will do those."
Monk Tang smiled and waved his hands, "Don't be like that, there just only one thing you can do!"
"You just say it!" Goat Goblin whispered.
"You fight with me, as long as you win, I will send you home!" Monk Tang did not forget the purpose of letting Sun Wukong catch a little goblin back, that is, to check if his combat power can fight with the average little goblins, if he can, naturally he doesn't need to have a check. If he can't win, then he will open his 'plug-in' to upgrade or something!

Chapter 44 My King! Something Happened Again

Goat Goblin heard Monk Tang's words and scared to kowtow again. "My kind monk, don't make fun of me, how dare you dare to fight with you!" He tried to lie to me, and then killed me through this pretext? No, I won't be deceived by him!
Monk Tang doesn't know his idea. If he knows it, he will laugh out loud. This Goat Goblin really thought highly of him!
If it wasn't a test for his own strength, Monk Tang would have killed this goblin for experience value!
Hearing Goat Goblin's words, Monk Tang frowned and said coldly, "Why did I have you but you can't fight with me? You can go to death now!" He raised his monk spade.
Goat Goblin is almost crying, fuck..... this dead monk just wants to kill him. What about the compassion of being a monk? Why this monk has no mercy? Goat Goblin knew he has to fight.
Although he had already guessed that he was dead soon or later because he has aroused his fierceness. Goat Goblin is still a goblin and a beast after all. Although his wisdom has enlightened, as an animal, his instinctual fierce is inalienable! To save his life, Goat Goblin decided to fight.
"Okay, I'll fight with you!" Said so, Goat Goblin gritting his teeth. In his heart, he thought that if he would die, he would take one more life of someone else!
Feeling the fierceness of Goat Goblin, Monk Tang is not shocked but happy about this. A goblin with a fierceness can truly measure his strength!
"Let's get started!" Monk Tang smiled.
'Ding Dong, congratulations to the host for beheading a little goblin and rewarding 100 points! '
Five minutes later, with the sound of the system, Monk Tang gasped softly, and beside him was a huge goat with a smashed head. After five minutes of fierce fighting, Monk Tang finally killed Goat Goblin.
Monk Tang knows his ultimate strength, and he can fight with average goblins. The difference in strength between him and those little goblins is not much. It can be seen from his exhausted condition that how much effort Monk Tang wasted to kill a Goat Goblin.
Monk Tang gasped, muttering in his heart: Damn, no, his strength is still too weak. It is his limit to kill a little goblin at level 8. If he encounters more than two goblins, he is definitely not their opponent. He must use his plug-in to upgrade to level 10 at a time. Otherwise, if he goes to Black Wind Mountain and Monkey gets entangled by Black Bear, he will be in danger. One more thing is that he can't rely on the Little White Dragon.
Monk Tang glanced at the Little White Dragon grazing beside him, this guy really thinks he is a horse right now... how silly he is!
Thinking of it, Monk Tang said to Sun Wukong: "Wukong, you go to Black Wind Mountain again, and catch at least 30 little goblins back!"
Sun Wukong heard it, in a daze for a second, and he does not understand what Monk Tang is going to do, how can he let him catch the little goblin, isn't a Goat Goblin enough for him to eat? What a greedy monk!
At last, with the stare of Monk Tang, Sun Wukong pouted his lips, and he has gone to do it. Anyway, catching the little goblins is the most simple thing for him, it doesn't take any effort at all, he just went for a moment.
After Sun Wukong left, Monk Tang opened the character panel and looked up:
Host: Monk Tang
Occupation: Monk (sutras seeker)
Level: 8
Experience: 640/1280
Skills: Complete Buddhist scriptures
Props: Brocade Kasaya, Nine-Ring Monk Spade, Golden Three Hoops(fake)
The experience has increased by 100 points compared to the previous one, which is exactly the result of killing Goat Goblin, so Monk Tang's calculation is correct. If he wants to upgrade to level 10, he really needs to kill more than 30 little goblins!
On Black Wind Mountain, Black Bear led a group of goblins and went to the place where the Goat Goblin was kidnapped. But he couldn't figure out anything at all. Even if Black Bear breaks his head, he couldn't understand why Sun Wukong seized a goblin. Finally, he just went back to his cave and continued to think of his new strategies!
However, just when he had a clue again, a shout came again: "my King, something happened again. The monkey was here to catch our goblins again. After catching a group of goblins, he ran away!"
Black Bear heard it, anger in his mind and he yelled, "Fuck, is he done it? This damn Supervisor for Heavenly Horses, what is his trick? Why does he grab our little goblins? One is not enough for him, how could he kidnap a group my goblins! Don't push me too far!"
He picked up his black cricket spear, turned into a goblin wind and went out of the cave, standing at a high altitude and looking out into the distance, but Sun Wukong had already run away with a group of tied little goblins back to Monk Tang. Black Bear was angry and shouted, shattered the top of a small hill, and then calmed down!
Monk Tang looked at the goblins all over the floor, and smiled, very satisfied. These are all experience values. With Sun Wukong, his plug-in, it really can make upgrading much easier!
"Master, I have cast a fixation spell on these goblins so that they can't move it. Do I need to unlock it?" Sun Wukong said, catching some goblins is too simple for him. He looks forward to watching Monk Tang is going to do with them!
After listening to Sun Wukong, Monk Tang waved his hand and said, "No, it's good and convenient for me!"
Sun Wukong: "..." What does convenience mean? Sun Wukong was puzzled but immediately understood that because Monk Tang had already started to brandish his spade, like knocking on watermelons, knocking goblins' heads out of the flower one by one.
'Ding Dong, congratulations to the host for beheading a little goblin and rewarding 100 points! '
'Ding Dong, congratulations to the host for beheading a little goblin and rewarding 100 points! '
'Ding Dong, congratulations to the host for beheading a little goblin and rewarding 100 points! '
'Ding Dong, congratulations to the host for beheading a little goblin and rewarding 100 points! '
The system's prompt sounds constantly in my mind. Monk Tang feels very pleasant. Monk Tang didn't check how much he killed in total. Monk Tang knows that he can upgrade again. Open the panel and look at the accumulated experience which has reached 3840 points.
Without any hesitation, Monk Tang chose to upgrade: "The system, please upgrade me!"
'Ding Dang, congratulations to the host, your level upgraded one level, now level 9, the experience meets the conditions for upgrading again, would you like to continue to upgrade? '
"go on!"
'Ding Dong, congratulations to the host, your level upgraded at level 10. You, lack of experience, can not continue to upgrade! '
'Congratulations to the host, your level is upgraded to level 10, the system store is open, the portable space is opened, and the sub-professional system is opened. Please choose a sub-professional ...'
After the level has been increased to level 10, Monk Tang feels that the energy from earth and sky is instilling in his body quickly. In a moment, Monk Tang feels more powerful. Although he has only improved two levels, the improvement in strength is more than ten or twenty times!
Monk Tang felt that his body became lighter and lighter, and then he slowly rose into the air. In a stun, but a kind of enlightenment appeared in his mind, and Monk Tang knew what was going on now ...

Chapter 45 Tenth Level---Metamorphosis from A Mortal

Watching Monk Tang slap the monk spade and start killing the goblins, Sun Wukong is in a daze for a second, does this monk let me catch the goblins to kill to give vent to his anger? Did the Goat Goblin stimulate this monk? This monk seems to want to kill more than me!
However, what made Sun Wukong more puzzled is that after Monk Tang killed all the goblins, Sun Wukong felt that the power from heaven and earth was quickly instilled into Monk Tang, and then Monk Tang quickly broke through two levels. Then, his body slowly rose.
Sun Wukong knows what does it mean. It means that this monk has left the realm of mortals, and his cultivation has reached the realm of metamorphosis from a mortal. And he is half immortal.
Although Sun Wukong is powerful, born sage, well-informed, he also was perplexed that how could cultivation become so simple?
Although Sun Wukong is a natural immortal, it seems that he is cool, Sun Wukong knows his affairs. The reason why he is a born immortal is not a one-time effort. He was born from a magic stone, which was used by Goddess Nv Wa to patch up the notched sky in ancient times. And he has already had great merit. And this stone experienced countless years of absorbing the essence of heaven and earth, then he was born as an immortal. In fact, it took him a long time to have the body of immortal.
No people, like Monk Tang, broke through a higher level without cultivating vital energy after a while. Monk Tang was his first time to see.
Monk Tang didn't know that his breakthrough shocked Sun Wukong, but he was savoring the changes in his body and digesting the enlightenment in his mind, knowing that he was out of the mortal domain, and he was a semi-immortal existence.
When his body fell to the ground, Monk Tang shook his head. Although he would fly, he only could rise into the air at a low height. It was still a long way from the real fly, or it should be said that he is far from riding on the mists and clouds. But it is also very good, at least he didn't be worried about falling from a height to death!
His eyes opened, the fine light flickered in his eyes, and it took a long time that his eyes back to normal.
On account of a fact that he was immersed in the changes in his body, he didn't hear the system's prompts. At this time, Monk Tang made the system repeated, the corners of his mouth could not help going upwards. The system store was finally opened, and the portable space was also opened, as well as the subprofessional system!
Monk Tang asked, "System, what is this portable space? Is it a space that can hold items, or like a space ring?"
The system said, 'The portable space is much more advanced than the space ring. Space equipment such as the space ring can only hold dead objects, but the portable space can hold everything. As long as it does not exceed the volume of the portable space, everything can be installed. Host, You can understand that the portable space is a blessed space, but I as a system, prefer to call it 'the prototype of the world?' "
Heard it, Monk Tang took a sigh of cool breath and Monk Tang who knew the myth story so that he knew what a blessed space meant, but what the hell was the prototype of the world? Monk Tang reckoned the portable space is just a simple space with a length, width, and height of only 100 meters, which seem to have no relation with 'the world' in any way.
Said the voice of the system, 'The host, you are really stupid. I said that the portable space is just a prototype of the world. Of course, it is not a world, and it is far from a blessed space, but Host, your portable space can grow. In the future, every time you upgrade a level, the portable space will grow accordingly. It means that the higher your level is, the larger the volume of the space is. It is also possible to become a real world. This portable space has unlimited possibilities. It depends on how you will use it!"
Monk Tang heard it, immediately excited, knowing that he would probably become the master of a new world in the future, which is equivalent to a god. Of course, just thinking about it now, Monk Tang only shifted his attention for a short while.
Monk Tang asked, "System, what's going on with this sub-profession, I haven't heard it!"
The system prompted, 'There are so many things not mentioned in this system. The sub-professional host can be understood as an occupation for making a living, such as the master of alchemy, elixir, divine focus, etc. As for the specific occupation, you will understand it after selecting one. Now please chooses your sub vocation!'
Monk Tang heard it, touching his chin and did not choose, but carefully thought about it. In the end, Monk Tang chose to be a master of divine focus. The reason why he did so is that Monk Tang had grudges on Brocade Kasaya for a long time, which is not good-looking, so he never wears it, but after becoming a master of divine focus, he can transform it as his wishes!
'Ding Dang, congratulations to the host for opening the sub-professional, the current level of a master of divine focus is 1st-class, with proficiency 0/10.'
Monk Tang, "Well, are the sub vocation also graded? I thought that as long as becoming a master of divine focus, I would make a divine focus?"
System, 'host, you are delusional. I hope that you will not have this kind of idea . You can understand the truth that you can't became a fat by eating a bit of food. Otherwise, I, as a system, will make you invincible in one second! '
Monk Tang said, "Oh, it implies that you can't do it!" Monk Tang was scornful.
System, '! # ¥ %% ... '
Monk Tang is not entangled in the sub-professional of master of divine focus, but said, "System, please open the system store to me."
Monk Tang's eyes glowed. Although the system mall was opened just when he had time-travel to this world before he had time to see it. Guanyin seal his cultivation, so he always regret about it. Now the system mall is open again. He would like to make full use of it. The key is that Monk Tang wants to buy a skill for himself!
'Ding, the mall has been opened, please check it by yourself. If you want to buy top-grade products, please pay the corresponding experience value! '
Opening the system mall, a brand-new page appears, an unexpectedly simple mall, with only two columns, sorcery skills and props.
Monk Tang said, "Well, why so few? Just two? Doesn't the mall sell elixir?"
System, 'The system doesn't sell elixir, because it 's useless. Eating the elixir is to increase experience points. Using the experience points to buy experience points. Are you stupid, host?'
Monk Tang, "..." what the hell, have I always been despised by System? It's fine, If I don't take elixir, but I can buy it for others. You are stupid.
The system, 'Host, have you said in your heart I am silly? If you want to buy elixir for others, it 's better for you to open the alchemy sub-professional, refining it directly for others, or you can make it for yourself to increase your experience value. It is the most fundamental thing for the host to gain the ability to refine the elixir! '
Monk Tang, "% ... ¥%" You are a system, so you are reasonable and you are awesome. I am convinced of what you said. Are you happy right now?
Monk Tang was convinced and then opened the sorcery skills bar, ...

Chapter 46 Damn it! I’am Starving!

Monk Tang opens the sorcery skills bar in his mind, and then all kinds of the sorcery and skills were displayed in his eyes,
Kung Fu Of Fillip, Kung Fu Of 'One Finger', Magic Gun of T-Rex, Magic Fist of T-Rex, Mystic Palm, Eighteen Palm for Dragon-Strike, Six-Veined Magic Sword, Nine-Yang Kung Fu, Buddha's Warrior Attendant's Exorcism Kung Fu of with Spade ... Kung Fu of Wind Blade, Kung Fu of Fireball, Kung Fu of Water Polo … …Deadly Reach, Wind And Rain … Method of Thirty-Six Changes, Method of Seventy-Two Changes ... The Kung Fu Masterpiece of Immortal Kings, The Kung Fu Masterpiece of Emperor..., The Kung Fu Masterpiece Immortal Emperor, Tathagata's Palm ... One Breath Cleaning Three Evil Qi, Exorcism Spell...
Monk Tang looks at these skills and swallows his saliva. Monk Tang knows some but doesn't know others, but they seem to be very powerful when he saw the name. Monk Tang looks at his character panel and then withers. Because he has no remaining experience value at all, he used it all for the upgrade just now!
Host, Monk Tang
Occupation, Monk (sutras seeker)
Level, Level 10
Experience, 0/5120
Deputy position, Refiner (level, first grade, proficiency 0/10)
Skills, Complete Buddhist scriptures
Props, Brocade Kasaya, Nine-Ring Monk Spade, Golden Three Hoops(fake)
Since there is no remaining experience, Monk Tang intends to temporarily give up an idea of buying skills and wanted to buy it when he killed the Black Bear. It is not too late to purchase some skills after killing some goblins, and Monk Tang already has an idea of ​​what skills to buy, but the skill is a bit expensive, not something he can buy by killing a few goblins!
Monk Tang then opened the props grocery area again, and looked at it and was happy about it, because almost everything lies in it except for the lack of sorcery skills and some special items, which cannot be purchased. There are all kinds of items, even aircraft cannons, atom bombs, and so on. However, these modern weapons are relatively expensive. A pistol requires 100,000 points of experience. There is no need to spend such huge experience points to buy it.
However, some modern daily necessities are cheapest., such as pots and pans and various seasonings, etc., and most importantly, some of those are all free. Seeing this, Monk Tang is happy at this moment, and he suddenly thought that the system has the brotherhood. that's all he needs!
Grunt! Suddenly a thunderous voice sounded, Monk Tang was startled and asked, "What is it?"
However, as soon as his words came out, Monk Tang was blushing. Damn, this was his own belly singing, but then Monk Tang has to leave it alone because his stomach began to keep singing. The sensation of an unprecedented hunger transmitted from his abdomen and spreads throughout his body. His body has become thinner and weaker, and finally, his skin becomes dry and meager, almost like mummification!
Sun Wukong was also startled by the sudden changes in Monk Tang, and frowned, asking, "Master, what's wrong with you?" What the hell, what did the monk do to himself, and how did he become mummification? Dead? I am free now?
Too hungry, Monk Tang feels that he will starve to death if he doesn't eat anything, looking at Goat Goblin and other little goblin's bodies, his eyes are starting to glow green, although he can hear the voice of Sun Wukong, he is not in a mood to answer his question!
Blink, all kinds of pots and pans and various cooking tools and seasonings appeared in front of Monk Tang, then he moved his weak and staggering legs towards the bodies of a lot of goblins and then extremely fast quickly cleaning some of the goblins, bloodletting, skin peeling, cramps... all have been done in one second.
Then, there was a raging fire here, and after, all kinds of meat aromas permeated. Wukong saw a bald young monk biting a lump of roasted animal meat in a big mouth, who is not to stop. His eating manner was even more terrifying than a starving ghost's!
This time Monk Tang ate a total of twelve little goblins, and his extreme hunger slowly disappeared. The dried skin also restored its glory and elasticity, and he threw away the thigh bone of a bull goblin in his hand. Monk Tang slammed a full belly gently, watching the piles of animal bones, Monk Tang shook his head sadly. Just now he was too to cook carefully, Even the seasoning was scattered randomly, a lot of good ingredients are wasted!
Now that the hunger has basically disappeared, Monk Tang decided to cook a few dishes carefully to eat, let alone treat yourself!
Then, the flame of cooking started to burn again ...
While cooking, Monk Tang also asked the system what was going on and why he was so hungry. Monk Tang had a feeling that if he didn't have enough food around him, he would probably be starved to death!
Monk Tang, "You come out! System, can you explain to me, why did I become like that just now? Damn it, I was almost starving to death!" Monk Tang was still suffering from the shock.
The system promoted, 'you rest assured, that is a normal phenomenon because you have raised the level to level 10, which is equivalent to reaching the mortal realm, your physical body has become no longer a mortal physical body, but this transformation requires a process. It also requires lots of energy. Hunger is a signal that the host's body needs more energy!'
Monk Tang heard it asked, "well, System, did I succeed to physically transform now?"
The system promoted, 'It can only be said that it is completed at this stage, and you will undergo a physical transformation and evolution every time when you upgraded by one level!'
Heard it, Monk Tang is staring, and yelled in his mind, "What do you mean? Do I feel hungry every time I finish upgrading, and then I need to eat a lot of food?" Although he likes to eat, he doesn't like the feeling of hunger. Every time he has to experience it to improve one level. Is this a sequel of the upgrade? Monk Tang complained.
The system promoted, 'Yes, the host is right. You will experience a feeling of hunger every time you increase the level by one level, but it will not be as strong as this time. Of course, it is hard to say. If you upgrade too many levels, maybe the hunger will be more intense ... '
Monk Tang, what the hell, it seems that he cannot continuously upgrade several levels at once. If he continuously upgrades, he must prepare enough food!
Monk Tang, "System, my portable space won't break if I put the body of these goblins in it, right?" To be told that every time he increases one level, he has to eat a big meal, Monk Tang is thinking about storing food, and Monk Tang decided to store a lot if he is starved to death after the upgrade, that would be a joke in history!
The system promoted, 'No, you can store them with confidence. For example, food and other items will hold its form in the portable space like the one which is put in the portable space before. The fresh item won't be putrid.'
Heard it, Monk Tang nodded with satisfaction and then swiped his palm to put more than a dozen goblins into space. He just thought about it and then those goblin's bodies, pigs, cattle, and sheep, appeared in the portable space. Moreover, the goblin's body is neatly placed in a corner of space. The time, space, and even all things in that space are stagnant!
However, Monk Tang found that as long as he has a little bit of thinking, the objects in the space would move as his thoughts, and he was the absolute master of this portable space!

Chapter 47 Tiger-Leather Skirt on Sun Wukong

Watching Monk Tang ate a gluttonous meal, and then his face returned to his original appearance, Sun Wukong felt unhappy and thought that he was looking forward to a thing, which actually didn't happen. This monk not only did not die, he actually became stronger. Sun Wukong knew that Monk Tang's body is much stronger and he completes a new transformation.
But when he saw Monk Tang waving his hands to take away dozens of bodies of goblins, he felt a surprise. When he saw Monk Tang taking so many things out of nothing, he was surprised because he didn't feel spatial fluctuations around him.
What spell is this? Sun Wukong felt novel and a little shocked, so Sun Wukong came to Monk Tang and asked,
"Master, what happened to you just now? I worried about you!"
Sucking ~ Monk Tang took a sip of the boiled thick soup and glanced at the monkey obliquely. He thought that it would be a strange thing for the monkey to worry about him, but he said, "I'm fine because my body has prompted. That's why it takes a lot of energy. Well, I need to supplement energy in time! That's all."
"Master, where did you put those little goblin bodies?" Sun Wukong then asked this is what he cares about!
Heard it, Monk Tang raised the corner of his mouth and immediately knew why the monkey said he was worried about him. The purpose was to inquire about his space thing. The monkey was really clever, knowing to please him first, but Monk Tang would be fooled by him. Making his heart Itchy is a good thing. He says, "Wukong, that's just a little trick of mine, nothing serious, I won't explain it!"
Sun Wukong, "..." trick? It's a trick? He even can' t perceives a trick? His heart feels itchy ...
After eating and drinking, the sky is already bright, and the golden rays of the east are blooming on the horizon. It is the early morning sunlight. Monk Tang glanced at a Chinese-style unlined garment worn by Sun Wukong and said, "Wukong, you take out the dry fur of The Lion Tiger Beast. I think your clothes are a bit shabby, so I will make a new one for you! "
"Really?" Heard it, Sun Wukong rubbed his cheeks with excitement, his eyes shining brightly.
"Of course! When did I lie to you!" Monk Tang said.
Sun Wukong, "..." Master, you should speak with your conscience!
Monk Tang, "..." what the hell, what does it mean that the monkey doesn't make any response, which makes me embarrassed!
The master and apprentice stared at each other for a while, until Monk Tang's eyes were sour, and he didn't want to stare again, saying, "Okay, bring me the fur, I'm going to make one!"
He doesn't know if the animal skin can be used as a material of divine focus? Should that be ok? Or it will be even more embarrassing! Seeing the monkey going for the fur, Monk Tang thought so.
Although he chose the sub-professional of being master of divine focus and became a first-class refining division, he still knew nothing about making a divine focus, so he was inevitably worried.
However, when getting the fur from Sun Wukong, Monk Tang knew how to make it!
The method of making a divine focus provided by the system does not use fire or other tools but relies on the wills to refine. The only thing is to think about it, it is very appropriate to use the words 'May all your wishes come true'.
Of course, the strength of willpower determines what kind of props can be refined, and now Monk Tang's willpower is at most able to use materials to refine a prop, of course, the better the quality of the material, the better the foundation of divine focus. With the refining level of Monk Tang is increased, and the items' level can also be refined to increase.
And Monk Tang understands that the process of refining props is also a process of strengthening willpower, so there is such a thing as proficiency. When his proficiency reaches the highest point, he will upgrade, which means that his willpower has been improved by one level.
With the fur of The Lion Tiger Beast in his hand, Monk Tang remembered that in his previous life, Sun Wukong wears the tiger fur skirt in a cartoon named A Journey to the West, which is nice looking.
Imagining the picture of the tiger fur skirt in that cartoon, Monk Tang felt a mysterious power slowly appeared in his mind. Meanwhile, it exercised on the fur in his hand.
The magic scene happened, and Sun Wukong's eyes widened as if he sees a ghost.
Just now, Wukong was happy to hear that Monk Tang wanted to make clothes for him, but Monk Tang didn't move at all, who is holding the fur. Wukong was anxious, but considering that Monk Tang was thinking about a way to do it for him, so Sun Wukong did not squeak.
But then, he couldn't help it. He didn't see any movement from Monk Tang, and he didn't feel any fluctuation in the power. But then the fur moved slowly. No, it was deformed by itself. Then it became a piece of clothing, and there was a fluctuation of power on that clothing!
Sun Wukong's eyes were clear. He knew that this dress was a divine focus. Sun Wukong had already his judgment, but how could this fur suddenly turn itself into a divine focus? Sun Wukong looked at Monk Tang and ask himself, Is this the monk's credit?
This is a magical process, especially the deformation of the fur through his willpower. Monk Tang feels it very clearly. Monk Tang laments that the willpower is so great. You don't have to take any action, but you can refine it by thinking. In addition, Monk Tang thinks that the willpower has more than just a simple function to make divine focus.
There is still a wide range of uses for the willpower, but he still can't figure out where could use the willpower. He can now use the willpower to refine divine focus. That's because he was guided by the system. Otherwise, Monk Tang would not find the willpower in his body, nor could he master a way to refine divine focus by the willpower!
Looking at the tiger fur skirt in his hand, as soon as his palm on the skirt, the information of the tiger fur skirt appeared in Monk Tang's mind,
Item Name, Tiger Leather Skirt
Level, first-level props
Material, The Lion Tiger Beast
Is it a first-level prop? Sure enough, the refined props are equal to the level of their own refiner. If he wants to increase the level, he must raise the level of willpower. Monk Tang thought of it when he sees the information about the tiger leather skirt.
After a while, he turned back and said to Sun Wukong, "Wukong, come here, this tiger leather skirt is my present for you!" Hey? Why should I make a skirt for Sun Wukong? He is a man, what the hell, I was really deeply influenced by my previous life.
Sun Wukong jumped in front of Monk Tang, instead of picking up the tiger leather skirt immediately, he asked, "Master, how did you do that?"
Monk Tang stunned, "What??"
"This dress, how did you turn it into a divine focus?" Sun Wukong asked, pointing at the tiger fur skirt, his eyes full of curiosity.
heard it, Monk Tang said, "Amitabfa, you mean this? I am not only a monk but also a master of divine focus. This tiger fur skirt is made in my ways. don't like it?" Don't he like skirts? Should it be refined? What a troublemaker!
"Yes! I like it!" After listening to Monk Tang, Sun Wukong snatched it off, took off his big Chinese-style unlined garment, and put on the tiger leather skirt, and turned from a monkey to a savage, like Tarzan.

Chapter 48 The Righteous Cloak

Sun Wukong snatches the tiger leather skirt and wears it on, and says, "I have new clothes!" Monk Tang just feels relieved, it's great he likes it, or he will have to re-make a new one.
After finishing the tiger leather skirt for Sun Wukong, Monk Tang intends to refine Brocade Kasaya for himself. He plans to change the look of Brocade Kasaya. Taking out Brocade Kasaya from the package from Wukong, Monk Tang disdains. In spite of this Brocade Kasaya is not a fake one, it is not a really good divine focus. It is only just up to the standard of his ideal divine focus, it not even as good as the tiger leather skirt made for Sun Wukong just now.
But it doesn't matter, Monk Tang is going to re-refine to change the shape of Kasaya and upgrade it.
With the influence of the willpower of Monk Tang, the shape of Brocade Kasaya began to change, becoming an article of clothing, or it is more accurate to say that it is a cloak. The seven jewels inlaid in it became the seven buttons, and the golden silk threads on Kasaya are all swimming in the back of the cloak, Monk Tang smirks and turns the golden threads into two glittering Chinese characters---Justice(正义)!
After the refining, Monk Tang touched it, and the information of the cloak appeared in Monk Tang's mind,
Item Name, Brocade Kasaya (Form, The Cloak of Justice)
Level, first-level props
Material, Goldthread, gem, silk
After checking the information, Monk Tang rose up, Monk Tang drape this cloak around his shoulders, and the two big golden Chinese characters 'Justice' on the cloak became extremely shining in the early morning sunlight.
Monk Tang picked up his monk spade, rode on the white dragon horse, and shouted, "Wukong, let's go! And kill the goblins!"
Ten miles away, it was a not far distance as for the Little White Dragon. When Black Bear and his goblins hadn't woken up, the master and his apprentice had already arrived at the foot of the mountain. Monk Tang watched the magnificent and beautiful scenery of Black Wind Mountain and a burst of anger rose in his mind. Such a good place is occupied by goblins, which is unbearable.
"Wukong, you wake up the goblins and tell them I'm going to destroy them on behalf of justice!" Monk Tang stepped down and said to Sun Wukong. The words 'justice' is shining behind when Monk Tang was talking.
"I see, Master, I'll do it right now!" Sun Wukong agreed with excitement, took his Monkey King Bar and walked forward. After two steps, he turned back and asked, "Master, may I kill?"
Heard it, Monk Tang's eyes glared, No way! The monkey wanted to grab his opportunity again, and yelled, "No, let me do it for you. The goblin king here is pretty powerful, you can deal with him and move your muscles! "
Heard it, Sun Wukong poked his lips, it was boring not to kill anyone. Fortunately, he could have the fight to make him feel good. Standing in front of the mountain, Sun Wukong's Monkey King Bar quickly became larger and thicker. And then it was flying to strike the cave of Black Wind Mountain.
The tightly closed door of the cave was immediately shattered by his bar, like breaking through a membrane!
Monk Tang stared at the scene with his eyes wide, what the hell, why did he feel like the monkey was very skilled at doing this?
However, Monk Tang has no time to delve into it, because they stick in Sun Wukong's hands did stir up a hornets' nest, and a group of goblins with black goblin wind appeared in front of the cave.
Black Bear was very furious at this time. Last night, the monkey abducted his younger brothers twice, and then he thought about the countermeasures so that he lied down and rest until the middle of the night. When the hell he just wanted to sleep, the door was shattered by a big stick.
What's more hateful is that the big golden stick almost pinched him on the wall and became a bear cake.
He couldn't bear it. When the golden stick disappeared, he immediately carried his black spear, raised the goblin wind, and took his younger brothers out of the cave with a loud voice, "which son of bitch broken MY door, disturbing MY dream? Get out of there. "
The little goblins followed him, "Get out of there!"
Looking at the Black Bear that appeared in front of the cave, Monk Tang had to admire him. This Black Bear is really powerful who reminds him of a poem that describes Black Bear in the original book, "with iron helmet shining, his black armor is brilliant. The robe brings the wind, and the black and green silk spikes are long. Holding a black spear in his hand and stepping on a pair of black leather boots, his golden black eyes carry flashes of lightning. What described above is the king of Black Wind Mountain
In spite of his aggressive mien, when he heard Black Bear scold them for being a jerk, Monk Tang was immediately angry, and said immediately, "Wukong, get rid of all his teeth!"
"Yes, Master!" Sun Wukong, who had been ordered by Monk Tang, had long been angry for a long time and rushed to him with his Monkey King Bar. He lifted the Monkey King Bar and put it into Black Bear's mouth ..., Sun Wukong seems to be very fond of this action!
When Black Bear appeared outside the cave, Sun Wukong and Monk Tang were already discovered by him, and his heart suddenly felt a little stunned, damn, how did the damn monkey come to my place? I haven't figured out a solution yet!
Face with Sun Wukong's attack, Black Bear naturally did not dare to underestimate. The black spear in his hand was immediately raised and hit on Monkey King Bar in Sun Wukong's hand.
There was a bang sounded and a big explosion showed up in the place where the two weapons were in contact. Black Bear and Wukong brought the power of the explosion into the sky, otherwise, it would definitely cause great damage to Black Wind Mountain.
Of course, the two are not to protect the natural environment. Black Bear is afraid that his younger brothers will be affected, and Sun Wukong is also afraid that the little goblin will die because of this. But he remembers that Monk Tang did not let him kill. If he accidentally killed someone. Sun Wukong swears that he will definitely not have a good time in the next day, and the monk will definitely misdo something!
Hitting on Sun Wukong's bar made Black Bear suddenly increased his confidence because he didn't feel how powerful Sun Wukong was. As his lord said, Sun Wukong is no longer brave as he used to do!
Suddenly brave, he smiled and said to the little goblins, "This Supervisor for Heavenly Horses will be given to me, you go and tie the monk to me, clean him up and put him into a pot then steam him, and wait for me to kill the monkey and then let's eat him! "
"Yes, my King!" The little goblins heard it and said it so loudly, holding the weapon to Monk Tang with a rush!
Hearing the words of Black Bear, Sun Wukong snorted. Only If he wants to play with him for a while, he really wanted to kill the black bear by a few sticks, who talked big. As for Monk Tang, Sun Wukong was not worried about him at all. Monk Tang's He still understands his fighting power. Didn't you see that monk was excited right now?
Monk Tang is indeed excited. Looking at the goblins rushing towards himself, Monk Tang sees not goblins but walking experience values ​​one by one. Holding the monk spade excitedly and he yelled, "I will destroy you on behalf of justice! "

Chapter 49 Sun Wukong Destroyed Black Wind Mountain

Monk Tang is not worried about the safety of Sun Wukong at all, but he is a bit worried that Sun Wukong will not beat the Black Bear violently. He is valuable and must be harvested by his hands!

However, Monk Tang didn't have time to pay attention to Sun Wukong and Black Bear. He had to focus on his eyes. Monk Tang didn't know why he was so excited after he was shouting his slogan--- "I will destroy you on behalf of justice! " then he rushed towards goblins.

Nine rings on the monk spade crashed and jangled. In a few steps, he met a first little goblin. Immediately a monk spade blasted out, and then the little goblin was cut into two parts!

‘Ding Dong, congratulations to you for beheading a little goblin and gaining 100 points of experience! ’

Seeing Monk Tang killed a little goblin all of a sudden, the rest little goblins who rushed over was suddenly stagnant.

Damn, all the little monsters immediately realized that the little white monks in front of them were not as weak as they think, but the little goblins were not afraid of him, and they were wielding their weapons towards Monk Tang!


Monk Tang was smashed one more goblin again by his monk spade, hitting on a little goblin’s head. The little monster's head, like a watermelon, immediately broke. The red and white stuff scattered and the body flew out. Falling to the ground showed his original shape, he is a black bear as their king--- Black Bear!

‘Ding Dong, congratulations to the host for beheading a little goblin and gaining 100 points of EXP! ’

The beep sounded again, and the corner of Monk Tang's mouth rise, and he was very happy. At level 10, indeed his strength greatly increased, and it was very easy to kill those goblins.

Those goblins are very ferocious. Although Monk Tang has shown his great strength and killed two in a row. But it not only scared these little goblins, but it completely aroused the fierceness of these little goblins.

A little goblin howled and slashed at Monk Tang's waist, trying to give Monk Tang a cut at his waist.

Monk Tang moved his step little and dodged the knife. Then, he picked his Nine-Ring Monk Spade and smashed toward him!


The little goblin's body was immediately smashed in half, and the internal organs all came out, struggling twice before falling to the ground.

After a few minutes of fighting, Monk Tang has been sure that the approximate strength of these monsters in Black Wind Mountain. Those weak ones are equivalent to him at the fifth level, and those stronger ones are equivalent to him at the eighth level. However, he is now 10 Level, has completed metamorphosis, can be easily killed against those little goblins.

Moreover, this is the result of his close fight with brute force. Monk Tang believes that if he has learned more skills, he will be stronger. He licked his lips. To learn skills, he must accumulate more EXP (experience)!


At this moment, the black cloud in the sky suddenly exploded, and Black Bear was gone. After playing against Sun Wukong for a while, he found that Sun Wukong was getting stronger and stronger, and gradually lost, so he planned to retreat strategically first and to come up with countermeasures to deal with Sun Wukong and Monk Tang!

At the same time, the little goblins in the battle with Monk Tang also disappeared. Monk Tang, a monk spade by turns, almost flashed his waist.

"What's the hell, Wukong, where are they?" Monk Tang said, killing at his high moment, and all goblins are gone. Those are EXP!

"Hee hee, that Black Bear was timid, and ran into the cave of the Black Wind Mountain! I didn't enjoy myself to the full! I didn't even use 30% of my power, he just ran away!" Sun Wukong grinned.

"Run? How could they be like that? No way! Wukong, find them out for me!" Monk Tang stared.

"Yes, Master!" Seeing Monk Tang glaring, Sun Wukong immediately followed what he said and flew into the cave, but soon flew out, saying, "Master, I can't find them! They’re all gone!"

Monk Tang heard it and said, "you have to learn from me. Listen to me, you fly up and smash their nest severely with your Monkey King Bar, I don't believe that t, those goblins can still hide in  smashed mountain. Now you can kill, but leave the life of the Black Bear for me! "

Sun Wukong heard its eyes lit up immediately, saying, "Hee ha-ha ha ha, Master, I know how to do it!"


Sun Wukong's body turned, and then he was flying into the sky, to the sky above Black Wind Mountain. The Monkey King Bar in his hand, became longer and thicker in the storm, and then carried the storm of the sky to the cave....then he poked the nest by his bar. Yes, he ‘poked’ their cave.

Seeing this, Monk Tang patted his forehead and thought that how much does he like to poke things?!

But it doesn't matter, as long as he did what he told to him!


The huge Monkey King Bar slammed on Black Wind Mountain fiercely. With a boom, Black Wind Mountain was smashed out of a big hole, but it was not the end. Sun Wukong was holding Monkey At the other end of the King Bar, it started to stir up slowly, and the part of the Black Wind Mountain that was poked by his bar was stirred up back and forth!

Finally, Sun Wukong pried it up hard!


With the last excavation on Black Wind Mountain, it suddenly burst apart, half of the mountain body was pried up in the sky, and in a short time, the rocks were flying, and a grand rock fell down from the sky!


The black cloud reappears, Black Bear comes out, looks at the destroyed Black Wind Mountain, and yells at Sun Wukong, "You are just a Supervisor for Heavenly Horses, don't push me too much, you are a goblin as well. It’s better for you to be low-key! "

"Wukong, don't listen to his nonsense, smash it! smash it severely!" Monk Tang yelled at him, mom, where are the little goblin hidden by this Black Bear?

"Haha, yes! My Master! Got it!" Sun Wukong heard Monk Tang’s words and laughed, ignored Black Bear talking in anger, and continued to stir up!

"Boom——” it was another hit on the mountain, which was torn apart, where screams came from the mountain. A lot of little goblin being smashed to death and most little goblins were roaring in terror, bouncing up and down!

"Ah ... Supervisor for Heavenly Horses, you are looking for ‘shit’ with a lantern in toilets (“Shit” is a homophone for the word “Death” in Chinese)!" Watching the little goblins strangled by Sun Wukong, Black Bear was furious and rushed to Sun Wukong and a war started with Sun Wukong!

On the ground, those the little goblins scattered and ran in chaos, Monk Tang was instantly excited, rushing towards a little goblin close to him, carrying the monk spade, and shouted, "Goblins, where do you run, come to here! My spade can’t wait! Come on. "


The little goblin was smashed by Monk Tang in one shoot and his blood covered the ground.

Monk Tang kept at his feet, taking a big stride, chasing and killing those little goblins who fled!

Then, the sounds of “Bang!Bang!Bang!” and screams were heard continuously here, making everyone feel scalp!

‘Ding Dong, congratulations to the host for beheading a little goblin and gaining 100 points! ’At the same time, the beep sounds constantly.

Coincidentally, Little White Dragon woke up from the seal. Seeing this scene suddenly, he has muddled. What's the situation? Master is hunting down goblins?


Chapter 50 The End of Black Bear

Monk Tang is chasing and killing goblins with excitement. The little white dragon who just woke up still knew nothing about it, but seeing Monk Tang chasing after goblins and he was happy with it, so he didn’t bother him, but turned his head to the other side.

Over there, Sun Wukong and Black Bear were fighting fiercely, from the sky to the ground, into the cave, and then from the cave to the sky, Little White Dragon thought that it seemed that Brother Monkey really had a really big fun right now!

Little White Dragon yawned boringly. Seeing that both of them took the absolute advantage right now, Little White Dragon didn't plan to take a shot, and then his eyelids were closed, and his mind was sunk into his body to break the seal, which was given by Guanyin!

‘Ding Dong, congratulations to the host for beheading a little goblin and gaining 100 points! ’

Monk Tang busted ahead of a little goblin, the beep sounded in his head and he stopped, not because he didn't want to continue to kill, but because there were no more little goblins to kill, anyway, Monk Tang couldn't see any living little goblin!

Watching Sun Wukong still fighting Black Bear, Monk Tang thought the war should be over, so he shouted, "Wukong, fucking stop playing! Bring that Black Bear to me alive, I'll kill him myself!"

"I see, Master!" Hearing Monk Tang's words, Sun Wukong curled his lips, and his fighting force suddenly broke out. As soon as his stick hit on Black Bear, Black Bear was falling down from the sky to the ground, like a black shooting star, which smashed a small hill and left a large circular pit there!

With a bang, the earth was shaking with the fall of Black Bear!

Monk Tang tried to stabilize his body, secretly in his heart, he was still too weak, and still far from the real ace!


When Monk Tang thought of it this way, Sun Wukong had already carried the half-dead Black Bear to Monk Tang and threw the black bear to the ground. Sun Wukong said, "Master, I have brought you this Black Bear. Please dispose of him as your wish. This goblin has no counterattack and the only thing he can do now is move his limbs! "


Hearing Sun Wukong's words, Black Bear spit out blood, and thought, "the dead monkey, did you made me angry deliberately? It ’s not that I have no power, but that the dead monkey is too strong. Alas ... My lord, don't you say that this dead monkey is no longer strong as he used to be? Why do I feel that he is even stronger? No, it should be said that he is insidious!”

Monk Tang didn't know Black Bear's psychological activities. He nodded with satisfaction when he heard Sun Wukong speaking, reached out his hands and touched Sun Wukong's furry head, wiping all blood on Sun Wukong's head, and praised, "Yes, Wukong you are doing well! "

After all, he looked at Black Bear.

Black Bear was miserable. His shoulder was broken, and a lot of blood flowed out, staining all his body red!

"Growl..." Black Bear's eyes were blood-red, with a ferocious color, and he wanted to struggle!


Sun Wukong slaps on Black Bear's head and yells at him, "Goblin, you should be quiet!"

"Growl! Supervisor for Heavenly Horses, I will not let you go, I must kill you!" Black Bear growled!

"Shut up!" Monk Tang suddenly yelled, "You, as a little goblin dares to be audacity, Wukong, imprison him, I'll give him a lesson!"

"Yes, Master!" Sun Wukong's eyes lighted and he responded, and then give all kinds of spells hitting on the Black Bear!

Sun Wukong retreated, preparing to watch the fun.

Black Bear was imprisoned, unable to move, but still very fierce, shouting, "Monk Tang, I will eat you!"


Monk Tang picked up Nine-Ring Monk Spade and smashed it into Black Bear's head, buzzing his head!

"What? just a small wound? That’s all? His defense is not less than Little White Dragon!" Monk Tang was surprised!

Black Bear has been given various defense-break spells by Sun Wukong, but Monk Tang hit him with his monk spade and the skin of Black Bear has just been broken and bleed a little. His defense is not weaker than Little White Dragon.

"Woo-hoo... Damn monk, how dare you to hit me? You are the dead meat..." Black Bear was furious!

"What? You dare to clamor, you are a prisoner right now!" Monk Tang is also in anger!

"Bang!" Monk Tang hit on him with another shot and sacred Black Bear to put his words into his mouth so that Black Bear couldn’t say a word.

Looking at the bear's head that just broke a little bit again, Monk Tang was a little bit angry, backed up by ten meters, and then jumped up to the maximum height, smashing to Black Bear with his maximum strength, but this time he didn't hit on his forehead, which is not the most defensive sturdy place, but on his nose!

The bear's nose is the same as the dog's, both are their weakness and very fragile, even if the bear is a goblin!


"Oh, my nose!" Black Bear exclaimed, his nose suddenly sagged, mixed with blood, snot, and tears, and he looks terrible!

Monk Tang's eyes lighted and thought that his method was right, and then took Nine-Ring Monk Spade again smashed at Black Bear's nose.

At a moment, his blood is flying out from his nose!

Black Bear is really scared this time, and he will really be smashed to death in this way. He shouted, "my boss! I give up! Don't hit me again, I'm going to die!"

"Dead? Haha, all I want is you to die!" Heard it, Monk Tang laughed, not only didn't stop but swigged his spade harder.

Realizing his forgiveness didn't work, Black Bear directly said out of his patron’s name, "Damn monk, you can't kill me. If you kill me, you and the damn Supervisor for Heavenly Horses will also die, I have asked my master for help. You just wait to die! "

Hearing it, Monk Tang was startled, and then I remembered that this Black Bear had a master too, and it was no accident that his lord should be Guanyin Bodhisattva.

Worried in his heart, but how did Monk Tang watch a big EXP slip away, so he took of monk spade again with the increasing strength, and the speed of his wave also increased several times, which turns into a golden afterimage above his head.

He has to kill the Black Bear before Guanyin arrives, and put away the corpse in a quick way. If she can’t see the body of the Black Bear, even if Guanyin realizes that the Black Bear is dead, she has nothing to say---Monk Tang thought so!

Bang! Bang! Bang, the sound was loud, and Monk Tang didn't know how many times he had hit on the bear. When Monk Tang just felt that he was about to pull off the power, the system prompt sounded,

‘Ding Dong, congratulations to the host for beheading a goblin king and gaining 5000 experience points! ’

Hearing this prompt Monk Tang was full of joy immediately, sitting on the ground all of a sudden, but he did not forget to put the body of Black Bear into his portable space. By the way, the portable space belongs to another world, except Monk Tang himself. No one else can detect it, so he can kill the Black Bear without any evidence!

As long as he did all, a colorful glow appeared in the sky!

Chapter 51 Are You Panic?

Looking at the familiar special glows, Monk Tang knew who was coming and looked up to the sky. Guanyin Bodhisattva stepped on the lotus platform and slowly descended from the sky. Her face frosted and then she stopped above the heads of Monk Tang and Sun Wukong. She said in a cold voice, "The Golden Cicada X, do you know where is the Black Bear?"

Monk Tang disguised: "Bodhisattva, what do you say? Black Bear? What Black Bear?" Monk Tang had a growing sense that she was a fake Bodhisattva.

Sun Wukong dug a nostril and scratched his butt, ignoring the Guanyin Bodhisattva!

Guanyin's face turned black: "Black Bear, The Black Wind King of Black Wind Mountain."

The Guanyin Bodhisattva used her supernatural force to scan the boundaries of the world and her face became darker. She not only found the bodies of many goblins but also found that the Guanyin Temple, which is used for worshiping herself, had also been burned. But Black Bear was not found at last, and she thought: did she come late?

Guanyin Bodhisattva was bathing in the South Sea. As soon as she received the Black Bear' s call for help, she came here Immediately. Her hair was still moist, and it can tell that she didn't t take a long time to get here. But in such a short time, her connection with Black Bear was broken, and disappeared at the moment when she stepped into the time tunnel!

It surprised the Guanyin Bodhisattva. Because even if Black Bear is dead, this connection will not be broken. At least she can find the body of the Black Bear based on this connection. The Guanyin Bodhisattva secretly calculated that it was not only the broken link but as if Black Bear was erasing from this world!

"Oh, what you, Bodhisattva, are talking about is Black Wind King! Do you know him, Bodhisattva?" Monk Tang asked, and he would like to see how Guanyin Bodhisattva would answer to him!

Guanyin's face didn't change at all, and she replied, "I don't know, but I only know that this Black Bear has the feeling of affinity to Buddha and me. I want to teach him!"

"Oh, well, that Black Bear just be defeated, and then turned into the black wind and flew away!" Monk Tang nodded!

Sun Wukong: "..." what the hell, Master is lying through his teeth, do I have to learn it?

Guanyin's pretty face was dark and almost change her face, how could she not know that Monk Tang was talking nonsense.

Guanyin calmed down and said, "Oh? In this case, I will leave. The Golden Cicada X, you should continue to seek sutras westward!"

Having said that, Guanyin immediately took off, disappeared in a blink, at a faster speed than ever before!

Monk Tang sneered: You're upset right now? you're out of mood? Don't you pretend? Looking at your own special effects every time you showed up... How cool!? Huh!

Of course, when Guanyin appeared, Monk Tang was still nervous. Although he knew that the portable space belonged to another world, Monk Tang was still a little uncertain without testing it. Seeing Guanyin could not really detect it, Monk Tang was really relieved.

After Guanyin left, Monk Tang didn't take action immediately, resting in place, and opened the character panel:

Host: Monk Tang

Occupation: Monk (sutras seeker)

Level: Level 10

EXP: 11900/5120

Deputy position: master of divine focus (level, first grade, proficiency 2/10)

Skills: Complete Buddhist scriptures

Items: Brocade Kasaya(Cloak of the Justice), Nine-Ring Monk Spade, Gold three-hoop Ring (fake)

Seeing that EXP had accumulated to 11,900 points, Monk Tang was glad. Although his EXP was enough to raise one more level, Monk Tang did not choose to upgrade but opened the sorcery skills bar in the system store.

Because Monk Tang had a plan before, I directly found the skill that I planned to buy before: Buddha's Warrior Attendant' s Exorcism Kung Fu of with Spade

The reason why Monk Tang chose this skill is actually on account of Nine-Ring Monk Spade, only by learning the appropriate skills, can it be better to use Nine-Ring Monk Spade, so that his strength can be rapidly increased!

"System, I want to buy a Buddha's Warrior Attendant' s Exorcism Kung Fu of with Spade!" Monk Tang said.

System: ‘Buddha's Warrior Attendant' s Exorcism Kung Fu of with Spade price 10,000 points EXP, may I confirm the purchase? '

Although Monk Tang has confirmed the price long ago when hearing the 10,000 EXP experiences value quote, Monk Tang still felt it was too expensive, but still gritted his teeth and said, "Yes, confirm!"

System: ‘Ding Dong, congratulations to the host, you have successfully purchased the Buddha's Warrior Attendant' s Exorcism Kung Fu of with Spade, now start learning! '

Before the sound of the system over, Monk Tang felt a new message flowing out of his mind. The information flow seemed to belong to him by nature. When it appeared, it was portrayed in his soul. Monk Tang has mastered this skill: Buddha's Warrior Attendant' s Exorcism Kung Fu of with Spade!

Monk Tang moved his muscles a bit, and suddenly a crackle was produced in the bones. Monk Tang felt that he had control over himself and his power increased by many levels. It is obvious that Monk Tang felt that he was much stronger!

As soon as my body moved, Nine-Ring Monk Spade appeared next to him. Starting with it, he didn't have the previous heaviness and stagnation, but rather a very familiar feeling, just like this Nine-Ring Monk Spade was originally a part of his body!

Huh ...

Monk Tang began to do the whole martial arts. The shadow of the waving spade surrounded Monk Tang, and there seemed to be an angry King Kong behind him!

Sun Wukong's eyes were slightly open and a little surprised. With his eyes, he could see that the Monk Tang stick method is not bad. Although it is not a supernatural martial art, it is not far away. Sun Wukong wonders when Monk Tang learn the stick work?

There Monk Tang has done the whole set of stick work, and finally jumped high and bombarded the ground, and the angered King Kong behind him did the same action!


The ground exploded, a small mushroom cloud rose, and a large pit, with a diameter of 10 meters and a depth of about 2 meters, appeared!

The power is absolutely extraordinary. Monk Tang is very satisfied. Monk Tang believes that if he had learned this stick work before, he could kill the Black Bear within four strokes, without having no much efforts!

Monk Tang opened the task panel again and took a look at his current status:

Host: Monk Tang

Occupation: Monk (sutras seeker)

Level: Level 10

EXP: 1900/5120

Deputy position: master of divine focus (level, first grade, proficiency 2/10)

Skills: Complete Buddhist scriptures of all levels, Buddha's Warrior Attendant' s Exorcism Kung Fu of with Spade

Items: Brocade Kasaya(Cloak of the Justice), Nine-Ring Monk Spade, Gold three-hoop Ring (fake)

After spending 10,000 EXP to purchase skills, the upgrade has become distant for Monk Tang, but Monk Tang didn't care. He glanced at the run-down Black Wind Mountain. Monk Tang didn't leave immediately, but said, "come on, Wukong, I'll take you to go treasure hunt! "

Although Black Bear is not a very powerful goblin in Journey to the West, anyway, it is also a demon king. If he doesn' t have any inventory, like a good treasure, it would be a lie. Monk Tang doesn't buy it. Based on the ‘no waste' principle, Monk Tang is ready to search. He plans to take away all valuable stuff.

Anyway, Monk Tang went into the half-collapsed cave of Black Wind Mountain, and those great kinds of stuff should be in the deepest place of their nest!


Chapter 52 The Treasure Hunter

Although Black Wind Mountain was mostly knocked down by Sun Wukong, the Black Wind Cave was not affected so much that people could still get in. After went in, Monk Tang discovered that this Black Wind Cave wasn't a cave but a magnificent palace hidden in the mountains.

Treasures, such as gems, gold, and silver are all there. Monk Tang angered, "These damn goblins, all are robbed from people. It's really annoying me!"

But what made Sun Wukong speechless was that when Monk Tang said it, he waved his hands repeatedly to collect all the valuable things. Sun Wukong wondered: "Master, what are you doing?"

Monk Tang heard it and declared the Buddhist words: "Amitabfa, I don't want to bury these gold and silver treasures in this mountain, and I have to take them out to put them in to use!" Oh haha, it’s quite a lot. Gold and silver treasures can make a palace, and let me collect them into my... what the hell? Did I expose my true thoughts?

Sun Wukong scratched his head. He was doubtful about Monk Tang's words. He believed that Monk Tang would take them away. As for the rest part of words, Sun Wukong, he could only use ‘huh’ to express his feeling. Of course, Sun Wukong didn't care about it and gold and silver, all treasures are not attracted to him but peach is!

In the end, Monk Tang finally restored the cave to what it should look like before and then he stopped and then walked down a secret passage toward the depths of the cave. Monk Tang smelled the treasure. Monk Tang roared: “I’m the man who wants to be the treasure hunter, and I'm determined!”

Sun Wukong has a muddled face: "..." What is matter with the monk? What the hell is a treasure hunter?

There was a stone gate at the end of the road, which blocked the way. The stone gate was cover by three big characters “the treasure room”, Monk Tang was happy to see it, then stepped back and said, "Wukong, go ahead! Please open the door for me!"

"Yes, Master!" Sun Wukong said, then stepped forward and lifted one foot gently, and the stone door was smashed apart with a bang. Seeing this, Monk Tang nodded with satisfaction, but even an ON-OFF on the stone door was destroyed by his foot!

"Huh? It's so sweet and delicious!" When the stone door opened, Monk Tang smelled a good flavor and immediately trembled. His foodie attributes were stimulated, and Monk Tang immediately recognized that it was the taste of the food.

What? Isn't this a treasure room? It’s the Black Bear's kitchen? Monk Tang doubted it.

Stepping over the fragments of the stone gate, Monk Tang was words to say, because no treasures were found, but only ten oversized tanks were placed there, and the sweet smell was floating out of these ten large tanks with a faint golden light. Shine out of the big tank!

"What the hell isn't this honey?" When he came to the tank and looked inside. Monk Tang immediately recognized what the gold liquid was in the tank.

Monk Tang is also clear that these jars of honey are Black Bear's most precious treasure because he is a bear!

Monk Tang smelled the scent and couldn't help but taste it. He was immediately conquered by this delicious taste. Monk Tang swears that this is the best honey he has ever tasted. It is sweet but not greasy.

Definitely, this is honey made by bee goblins. After taking a sip of honey, Monk Tang feels a warm current and strengthens the body.

With a big wave of his hand, he took all ten large jars into his portable space. This is a good thing. He can't miss it. Eating it directly is delicious, not to mention make it into a dish. Monk Tang thought its aftertaste and his saliva have flowed out. Meanwhile, his belly started to sing. Monk Tang decided to have a meal and then hit the road!

Back in the cave, there was a big room enough for him to show his cook skills!

In an instant, various cooking tools, spices, etc. were taken out by Monk Tang and put aside. Then, with a flourish, various ingredients were showed up which were goblins killed by Monk Tang. He doesn’t want to waste any good ingredient, so he took all full body of goblins, giving up those too shabby and weird goblins. He has plentiful ingredients!

Of course, the most striking of these ingredients is the black bears like a small hill that is the body of the Black Wind King. As he was beaten by Monk Tang, showing the original body, the Black Bear is so big and that lengths at least two or three hundred meters high.

Taking out a sharp knife and chop off a bear's paw, then Monk Tang put away the rest again, and then start to clean up the bear paw. It is a bear's forefoot. Its flesh is thick and fatty enough to eat. 

This bear's paw is big enough, more than ten meters in size. Even if the fur and other debris are cleaned up, it still has nearly ten meters in size. This is a big guy, so Monk Tang cut it into pieces equal to a dozen pieces. Those meat chunks are still very big, but it's good for cooking. As for bear paw, Monk Tang thought about two methods to cook it, one is steaming and the other is grilling.

Of course, honey is indispensable. Monk Tang is cooking aimed at honey this time!

So the names of the two dished are steamed bear's paw with honey sauce and roasted bear's paw with honey sauce!

The modern equipment purchased from the mall is all magically refined. Instead of using electricity, they use the ubiquitous vitality between heaven and earth as energy supply. After putting two bear palms with honey and putting them in a large steamer and oven, Monk Tang started to prepare other dishes, and only eating bear paw is likely to feel greasy!

Of course, the most important thing for Monk Tang right now is that there is no shortage of ingredients. It has to say that Black Bear's younger fellows are really at a large amount. There are all kinds of boar goblins, duck goblins, and pheasant goblins!

So, Monk Tang found a wild boar goblins, removed the ribs, and made them into sweet and sour grilled pork ribs!

Chop off the two chicken feet and chicken wings of a pheasant essence to make tiger skin chicken feet and honey sauce grilled wings!

Food is not enough for him, Monk Tang prepared drinks, honey peach tea made with honey, peaches, and tea!

After the magic refined, kitchenware was highly efficient for cooking. Although Monk Tang cooked a lot of dishes, those are completed in less than half an hour!

The mouth of Monk Tang was full of oil, and his whole body was glowing. This is because he intakes too much energy at one time so some energy was not absorbed into his body!

Sun Wukong still didn't eat the dishes made by Tang. His food seems to be fruits such as peaches and bananas. He doesn't eat meat.

However, Sun Wukong drank, and still drank a lot of the honey peach tea. On the way, Monk Tang made two more barrels for the monkey to drink.

After eating and drinking, Monk Tang and his apprentices continued on the road with the clatter of horses' hoofs, under the shines of the setting sun.

On the horseback, Monk Tang is holding a black spear taken from Black Bear and Nine-Ring Monk Spade. He wants to melt them together to improve the level of Nine-Ring Monk Spade. Of course, the main thing is to get proficiency points, and to increase the level of master of divine focus, and refine higher level props!

Chapter 53 Pigsy Presented Tang A Gift

In the end, the two weapons did not merge successfully. It was not that they could not be merged, but that the Monk Tang's refining level was too low. If he wants to fuse the Black Bear's black eagle spear into the Nine-Ring Monk Spade, the level of master of divine focus must be at least reach the second grade.

Although the integration was unsuccessful, Monk Tang finally worked the proficiency of 10 points to 8 after a few days of practice proficiency. Monk Tang believes that if he is given another day or two, he can raise the master of divine focus level to two!

After three days of walking, the master and his two apprentices have gone a long way. On the day, the prompt sounded again:

‘Ding Dang, congratulations to the host. You have arrived in Gao Village' s realm. Now you have got a new mission --- Pigsy, reward 10-10 points of EXP! '

Monk Tang's eyes brightened, and he thought: "Finally, I am going to see Pigsy?" I don't know how the Pigsy here is different from the Pigsy I’ve known? Damn, no good, shouldn't I be able to eat pork in the future?

Monk Tang thought of Pigsy’s original body(Pig), and suddenly thought of the very serious problem!

And when Monk Tang was thinking wildly, he heard Sun Wukong shouting, "Master, there are goblins!"

"Where are they?" Monk Tang heard it, immediately clenched monk spade, with a little excited feeling... EXP is here!

The black cloud appeared on the horizon, and the darkness was overwhelming. The black cloud was drifting towards this side. The huge pressure was also coming. Of course, Monk Tang was not affected, but it can be judged that those goblins are much stronger than Black Bear.

Monk Tang wondered. There should be only one goblin, which should be Pigsy near Gao Village? Why did I come right here and meet a group of goblins? Monk Tang couldn't figure it out, so he let it go, and he just knew that all goblins are a lot of EXP!

In an instant, the black cloud has come to the front and then disappeared. A thin person like a bamboo pole appeared, and he floated in the air, a pair of eyes were staring at Monk Tang tightly!

"Who are you? How dare to block my way! You really want to die?" Sun Wukong yelled.

However, the bamboo-like goblins ignored Sun Wukong, but as if confirming the identity of Monk Tang, with tears flashing in his eyes, and then he fell straight down on his knees from the air and smashed a large pit, and said: "Master, you are finally here! I’ve been waiting for you for a long time!"

Sun Wukong: "..."

Monk Tang: "..."

Monk Tang and Sun Wukong are both confused by him. What are you doing? Formally acknowledge Monk Tang as his master?

‘Ding Dong, congratulations to the host for completing the mission ---make  Pigsy be your apprentice, and reward you 100 points! '

When Monk Tang muddled, what made Monk Tang more puzzled was that the sound of the system sounded again, and the system even said that he had completed the task. What the hell was this? What the hell???

Monk Tang looked at the ‘thin bamboo pole’ and said, "Aren you Pig Ganglie(the real name of Pigsy)?"

what the hell? Pigsy attacked Barry to send EXP?

"Well? Master, do you know this pig goblin?" Sun Wukong was surprised, remembering that Master seemed to know him in advance when he kills the boar goblin!

Upon hearing Sun Wukong's words, Monk Tang had confirmed that the ‘thin bamboo pole’ was Pigsy, but how could he be thin like this? Where are his cute fat big ears? The Pigsy' s eyes were deeply sunken, the skin was grayish-white, with thicker his dark circles. It is exactly a sexual-excess look!

Hearing Monk Tang's words, Pigsy' s tears suddenly burst out, kneeling and crawling in front of Monk Tang, holding Monk Tang's thigh, he cried abnormally: "Woohoo... indeed, that person didn't lie to me, the Master would walk from here, Master, you are finally here! I’ve been waiting for you for a long time!, I will die if you don' t come here! Please help me! "

What the hell? Lots of information. Let me clam down. Monk Tang hears Pigsy's wailing, and his head is about to blow!

Sorting out his thoughts, he slapped the Pigsy' s head, and asked, "stop it! Don't cry, tell me, who told you I would come here?" No, the woman, Guanyin, should not be so kind like this?

"I, I don't know!" Pigsy said so.

"..." Monk Tang stared. "you don't know? what does it mean? Are you kidding me, aren’t you?"

"No, Master! I really don't know. I couldn't recognize the person, who is at that advanced level. He told me that you would come here and then he was gone, saying that you are the only person who can save me!" Pigsy said with tears on his face, but it is not unpleasant to look at it!

"Save you? What happened to you? What's going on that you saying you're going to die?" Monk Tang asked.

Monk Tang's words exactly poked right at his sad story. Pigsy cried loudly: "Master, you can really save me. That person said that only you can save me!"

Damn it, Monk Tang hit him again: "Oh, don't cry, tell me the whole story. I'll save you. What's wrong with you?"

"It's not that I'm sick, but that my lover, Gao Cuilan, is ill. I and Cuillan were falling in love with each other ..."

"What the hell? wait a moment, what did you just say? You and Ms. Gao were falling in love with each other? No, I remember that you lock up Ms. Gao and she was ground into her boudoir? It was a blind date. No way to say you are lovers! How dare you lie to me? "Monk Tang angered, he hadn't seen Journey to the West!

"Master, how can I lie to you? Although I don't know where you heard the story, Master, that 's absolutely the fake version. I locked Cuilan in the boudoir with a strong force, because I' m afraid that Cuilan will do stupid things if I don' t do it! ”Pigsy said tearfully.

Monk Tang rubbed his eyebrows, what a bit chaos! And he said, "Pigsy, yes, you will be called ‘Pigsy’ in the future, and your dharma name is Wu Neng!"

Pigsy and Sun Wukong have muddled: Why did you get a nickname and dharma name at the same time?

Monk Tang: "Pigsy! You said just now that it wasn't you who was sick, but Ms. Gao, you said that you could not help Ms. Gao in her boudoir. To save Ms. Gao is equal to save you, and one more question. You and Ms. Gao love each other, right? "

"Master, you are right!" Pigsy nodded his head!

"Hiss ~" Monk Tang had a toothache and he was more confused, and said, "What's wrong with Ms. Gao? How can I save her to save you?"

Pigsy heard it, holding back his words for a long time and said embarrassingly: "Cuilan she, she, she, she is, so, so, so, wants excessive sex, I am about to be squeezed out by Cuilan, Master, I used to weigh hundreds of pounds, but now I have been sucked out by Cuilan. Master, how miserable I am. "


Monk Tang heard it, almost spit blood. What is the disease? It should say that you are incapable!

Chapter 54 The Whole Process

Monk Tang almost spits out blood, what the hell is she asks for more? Monk Tang is at a big confusion at this moment!

However, Monk Tang soon realized that something was wrong because Pigsy didn't need to lie to him, but how could this be possible, even if Pigsy couldn't, but he was also a pig demon who lived for hundreds of years, used to be Marshal Peng, what about Gao Cuilan? Just an ordinary girl, even if her demand in ‘that’ area is strong, but she won't take all the energy from Pigsy?

In addition, it doesn't matter that Pigsy was squeezed to a thin pig. But Monk Tang also found that Pigsy seems to be very weak. This weakness is not only physical but also mental.

Monk Tang knew it was not a simple thing, but what kind of illness did Gao Cuilan get? Monk Tang was curious about the strange person Pigsy said!

Of course, besides this, Monk Tang still has doubts, Pigsy knew that he is about to die, how can he still go to Cuilan?

So Monk Tang asked: "Pigsy! If you can't stand it, you are free to not go there, don't say you really can't bear the temptation at all!"

Pigsy said with a sorrowful face, "I also want it, Master, I haven't tried it, but when it’s time, I can't help but get over, I can't control myself at all, how weird!"

Monk Tang: "..."

"Come on, come on, come to my bed, I want it!"

At this moment, a seductive voice made a sudden noise, and Monk Tang almost didn't hold back and went away!

"What the hell, who's an alluring voice here?" Monk Tang wiped his cold sweat, so this voice was so hooking!

Sun Wukong was startled when he heard this voice, and said with a serious expression: "Which one is making trouble in front of the Monk King? Come out!" His eyes were glowing with gold, and he looked in all directions, but found nothing!

"Master, help me, I don't want to go!" But Pigsy heard this voice as if he had seen a ghost, holding Monk Tang's thigh without letting go, crying and yelling.

"Pigsy, wouldn't this voice be Ms. Gao's? Where did it come from?" Monk Tang guessed it!

"Yes, it's Cuilan's voice. It's coming from my body. The time is coming, Master, you have to help me, I really don't want to go!" Pigsy said.

"Okay, I'll help you, now you tell me about it, what's going on here, how can Ms. Gao's voice come out of your body? Start at the beginning!" Monk Tang asked, feeling something weird. If he wants to solve the problem, he must understand the whole story!

Of course, Monk Tang's heart is more speechless, it scares Pigsy like that, who is a big satyr. Monk Tang dare not guess how thirsty Ms. Gao is!

"Okay, Master." Pigsy also calmed down, and then began to talk!

"Cuilan and I met when a landlord bully grabbed a bride. At that time, I gave Cuilan a hand, but I didn't expect us to fall in love that way. She didn't hate me for my pig face and even didn't mind me, as a goblin! "

Monk Tang: Ms. Gao is a good girl, much better than the one in the original, and she does not judge by appearance.

"I can tolerate hardships and stand hard work. In order to get the recognition of senior staff and others, I do ten kinds of jobs alone! Senior staff is her father."

Monk Tang: Hard work? Pigsy are you sure? I think it’s right to say you eat ten-people meals!

"In the end, I finally received recognition from her father, so Cuilan's wedding was held very soon, but on the day of our wedding, something changed. I don't know where a black gas came from and entered Cuilan's body. Suddenly, Cuilan passed out, and the wedding was canceled! "

Monk Tang: If there is no bride, you still worship the fart!

"However, I don't care if I complete all wedding segments or not. All I worried is the safety of Cuilan, so I have been standing beside Cuilan. For three days, Cuilan finally woke up. I'm happy that after Cuilan wakes up, she wanted to have sex with me, I was willing because I wait for it for a long time! "

Monk Tang: what the hell, it's really hard for you, Pigsy!

"But, Cuilan and I have been slipping between the sheets all day, and I found something wrong!"

Monk Tang: Sperm-worm on your brain, your reaction was very slow, it takes you a whole day till you found it, you collapsed?!

"I felt tired at the time, but Cuilan was more and more active, and it seemed to me that Cuilan was a new person, but Cuilan was still Cuilan, and I planned to take a break, but Cuilan was not willing, so we continued! "

Monk Tang: ............... I don't want to listen to it anymore!

"This time I not only felt tired, but also frightened because I felt that my power and soul were being greedily devoured by Cuilan, so I fled decisively, and because I noticed that Cuilan's condition was very bad and unusual, so I locked Cuilan in her boudoir! "

Monk Tang: what the hell, is there finally an end of sex show? Single dogs can't be hurt!

"I know that Cuilan changed so likely to think that the black gas was the reason, so I went to find out the cause, but what made me feel more afraid was happening, and Cuilan's voice sounded directly in my body. Then I discovered that my body would soon return to Cuilan's boudoir uncontrollably and continue to ... and then I can't escape until Cullet satisfied! "

Monk Tang: What an unspeakable picture... 

"Since then, I have to live the same life every day. No matter where I am or what I am doing, as long as Cuilan's voice sounds, I will soon see Cuilan, Master, and I will go there again. Save me, Master, if there is one more time, I'm going to die! "

Monk Tang: Pigsy, are you showing off that you have a wife?

"Just when I was desperate, another person's voice suddenly sounded in my ear and told me to wait for a monk to come here, saying it is my Master, can save me!

Monk Tang said, "Well, I see. It seems that the source of everything is the black gas that entered into Ms. Gao's body. As for whether I can save it, I need to take a look at Ms. Gao myself!"

Pigsyheard its eyes brightened and said, "Then Master, what are we waiting for? Let's go to Gao Village now!" Then, having stood up, he brought Little White Dragon to him, "Master, you go!"

"Master, what did Pigsy mean ‘have been slipping between the sheets all day’? I don't get it!" Sun Wukong interjected his talking at this time!

Hearing it, Monk Tang looked up at the sky and said, "Wukong, Pigsy just described the whole process!"

【Quack ... The men who understand this chapter are all “experienced drivers”! Who knows in seconds, raise your claws! 】

Chapter 55 I’m Coming for You...

Although Sun Wukong knows a lot, there are still some he doesn’t understand, so he played an excellent learning attitude that he didn't understand: “Master, what did it mean of ‘have been slipping between the sheets’ from Pigsy?”

Monk Tang looked up, and after a long time, he said, "Amitabfa, ‘have been slipping between the sheets’ is equal to an onomatopoeia ‘Thwack’. Pigsy just described a complete process from having no water to having water!"

Pigsy: "..." what the hell? Is he experienced in that? I will ask him for advice in the future.

Sun Wukong: "..." Oh, damn monk! I don’t get it at all! What kind of onomatopoeia?

"Okay, let’s go on the way, it's the main thing to see Ms. Gao!" Monk Tang said so, don't want to tangle the onomatopoeia thing, it's easy to understand if you don't understand Monk Tang. Go explain!

Anyway, the four people started to go to Gao Village, but before they got to Gao Village, something suddenly happened. Pigsy actually flew away uncontrollably, even Sun Wukong did not drag to stop him!!

Monk Tang this time can be seen that Pigsy said things are overbearing, completely out of his control!

"Master, what are we going to do now?" Looking at Pigsy, which had become a black spot, and flying away, Sun Wukong asked in a dazed manner.

"What else? Go to Ms. Gao and you will naturally find Pigsy. He won’t die if he does it one more time!" Monk Tang said, and then his legs were pinched the horse belly, and Little White Dragon rushed out towards Gao Village, Sun Wukong easily keep them up!

In an hour or so, Monk Tang and Sun Wukong came to Gao Village. The seniors were wealthy households outside Gao Village. They were very famous. As soon as they asked, Monk Tang quickly found their home and stood outside the seniors. After explaining their purpose and identity, Monk Tang saw a very luxuriously dressed couple!

"Master, master, is my son-in-law what you are talking about? Are you coming to cure Cuilan?" The senior said very excitedly when he saw Monk Tang outside.

"Master, you have to save our Cuilan, she has changed and we don't even know our Cuilan!" Said Mrs. Gao, her eyes were all red, and her tears fell down!

After hearing this from a senior, Monk Tang knew that Pigsy was not lying. The senior family did accept him, saying, "Amitabfa, I do not slang, I am the master of the Pig Ganglie, named Tang Sanzang. Almsgiver, let’s come straight to the point. Where is Miss Cuilan now? "

"If you want to treat Miss Cuilan's, I must first confirm what strange disease Miss Cuilan has. It must be diagnosed in person!"

"Oh, I see. The master said it makes sense. Master, come with me, and I will take you there!" the senior Said, and then he along with Mrs. Gao to lead the way, after crossing the long corridor, the crowd came to an arch.

Mrs. Gao cried again and said, "My Cuilan has been locked in here. Master, you must save Cuilan!"

"What a women kind, why are you crying, can you quickly open the lock and let the master go in?" The senior was spoken loudly.

"Yes, yes!" Madam Gao came back to her, hurriedly took out a key and hurriedly unlocked the bronze lock, opened the arch door, and the voice inside suddenly came out!

With a chaotic and indescribable kind voice of a man and a woman in the room, low and gentle, and of course, there are Pigsy's screams and begging for mercy in that room. Except for Sun Wukong has the muddled face, Monk Tang and the couple outside are blushing, a little awkward.

"Ahem, it seems that it’s not the right time now, I think it's appropriate to wait!" Monk Tang said with a small cough.

"Yes, yes, the master is right!" Senior Gao and Mrs. Gao concurred!

Sun Wukong blinked. it was even more confusing. Just now they were anxious to see a doctor. Why were not they anxious now, why my face has become red, exactly like my ass? Listening to the sound coming out of the yard, Sun Wukong asked, "Master, why is there such joy in pain and misery in tenderness containing in that voice?"

As soon as Sun Wukong said this, Monk Tang took a swig of water and patted it against Sun Wukong's head. He said, "Sun Wukong, you shut up," and then said embarrassedly to the senior couple. "my apprentice who is stubborn by nature and he doesn't understand anything. Excuse me. Please forgive him!"

The couple outside the senior staff waved their hands again and again: "no! no ...nothing serious."

The crowd then closed the door, cut off the sound, and waited in place for a few hours.

Finally, the arch door was opened from the inside, a thin figure, like a bamboo pole, stumbled out of the room with a pale face. The person who walked out of the room was Pigsy.

Pigsy saw Monk Tang and others and his eyes lighted up, and he could not help but burst into tears, and said, "Master, save me and Cuilan, I am really about to die!"

"Son-in-law, it's so hard for you!" The clerk stepped forward, holding Pigsy's hand, and then said to his servants on the side: "why are you Stupidly standing still? Why don't you go and get tonic food for your lord?? "

With the order, the next person started to act with confusion. After a short while, various tonic food was brought to Pigsy. Among them, Monk Tang saw dishes made with a various animal penis!

Looking at the tonic food, Pigsy finally had a trace of blood on her face and said, "Pigsy, now I'm going to see Ms. Gao, I don't know if it's convenient?"

"yes! Yes! It's convenient for the Master to go anytime!" Pigsy continued.

"It's so good, then I'll go, Wukong and Pigsy, you two will be here with the two almsgivers!" Monk Tang said, and then swaggered towards a small building in the park, where is exactly Ms. Gao Cuilan's boudoir!

There are no other servants here, only Gao Cuilan is trapped inside, so it is very quiet. When entering the small building, Monk Tang frowned slightly. The smell of the air in the small building was really unpleasant.

Soon Monk Tang found Gao Cuilan's boudoir. After opening the door, he met the legendary person--- Ms. Gao!

The moment he saw Ms. Gao, Monk Tang felt that the woman in front of him is far from Ms. Gao in the original. Not because of her appearance but her temperament.

Ms. Gao completely lost the dignified. Ms. Gao in original is a lady who is a dignified and hyacinthine woman. But the person who stands in from him is a dissolute and debauched slut.

Ms. Gao is definitely a spokesperson for seductive charm. When Monk Tang met her, he immediately had a reaction, and then he hurled himself upon her: "Bitch, I'm here ..."

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Chapter 56 Treating Ms. Gao

After entering Gao Cuilan's boudoir, after seeing Gao Cuilan, Monk Tang just felt his blood in his veins stretched out, and then he took a deep breath to back to normal.

At this moment there something indescribable ... and a series of words appeared in Monk Tang's mind.

However, it was even more surprising that when the woman saw him suddenly break into, not only without a little panic, but instead said calmly: "Master, you are finally here, and my flower fade away!"

Monk Tang swallowed: Damn it! I'm so awkward to see you like this, could you please……?

Monk Tang cleaned his throat and said: "Amitabfa, Almsgiver, I'm here to treat you!"

"Oh? You are here to treat me!? I got it!" Gao Cuilan said playfully.

Monk Tang's eyes widened: what the hell, don't take off your clothes without saying a word!

Monk Tang was furious: " Bitch, I'm here ..." A step came to Gao Cuilan, who was undressing and knocked her out with his one palm on the back neck of Gao Cuilan. Gao Cuilan's eyes rolled her eyes and passed out.

Monk Tang wiped the cold sweat on his forehead and glanced at Gao Cuilan, who was disheveled, feeling it is harder than killing goblins!

Finally swallowed a mouthful of water: Damn it, if you are not a husband's woman, I would not mind and sacrifice my pure body to you.

Of course, the most important thing is that Monk Tang does not want a woman, who had slept with Pigsy.

Monk Tang scratched his head. Although Gao Cuilan fainted in the past with exuded infinite charm, Monk Tang was able to hold on it.

But Monk Tang had some troubles. He didn't know how to treat her. Suddenly his eyes brightened: if there is a problem, the system definitely knows some points!

Monk Tang: "System, come out, what is going on with Gao Cuilan, how did she become like it?"

System: ‘Ding Dong, Gao Cuilan had a spell in her body, which changed her, as long as it is broken, she will be fine! '

Monk Tang: "How to break it?"

System: ‘Ding Dong, as long as the host puts a drop of your own blood in the middle of her eyebrows! '

"What the hell? How could be simple? My blood is so great?" Heard it, Monk Tang was surprised, with a little pride.

System: ‘that’s it! '

Monk Tang's eyes lit up: "so, System, is it true that eating my meat can could remain young forever?!"

System: 'Ding Dong, that's not true. The reason why your blood can break the spell in Gao Cuilan is that you are always a man in the last ten times of your samsara. Your blood contains a very strong Yang Qi of the male, which is the buster for the curse in Gao Cuilan! '

Monk Tang heard it, and stared: "System, what do you mean by that?"

System: ‘Ding Dong, that’s what it means. In y your last ten times of your samsara, you are always a virgin. A single dog, a single dog, a single dog ...'

Monk Tang strokes his chest: my liver hurts ... he feels that he has been despised by the System and gained 10 million points of critical damage from the System!

Monk Tang vowed: in this life, he will definitely end the fate!

Monk Tang was listening to the System, while he was bitting his finger, imitating TV show stuff: what the hell, it hurts!

A drop of blood dripped accurately in the middle of Gao Cuilan's eyebrow, and the blood was soaked into her skin and disappeared.

Then black smoke burst out from Gao Cuilan's body, and finally condensed into a black sphere pill-sized floating above Gao Cuilan's forehead. Monk Tang asked in surprise: "System, this black little thing, Isn't it a dirt pill? "

System: ‘...' ‘No, it’s a combination of the Pigsy’s power and soul in Ms. Gao’s body. As long as you give this pill and let Pigsy swallow it, Pigsy can make up for all the previous losses! '

Monk Tang: "great! As long as it's not just dirt!" Reaching out and holding the black pill in his hand, he felt the power rolling in through his body!

Monk Tang looked at Gao Cuilan again, at this time Gao Cuilan was still in a coma, but she has changed a lot, her appearance doesn’t change, but her fascinating temperament has all disappeared without a trace, replaced by a kind of delicate look.


Watching Monk Tang walk into Gao Cuilan's boudoir, apart from Sun Wukong, Pigsy and the senior couple were a bit nervous. The senior couple not only was worried that Monk Tang could cure his daughter or not but also doubted that Monk Tang would hold on or not. Pigsy also was worried that Monk Tang can't hold on. Although they just knew each other for a short time, Pigsy knows that Monk Tang with high EXP, would not be a decent monk!

In addition, he also knows what Gao Cuilan looks like after being possessed by the black gas, that is, she will flutter when she sees a man, otherwise he won't lock her in the boudoir, he locked Gao Cuilan just to prevent Gao Cuilan came out of the wall!

However, seeing what he did just now. He actually sent her a man in by himself, Pigsy was worried!

So, Pigsy was listening carefully to every sound of Gao Cuilan's room. He didn't hear the sound of panting, he finally felt relieved. What made him more relieved was that Monk Tang came out less than five minutes before coming in, and there was no strange smell on his body.

Seeing Monk Tang coming out, the senior couple's eyes immediately lighted up, and they were nervous and eagerly asked, "Master, how about our little girl? Has she been cured?"

"Amitabfa, I have removed the root cause of Ms. Gao. Please rest assured. Almsgiver, Ms. Gao has just recovered from a serious illness and is still in a coma, but as soon as she takes a rest, she will be fine!" Monk Tang saluted.

"Great, thank you, master!" Madam Gao heard it again and again.

"It's a little thing, Cuilan is Pigsy's wife, so she is my daughter-in-law, this is what I should do! Almsgiver, if you are worried, you can go to Ms. Gao!" Monk Tang said.

"Yes, you are right. Master, please take care of yourself, let's go and see our Cuilan!" Heard it, the senior couple ran toward the small building, but someone was faster than them that is Pigsy. He turned into one the shadow rushed into Gao Cuilan's boudoir instantly.

When Pigsy heard that Gao Cuilan was in a coma, like a lightning strike on him, how could she was in the coma but made a sound?

So Pigsy rushed into the boudoir. He didn't feel at ease without taking a look. Although the time of five minutes was a little short, what if the Master was ‘one-second’ man?

Pigsy went in fast, but came out in a second, with guilt on his face. He was a big goblin, and he could easily tell whether his Cuilan had been touched by anyone!

So when he came out, he knelt down in front of Monk Tang with guilt and gratitude, and said, "Master, thank you, I should have believed in you. I should die for a sin offering!"

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Chapter 57: Pigsy Carrying His Wife

Monk Tang was a little dazed when he heard Pigsy's words. Pigsy was grateful to him for understanding Monk Tang. Where did this guilt come from? Monk Tang really didn't understand it. Fortunately, Monk Tang couldn't understand it. If he did, he would throw the pill in his hands far away!

"Pigsy, get up, we are a family, don't regard me as an outsider, come, I will give you the same good thing!" Monk Tang began to try to win popular support ... win support from a pig. Reaching out a palm of a hand, the pills appeared in Pigsy's eyes.

Feeling the familiar power waves, Pigsy was excited: "Master, is this my power and a part of my soul?"

"Well, yes, when treating Cuilan, I also took out the soul and power you were sucked out, and now take it to restore your strength!" Monk Tang said.

"Master ..." Pigsy moved, swearing in his heart that he must be nice to his Master in the future, so he thought he will be less lazy!


The pill was swallowed by Pigsy, Pigsy's gray skin visibly became rosy and shiny, and then his body became obese like a balloon, with fat and big ears. Seeing this, Monk Tang nodded with satisfaction, this is what Pigsy should look like!

When Monk Tang nodded with satisfaction, the system prompt sounded, and a new task appeared, Monk Tang suddenly understood, there are other tasks in Gao Village?

‘Ding Dang, congratulations to you for breaking the spell in Gao Cuilan' s body, and now a new mission is released: holding a novel wedding for Pigsy and Gao Cuilan, the mission rewards EXP points 100-1000! '

When I knew that the reward of this mission had a maximum of 1000 points of EXP value, Monk Tang could not help but said: “what the hell?”. The EXP points of this mission were definitely higher than before. He must win this thousand EXP?!

With the thought in mind, he said to Pigsy who had recovered some strength: "Pigsy, now Cuilan's problems have been cured by me. What are you going to do next?"

Pigsy heard it for a moment, and then thought for a moment and said, "Master, I want to get married to Cuilan once in public. Although Cuilan and I already have been a husband and wife, there was an accident last time, so we haven’t finished all the wedding things, so I want to reset it, and then I can follow you to seek sutras without any regret. "

Monk Tang was happy when Pigsy said so, and said, "alright, you really need to re-schedule. Leave it to me, and I will give you and Cuilan a novel and unforgettable wedding!"

Pigsy blinked: "..." The monk helped to organize the wedding. Pigsy thought him is a bit unreliable, but seeing Monk Tang's cheerful look, Pigsy couldn't say anything!


In order to get 1000 points of EXP value, Monk Tang also racked his brains and bought many props in the system mall. Fortunately, Monk Tang found a special setting in the mall. Seven days after purchasing an item, A full refund can be made within this period, otherwise, Monk Tang really wants to give up this task, after all, in order to meet the 'novelty' condition, some props are necessary!

It took Monk Tang two days to plan the wedding, and it took another day to arrange everything needed for the wedding.

Monk Tang has never done wedding planning or never has gotten married, but he has definitely seen it before. Monk Tang has seen western weddings and Chinese weddings. Monk Tang has a Chinese-Western wedding. So, he planned to hold a different wedding combined with Asian and Western styles. Although it is nondescript, it is fine to make it newfangled!

The place to be married is not in the home away from the seniors, nor in Cloud Stacks Village, but Cloud Stacks Village was arranged as a wedding room by Monk Tang. Not to mention Cloud Stacks Village is also a blessed place. The mountains and rivers are beautiful. Gao Village in there looks better, to be honest. After the layout, it is even more beautiful.

In particular, Cloud Stacks Village has been specially treated by Monk Tang. Although it is still an ordinary place when viewed from the outside, the inside looks different after entering, and it can be said that it is a paradise!

In terms of the wedding ceremony, Monk Tang chose to hold it in the open air, held on a lawn outside Gao Village, and the scene was arranged by Monk Tang into a sea of ​​flowers. As long as someone was not allergic to pollen, the one will like this scene. And he paved the way with flowers where a pair of newcomers would walkthrough!

The most important thing about the wedding ceremony is to be lively, so Monk Tang asked the senior to invite everyone in Gao Village to attend their wedding.

Three days later, after everything was ready, the wedding was held as scheduled!

People in Gao Village heard that Ms. Gao and Pigsy were going to have a special 'marriage', so they all came here. When they heard that the marriage was not held in the house, they moved to the grass outside the village. They were surprised and very novel.

Afterward, everyone began to be surprised, because the scene was something they hadn't seen before. As for the refined audio electronics, the projector, they never have seen those in their lives. So, they looked at those for a long while.

Even Sun Wukong and Pigsy have seen many things before and they also muddled. They are stunned by the strange things that Monk Tang took out. The two of them really don't know those things. Why do the small boxes automatically make sounds? They obviously feel that there are no things like monsters in it, and it is made by ordinary metal!

What surprised them the most was the iron box with four wheels. It could run fast without being dragged by the horses. Although it was not as fast as Wukong and Pigsy, it ran much faster than ordinary horses!

The wedding ceremony had been done quickly after everyone saw something new and special.

The last wedding ended in a song sent by Monk Tang to Pigsy. Under this song, Pigsy carried Gao Cuilan towards their home, Cloud Stacks Village.

The name of this song is "Pigsy Carried His Wife"(Actually, it is a real song in China), which can be said to be very suitable. Of course, some of the lyrics in it have been deleted or replaced by Monk Tang:

They said that I was fat and fat, with a big belly and big ears.

But I was blessed.

I am beaming today,

Carrying my new wife,

Sing while walking,

Sing along, (haha ...).

Out of Gao Village,

Good scenery all the way,

Call my wife’s name, please listen to me.


When this song was sung to Pigsy, Pigsy was crying with excitement at the time. Although the lyrics were simple, it was easy to understand, and it was so fucking appropriate, Pigsy and others all hummed along!

That is, when everyone followed the chorus, the prompt to complete the task also appeared:

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Chapter 58 Prepare to Defeat Demon of Yellow Wind

‘Ding Dang, congratulations to the host, complete the mission to hold a wedding for Pigsy, and reward EXP 1000 points! '

When I heard that the reward was 1,000 points, Monk Tang was relieved and relieved. After messing around with him, he finally completed a novel wedding and then opened the task panel to see himself now. The status comes:

Host: Monk Tang

Occupation: Monk (sutras seeker)

Level: Level 10

EXP: 2000/5120

Deputy position: master of divine focus (level, first grade, proficiency 8/10)

Skills: Complete Buddhist scriptures, the King Kong Spell of Exorcism with Spade

Props: Brocade Kasaya (Cloak of the Justice), Nine-Ring Monk Spade, Gold three-hoop Ring (fake)

However, when he finished looking at the character panel and packed things, Monk Tang felt two "resentment" glances. Monk Tang looked down and turned out to be Sun Wukong and Little White Dragon. What? What's wrong?

Suddenly there was a thought in his mind, he knew it ... what the hell? Sun Wukong and Little White Dragon wouldn't be jealous because he didn’t sing to them?

Seeing it, Monk Tang is full of joy, he decided that I must find a chance to sing a song "Monkey Brother" to Sun Wukong to and a song named "White Dragon Horse" to Little White Dragon too!

At the end of the wedding, Monk Tang began to pack things and put back the stereo, projector, and car. Of course, the next time he wanted to buy the same product, there is no return, the same product can only be returned once!

After returning the goods, Monk Tang finally accumulated his EXP to 2900 points!


Pigsy and Gao Cuilan were just married, so they stayed in Gao Village for two more days before they hit the road.

" my husband, I don't know how long it will take you to come back, I will wait for you!" Outside Gao Village, Gao Cuilan looked at Pigsy with tears in her eyes and she was extremely sad. Pigsy's departure meant that she would be a grass widow for many years?

For her newly married, this is a bit unacceptable. Although she wants to follow them along, she couldn’t leave her reluctant family member, the more important thing is that she knows that it is more inappropriate for an ordinary woman to follow them to seek sutras!!

"my wife, wait for me. When Master seeks sutras and I will come back, we will have a group of pig babies!" Pigsy grabbed Gao Cuilan's hand and said affectionately, but he was extremely reluctant, but in order to repay Monk Tang's kindness to him, he had to put love thing aside!

Monk Tang looked at the picture of abusing the single by the two, and finally couldn't stand it anymore, and said, "Pigsy, you are really a pig!"

Pigsyheard it fainted: "..." Master, you are right, I am indeed a pig goblin!

Looking Pigsy was muddled, Monk Tang patted his forehead and said, "I mean, you can come back to see Cuilan anytime on the road to seek sutras. You have such a high level of power. It is a piece of cake for you to come and go. From Tang Land to Ling Mountain, that is eighteen thousand miles away. You can run a round trip with a meal! "

Pigsy heard it, said suddenly: "Master, aren't you saying that seek sutras will go to Ling Mountain step by step?"

"Damn, the master said that he had to walk to Ling Mountain step by step, but he did not say that we must follow him, we just need to protect his safety!" Sun Wukong can't stand it anymore.

"Ah ..." Pigsy gave a stunning expression this time!

Gao Cuilan was also laughing and laughing there, but she knew his ability. He could fly very far away in an instant when he drove the clouds and said, "My husband, I will wait for you to go home at night!"

Pigsy is also happy: "Hey, wife, wait for me at home!"

Hearing it, Gao Cuilan was shameless and said softly, "Well, I got it!"

Seeing this scene, Monk Tang felt a deep injury in his soft heart and regrets reminding Pigsy it.  Why not he just to let them go through the pain of lovesickness and let them know that they must not abuse the singles!


Leaving Gao Village, the four of the master and apprentice walked for four consecutive days. On this day, the four of the master and apprentice walked to a mountain. Monk Tang was about to prepare lunch. Suddenly, a yellow weird wind was seen in the mountains in front!!

Looking at the strange wind, a strange color flashed in Monk Tang's eyes, and he already knew where he and others had come. According to the description in the original book, they had arrived at Yellow Wind Mountain.

Sure enough, when he first thought, the sound of the system also sounded, confirming his thoughts:

‘Ding Dong, congratulations to you that you came to Yellow Wind Mountain, posting a new mission: Pass Yellow Wind Mountain safely, and reward EXP 500 points. '

After hearing the content of the mission, Monk Tang fell into thinking. The demon king of Yellow Wind Mountain is a yellow marten rat, cultivated into a demon at the foot of Ling Mountain. His power is high, especially his supernatural wind kind power. but in the original book, the monkey was beaten cruelly by rolling up the sky in his yellow wind with the sand storm.

Since Monk Tang already knows the Demon of Yellow Wind's ability, he can’t let it happen again. As a modern person, Monk Tang will not be restricted by thinking, so Monk Tang immediately thought of a solution when he turned his thoughts: "System, give me four special props that can block the storm of yellow wind!" Well, I want to defeat the Demon of Yellow Wind!

System: ‘Okay, the sand mask is already selected. Do you want to confirm your purchase? 250 EXP points each! '

Hearing it, Monk Tang just stared and asked, "what the hell, why is it so expensive?"

System: ‘You get what you pay for, what can a windshield that can block the sacred wind of Samadhi is not a general windshield mask. The sand of The Demon of Yellow Wind is very corrosive! '

Monk Tang pouted as if reluctantly said, "Okay, what you said makes sense, I bought it."

Saying it this way, in fact, he already thought about Yellow Wind Mountain and returned those!

‘Ding Dong, the purchase was successful, please check it! 'The sound of the system sounds.

The next moment, there are four more in Monk Tang's hands-mask-like things, this prop is like a gas mask!

That's right, the windproof sand mask that appeared in Monk Tang's hands is the same look of a gas mask, which is no different from that in film and television dramas.

Looking at the four windbreak sand masks, Monk Tang, he couldn't help but rip his lips and said, "System, are you kidding me? We are not engaged in counter-terrorism exercises, but why it more seems like we are going to engage in terrorist attacks. Why did you give me these things?"

System: ‘the system won't go wrong. You should carefully feel the mask in your hand! '

Heard it, Monk Tang stunned, and then he felt it carefully, and immediately a different feeling came through his arms. Although this mask is similar to the gas mask of his previous life, there is peculiar energy, mana flowing on this windproof sand mask? Monk Tang was startled, he felt the fluctuation of mana, stroked the palm of his hand, the information of windproof glasses appeared in his mind:

Item Name: Windbreak Sand Mask

Item Level: Five Grades



Chapter 59 Master, You Are So Handsome!

When Monk Tang purchased four windproof sand masks from the system mall and was going to beat down the Demon of Yellow Wind, a shifty-eyed goblin paced back and forth in the cave in the depths of Yellow Wind Mountain, wearing gold armor and a pale goose yellow robe, hesitate on his face!

This person is a Demon of Yellow Wind, and he is wondering whether to start a war with Monk Tang and others. When Monk Tang and his team entered Yellow Wind Mountain, he knew it. To be honest, he really didn't want to fight with Monk Tang and his team. He knows that Sun Wukong and Pigsy are great in power!

According to his original idea, even if he wants to eat Monk Tang's meat, he won't start a war. but he has caused trouble. Someone threatened him by this opening to let him kill Monk Tang and others, otherwise, he would be taken away!

Succumbed to that man's intimidation, The Demon of Yellow Wind promised to fight with them, but he hesitated again when Monk Tang and others came, he did not know if he could kill them, and even if he can kill, he doesn't want to kill. He just wants to be a free king at Yellow Wind Mountain!

And just as he was in a tangle, a voice rang out abruptly in the cave, and a figure shrouded in divine light, said, "Demon of Yellow Wind, what are you still hesitating about? Monk Tang is here, as long as you can kill anyone of Monk Tang's masters and apprentices, what you have committed in the past can never be blamed, otherwise, I will only take you away now! "

Hearing this voice, The Demon of Yellow Wind stopped, his eyes flashed, his face flushed and said, "I'm thinking about how to kill all of Monk Tang and others, killing one is killing, killing everyone is also killing! Lord, why are you so anxious? "

The person in the god light heard it with a grin: "Oh, huh? Really? Then I wait for your success!"

"Okay, please wait for me!" The Demon of Yellow Wind Said. Although he was unwilling to do it in his heart, he could only surrender in the person because that man got his something in his hands. So he picked up his Trident around him, Just flew out of the cave!

In front of the goblins who were waiting outside, Woo-hoo said, "my boys, go with me, I will take you to catch Monk Tang so that you will all live forever!"

"Oh oh ... my King, good king!"

"Woo-hoo! Woo-hoo! Woo-hoo ... catch Monk Tang, eat his meat!"

The goblins yelled it with chaotic Woo-hoo.


Before the goblins' voices fell, The Demon of Yellow Wind burst into a yellow wind, rolled up all his goblins and disappeared!

When The Demon of Yellow Wind and others killed towards Monk Tang and others, the figure shrouded in the holy light also appeared outside the cave. Looking at the direction of The Demon of Yellow Wind disappearing, the obscure men or women's voices sounded with were cold and indistinct: "Huh, a mouse is a mouse, even if it becomes a demon king, it is still timid as a mouse!"

After all, the figure is slowly dissipating!


After confirming that the mask in hand is the wind-proof sand mask after the magic change, Monk Tang first brought himself a mask. Monk Tang wiped his bald head. He felt handsome now and wanted to get a mirror out to appreciate his handsomeness, but Monk Tang shook his head and gave up the idea. If he is dizzy because of his handsome look, can't he hit goblins?

After self-smelling in his heart, he shouted to Sun Wukong and Pigsy: "Wukong and Pigsy, come here, I want to give you a good thing!"

Hearing something good to gain, Pigsy's eyes were bright, fat fluttered, and flickering with big ears, he ran to Monk Tang, and just when he asked what things were, he saw a weird mask on Monk Tang's face. He exaggeratedly said, "Oh, what is this? Master, your old man is really handsome now. Except for you, the world is all gray and white, and you are cool right now! "

When Monk Tang heard Pigsy's words, he opened his mouth happily. Although he knew that Pigsy was exaggerated, he was so comfortable in his praise. Pigsy is a really flattering guy! He found that Pigsy's EQ was absolutely high, and he said cheerfully, "Haha, is it? I also feel that I am cool and handsome, I am afraid to look myself in the mirror!"

Talking, Monk Tang also glanced at Sun Wukong: Monkey, come on! I’m waiting for you to flatter me!

Of course, Sun Wukong definitely can't do a thing like that. He noticed Monk Tang's eyes, a scornful whisper, and whispered: "A sycophant with no shame, how can I have such Master and Brother? "

Although he whispered, none of their four people can be regarded as mortal now. They hear everything clearly. Pigsy and Monk Tang's expressions were instantly stunned.

Pigsy's EQ is indeed high, and she immediately began to divert from the topic and said: "Master, what good thing do you want to give us? Is that the one on your face? Although it is strange, it looks very handsome!"

"Oh, yes, this is called a windproof sand mask. I prepared one for each of you, and you will take it with you for a while. You can't take it off without my order!" Monk Tang grinned.

"Well, there is a mana ban on it?" Pigsy took the mask from Monk Tang's hand and immediately noticed the difference!

Speaking, he doesn’t need to teach them how to use it!

Sun Wukong felt a touch of surprise, but also took over the glasses, put on the mask in a similar way, although he did not feel very comfortable, he did not remove it away. Anyway, it does not affect anything.

Seeing that they both put on a windproof sand mask as he instructed, Sun Wukong was able to do so obediently, Monk Tang was still a little excited, which shows that his words have become more and more important in Sun Wukong's heart. Finally, Monk Tang took the last windshield and came to Little White Dragon, who had completely regarded himself as a horse.

Mana was instilled in the windproof sand mask, changing the shape as he wishes, and then he brought it to Little White Dragon. This guy still felt uncomfortable and snorted once. He didn't know when this guy can crack the seal. Monk Tang, I took a picture of Little White Dragon and thought so. He still felt that riding a dragon was more powerful. As long as he breaks the seal on him, Monk Tang can ride a real dragon. He desires to be a dragon knight whose determines has never changed!

And just after Monk Tang finished these, a loud laugh came: "Hahaha ..."

With the laughter, a yellow wind appeared hundreds of meters away from them!

He saw a shifty-eyed man, wearing a pale goose yellow robe that appeared out of nothing. At Monk Tang’s first glance, he knew that this mouse has cultivated into a goblin king. Naturally, this man was the Demon of Yellow Wind, who came to kill Monk Tang and his apprentices.

Chapter 60 I Love You For 10,000 Years, I Love Gatling!

"No, it's goblins, protect our Master!" Sun Wukong yelled at the moment when The Demon of Yellow Wind appeared.

"Goblins? Where are they?" Pigsy's reaction was a little slow, but a flash of the nine-tooth rake appeared in Pigsy's hand, and powerful energy emanated from Pigsy's body.

Of course, if Pigsy's nine-tooth rake doesn't have that cute and funny face on it, then the picture will be better!

"Goblins! Go to die!" To say who was the first one found out that goblins, not Sun Wukong but Monk Tang because Wukong had already guarded against the emergence of Demon of Yellow Wind. And at the moment the yellow wind appeared, Monk Tang moved and opened his two too long legs to rush towards Demon of Yellow Wind, and at the same time the Buddha's Warrior Attendant' s Exorcism Kung Fu of with Spade was unfolded by Tang, and a huge Warrior Attendant ghost appeared behind Monk Tang!

Nine-Ring Monk Spade smashed out suddenly, that Warrior Attendant ghost image did the same movement!

"Bang ..."

Demon of Yellow Wind just reached out his head and then was smashed, and even his laughter was interrupted!

"Ah ... how abominable!" A scream came out of Huang Feng, and the head that had just popped up turned into Huang Feng again and disappeared. When Huang Feng disappeared, Demon of Yellow Wind billowed and the spirit was dazzling.

"What the hell, such fierce!" Pigsy saw Monk Tang slamming his monk spade and hit goblins, and he was shocked. In Pigsy's opinion, Monk Tang was too fierce, and he was the one, whose image is the little monk with white skin!

It is not the first time for Sun Wukong to see this picture. He has seen scenes of Monk Tang hunting down plenty of goblins!

"Wukong, Pigsy, that was the Demon of Yellow Wind, who the demon king here. Be careful of his wind, it's the Samadhi wind, and he can also make a sandstorm!" Monk Tang confronted Sun Wukong and Pigsy. Woo- hoo, at the same time monk spade fell out again!


The huge phantom of monk spade struck hundreds of meters above the yellow wind, and almost scattered the yellow wind!


The screams came again from the yellow wind, and the shadow of Demon of Yellow Wind was almost smashed out, but when Monk Tang was about to hit again, The Demon of Yellow Wind turned into a yellow wind and entered the ground and disappeared!!

Pigsy glared at this. Wow, so cool, he slapped at Monk Tang and said, "Master, you are so handsome, it's ultra cool!"

"Damn, don't make bullshit!" Sun Wukong heard it rolled his eyes, and the Monkey King Bar in his hand quickly grew large, and then fell down fiercely.

"Booming ..."

A mountain in front was suddenly smashed and fell apart, and Sun Wukong knew that there is evil air on that mountain!

Pigsy watched Sun Wukong wreak havoc, his body was shaking with fat, he felt that the monkey was fiercer than his master, who was necessary to be a fart. Thus, he said: "what the hell, my monkey brother is really awesome, your choke must kill them all! "

Monk Tang heard it: The pig is really good at flattering, Monk Tang wonders if Pigsy was Tian-peng Marshal because of his flattering skill!

Although Sun Wukong was taken very well, he yelled, "Nerd, talk less and do more, you also do it!"

"yes, my Brother Monkey. You can wait to see it!" Pigsy immediately agreed, then raised his rake and ran towards a hill!

"Booming ..."

That hill was immediately divided into two!

"I # ¥% ... you are bullying, why don't you follow the routine?!"

A scream of fury came from afar, and The Demon of Yellow Wind reappeared, looking at the gray-headed and dirt-faced, a little bit embarrassed, but the yellow wind around him was even bigger and the yellow smoke billowed!

"Monkey Sun, you are doom to die!"

Demon of Yellow Wind, shouted, holding his bright Trident, and fought against Sun Wukong in the air, who is close to him!

"Oh ..." "Boom ..." "BangBang ..."

Sky battles, roaring, with cloud waves rolling. shocking waves rolling back and forth. rocks were cracking, and were hit into the sky in high altitudes!

"Boom ..."

Suddenly, Sun Wukong smashed The Demon of Yellow Wind from the sky and smashed on a mountain, and that mountain collapsed!

Monk Tang wanted to come forward and hit it one more time with his monk spade. Within a Bang voice, Demon of Yellow Wind's body burst, turning into the wind and disappeared. He appeared again, in the next second, he was already in another direction and rushed towards Monk Tang!

Demon of Yellow Wind, the brain is finally smart, and he has to pinch soft persimmon. (he has to bully the weak one.) He found that it is a bit silly to fight with Sun Wukong. He wanted to cry, he wanted to be smart right now more than ever!

"Hahaha ... you are the Golden Cicada X, a monk from the Tang Dynasty? I heard that I can live forever if I eat your meat? I need to tonify my brain ..." The Demon of Yellow Wind laughed and started at Monk Tang.

"Damn tonifying ..."

Monk Tang scolded, and at the same time the Buddha's Warrior Attendant' s Exorcism Kung Fu of with Spade unfolded, and he hit the Demon of Yellow Wind with his monk spade!


But this time it didn't work. It was blocked by the Trident of the Demon of Yellow Wind, and his arm was numb, and Nine-Ring Monk Spade almost came out. Monk Tang knew it instantly that the gap with Demon of Yellow Wind is still too wide, even he can swim in that wide gap. Tang felt a little upset. Sun Wukong pushed out the Demon of Yellow Wind as soon as he smashes on it. It is not that the Demon of Yellow Wind is weak but Sun Wukong is too strong!

The Trident of the Demon of Yellow Wind was stabbing to Monk Tang, Monk Tang could feel its sharpness, and goosebumps!


At this moment, a thick stick came across, and The Demon of Yellow Wind was suddenly knocked off. It was Sun Wukong who saved Monk Tang's life. Sun Wukong said: "Goblin! You are doom to be beaten! Watch out my bar! How dare you hurt my Master! "


The flying The Demon of Yellow Wind exploded again into the cloud and disappeared. This time, The Demon of Yellow Wind did not appear. Finally, it launched a big move, stirred up the savage wind, and rolled up the yellow sand storm.

"Woohoo ..."

The wind howls and the yellow sand is spreading all over the sky, and the countless sand grains hit the people along with the wind. Those sands can cause damage to people. If the sand runs into people’s eyes, it even hurt people to be blind.

At this moment, the windproof sand mask worked, and everyone with pure yellow light is safe, which was enclosing them in the middle. Although the light was weak, it was like an unbreakable fortress. Although the sandstorm was strong, it was nothing for them!!

"Haha, good stuff! My Master!" Sun Wukong smiled at this, he could feel the power of this yellow sand storm, but it was easily blocked out without any harm!

Monk Tang heard it: I'm not good stuff! The mask is!

The yellow wind and sand storm was getting more and more violent, the earth and rocks rolled. The towering trees were uprooted and the boulder flew up, and then all disintegrated, and those things became a part of the yellow wind and sand storm, and soon the world became too dark to see anything!

In addition, the energy of the world is disordered, and everyone is unable to perceive the demon power. It is even more difficult to feel where goblins are, let alone killing goblins!

Monk Tang angered and said, "Wukong gave me your Monkey King Bar!"

Monk Tang took the Monkey King Bar and immediately shouted, "I love you for ten thousand years, I love a g ... ah, I love Gatling!"

Chapter 61 Not Blue Fire But Bold Gold Fire

In the Yellow Wind Mountain, the yellow wind and sand are overcast, covering hundreds of miles, the towering ancient trees are uprooted, the boulder is flying and disintegrating, and a doomsday scene. In the yellow sand storm, Monk Tang and his apprentices could not see where goblins are.

Soon, Monk Tang was furious, and said loudly to Wukong, "Wukong, give me your Monkey King Bar!"

Pigsy heard it next to him, he didn't know what Monk Tang is going to do and way he dared to want Monkey Wu Bar from Sun Wukong, and he wondered that could Monk Tang carry the bar with his small body?

Sun Wukong did not say anything and threw Monkey King Bar over to him. Sun Wukong knew that his Monkey King Bar could be used by Tang, and he also wanted to see what Monk Tang would do with Monkey King Bar!

The moment Monk Tang reached out and took it, Woo-hoo said, "I love you for ten thousand years, I love one g ... Ah, I love Gatling!"(“I love you for ten thousand years” is like a spell, which can summon the Monkey King Bar to take orders from the speller. It also happened in Chapter 29.)

Pigsy's mouth opened widely, what the hell? Who told me that weather I was dazzled or not? Why did a hard stick suddenly become soft? It's getting weird! How did it become new and strange stuff? What is this?

Sun Wukong was also stunned. I didn't see Monkey King Bar turn into such a weird movement.

Monk Tang, however, did not care what the two apprentices thought, and touched a golden yellow Gatling, and smiled, watching the sky full of yellow wind eyes and his eyes became extremely sharp, and then instilled mana into Monkey King Bar, and then he pulled the trigger.

"Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da Da ..."

A dense rattling sounded, and a golden spark was ejected from the muzzle!

Monk Tang's excited bellowed: "Goblins! You are dead now! I shoot you, I shoot, I shoot, I shoot, shoot, shoot ..."

Heard it, Pigsy shuddered, he feel that his asshole was a little cold, thinking that how horrible the master was ...

Monk Tang strafed and soon got results, with a scream from the yellow sand storm!

‘Ding Dang, congratulations to you for killing goblins. Reward you 500 points of EXP! '

Monk Tang heard the system's system beep, thought: ha, I am really awesome!

A figure fell from the yellow wind. Monk Tang looked intently. It turned out to be a goblin with a tiger head. Isn't this a tiger pioneer in the battle? Monk Tang thought that this guy was really miserable. His body was sifted by Gatling. After falling off the ground, he totally became a huge leopard with red spots!!

Monk Tang continued to shoot, screams of screams continued to come from the yellow wind one after another, and the system's prompt sound continued to sound:

‘Ding Dong! Congratulations to you, for killing a goblin, and reward 100 points of EXP! '

‘Ding Dong! Congratulations to you, for killing a goblin, and reward 100 points of EXP! '

‘Ding Dong! Congratulations to you, for killing a goblin, and reward 100 points of EXP! '


Monk Tang was so cool, he felt he was full of adrenaline and shaking...

Sun Wukong and Pigsy looked at the buns. The Master felt awesome. Of course, although Sun Wukong had some buns, he did not forget the main thing to do. The eyes behind the glasses were exuding brilliant golden light, like two golden lights !!

"Goblins, watch out my bar!"

Suddenly Sun Wukong screamed, and then soared into the sky, beckoning and his Monkey King Bar changed to its original appearance, and then Wukong smashed into a yellow wind with his bar.

"Boom ..."

Another mountain was torn apart and the ground shook. It turned out that Sun Wukong discovered Demon of Yellow Wind's hiding place, and then suddenly rode out and hit The Demon of Yellow Wind seriously.

When Monk Tang was so pleased, he shouted, "Good job, Wukong, get that goblins for me, I end him myself!"

Pigsy was also cheered next to him, and said flatteringly, "Brother Monkey, you are really my hero..."

"Yes, Master!"

Hearing Monk Tang's words, Sun Wukong appeared next to the muddled Demon of Yellow Wind, and then stepped on the Demon of Yellow Wind. The Demon of Yellow Wind was full of footprints, of course. In the process of stepping on, Sun Wukong put a lot of seals and bans on Demon of Yellow Wind, so that The Demon of Yellow Wind can no longer become a black win and escape!


Sun Wukong threw the weak Demon of Yellow Wind in front of Monk Tang. At this time, the Demon of Yellow Wind was more embarrassing than before, especially the pale goose and yellow robes were all small eyes, apparently, he got lots of bullets in the yellow wind!

The Demon of Yellow Wind was captured, and his mana was sealed. Naturally, he could not cast any spells and magical powers. So, the yellow wind and sand storm quickly dissipated, and the sky was clear and clean again.

The Demon of Yellow Wind was caught, scared, without the previous arrogance, and said, "the monk from Tang Land, I ..."

"Why are you still saying? Goblins, you are dead now!" Monk Tang kept on, and a monk spade just smashed!


The monk spade smashed Demon of Yellow Wind's face at once. His head was distorted but The Demon of Yellow Wind was not dead, just screaming!

"Ah ... dead bald donkey, you dare to fight to the death ..."

"What the hell, you dare to threaten me, you dare to fight? I dare to kill you!" Monk Tang heard it angrily, throwing monk spade once again, and the Demon of Yellow Wind rolled away on the ground!

"Ah ..." The Demon of Yellow Wind screamed even more.

Seeing that Monk Tang raised monk spade again, The Demon of Yellow Wind was afraid, and hurriedly Woo-hoo said: "the monk from Tang Land, you, you can't kill me, there is someone behind me." What the hell, Bodhisattva, if you don’t come out, I really going to be killed!

"Oops, there are people behind you? Why are you feel great that you got a patron? It doesn’t mean that you can do evil. If he rushes out fro you, I will still do what I’m going to do!" Monk Tang heard it even angrier, and this continuous monk spade fell Damn, you must kill him before the back of The Demon of Yellow Wind comes out!

"Bang! Bang! Bang ..." Blood flew and Monk Tang smashed him into a blood gourd.

Pigsy sighed coldly as he watched, and he felt hurt for Demon of Yellow Wind.

The Demon of Yellow Wind was crying and he was afraid, and he kept cursing: Bodhisattva, I really shouldn't promise you, if you don't come out again, I will curse you!

Monk Tang throbs monk spade again, thinking to give The Demon of Yellow Wind a final hit, but this is a golden light suddenly blooming in the sky, a figure shrouded in god light appears, at the same time a golden light strikes the monk of Monk Tang On the spade, let his attack go aside!

"The Golden Cicada X, show mercy!" The voice came from that figure!

Seeing this, Monk Tang scolded: Damn, it was almost done, what kind of people is with special effects this time!

At the same time, Monk Tang was merciless in his mouth, cursing: "Which bastard, dare to stop me from cutting off monsters?"

The people in gold light heard it, and his face suddenly turned dark, and the  gold light was gone: "It's me!"

"Oh, it 's Lingji Bodhisattva. What are you here coming for? I don't know what are you doing here?" Seeing the person's face, Monk Tang immediately recognized the person who he is.

Pigsy gave a thumbs-up to Monk Tang secretly: Master, good for you! You are to scold Lingji Bodhisattva!

The face of Lingji Bodhisattva was still black, and he didn't want to talk nonsense, and said directly: "I'm here for this yellow marten!"

Chapter 62 Taking Advantage from Lingji Bodhisattva

Hearing what Lingji Bodhisattva said, Monk Tang revealed a sudden realization look, saying: "Ah, you come to look at this goblin being killed so that he can not do evil, right? Oops, Lingji Bodhisattva, you are really a good Buddha. But as for killing demons, it' s better not bother you, my Bodhisattva. And let me do it!”

Monk Tang picked up monk spade again while he was talking, and attack to Demon of Yellow Wind!

Demon of Yellow Wind was scared to pee. He did not expect that the monk dared to kill people in face of the Bodhisattva. He used his terrified voice and said: "My Bodhisattva! Help me!"

Lingji Bodhisattva also was stunned by Monk Tang' s bold behavior and then a rage rises in his heart. With a cold hum, he blocked Monk Tang's movements with a raised hand, and said, "How can you dare to kill people, the Golden Cicada X? This makes you go to hell! "

He couldn't kill the yellow monster, so Monk Tang gave up and declared the Buddhist words: "Amitabha, Buddha said, if I will not go to hell, who will go? If I kill this goblin, I will save more alive souls. If there is someone must go to hell, why should I be the person?”

Lingji Bodhisattva flicked the corner of his mouth, feeling that the Golden Cicada X of this life was too eloquent, and it was more difficult to deal with him than the time when he was a nerd in Ling Mountain, but this Demon of Yellow Wind is absolutely impossible for Monk Tang to kill, otherwise, he will lose his face.

Lingji Bodhisattva said: "This weasel can't be killed. I will take him back to Ling Mountain to be punished. It is a felony that he has stolen the lamp oil from the glass candlestick. He has to face with wall to confess his sin in Ling Mountain for a thousand years of !"

Monk Tang heard it in surprise, saying: "how come he committed such a big crime! And he deserves the punishment. He deserves it!" In fact, Monk Tang actually secretly pouted. What a big lie, and why didn' he just say that the weasel was sheltered. But it is not appropriate right now to have a row with Lingji Bodhisattva, so Monk Tang took a step back.

Of course, if Lingji Bodhisattva takes Demon of Yellow Wind away in this way, it would be him who was unhappy, so Monk Tang decided to make Lingji Bodhisattva unhappy, and Monk Tang had a good idea in the twinkling of an eye.

Hearing Monk Tang's words, Lingji Bodhisattva's face finally showed a smile. He deemed that Monk Tang was still very up-to-date, but the next moment his smile was stiffened on the face. But for he could not do anything to Monk Tang and his people at will. He vowed to shoot Monk Tang and let Monk Tang reincarnate again.

"my Bodhisattva, since this is the case, you can take this yellow marten, but is there ..." Monk Tang twisted his fingers.

Lingji Bodhisattva froze, wondering what Monk Tang's twisted fingers mean, blurted out: "the Golden Cicada X, what do you mean?"

"Oh, Bodhisattva, you understand it but pretend to be confused. Of course, it ' s a reward? This yellow marten was caught by me and my apprentices, right? The civilian who finds criminals is rewarded, and in Ling Mountain, I think you should have this rule. Moreover, he committed a felony! "Monk Tang sneered in his heart, but his face was serious, and he looked at Lingji Bodhisattva with anticipation.

Click! Lingji Bodhisattva gritted his teeth. He didn't expect Monk Tang to ask for benefits in public. He became angry and his smile stiffened. "The Golden Cicada X, what kind of thing do you want?"

"Oh, Ling Mountain is a blessed place with valuable treasures and what I did is a good thing for everyone, so I ..."

Give up? Lingji Bodhisattva heard it.

Monk Tang scratched his head, and continued, "I'm not going to ask less. You just give me ten or eight of any treasure or mana weapons, and I'm not a greedy person!"

EXM? Mana weapons? Treasure? Are you serious? Lingji Bodhisattva heard it almost vomiting blood.  Ten or eight treasures were given to you? You regard my treasures as potato and radish?! all treasures in the whole Ling Mountain adding together are not many as you said those. Lingji Bodhisattva regretted why he asked Monk Tang what he wanted. He should just leave!

Lingji Bodhisattva stiffened his face and said, "The Golden Cicada X, you can't be greed, or else!"

heard it, Monk Tang is also angry. If you don' t give it, why did you give a lesson to me? Monk Tang didn't really plan to get any benefit. He just wanted to disgusting him, but now Monk Tang really wanted to ...

However, Lingji Bodhisattva didn't wait for him to speak this time. His arm rolled up and the Demon of Yellow Wind turning small and flying into his sleeve, and the pedal cloud under his feet turned into a streamer and gone, and only one voice remained: "The Golden Cicada X, please conduct yourself well!"

what the hell, is this threatening me? Monk Tang drew a middle finger in the void, and cursed in his heart: "Ah, what? How could you be like this? You are the person who sheltered a criminal! I will fight with you one day sooner or later!"

"Ah, strength is the last word. You have to upgrade quickly!" Monk Tang finally raised such a smart thought, if his strength is stronger, how came Demon of Yellow Wind can survive? Who else could threaten him?

"Master, you are so good, I really admire, you even dare to contend with the Bodhisattva!" Pigsy said flatteringly.

Hear it, Monk Tang squinted at Pigsy and said, "What is this? Your Master has just begun his road. I will be even better in the future. So Pigsy, why didn't you just say a word to help me?" "

When I heard Monk Tang's words, Pigsy thought that damn, it' s his turn right now. He was patting on the horse's legs(made a bad flatter). he smiled and scratched my head, "I'm not afraid to affect your performance!"

Monk Tang heard it snorted, Pigsy's the petty-minded were too much.

Sun Wukong next to him saw his eyes turn and said, "Would you like to send me to follow him and kill the goblins secretly?"

Heard it Monk Tang's eyes lighted, then shook his head and said, "No!"

It's not the time to contend with in public Lingji Bodhisattva, but Monk Tang remembers it in his heart and will come back when he is strong!

Seeing this from Monk Tang, Sun Wukong shrugged and said, "Okay, I listen to you. What about we set out on our journey?"

"Which way to go? Let us search the old nest of Demon of Yellow Wind first, and then have a meal!" Monk Tang waved his hand, took White Dragon Horse's back and walked to the Demon of Yellow Wind's nest, Huangfeng Cave. Although the Demon of Yellow Wind was taken away by Lingji Bodhisattva, there must be other treasures in the Yellow Wind Cave. A demon king would have been here for many years. If there is no benefit for Monk Tang, don't believe it. Just look at Black Bear and you will know!

"Master, wait for me!" Hearing that Monk Tang was going to sweep the Demon of Yellow Wind's nest, Pigsy's eyes were bright, and he hurried to follow him, but he knew what Monk Tang meant by the sweeping thing, he didn't expect Monk Tang even had the idea of collecting treasures, and he would get a lot of benefits.

Sure enough, Monk Tang's pockets were, even more, bulging after a sweep, and the gold and silver treasures were collected into his space like a hill!

However, Monk Tang was not too happy. He was still depressed because he had lost the EXP he should have, especially when he saw a lot of human bones in the Yellow Wind Cave. He felt pitiful that he can kill the Demon of Yellow Wind to revenge for these poor people!

Chapter 63 Really?

After the raid, because of a bad mood, after eating a little simple lunch, the four people continued to go on the road. After half a day, they finally got out of the boundary of Yellow Wind Mountain, and the prompt for the completion of the system task sounded:

‘Congratulations to the host, complete the mission to cross Yellow Wind Mountain, and you earn 500 EXP points. '

After hearing the system's prompt tone, Monk Tang's mood improved again. After Monk Tang returned the windproof sand mask in system mall, he opened the character panel to check his current status:

Host: Monk Tang

Occupation: Monk (sutras seeker)

Level: Level 10

EXP: 4900/5120

Deputy position: Master of Divine Focus (level, first grade, proficiency 8/10)

Skills: Complete Buddhist scriptures, Buddha's Warrior Attendant's Exorcism Kung Fu of with Spade

Props: Brocade Kasaya (in form of the cloak), Nine-Ring Monk Spade, Gold three-hoop Ring (fake)

"it still needs 220 points to upgrade again? It ' s really getting harder and harder to upgrade, I don' t know how many EXP points will be rewarded for the next task, I hope it could help me to upgrade!" Looking at his accumulated EXP, Monk Tang thought in his mind.


They walked across the mountains and walked towards the west, all the way.

One day, a huge river blocked the way forward, and beside the river, there was a huge and worn-out stone monument with three words on it: Running Sand River!

"Have we finally arrived at Running Sand River? It looks like my small team is finally complete!"

Seeing this stone monument, Monk Tang said cheerfully.

‘Ding Dong, congratulations to you, who has arrived in the sand of 800 miles, and now there is released a new mission: Admit Sandy, and give him an EXP of 500. '

"500 points?" Monk Tang's eyes lit up. These five hundred points of EXP would be enough to upgrade him by one level!

Thinking of this, Monk Tang said, "wait!"

"Master, is there anything?" Sun Wukong asked in confusion, he and Pigsy stopped.

"I'm using my mana knowing that there are goblins in this river!" Monk Tang said with a serious expression.

"Are there goblins? What the hell ..." Pigsy heard it, and the nine-tooth rake appeared in his hands. Looking at the rushing river, I don't know why a hint of guilt touched my heart, Pigsy thought: Why do I feel guilty!

"Goblins?" Sun Wukong flashed a golden light in his hand, Monkey King Bar appeared in his hand, and his eyes were glaring with golden light.

"Wukong, you stir up this river with your Monkey King Bar, then goblins will appear!" Monk Tang pointed.

Heard it, Sun Wukong flew into the sky over the quicksand river, Monkey King Bar became thicker and longer, plunged into the river water, and then he stirred it up!

Wow ... the water flow hits the sky!

It didn't take long to stir, and “Bang” somewhere at the river was exploded. Whoosh!

A big-haired man with red hair, red beard, and a pale complexion flew out of the river and said angrily, "Fuck, who the hell is he using a stick to rub my ass?"

Thud, Thud!

heard that Monk Tang and Pigsy both laughed. The monkey hit it with a stick, and it was all right on him.

When this bearded goblins appeared angry with a roar, he also quickly glanced in all directions. Sun Wukong in the sky, Monk Tang on the shore, Pigsy and Little White Dragon were all seen by him, but this big beard goblins finally looked at Pigsy, his eyes turned red instantly, and his nostrils were spouting all-white gas.

Pigsy was stared at by this big-bearded goblins, and his heart suddenly burst into a sudden, what the hell, why the goblins stared at me, but I didn't pinch your ass!

"Wow, yeah, Tianpeng, you can die now!" The bearded goblins angered, and then stabbed Pigsy with a scepter as if there was a hateful thing with Pigsy!!

Monk Tang sees this for a while, this goblins is, of course, Sandy, undoubtedly, his previous life is General Juanlian, it is not surprising that he knew the Tianpeng Marshal, Pigsy, what makes Monk Tang do not understand is that these two people seem to have great hatred, Monk Tang Don't remember what happened to them?

When Monk Tang was in doubt, Sandy and Pigsy were already at war!

Sun Wukong flying in the air was muddled at this time. I thought this goblin would fight with him after he came out, but he didn' t even talk about it. He even started a war with Pigsy. Sun Wukong also encountered this for the first time. The situation, he also muddled, and he was helpless!

A flash, Sun Wukong appeared next to Monk Tang, scratching his head in depression, and asked, "Master, what's the situation?"

"You ask me, who do I ask to?" Monk Tang heard it spread his hands, there is no such plot in the original book!

"What about now? This goblin seems to really long to kill Pigsy," Sun Wukong said.

"Wukong, you can also take it. Capture this goblin for me. I just made fortune-telling again. This goblin is related to us, he should be my younger senior fellow apprentice, who is your younger brother." Monk Tang said.

"Okay!" Sun Wukong promised and immediately joined the battle.

Bang! Bang! Bang ...

After Sun Wukong joined, Sandy was blown away by Sun Wukong a few times, smashed into the quicksand river, and the earth was shaken.

Sun Wukong stared at the quicksand, then said to Monk Tang, "Master, this goblin is hidden!"

"Then hit him again till he is out!" Monk Tang said.

So Sun Wukong once again made the Monkey King Bar thicker and longer into the Liusha River. This time, the stir was even more severe. The river water rolled down to the shore and the river bed was exposed!

Whoosh, Sandy blasted Woo-hoo from the river again and said, "Fuck, who the hell is he hitting my ass with a stick?"

"Wow, Tianpeng, you can die now!" Sandy glanced once again in all directions, and saw Pigsy's eyes turn red again, running for Pigsy!

Sun Wukong: "..."

Pigsy: "..."

Monk Tang: "..."

What the hell? What is going on? The three are all muddled, so this scene feels so familiar?

This time without the guidance and command of Monk Tang, Sun Wukong needed just a moment. When Sandy moved, Sun Wukong also moved, and then Sandy was knocked off and captured. He came to Monk Tang and said, " Master, I'll catch him for you! "

"Good job!" Monk Tang nodded, and then looked at Sandy, who wasn't feeling Monk Tang properly.

"Pigsy, is there something between you and General Juanlian?" Monk Tang asked Pigsy.

"Hiss! Master, wouldn't you say this goblin is General Juanlian?" Hear itPigsy surprised.

"Well, this guy is indeed General Juanlian. Wouldn't you sleep with his wife? After he recognizes you, he lost his temper to you!" Sun Wukong squinted at Pigsy!

"Master, don't listen to the monkey talking nonsense, how could he has a wife   let me sleep with?" Pigsy gasped.

Monk Tang: "..." what the hell? Damn pig! Do you really want to sleep with his wife??????

Chapter 64 Sandy's Small Book

At this time, Sandy, who was fainted, woke up and said, "Hiss, it hurts. What's wrong with me? Where am I? How come I lie on the shore?"

Hearing Sandy's words, Monk Tang froze: what the hell, wouldn't Sandy be amnesiac by Sun Wukong?

"Hello, do you know who I am?" Monk Tang choked Sandy with his monk spade.

"Huh? Who dares to slap me? Alas? Monk? Where did the monk dare to punch me, believe it or not, I will eat you? Look at your delicate skin and tender meat, it should be delicious, but I have not eaten man for a long time! "Sandy was furious at first and drooled when she saw Monk Tang.

Monk Tang didn't care that Sandy was going to eat him this time, because Sandy may really have amnesia caused by Wukong!

Monk Tang pointed to Sun Wukong and said, "Hey, goblin, do you know this monkey?"

"Monkey? What monkey? Do you know him?" Sandy heard it and glanced at Sun Wukong, completely unknown.

"What about this pig?" Monk Tang pointed to Pigsy again.

"Pig? I don't know any pig ... Tianpeng Marshal? Ah ... Damn you! You can die now!!" Sandy heard it and glanced at Pigsy, just about to say he didn't know but said half of the words. His eyes turned red and murderous, and then he stood up and rushed towards Pigsy!

However, Sun Wukong was on the side and because of the sealed mana as soon as he got up he fell down. Bang!his head hit on the ground and fainted.

"Wukong, why did you do? Did he faint again? I have something to ask him!" Monk Tang stared at this.

"Master, I didn't do it on purpose, hehe ..." Sun Wukong smirked. He did it too much!

"Forget it, as long as he doesn't die! But the state of this goblin is very strange. he really doesn't remember us, but how does he remember Pigsy? Pigsy, quickly say it, what did you do to the General Juanlian?" Monk Tang heard it rolled his eyes.

"Master, you have wronged me, I don't know what happened to him, I have no resentment with Juanlian?" Pigsy extorted.

A few minutes later, Sandy woke up again and said, "Hiss, it hurts. What's wrong with me? Where am I? How can I lie on the shore?"

Monk Tang: "..." This fuck doesn't seem to be as simple as he doesn't remember anything, it's more like amnesia. He is like a fish with 8-second memory. No, how can he compete with fish? Monk Tang decided to make an experiment.

Monk Tang touched Sandy again with his monk spade and asked, "Hey, do you know who I am?"

"Huh? Who dares to slap me? Alas? Monk? Where did the monk dare to punch me, believe it or not, I will eat you? Look at your delicate skin and tender meat, it should be delicious, but I have not eaten man for a long time! " Sandy'  s reaction was even the same as what he said!

No need to try it, Monk Tang has cleared that Sandy has a memory problem, which is similar to the legendary goldfish with only 8 seconds of memory.

At this point, Sandy had scanned Sun Wukong and set her eyes on Pigsy's body again. Her eyes became red again, and the murderous Woo-hoo said: "Tianpeng Marshal, go to hell!"


With a loud noise, Sandy fainted again, but not by Sun Wukong, but by Pigsy. Seeing Monk Tang's gaze, he smirked a little: "Master, he was so scary, I didn't hold back, so I did it first! "

Monk Tang heard it, turning his eyelids silently, and glanced at Sandy who passed out, feeling that Sandy would not wake up for a while.

Suddenly, his eyes fell on the ground, and a book-like thing was found under Sandy's body. Picking it up, it was really a book, made of unknown animal skin, and it was not known to use paint. Written by: This important note.

Monk Tang's eyes widened: what the hell, is this really a notebook? !!

Monk Tang immediately opened the first page and read:

[Today is the first day that I have been degraded from heaven to become a fish goblin, but I have forgotten how long I have not eaten. Damn the fish body has caused me to have a memory problem, eh? Where we were just now?? What did I write just now?]

Seeing this, Monk Tang looked at Sun Wukong and asked, "Wukong, what is the original body of the goblin?"

"Master, the body of the goblin is a big fish, a huge one!" Sun Wukong replied.

Monk Tang heard it and nodded. Sure enough, Sandy has a goldfish-like short memory, and after a certain period of time, he will forget everything, but Sandy is quite smart, knowing to record it in a notepad, Monk Tang continued to read:

[Ah, fortunately, I wrote it down. I am using a notebook to take notes. Alas, I remembered everything before I became goblin. I can remember everything at that time. But just in case, I will record important things. Right.

Ah, damn Tianpeng, I must remember him, if it is not because of him I will not become goblins, as it is today. Remember him, HE must be remembered, everything can be forgotten, but this thing must not be forgotten, and some related things must not be forgotten. When meeting the Tianpeng, I must kill him!]

After reading this, Monk Tang looked at Pigsy and said, "Pigsy, you said that you haven't done anything to Juanlian. Look at it, everything has been written it down in his small book!"


Pigsy also glanced at the notepad and said, "Master, I really can' t remember it. I'm sorry about him. But we have rarely met each other. How could I make me sorry for him? He is definitely wronging with me! "

Monk Tang asked, "Wait a minute, I'll read more to know has he recorded any bad things you did to him?"

Pigsy heard it with a bitter face: "Well, I also want to know, why does this guy hate me so much!"

Monk Tang read on:

[The thing about Tianpeng must not be forgotten. Every day when you get up and look at it, you can't forget what Tianpeng has done to you!]

Monk Tang: "..." Great grievance. But it' s not necessary to review it every day?

[Oops, I got up today and found that my previous memory was also blurred. Damn the fish body, but fortunately, the memory of the thing about the canopy is still fresh. You must remember that when you encounter the canopy, you must kill him, kill him, kill the Fucking one, remember important things three times!]

"Master, is there any record of what I did to him? I want to prove my innocence!" Pigsy asked.

"No, it seems that if we want to know what you have done to him, we just have to ask him and hope he doesn't forget. If he forgets, hehe ..." Monk Tang shook his head and turned a few pages. He found that these are basically all of them fragmentary meaningless things.

Chapter 65 The Story of Sandy

After listening to Monk Tang, Pigsy continued to show bitter face, Sun Wukong snickered and laughed at him!

Monk Tang turned over trivial things and finally saw useful information:

[This morning, there was an immortal came my cave. I was very friendly to him, but somehow he killed me and was killed by me. Eating his immortal body and immortal soul, I remained his skull to do something. The immortal' s skull seems to be a better material for the refiner. What did I want to do with it? Why does this immortal have to kill me? Puzzled!

Another immortal came this morning. I was also very friendly to him. It seems that I have worked in heaven. I remember the immortal with a little impression, but who is he? I forgot, but this immortal is going to kill me too, this one also was eaten, remaining his skull, eh? It seems to have two immortal heads! Why did the immortal kill me? Still puzzled.


Today, I was having a meal. There are two Buddhas in my cave. Their heads were bare and so bright. The cave is illuminated. I wanted to invite them to dinner, but they suddenly shot at me to kill me. But they were beheaded and killed by me. Just to adding vegetables, the Buddha's meat was very fragrant. I remained the two skulls, the Buddha's skull seems to be a good thing for the refiner.


Today, I was taking a nap and remembering the things of Tianpeng, but a ghost suddenly emerged from the ground, which scared me. Damn, he wanted to kill me, was killed by me, and I devoured his body and his soul which were not delicious, and I will not eat them later. I remained his skull. The skull of the ghost immortal is also a good thing ...

Today, there was a goblin in my cave, saying that they wanted to take refuge in me. I was happy, and I was also going to have a younger demon bro. But when I was overjoyed, the goblins suddenly hit me, I spit at him and his head fell off. His head is also a good thing for the refiner ...]

Looking at several pages, it was all about Sandy's assassination, and Monk Tang was speechless. Why are so many people trying to kill him? Monk Tang raised a big question mark in his head and continued to read:

[Ah, there are so many skulls. Nine. What am I going to do with them? Just make a rosary! Oh, damn it, I don' t know how to do it? Forget it, shrink it and use it with a rope!]

Monk Tang glanced at the rosary hanging on Sandy's neck. Sure enough, there were nine skulls. Three skulls out of nine are white as jade and contained much immortal breath. Two are black as night like black crystal with ghost breath. Two are like forged by gold. If you listen carefully to them, you can found that the fact that there are Sanskrit chants in two golden rosaries, and the last two are grey with heavy demon breath.

Nine rosaries, just are those Buddha, immortal, ghost, demon who came to kill Sandy but were killed by Sandy!

Monk Tang continued to look, his eyes lit up:

[Today, another immortal appeared in front of me. He is so strong. I cannot tell whether he is a ghost, a demon, a fairy, or a Buddha. But this immortal tells me that let me wait for a monk from the Tang Land in Running Sand River and let him take me as hid apprentice and protect him to the west to seek sutras. It is a good thing for me. This is a very important thing. Must also focus on remembering, not forgetting.]

When he saw this note, Monk Tang knew that Sandy's mission that he has to receive him as his apprentice was about to be completed. Of course, the premise was to remind Sandy. Sandy obviously had forgotten it!

After that, there were a bunch of trivial things until the blank. What hasn’t been written on is what is happening now.

"Master, didn't mention it later? It can't prove my innocence?" Pigsy asked.

"No, just ask the goblin, but in order not to make him go crazy, Pigsy, you should hide it first, you will come out when I call you over!" Monk Tang heard it.

"Well, it seems I have to do this now!" Pigsy disappeared after a while!

After waiting a few more minutes, Sandy finally woke up again and said, "Hiss, it hurts, what's wrong with me? Where am I? How can I lie on the shore?"

"Hey, are you awake now?" Monk Tang greeted.

"You are? Why am I here? Why do I feel hurt?" Sandy asked Monk Tang when he saw it, but he did not go crazy because Pigsy was gone, and of course he had forgotten Monk Tang and Sun Wukong.

"Oh, it doesn’t matter, the important thing is I am the person you're waiting for!" Monk Tang grinned and then turned the notepad to the page where the mysterious man appeared.

Sandy took the notepad, glanced at it, and then immediately bowed down and said, "Master, finally, you are here now. I am waiting for you for a long time, please accept me as your apprentice!"

At the moment Sandy fell down, the system prompt sounded immediately:

‘Ding Dong, congratulations to the host for completing the mission, apprentice Sandy, and reward you 500 points for EXP! '

Hearing this prompt Monk Tang was a joy immediately, haha 500EXP point is into his pocket. He can upgrade again!

However, Monk Tang did not rush to upgrade but said: "Okay, today you are my fourth apprentice, and your dharma name Wujing. You will be called Sha Wujing in the future. My name is Tang Sanzang, also called Monk Tang. You got a brother, Monkey Sun Wukong. here he is! "

"Haha, Brother Sha, hello!" Sun Wukong greeted with a smile, feeling that with this Brother, it will be more interesting in the future!

Sha Wujing buckled his head and said, "Thank you, Master. Hi, my Brother Monkey!"

At the same time, he took out a pen and wrote it down in his notebook: [Today, I worshiped Monk Tang as my master. Finally, the person came here. My master was called Monk Tang, also named Tang Sanzang, and my Brother Monkey was called Sun Wukong. I was given my name, Sha Wujing. This must not be forgotten and must be remembered.]

Monk Tang: ...

Sun Wukong: ...

Monk Tang continued: "You have a second brother named Pigsy, a pig demon, but he is not convenient for you to meet you now, and you also have another brother, oh, he is the one over there. The White Horse, who is eating grass, is your elder brother. He is in poor condition and it is not convenient to say hello to you. "

Sandy continues to write: [There is a second brother named Pigsy, a pig demon, and another brother is the White Horse. He is still grazing. It is very interesting, it must also be remembered, it must not be forgotten !!]

Monk Tang patted his forehead, and he felt tired. He seemed to have one more problem child in his team!

But this doesn't matter, because the gossip fire of Monk Tang has already been burned in his body, and his eyes asked brightly: "Wujing, now you can talk about it. Why do you hate Tianpeng Marshal so much?"

Grunt! Grunt!

Sandy heard it immediately sprayed white smoke on his nostrils, his eyes began to slowly turn red, and he was about to go crazy again.


Chapter 66 Sandy, A Warrior

Watching Sandy going into a violent state again, Monk Tang hurriedly said, "Wujing, don't be excited. Why not sit down and calm down your emotions? Tianpeng Marshal is not here. What are you so excited about?"

The nearby Sun Wukong rolled his eyes when he heard the words of Monk Tang, and thought: This Master is talking nonsense again, isn't Tianpeng far away!

Of course, Sun Wukong was just thinking about it. He also looked forward to what surprises Sandy can reveal!

Hearing Monk Tang's soft sound, Sha Wujing slowly calmed down, and then glanced at his small book. Yes, Sha Wujing first glanced at the small book, and then his eyes showed a sorrowful color. Hugging Monk Tang's thigh, he aggrieved and said, "Master, you have to find justice for me!"

When I saw Sandy looking at the small book, the corner of Monk Tang's mouth was drawn. Damn, Sandy absolutely forgot who he was just now, and glanced at the small book to know that he was his master, Monk Tang. And Monk Tang felt very upset !!

"Let's talk about it, what's going on, what a ‘beautiful’ or miserable story between you and Tianpeng Marshal. Oh, right. Do you remember what happened on that day?" Monk Tang said.

"Of course I remember, I will never forget it!" Sandy heard it with a stare and said fiercely.

Immediately, Sandy's eyes became blurred, recalling the events of that year. His sound was ethereal. When Monk Tang rolled his eyes, this sound was definitely suitable for telling ghost stories!

"At that time, I was also an official in Heaven. Although I was only a General Juanlian, which didn't seem to be very high, this position was very special. I directly contacted the supreme leader of Heaven, the Jade Emperor. So my further career was bright. But it didn' t come true that because of Tianpeng Marshal, I was dismissed from the world, and I became a fish goblin... "Sandy said.

Monk Tang held out a hand and said, "Stop, you said you were degraded because of Tianpeng Marshal? But how did I hear that you were degraded because you broke the glass candlestick?"


Sandy slammed his thigh and said, "Yes, Master is right, I was degraded because I broke the glass!"

"So what does this have to do with Tianpeng Marshal? Why do you hate the canopy so much? What did he do to you?" Monk Tang wondered, is there really something between Tianpeng Marshal and General Juanlian?

"Master, the reason why I broke that the glass candlestick was all his fault. If I did n' t hear it, I wouldn't t be afraid to smash the glass candlestick. Breaking the glass candlestick also a crime in Heaven. But it is not a felony. It is not enough to degrade me from Heaven. At most, it was enough to deduct some of my official salaries! "Sandy said.

Heard it, Monk Tang nodded, Sandy was right, what is the glass candlestick? It ' s just an oil lamp. If there are not 10,000 the glass candlesticks in the heavens, so there must be 8,000 ones, so breaking it is not a rare thing. It ' s a small punishment, but it ' s enough to reduce some of his salaries, but Sandy was degraded from Heaven to the human world.

In the previous life, Monk Tang read the original book and deemed that there was something wrong with it. His punishment was unfair. Sure enough, listening to Sha Wujing's own statement, there was big news hidden inside.

Monk Tang thought: It seems that what Sandy heard was a not simple thing!

The fire of gossip became more vigorous, and Tang asked, "Wujing, what have you heard that you should not hear?"

Sandy continued: "The other day I heard the Jade Emperor conspiring with someone to get rid of Tianpeng Marshal, and accused him of the indecency of Chang'e, and something about what kind of military power. I didn't hear it very clearly, because I was frightened at that time, and shattered the glass candlesticks! Master, you tell me that if I didn't hear something of Tianpeng Marshal, would I still have a bright future? "

Hearing Sandy say this, Monk Tang understands why the Jade Emperor devalued General Juanlian. He wanted to keep Sandy away from the crowd. No, the fairy crowd. He aimed at depriving Sandy’ chance from telling the secret. If he was the Jade Emperor, he will not only disparage Sandy but also kill him. Only the dead can keep secrets.

What the hell, what Monk Tang thought of it was suddenly shocked himself. Kill Sandy. He can think about. Why not the emperor never think of it? Monk Tang suddenly felt that he was getting closer and closer to the truth of the thing, and the Jade Emperor was not over by degrading Sandy! He didn’t stop it.

Degrading him to the human world is only the first step. Although he is a Jade Emperor in heaven, he cannot arbitrarily let a fairy official die. Moreover, Sandy had already been punished a little too much, and killing is going too far.

Therefore, the Jade Emperor did not intend to do it in heaven, but he first degraded Sandy, and then sent a kills to kill Sandy. This also explains why Sandy had nine assaults before and after. Sandy had no enemy before. And, he is still a poor man and loser. Who would want to kill him? And only the Jade Emperor will bury his secret and do so!

So Monk Tang analyzed all clues and said it again, which made Sun Wukong and Sandy stunned, even Pigsy was astonished, who was hiding in the dark place, but Pigsy remembers what Monk Tang said before and did not show him up!

"Huh, I knew that the old Jade Emperor was not a choir boy. He didn't expect he was so insidious!" Sun Wukong heard it.

Sandy heard it with a big mouth and asked, "Master, those who came to kill me were really sent by the Jade Emperor?"

"if there are no accidents, I think yes. You should think about who will kill you, and who has the power to send Buddhas, demons, ghosts, fairies to kill you. I can't think of anyone else, only the one who sits at the highest position in Heaven where the Jade Emperor is here! "Monk Tang said so.

"It... it... it means that Jade Emperor is my real enemy?" Sandy said.

"Yes, Jade Emperor is your enemy, rest assured, we will find him sooner or later to give him a reckoning. Hurry up, take out your small book and write it down. Tianpeng is not the one you need to kill but Jade Emperor is. The Jade Emperor is your real enemy. "Monk Tang said. Only when Sandy wrote it down, he could let Pigsy come out!

"Okay, you got it! My Master! I will write it down right this moment!" Sandy nodded, and then took out his small book and wrote:

How surprising! Today I was awakened by the Master. I almost kill...... I was suddenly awakened. I was completely shocked. I knew that the Jade Emperor actually sent someones to kill me. Jade Emperor was my enemy. Tianpeng is not, alas, I will not kill Tianpeng. I will kill the Jade Emperor. Kill the Jade Emperor, kill the Jade Emperor. Write the important thing for three times. This thing is very important, you must remember it!

Seeing Sandy write like this, Monk Tang was relieved, and finally, he could call Pigsy out!

Chapter 67 The Common Goal of Sandy and Pigsy

Tut-tut!... The story on Pigsy also looks interesting.

"Pigsy, you can come out now!" Monk Tang shouted after seeing Sandy finish writing.

Shoop~ Before Tang finished his words, Pigsy appears next to Monk Tang.

"Huh? Pig? Elder brother? ... No, it’s you! Tianpeng, ah, Tianpeng, come on and die!" Sandy said. When he saw Pigsy, the first thing came to his mind is that his second brother was a pig, then he recognized Pigsy as Tianpeng Marshal. Thus he was enraged again!

When Monk Tang saw it and rubbed his forehead, he knew it was not that easy. Fortunately, Sandy' s seal was not removed, so he was immediately controlled. Monk Tang went up a big ear, Woo-hoo said: What do you think he is? Tianpeng Marshal is not your enemy! "Monk Tang pointed at his notebook and said to Sandy!

"Ah? Tianpeng is not my enemy. The Jade Emperor is it. I knew, hey? Who are you, this monk?" Sandy said.


Monk Tang: "..." Damn, I am so exhausted!

"I'm your master, good boy, I hope you don't forget it next time, otherwise, hey ... I'll eat boiled fish!" I reached out his hand and touched Sandy's red hair, and made a creepy smile at him.

Sandy heard what Monk Tang said, immediately feeling a big cold shiver, and squeezed out a smile: "I see, Master!"

Then, he immediately took out his small book and looked at the previous records, and then wrote again: [Monk Tang is my Master. It must not be forgotten. The Master laughed terribly. And he actually wanted to eat boiled fish. although I  don' t know what is boiled fish, I feel my body gets hot, so I don’t want to be eaten.]

Looking at Sandy did so, Monk Tang nodded with satisfaction, then looked at Pigsy and said, "Pigsy, why do you talk about your story? Why did you being degraded? Isn't it because you did bad things on Chang'e Goddess?"

"The Master really has your insight. Anything can't be hidden under your eyes. You really know the astronomy and the geography ...almost everything"

"that’s enough! Stop it! Pigsy is going to make superfluous words, and you should do it later. You first talk about why you were degraded to be a goblin?" Although Monk Tang felt that it was very cool to be farted by Pigsy, it is more interesting to understand the truth!

Pigsy heard it with a smile, and said, "Okay, let me tell you why I was degraded!"

Monk Tang asked, "not because of you drunk and did gross indecency on Chang'e Goddess?"

"Master, I wasn't doing it at the time!" Pigsy said.

"Haha, that means you really hope something went on that time?" Monk Tang heard it with a smile, this yellow pig is really dirty and bold!

Pigsy rubbed his big nose, and smiled at him, "Master, don't take it apart, Chang'e Goddess is so beautiful. Don't say that I want to flirt with her. I bet that all the men in heaven want to flirt with her. Her a pair of long legs, those two crisp peaks, alas ... but no one dares, I still had the courage. So I drank some wine that day and pretended to...... But ... Master, you guessed it what's going on when I went to her moon palace? "Pigsy said.

"wasn't someone already flirting with Chang'e?" Monk Tang guessed according to the routine.

"What? Master, how did you know that? Yes, when I found the Chang'e Goddess, I just saw someone was dally with Chang'e, and I was shocked at that time. and I wondered which buddy dare to do what I want to do? However, I was angry, Chang'e Goddess is my goddess in my life, only I can flirt with her. No one else could do that to her before I did it! "

 Pigsy's voice was full of anger!

"What's more hateful thing is that this guy didn't only talk to her. He started to take liberties with her! I was even angrier when I saw it. Even I didn't think about using my hands. I just wanted to flirt with her by means of my nice verbal. How dare he did that? "

"Then what?" Monk Tang asked, eating the cantaloupe seeds exchanged from the system mall. What the hell? Wasn't it the triangle love?

"Then? Then the guy did worse and even got took off his clothes. He dared to show his little bird in front of Chang'e. he wanted to force her. but how could it happened in my eyes? I immediately beat him, and then I became like this!” Pigsy said, throwing up his hands.

"Huh, is that guy the Jade Emperor?" Monk Tang spat out the melon seeds in his mouth and grunted coldly.

"no wonder master is master. You are right. That's the Jade Emperor. I didn't expect that the Jade Emperor was so shameless. He even had woven a plot to lay the sin AT my door. Cough ... although I wanted to do it too! However, Damn it, I don't accept it. I want to destroy the Jade Emperor! "Pigsy said.

"elder brother. You're right. I must kill the Jade Emperor!" Sandy interjected at this time.

"Brother Sha, we're all in the same boat, and we have a common goal this time!" Pigsy heard it, holding Sandy's hand, said tearfully.

"Huh!" Sandy nodded heavily.

Monk Tang was speechless at this: What is it? Is it a shared affliction? Why did they suddenly have a common topic and goal?

"Pigsy, you had been wronged, and the woman, I mean Chang'e Goddess, didn't stand up to speak for you? She watched the jade emperor hold the poop on your head?" Monk Tang asked, and thought that this Chang'e Goddes doesn't seem like a good guy?

"Yeah, I don't understand, even if she didn't speak for me, but at least I could say that I didn't tease her, but the day I was wronged and deprived of my military power and degraded to nothing. Chang'e Goddess didn't even speak one word and she also didn’t cry when I saw her. She just watched me captured by Jade Emperor! "

"It's so strange. No, I have to spend some time to find out why she did this to me!" Pigsy said.

"don’t be rash. Pigsy, can you talk about military power?" Monk Tang said, Monk Tang felt that there was something. Sandy also said that he heard “the military power” when the emperor was plotting with others?

"Master, let me tell you. It is a powerful thing. I thought that when I was in Heaven, I was Tianpeng Marshal, who was stationed on the riverbank of the Weak River, and there were millions of soldiers and generals under my hands. To be honest, as long as I gave them marching orders at the time, they would attack the heaven and they would not say anything, but at that time I had my total loyalty to the heaven! "

Pigsy snapped his belly and said very contentedly.

Hearing it, Monk Tang is clear. It seems that the Jade Emperor planned to bring disaster to Pigsy a long time ago, but it’s coincident that Pigsy found that the Jade Emperor was going to rape Chang'e Goddess and he was wronged. Or it was a conspiracy from beginning to end. The ultimate purpose of the Jade Emperor is to deprive Pigsy of his military power. Although Pigsy has no idea of rebellion, the Jade Emperor will never watch the military power in others!

He is also an emperor in heaven, and he must not allow those who are powerful with the military power to stand next to him!


Chapter 68 The Cowardly Pigsy

Monk Tang analyzed it in his heart. Of course, he did not plan to hide it. Instead, he told all his analysis to Pigsy and others, and it made Pigsy and others furious.

Pigsy barked, and both his pig ears are erected: "Woo-hoo, the damn Jade Emperor. He even does evil on me. I was totally loyal to heaven. If I knew it, I should have sent hundreds of soldiers to his heavenly court to smashes them into pebbles! "

Sandy nodded and said, "Elder Brother, you're right. You should do so."

Sun Wukong chuckled and said, "Yes, yes, I support you. Pigsy, Brother Sha. And you two should go to heaven to make big trouble there now, and I will fight with them along with you two."

As soon as Monk Tang heard it, it would be equivalent to delivering themselves to heaven. Sun Wukong is definitely the person who watches the fun and wants it becomes more chaotic. Monk Tang just was going to reprimand Sun Wukong, but Pigsy had cold feet there.

Pigsy's small eyes turned and said: "Well, it is not urgent. Let’s talk about it later. Wait for me. Sooner or later, I will make a mess in heaven!" Damn, the dead monkey,  if you want to go. You go then. You actually send me to go for death!

Monk Tang was speechless when he heard Pigsy's words. This guy is really a coward. But it's okay. It is unnecessary for him to say something.

At this time, Pigsy seemed to remember something and asked Monk Tang: "Master, you said that the Jade Emperor sent someone to kill Brother Sha to bury his secrets. Why didn't he send someone to kill me? He should do so, right? "

Heard it. Monk Tang sneered, and said, "Pigsy, you are really a pig. You really have a pig's brain. Are you sure that Jade Emperor did not want to kill you?"

A big question showed on Pigsy's face, Sun Wukong's eyes turned sneer. While Sandy rubbed his red hair, and took out his pen and wrote down something in his small book. He felt that when he met the Master and others, he had to remember more and more things ... he had to buy more small books.

"Ha? No, Master, I have been well in Gao Village. No one had ever wanted to kill me?" Pigsy scratched and scratched his pig's head and wondered, and the master said right. His own brain is really a pig brain.

"Well, let me remind you of something!" Monk Tang snorted and said, "Did you forget Cuilan?"

Pigsy took a bit of cold air after Monk Tang mentioned Cuilan. "Master, you said that the black gas entering Cuilan's body is the method that the emperor tries to kill me? What the hell? What an insidious the Jade Emperor. He wants me to die in happiness in pain! "

"Oh, you're not too stupid. Although you don't know who cast the curse in Cuilan's body, it absolutely is related to the Jade Emperor, the Jade Emperor obviously uses two different methods for you and Sha Wujing. He just wants you to die slowly, like boiling you in warm water ... fat pig! "Monk Tang grinned.

Monk Tang continued: "let put aside the person who cursed Cuilan, I was curious about the person who told Pigsy that I could save Cuilan. I also suspected that he arranged Wujing to wait for me here. Guess who this person will be? Wukong? Pigsy? "

Monk Tang is really curious. In the original book, this person, who did all the nice work is Guanyin Bodhisattva. But obviously this person would definitely not be Guanyin Bodhisattva. But the mystery man dares to help us, making a stand against Guanyin. Obviously the mystery man is also powerful. This may be his big backing, Monk Tang wants to hug him for thanking him, so it's important to know who he is!

Sun Wukong blinked. "I can't, but he should have no hostility towards us."

Pigsy also shook his head: "I don't know neither, but the mystery man is very strong. Even when I am the strongest, I should not be an opponent to the mystery man. He is definitely a powerful person!"

Monk Tang heard it with a bit of disappointment. He thought he could know some clues in the mouth of the two superb apprentices, but he didn't expect that they had no clue either. As for Sandy, huh ... his memory. Huh. Monk Tang doesn't expect to get any clues from him!!

"Master, elder brother, you're all right. But who can tell me, what's going on? I have to remember it all!" Sandy interjected, and he was confused.

Holding over Sandy's shoulder, Pigsy said, "Come here, I will give you a good explanation to indicate how the Jade Emperor is not a good guy, and how wise and brave I am. And how I found the conspiracy made by the Jade Emperor... "

Monk Tang shook his head when he saw it, and regardless of that Pigsy was on the side and added color and emphasis to Jade Emperor. It made Sandy hate the Jade Emperor more.

Instead, he meditated with his eyes closed, opening the system, and bring up the character panel:

Host: Monk Tang

Occupation: Monk (sutras seeker)

Level: Level 10

EXP: 5400/5120

Deputy position: master of divine focus (level, first grade, proficiency 8/10)

Skills: Full Buddhist scriptures, Buddha's Warrior Attendant's Exorcism Kung Fu of with Spade

Props: Brocade Kasaya (in form of the cloak), Nine-Ring Monk Spade, Gold Three-Hoop Ring (fake)

Looking at the EXP that was enough to upgrade, Monk Tang said to the system: "System, I want to upgrade!"

‘Ding Dong, congratulations to you for one more level upgrade, EXP points do not meet the upgrade conditions, can not continue to upgrade! '


Before the prompt sounded, Monk Tang heard a buzzing sound in his ears, and suddenly felt himself much stronger.

The three people next to Monk Tang felt something. They all looked at Monk Tang. In the eyes of the three, Monk Tang turned into a black hole at this time. The energy in the heavens and earth was digging into Monk Tang's body, and Monk Tang's aura was steadily pulled up.

Sun Wukong is not surprised by it. It happened too many times. But Pigsy and Sandy are surprised. They were not like this when they were cultivating to breakthrough. They all have to prepare for it. But there was no sign of a breakthrough, of Monk Tang. And It was their first time to see it.

Pigsy opened his mouth wide, "Master, is this a breakthrough?"

Sandy also stared. "elder brother is right, Master broke through himself!"


Sun Wukong heard it aside and said, "Two nerds, there is nothing to make such a fuss about!"

He forgot that he was also muddled when he saw this situation!

The breakthrough was fast, Monk Tang opened his eyes soon, and then opened the character panel again:

Host: Monk Tang

Occupation: Monk (sutras seeker)

Level: 11

EXP: 280/10240

Deputy position: master of divine focus (level, first grade, proficiency 8/10)

Skills: Full Buddhist scriptures, Buddha's Warrior Attendant's Exorcism Kung Fu of with Spade

Props: Brocade Kasaya (in form of the cloak), Nine-Ring Monk Spade, Gold Three-Hoop Ring (fake)

"Is it level 11?" Looking at the character panel Monk Tang smiled slightly, but the smile immediately stiffened on the face, because the after-effects of the upgrade occurred. Monk Tang felt extremely hungry once again. Fortunately, Monk Tang had prepared. He did not nearly starve himself like last time.

Chapter 69 Are You Naruto?

(ps: Naruto is a Japanese manga series written and illustrated by Masashi Kishimoto. It tells the story of Naruto Uzumaki, a young ninja who seeks to gain recognition from his peers and also dreams of becoming the Hokage, the leader of his village.)

After eating, Monk Tang felt like he was alive. Of course, he didn' t eat alone. He cooked for Pigsy and Sandy with special food. Sun Wukong drank juice. Sandy ate the meal made by Monk Tang for the first time, so he almost swallowed his tongue. and he felt like he was eating pig food.

After eating and drinking, Monk Tang returned to the back of White Dragon Horse and waved his hand: "It's getting late, let's on the road!"

Because of the fierce fighting between Sun Wukong and Sandy in Running Sand River. Now the Running Sand River is in a state of no flowing. Although there is still water, it is very shallow. So they waded through the water.

It was another few days along the way. What made Monk Tang more depressing was that he didn't see any goblin. He didn't even get a bit of EXP points, so Monk Tang yelled: Goblins are all fucking dead?

However, Monk Tang thought and understood the reason. According to the original plot, it should be the plot that the marriage of gods was held. The four bodhisattvas manifested right now. How can goblins hang out in the neighborhood? 

In verity, another half a day passed away. A huge manor located in front of them!

Looking at this huge manor, Monk Tang did not move on but was thinking about how to get by it. In the original work, here are some troubles for Pigsy, and this guy suffered a little punishment.

The reason why Monk Tang stopped thinking is that although the main storyline of this world is the same as Journey to the West, what happened here has changed too much. Guanyin Bodhisattva is not a person of his side. She has deteriorated. If they get inside, it won't be as simple as a small punishment. So he never planned to enter the manor!

Monk Tang looked at the manor, and he had a feeling that a huge trap was waiting for them to jump inside.

What a murderous look!

Four big characters float on Monk Tang's mind!


Before Monk Tang and his three apprentices arrived here, a manor appeared out of nothing, and the four figures shrouded in the light of God also appeared in the manor. If Monk Tang saw these four people, he would recognize them. These four people happen to be the four Bodhisattvas.

They were Guanyin, Manjushri, Samantabhadra and Lingji Bodhisattva!

That's right. The team of the four Bodhisattvas doesn’t consist of the three Bodhisattva families and the Hostess of Li Mountain. The four Bodhisattvas is different from the four in the original!

After the emergence of the Four Bodhisattvas, Samantabhadra took the lead to say, "Guanyin, are you sure that the Golden Cicada X will pass through here?"

"Well, sure enough. Here is the only way to go to the West. When Monk Tang and his three apprentices saw that the manor, they will definitely get into there, and as long as they enter, they will not escape!" Guanyin laughed, but his voice was cold. Alas.

"It's the best, but we need to think of a good reason to punish them. If we make a shot for no reason, it is difficult for us in the position of the Bodhisattva!" Samantabhadra said.

"It's a piece of cake!" Manjushri said with a smile on his face. "We just need to change ourselves into four beautiful women to seduce them!"

"Oh? Does this method work? The Golden Cicada X is so abominable. Last time, he dared to humiliate me. I must have killed him myself!" Lingji Bodhisattva said with narrow eyes on his face. He felt angry when Monk Tang walked away in front of him, so he used some tricks to send the Hostess of Li Mountain away. He replaced her position, and wanted to avenge himself!

"Oh, Lingji, don't be angry, this Golden Cicada X can't escape this time, let's listen to Manjushri's plan first!" Guanyin laughed, she was very impressed by the wisdom of the Bodhisattva.

"Yes, haven't Manjushri helped you take away the Hostess of Li Mountain? Why don't you believe in the wisdom of Manjushri?" The Buddha said aside.

"No, I didn't mean that I just didn't want to waste my chance to play with those ... I got this opportunity only after playing games with them!" Lingji Bodhisattva heard it said immediately.

Manjushri opened his mouth at this time, saying, "Lingji, rest assured, I won't miss our opportunities. Among the Golden Cicada X group, the monkey is more difficult to deal with, and the rest are all It was very vulnerable. Although my Buddha gave us this opportunity, we couldn't do it directly. We had to find a reason, so I thought of a lure! "

"The weakest one in the Golden Cicada X’s group is Pigsy. This Pigsy is greedy and lazy. He is very lascivious. As long as we become beautiful women, Pigsy will definitely be hooked. As long as Pigsy dares to flirt with me or one of us, we can condemn them, and when we catch them, they will fight and fight......hum ... "

The Manjushri talked bluntly. In his discourse, he was somewhat afraid of Sun Wukong but totally dismissive of Monk Tang and others.

Guanyin Bodhisattva heard it. And he got a shining in his eye, and complimented him again and again: "Good plan, a good plan, it is indeed you, Manjushri."

The tributes to Manjushri are very useful. After all, they are all characters of the same level, but the ManjushriBodhisattva did not show his pride too much, and suddenly said: "the Golden Cicada X! They are coming!"

After saying that, he turned into a woman. The other three Bodhisattvas turned into women. And then they looked at each other with big smiles.

Each of the four women has its own advantages, but they are all peerless. They are very charming and sturdy, making people absolutely fascinated as soon as they see them. Some people, who are slightly impatient, will definitely become wolves instantly and throw them on them!


While Monk Tang was thinking about the manor, Sun Wukong and others also saw it.

"Where is this place?"

"How come there is such a big manor. At first glance, I knew they are rich people"

"Master, do we need to beg for alms? And take a break?"

The Sun Wukong four looked at the manor and started talking.

"No, let's get around!" Monk Tang heard it. Damn it! Can't you just leave us alone? Regardless of your conspiracy, what will you do to us if we don’t step on the road of the manor? We just don't! 

Sun Wukong heard it and muddled for a while, Pigsy and Sandy were puzzled. Didn't t they all go in their homes when they met Almsgivers? But they know who his mater is. If there is a house, he definitely won’t live in a tent. If there is a tent, he definitely won’t sleep without covers. Why did he do that? There is a huge and good manor.

Only Sun Wukong looked thoughtfully at Monk Tang's solemn expression and looked at the manor with golden lights in his eyes.

Monk Tang said and was going turn around and leave. At this time, the woman's laughter came from the manor. The voice was very charming.

Hearing this voice, Monk Tang's face changed: Damn, is this going on? Do you really want to play with me? Are you Naruto?


(ps: Naruto can change his body and has Seduction Skill. He can change himself to a woman to deal with enemies.)


Chapter 70 This Dead Pig Runs Faster Than Anyone Else

It's Monk Tang's idea that if they can’t fight with them directly, they are able to leave them alone. So Monk Tang didn't plan to enter the manor in front of him, so he got on the back of the white dragon and horse and was ready to turn around and leave.

But just as they were about to leave, the woman's laughing voice came out from the manor, and the voice was so crisp and charming.

"Hee hee, haha, sister, come over and grab me, I'm here!"

"Yeah, don't touch my there, it's so itchy, hee hee ..."

"Wow, sister, your 'this' is so white, so big, so soft, let me touch it!"


Monk Tang's face changed: Damn, is this seductive? Are you Naruto?

"Go, let’s go. Leave here!" Monk Tang looked ugly, and immediately said so, urging White Dragon Horse!

But when White Dragon Horse was about to be urged by him, Monk Tang knew it: what the hell? This damn hog was really hooked by them!

As soon as the voice sounded, Pigsy's eyes turned into a pair of peach hearts, and he lay on the wall of the manor, looking inside, and kept drooling, and said, "Wow, what a beauty. Big beauty! Four big beauties! I want to sleep with ... what these long legs! Wow! Look at their high peaks, alas ... I can't stand it! "

Talking, Pigsy had already set up a high tent, and a deep pit had been pierced on the wall.

Monk Tang’s face went dark, and thought: what the hell, this dead pig is going to mess up my plan! And so he to said to Sun Wukong: "Wukong, drag that dead pig back!"

"Yes, Master!" Sun Wukong replied and a flashing body appeared next to Pigsy, grabbing Pigsy's ear, and dragging him back.

"Oh, dead monkey, let it go. My ears are almost dragged off by you, it hurts me, let go of me, the four beauties are waiting for me. I have felt their very emptiness, loneliness, and coldness! They need me!"Said Pigsy yelled

Popped, Monk Tang slapped in his face, said: "Dead pig, shut up!" Damn, this dead fat pig really acts recklessly and blindly.

Pigsy was muddled by Monk Tang’s slap, but he was still yelling about sleeping thing, and then he said aggrieved, "Master, why did you slap me?"

"I didn’t hit you, I'm saving your life!" Monk Tang said, and then Monk Tang sent a secret message to Pigsy by his mana power.

After hearing the message from Monk Tang, lots of sweat rolled down from Pigsy's fat face. His face went white, and he hurriedly said, "Master, so what are we waiting for? Hurry up! Let’ go!"

But when they turned to Pigsy. He had run away without a trace!

Monk Tang: "..." Damn, this dead pig runs faster than anyone after knowing the danger here. This guy can't be trusted!

He was stunned by Pigsy's behavior, but Monk Tang quickly returned to his senses, urging White Dragon Horse to quickly leave here.

"Wukong, when you went to catch Pigsy, what did you see in the manor?" Riding on horseback, Monk Tang asked Sun Wukong who was next to him.

"Four women are dancing, but only one of them is a real woman. Tut-tut. Pigsy actually longs for men ... haha, he was funny! And those three are really trying their best, hahaha ..." Sun Wukong said and laughed.

Pigsy, who was running at the front, heard Sun Wukong's words, and his face suddenly went dark, barked, "Supervisor for Heavenly Horses, what kind of  Brother Monkey are you? Oh~no~ my reputation is completely ruined today! "

At this time, Sandy was running while quietly took out a small book and wrote: [Oh my god, what a shock! What a sunny thunder! I will be far away from the elder brother, he actually likes men, Pigsy likes men, Pigsy likes men, Pigsy likes men ...... I want to write it for N times!]

"Oh, damn it! Brother Sha, what are you writing? Don't write! Get rid of it! If you don't get rid of it, I will desperately fight with you!" Pigsy saw Sandy was writing, and he was not good at all. He almost spurted out blood and went crazy, trying to seize Sandy's small notebooks.

Monk Tang didn't bother Pigsy and Sandy. After hearing Sun Wukong's words, he frowned and asked, "Wukong, you say, there are three men and one woman in the manor, not two men and two women?"

(ps: Sun Wukong has a pair of golden eyes, which can tell the original body and evil aura of everyone, even though the person has changed his looks.)

"Yes, Master, they can confuse Pigsy, but they can't confuse me. Only Guanyin is a woman. Manjushri, Samantabhadra and Lingji Bodhisattva are all men. Oh, three men were more dancing more enchantingly than women. Master, you can Imagine it? Wtf, my golden eyes are almost blind! "Sun Wukong said.

Is Lingji Bodhisattva, not the Hostess of Li Mountain? Monk Tang heard it, and then sneered, and realized that Lingji Bodhisattva most likely came to avenge him.

In the manor yard, the four Bodhisattva laughed while dancing enchantingly, and they were so old. When they glanced Pigsy lying on the wall, the four of them were glad in their hearts. They were mostly successful.

However, at the next moment, the faces of the four Bodhisattva were going gloomy, and all of Monk Tang and his apprentices had gone far far away!

"No one?" Manjushri stared, his dance stiffened. what the hell? How is this possible?

"Then what?" Guanyin Bodhisattva snorted!

"Hum!" He heard it coldly, and said, "They can't be far away!" Then with a wave of the palm, the manor disappeared with them!

Monk Tang and others ran all the way. When Monk Tang felt almost tired, he stopped slowly, and his nervous feeling was slightly relaxed!

"Master, there's another manor in front of us!" However, just as he had just relaxed, Sandy's voice sounded!

"What, another one?" I heard it. Monk Tang froze, his heart tightened again. He looked at it, and it turned out that another huge manor was blocking the road. There were four beautiful women doing laundry in front of the door. Those women are beautiful but not enchanting. Everyone looks like a lady!

"Master, look at those beauties! Can I go for them this time? Let's pick one for each of us!" Pigsy's eyes became heart-shaped again, and his drool began to flow.

"Wukong, grab Pigsy. Don't let him move around. You take look at them!" Monk Tang said, feeling too coincident, why are they four more beauties!

This time Sun Wukong didn't answer immediately. After watching for a while, he said, "Master, those are the four Bodhisattva!"

Heard it Monk Tang thought and said, "Go! Let’s change our way! I still don't believe it!"

"Master? Are we leaving now? I..."

"Shut up! You ‘re a nerd! If you don't want to die, then listen to our Master!" Sun Wukong said loud to his ears while pulling one of Pigsy's ear.

"Ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh...  Monkey! Let me go! It hurts!" Pigsy said, and then he took a look at the four beauties and followed his master!

Chapter 71 Tired Their Best

"Bang!" Watching Monk Tang and others go away again, one of the women stood up and kicked the laundry tub in front of her, and the clothes and water inside were flying away. She angrily said: "Running away again?"

Of course, the clothes and water are all changed by their mana. After those items hitting on the ground, they changed into a light and disappeared!

"They can't run away!" Another woman said angrily. After she stood up, she and other women disappeared with a wave of her hand.

Monk Tang and his apprentices ran fast all the way, and then a manor appeared in the middle of the way. This time Monk Tang didn't call Sun Wukong to look it, knowing that it must have been the tricks of the four Bodhisattvas. Monk Tang's face was gloomy, saying: " Again?"

What are they thinking about? How stupid they are? Monk Tang did not know how to describe them!

Monk Tang said weakly, "Let's go, let's get around!"

Wow ... the sound of playing in the water came from the manor, Monk Tang asked, "Wukong, what are they doing?"

"Master, they are taking a bath!" Sun Wukong said with a glance at the manor.

"Bath? Without any cloth?" Monk Tang opened his mouth wide!

"Well, they are almost like wearing nothing!" Sun Wukong nodded and held Pigsy's ears at the same time, preventing him from leaving!

Monk Tang looked up and shook his head! What else can Monk Tang say? The four are really tried their best to get them fooled, but they really should feel sorry for their IQ!

Again? Again? Again? And again? Can't they change the pattern?

Then he rides on the White Horse, Shi Ran took three apprentices from not far from the edge of the manor and even didn’t looked at them. He was afraid of having needles eyes.

Going around again, all four of Guanyin Bodhisattva are frozen at this time, and then Lingji Bodhisattva is completely furious, pointing at Manjushri Bodhisattva and saying: "Manjushri, this is your plan, haha! What a good plan. We have wasted the opportunity that our Buddha gave to us. I should see how you explain it to our Buddha. I will not play with you. I will go. "

He Said so and turned into a streak of light and disappeared!

Guanyin and Samantabhadra looked at each other and they were unwilling, but they shook their heads and was gone!

Only Manjushri was left alone in the manor. It took a long that he gets back and yelled, "Ah ... the Golden Cicada X! Sun Wukong! You! Wait for me! I will return what you did to me today! "The plumes of black smoke lingered on the Manjushri!

With a bang, there was a big bang here, within a dozen miles of the manor and surrounding afforestation all disappeared, leaving only a huge pit there!

Monk Tang and his apprentices, who had walked out of the tens of miles, were shocked when they heard the yelling and the huge explosion. When he looked back, he saw a huge mushroom cloud rising slowly.

"Wow, the Bodhisattva is really mad!" Monk Tang grinned.

Then Monk Tang's eyes turned and said relieved: "Go, let's go back, we don't have to go around. All of them should go!"

"Hey, I see!" Sun Wukong was also smirking, feeling that the Master was too cunning. And just a few detours would make the Bodhisattva almost crazy!

When they got back and was the big pit, Monk Tang laughed even more, and then told Sun Wukong to get a huge rock. Monk Tang left with a few big characters on the rock before leaving. The glittering big characters shining on the rocks in the sunshine which are “it’s a place where the four bodhisattvas were bathing together. Remember that washing makes you healthier!

(ps:" Washing yourself makes you healthier” is an advertising word of a genital-detergent product. Increasing netizens use it as a cyberspeak to mock others that they should wash out their dirty thoughts. )


The days of the manifestation of the Four Bodhisattvas have passed for a while, and the journey westward this time is quite smooth. Except that no goblins jumped out for Monk Tang to kill, he held that everything was very beautiful.

‘Ding Dong, congratulations to the host. You have arrived at Wuzhuangguan, the site of Zhenyuan Great Fairy. Now you got a new mission, which is stealing ginseng fruits. If you successfully stealing a ginseng fruit, and you will be rewarded for 10,000 points of EXP. '

On this day Monk Tang was walking on the road, admiring the ancient scenery along the way. And he was suddenly startled by the system prompt.

"Are we arriving at Wuzhuang Temple?" Monk Tang thought and tapping his fluttering heart.

After taking a look at the newly released mission from the system, Monk Tang frowned. It was no problem to get ginseng fruits, but it was an extremely dangerous mission. Zhenyuan Great Fairy is not easy to get along with.

In the original book, Sun Wukong was in trouble. In the end, Guanyin Bodhisattva came forward and settled down. But here, Monk Tang was huh........ and Guanyin is not kind and virtuous character! It is good if she doesn’t set any trap for them.

Therefore, this task is no different from sending them to hell. There may be no one here to help them!

But it can be refused? No, what he lacks now is the EXP points of the upgrade. Ten thousand EXP points for a ginseng fruit. He didn't want to miss the opportunity. People won’t be rich without a sudden wealth, and horses won’t be fat without night grass. (ps: it’s a proverb)  So, eventually, Monk Tang gritted his teeth and decided to take a risk. He thought he could steal in Wuzhuang Temple, and then run away while Zhen Yuanzi wasn’t there!

In the thoughts, a mountain surrounded by fairy aura appeared in front of them, and a huge Taoist temple was located on the mountain peak, which is exactly the Wuzhuang Temple.

"Master, there is a Taoist temple in front. Are we going to take a rest?" Pigsy looked at Monk Tang pitifully. Last time they passed by the manor three times, Pigsy still remembered it. He was afraid that that Monk Tang disagrees with him again!

"Well, of course! We will" Monk Tang nodded, how to complete the task without entering!

"Hey, I know Master you are the best!" Pigsy heard it, smiled, and came over to lead Monk Tang' horse, patted the horse.

Soon, everyone came to the front door of Taoist Temple.

"Wuzhuang Temple? Isn't this the old man, Zhen Yuanzi? We are here now!" Sun Wukong said looking at the name on the plaque.


The door of Taoist Temple opened rumblingly before Sun Wukong's words finished, and a pair of eight- or nine-year-old boy and girl came from inside.

"Who is calling my fairy’s name? Don't know if you should pay respect to Zhenyuan Great Fairy?" The boy spoke first, looked up at the sky, and looked at them with his nostrils.

What? What is your attitude? Sun Wukong was immediately angry. When was he treated with like this?

"Little Daoist, what's your attitude? Didn't Zhen Yuanzi teach you how to be decent human?" Sun Wukong was exasperated.

However, what makes Sun Wukong even angrier is that the boy and the girl did not even care about him. After glanced at everyone with disdainful eyes, the boy said lightly, "You are the sutras seeker?"

Monk Tang also has such a nasty look. The blue veins on his forehead jumped up. Damn, he almost didn't hold back and hit them directly, but finally held back. The most important thing was to get inside to complete the task. It's impossible to go in if they started a fight!

When Monk Tang held back, he also spoke to Sun Wukong in a secret way by his mana: "Wukong, forbearance!!"

Hearing the message from Monk Tang, Sun Wukong's blasted hair slowly fell back, his eyes closed, and he didn't look at the boy and the girl!



Chapter 72 The Wimpy Kids

"Yes, we are sutras seekers, could we get inside?" Pigsy said it hurriedly with an eager look. He didn't care what attitude the other party had. He was concerned if he could eat ginseng fruit. Everything could reschedule until he has eaten the ginseng fruits. He has eaten the peaches in heaven, but he has not eaten the ginseng fruits.

"come in? Huh, you really think you are VIPs. If it wasn't for my Master told us treating you with courtesy before he left, you wouldn't even be qualified to get in!" The boy hummed, looking up at the sky and using his nostrils to 'Look' at Monk Tang and others.

"Little shit! What did you say?" Sun Wukong frowned again.

Pigsy was angry it this time too, with white smoke on his nostrils, and yelled, "Little boy, believe it or not, I will spank you?"

However, the boy was not afraid, and even shook his little butt at Pigsy and said, "Come! Here it is! Do you dare? If you hit me, I will tell my Master, and I will not let you in, saving a ginseng fruit! "

Pigsy looked at the little buttocks dangling in front of his eyes.

"Pigsy, stop!" Monk Tang hurried to see this, it would be bad if he started.

"Master!" Pigsy heard it and stopped, looking at Monk Tang in puzzlement!

"hem, I know you won’t!" The boy became even more arrogant when he saw that Pigsy was drunk.

Monk Tang heard it, his eyelids jumped, and he also wanted to reach out his hand and give the boy a slap, but still said with mild and roundabout voice: "This little Almsgiver. Amitabha! Take my hat off for you! Please forgive my two a little bad apprentices. Please show us the way! "

"Huh!" Heard it, the boy hummed coldly, then looked at Sun Wukong and Pigsy with contempt, and said, "See? This monk is kind of polite. In that case, please follow us, but don't walk around. The things in our Wuzhuang Temple are of great value. You can' t afford anything you break! "

Then, the two boys turned and walk away!

Monk Tang's forehead blue muscles jumped, thinking whether to take all the things from Wuzhuang Temple!

"Ah, I'm so mad!!" Sun Wukong murmured, and his eyes fluttered!

Monk Tang took a deep breath and said: "Wukong, don't be mad. It’s just two little kids. Let it go." Monk Tang said so, but he murmured in mind: the damn children! They are the most repugnant!

Heard Monk Tang saying, Pigsy and Sun Wukong clam down!

They followed the two kids into Wuzhuang Temple, and immediately was the paradise views, and they knew the mountain like a fairy mountain when they were at the foot of the mountain. Then entering, the scenery inside was even more extraordinary.

Seeing this, Sun Wukong also lamented: "Zhenyuanzi really found a good place, not much worse than the heaven palace!"

"Brother, look, isn't that a divine bluebird?" Pigsy pointed at a big green light in the sky over his head from a distance of 100 meters.

"Looks like it!" Sandy exclaimed: "Brother Monkey is right, the views in Wuzhuang Temple are really not much worse than the palace in heaven. Look at those willows, pines, and cypresses that are actually fairy trees, which can only grow in heaven! "

"Hem, they are a group of yolks and buns who haven't seen the world. My master said that they are monks from the East! Couldn't it be fake?" The two boys walking in front, hearing the words they were discussing. It seemed to whisper to each other. But they, without concealing it, let everyone hear it clearly!

Sun Wukong and Pigsy heard it. There was an impulse to bruise them again, and even Sha Wujing was so angry with round eyes!

Monk Tang's face was calm, but he was angry inside: Damn, these two children need to be taught!

Soon, several people were taken to a courtyard by two boys, and they pointed at a room casually and said with lifting up the horn: "You, just live here. It's a suite. Remember that you don't mess around. Our Wuzhuang Temple is very very big. And we won’t take any responsibility for you if you get lost. The key is that do not break anything. You can' t afford it!”

Then, the boy left with the girl. Not far from the room, the boy bent over to the girl and said solemnly: "This little Almsgiver. Amitabha! Take my hat off for you! "

The girl heard it and make a loud laughing, and then what made Monk Tang and others angry was the words out of her mouth: "Brother, you did a good imitation, but do you think they are very interesting? Except for the bald monk, all of them don’t look like humans but like wild animals. One looks like a monkey with a sharp-billed cheek, one is fat with big ears, and the last one looks like a chump! "

"Wow, sister! What you said is true!"

The boy exclaimed although the two went farther away, their voice was getting louder and louder. Monk Tang and others heard clearly!

At this moment, Monk Tang wanted to shoot the two wimpy kids to death. How dare she talk like that? Wild animals?

For a moment, Sun Wukong's eyes ignited two golden flames, his body rolled with anger, and with one second, Monkey King Bar appeared in his hand, angrily barking"I'm so so so mad! I'm going to strangle them!"

Seeing this, Monk Tang was startled, and hurriedly stopped, but could not let the monkey break his event, saying, "Wukong, be calm and restless. They are just two wimpy kids. You are the Monkey King!! You should not be serious with them."

Heard it, Sun Wukong calmed down a bit, yeah, two little farts who do n' t understand anything, if they have general knowledge with the two little farts, they are the most shameful, so put away Monkey King Bar!

Of course, everyone was suffocated with anger and remained silent until the evening all of them cool down.

At this time, it was also time to eat, and two new boys came over and delivered vegetable meals. The two boys were kind. They made everyone feel better!

Pigsy took the chopsticks and pulled the vegetable plate. He said, "what the hell? Zhenyuan Great Fairyin is too economical! There isn't even a piece of meat in the food. How can I eat those things??"

It's not only no meat was in dishes, but no oil in it. Monk Tang and others are used to eat big fish and meat. So they have no appetite.

At this moment, the door was open. Two people walked in. It was the arrogant boy and the girl. The boy was holding a tray with something in it, but it was covered by a piece of red cloth! Nobody could see it.

The door was kicked out by someone. Everyone was shocked by rekindled anger and looked at the boy and girl badly. But both of them turned a blind eye to Monk Tang and his apprentices and snorted to them disdainfully!

Chapter 73 The Caohuan Pellet

The boy held the tray in his hand, and when he entered the house, he looked at the crowd with disdain, and then looked at the vegetarian food that was almost motionless on the table, and said, "Why? Do you like vegetarian food? Since you don’t eat it, then let it be. Sister, let’s take it to feed our dogs later! "

"Yes, brother!" The girl smiled grinningly, "what a waste of these dishes!"

Taking it to feed their dog? Damn, the kid even said that they were dogs. No, it was worse than scolding them!

Everyone was in anger, and even Monk Tang was no exception. They were about to teach them a lesson. At this moment, in terms of tasks and EXP kind of thing, Monk Tang was all left behind!

However, Monk Tang and others stopped as soon as they smelled a kind of aroma!

It turned out that the boy recovered the red cloth, exposing what was under it. A fruit was like a baby in the size of a fist. The fruit was like a translucent jade. And the fairy aura was surrounded it, which turned into many small lifelike fairies flying around the fruit. And the aroma was filled the whole house the moment it appeared.

"Monk, how blessed you are!" The boy looked proudly at Monk Tang and said, "This is my master, Zhenyuan Great Fairy, rewards you with a ginseng fruit. Take it well!"

Seeing the fruit of life, Monk Tang's eyes were bright. Regardless of Kid's bad attitude, he hurriedly took the plate and said, "I would like to thank Zhenyuan Great Fairy!"

‘Ding Dong, congratulations to you, get a ginseng fruit, and reward you 10000 EXP points! ‘Suddenly, the moment the Monk Tang took the ginseng, the system beep sounded in Monk Tang ’s mind.

Hearing the system's beep, Monk Tang asked, "System, can you still get EXP?"

‘Yes, you, as long as you get a ginseng fruit, he can get 10,000 EXP rewards! ’

Then, Monk Tang understood and nodded slightly, looking forward more to getting ginseng fruit, then opened the character panel and checked his current status,

Host, Monk Tang

Occupation, Monk (sutras seeker)

Level, 11

EXP, 10280/10240

Deputy position, master of divine focus (level, first grade, proficiency 8/10)

Skills, Full Buddhist scriptures, Buddha's Warrior Attendant's Exorcism Kung Fu of with Spade

Props, Brocade Kasaya (in form of the cloak), Nine-Ring Monk Spade, Gold Three-Hoop Ring (Fake)

After gaining a ginseng fruit, his EXP just enough for him to upgrade, but Monk Tang thought about it and decided not to upgrade at once.

The girl said nothing but watched her brother when she entered the door. She wanted to watch how her brother teased these people.

"Treasure it well, the ginseng fruit can't be eaten by ordinary people!" The boy saw Monk Tang holding the tray, his eyes flashed with extreme disdain, and said lightly.

"Kid, why is there only one ginseng fruit? Where is mine?" Pigsy's voice sounded at this moment.

"Is there one more for me?" Wukong said, smelling the scent, he also swallowed a bit of saliva. He had eaten the peach in heaven, but he had not eaten ginseng fruit. He doesn’t know what it tastes like!

"Yes, little Almsgiver, please share me one!" Sandy said and was eager.

All three are not ordinary people. Although they have not eaten, they all know what ginseng fruit is, and they will definitely not miss such a good thing!

The ginseng fruit is also called the Caohuan Pellet, which is the fruit in the ginseng fruit trees. And those trees grow up from divine roots in ancient chaotic times, which bloom only once every 3,000 years and bear fruit every 3,000 years. And it spends another 3,000 years for the ginseng fruit to get ripen. There are only 30 ginseng fruits in 10,000 years. For ordinary people, as long as you smell the ginseng fruit, you can live for three hundred and sixty years old; as long as you eat a ginseng fruit, you can live for 47,000 years. It is definitely a good thing.

The boy laughed suddenly, scornfully and dismissively saying, "What do you think the ginseng fruit is? The ordinary fruit? Just you, the three of ruffians, want to eat it? Are you qualified enough to take one bit?"

"Kid, what did you say? Don't think I really dare not hit you!" Sun Wukong exasperated.

"Huh, this kid really needs to be punched!" Said Pigsy.

The boy was unafraid, glanced at Monk Tang, and then dismissed, "I don’t believe that my master will give this monk a ginseng fruit with mercy. I really do not know how many years you’ve been a blessing. As for three of you? You just wait for your next life to eat the ginseng fruit. Let ’s go!”

Then his small sleeves were thrown away, the boy went out first, and the girl kept up. Of course, she also took away vegetarian food on the table... to feed the dog!

"Hmm ..."

Sun Wukong trembled with rage and fulminated with anger, scratching his head over and over again, looking at Monk Tang, "Master, aren't you angry?"

Pigsy also fulminated with anger with the white smoke out from his round nostrils, saying, "Yeah, Master, how can you not be angry? You are really not a common person!"

"Angry? Why are you angry. It was useful?" Monk Tang said, of course, Monk Tang just pretend not to be furious. In fact, he incensed that literally coughed up blood under his face. Later, he calmed down because he thought that he will steal ginseng fruit for a while. Looking at the back of the two Daotongs leaving, his eyes were cold like ices.

However, Monk Tang has decided to steal the ginseng fruit soon, but as for how to steal it, he had no idea. The ginseng fruit tree is one of Zhenyuanzi 's favorite treasures. He should protect it well. If anyone can get close to it, the tree might be moved away.

Hearing words from Monk Tang, Sun Wukong was scratching his cheeks again, and he felt that his temperament was really good!

Monk Tang ignores Sun Wukong and others, but talked to the system in his head, " System, you asked me to steal the ginseng fruit, but how can I steal it? Zhenyuanzi must have taken considerable protection measures? "

The system said, “Yes, he did. Zhenyuanzi arranged many forbidden enchantments around the ginseng fruit tree. Without a corresponding spell, no one can approach the ginseng fruit tree. The person who touches the enchantments is basically dead!!’

Monk Tang sweated and angrily asked, "what the hell? Then you still let me steal? Are you trying to kill me?" Damn, thank God. I talked with the system, otherwise, I would die but I don’t know how to die!

The system, ‘do not be angry. Since this mission was published, there is a way for you to complete the task!’

Monk Tang smiled and said, "What's it? Come on, I find you are a very naughty system!"

The system, '...'

The system, ‘Host, you first find a place where no one is. I will open your ‘thief mode’ for you. In the state of stealing, you are an omnipotent thief. You can ignore all forbidden enchantments and steal regardless of space. And no one will be able to discover your actions!’

"What the hell, how amazing!" Monk Tang was shocked but more surprised. and after saying goodnight to Sun Wukong and others. Monk Tang took the ginseng fruit into his room.

Chapter 74 The Ginseng Fruit Tree ...

Watching Monk Tang walk into the room with ginseng fruit, Pigsy hurried around in the house. He wanted to eat ginseng fruit. Suddenly his eyes lighted up and came to Sun Wukong. "Brother Monkey, I want to eat ginseng fruit!”

Sun Wukong gave him a white look and said, "You want to eat? Either do I. But what can I do? That boy doesn't give it to us!"

Pigsy blinked and said, "Brother Monkey, I have an idea!"

Sandy looked up sharply, who was reading his notes, "elder brother, what is your idea. Say it! I also want to eat it, you say it, I write it down. I will regard it as a classic one and read it every day!" Sandy was holding a  pen.

"No! Go away." Pigsy shook her hands continuously. Can this method be written down casually?

"What can you do as a nerd?" Sun Wukong asked with a little enthusiasm, and he also wanted to taste the ginseng fruit.

"Brother Monkey, you ..." Pigsy whispered in Sun Wukong's ear, and the words behind him were sent by his mana!

"Pigsy, what you mean ... is stealing?" Sun Wukong looked up, his eyes brightened, and he smiled, "Nut, you're pretty smart. Well. Let’s do it!"

Sandy said, "Brother Monkey, Elder brother, what if the master knew it?"

"Brother Sha, you don't say it and I don't say it. Brother Monkey doesn't say it. How come Master would know?" Pigsy glanced at Sandy.

Sun Wukong nodded, "Yes, we all keep quiet!"

Although Sandy still feels bad, he still nods. The ginseng fruit was also very attractive to him.

"Now that everyone has no word to say, then we need to make a good plan ..." Pigsy's small eyes flashed.


In the room, Monk Tang didn't know that his apprentices were also planning to steal the ginseng fruit. Monk Tang said directly to the system, "System, how to open my thief mode? Let's make the best use of my time."

The system, ‘Okay, please be ready. I will now turn on the mode for you. But you must be careful. Although you cannot be found by others in the thief mode, it is still flawed!’

Monk Tang snapped, "What? There are flaws in it? What kind of flaws?"

The system, 'That is, the state of the thief mode has a time limit. Every time the state of the thief mode is turned on, it can only last for one hour, and the same Identified item can only be stolen every time in the state of the thief mode. If you take other pieces of stuff, your thief mode will immediately be turned off!’

Monk Tang froze and said, "what? Doesn't it mean that I can only steal the ginseng fruit and cannot steal other things?" Damn, when he heard the system say that it was so amazing. He was still thinking about the other treasures of Wuzhuang Temple. But his plan failed!

The system, ‘Yes, you can only shave wool on one sheep!’

Monk Tang, "..." what a vivid analogy…… The system is really naughty.

The system, "Host, now I will turn on the thief mode. Please confirm the target of stealing, the ginseng fruit. Duration is an hour, please work hard!"

As soon as the sound of the system wen away, Monk Tang's body in the room gradually faded away and then disappeared. Monk Tang had also a wonderful feeling. He felt that his state could pass through anything!

Thinking about it, Monk Tang put it into action immediately. Just by taking a step, he easily passed through the door without making any sound. Monk Tang said with joy, "Really!?"

Monk Tang glanced at the three apprentices who were whispering together, stepped forward, and passed directly through the body of the three. The three did not notice. Now Monk Tang was truly relieved, and then Monk Tang was out of the room, and then muddled, and said, "Oh God! Where is the ginseng fruit tree? I forgot to see it!"

The system prompts, ‘Host, you can perceive it carefully!’

Monk Tang concentrated on feeling something. And he had a feeling of emptiness lingering in his heart. Monk Tang rushed quickly according to the sensed direction, passing through houses and walls, and many enchantments. A few minutes later, he finally came outside a garden, this is the ginseng fruit garden.

Monk Tang smiled, but he didn't know what the ginseng fruit tree looked like? So he crossed the wall of the garden again.

"Damn, ginseng fruit tree?" Entering the garden, Monk Tang asked, looking at the empty garden.

The system, ‘what you ’re seeing now is a very clever camouflage spell. As long as you take one step forward, you can see the ginseng fruit tree!’

A camouflage spell? Suddenly it all makes sense. Monk Tang thought, stepping out. The scenery changed. The ginseng fruit garden was gone, and a huge empty world was displayed in front of Monk Tang. A tree was as high as hundreds of feet tall. Standing there, the emerald green brilliance filled the sky, and a scent of fragrance was uploaded from the tree!


Seeing this, Monk Tang swallowed, "System, this is the ginseng fruit tree?" Damn, it's too big. This ginseng fruit tree is beyond his imagination. Every leaf is like a plain, where horses can race on. People standing under the ginseng fruit tree were like ants.

The system, ‘Yes, this is the ginseng fruit tree. Host, you don’t have enough time for now. it is not the time to be surprised!’

"Yes, yes!" Monk Tang nodded, "Stealing ginseng fruit is the most important thing!"

Monk Tang moved quickly and came under the ginseng fruit tree. Monk Tang realized the hugeness of the ginseng fruit tree and his smallness.

This ginseng fruit has many branches and lush leafy, and each leaf is carved like a jasper, exuding precious light. Not to mention ginseng fruit, the leaves of this ginseng fruit tree are also rare treasures.

Monk Tang looked up and could see these ginseng fruits like sleeping babies. They were as bright as jade, dazzling fairy light. And the fairy light was too heavy, turning into countless fairy rotating with ginseng fruit, singing fairy sounds ... these fairies are singing to these ginseng fruits!

The picture is so extraordinary that it is the divine root of heaven and earth!

But Monk Tang had some worries for a while because the ginseng fruit tree was huge, and the ginseng fruit was huge, like a small planet. how can he steal and take them away? These big ginseng fruits could crush him!

"System, why is this ginseng fruit so big, and how to steal it? What I got in the room is fake?" Monk Tang asked.


Chapter 75 The Second Ginseng Fruit Tree?

The system, 'Host, you only need to meditate on' stealing 'in your heart. The system will automatically help you complete the process of fruit picking, and you can ignore the rules of interacting relation of the five elements. The ginseng fruit will automatically shrink to the size of the fist after it is picked. You can understand it is the essence of the fruit!’

Monk Tang, "..." the small one is the essence? Wow, it really is the divine root of heaven and earth, and it has the ability to condense ... so cool!

Without further ado, Monk Tang immediately watched a ginseng fruit and meditated on 'stealing'.

 A ginseng fruit fell from the tree as soon as his mind moved, like a meteor falling to the ground. But during this period, the ginseng fruit, like a small planet, was shrinking rapidly, and when it fell into his hands, it was already It became the size of a fist.

‘Ding Dong, congratulations to you for getting a ginseng fruit and reward EXP 10,000 points! ’

When Monk Tang heard the system prompt, he laughed. It was feasible. Practice makes perfect. Monk Tang quickly picked all the ginseng fruit from the tree and received all of them in his portable space. The number of the ginseng fruit is exactly 30, which means that 300,000 EXP is in hand!

The stealing mission was successful, and he ran immediately. Monk Tang thought so, but the moment he took a step, the world turned around.

At the same time, the sound of the system sounded in his ear, this time there are only two words, bad!

"What's wrong? The system, what's wrong? Why am I dizzy?" Monk Tang shook his head.

The system, ‘you look at what ’s going on around you?’

"What's different?" Monk Tang froze, not still in the orchard? But the next moment he opened his mouth wide and looked like a ghost, saying, "where am I? Why is it so dark?"

The system, ‘we ’ve entered the alien space. I don’t expect Zhenyuan have this kind of ability!’

"Another space? What is that?" Monk Tang asked.

The system, "Don't ask me, and I can't explain it clearly. Look at the surroundings, and you will know!"

Monk Tang looked up, then took a breath, and wondered, "Why is there another ginseng fruit tree here? Is this a ginseng fruit tree?"

In this space, there is also a large tree with hundreds of thousands of feet standing in the distance. It is similar to the ginseng fruit tree that he saw before. It is also leafy but exudes black mist.

He also saw the ginseng fruit among the branches and leaves, but it looks like black crystals as if they all are devil babies. The black light flew and turned into demons, and was roaring around the black crystals.

One, two, three ... densely packed, he doesn't know how many ginseng fruits there are.

"System, is this the ginseng fruit tree and the ginseng fruit? It takes 10,000 years to have one ginseng fruit. But look at these! This ... There are at least hundreds of thousands, right? How can there be a second ginseng tree in the world? "Monk Tang swallowed saliva, shocked by the scene in front of him.

The system, ‘ it is indeed a ginseng fruit tree, but it is not the ginseng fruit tree you know. The ginseng fruit is a mutated ginseng fruit. It is artificially planted, but it is not worse than the real ginseng fruit tree. It is even stronger than the real one. There is no limit of 30 ginseng fruits in 10,000 years. As long as the conditions are met, the fruit can be generated at any time. ’

'besides, the real ginseng fruit can only eat once in the life for a mortal or an immortal and the second one will no longer be effective to them. But the situation changed in terms of the mutated ginseng fruit. It’s said that eating the mutated ginseng fruit as many as possible can increase correspondingly lifespan and cultivation indefinitely.'

Monk Tang's eyes were wide open, "what the hell, what a good thing he find? Zhenyuanzi is amazing. Oh, what's the condition? I don’t believe it is for free!"

System, 'Blood body and soul. Each body and soul died for each of the ginseng fruit on the tree in front of you. So, these flowers of the ginseng fruit tree can bear the fruit. The stronger sacrificed creature is, the stronger ginseng fruit will be. If someone eat them, his cultivation and lifespan will overlay!’

The chill came from all direction, Monk Tang almost felt like he was frozen. And his cold sweat fell into ice crystals. A mutant ginseng fruit represents a living being, and hundreds of thousands of mutant ginseng fruits represent that hundreds of thousands of living beings died. Zhenyuanzi is so ruthless, he even killed hundreds of thousands of alive souls to sacrifice this ginseng fruit tree!

He knew he might have discovered the secret of Zhenyuanzi by accident, but Monk Tang turned his eyes and said, "System, can I steal this mutant ginseng fruit and increase my EXP?"

The system, ‘No, the mutated ginseng fruit is different from the original one. If you steal it,  the thief mode will be lifted immediately. What is more,  Zhenyuanzi will immediately detect it, and then he will come to here! And I know that you don't want them.’

Monk Tang trembled. If Zhenyuanzi finds out, he will be dead.

"System, why do you say I don't want them? if it can increase EXP, why not take them? and I don't plan to eat this mutant ginseng fruit!" Monk Tang asked puzzled.

The system, ‘You ’ll know right away. Please look at the ground. ’

Monk Tang froze, looking down, his feet turned gray, not the color of the ground, but like ... lime!

But how can there be lime here? A cold thought occurred in his mind, and Monk Tang instantly understood that it was not lime but ... bone ashes and there was a thick layer of bone ashes on the ground.

Monk Tang stood for a long time, and put his mana into his eyes, seeing through the dark mist, and the world in front of him became brighter, but Monk Tang would rather not see clearly.

How come it is an orchard? It is clearly a purgatory with a thick layer of bone ashes, and there are mountains on the ground, which are piled with white bones. Each mountain has hundreds of thousands of skeletons.

One, ten, a hundred ... he saw no less than a few hundred white-bone mountains at his visible range, and in the dark fog farther away, there were more mountains ...

In another space, the sacrificed souls are definitely not the hundreds of thousands of souls before, but hundreds of millions or even billions of souls were sacrificed, and at least one billion mutant ginseng fruits have been produced.

Monk Tang's mind flashed into doubt, what is Zhenyuanzi doing, and why he planted so many mutant ginseng fruits, what is his plan? How did he get so many creatures to immolate?

Monk Tang doesn't believe that Zhenyuanzi has planted so many mutant ginseng fruits just to eat for himself, so he definitely has a big plan!

"Hoo ..."

A gust of wind was blowing, raising bone ashes into the sky!


Chapter 76 Zhenyuan Great Fairy

In another space, there are bone ashes all over the place, and the white bones are piled into mountains one after another, looming in the black mist.

"hoo ..."

A gust of wind was blowing, raising bone ashes into the sky!

Although the bone ashes were completely inaccessible to Monk Tang in the state of the thief mode. Monk Tang subconsciously operated his mana to block the picture appearing his eyes, which was too disgusting and terrifying.

"Hee hee ..."

The wind did not fall, a burst of sharp laughter sounded, Monk Tang's hair was upright. And he said, "Who? Who is there?"

"Hehe, haha, come on, come on, eat me!"

"Eat me, eat me, I'm here, I'm delicious!"

As his voice echoed, the creepy sound continuously. Monk Tang looked around to find the place where the sound comes from and finally knew it. It was from the ginseng fruit tree, no, more precisely It was from the ginseng fruit!

Those mutant ginseng fruits like ghost babies opened their eyes, blooming with blood-red light, grinning and screaming with small mouths. They were alive! The whole picture was weird. All voices like the magic sound, which was disturbing his mind.

Damn. He knew why the system said he didn't want to steal the mutant ginseng fruit. Now if the system encourages him to steal the mutant ginseng fruit, he doesn't want it anymore. The mutant ginseng fruit is too weird!!

If he was in the thief mode, Monk Tang knows that his mind will be affected by this magic sound!

After taking a deep breath, Monk Tang asked, "System, will this mutant ginseng fruit have side effects after eating?"

The system, 'Of course, because this mutant ginseng fruit is irrigated with the fresh and soul of the alive creature, so each mutant ginseng fruit contains the grievances and negative emotions of the creature. It is easy to be affected by its resentment. it is likely that in the end, the one who eats has too many fruits will become neither a people nor a ghost.’

Monk Tang thought that there was no perfect thing in this world. Although the mutant ginseng fruit planed by Zhenyuanzi overcomes many of the tough things, perfecting these shortcomings the mutant ginseng fruit of also brought new shortcomings. This new defect is even more terrible!

"Let's go, system! Let's go back!" Monk Tang said finally, he was not very comfortable in this another space, and he was also worried that he was found after stealing the ginseng fruit. Now going back and bring Sun Wukong and others to leaving Wuzhuang Temple is the priority!

As for everything found in another space, Monk Tang is going to bury it in his heart for a while, not tell anyone!

The system, ‘you take three steps back at your current position, two steps to the right, and then five steps back to go out of another space and return to the orchard!’

Monk Tang is going to do it, but the next moment Monk Tang was afraid to breathe, because a person suddenly appeared in another space, wearing a yin and yang robe.


When Monk Tang met this person, he was shocked. Only Zhenyuanzi is the person who was able to come to another space!

"What the hell, wouldn't Zhenyuanzi discover that I stole the ginseng fruit and came to arrest me?" Monk Tang murmured in his heart, preparing to run away immediately. He was not his opponent!

However, the words of the system made Monk Tang calm down again, ‘Host, don’t panic, Zhenyuanzi did not enter this alien space from that orchard. He has not found that ginseng fruit has been stolen!’

Monk Tang was relieved. He still has some time. Monk Tang was not in a hurry. He wanted to take a look at what Zhenyuanzi was going to do?

After Zhenyuanzi appeared, he took a deep breath, and the black mist turned into an energy storm. was sucked into Zhenyuanzi’s belly. After Zhenyuanzi absorbed much black mist, he laughed and said, "cool!"

Seeing this scene, Monk Tang in a stealth state was speechless. It was his first time seeing someone absorbing the " haze " and he seems enjoyed it!

Zhenyuanzi took a step to the mutant ginseng fruit tree. He reached out and patted a thick trunk like a mountain, "Are you hungry !?"

"Wow ..."

The branches and leaves of the ginseng fruit tree rattled without wind. Monk Tang was glaring at this. The fruit tree is intelligent? Damn, he's never heard of it!

"Hungry, hungry, hungry ..."

While the mutated ginseng fruit tree shook branches, those mutated ginseng fruits also made noises.

Zhenyuanzi laughed, "Okay, it’s good! Good! I will prepare food for you now!"

After all, Zhenyuanzi waved his hand, and black dots appeared densely in the sky of another space, dripping like fine raindrops!

"Bang! Bang! Bang ..."

The black spots quickly fell on the ground, splashing large pieces of bone and bone meal. Some dropped around Monk Tang’s body, but after seeing these black spots, Monk Tang kept his breath. Because these black spots are all creatures, but they are half dead!

After a short period of horror, Monk Tang was still horrified, because these creatures are very special. They are not humans, not demons, or any race known to Monk Tang. They look very strange, and they are not demons nor human beings.

"System, what race is this?" Monk Tang asked.

The system, ‘Half-orcs, not creatures in the main world, but live in other small worlds!’

Half-orcs? The main world? small world? Monk Tang was puzzled by consecutive unfamiliar nouns from the system. When he was about to ask what it meant, he was interrupted by a harsh scream!

"Squeak ..." This scream was extremely jarring, from the mutant ginseng fruit tree, but somehow Monk Tang heard the excitement in it!

"Hahaha! Are you happy? Good!" Zhenyuanzi laughed after hearing the scream, "come on. Eat! The more you eat, the better you are! If it’s not enough for you. I will hunt for you again."

"Squeak ..."

The mutant ginseng fruit tree screamed again, then shook the branches cheerfully.


After the mutated ginseng fruit tree screamed, the alien space made a roaring sound. Monk Tang's feet were unstable, and he fell to the ground. When he stood firmly, Monk Tang saw the earth ’s change in another space. The ground was moving like a dragon, rolling violently.

At the same time, countless roots were out from the ground, and then turned into a sharp spear and pierced into the bodies of the Half-orcs, visible to the naked eye, and these Half-orcs were dried up. In the end, these became bones!


Chapter 77 Running Away

Looking at the picture in front of him, Monk Tang finally understood how the bones in another space came from and knew why Zhenyuanzi sacrificed so many creatures but no one notices it. All the creatures come from the so-called small world, and Zhenyuanzi didn’t hunt them in the main world at all!

"Hahaha ... Eat it! Eat it! Eat as much as you can! Give more fruit to me! I will see who else dares to look down to me ...”

Watching the creatures become bones under the sucking of the mutated ginseng fruit tree, Zhenyuanzi didn’t show a trace of compassion on his face, but laughed and fell into a state of extreme excitement.

As the half-orc races turned into bones, the mutant ginseng fruit gets ripen on the tree. The mutant ginseng fruit, like small black crystals, were growing up from the size of the fist to the planet-size. Not for a long time, the mutated ginseng fruit trees soon bear dozens of fruits.

Zhenyuanzi was extremely excited. He waved a big laugh, and a mutant ginseng fruit appeared in his hand. Zhenyuanzi bit it down and said, "Nice, it tastes good!"

"Ah, Zhenyuanzi has eaten me, Zhenyuanzi has bitten me! Yeah! It hurts, it hurts ... haha, Zhenyuanzi is eating me, I'm so happy!" That mutated ginseng fruit was so sharp Yelling.

Seeing this scene, Monk Tang in the incognito state suddenly frowned and felt a bit sick at the same time. The reason why he felt sick was that he was seen the ginseng fruit even shed red blood while Zhenyuanzi was biting his body. And the wound inside is not like black crystals, but granulation!

Seeing here, Monk Tang silently followed the system's prompts before and get back to the orchard with normal ginseng fruit trees. Exhaling lightly, Monk Tang returned to the courtyard where he lives!

He needed to digest what he saw and heard just now. The amount of information was too much!

In addition, Monk Tang also thought about how to slip away with his apprentices but no one finds out.

When Monk Tang just returned to the room, the Sun Wukong had just discussed how to steal the ginseng fruit, but they did not know that the ginseng fruit had all been stolen by their master!

The time to return to the room was just right, and the theft mode was just lifted. He walked out from the inside, then came out, and said to the people who sent Wukong, "my apprentices, let us hit on our way now. Come on! "

"Ah?" A few people from Sun Wukong suddenly was confused. He didn't know why Monk Tang was crazy, but they didn't want to go now. They hadn't eaten the ginseng fruit yet.

"Master, it's already midnight, can't we go on the road tomorrow? I'm sleepy!" Pigsy said, and then winked desperately at Sun Wukong and Sandy.

Sun Wukong got Sandy. Sun Wukong immediately said, "Master, I'm tired too, let's go tomorrow!"

"Yes, Master, Brother Monkey, and elder brother are right, we'll be on the road tomorrow morning, let's take a few hours of rest!" Sandy speaks in support of him.

Monk Tang frowned suddenly, "Don’t talk nonsense, are you a master? or am I your master? I said go now, just go now!" Monk Tang worried that Zhenyuanzi would soon know that the ginseng fruit had been stolen. At that time, it is not easy to go!

Steal and run. It's fucking exciting.

"But ..." Pigsy still didn't want to leave!

"But what? I know what is the idea you have, don't you just want to steal the ginseng fruit? Don't have this idea, in order to put an end to your thoughts, I'm leaving right now!" Monk Tang interrupted Pigsy and said without a doubt.

what the hell, Sun Wukong, Pigsy, Sandy were all surprised, how did the Master know? Does the Master have the habit of stealing wall roots? However, how could that be, they had gathered together to discuss it before, but it was done with mana messages! No one else can hear it!

Pigsy heard Monk Tang's unquestionable voice, and finally compromised, and said helplessly, "Well, that’s it. I’m going to pack up now!"

However, it was still too late. At this time, the door of the room was strongly opened. It was the two arrogant girl and boy, named Qingfeng and Mingyue. At this moment, they rushed into the room with anger and anger, and they held one in their hands. Little sword.

"Kid, what are you doing? Don't know how to knock the door?" Pigsy was startled, angrily.

"What? You dare to ask what? Do you want to run, thieves?" Mingyue angered.

Sun Wukong, Pigsy, Sandy are confused about what happened now. What does “thief” mean? Are they thieves? Although they are trying to steal the ginseng fruit, they have not succeeded. The three have a guilty conscience though they are immediately annoyed.

"A thief? You're a thief. Don't lie, kid! Otherwise, I'll give you a good lesson for Zhenyuan Great Fairy!" Pigsy said.

"Haha, is this dead fat pig felt guilty now? Huh, I really shouldn't listen to Master's words and let you in. I didn't expect to lead the wolf into the room in the end. Look at your face! You are a thief!” Qingfeng sneered with an angry look.

Sun Wukong is also in anger, said, "you! Two kids! Who are thieves? What have we stolen from you? Show your evidence, if you can't get one. I will kick your ass off! "

"Evidence? We are the evidence. Give up all the ginseng fruit you stole, and we can spare you!" Mingyue said angrily, with a very arrogant tone.

"Yes, hand it over and you can alive! I have informed our master. You should surrender!" Qingfeng said with his contemptuous face because there was Zhenyuanzi behind them who was backing them!

The ginseng fruit was stolen? The three apprentices were shocked. Someone even got a step ahead of them?

"Kid, don't tell irresponsibly. I didn't steal your ginseng fruit at all. If you make trouble out of no reason, I will be really rude!" Sun Wukong said that if he stole, he would admit it, but he didn't steal it. He also doesn't want to be the scapegoat!

" you didn’t take them? There are no other people in the Wuzhuang Temple except you. Who else would you be? You monks are really shameless ... I ¥% ¥ ... "Qingfeng and Mingyue see Sun Wukong and others denying, just starting to yell. Their words were unpleasant.

Chapter 78 Crazy Upgrade!

When the two arrogant kids, Qingfeng and Mingyue, came in aggressively, Monk Tang knew that bad things happened, and was shocked when Qingfeng said that he had notified Zhenyuan Great Fairy. He must not waste time. So he gave an order to his apprentices, “Wukong、Pigsy、Wujing! Take the two kids ... "

Hearing the words of Monk Tang, Sun Wukong, Pigsy and Sandy were all eyes bright, replied, "yes! Master!"

The three of them had been angry with the two kids for a long time, and now they got the order from Monk Tang. Thus, they had exerted their best efforts to punch the faces of the kids.

"Bang bang ..."

Although Qingfeng and Mingyue have been learning from the Zhenyuan Great Fairy for a long time, and there is also a divine focus given by Zhenyuanzi himself in their hands. But their cultivation is really not very good. They are not Sun Wukong's three opponents at all. Even the weakest Sandy can easily beat the two kids!

"Ah ... you damn monkey, even you dare to hit me! You are dead!" Mingyue angry Woo-hoo!

"Dead fat pig! Don't take your nose to close to me! I will kill you!" Qingfeng screamed angrily!

"Dead donkey! Don't you let your goblin apprentices stop? My Master won't let it go!"

"Yes, dead bald donkey, you stole ginseng fruit! My Master will definitely punish you!"

Qingfeng and Mingyue Woo-hoo yelled. Although they had been rubbed on the ground, they were very stubborn

Monk Tang's eyes glared, said, "Wukong, you throw both of them out, and then cast a fixation spell!"


Qingfeng and Mingyue were kicked out by Sun Wukong one by one, and then he has cast a body fixation spell on them. But they were still able to speak.

"Ah, you will regret it!"

"Master will definitely confess to you, and then eat all of fried you!"

Qingfeng and Mingyue yelled at each other, and their yelling was getting worse!

Listening to the Qingfeng and Mingyue, Monk Tang suddenly remembered the expression of Zhenyuanzi when eating ginseng fruit in another space. He was furious. And they really were the same kind of people who were cruel and fierce. Says, "Pigsy! Punch all their teeth off so they can't speak!"

"Yes, Master!" Pigsy promised, and then came to the two of them in an instant, and stretched out the palm of his hand and slapped a large slap in front of their small faces!

"Papapa ..."

Soon, the teeth of the two kids flew off, and their heads became swollen as pig face. Although they were still cursing, they could only make a vague sound.

"Okay, Pigsy, clean up and get us on the road!” They will be dead if they continue to beat them. Monk Tang said so, then got on the back of White Dragon Horse and walked to the door of Wuzhuang Temple. It is the wise choice that they leave while Jin Yuanzi was not in Wuzhuang Temple!

"Woohoo ..."

Watching Monk Tang and his team slipped away, Qingfeng and Mingyue exuded infinite resentment in their eyes.


When the sun rose, Monk Tang and his team had left Wuzhuang Temple dozens and hundreds of miles away. He was finally relieved and was ready to have breakfast and continue on the road. Last night till now, they had not eaten anything. Well, everyone is very thirsty and hungry now.

While cooking, Monk Tang talked to the system. He saw and heard in another space. He could not forget it for a long time. Monk Tang said, "System, what do you mean by the main world and the small world in another space?? "

The system, ‘Host, you should understand what the skies and worlds mean! The main world and the small world together form the skies and worlds. The continent where you are now in the main world, but it is a part of the main world, named the human world. And the main world consists of the human world, the haven world, and netherworld in the underworld.’

'Heaven, the haven world, and underworld are the three worlds of heaven, earth, and human beings known to you. These three worlds all together are considered to be the complete main world. And there are many continents in other spaces outside beyond the main world. Those are the small worlds. Small worlds are Dependent on the main world exists. But whether it is the main world or the small world is all abode by the same rule!’

Monk Tang felt a shock in his heart. If it was not for the system, he really didn't know that the main world and the small world were so interdependent.

System, ‘Host, do you need to sell those ginseng fruits? The system recycles the ginseng fruits for 100000EXP per one!’

"One hundred thousand EXP points?" Monk Tang was shocked and then was a joy. He knows that he now has thirty ginseng fruits in his portable space. If he sells them all, he will get 3 million EXP points. This is definitely a huge sum for him now!

System, ‘Host, do you need to sell ginseng fruit?’

"Sell, of course, but sell 20 of them!" Monk Tang thought about it and decided to sell only 20 ginseng fruit, leaving 10 for himself. He planned to give himself one and share four to his apprentices and then left five just in case. This stuff is just like a miracle drug to EXP. He just needs to sell it when he wants to use it!

If he sells them all, Monk Tang is really afraid that he can't help but use it all for upgrading.

‘Ding Dong, congratulations to you who sold 20 ginseng fruits and got a total of 2 million EXP points, which have been deposited in your EXP slot. Please check! ’

Monk Tang grinned, and then opened the character panel:

Host: Monk Tang

Occupation, Monk (sutras seeker)



Deputy position: master of divine focus (level, first grade, proficiency 8/10)

Skills: Full Buddhist scriptures, Buddha's Warrior Attendant's Exorcism Kung Fu of with Spade

Props: Brocade Kasaya (in form of the cloak), Nine-Ring Monk Spade, Gold Three-Hoop Ring (Fake)

Looking at the EXP points of more than 2.3 million, Monk Tang is excited and excited, so when do you not wait to upgrade?

Monk Tang jubilated, "I want to upgrade! System!" At this time Monk Tang had a great feeling of having wealth!

‘Ding Dong, congratulations to you for upgrading to a level now, your level is at level 12 and your EXP is enough for an upgrade. Do you want to keep an upgrade?’

"carry on!"

‘Ding Dong, congratulations to you for upgrading to a level now, your level is at level 13 and EXP is enough for an upgrade. Do you want to keep upgrading?’

"Go on!"

‘Ding Dong, congratulations to you for upgrading to a level now, your level is at level 14 and EXP is enough for an upgrade. Do you want to keep upgrading?’

"Come on"

‘Ding Dong, congratulations to you for upgrading to a level now, your level is at level 15 and EXP is enough for an upgrade. Do you want to keep upgrading?’

Monk Tang laughed excitedly when he heard the rising sounds of the level, especially when he felt that he was constantly getting stronger, the excitement was even stronger.


‘Ding Dong, congratulations to you for upgrading to a level now, your level is at level 18 and EXP is not enough for an upgrade. You can’t keep upgrading!’

Chapter 79 Squinting at Forty-Five Degrees!

"What? My EXP points ran out?"

Hearing the system's prompt, Monk Tang is a stun, and more than two million the EXP points are gone?

Monk Tang then opened the character panel again and found that EXP was indeed insufficient. Now his is already at level 18, and to upgrade to level 19 requires 1310720 EXP. He has more than 1.1 million EXP points. If he wants to upgrade. Unless he sells a few more ginseng fruits!

However, Monk Tang did not sell ginseng fruit anymore, because the plan was not going to be changed by now. And more importantly, even if he upgrades one more level, it can enhance a lot of combat power. But in fact, it will not be too much. Looking at the remaining EXP, Monk Tang has a new plan. It is better to learn skills than to upgrade with the full use of EXP points!

He doesn’t have any other skills except for Buddha's Warrior Attendant's Exorcism Kung Fu of with Spade.  It is enough to deal with small goblins, but it is not enough to have a battle with some powerful opponents. After thinking about it, Monk Tang said, "System, give me a skill which could increase my speed of movement!"

Yes, Monk Tang did not want attack skills, but chose speed skills. The attack skill, Buddha's Warrior Attendant's Exorcism Kung Fu of with Spade now he has is enough for him. But the speed is really one of his weaknesses. If he is fast, he can run at least if he cannot win!

‘Ding Dong, according to the requirements of you , now start to screen skills and find the right skills, shrink into inches! ’

Shrink into inches? Monk Tang immediately looked at the introduction of this skill, with only 11 words: shrinking into inches, the world within afoot, and moving instantly.

Looking at the 11-word introduction, Monk Tang immediately felt a cool feeling coming to his head, and immediately determined to learn this skill, saying, "I will learn this!"

‘Ding Dong, this skill study costs 500,000 EXP. Do you confirm the payment? ’

Half a million? How fucking expensive! But good goods are not cheap, and cheap one is not good. Although it costs a lot. But biting his teeth, Monk Tang said, "Confirm!"

‘Ding Dong, the payment is successful, and you ’ve learn the skills! ’

The prompt of the system just ended now, Monk Tang feels that there is a huge flow of information in his mind, and there is a magical feeling. As if the world is big, but it is easy for him to reach everywhere.

"Hahaha ... Okay!" Monk Tang felt great, and then stepped forward. His figure “Whoosh” disappeared but there were no traces. He was already in another place when it appeared. It took almost Zero time!

As long as his thoughts move, he can move. Of course, there are restrictions that the distance he is moving now is not too far, and the longest distance is the range he can see and feel.

Monk Tang did not know that when he was upgrading and learning skills, his apprentices were shocked. Even Little White Dragon woke up from cracking the seal, watching Monk Tang keep talking surprisingly, "what the hell, what the hell, what the hell? who can tell me when the master has become so awesome?"

As the level of Monk Tang increases, the vitality energy in the world begins to be continuously absorbed by Monk Tang, and then it becomes an energy storm. A huge energy funnel connects the sky and earth with Monk Tang.

However, what is most shocking to Sun Wukong is not this. It is that Monk Tang can suddenly disappear in their eyes and then reappear. They don't even perceive how Monk Tang can do it. Neither does Sun Wukong with the golden eyes.

Long time later, Monk Tang's breakthrough was finally completed, the energy storm was dissipated, and he also waked up from the breakthrough and shrinking into joy, and immediately saw four pairs of eyes staring at him!

Monk Tang first froze, then touched his bald head, and said embarrassedly, "Don't look at me like this, although I know that I am insanely handsome enough. But I will still be embarrassed under your eyes."

Sun Wukong drew a corner of their mouths. Damn it! It is also a sin to have such a narcissistic master!

Sun Wukong asked, "Master, how did you do that?"

Monk Tang thought for a moment and said, "The reason why I am so handsome is because of the good foundation, you ..." Monk Tang shook his head and uttered a voice in sympathy!

The faces of Sun Wukong and other persons were all black. Damn narcissism isn’t over, Ahm? Sun Wukong gritted his teeth. They really want to hit him now ... beat this narcissistic bald donkey!

"Master, it’s not what I'm asking about. I want to ask the Master how you managed to make continuous breakthroughs!" Sun Wukong gritted his teeth, holding back his idea that taking Monkey King Bart to beat the monk!

"Yeah, Master, did you do that?" Pigsy echoed!

"Yes, Brother Monkey and the elder brother are right!" Sandy took a pen and had a carefully recording look!

Monk Tang squinted at the forty-five-degree angle of the sky, and talked a serious nonsense, "Amitabfa, just for a moment, I suddenly had an epiphany, and then broke through!" I can’t say anything about the system. He can only speak nonsense and speak carelessly!

Hearing the words of Monk Tang, Sun Wukong and others are all stunned. Enlightenment is no stranger. Indeed, if you enter the state, you can quickly and continuously break through the realm, but epiphany cannot appear casually. Anyway, they have never seen an epiphany while cooking!

Sun Wukong and others were suspicious, obviously, they did not believe Monk Tang's words, but Sun Wukong did not insist on Monk Tang's explanation!

"Mum ..."

"What's the hell, my stomach is pumping!" Monk Tang looked up at the sky and suddenly changed his face. He forgot the sequelae of the breakthrough. At this time, the sequelae started, and Monk Tang felt his stomach was twitching!

Monk Tang couldn’t do anything but cooking? He picked up the cooked food and started to eat. But there were not many preparations. Monk Tang ate while making new food. Finally, he stopped when the bones of Black Bear were the only thing left!

After eating and drinking, Monk Tang looked at the sky, and touched his bald head. He thought that Zhenyuanzi may not be here at this time. But he got a big blow right on his face for a kind of pressure above his head!

This pressure was so heavy that Monk Tang felt as if he was carrying a big mountain. It was only Zhenyuan who was able to give out such powerful pressure. He smiled bitterly in his heart, Damn, why he thought so!

At the moment when the pressure appeared, Sun Wukong, Pigsy, and others were also dignified and looked at here. They were on their guards against all possible dangers!

Chapter 80 The Broken Relation

Just when Monk Tang had just finished upgrading and resolved the sequelae, thinking that Zhenyuanzi would not show up and they were ready to go on the road. A powerful and incomparable pressure gets close to them quietly, which directly affected his soul. He immediately felt a burden on his back, like a big mountain!

At this moment, Sun Wukong, Pigsy, and Sandy all clenched their weapons and stared at where the power came from as if they were on their guards against all possible dangers.

Three figures slowly appeared. A person wearing a yin and yang robe with two young kids whose faces were swollen.

"Zhenyuanzi, what are you doing here?" Seeing Sun Wukong immediately, he stared at Zhenyuanzi sharply. Even Sun Wukong had to be careful when facing Zhengyuanzi because he is at a high status in heaven, which means he is powerful to some degree.

"Amitabfa, Zhenyuan Great Fairy!" Monk Tang greeted him.

"Master, they are the basters who made me and sister like this. We have become pigs!" Mingyue yelled at Zhengyuan, "These demons and monsters not only hit us both but also stole Master's the ginseng fruits! The most hateful thing is that the monk let his apprentices hit us! "

Zhenyuanzi said with a narrow eye, "the Golden Cicada X, how do you explain it?"

Zhenyuanzi looked at Monk Tang. Although there were no changes on the surface, he was actually surprised, because he felt that Monk Tang had mana in his body and Monk Tang is not a mortal right now, but he would soon become a Buddha!

According to his knowledge, Monk Tang should never be a Buddha, and those people will never allow Monk Tang to cultivate himself!

"Kid, what are you talking about? When did I steal the ginseng fruit?" Sun Wukong immediately angered. Mingyue even called him a demon. Of course, he was angry. How could those demons compare with him? He is Monkey King!

"Huh, dead monkey, you are doom to the dead! But why are you still firm?" Master, please take them down and take revenge for my sister and me. We will also punch them into pigs first, and then ... hum!”

"Hit me into a pig's head? I already have pig's head, okay?" Pigsy pointed to his head and said.

"The elder brother is right. He already has a pig's head and can't become another pig's head!" Sandy interjected!

"Shut up!" Pigsy yelled at Sandy's. Why didn't Brother Sha know how to show due respect for his feelings?

Zhenyuanzi ignored the gagging of Pigsy and Sandy and kept staring at Monk Tang.

Monk Tang was stared at by Zhen Yuan, feeling great pressure, saying, "Zhenyuan Great Fairy, I did let my apprentices do it, but I can guarantee that these apprentices did not steal the ginseng fruits.! "

"Master, he lied. The ginseng fruit was definitely stolen by the monkey. My sister and I heard that they were talking about stealing the ginseng fruit!" Mingyue immediately angered.

"Amitabfa, little almsgiver, the monk doesn't slang. My apprentices really didn't steal the ginseng fruit. They thought of stealing the ginseng fruit, but I found it in time and stopped it. If Great Fairy doesn't believe it, just check it out!"

Zhenyuanzi frowned slightly. He did not find any traces of ginseng fruit on the people of Monk Tang. He could see it after eating ginseng fruit. He only felt a weak ginseng fruit smell on Monk Tang. It seems that he ate one ginseng fruit. It should be the one he gave!

"Master, don't believe this monk, he's lying!" Mingyue said.

"Amitabfa, I presume that Great Fairy will immediately see it if my apprentices have eaten ginseng fruit!" Monk Tang uttered a nondescript Buddha, he was very confident in the portable space, and Zhenyuanzi absolutely found out no smell of ginseng fruit is on him!

"Well, Mingyue, they didn't steal the ginseng fruit, they didn't. there should be someone else who did it!" Zhenyuanzi said to Mingyue.

"Master, this is impossible, it is definitely them, only they have entered the temple ..." Mingyue was suddenly anxious.

"Stop it! You mean I lied?" Zhenyuanzi frowned and yelled, some angry, and his apprentice dared to talk back to him in public. He felt that he really spoiled the two apprentices!

Hearing Zhenyuanzi's words, Monk Tang felt a loose heart in his heart, and smiled, "Amitabfa, you still have great wisdom!"

When Qingfeng and Mingyue heard Monk Tang's words, they gritted her teeth instantly, and their heart was angry and unwilling, but they were afraid to speak, and could only stare at Monk Tang and others with angry eyes!

"The Golden Cicada X, all right. Even if you didn’t steal the ginseng fruit, but how do you explain your apprentices hitting my apprentices?" Zhenyuanzi said so, he snorted softly, but it sounded like a clap of thunder! Although his apprentice is not so good, he is not willing to let some else to give them a lesson.

what the hell Is this Zhenyuanzi going to shield a shortcoming? Their own shits don't smell?

"Amitabfa, Great Fairy, what do you want?" Monk Tang asked. He felt unjustifiable. At the same time, he also regretted that Sun Wukong and others taught the two bear children. They should just run.

"I will not make trouble for you neither. Your four apprentices knelt down and confessed. Then I can forgive you!" Zhenyuan Great Fairy said very arrogantly.

Sun Wukong immediately blew his hair, yelled, "Zhenyuan, you are so bullying! Do you really think I'm afraid of you? Let me kneel? Do you deserve it?"

"Well, if you are still a monkey at your heyday, I may still be afraid of you a little, but now ... you don't have the ability to fight with me at all!" With a flash of disdain flashed in his eyes, he really didn't put Sun Wukong in his eyes!

"You ..." Sun Wukong was furious.

When Monk Tang interrupted Sun Wukong, his eyes became sharper. Zhenyuan Great Fairy made him kneel to apologize, and also angered him, saying "Zhenyuan Great Fairy, are you really kidding me?"

"I never joke!" Zhenyuanzi said so, wondering in his heart, how could this Golden Cicada X be so different from the rumors? His look is definitely not what a Buddhist practitioner should have.

Is this going to have a rupture with us? Monk Tang thought and sent a message to Sun Wukong and others with his mana so that they were ready to start.

"Then we just don't apologize?" Monk Tang said looking at Zhenyuanzi, without any fear in his eyes!

Zhenyuanzi flashed a bit of dark light in his eyes and said, "well, I will use my ways to hit you on your knees and apologize to us!"

While talking, Zhenyuanzi shook his sleeves, and the sleeves turned into a huge black hole, creating a terrible suction!

"No, Master! This is the Universe in his sleeves! run away!" Watching Zhenyuanzi suddenly made a move with great magical power, Sun Wukong exclaimed!

Chapter 81 Overwhelming Zhenyuanzi

Hearing Sun Wukong's scream, Monk Tang thought there is a bad thing going on. So, he hurriedly rushed to the Sun Wukong next to him, and took Sun Wukong away from the suction range of his sleeves, and then appeared on a mountain 10,000 meters away with Wukong!

Unfortunately, Pigsy, Sandy, and Little White Dragon taken in to Zhenyuanzi’s small universe, though they ran away in haste. Not only that, the mountains and trees where they stood were also taken in together!

Sun Wukong was a little dumbfounded. Why is he here?

Zhenyuanzi also got a big question. It was the first time he saw someone running away from his universe in his sleeves. Looking at Monk Tang in the distance, Zhenyuanzi believed that the Golden Cicada X was such different from the one in anecdotal evidence! He shouldn’t be such strong.

"Master, you're so amazing!" Zhenyuanzi was using his universe to bring Pigsy and Sandy in his sleeves, and Qingfeng and Mingyue suddenly applauded for his master. But they didn't know that their master was shocked by Monk Tang!

Zhenyuanzi said to Qingfeng and Mingyue: "you go back to our temple first, and I will catch those two people and go back. You get preparation to publish with them!"

"Yes, Master!" Qingfeng and Mingyue nodded in excitement. Although the two of them wanted to see how their Master caught Monk Tang, they did not dare to disobey his order. Thus, they ride on the cloud and went away.

"Monk Tang, what kind of magical power you have? You are able to run away from my universe in my sleeves?" Zhenyuanzi didn't rush to catch him. Instead, he asked Monk Tang with interest after Qingfeng and Mingyue left.

"you want to learn it from me? If you respect me as your master, I teach you!" Monk Tang sneered.

Zhenyuanzi was furious and snorted coldly: "Hum, arrogant baster! How come I, as a great fairy, worship you as my master? That is devilish unkind!  You can escape once but do you really think I would give you a second chance?"

The universe in his sleeves was threw out by Zhenyuan Great Fairy!

Seeing this, Monk Tang took Sun Wukong to teleport away once again. The moment they left, the mountain there was rose up into his cuff.

Zhenyuanzi's face darkled with anger, and Monk Tang actually escaped a second time. It made him feel a little embarrassed. Zhenyuanzi was really angry at this moment, and a stone book appeared in front of Zhenyuanzi.

"The Stone Book!?" Looking at the stone book, Monk Tang said loud to Wukong: "Wukong stop him!"

"Yes, Master!" Sun Wukong immediately rushed to Zhenyuanzi in a flash, while Monkey King Bar kept growing and smashed on Zhenyuanzi like a giant mountain!

Zhenyuanzi's look remained, and his fingers lightly touched the stone book, saying, "Go ahead!"

The stone book turned into a khaki-colored streamer and hit on Monkey King Bar!


The collision between the Stone Book and Monkey King Bar immediately made a loud roar and product a shock wave spreading out in all directions. Then, countless ancient trees and mountains and rocks into dust, and dozens of mountains fell apart!

The Stone Book flew back to Zhenyuanzi's hands unscathed. There was no slight change on his face, while Sun Wukong was not. Wukong turned around several times in the sky to decrease the wave power!

Monk Tang, watching the fight from a distance, felt Zhenyuanzi was a not a weak opponent to deal with. Sun Wukong was not an opponent to Zhenyuanzi. He wanted to help but he was powerless. He couldn’t get involved in that violent battle at all. It is not easy for him to avoid the shock wave.

"Naughty monkey, do you surrender?" Zhenyuanzi said with a smile at Sun Wukong standing in the air.

"Screw you!" Sun Wukong was furious, lifting up Monkey King Bar again!

"Stubborn monkey!" Zhenyuanzi said, the Stone Book quickly grew larger, covering all like the sky, as if it was a giant ancient dark mountain hitting Sun Wukong. Zhenyuanzi did not use his universe in his sleeves. Since he knew that as long as he used his sleeve, Monk Tang will take away Sun Wukong with his supernatural power. So, he planned to use the Stone Book to suppress Sun Wukong simply!


A louder collision sounded, and Sun Wukong was hit again without any doubt. This time, Wukong broke several mountains before stopping. And his tiger leather skirt on his body was torn!

Monk Tang was anxious. If Sun Wukong loses, even if he has the ability to shrink into the inch, he is not afraid of Zhenyuanzi's sleeves. But once Zhenyuanzi launches a large-scale attack spell, he will have no idea to escape the attack. So, he must find a way to help Sun Wukong before he loses!

Monk Tang nervously ask: "System, is there a way to defeat this Zhenyuanzi?"

System: ‘Judging from the current situation, you only need to buy a suppressor (a divine paper which has suppressing spell on it.) to suppress Zhenyuanzi, and Sun Wukong can solve the next thing!’

"so why are we still talking? Hurry up, give me a suppressor!" Monk Tang rejoiced.

‘Ding Dong, congratulations to you gaining a suppressor, which costing you 200,000 EXP points. The suppressor can suppress the Zhenyuan Great Fairy for 15 minutes, remember it! ’

What the hell? 200000 EXP points? How expensive!?

Hearing the sound of the system, Monk Tang was in a daze for a second, but he didn't care about the price anymore. OK, fine! As long as it can suppress Zhenyuanzi, although only 15 minutes, having 15 minutes is enough.

Looking at the suppressor in his hand, Monk Tang sneered: "Zhenyuanzi, you will regret what you did!"

Zhenyuanzi also sneered. He did not believe that the Golden Cicada X, which had not yet become a Buddha, could threaten him. In his opinion, the Golden Cicada X had no other ability than running. As long as Sun Wukong was under the Stone Book, Monk Tang was a prey anyway.

Zhenyuanzi belittled Monk Tang, which was a destiny for him to be defeated and this gave Monk Tang a chance.

"Wukong, cover me! Hover about him!" Monk Tang said to Sun Wukong. Although the suppressor was in his hand, it is not so easy to suppress Zhenyuanzi. He needs to put the suppressor on his body!!

Although he doesn’t know what Monk Tang is going to do, Sun Wukong still followed Monk Tang ’s orders. Instead of fighting hard with Zhenyuanzi, he just wrestled with him so that Zhenyuanzi was not free to keep his eyes on Monk Tang!

"Now!" Monk Tang kept his eyes on the fighting situation of the two men. Suddenly his eyes lighted up and saw an opportunity for him. He flashed to a place where was not far away from Zhenyuanzi, and he punched on the suppressor. The suppressor quickly burned, turned into a Chinese word, 'suppress', which was imprinted on Zhenyuanzi's body!

Zhenyuanzi immediately was stiff, and his mana was sealed in his body.


Zhenyuanzi, who had lost his mana, was blow off by the power that released by Sun Wukong and fell on one of high mountains!


The mountain was broken into aparts immediately!

"we made it!" some lights flashed in his eyes, and Monk Tang cheered, "Wukong, kick his ass off!"

"Yes, Master!" Sun Wukong commanded, descending from the sky, stepping Zhenyuanzi's head under the ground with one foot. The smell on his giant feet spurred Zhenyuanzi that he even couldn’t open his eyes.

Monk Tang flew directly over. He picked up his monk spade and smashed on Zhenyuanzi' s crotch where was exactly his ‘little’ Zhenyuanzi lying!

"Hmm ..."

Without the mana as his guardian, his 'little Zhenyuanzi' was smashed. Zhenyuanzi showed a extremely miserable expression. He looked up, and his eyes almost glared!


Chapter 82 Strip Him, Then ...

"Why the hell, dare to stare at me?" Monk Tang said, holding up his monk spade and smashing on Zhenyuanzi's crotch gain.

Zhenyuanzi howled and howled, but this time he was no staring. He was afraid that the jerk, the Golden Cicada X, would give him another shot on his…… it was really terribly painful!

Instead of standing by and watching the fun, Su Wukong bounced in the sky, and then his Monkey King Bar in hand slammed on Zhenyuanzi's head.

With a bang, the sparks were in his head, but Zhenyuanzi's head was not deformed or injured!

"What? Amitabfa! What a hard head! Wukong, don’t stop! Keep kick his ass off up!" Monk Tang stared!

"No, Master, this Zhenyuanzi's body is not worse than mine. His body is too hard. I can't kill him now!" Sun Wukong shook his head and put his bar off. After a hard slap, Sun Wukong knew that he could not kill this Zhenyuanzi. It makes him in the sulks!

"What? Even you cannot hurt him? What should I do?" Monk Tang said. Even Sun Wukong couldn't kill this Zhenyuanzi, not even him!

Zhenyuanzi was almost scared to vomit blood. Why did the Golden Cicada X want to kill him so much? How dare he had such murderous thoughts?

Monk Tang touched his chin and fell into contemplation. The time passed by one minute and one second. Although 15 minutes is long, the suppressor will eventually be invalid anyway. Once the time limit of the suppressor loses its efficacy, Zhenyuanzi will never forgive him. Although he can buy one more suppressor, it is also a cure for the symptoms, not the root cause!

At last Monk Tang gritted his teeth, and said, "you are the lucky one. Let's forget it first. Let us save Pigsy and others and then we talk about it. How to break the small black hole in his sleeves?"

Sun Wukong said: "Master, the universe and his sleeves are in a codependent relationship!"

Monk Tang understood and immediately knew how to do. He smiled and looked at Zhenyuanzi with flirting eyes!

"The Golden Cicada X, what are you doing?" Looking at Monk Tang was smirking at him, Zhenyuanzi suddenly felt bad and a cold breeze climb on his back.

"you will be fine. Good boy. We just want to strip you!" Monk Tang patted Zhenyuanzi's cheek. What the hell? His skin was so smooth and tender. He bet no one has such skin. He, as a fairy actually has such good skin! How cool it is!

Strip him? Zhenyuanzi's eyes were dark and almost fainted, yelling: "Wait for a second! Golden Cicada X, don't you just want me to release your three apprentices? I can let them go!"

Monk Tang shook his head, his eyes brightened and said, "No, I can get enough food yourself!" Alas, his rope is definitely a good thing. How can I get it not taking you off?

Watching Monk Tang's eyes keeping on his rope and reaching for Zhenyuanzi, Sun Wukong subconsciously tightened his tiger leather skirt.

Talking, Monk Tang took off the yin and yang robe on Zhenyuanzi. Zhenyuanzi only felt that his body was cold and he just wants to die here. He was stripped by someone, and the man was a little monk. If he was a nun, Zhenyuanzi thought it was fine to him!

Zhenyuanzi's clothes were taken off, and the magical power in his sleeves was naturally self-defeating!

The small universe in his sleeves was fade away.

Thud~ seeing a white smoke from cuffs, Pigsy, Sandy and Little White Dragon was knocked out like a big fart! Seeing this, Monk Tang...... Is this the bad taste of Zhenyuanzi?

"F**k, I finally came out, damn it, I almost killed by a big mountain!" Pigsy was gray-faced, and then saw Zhenyuanzi, who was naked, with his eyes brightened, and said, "Holy shit! This isn't Zhenyuanzi? Why take off his clothes? Master, his hobby is so unique! "

Sandy said, "The elder brother is right!" He immediately took out his small book and wrote: Zhenyuan Great Fairy's hobby is to undress in front of everyone, especially to undress in front of men. He is an exhibitionist!

When Zhenyuanzi heard Pigsy's words, she suddenly rolled his eyes. Screw you! I WAS stripped?

However, what made him even angrier was that Sandy showed him the small book, and after seeing the next content, he was yelling: "You are the exhibitionist. You are all exhibitionists. You like to undress in front of a man!"

"Well? Did I write something wrong?" Sandy scratched her head and said, "Come, Zhenyuan Great Fairy, please sign your name, otherwise people won't believe what I wrote!"

Grunt! Zhenyuanzi started to spray white smoke from his ears. He felt that Monk Tang’s apprentices were irritating than anyone. Signed? Screw you! If I sign it, I will be fool-guy

"Well, Zhenyuan Great Fairy, you can't move! It doesn't matter, I can help you. If you can't write, I can put your lip print on it!" Sandy said so, and then he gets the red dye from nowhere and printed on Zhenyuanzi. So, there is! A big red lips!


Sandy took the small book and took it on Zhenyuanzi's face, printed a lip print, Sandy took a look at his ‘masterpiece’ and show a satisfied smile. The lip print was very clear, and he said, "Thanks for your cooperation, Zhenyuan Great Fairy, people can believe what I wrote this time! "

Zhenyuan Great Fairy burst into tears. Damn! I must kill you!

Monk Tang looked at him and wanted to have fun with them, but time was up, and he said to Sun Wukong, "Wukong, use your Monkey King Bar to tie up this guy. Don't let this guy run away!"

"yes! Master!" Sun Wukong replied, and then Monkey King Bar became a golden rope and tied Zhenyuanzi, and the rope completely sealed off Zhenyuanzi's mana. Now even if the time for the suppressor has run out. Zhenyuanzi couldn’t strive at all!

Monk Tang touched his bald head. Although Zhenyuanzi is now being subdued, it is also a trouble to make Zhenyuanzi dead. It is even more impossible to let him go now. Take Zhenyuanzi to seek sutras?

OMG, Monk Tang's egg hurts when he thinks about it, and he would take an old baster to seek sutras? Haha……

Suddenly, Monk Tang's eyes turned came of inspiration, and he looked at the golden rope tied to Zhenyuanzi. Damn it, why did it feel artistic?

Monk Tang had an idea. With a single stroke, he got a refined magic camera from the system mall. The quality and clarity of the picture taken by the camera are absolutely pretty good!

Looking at Monk Tang's bright eyes and strange divine focus, Zhenyuanzi had a bad feeling. What the hell is this damn the Golden Cicada X doing right now?

"What are you doing, the Golden Cicada X? I'm going to call for help!" Zhenyuan Great Fairy said but felt cold physically and psychologically!

"Don't ~ it doesn't hurt! I just take a few photos!" Monk Tang grinned.

Photo? What is a photo? Zhenyuanzi was stunned for a moment. It was a powerful spell? He felt that it must be an extremely evil spell!

Sun Wukong, Pigsy, Sandy, and even the Little White Dragon were looking at the camera in Monk Tang's hands. They were also full of doubts. Pigsy asked, "Master, what is this thing? What is the picture?"

Monk Tang smiled mysteriously: "Hey, you know what it is in a moment!"

Chapter 83 Bundle Photo Album of Zhenyuan Great Fairy

"Love you for ten thousand years!" Monkey Tang shouted to Monkey King Bar, trying to temporarily take control of Monkey King Bar for a while, but the scene suddenly quieted down, the atmosphere was weird, and the silence was terrible. What happened?

Monk Tang looked up at his apprentices, who were looking at him with horrified eyes. Monk Tang turned to Zhenyuanzi again, and Zhenyuanzi was also frightened!

Monk Tang instantly figures out what is going on here. What the hell, I didn’t say” love you” to Zhenyuanzi. You misunderstand me!

Pigsy cried with his face covered, "Woohoo, Master, how can you say ‘this’ to him? Don't you love me?"

"Bang!" Monk Tang kicked Pigsy and said, "Go away!"

"Bang!" Monk Tang kicked Sandy. Sandy was flying away. Monk Tang said, "Don't write something untrue!"

"I said to Monkey King Bar! You know it, Wukong!" Monk Tang shouting. How shameful!

Sun Wukong nodded rudely. Who knows what you said is true? Master. It’s your show now.

Monk Tang burst into tears, but the work still needs to be done. Monkey King Bar started tricky binding Zhenyuanzi under the control of Monk Tang: such as standing restraint, sitting restraint, cross-legged restraint, open-leg restraint, back restraint and so on.

For each posture, Monk Tang had to take a few photos of Zhenyuanzi from various angles. The photos appeared with mana, and soon those pictures walked together and became a set of albums of Zhenyuan Great Fairy in a light. It’s a Bundled photo album for him. Every picture on the album was so clear that people can see every hair on his nipples!

"Zhenyuan Great Fairy, is my skill of taking pictures good?" Monk Tang showed Zhenyuanzi one by one of his photos with praise and reviews on every photo in a meticulous way.

"You should kill me!" Zhenyuanzi flushed, looking at the photo of himself doing various shame moves. Zhenyuanzi really didn't want to suffer the shame. Monk Tang was so detestable that he wanted to swallow Monk Tang at once. This spell is definitely Evil Spells!

"Hey, I want to kill you too, but I can't kill you!" Monk Tang shook his head and shook his head, and then he patted his head with a new idea. In a moment, he made Zhenyuanzi into an S-shape and clicked the shutter. Then he made him into a B-shape, and took another photo with a click, and showed Zhenyuanzi again, saying, "Great Fairy, I just felt that Great Fairy was not satisfied with the photos taken before, and so I took two more. Is the two more artistic? "

"You kill me!" Zhenyuanzi dead in his heart. Zhenyuanzi was already utterly unlovable, and the revenge in his heart did not want to be realized. If he was treated this way, what revenge would he talk about!?

"Great Fairy, you are not supposed to think so, why do you want to die? How good is it to live, or should I let you go?" Monk Tang said.

"Huh?" Zhenyuanzi froze, and then the big Woo-hoo in his heart: let me go, let me go now, I will kill all of you, destroy all the photos, no one knows what happened today!

"Hey, Great Fairy, are you thinking of that as long as I let you go now, you kill us and destroy all the photos? And Don't let others know what happened today?" Monk Tang's eyes were so bright that could see through people's hearts!

"No, absolutely not, I definitely didn't think so!" Zhenyuanzi immediately shook his head to deny it.

"Hey! I don't care what you think, but I talk to you and let you go if you let it go, but don't even think about killing us!" Monk Tang said, and then redeemed a photo quick processor from the mall.

"Wow..." After a short while, Zhenyuan Great Fairy's bundled photobooks were copied tens of thousands of copies, and the photos were piled up into a hill. Zhenyuanzi watched muddled for a while!

Monk Tang whispered in Sun Wukong's ear, Sun Wukong's eyes lit up and nodded, "Master, leave it to me, I promise to complete the task!" Saying so, he rolled up all the photos and disappeared.

A few minutes later, Sun Wukong returned, but the photos were all gone. Monk Tang saw this: "Good job!"

"Great Fairy, are you wondering where I asked Sun Wukong to take my photos? Hey, I asked Sun Wukong to put each photo album in a different place and in a different person's hand, as long as you dare to attack us, those photos will fly all over the sky, isn't it what Great Fairy wants to see? "Monk Tang said looking at Zhenyuanzi.

"Damn, the Golden Cicada X, you are cunning and mean, are you threatening me?" Zhenyuanzi gritted his teeth and seeing what Monk Tang did to him. It made him a little dreadful. The Golden Cicada X was too crafty.

Monk Tang spread his hand and said, "Amitabfa, I have no idea to deal with you. Great Fairy, you are too strong, I can only be mean this time. As for slyness, I think we both have it! So, how do you think about it? If it's OK, I'll let you go, Great Fairy! "

Zhenyuanzi gritted his teeth, and finally, he turned into helplessness, saying: "ok, fine!"

"Haha, that's right, Those who suit their actions to the time are wise!" Monk Tang laughed, then remembered the mutant ginseng fruit, and couldn't help but send him a message with his mana: "Great Fairy, can you explain the mutant ginseng ..."

"How do you know?" Monk Tang was interrupted by Zhenyuanzi before he finished speaking. The smell of murdering was pervasive. Mutant ginseng fruit was absolutely his secret. Now it must never be known to anyone. Those who know it must Kill them all!

Of course, Zhenyuanzi was quite shocked. Another space where the mutant ginseng fruit tree is located can only be entered by him. How did Monk Tang know that? Zhenyuanzi thought a lot in an instant. Is this secret no longer a secret?

"Well, Great Fairy, don't be thrilled. I just ask I won't say anything!" Monk Tang continued to send him a message with the glaring eyes with murderous intention was full of in his eyes and said: "And Great Fairy, I hate your eye contact! "

Then Monk Tang touched his head again and said, "Although I don't know what you want to do. Great Fairy, it should be a huge plot. Well, let me guess, you are not reconciled because you didn’t cultivate in the right way so that you didn’t get a great position in heaven. Queen Mother taunted you, which made you angry, right? Oh, Great Fairy, wouldn't you want to overthrow the rule of heaven? OMG, Great Fairy, you are so cool! "

"How do you know everything?" Zhenyuanzi's eyes widened. This time, he was completely shocked. This was all he thought, and it was already set.

Zhenyuanzi was a fairy with the same position as the Three Qing in the same era, but the Three Qing had cultivated themselves successfully. But he didn’t. How could he be reconciled? Later on, he sheltered human beings and made human beings have more generations. So, people called him as the Ancestor of the Land.

But it's just a title. It sounds so cool, but in fact, there aren't many people care about him, otherwise, he wouldn’t stay at Wuzhuang Temple, which located in Wanshou Mountain far away from human habitats.

What is more hateful is that the Queen Mother in heaven dared to look down on his ginseng fruits, and look down on him as well. And she ridiculed him. So, he only participated in the Peach Festival on time and never showed up at that stupid festival in heaven.


PS: The Three Qing is the collective name of the three highest gods worshiped by Taoism. The three highest gods refer to Primordial Supreme Lord, Exquisite Supreme Lord (Lord Taoist), and Virtuous Supreme Lord (Lord Laozi).

Chapter 84 Negotiation

Zhenyuanzi hated what happened to him, so he vowed to make all the people regret it. He wanted to turn heaven over and be the co-owner of heaven and earth. So, he carefully cultivated the ginseng fruit tree ...

Zhenyuanzi thought this was the secret in his heart, but he didn't think it was all said out by Golden Cicada X!

Looking at his shocked look, Monk Tang smiled proudly and said: "Great Fairy, I know astronomy from the sky and geography from the earth. The name of mine in the heavens and the world is not fake. There is nothing in this world that I don't know!" Monk Tang began to blow the air and make a lot of noise.

As for how he knew Zhenyuanzi's secret, it is actually very simple. As long as he reads the original book thoroughly, he can find some clues. After analyzing it with some unofficial history and so on, he can analyze it. This is the advantage of having time travel!

Hearing what Monk Tang said, Zhenyuanzi said, "Kim Chan-ko, do you want to report me? Tell these things to heaven and you should be able to get great benefits! ?”

"No, no, no, no!" Monk Tang shook his finger and said, "How can I do such useless things?"

Zhenyuanzi: Dead Golden Cicada X You are such a tasteless person.

"Hey? You don't believe me. I said it sincerely. Forget it! Look at my disciples, do you think our relationship with heaven will be good? With the cultivation and power of the Great Immortal, should you know a lot of things other people don't know? " Monk Tang pointed to Sun Wukong and Pigsy.

Zhenyuanzi saw Sun Wukong and others with eyebrows wrinkly. As his cultivation and status, he indeed knows a lot of things inside, understanding Monk Tang said is correct. Their relationship with heaven is not very good!

Monk Tang and his entourage went west to seek for sutras. in fact, the inside story was huge. it was a conspiracy and a game between some great powers. Monk Tang and his disciples were just pieces in a chess game. however, Zhenyuanzi would not tell Monk Tang. he was a little happy to think of this.

But soon he was frowning slightly, looking at Monk Tang, thinking of the difference between Golden Cicada Xs in front of him, Zhenyuanzi did not know why there was a kind of feeling. Monk Tang's pieces would eventually jump out of the chessboard!

On the other hand, the reason why he wants to Monk Tang the ginseng fruit is actually to make friends with the great powerful people behind Monk Tang. At this time, considering these people behind Monk Tang, Zhenyuanzi wanted less to kill Monk Tang. He became flexible. If he kills Monk Tang and others, he can make some people glad, but he will also offend many people!

Therefore, it is the best choice not to kill Monk Tang and others. Besides, killing Monk Tang will also make some people in heaven happy. He does not want to do so, so Zhenyuanzi puts down the idea of killing Monk Tang and others and kept Monk Tang and others to let the two sides play games with each other. He keeps out of the affair. It will be more beneficial to him. Of course, photos must be back in his hand by all means!

"Golden Cicada X, what do you want?" Zhenyuanzi thought about all kinds of causes and effects and then said so.

Hearing this, Monk Tang just smiled and knew that Zhenyuanzi must know many secrets. He said, "Hey hey since neither of us is very friendly with heaven, we have a basis for cooperation. The enemy of the enemy is a friend. You should know this!"

Zhenyuanzi nodded woodenly. He naturally understood it, but he scoffed at the cooperation mentioned by Monk Tang. He didn't think Monk Tang and others were qualified to cooperate with him. He proposed that the people behind Monk Tang and others were similar. On the surface, of course, there is no performance. What he wants now is for Monk Tang to let go of him and get the photo back. It's really embarrassing to be naked!

"Tell me, how do you want to cooperate?" Zhenyuanzi said this way, although he scoffed at it, he still had to act like one.

Monk Tang touched his head and said, "I haven't thought about this yet, Amitabfa."

Zhenyuanzi: "......" Then let me go first! "

"Hey hey, in that case, I'll untie you now!" Monk Tang laughed, then untied the gold rope, turned into Monkey King Bar and returned to Sun Wukong. As for the so-called cooperation, Monk Tang is just saying it is only an expedient measure. Although both sides have common enemies, Zhenyuanzi is definitely not a good partner. It would be bad if he stabbed me in the back!

After being untied, Zhenyuanzi's magic power was fully restored. He reached out for the Yin and Yang Taoist robes and it back on him!

See this Monk Tang is somewhat depressed: Damn, forget to take away the Yin and Yang Taoist robes. Damn it! Zhenyuanzi, that is my trophy!

Of course, Monk Tang didn't want it. After all, the two sides have just reached a consensus to "cooperate" and it is not good to leave our partners naked. The key is too hot for their eyes!

"Golden Cicada X, now that we are both ready to cooperate, do you think ..."

"oh, it's really getting late. let's leave now!" Monk Tang suddenly let out a loud shout, interrupting what Zhenyuanzi wanted to say, got on his horse and headed for the distance at top speed. There was absolutely no way to get a picture. If the pictures were taken back by Zhenyuanzi, Monk Tang thought that Zhenyuanzi would do something bad to them.

However, with the photo in hand, Zhenyuanzi will be afraid of me and won't beat them at once!

Looking at a Monk Tang who rode away on a cliff, Zhenyuanzi's face was gloomy and he wanted to slap him to death. the cunning of Monk Tang greatly exceeded his expectations. he roared in his heart: "damn bald donkey, I'll kill you sooner or later!"

Zhenyuanzi's magic power rolled all over him, and dark space cracks appeared. after Monk Tang went out far away, he growled, "sooner or later, all those who offend and despise me will die!"


Zhenyuanzi began to vent. He clapped his hands and took pictures of the landslide after the landslide, leaving only one deep and incomparable handprint after another. Soon the place was dilapidated. Then the figure of Zhenyuanzi disappeared.

Feeling the ground shaking and the rumbling sound, Monk Tang just smiled: "Piss off!"

Zhenyuanzi passed this pass, so Monk Tang decided to reward himself and his disciples and took out five of the ginseng fruits from his personal space. At that time, the forest here was full of flowers, dead trees, and spring. It was full of fragrance here.

"Come on, my bros, let's eat the ginseng fruit!" Monk Tang cried.

“the ginseng fruits?” Sun Wukong, Pigsy, Sandy and the Little White Dragon were all stunned. They all understand in an instant.

Sun Wukong said, "master, did you steal the ginseng fruit?"

"How to talk, how can the monks call stealing? It should be called theft. " Monk Tang said with a roll of their eyes when he heard this.

Chapter 85 Charming and Petite Village Girl

Sun Wukong rolled his eyes wildly and said, "What, isn't that the same meaning?

Pigsy couldn't help drooling when staring at the ginseng fruit, no matter what, saying: "It smells good!"

Sandy honest and frank said: "master, those seem like the same method!"

So Sandy was kicked off by Monk Tang. Can he say something nice?

After playing fun for a while, the crowd began to eat the ginseng fruit. the ginseng fruit was only as big as a fist, so it could be eaten in a few bites. Pigsy even swallowed it in one bite without even tasting it!

After eating the ginseng fruit, the crowd is full of fragrance and the flesh is well baptized. Except for Monk Tang, the cultivation of Sun Wukong and others has increased. The biggest change is the Little White Dragon!

After the Little White Dragon ate the ginseng fruit, there was a rumbling sound in his body. Then he saw his body zoom in and out, zoom in and out, and then become a real white dragon soaring in the sky. the dragon mighty filled the air.

When Monk Tang saw this joy, was it the Little White Dragon who broke through seal with the ginseng fruit? Is my dream of dragon knight coming true?

Monk Tang shouted, "the Little White Dragon, have you broken through the seal?"

The Little White Dragon fell from the sky with a flash of silver light and changed again into ... OMG, A horse? But his height and size have increased several times, and it can fit a big bet on a horse!

The Little White Dragon said: "No, I haven't broken through seal yet, and a little problem has just occurred. I can't control my body shape very well. Now I can only do this. seal still needs to crack ... eh? I can jump, Master. Look, I can jump! "

The Little White Dragon started jumping around as he spoke, his huge body trembling on the ground.

The crowd :“……”

OMG, he definitely has a problem. the idiot disease has deepened. It is already late to save him~~~

Monk Tang was in tears. He looked at Sun Wukong, who seemed honest but unruly. He looked at Pigsy, a pig who was lazy and lecherous. He looked at Sandy, who was very honest but had only a memory of three seconds. Finally, he looked at the Little White Dragon deepened by the idiot disease. Suddenly, Monkey Tang felt so anxious and he wanted to resume secular life!

After a long time, after taking a deep breath, Monk Tang continued to hit the road. He gave up an idea of being a dragon knight, he had better ride a horse. However, after the Little White Dragon has grown several times. He is quite cool, especially it is more satisfied that Monk Tang installed a bed like a small room on the back of the Little White Dragon.

Sitting cross-legged on the big bed, Monk Tang took the black spear of the Black Bear and his own Nine-Ring Monk Spade and brushed his proficiency. At last, at a certain moment, the black spear became liquid and was swallowed by Nine-Ring Monk Spade. Monk Tang was delighted and finally became a master of divine focus in 2nd grade!

The weight of the Nine-Ring Monk Spade that devoured the black spear has obviously increased a lot, and its appearance has also changed to some extent. Some small black lines appear on the golden Monk Spade, like mysterious symbols. As soon as the palm is touched, the new Nine-Ring Monk Spade data appears in Monk Tang's heart:

Nine-Ring Monk Spade: grade 2, with skills to shock and penetrate!

Nine-Ring Monk Spade not only upgraded the rank by one level but also added a new skill-penetration. Monk Tang speculated that this might be the reason that his spade devoured the black spear.

Then Monk Tang spent some time upgrading his props to the second level, and then checked his current status:

host : Monk Tang

Occupation: monk (seek for sutras)

Level: 18

EXP :489260/1310720

Deputy: master of divine focus (level, level 2, Proficiency 0/20)

Skills: Complete Buddhist Scripture of Being Immortal 、 Buddha's Warrior Attendant' s Exorcism Kung Fu of with Spade

Props: Brocade Kasaya (in form of the cloak )、 Nine-Ring Monk Spade 、 Gold Three-Hoop Ring (Fake)

While checking his status on Monk Tang's side, Pigsy's sound came over: "master, there is someone in front, eh? I'm still a beautiful woman. I'm going to protect her. haha, I'm coming to you! Long legs! "

"Wait!" When Monk Tang heard this, he immediately shouted that the dead pig did not change his instinct. Then he looked into the distance. Indeed, there appeared a village girl in front of him, carrying a basket on her arm and walking towards them.

Looking at the charming and charming appearance and attire of the village girl, and combining with the development of the plot, Monk Tang almost analyzed who the village girl was, but he was not sure. After all, he didn't have Sun Wukong's golden eyes, didn't want to kill wrongly, and looked at Sun Wukong.

Sun Wukong felt Monk Tang's eyes and said, "master, that woman is a demon ..."

"Want? What do you want? " Monk Tang immediately confirmed Sun Wukong's words, then shouted loudly to stop Sun Wukong talking with his blinked eyes at Sun Wukong.

Sun Wukong was shocked when he saw this: Is this monk trying to do something? Then I will watch the fun!

"Yes, Bro, what do you want? Do you still want women? " Pigsy said.

On hearing this, Sun Wukong lazily spoke to Pigsy with sperm worms in his brain and was ready to see what Monk Tang would do.

At this time, the White Bone Demon, dressed up by the village girl, has come to their front and looked at the huge white horse with a little surprise in her eyes. She could not help but say with a charming voice: "What a big white horse!"

Her sound is good and sweet. Monk Tang praised it in his heart, then jumped down from horseback and said, "Amitabfa, Almsgiver, where are you going?"

"yes, Almsgiver, where are you going? Let me protect you in this desolate and wild mountain. We can also have in-depth communication through all-round close protection. " Pig Pigsy said flirting aside, wiping saliva as he spoke.

The White Bone Demon pretended to be the village girl. Obviously, she didn't expect Monk Tang to suddenly appear in front of her and then asked what she wanted to say. After a while, she was stunned and said, "This master, I am going home!"

Of course, when Monk Tang appeared himself, there was still a glimmer of joy in the eyes of the White Bone Demon.

"Home? I didn't find anyone on the road when I came here. " When Monk Tang heard this, he sighed that the White Bone Demon is really not a good actor. She lacks the ability to improvise.

"I, I lost, can you take me home!?” Hearing what Monk Tang said, the white Bone Demon flashed a trace of panic and then found a lame excuse.

"well, Almsgiver. You get on the horse first and I'll take you back!" Monk Tang said.

"Well, thank you~" the white Bone Demon's eyes brightened again when she heard it. Although she didn't rehearse in advance, the result was similar. She walked towards the White Dragon and climbed up the ladder hanging down from the back of the Little White Dragon, but at that moment, an evil wind came from behind!

"Ah ..." the white Bone Demon turned into the village girl looked at monk spade smashing at her head and she was screaming!

Chapter 86 Look, There Is A Plane!


The village girl was immediately beaten into minced meat and then she dropped to the ground.

Ding dong, congratulations to host for slaying an incarnation of the White Bone Demon and rewarding EXP 500 points!

In an instant of killing this charming little village girl, the prompt tone of the system also sounded, making Monk Tang muddled, and then said, "what is that, system? The White Bone Demon ran away? "

Monk Tang thought that he could defeat the White Bone Demon by one shoot. However, he remembered that the White Bone Demon was possessed by the village girl and should not have run as long as she was knocked down. However, he did not expect to let the White Bone Demon run away.

System:' Runaway? Host, your idea is wrong. The White Bone Demon's body is not possessed by the village girl at all. the village girl is only an incantation cultivated by the White Bone Demon. You can be understood the incantation as a variation of the incarnation outside the body, which is the unique skill of the White Bone Demon!"

Monk Tang touched his chin when he heard this, but he didn't think the White Bone Demon had such skills. then he said, "so if I want to kill the White Bone Demon, I must find her original body?"

System:' Yes, host, only by killing the body of the White Bond Demon can it be completely beheaded. Killing the incarnation has little influence on the White Bone Demon!'

"Master, how did you kill this woman!" Pigsy stare big eyes said, Monk Tang suddenly began to kill people, really startled him, and what a pity, it's a pity that such a beautiful big long legs, he still wanted to have in-depth communication with this long-legged sister!

Sandy also rushed out his small notebook and wrote: Today we and master and others came to the White Tiger Mountain. master killed a woman ... Master killed again. Brother looks so sad!

"Women? Idiot, you only know women. Open your eyes wide and have a good look at it. This woman is a goblin! " Sun Wukong said on the sidelines.

"Impossible, you talk nonsense. How can this woman be a goblin?" Pigsy retorted, thinking that if Sun Wukong had killed the woman, he would have let master punish Sun Wukong well, and he might have taken place of Sun Wukong.

"Hey hey, even if I was wrong, do you think the master was wrong?" Sun Wukong says with a smile.

OMG, hearing this Pigsy was suddenly shocked. He actually said something wrong. He looked at Monk Tang. Sure enough, Monk Tang looked at him now. He couldn't help making a sudden trembled and said: "Haha, master, it 's not what I mean. Monkey is misinterpreting my words! My meaning is that master is good at killing, and you are so cool! "

Of course, Pigsy still thinks that Monk Tang killed a human being and does not think it is a goblin!

Of course, Monk Tang doesn't care what Pigsy said. He motioned with his hand and said, "All right, stop talking nonsense and go ahead!"

"Yes, master!" Seeing that Monk Tang did not want to punish him, Pigsy immediately came to the front with his rake.

A line of people continued to hit the road. Not long after they got out, an old woman, leaning on a crutch, came trembling towards them and shouted, "Where are you, daughter?" Why don't you go home? ?”

The old woman's sound is very penetrating, and she tried her best to make all people hear what she said.

"master, someone is looking for her daughter in front. She must look for the girl just now. How can I explain this to others? Her mother was looking for her?" Pigsy said loudly.

Monk Tang ignored the pig Pigsy, who was more than capable of success than failure. He looked at the old woman who was approaching them slowly and he saw she had a sneering smile at her mouth for one second. Is the White Bone Demon going to play the game to the end? It's quite professional, but you should be more professional. I'm losing my interest right now!

At this time, the old woman had already walked slowly to their neighborhood, looking at the White Dragon Horse, which was extremely tall, without any surprise. Looking at the goblin face of Pigsy and others, without any fear, she cried with tears: "have you seen my daughter?"

Looking at the poor performance of the White Bone Demon, Monk Tang was speechless with laughter inside. Was it not surprising to see the White Dragon Horse? He is an unbelievable huge horse! this is your first time to see us! Please, you should pretend to be surprised and scared to see abnormal us!

Monk Tang was really wanted to let the White Bone Demon go to those movie school in his past life to learn how to act well, and then show it to him. Monk Tang felt bored, so suddenly Monk Tang beat her again.


There is no doubt that this old woman is also an incarnation of the White Bone Demon. Apart from contributing 500 EXP, it is nothing special!

"Master, why did you kill again ..." Pigsy was the old woman who was killed by Monk Tang without saying anything. Se couldn't help asking. Is this master going to kill people again?

"Shut up, you idiot, this old woman is also a goblin, see clearly!" Sun Wukong grabbed Pigsy's ear and said, interrupting Pigsy's words.

Then Monk Tang said, "Let's go. There should be a man in that family. It should be the old woman's family. She should have an old husband. Let's kill him too!" Monk Tang hoped that the White Bone Demon will act better in her third play.

Damn it, he is really to kill it once and for all. Ah! Pigsy is a surprised, and then did not dare to speak much, he thought monk Tang's killing thoughts is too cruel if he speaks more maybe he would be......!

"Yes, master!" Sun Wukong replied so. Monk Tang definitely did it for some reason. And it was the thing he'd like to do!

The five continued to move forward, indeed saw a thatched cottage, with a wooden fence to surround the thatched cottage, an old man is walking back and forth in the fence, very anxious, from time to time stand on tiptoe to hand the arbor way looking toward the distance!

"master, there are people in front of you. How do you know it, master?" When Pigsy saw the thatched hut, he was shocked and said to Monk Tang, flattering him.

"I'll figure it out by pinching my fingers!" Monk Tang said so, then got off the horse and walked towards the thatched cottage.

"Master, are you from that direction? Did you see an old woman and a girl? My daughter was lost. The old woman went looking for her and has not come back yet! Have you seen it? " The old man said so.

Seeing that the White Bone Demon said so, Monk Tang sighed and thought that she did not make any progress. Monk Tang was really disappointed with the White Bone Demon's acting talent. At the same time, he also had some doubts about the IQ of the White Bone Demon and she was not as smart as the legend has it!

So he decided not to talk nonsense with the White Bone Demon and suddenly pointed to space and shouted, "Look, there are planes!"

Chapter 87 Just Google It

Flying chicken? Can a chicken fly? Or is it a chicken demon? The crowd looked up to the sky when they heard the news, and the White Bone Demon was no exception.

And when the White Bone Demon looked up, a glittering monk spade was hitting on her head.


Another puddle of meat mud appeared.

"Damn, he was killing again! a family of three completely destroyed" Pigsy thought!

The old man was also an incarnation of the White Bone Demon. After killing the incarnation, Monk Tang got another 500 EXP points. Monk Tang looked at the meat mud on the ground and muttered, "There should be no incarnation this time, right? Next, go to the White Bone Cave and find the body of the White Bone Demon! "

When Monk Tang killed all three of the White Bone Demon's incarnations, the White Bond Demon, who was cultivating in the Bone Cave, was furious with a crisp voice: "The evil monk actually killed my all the incarnation, but how did he know it? Is that what the monkey said? It seems that I must try to get this monkey away from Monk Tang! "

The White Bond Demon has some doubts. Although her incarnation from white bone is no match for her body incarnation, no one can easily see it. The White Bone Demon believes that her exposure is due to Sun Wukong!

After thinking for a long time, the White Bone Demon summoned a small demon and left the White Bone Cave. the White Bone Demon dispatched herself to catch Monk Tang, whose meat was yummy!

This way, when the White Bone Demon was carrying with a small group of demons, Monk Tang also said to Sun Wukong and others, "Disciples, I just counted and counted. The name here is the White Tiger Mountain, and there is a big goblin. I will take you to subdue and remove her now!"

Sun Wukong's eyes brightened when heard Monk Tang's words because he knew that it meant there was a fight to be fought. Sun Wukong asked more positively than anyone: "master, do you know where the goblin is?"

"I only know that goblin lived in goblin nest called the Bones Cave, but I don't know exactly where it is!" Monk Tang said because he really did not know where the White Tiger Mountain was. It was not easy to find a cave in such a place!

"It's easy. I'll know when I ask!" Sun Wukong said this when he heard this, and then he smashed the ground with Monkey King Bar, shaking the whole ground. At the same time, Sun Wukong shouted, "Show me the fairy of the land here. If he doesn't come out again, I'll smash here again!"

The fairy of the land? Monk Tang's eyes lit up when he heard this, asking for them when getting lost is definitely a good way, which is similar to google it when having problems. Why didn't I think of it? Monk Tang touched his head.

“ Bang !”

In an instant, a cloud of white smoke rose from the ground. At the same time, a slightly aged voice sounded in the white smoke: "Monkey King! I am coming! I am coming! Don't smash it again!"

A little old man with a white beard and white hair emerged from the ground. seeing the height of the other party, Monk Tang somewhat understood why the earth temple was built so small because the height of the fairy of the land was at his knee.

"You are the fairy of here?" When Sun Wukong saw him, he put Monkey King Bar on his shoulder and asked.

"Yes, yes, yes Monkey King, I am the fairy of the land, I don't know why you call me? Do you have any command for me? Ah! Hello, Tang Monk, Tian Peng Marshal ... "the voice of the fairy trembled, and he was extremely afraid of Sun Wukong, especially Monkey King Bar, who almost scared him to urinate when he put it on his shoulder. this stick did not know how much immortal blood was stained.

"It is good! I ask you that does the White Tiger Mountain has any goblin. Where do they live and how can we get there? After answering truthfully, you can go! " Sun Wukong said, putting his Monkey King Bar on the ground.

"Yes, there are. A lot of goblins live in the White Tiger Mountain. There is a queen named the White Bone Demon, who has been cultivating for thousands of years. The White Bone Lady lives in a cave 30 miles from here. If you want to go, you can see it from here to the northwest." the little fairy immediately said.

"Well, you can go!" When Sun Wukong knew what he wanted to know, he waved and let him go. Then he looked at Monk Tang and said, "master, you have heard it, let's go now?"

"Well, it's not too late!" Monk Tang nodded, killing the goblins for EXP can not delay. So he went toward the bones cave 30 away from here. But on the halfway, the crowd stopped. they saw an ancient Guanyin Temple located not far from them.

"master, there is a Guanyin temple!" Pigsy said.

"Guanyin Temple?" Monk Tang's brow wrinkled and he remembered the animation of the journey to the west of TV series. he had seen it in his past life. in his past life, there was indeed the story of the white bone demon pretending to be Guanyin. The white bone demon became Guanyin bodhisattva. She said to everyone that Sun Wukong had confused Monk Tang. The one who was killed by Sun Wukong was actually a human instead of a goblin, and finally, she instigated Pigsy to drive away from Sun Wukong!

Sun Wukong was expelled, which caused Monk Tang (in the original book) to suffer a lot. However, in Monk Tang's view, the Monk Tang in the original totally deserved it and asked for it.

In this life, he is Monk Tang now. He would never allow such a thing to happen!

At the same time, Monk Tang also has some doubts about how come the White Bone Demon got the courage to pretend to be Guanyin. A small demon who dares to pretend to be Guanyin. As far as Monk Tang's concerned, it is an act of asking for death. However, the White Bone Demon has just done it, which made Monk Tang think it was interesting.

Of course, Monk Tang can't control so much now. He would like to see how the White Bone Demon in this world pretends to be Guanyin. Does she not know that there is one apprentice of three who doesn't like Guanyin? Or the one who is hated by Guanyin, and Monk Tang should be included in it.

It seems that the White Bone Demon is not particularly well-informed. Monk Tang thought that If he knew, he would not pretend to be Guanyin.

"master, there is the sinister smell!" At the moment when Monk Tang's mind was full of crackles, Sun Wukong's eyes flashed with golden flames, holding Monkey King Bar. Sun Wukong jumped to the front and said, his eyes fixed on the temple.

Although this temple is of primitive simplicity, it is very high-end and full of peace, which is much better than the Guanyin Temple of Elder Jinchi.

"the sinister smell, Bro, what are you talking about? What goblin dares to run in front of the Guanyin Temple? " Pigsy shouted.

"You idiot, go away!" Sun Wukong immediately kicked Pigsy off the ground.

Sandy also did not believe Sun Wukong's words, but he did not refute him. He just bowed devoutly there. Sandy's impression of Guanyin is different from that of Monk Tang, Sun Wukong and the Little White Dragon. He does not know the other side of Guanyin, but only thinks that Guanyin is merciful and he needs to bow down when he meets it!

Chapter 88 the White Bone Demon

Looking at Sandy kowtowing to this fake Guanyin Temple, Monk Tang's eyebrows slightly wrinkled, but he did not stop him.

Then he said, "Come on, let's go inside. If I want to worship, I must worship the Bodhisattva's statue. Remember that you must not be rude to Guanyin Bodhisattva!" Hum, Monk Tang doesn't know what the White Bone Demon can do, Monk Tang thought it.

"Hey hey, our master is right!" Pigsy had got back, and after hearing Monk Tang's words, he said to Monk Tang. At the same time, he also looked at Sun Wukong with a few proud eyes and monkey almost kick Pigsy again!

Monk Tang was the first to enter Guanyin Temple.

"Master ..." Sun Wukong saw it and did not know what Monk Tang was trying to do. Why did he go to worship Guanyin? Monk Tang didn't like Guanyin at all?

"Wukong, be nice! Do not be rude!" Monk Tang said this and winked at Sun Wukong.

Sun Wukong was somewhat stunned. Although he did not understand the specific meaning of Monk Tang, he knew that Monk Tang was not a fool. So he planned to wait and see how Monk Tang would do.

The five people just walked into the Guanyin Temple. Sandy shows the face of piety. even Pigsy also dare not talkative, ready to worship Guanyin.

The outside of the Guanyin temple is very simple and unsophisticated. but when they walked inside, it is carved with beams and painted buildings, resplendent and magnificent, brick-paved the ground, and spotless. A golden statue of Guanyin stands in the middle of the Buddha Hall, with incense burning in a huge incense burner in front of it!

Looking at the resplendent and magnificent Guanyin temple, Monk Tang almost couldn't help laughing. Although it looks exactly like that, it is really too much. Let's just say it's spotless and fragrant.

What is this place? The White Tiger Mountain definitely is the barren hills. There are no families around here. There is no family to donate money to the temple. No one comes to worship and cleans up the Guanyin temple. How can it be spotless? ?

If this Guanyin temple is dilapidated and covered with cobwebs or something, it will have more credibility.

At this moment, the Guanyin status was giving off golden lights.

"master, Guanyin Bodhisattva has manifested herself!" Pigsy exclaimed and quickly bowed down.

"Guanyin Bodhisattva!" Sandy also bowed down hurriedly and looked unusually devout!

The original golden Guanyin statue suddenly came to life and became a beautiful Guanyin Bodhisattva, with a hole above her head and a jade vase in her hand. Her face was beautiful, but at this time she looked at Monk Tang with a hint of warm anger and said directly, "the Golden Cicada X, do you know your sin?"

When Monk Tang heard this, he was stunned. Send a punitive force against? She seems a little impatient, said: "Bodhisattva, I don't know what crime I made?"

"You don't know? I will show you, why did you kill the three people off in the village for no reason? Isn't this a sin? "Guanyin Bodhisattva said like this. With a little finger gently, the pictures appeared in front of Monk Tang and others. It was a picture that Monk Tang who killed the three incarnations!

Before Monk Tang could speak, Pig Pigsy began to shout: "master, look, I said they were human beings but you didn't listen. Now you know it! You believed what the monkey said. This time Bodhisattvas have come to ask for your sins. You are in trouble!"


"You idiot, you shut up!" Sun Wukong gave Pigsy a slap when he heard this.

"Golden Cicada X, your eldest apprentice is getting more and more presumptuous as a senior disciple. How dare you do it in front of me!" At this moment, 'Guanyin Bodhisattva' spoke again, with a beautiful compassionate face, saying with a beautiful voice, "the Golden Cicada X, looking at these pictures, do you still feel that you have no sin?"

"Bodhisattva, if you mean this, then I am not guilty!" Monk Tang said.

"Indeed, you are not to blame for this matter. In your eyes, the three innocent people are indeed goblins, but the three of them are indeed ordinary people. The reason why you regard them as goblins is that Golden Cicada X, you were bewitched and what you saw was an illusion!" 'Guanyin Bodhisattva' said.

Pigsy and Sandy's eyes widened instantly when they heard this. Pigsy could not help but say, "Bodhisattva, what kind of goblin has bewitched my master? I heard that there is a White Bone Demon living here with only a thousand years of cultivation. Bodhisattva, do you think this goblin did it? "

"No!" "Guanyin Bodhisattva" hurriedly said, the corners of the mouth twitched in very concealment. but Monk Tang saw it. He laughs in mind. Pigsy finally was a good assist to him. presumably, the White Bone Demon must be very depressed? Her own incarnations were killed and she was suspected of did a bad thing to herself. this kind of feeling is absolutely good.

"Who is that? Bodhisattva, please tell me that I must make him pay the price! " Pigsy asked when he heard this.

"Guanyin Bodhisattva" is more compassionate and sighed, "That man is among you!"

When Guanyin Bodhisattva said this, she looked at Sun Wukong. Her movement showed what she meant!

"Damn it, goblin! you pretend to be Guanyin but I don't care about it, but you dare to slander me. It's really a death wish. goblin, you go die..." Sun Wukong yelled. The goblin poured dirty water on him. he can't stand it.

At this point, Monkey King Bar appeared in his hand!

"Wukong, stop!" Monk Tang burst into a drink and said. If Sun Wukong kills the White Bone Demon, he is suffering from EXP loss. This is his goblin. Sun Wukong must not rob it from him."

At the same time, out of the corner of his eye, he saw a trace of panic in the eyes of Guanyin Bodhisattva, and when he shouted out the word stop, he was greatly relieved. Obviously Sun Wukong suddenly started to the fright which frighten the White Bone Demon a lot.

Monk Tang sneers in his heart, but he did not expose it. he said, "Monkey King Bar, don't be rude in front of bodhisattva!"

"master, she is a goblin!" Sun Wukong heard this and looked at Monk Tang. was this monk bewitched by her?

"Yes, monkey, hurriedly put away your Monkey King Bar. In front of the Bodhisattva, you also dare to play with your bar!? Don't falsely accuse Bodhisattva. " Pigsy seized the opportunity to say so.

"You idiot ..." Sun Wukong bared his teeth and was very angry with this stupid pig. He was bout to raise Monkey King Bar to hit on him. Pigsy, the frightened pig, quickly fled behind Monk Tang.

"master, look, this monkey is going to kill me. He was bewitched but he does not admit it!" Pigsy hurriedly shouted at Monk Tang.

'Guanyin Bodhisattva' said: "Golden Cicada X, it is Sun Wukong who bewitched you. He was bold enough to make a stroke and strife in Heaven. He bewitched you to kill people. Do you think it is incredible? And do you think I will lie to you? "

Chapter 89 Hahaha...... Killing Goblins!

In terms of common sense among ordinary people, Guanyin Bodhisattva will not lie, of course. Even Pigsy and Sandy think Guanyin Bodhisattva will not lie. They believe what the fake Guanyin said!

Of course, Monk Tang didn't believe a word. The White Bone Demon changed into a temple and pretended to be Guanyin. She asked if he knew his crime. In fact, her purpose was just to get Sun Wukong away from him.

If this is in the original work, as long as he listens to 'Guanyin Bodhisattva' and was instigated by pig Pigsy, Monk Tang (in the original work) will definitely expel Sun Wukong away and then will get in the trap of the White Bone Demon!

When Monk Tang heard this, he did not look at Sun Wukong again, but bowed down and said, "I, Tang Sanzang, say hi to you, Bodhisattva!"

When he bent down, all the people did not see a joking smile in Monk Tang's eyes!

Guanyin Bodhisattva immediately smiled with satisfaction and showed more compassion on her face.

But all of a sudden, her facial expression stagnated, her eyes suddenly widened, and the reflection of a golden monk spade in her eyes rapidly enlarged!


The sound of a golden iron strike was heard in the Guanyin temple. only seeing Monk Tang was holding the Nine-Ring Monk Spade, swung from bottom to top on the chin of "Guanyin bodhisattva" and she was thrown away, Bang crashed into the wall, splashing the rocks off from the wall.

Guanyin Bodhisattva quickly stood up, her chin tilted, her hole on top of her head disappeared, and her long hair was all gone. No compassionate face. Only a grim and angry expression on her beautiful face, "Dare you to dare to attack me, the Golden Cicada X?"

"Kuang!" Monk Tang severely beat monk spade to the ground and said, "Hit you? So what? don't you say you are a bodhisattva? Even if you are a real bodhisattva but you slandered my apprentice, I will kick your as off!"

Sun Wukong, Pigsy, Sandy and the Little White Dragon were all stunned by the sudden shock of Monk Tang. Didn't he just want to bow down? But he suddenly started to fight!

Pigsy and Sandy both swallowed a mouthful of saliva involuntarily: hitting a Bodhisattva! Things are going to be big!

Sun Wukong suddenly burst out laughing: "Good fight, master, kill this goblin! She slandered me!"

Hearing this, Guanyin Bodhisattva stared and said, "How did you find out I'm a fake one ?"

"Is it difficult? From the beginning to the end, I didn't believe that you were real. How about that? Are you angry to hear that? Just ask you whether you are angry or not? " Monk Tang said.

“ Crac !”

The White Bone Demon gnashed his teeth and said: "In that case, then there will be only a storm! Little ones, tear them up!"

With the voice of the White Bone Demon, her appearance has also changed, from sacrosanct to a crystal-like white bone. The upper and lower jawbones open and close, and the voice comes out!

At the same time, the Guanyin temple, which was originally brilliant in gold, has also undergone changes. It has rapidly become dilapidated and then everything has come back to life.

The gold bricks on the ground are not bricks but bricks-sized the Cockroach Goblins. The dragon carved on the pillar and coiled around it also survived. It was the Centipede Goblins with polished shells, and the huge incense burner became the Toad Goblins with mouths open. Even the incense that was lit was the Serpent Goblins with long tongues.

The entire Guanyin temple is made up of all kinds of goblins. Just now Monk Tang and others stepped on the body of the Cockroach Goblins!

Monk Tang couldn't help shuddering at the sight of this. Of course, it is not fear, but a natural reaction. Every time he sees things like poisonous insects, he can't help shuddering.

“ OMG , goblins !” Pigsy yelled and quickly took out his weapon. He was shocked and disgusted. He remembered that when he kowtowed down just now, he could not help kissing the golden floor! Damn, he realized that what he kissed is the back of the cockroach goblins!

After showing their true colors, all the little goblins came to kill Monk Tang and others. Seeing this, Sun Wukong shouted, "Pigsy, Brother Sha, protect our master!" He said it while he was going to kill the enemy.

"Stop it, let me! Let me bear the sin of killing! You, Pigsy and Sandy, do not let the White Bone Demon run away!" Monk Tang is also yelling. these are all EXP. Although it is disgusting, they cannot be wasted!

This is not the first time for him to do so, so the other three brothers immediately said, "Yes, master!"

With the order of the White Bone Demon, the huge amount of the cockroach goblins came rushing like a wave, and the toad goblins came with a quacking leap. the serpent goblins and the centipede goblins and others were crawling on the ground, and the Raven Goblins and the Bat Goblins were circling overhead, which could be said to be overwhelming.

At first glance, the dense creatures are all kinds of monsters in the sky and on the ground. it makes people blood freezes.

Although Monk Tang looks very uncomfortable, he thinks that these monsters are made up of EXP one by one. Monk Tang's eyes are lit up and shout at top of voice。 And he used the skill, Buddha's Warrior Attendant's Exorcism Kung Fu of With Spade. A huge arhat virtual shadow appears behind Monk Tang with hundreds of meters high. But no one can't see its face clearly!


Monk Tang hit his monk spade on the ground, and arhat ghost did the same!


Monk spade knocked on the ground and let out a thump. Then the ground was like the sea lifting waves, and golden ripples swept away in all directions. It is pure golden Buddha power and the bane of the monsters. When the monsters touch golden Buddha light, they immediately burst into pieces and turned into pus and blood.

Ding dong, congratulations to host for killing a small demon and obtaining EXP 50 points!

Ding dong, congratulations to host for killing a small demon and obtaining EXP 500 points!

Ding dong, congratulations to host for killing a small demon and obtaining EXP 500 points!

Ding dong, congratulations to host for killing a little demon and getting EXP 350 points!

Ding dong, congratulations to host for killing a small demon and obtaining EXP 1000 points!


After a monk spade went down, a continuous prompt tone sounded in Monk Tang's ear. Monk Tang smiled and looked at the increasing EXP points. Monk Tang knew that he was not far from upgrading again, so he killed even harder!

Every time the monk spade goes down, a few or a dozen goblins will be killed by Monk Tang, and there is no need to aim at them at all. As long as he has thrown his spade out violently, there will be many monsters dead.

When he was excited about killing the little demons, Sun Wukong, Pigsy, and Sandy had surrounded the White Bone Demon and wanted to be captured alive according to Monk Tang's orders!

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Chapter 90 OMG, Self-Immolation?

Of course, the White Bone Demon had long been hiding behind the little goblins and did not give Sun Wukong the opportunity to attack her!

The White Bone Demon directed the group of goblins to attack Monk Tang. Tens of goblins were running to Monk Tang. Although Sun Wukong and others could easily kill these small demons, all three of them just broken their legs due to Monk Tang's command. As for the Little White Dragon, he was leisurely eating grass nearby. once his dragon mighty surrounds him, the monster did not dare to approach the Little White Dragon!

The sound of the EXP rising continues to resound. Listening to this voice, Monk Tang's excitement increases. The translucent figure dances harder on his back while his EXP grows faster.

After half an hour of incessant slaughter, Monk Tang finally killed all the monsters, none of which was spared, even the small monsters that were scared off. He caught up with them and smashed them into minced meat with his monk spade. These are all poison-typed goblins, so Monk Tang has no plan to keep them as food. He doesn't care whether the flesh is complete or not!

After the war, Monk Tang got a large number of EXP points. Although there are not many EXP points for each small goblin, the number is a large sum. Monk Tang's experience points at this time has been enough to upgrade again!

So Monk Tang opens the task panel and checks his current status:

host : Monk Tang

Occupation: monk (sutras seeker)

Level: 18

EXP :3286760/1310720

Deputy: master of divine focus ( Level 2, Proficiency 0/20)

Skills: complete Buddhist scripture, Buddha's Warrior Attendant' s Exorcism Kung Fu of with Spade

Props: Brocade Kasaya (in form of the cloak), Nine-Ring Monk Spade, Gold Three-Hoop Ring (fake)

Looking at more than 3 million EXP points, Monk Tang smiled. However, he remembered that he had accumulated only over 400,000 EXP points before. That is to say, he had won over 2 million EXP points and nearly 3 million EXP points in the fight.

"system, I want to upgrade!" Monk Tang is happy to say that upgrading and strengthening is the key.

Ding dong, the upgrade was successful, your level was upgraded by one level, EXP was insufficient, and the conditions right now for the further upgrade were not met!'

The next moment, the breath of Monk Tang soared, the muscles and bones of the whole body were getting stronger, while the golden light seeped out from under the skin. In an instant, Monk Tang became a golden Buddha. his essence, energy, and spirit were also rapidly changing.

The primordial qi between heaven and earth is rapidly coming towards Monk Tang.

Sun Wukong, Pigsy and Sandy all felt the change of momentum of Monk Tang, but they were not surprised. Although some breakthroughs in Monk Tang were inappropriate or even abrupt, they knew that this was the correct way for master to breakthrough ...

The White Bone Demon was also shocked, and then angry. The Monk Tang not only killed all her little goblins but also made a breakthrough. He can become a fairy or a Buddha by one step. Is this contempt for her?

Monk Tang didn't think about what the White Bone Demon thought, even forgot the existence of the White Bone Demon when he made the breakthrough. After the breakthrough was completed, Monk Tang opened the character panel again:

host : Monk Tang

Occupation: monk (sutras seeker)

Level: 19

EXP :1976040/2621440

Deputy: master of divine focus (level 2, Proficiency 0/20)

Skills: Complete Buddhist Scripture of Being Immortal 、 Buddha's Warrior Attendant' s Exorcism Kung Fu of with Spade

Props: Brocade Kasaya (in form of the cloak), Nine-Ring Monk Spade 、 Gold Three-Hoop Ring (fake)

Looking at his current level and EXP, it will take nearly a million EXP points to upgrade. therefore, Monk Tang only focused on the White Bone Demon who did not run away. his eyes went a little red. Monk Tang asked the system, "system, how many exp can I get if I kill the White Bone Demon?"

System:' ding dong, 500,000 EXP points are not enough for you to raise to level 20. oh, by the way, you are at level 19 now and will soon be completely out of the category of ordinary people. When your level is raised to 20th, the system will be upgraded at the same time. when the system is upgraded, the system mall and other functions will be temporarily closed!'

Hearing this, Monk Tang was shocked and then asked, "The system will upgrade? did you upgrade once? Howcome you will upgrade again? "

System:' system will be upgraded according to your level change. every time host's level is upgraded by 10 levels, the system will be upgraded automatically. of course, more accurately, it should be described as 'adjusted' so that the system can serve you better!'

Monk Tang nodded. It is true. When he was promoted to level 10, the system made some adjustments, opening system mall and giving him a portable space. So he asked the system, "System, what will change if I'm at level 20?"

System:' the biggest change is that the upgrade method will change!'

"Upgrade mode will change? How? " Monk Tang was shocked when he heard this. However, he did not worry too much. He believed that the system will definitely get better and better. It is impossible for it to fall behind.

System:' Yes, the way of upgrading will change. After upgrading the system, you can not only upgrade by killing monsters and completing the task to obtain EXP points, but also upgrade by obtaining EXP points through self-cultivation!'

Monk Tang's eyes are bright. This upgrade method is really great for him. He upgraded by killing goblins or finishing the task to get EXP in the past. To tell the truth, it was a huge disadvantage for him. Without task and goblins, he could not upgrade at all.

However, If the system upgrade, such malpractice will be eliminated. The system will be stronger as its upgrade.

Monk Tang is full of expectation for the upgraded system. Of course, what we need to do now is to get enough EXP points for an upgrade!

After the dialogue between Monk Tang and system was completed, he also made a breakthrough. Looking at Monk Tang's breakthrough, Pigsy came running up to flatter him and said, "master, you are really amazing!!"

Monk Tang ignored Pigsy but wondered why the White Bone Demon did not run away. So he asked, "why don't you run away, White Bone Demon? do you think you can beat my meat? "

"Escape? Can I escape? " The White Bone Demon made a voice saying that she stared at Sun Wukong with the burning-skeleton eyes. When Monk Tang was about to kill all demons, she wanted to run away, but Sun Wukong locked her in. She knew she would be attacked by Sun Wukong as long as she ran away!

"Haha, you are quite self-aware, but you are born to die after all!" Monk Tang laughed.

"Hum, do you think I will be afraid of death? Even if I die, I will take one to die with me! " The White Bone Demon has a burning more and more vigorously ghost fire in her eye socket, and then her whole skeleton is wrapped in the blue ghost fire. Monk Tang saw it and thought, " OMG, is she going to play with self-immolation? "

Chapter 91 All Depends on You!

"No, master, this goblin is forcibly upgrading its power!" Sun Wukong shouted when he saw this scene.

Monk Tang felt the rapidly rising breath on the White Bone Demon. she was not playing with self-immolation, she was desperate! Then he shouted, "What are you waiting for? Go ahead, cut her off! Give her to me when she is at her last breath!"

"Yes, master!" Sun Wukong promised and then took out the golden big stick. Ah, bar. He took out the enlarged Monkey King Bar and turned to the White Bone Demon. He shouted, "goblin, watch out my bar!"

"Hum, it is too late to stop me. Feel my anger. Come out, my servant!" The White Bone Demon looked at the falling bar but said with a cold voice.

"Karakala ..."

Monk Tang and others heard some voices, which was caused by bone friction and collision. The voice was very dense and came from all directions, but most of it comes from the underground!

“ Bang Bang Bang !”

Dozens of white bony hands stretched out and break the ground, and then climbed out. In a twinkling, there were skeletons all over the mountain and everywhere. Crac, Crac, thousands of skulls were gnawing at its upper and lower jaws. it makes people feeling creepy.

"OMG, where do you get so many skeletons?" Pigsy got a fright.

There are a lot of bones, at least several million. Apart from the gloom, there is something spectacular like a legion of bones. Monk Tang saw such many bones before when he was in Zhenyuanzi's 'another space'. Of course, this is not the point. The point is that Monk Tang has something to kill again …… Monk Tang is excited.

Sun Wukong's Monkey King Bar is still brandishing, not stopped by the appearance of the bones corps.

“ Bang Bang Bang !”

When Monkey King Bar fell, the skeletons under Monkey King Bar could not bear the strong pressure and burst into pieces. When Sun Wukong's Monkey King Bar was about to hit the White Bond Demon, the ground in front of the White Bond Demon suddenly exploded.

“ Bang !”

A huge bone hand stretched out from the ground and grabbed Monkey King Bar!


The bone hand collided with the Monkey King Bar, making a tremendous noise. Then Monk Tang took a breath of air conditioning because the huge bone hand firmly grasped Monkey King Bar and was not smashed by the bar!

Sun Wukong was also stunned. He didn't expect his stick to having achieved any results. Then he became angry and said, "Come out!" Sun Wukong took Monkey King Bar and pried up. When it rumbled, Sun Wukong lifted the skeleton of the huge bone hand from the ground and smashed it to the ground.

"boom!" The earth shook and a mushroom cloud appeared.

"Karakala!" The noise appeared in the smoke, and a huge skeleton emerged from the smoke. The skeleton was extremely tall, hundreds of meters high. Each bone was like a thick iron column, emitting brilliance. But there was no damage to it. Its hardness made Monk Tang lose heart!

The voice of the White Bone Demon came from the huge skull. I don't know when the White Bone Demon got into the skull of the huge skull and looked down at them in one eye socket: "Hum, Monk Tang, today is your death, slaves, kill them!"

"goblin, don't be arrogant!" Sun Wukong said when he heard it, although he didn't do any damage to the huge skeleton twice, Sun Wukong didn't take it to heart. The skeleton frame had nothing but a hard shell. When he spoke, he was already soaring up into the sky and was fighting with the big skeleton!

the skull corps rushed towards Monk Tang, like a huge tide.

"Protect master!" Pigsy shouted like this, watching the surging skeleton army didn't slack off this time either. The nine-tooth rake appeared in his hand and let the rear face the skeleton.

"Boom Crac Crac Crac ..." Hundreds of skeletons were beaten to scatter easily.

Sandy also took out his demon-fighting staff and began to break up the skeletons one by one.

The Little White Dragon is also back to a sober state at this time, recovering the body of the dragon. As soon as the huge tail of the dragon is swept away, pieces of skeletons are swept away and broken!

Monk Tang didn't stop Pigsy and others from killing skeletons this time, because there were so many skeletons that he couldn't kill them all by himself. Of course, he was not to be outdone. Buddha's Warrior Attendant' s Exorcism Kung Fu was used by him again. Although not as fierce as Pigsy and others, he was also powerful.

"Bang bang!" Monk Tang smashed a monk spade on a skeleton rack and smashed the skeleton to pieces. However, Monk Tang was stunned because there was no sound of a warning tone, which meant that he did not get EXP or he didn't kill the skeletons.

Monk Tang asked the system, "system, what is going on? Why didn't I get EXP? "

System:' these skeletons are not goblins at all, let alone living beings, so you cannot get EXP, and host cannot get EXP even if he chops up all these skeletons! Besides, these skeletons cannot be destroyed. "

“ OMG !” Hearing the words of system, Monk Tang was stunned and said: "Does it not mean that with this indestructible skeleton army, the White Bone Demon is invincible?"

System:' of course not, this skull and crossbones regiment is influenced by the will of the White Bone Demon, so long as the White Bone Demon is removed, this bones regiment will stop!'

When Monk Tang heard this, he immediately understood that the key to the problem was the White Bone Demon. He shouted at Sun Wukong, who was fighting with the White Bone Demon, "Wukong, hurry up and arrest the White Bone Demon. As long as she is not dead, the bones regiment will not stop."

The White Bone Demon, who was at war with Sun Wukong, was shocked by Monk Tang's words. Of course, she had no heart but she got a big shock in her heart: how does Tang Sanzang know that the skeleton army's weakness is on me?

As Monk Tang said, the smashed and crushed skeletons seemed to turn back the clock at the next moment, changing back to what they were when they first appeared and continuing to kill Monk Tang and others.

"OMG, master, what is going on?" Looking at the skeletons that have been smashed into bone meal and can still return to their original appearance, Pigsy, Sandy and the Little White Dragon are all a muddled, Pigsy could not help but ask.

When Monk Tang heard it, he said to Pigsy what system told him, and then the crowd looked up to Sun Wukong, who is at the war.

"Wukong, come on! Cheer up! We depend on you! Catch her but don't kill her!"

"Monkey, We're all depending on you! Fighting!"

"Bro, Brother is right, depending on you ... eh? What did I say? "

"Bro, it's up to you. You see, I can still fly high. Damn, it's time for me to get back to horse body!"

Chapter 92 Bamboozling

Sun Wukong, who was at war with the White Bone Demon, heard the shouts of Monk Tang and others on the ground and felt very awkward!

The White Bone Demon's voice was also heard, mocking: "Ha, ha, ha, Sun Wukong, your master and younger brothers are really weirdos."

Sun Wukong's face turned black when he heard this. Facing his master and his younger brothers, Sun Wukong said, I am also very awkward to have them!

"goblin, die!" Sun Wukong turned despair into anger and swung his thick Monkey King Bar toward the huge skull.


The huge skeleton was suddenly turned over and fell on the ground. A mountain peak collapsed instantly.

"Wukong, you are so good, continue to be so kind to her, and give me a hard look!" Monk Tang applauds this, but it seems that something is missing. Suddenly, touching on his bright forehead, he finally knows what is missing!

Monk Tang then tells Pigsy to clear a vacant lot and set up an enchantment.

looking at the large open space, where the skeletons couldn't get in, Monk Tang nodded with satisfaction. Then with a wave of his hand, a reclining chair and a table appeared in the open space. There was still a lot of food and drinks on the table, such as popcorn and so on! How can you watch movies without popcorn?

Monk Tang lay down on the chair, grabbed a handful of popcorn and stuffed it into his mouth. Then he took a sip of Coke. It was a great drink. Then he shouted, "Popcorn really goes well with watching movies!"

Pigsy, seeing Monk Tang at ease, asked, "Master, what are you eating?"

When Monk Tang heard it, he glanced sideways at Pigsy. With a wave of his hand, he added a few more chairs beside him and said, "Eat as you like!" Monk Tang knew what Pigsy thought about.

Pigsy smiled when he heard this and then lay down on the couch as Monk Tang did: OMG, what a fucking comfort!

Pigsy admired Monk Tang even more in an instant. No one can think of such a way to enjoy it. However, he found himself surprised too early. He learned what Monk Tang was doing and lay down on the couch to eat a handful of popcorn and drink a mouthful of Coke. Then he watched the monkey hit the White Bone Demon in the sky. It was really great!

Sandy blinked and followed them, then wrote on his notepad: "having popcorn plus coke is great while watching the fun!"

The Little White Dragon was depressed, looked at the couch about the size of his hoof, sighed helplessly, and then jumped aside and cheered.

Sun Wukong, who had just turned over the White Bone Demon with his stick, saw the scene on the ground and was almost vomiting blood. What is going on here? I killed and killed the goblin here but you guys are eating, drinking and watching the play. Can you not be more reliable? Are you really my master and junior brothers?


A loud explosion, huge skeletons foaming at the mouth, huge palm with toward Sun Wukong to shoot!


When Sun Wukong distracted he hit by the bone hand, rolled and flew out.

"OMG, Wukong, don't be back off. Just beat it!" Seeing this, Monk Tang was shocked and said, then he ate a handful of popcorn and was shocked.

"Shut up!" Wukong's face darkened when he heard this, and then he flashed beside the huge skeleton. His Monkey King Bar swept out like the same golden mountain.


The sparks flew straight up and a huge skull flew like a baseball, and there was a crack in the bone. Although the skull was very hard, it was still badly hit under Sun Wukong's anger and Monkey King Bar. When it got up from the ground, many cracks were scattered on it, and two ribs were broken!

Another one or two hits can definitely break it up! Monk Tang thinks so.

However, the White Bone Demon wouldn't look at the skeletons smashed by Sun Wukong so easily. With a scream, he saw the skeletons on the ground give up attacking Monk Tang and others in an instant but rush towards the huge skeletons.

Those skeletons met huge skeletons just like stones falling into the lake, disappeared in an instant and were swallowed up by the huge skeleton by fusion. In a twinkling, all the cracks on the huge skeletons disappeared, and the size soared to 10,000 meters.

"Sun Wukong, you are dead!" The White Bone Demon shouted, a huge skull clenching its fist at Sun Wukong!


Sun Wukong roared when he saw this. You shouldn't think I was a weak catty. Then I will show you my strength. And his body shook and its size soared to 10,000 meters in an instant. Monkey King Bar also grew with it.

"OMG, it is a war between bones monster and King Kong ape! Wonderful. " Monk Tang saw this scene and exclaimed.


The two behemoths had a fierce confrontation. Mountains were destroyed and mushroom clouds of energy appeared continuously in the two behemoths. The energy there exploded and boiled completely.

Although the White Bone Demon showed much more power than the one on the original work, she was still not Sun Wukong's rival in the end, especially under Sun Wukong's angry situation, the huge skeleton quickly was tore up and pulled the White Bone Demon out of skulls!

Without the control and maintenance of the White Bone Demon, the huge skeleton would not have the ability to survive. It turned white into bone ashes at the moment when the White Bone Demon was caught and became a mountain of bone ashes accumulation!

"Wukong, nice work!" seeing Sun Wukong seized the White Bone Demon, Monk Tang immediately excited.


Sun Wukong grabbed the White Bond Demon and flew to Monk Tang. Then he threw the White Bond Demon, who was possessed by the seal, to the ground, and turned his head and didn't say a word to Monk Tang!

OMG, is he angry? At the sight of this Monk Tang's eyes, he turned his eyes to Pigsy and winked at him. Pigsy immediately got the message. holding a bucket of popcorn, Pigsy ran to Sun Wukong and flattered him, "Bro, you are too amazing! look, this is the popcorn master made especially for you!"

Sun Wukong glanced at it. the sweet smell of popcorn and crept into his nostrils. Although he wanted to eat it, he still snorted, "No!"

Pigsy, turning her eyes, picked up another coke and said, "Bro, this is coke. Try one?"

Sun Wukong looked at the bubbling cola feeling and he was surprised. he wanted to try it, but he still said, "no!"

Pigsy looked helplessly at Monk Tang, shrugged her shoulders and said: master, I did my best!

When Monk Tang saw this, he turned over his eyelids. The temper came up. He thought for a moment and said, "Wukong, do you blame me for enjoying it while you were fighting?"

"Hum!" Sun Wukong snorted, meaning is self-evident!

"ah, in fact, I did it for your own good!" Monk Tang sighed and said disappointedly, but his eyes looked at Sun Wukong!

Chapter 93 Temporary Task

Sure enough, Sun Wukong heard Monk Tang say so, and his brow wrinkled. Seeing it, Monk Tang believed he got Wukong!

Pigsy opened her mouth when he heard this: OMG, why didn't I see you were doing it for him? Did you enjoy yourself? It seemed you were very relaxed!

Of course, Pigsy dared to think like this in his heart. If he said it, he knew Monk Tang would not let him alone!

"In fact, I am exercising your ability to concentrate. Wukong, you have a very good ability to" endure "now, but your concentration is not enough in the battle. Look at you, I just ate and drank a little something and you noticed it. It is not a good phenomenon. You were hit by the White Bone Demon. Although the White Bone Demon can't hurt you badly, how about someone else? Is it dangerous for you to be distracted during the battle like this? I am very sad. You didn't understand my kindness and were angry with me. Really ... "Monk Tang made a sad look, his eyes were red!

Sun Wukong's frown grew tighter. Indeed, he was distracted during the battle, which was absolutely undesirable during the battle. He then said, "master, I'm sorry, I misjudged you. Please master, continue to train me in the future!"

OMG, OMG, what happened? Bro, does this excuse master? Pigsy opened his mouth wide. At the same time, Pigsy was alert. He must be careful of his master in the future. Otherwise, he was still counting money for the master when he was sold.

Hearing Sun Wukong's words, Monk Tang's heart was filled with joy. Although he didn't know if Sun Wukong was really fooled, he still made an' I'm very relieved' look: "It's ok, you know it's good to understand my painstaking efforts! Try the popcorn and coke I left you, or Pigsy will eat it all! "

"How dare he!" Sun Wukong gave pig Pigsy a hard stare when he heard this, then picked up coke and popcorn and ate and drank. His eyes immediately flashed golden light. Although the food and drink were ordinary food, they had a different flavor.

Pigsy felt bitter when he heard Sun Wukong's words: master betrayed him.

"All right, all right, all right! Monk Tang clapped his chest and then came to the front of the White Bone Demon. He knocked her with the monk spade. The bones of the White Bone Demon are much harder than those of fine steel.

Just as Monk Tang swung up monk spade and smashed it down, Monk Tang suddenly stopped because he heard what the White Bone Demon was saying. After listening carefully, he knew what the White Bond Demon was saying!

"I don't want to die, I don't want to die, I can't die yet!"

"I haven't avenged yet, I must seek revenge from that heart breaker!"

"I haven't got rid of the control of that heart breaker, I want to be reborn with flesh and blood!"

This is what the White Bone Demon said so. Monk Tang's eyes brighten when he hears the news, heart breaker? OMG, Monk Tang thought there is a big gossip in this. Do we need to listen to it first? Monk Tang felt itchy in his heart, but after thinking about it, he let it go. The White Bone Demon knew that she was going to die and probably wouldn't say it. He should get 500,000 EXP points for killing her, which is most beneficial.

When Monk Tang swung his monk spade high again to fall, he stopped again and almost twisted his waist. He said angrily in his heart, "system, why do you want me to stop? My waist, I ... HSS! It hurts so much, if you don't give a reasonable explanation, I'll never over you! "

Ding dong. Now the system releases a temporary task to soothe the White Bone Demon and reward 1000000 EXP points for completing the task!

OMG, task? Rewarding 1 million EXP points? Hearing the prompt tone of the system, Monk Tang immediately got joy in his eyes. If he completes this task, he will earn another 500,000 EXP points more than killing the White Bone Demon. With this 1 million EXP point, he can upgrade again!

System:' host, is this statement reasonable?'

Monk Tang said with a smile: "Reasonable, very reasonable!" Damn, even if it is unreasonable, it must be reasonable! Monk Tang will never have a hard time with EXP!

Of course, Monk Tang was still puzzled and asked, "system, why did you suddenly release this task to subdue the White Bone Demon?"

The White Bone Demon has a strong will to survive. She touched me. Of course, the most important thing is that I wanted to. Can you manage me? But whether you want to finish this task or not depends on you!"

"You wanted? Well, you won!" Monk Tang sighed helplessly when he heard this, and then he took monk spade and poked at the White Bone Demon, who was still babbling, saying: "Er, you don't murmur. I ask you, do you want to live?"

Hearing this, the White Bone Demon look up and "looked" at Monk Tang with her hollow eyes like crystal. "Tang Sanzang, what did you say? I didn't hear clearly! "

Monk Tang turned over his eyelid speechless and said: "I ask you if you want to live, if you don't, I'll kill you now!"

"Yes!" The White Bone Demon immediately said that the will to survive was instantly felt by Monk Tang, which was unusually strong.

"Well, if you want to live, then you must obey me!" Monk Tang said that although it is a threat, Monk Tang is forced to do so. this is to complete the task!


The White Bone Demon's jaw and jaw are biting ... Monk Tang thought that Is this gnashing of teeth?!

"Well, I promise to submit to you, but Tang Sanzang, you also need to promise me one condition!" The White Bone Demon said.

"Conditions? The White Bone Demon, Don't be ungrateful. my master has made you surrender and live. It's already a great kindness. How dare you make any conditions? Don't forget that you are just a prisoner. " Although I don't know why Monk Tang suddenly wanted the White Bond Demon to surrender, when heard that the White Bone Demon still dared to make terms with Monk Tang, Pigsy jumped out and said immediately.

"Pigsy, what are the conditions for you? let her finish." Monk Tang looked at the White Bone Demon with great interest.

"Yes, master!" Pigsy respectfully said.

"Let me eat a piece of your meat!" The White Bone Demon said.

OMG, Monk Tang was surprised that goblin was still thinking about eating his meat. Regardless of whether the White Bone Demon could digest without internal organs, he was not at ease even if he kept such a goblin, who is thinking about eating his meat all the time, so he decided to kill her.

Feeling the menace from Monk Tang, the White Bone Demon hurriedly said: "Master, don't get me wrong, I want to eat your meat, not for the sake of could remain young forever. I know it's a lie. I just want to be reborn and get rid of the control of that heart breaker! Master! "

Chapter 94 A Sad Story

"heart breaker? Do you have a man? " he heard the White Bone Demon mentioned heart breaker twice, and the gossip fire of Monk Tang was completely burning up. In this age when there is no Internet, it is really too difficult to have fun. It is still very interesting to know about some gossips!

"Yes, I used ... I used to have a lover, but I haven't had 'that' with him yet!" The White Bone Demon said with a red light on her crystal bone.

What? Can bones blush? Also, I asked if you have a man, not if you have ever had sex. I am not interested in bones. I am not a dog!

The White Bone Demon continued and began to cry. The ghost fire in her eyes turned into tears and flowed out. Of course, she was absorbed back when she just dropped from her eyes!

Monk Tang turned his head sideways. my dear, tears can still be recycled? This is the first time he has seen it.

The White Bone Demon said: "Master, you don't know that I was originally a member of heaven, and worked as a maid in the Incense Temple!"

"You are also a member of heaven. Why haven't I seen you?"Pigsy surprised.

Sandy thought for a moment and said, "I don't have any impression on you either! Are you really from heaven? "

"Tianpeng Marshal, Juanlian General, when I was in heaven, I was just a little maid. How can you two know me, but I do know you two!" The White Bone Demon said.

"Then, in this case, your Taoist lover is also a celestial being?" Monk Tang asked, who would it be?

"Yes, yes, who is that man?" Pigsy quickly asked if he is familiar with the fairy if meet him later, hum ...

"his name is KuiMu Wolf!" The White Bone Demon said that although it is a dead bone and expression cannot be seen, Monk Tang and others can still feel her intense hatred.

KuiMu Wolf? Isn't that guy? OMG, it turns out that KuiMu Wolf and the White Bone Demon are a couple! Hearing this, Monk Tang was surprised to learn that if the White Bone Demon hadn't spoken in person, Monk Tang wouldn't have thought that the White Bone Demon had an affair with KuiMu Wolf!

When it comes to KuiMu Wolf, Monk Tang thinks a lot. KuiMu Wolf is a very powerful character. In the original story of Journey to the West, he could fight with Wukong dozens of rounds but didn't defeat, not at his peak. He was very popular in heaven and had many friends. After he was defeated and captured by Sun Wukong, many gods came to rescue him.

“KuiMu Wolf ? KuiMu Wolf, now one of the 28 constellation Gods? " Pigsy heard this.

"yes, that's KuiMu Wolf!" The White Bone Demon gnashed his teeth, showing hatred in his tone!

"but when I was in heaven, I didn't hear KuiMu Wolf have any gossip. Although that guy has a lot of friends, he doesn't seem to be a renowned pervert. Is this what people do not judge by appearances? " Pigsy touched the fat chin.

"He is a Wolf, how come he doesn't like women? He is pretending! " The White Bone Demon retorted.

Wolf! Satyr? A word flashed through Monk Tang's mind and he said, "Then you and KuiMu Wolf are fell in love? How do you call him a heart breaker again? What happened? "

The White Bone Demon sighed with a faint sigh. Now that he has said it, he is not going to hide it. He is going to tell the secret that has been buried for many years, saying: "As the master said, KuiMu Wolf and I love each other very much. Of course, now that I think about it, it may only be my one-sided. How ridiculous! When I fell in love with him, I wanted to live with him forever, but because of the rules of heaven, we could only sneak around for our private meeting! "

"But, how can I be satisfied at that time? So I discussed with him to go to the human world and become a husband and wife. He immediately agreed at that time. I was so excited at that time that I went down to the human world without any consideration and made an appointment with him. However, when I went to the ground, I had a little problem and became an ordinary girl with no magic power! "

"Although losing my magic power is an unfortunate thing, I won't care about it because I was carried away by love. So I waited for him to come to me at the appointed place, the White Tiger Mountain, but he still didn't show up until the end of my life!"

Oh, it's really a sad story. You were created. Monk Tang turned over his eyes. the White Bone Demon also didn't think about that how could KuiMu Wolf give up such a high position and a great future for a small maid?

Between love and bread, many people will choose bread. After all, without love can still live but without bread you get nothing. Without bread, people will starve to death. Although there is great love between heaven and earth, it is still a minority.

The White Bone Demon then spoke in a faint voice: "I died, and then I became a white skeleton in the White Tiger Mountain. However, perhaps because of my obsession, I was still conscious of being a white bone, so I continued to wait and wanted to ask him why he didn't come. At that time, I was still full of some expectations for him, thinking that he did not come because something important had delayed him. "

Hearing this, Monk Tang was speechless again. the White Bone Demon was a really innocent lady at that time. No, to be precise, she trusts in love and KuiMu Wolf too much!

"Finally, He showed up and he came to me!" The White Bone Demon's voice shot up a lot, with joy and excitement in it!

However, in a twinkling, it turned into monstrous hatred. She said: "I was extremely happy to see him coming to me, so I asked him what happened and why he didn't come to me in time. I hoped he can say what I want to hear."

"However, I was disappointed that he had forgotten me. He didn't think of it until I told him who I was. I asked him why he came to me after forgetting me. "

"KuiMu Wolf said with a cold smile at that time that he had forgotten the agreement between us for a long time. He did not remember the original agreement at all. He came to the White Tiger Mountain only because he noticed some special fluctuations. He just did not think that the special fluctuation would be the bones I turned into!"

"love rat, absolutely!" Monk Tang said when he heard this, KuiMu Wolf definitely deserves the title of love rat!

"love rat? Master, you are absolutely right. KuiMu Wolf is a love rat! " The White Bond Demon gnashed her teeth. the White Bone Demon believes that the title of love rat to him is really appropriate!

"Haha!" Monk Tang smiled. He didn't say the word 'love rat'. He asked, "Then you haven't thought about revenge?"

"Yes, of course, but I can't!" The White Bone Demon said this, showing deep helplessness and helplessness.

"why? Although KuiMu Wolf will not be a real opponent with your current magic power, is it okay to give him some trouble? " Monk Tang asked doubtfully.

Chapter 95 Hua Qiangu

"Yes, I did think so when I was disheartened, but KuiMu Wolf, the love rat, was so cunning that he broke my plan at that time and don't give his love for my rest of my life, because he refined me into his puppet at that time. Although I still wanted to retaliate against him, I could not do it as his puppet. Moreover, I have to obey his orders, unless ..." The White Bone Demon said.

OMG, to forge his girlfriend into puppet slavery, KuiMu Wolf has absolutely not been described enough the love rat. How cruel!

"Unless what?" Monk Tang said, "unless you get out of his control, right?"

"Yes, master, that's it. I hope the master can help me. As long as the master helps me to regenerate my flesh and get rid of KuiMu Wolf's control, the master can do whatever you want me to do!" The White Bone Demon said, her crystal skull was cracking on the ground.

"It's not that I don't help you, but that I don't know how to do it!" Monk Tang said. And he also had a little sympathy for the White Bond Demon. Of course, what the White Bone Demon said was that if she can eat his flesh and blood, she could be reborn and get rid of the illusion of controlling the love rat. But Monk Tang doesn't buy it.

"Master, you can help me. As long as the Master gives me a piece of your flesh and blood, I can be reborn from control!" The White Bone Demon said urgently.

"master, you can help her. She is also a poor person!" Pigsy heard this.

"Yes, master, please help me if you can. She is very poor." Sandy's compassion is overflowing. He has completely recorded all things that happened between the White Bone Demon and KuiMu Wolf in his notebook!

Monk Tang heard the words of the two disciples and turned over his eyelids. Sandy asked him to help the White Bone Demon because he had compassion. Monk Tang believed Sandy. but as for Pig Pigsy, Monk Tang did not believe him very much. Suddenly, Monk Tang saw Pig Pigsy looking at the White Bone Demon frequently!

OMG, Pigsy's purpose is not pure indeed. Isn't this guy trying to see what the White Bone Demon will look like after she is reborn? To tell the truth, the White Bone Demon is now a skeleton but looks very nice. She will definitely be very beautiful with flesh and blood.

Monk Tang said, "let me think about it!" After saying this, he made a thoughtful gesture, actually talking with the system. he wanted to confirm one thing and asked the system:' system, can my flesh and blood really regenerate the White Bone Demon and free her from the control of KuiMu Wolf?'

System:' Yes, host, the White Bone Demon is right. Although your flesh and blood can't make people remain young forever, it can really make the White Bone Demon reborn and get rid of KuiMu Wolf's control!'

OMG, it really can, Monk Tang eyes opened widely. His own flesh and blood have a such rest effect!

Knowing that his own flesh and blood really worked, Monk Tang said to the White Bone Demon, "You can have my flesh and blood, but I hope you can submit to me and I don't know if you want to do it!"

"Master, Yes I do, as long as you can give me your flesh and blood, I will do anything!" The White Bone Demon said.

"Well, then you submit to me. But in advance, my kungfu cannot be delivered easily, and my flesh and blood cannot be given to others easily. You still need to work hard to get my flesh, blood and my trust, at least I won't give you my flesh and blood right away!" Monk Tang said. of course, Monk Tang just cooked up. The key is that cutting meat hurts. He is not ready yet.

"Yes, master, I am willing to wait!" The White Bone Demon said, and then her finger put on her head. The body of White Bone Demon glistens, one little shining ball was flying out of the White Bone Demon.

"Hey? The essence of the soul? this goblin is cruel and decisive! " Sun Wukong's eyes flashed golden light when he saw the little ball which looks like tiny White Bone Demon.

“ essence of soul ?” Monk Tang was puzzled when he heard this, but he immediately understood what the essence of the soul was because the system gave the answer. once he got the essence of the soul, he could control the life and death of the White Bone Demon!

After understanding what the essence of the soul is, Monk Tang grabbed the essence of the soul of the White Bone Demon without any hesitation. At the moment of touching, the essence of the soul turned into a light spot and melted into his body!

In an instant, Monk Tang felt that he had mastered the life and death of the White Bone Demon. At the same time, through the essence of the soul, he also felt that there was another force of control in the White Bond Demon.

Monk Tang knows that this is the method KuiMu Wolf is using to control the White Bond Demon. This method of control is not very clever. It can only prevent the White Bond Demon from attacking KuiMu Wolf and simply ordering the White Bond Demon to do something! But it is very difficult to pull it out.

Ding dong, congratulations you on completing the task: vanquish the White Bone Demon and reward 1000000 EXP points!

At the moment when Monk Tang came into contact with the essence of the soul, the prompt tone of the system was also sounded, but Monk Tang did not take care of it for the time being.

After taking over the White Bone Demon, Monk Tang told Sun Wukong to restore her power, looking at the White Bone Demon and saying, "What's your name? What shall we call you later? "

"I forgot the name of the previous life, and now people call me bone Lady !" The White Bone Demon said.

"Mrs. Bone? no, it's too bad. Please choose another name!" Monk Tang shook his hand when he heard this. what the hell is calling his Mrs?

"Then please give me a name, Master!" The White Bone Demon said respectfully.

"Let me give you a name?" Hearing this, he touched his chin and said, "Well, I'll give you a new name, representing your new life. the White Bone Demon, white bones, small white bones, small bones. Well., let's call you Hua Qiangu."

Haha, Hua Qiangu, when Monk Tang thought of this name, it was a pleasure. This is the name of the main character in a TV series that was very popular in his past life. He borrowed the name. Moreover, Monk Tang thought that this name matched the White Bone Demon very well!

“ Hua Qiangu?” Hearing this, the White Bone Demon said softly and then fell in love with the name. It was a thousand times better than Mrs. Bone!

Hua Qiangu kneeled on the ground and kowtowed. "Thank you, Master. I like it very much!"

"Haha, good!" Monk Tang smiled and looked up at the sky, "It's getting late. Gu, take us to your white bone cave to rest for a night. Tomorrow you will go west with us to seek for sutras!"

"Yes, master, please follow me!" Hua Qiangu said and then led the way to the White Bone Cave.

Less than half an hour later, the crowd came to the White Bones Cave. After seeing the Bones Cave, Monk Tang understood why it was called the Bones Cave, not because the White Bone Demon lived in a cave called the Bones Cave. The Bones Cave was not a cave on a mountain, but a hall of bones built from the bones of a huge beast. It should be called the Bones Palace. It was all too grand and magnificent!

Chapter 96 the White Bone Demon's Obsessive Compulsive Disorder

The White Bone Hall is quiet, but it is not eerie. On the contrary, there is a kind of sacred feeling. This palace built with some animal bones emits fluorescence all over the body. The fluorescence is pale gold, and the animal bones are like gold and jade. It feels like a warm feeling!

"Master, you will rest in this room. The other rooms are all the places where the little demons lived before. These are very dirty and messy!" The White Bone Demon led Monk Tang and his apprentice to a door and said.

"Yes!" Monk Tang nodded, he is not picky places to live, as long as it wasn't sleeping outdoors!

"By the way, Master, I have one thing to say to you. Be careful of KuiMu Wolf. That KuiMu Wolf has turned into the Demon in Yellow Robe and is waiting for you, master. He is really strong in the Moon Cave on Bowl Hill!" The White Bone Demon said suddenly when she was about to leave because she was a puppet of KuiMu Wolf and naturally knew some of KuiMu Wolf's whereabouts!

Hearing this, Monk Tang was shocked and said, "Amitabfa, I know!"


At night, it was very late. Pigsy was snoring loudly. Monk Tang and his apprentices were already asleep.

At that moment, there was the sound of "Kara" and "Kara" ... outside the door. Sun Wukong suddenly opened his eyes, then closed his eyes and went on sleeping, but the sound of "Kara" outside was still there!

Monk Tang slept soundly in the first half of the night. For him, who is accustomed to Pigsy purring. But he can easily sleep till dawn. However, Monk Tang couldn't sleep in the second half of the night today.

Because his feeling Pigsy's purring sounds like something different, and there are other noises in the purring!

Monk Tang's ear moved, and indeed he heard other sounds in Pigsy's purring …' Kara!'

"purr lulu kara ... purr lulu kara ..." the voices sounded together, feeling like a duet of noise!

At last, Monk Tang was defeated by the noise, woke up from his sleep, and then recognized that the sound of "Kara" came from outside the door. The sound Monk Tang was no stranger, it was the sound of bone collision and friction!

The White Bone Demon is the only skeleton in the White Bone Hall. Obviously, the voice was made by the White Bone Demon. Monk Tang was a little curious about what the White Bone Demon walked back and forth in the middle of the night. Or, the White Bone Demon snored too!?

If the former is easy to say, if the latter is interesting, skeleton snoring is absolutely rare.

Curious, Monk Tang decided to go out and have a look. Although it is a bad thing to watch a woman sleep, is it okay to watch a dead bone sleep? Monk Tang thought.

So he put on his white robe, put on the "justify cloak" monk Tang and crept out.

However, Monk Tang got a fright as soon as he came out of the door because he saw a skull head appear in front of his eyes at the moment of opening the door, but fortunately, he didn't take monk spade out of his personal space and knocked at it at once!

"Hua Qiangu, what are you doing here? It is midnight!” Monk Tang is speechless!

"Master, noisy to you? I'm really sorry, I can't sleep! " Hua Qiangu said.

Monk Tang rolled his eyes wildly. Why are you walking around the door when you can't sleep? Monk Tang sighed and said, "why can't you sleep? Insomnia? " Can the skull without brain lose sleep? Monk Tang's heart is full of complain!

"It's not insomnia. I never suffer from insomnia. I only think of something I forgot to do, so I can't sleep and feeling uneasy if I don't finish it!" Hua Qiangu said.

Uneasy? Do you have a heart? Monk Tang once again turned over his eyelids, but how can Monk Tang feeling like some kind of obsessive-compulsive disorder with the symptom of "White Bone Demon"? OMG, the White Bone Demon shouldn't really have any obsessive-compulsive disorder? Monk Tang opened his mouth wide!

"Master, you go back to rest. I think I will go to sleep. You have to worry about me!" Hua Qiangu said, and then began to "crack" and "crack" back and forth, and walking faster and faster, in front of the eyes of Monk Tang has become an afterimage!

Looking at Hua Qiangu, who turned into an afterimage in front of him, Monk Tang was speechless. Who worries about you? How can I sleep when you walk up and down like this, Damn, can't you walk back and forth in another place?

Monk Tang sighed helplessly and said: "Gu, please stop down first, I can't sleep now, let's talk, maybe you will think of something you haven't done!"

The White Bone Demon stopped when he heard this and said, "That's right, Master, let's talk first ... Hey, I think I haven't done anything yet, haha ... Master, wait for me first!" The White Bone Demon said and ran away.

Monk Tang: "..." monk tang looked at the White Bone Demon's retreating figure with black lines.

Then he stretched out his hand and opened his mouth, but he could not say a word. OMG, are you kidding me?

The White Bone Demon came back soon, holding a brush in his hand and grinning, "Hee hee, Master, I finally remembered something I didn't do just now, so I forgot to wipe my bones!"

The White Bond Demon waved the brush in her hand and began to brush it. After brushing the White Bond Demon, he gave a groan of comfort. The voice was so loud that it broke away from the bone and devoured the soul. It spread far and wide into the room.

Sun Wukong, Pigsy, Sandy and the Little White Dragon, who were sleeping soundly in the room, all opened their eyes in the moan and groan of the White Bone Demon. Then they looked at each other with tacit understanding and crept to the door to listen carefully.

"OMG, I refuse to surrender anyone but our master. He actually 'did' a pile of bones!" Pigsy said softly.

"Brother, shall we call Hua Qiangu master?" The Little White Dragon asked.

"Still don't, master this sneaking out in the middle of the night, not just don't want us to know what he did? If you call the White Bone Demon 'master', don't you mean you've told him that we know everything?? Idiot! " Pigsy shook his head.

The Little White Dragon suddenly realized, "Brother is smart, and you can think of varying!"

"Hey hey, I'm good at it. you should learn more later!" Pigsy smiled triumphantly when he heard it.

Sandy did not speak, but took out a small notebook and wrote: "Shock! I didn't feel like sleeping in the middle of the night. I was woken up by groans. it turned out that master and the White Bone Demon were doing the things that many people love to do, but I don't understand how master and a skeleton did that!

Sun Wukong listened at the door and went back to bed, muttering: "Boring!"

So boring!

Chapter 97 The Fierce Noise

Hearing the groan of the White Bone Demon, Monk Tang was immediately speechless: Elder sister, is brushing a bone so comfortable to make you groan?

However, Monk Tang has basically confirmed that the White Bone Demon definitely has obsessive-compulsive. He can't help shivering when he thinks of that Gu will brush her bones and charmingly groan every night.

Moreover, Monk Tang did not know at this time. Several disciples were listening to the wall at this time. They had misunderstood him and the White Bone Demon!

In the room, hearing the White Bone Demon moaning loudly, Pigsy and others' eyes widened.

Pigsy said: "OMG. master is so good that he can even make a pile of bones high. How amazing!"

The Little White Dragon nodded in agreement.

Sandy did not speak, but only wrote one word: awesome!

Sun Wukong turned over and continued to whisper, "Boring!"

The three continued to listen leaning on the wall. Pigsy frowned and said, "master's reaction is a bit wrong?"

"Brother, what's wrong?" The Little White Dragon was puzzled when he heard this. Sandy looked at the past too!

"things between men and women need to cooperate, why does master have no voice? Why does master seem like a woodman? He is not as good as me! " Pigsy shook his head.

The Little White Dragon and Sandy took a tumble when they heard the news. Indeed, those who came here were the most experienced!

The White Bone Demon brushed for half an hour. She brushed carefully. Even the bone seam was clean. Especially when she was brushing the bone seam, she screamed loudly. When watching the White Bone Demon finally finished brushing, Monk Tang breathed a sigh of relief. Then Monk Tang sadly realized that he was not sleepy at all!

"Master, I've finished. You can go to sleep now. I'll sleep too." The White Bone Demon folded up his brush, thus telling Monk Tang.

Monk Tang's mouth twitched and who can sleep right now? You kept me awake! do you still want to sleep? I am very stingy. So he said, "Amitabfa, Gu, don't worry about sleeping. Let's have a chat!"

The White Bone Demon heard this with a crooked head. Although he did not know what Monk Tang wanted to talk about, he nodded and said, "Yes!"

In the room.

The Little White Dragon heard the groan of the White Bone Demon. the moan stopped and immediately wondered, "Brother, why there is no voice?"

Pigsy slapped the Little White Dragon and said, "what do you know? When you're done, of course, you need to take a rest. Listen to them. They are talking about love. This is a necessary course for you to finish. However, master is very durable. It took almost an hour for him! "

The Little White Dragon nodded when he heard this, and sure enough, he heard master and the White Bone Demon outside the door muttering something!

Monk Tang didn't know it. With Pigsy's misinterpretation, the three disciples' misunderstanding of his relationship with the White Bone Demon became deeper and deeper. He was still chatting with the White Bone Demon. Of course, the White Bone Demon was the one mainly talking, and what she said was her sad story!

"Come on, you bite me and have a flesh-and-blood rebirth out of KuiMu Wolf's control!" Finally, Monk Tang rolled up his sleeve and stretched his arm to the front of the White Bone Demon. He said that Monk Tang had made up his mind. The reason for making such a decision was because it had to be done sooner or later and because of sympathy.

Of course, the main reason is that he wants to have a good night's sleep in the future. If the White Bone Demon brushes his bones every night, how can he sleep? Monk Tang though that If she has his flesh and blood, and the White Bone Demon will have no bones to brush.

Of course, the White Bone Demon did not know the real thoughts of Monk Tang. After listening to Monk Tang's words and seeing Monk Tang's actions, the White Bond Demon was immediately moved and fell to his knees and said gratefully, "Thank you, Master!"

When Monk Tang heard this, he covered his face and said, "Don't talk nonsense, bite quickly, or I'll go back on my word!"

Although he has made up his mind to let the White Bone Demon eat a piece of his flesh and blood, he still cannot help twitching his facial muscles at the thought of pain!

The White Bone Demon saw Monk Tang did so and discovered Monk Tang was somewhat cute and said, "I'm coming, master!"

"Well, let's start, I know!" Monk Tang covers his eyes and does not look!

"That master, I'm going to bit!" The White Bone Demon said.

In the room, Pigsy and others were still listening to the wall. Hearing the conversation, Pigsy immediately said: "Listen, this is the importance of love words. When it comes to the deep nature, you see master has let his mother take the initiative. Gee, master really has two skills. Watch, there will be very intense noise for a while!"

"Hmmm!" The Little White Dragon nodded fiercely in agreement, and the experienced people is amazing!

Sandy is working hard to write down the "process". If Monk Tang sees it, he will definitely suggest Sandy write dirty books. It is absolutely a waste for Sandy not to use his gift!

Outside the door, the White Bone Demon grabbed Monk Tang's arm and gnawed his upper and lower jaws. "I'm serious! Master, you have to hold back!"

"Well, I'll hold back, you bite ... ah, OMG, it hurts me!" Monk Tang did not dare to look and said so, but in the middle of the sentence, there was a sharp pain in his arm. the White Bone Demon dropped his mouth before he had finished speaking. Monk Tang almost cried at the sight, and a large piece of meat was missing from his arm and blood was flowing.

Fortunately, his body is now a demi-immortal. The healing speed is extremely fast. In a blink, the wound stopped the blood and began to repair it!

In the room, I heard the sudden shrieks of Monk Tang. Pigsy suddenly opened his mouth like a big plate. The "battle" outside was fierce.

Pigsy said: "OMG, master, they are so fierce that they even use their mouths. master is really good at it. the master also has his react, hey hey …" At the same time, this guy began to fill the picture in his mind …… OMG, what a thrill!

Monk Tang's current feeling is pain. although the wound on her arm is rapidly being repaired, the pain is unavoidable. however, he was soon attracted by the changes in the White Bone Demon!

I saw the piece of flesh and blood bitten by the White Bone Demon from his arm, immediately blown into blood fog in the mouth of the White Bone Demon, and then covered the White Bone Demon's body, instantly forming a layer of blood-red film on the White Bone Demon's bone, just like periosteum!

The changes continued. After the appearance of the membrane, numerous granulation tissues began to grow. Visceral organs were soon formed in the abdominal cavity of the White Bone Demon. After the viscera appeared, blood vessels, muscles, meridians, and other tissues also began to appear, and finally the skin.

It is a very short process, and soon a woman who looks drop-dead gorgeous appeared in front of him. the most important thing is ... she was naked!

Chapter 98 Level 20!

Although the system has said that his flesh and blood can make the White Bone Demon flesh and blood reborn, but seeing Monk Tang with his own eyes was very shocking, of course, after the shock was ... embarrassing!

Because of what, of course, is because the White Bone Demon was naked after her flesh was reborn, and her skin was as white as jade, yeah ...

If you want to say what it feels like to look at a beautiful and naked beauty, Monk Tang will tell you that at first you definitely didn't feel it, because you were stunned, then your body was hot and dry, and your nose itched!

Fortunately, Monk Tang responded quickly enough and did not make a fool of himself. He unfastened his clothes with great rapidity ... He covered the charming body of the White Bone Demon with his cloak.

The White Bond Demon was also shocked, forgetting that his flesh and blood were naked after being reborn. He forgot all about his magic and clothes. However, the White Bond Demon is the White Bond Demon. goblin did not do anything for nothing for more than 1,000 years and has never encountered anything. Although the light was instantly seen by Monk Tang, it did not scream like an ordinary woman!

His face turned a little red, and then he returned to normal. Instead of looking at the White Bone Demon, he watched at the ceiling with interest. The white bone demon thought he was very interesting and cute at the time.

Her big and black eyes turned. And an idea came into her mind. The White Bone Demon just wants to play a trick on Monk Tang, such as ... seducing or something. However, on second thoughts, the White Bone Demon gave it up. It would be bad if Monk Tang became angry from embarrassment. After all, Monk Tang is a monk. Accounting to her cognition, monks are not allowed to get close to women!

"Master, thank you for your clothes. I don't need them now!" The White Bone Demon said and she had returned the cloak to Monk Tang. Of course, the White Bone Demon has conjured up clothes with magic power!

"Em!" Monk Tang said and then lowered his head to bring the cloak over his body. Just now, Monk Tang looked up at the sky in order not to stop looking at the White Bone Demon's body, but to prevent nosebleeds from flowing down. Well, that's all!

Looking at the White Bone Demon Monk Tang wearing a long white dress, he had a feeling of shine at the moment. The White Bond Demon was really beautiful, but his mind was full of the naked the White Bone Demon just now. Suddenly, a flash of lightning suddenly appeared in Monk Tang's mind. He said with a smile: "Well, Gu, how do you brush your bones after you have flesh and blood?"

Hey hey, you brush your bones to keep me awake, this time I will drive you nuts! Obsessive-compulsive disorder ... Monk Tang's narrow-minded attribute is back.

"ah, master, what you said ah, is very easy ah! I can switch my body between flesh and bone, whenever I want to brush my bone I will become a skeleton, brushing bones is very convenient to me!" The White Bone Demon said so, and began to change her body in front of Monk Tang, from a person to a skeleton!

Monk Tang: "..." what? what it is? Monk Tang almost vomited blood when he saw her changed the two different bodies! Had he known of this kind result, he wouldn't have let the White Bone Demon eat his meat. Now his arm still hurts badly!

"Master, what's wrong with you?" Seeing Monk Tang wait for a while's silence, the White Bone Demon asked doubtfully.

"No, nothing!" Monk Tang wiped away the blood that did not exist on the corners of his mouth and said with difficulty: "By the way, you should get rid of KuiMu Wolf's control now! ?”

"Yes, I am out of his control when my body was completely reborn." The White Bone Demon nodded excitedly after hearing this. After more than 1,000 years, she finally got rid of the control of that love rat. Although she was still under the control of Monk Tang, she was still excited.

At the same time, KuiMu Wolf, a handsome man in a khaki shirt and sitting on the throne, suddenly opened his eyes in the Moon Cave, nearly a thousand miles away. At the moment when he opened his eyes, his eyes lit up the whole cave, like cold electricity, and monstrous might billowed out in all directions.

At this moment within a hundred miles of creatures are all shivering, the small demons are prostrate on the ground. They don't know why his king suddenly released such a big might.

"The White Bone Demon was out of my control? Hum, who helped her? " KuiMu Wolf said to himself, then put his might away, and counted it, and then ... Damn, KuiMu Wolf found himself unable to make fortune-telling at all.

However, this did not hinder KuiMu Wolf's analysis, saying to himself: "Monk Tang, have they arrived at the White Tiger Mountain now? The time has come. Has the White Bone Demon eaten Monk Tang's meat? I hope Monk Tang has not been killed by the White Bone Demon, or else it will be a waste of time for me to wait for you. Give my order to others---- Our guests will come to our door soon and be ready! "

KuiMu Wolf did not believe that the white bone demon could kill Monk Tang because he knew that the white bone demon did not have the strength!

KuiMu Wolf's voice was far away from the Moon Cave. All the little devils who heard the voice shouted, "We are ready to follow the king's orders and make sure they will die!"

"Mmm!" KuiMu Wolf nodded, then closed his eyes!


Monk Tang nodded with satisfaction after hearing what the White Bone Demon said. Then he looked at the sky and said, "Well, there is still some time before the sun rises. You should take a rest. You just should take some rest for your newborn body."

"yes, master, then I will go to rest!" The White Bone Demon replied with a respectable bow and walked towards her room.

Monk Tang shook his head, and then returned to the room, looking at the Sun Wukong and three apprentices lying in their respective positions to 'sleep very well', Monk Tang shook his head, these guys are really able to sleep. They even don't hear the loud voice! No one likes them!

Monk Tang lay down and was ready to sleep, but he couldn't sleep at all. Once he closed his eyes, it was glistening. Finally, Monk Tang didn't plan to sleep either. Instead, he opened the task panel and looked at it, ready to upgrade.

host : Monk Tang

Occupation: monk (sutras seeker)

Level: level :19

Experience: 2976040/262140

Deputy: master of divine focus ( level 2, Proficiency 0/20)

Skills: Complete Buddhist Scripture of Being Immortal, Buddha's Warrior Attendant' s Exorcism Kung Fu of with Spade, Shrinking into Inches.

Props: Brocade Kasaya ( in form of the cloak), Nine-Ring Monk Spade, Gold Three-Hoop Ring (fake)

Looking at the more than 2 million EXP, Monk Tang smiled and said, "system, I want to upgrade!"

Ding dong, the upgrade was successful, your level was upgraded by one level, and the upgrade cannot be continued because your EXP now does not meet the conditions!

Ding dong, host level is now level 20, system upgrade again, upgrade for system time is one hour! In the meantime, the system mall will be temporarily closed. "

At the sound of Monk Tang's voice falling, the prompt tone of the system immediately sounded. Monk Tang felt that he had broken through a layer of shackles in an instant. The body and soul were changing rapidly and were changing toward the level of fairy. Monk Tang had become a Buddha at this time. To be more exact, Monk Tang is not an ordinary person now. He is totally immortal!

Chapter 99 The Kung Fu for Immortals


The energy between heaven and earth is rapidly surging towards Monk Tang, strengthening his physical body and enhancing his mana. Although Level 19 to Level 20 is only one level gap, it is a metamorphosis of being immortal.

Therefore, the process of upgrading is relatively severe. While his body changes, the outside world is also greatly affected. Around Monk Tang, there has been an energy storm. The original qi form the world within a hundred miles are gathering rapidly, and Monk Tang is the center of the energy storm!

The breakthrough of Monk Tang was very noisy, so Pigsy and others did not even pretend to sleep. They all got up from pretending to sleep. Pigsy saw Monk Tang wrapped by the energy storm and immediately said, "Shit! Master, you made another breakthrough. You made it by sexual intercourse?"

Fortunately, Monk Tang has entered the state of ignoring everything. Otherwise, if he heard Pigsy said so, he would definitely be incensed that literally coughed up blood. When did he do it? Although he wants to do it, he is not a casual person, ok?

"Maybe?" Sandy scratched his head in this way, then took out a small notebook and wrote: A Study on whether a breakthrough can be made with sexual intercourse!?

"It should be possible. After all, our master did it!" The Little White Dragon muttered, looking at Monk Tang

The energy storm lasted for nearly half an hour before the end, Monk Tang completed his breakthrough. When Monk Tang opened his eyes, he saw Pigsy and others who had already woken up, but ignored them and opened the character panel again:

host : Monk Tang

Occupation: monk (sutras seeker)

Level: 20

Experience: 354600/262140

Deputy: master of divine focus (level 2, Proficiency 0/20)

Skills: Complete Buddhist Scripture of Being Immortal, Buddha's Warrior Attendant' s Exorcism Kung Fu of with Spade, Shrinking Into Inches.

Props: Brocade Kasaya (in form of the cloak), Nine-Ring Monk Spade, Gold Three-Hoop Ring(fake)

After checking his current status, Monk Tang tried to open the system store, but it did not open. system hint: the system is being upgraded, and the store is temporarily closed.

Monk Tang knew from this that it is impossible for him to experience the upgraded system for the time being. Of course, Monk Tang also did not have the time to think about this, because the sequelae of the upgrade appeared, hunger struck again, and this time it was much more severe than last time.

In an instant, Monk Tang was all skin and bones. Then Monk Tang began to take out the food he had prepared before and eaten it in large quantities to supplement his nutrition. At the same time, he also took out all the ingredients and cooked them. The food he had prepared before was not enough for him.

This eating is only half an hour. after all the ingredients in the portable space have been eaten up, Monk Tang's body is back to normal. Picking his teeth, Monk Tang sighed with emotion: "it seems that more ingredients need to be prepared!"

Just after Monk Tang finished the words, the prompt tone of a system sounded:' Ding Dong, the system has been upgraded. The upgrade method to you has been adjusted. You can kill monsters. And you can do your task and cultivate it at the same time. I recommend you to practice "The Kung Fu for Fairy" which costs 100,000 experience points, "The Great Kung Fu for Fairy" which costs 200,000 experience points, and "the Kung Fu for Immortals" which costs 300,000 experience points. "

After hearing the prompt tone of the system, Monk Tang was delighted. After the upgrade of the system was completed, his major upgrade methods were not limited to kill monsters or complete tasks released by the system. After practicing Kung Fu, the speed of the upgrade would surely be much faster.

Monk Tang asked, "system, are these the best skills for me to practice?"

System: 'yes, host! '

"What's the difference between these skills?" "Monk Tang asked, looking at The names of The Great Kung Fu for Fairy, which is the skill that Wukong practice if I remember correctly.

Naturally, the higher the price, the better the method. The more experience you will accumulate in the same condition and at the same time. '

"Then I'm going to practice the Kung Fu for Immortals!" Monk Tang says he now has more than 300,000 experience points, enough to purchase the Kung Fu for Immortals!"

"Ding dong," the Kung Fu for Immortals "purchase success, deduct 300,000 experience points," the Kung Fu for Immortals "learning success, by the skill of the practice of experience value will exist in the form of experience points, the skill has been automatically operated! '

Automatic operation? Monk Tang's eyes stare. Automatic running is good, which need not spend his time or distraction to operate it. When hints were over, Monk Tang felt a lot of mana begins to move along his special meridians, at the same time, such as original qi and energy from the world start to converge to him, but these things didn't change directly into mana, but all come into his head!

In a flash, the task panel appears again, and the character panel has been adjusted:

Host: Monk Tang

Occupation: Monk(sutras seeker)

Level: 20

Experience: 54600/2621440

Deputy: master of divine focus (level 2, proficiency 0/20)

Skills: Complete Buddhist Scripture of Being Immortal, Buddha's Warrior Attendant's Exorcism Kung Fu of with Spade, Shrink Into Inches, the Kung Fu for Immortals

Props: Brocade Kasaya (in form of the cloak), Nine-Ring Monk Spade, Gold Three-hoop Ring (fake)

Empirical pellet: 0

"Ah? How come the Experience Pellet is 0? Is the system already working?" Monk Tang asked incredulously when he saw the new Experience Pellet column.

System: 'Experience Pellet' sets each one million Experience points. It will be displayed only when you have accumulated one million Experience points. The number of Experience Pellet only shows integers! '

"What?! Only show integers? But this is good, the decimal point many look dizzy!" So says Monk Tang.

At this time, Monk Tang felt good because he had enough food and drink, looking at the sky, deciding to go on the road to the west, so he led the four disciples out of the room, opening the door but they met the White Bone Demon who was getting up to look for them.

The White Bone Demon says, "master, you are up so early!"

Monk Tang looked over her eyelids and thought, "I didn't sleep at all", but of course he said," you didn't get up too late. If you don't get a good rest, you can have a rest. We are ok to wait for you. "Monk Tang is very considerate of women, especially a beautiful woman.

"Master, who is the female Almsgiver?" When Sandy saw the White Bone Demon, he asked him. He knew that they were the only people in the White Bone hall. When did a woman come here? ?

When Pigsy sees the White Bone Demon, she is constantly swallowing saliva and is attracted by the beauty of the White Bone Demon. The White Bone Demon is more beautiful than his wife, Gao Cuilan. When sucking saliva, he whispers: "beauty, these big long legs, two high peaks..."

The Little White Dragon is also full of doubts. How come a woman suddenly appeared here. Where is the White Bone Demon, or should we call her master too?

Only Sun Wukong does not have any doubts, because he has already known through everything, know that the woman is the White Bone Demon, but he is too lazy to say!

Chapter 100 The Three Hospitable Men

"You don't know Qiangu after she changes her appearance? Haha!" "Monk Tang laughed when Sandy said that.

"What, she's the white bone... No, she is Hua Qiangu?" After listening, Sandy, Pigsy and the Little White Dragon all opened their mouths in surprise. Then they seemed to understand something and looked at each other for a moment. The master had helped the White Bone Demon regain her body. The three of them look at Monk Tang and the White Bone Demon with strange eyesight!

Fortunately, Monk Tang doesn't know what the three disciples are thinking, otherwise, he is going to kill them. it was a lily-white thing he did for the white bone demon, but they misunderstand him. Human hearts are not what they were in the old days!

"Well, she is Hua Qiangu!" Monk Tang said that although the three disciples' eyesight are very strange, Tang did not understand the deep meaning in the eyes of the three apprentices, and at the same time looked at Sun Wukong, who is laughing right now, he was a little confused... The monkey's smile seemed to be schadenfreude!

The White Bone Demon is familiar with Monk Tang, but as for Sun Wukong and other several people, she has no word to say to them. facing with Pigsy and two strange people, she just frowned without no words!

Monk Tang had expected the apprentices will be angry and verbally attack, but Pigsy's behavior surprised him!

"T... No, bone fairy, are you hungry or not, I have good food here!" "Said Pigsy, pulling out his prized food.

"Bone fairy, I have a few kinds of treasures here. you can take everything you like!" Sandy flipped his hands and pulled out some glittering treasures.

"Bone fairy, I am very poor. I have nothing to give, you see! me my slough-off inverse scale is not bad, here you are!" The Little White Dragon also opened his mouth to spit, and a basin of large silver flame gushing the Dragon's mighty Dragon scales appeared.

Monk Tang opens his eyes and sees the picture. What's wrong with you? Are the three apprentices sick or confused by the beauty? The bone fairy? You didn't do that to me. I am very sad.

Monk Tang looks at the Sun Wukong with a muddled face.

When Sun Wukong saw Monk Tang looking at him, he shrugged his shoulders, spread his hands, and made a look that 'I didn't know'!

What the hell is going on? The three apprentices are absolutely abnormal, Monk Tang in the heart of doubt suddenly. he didn't know Pigsy and the two treat the White Bone Demon as their master wife, so they try their best to make her happy!

Although in the heart of doubt, but still want to hit the road, under the heart of doubt, a wave of the big hand, a line of people continue to go to the west!


"To..." A shout echoed across the bowl mountain, and a small leopard-headed demon raced toward the Moon Cave.

In the Moon Cave, the Demon in Yellow Robe heard the voice rising abruptly from her throne, and then appeared in front of the little monster. "have you found the trail of Monk Tang and his team?"

"Yes, your majesty, Monk Tang and his party are in the Treasure Elephant Country now, but..." The little demon replied reverently.

KuiMu Wolf frowned. "but what?"

"but there's an extra woman next to Monk Tang, a very beautiful woman!" he answered.

"pretty women?" KuiMu Wolf said something to himself for a moment, then smiled coldly and said, "hum, the White Bone Demon is that you? Sure enough, Monk Tang helped you break the seal of being my puppet. Did you follow Monk Tang and come to seek revenge on me?"

KuiMu Wolf said to the little monster, "go ahead, let's get ready. Today we will eat boiled Pigsy, steamed Tang Sanzang, Fried Sun Wukong, stir-fried Sandy, and sashimi Little White Dragon!"

"Thank you! My King"

"Your majesty is wise!"

When the small monsters heard KuiMu Wolf's words, they all shouted loudly, and the sound spread for dozens of miles around. For a moment, the sinister smell soared into the sky, as if it were an invisible mouth, waiting to devour Monk Tang and others.

On the other side, Monk Tang and his party arrived at the Treasure Elephant Country. On the westward road, each country or city has a different style, so walk through every country or city is a novel experience.

"Master, why didn't you let me catch that little demon?" Sun Wukong asked Monk Tang in a puzzled tone. Not long ago, when they were not in the Treasure Elephant Country, they found a small demon sneaking behind them. He wanted to catch it, but Monk Tang stopped him!

"Haha, it is a small demon. there is no need to be so serious! Our real enemy is the KuiMu Wolf. If you capture it and kill the demon. KuiMu Wolf will send another one to us. And these little goblins will be with you around. More importantly, I have you by my side, I'm not afraid that the devil can do something to me. Now, all we have to do is enjoying the Treasure Elephant Country!"

Monk Tang smiled. Then he walked over to a sugar gourd vendor and bought a bunch of them for everyone to eat.

When Sun Wukong heard it with light in his eyes, he felt that the master was right. Kill them all was the best thing to do together. Especially when Monk Tang said, 'I have you by my side' he felt even happier.

"The master is right. There are only KuiMu Wolf and some goblins in the vicinity of the Treasure Elephant Country. Killing a demon won't help. "Said the White Bone Demon, with a look of hatred in her eyes and a desire to rush to the Moon Cave to tear off KuiMu Wolf, the love rat!

Of course, she knows that she can't fight KuiMu Wolf alone. Only by fighting with Monk Tang and others can she win, so the White Bone Demon suppresses her hatred.

Looking at the White Bone Demon with cold eyes, Pigsy three immediately began to pay attention to each other, patting their chest and saying: "Bone fairy, you can rest assured that we will help you to catch the KuiMu Wolf, and then you can do what you want to do with him!"

See this, the Monk Tang speechless flipped through your eyelid. along the way, Monk Tang doesn't know how many times he has seen that they treat Hua Qiangu very well with their efforts, but he is always unknown why those three people suddenly are nice to the White Bone Demon, and when they did so, Sun Wukong was snickering by their sides!

That made Tang suspect they were hiding something from her. Unfortunately, when tang's monk asked Sun Wukong why they did it, they said nothing and looked at him with an expression of 'don't cheat me'. They made their master puzzled along the way!

Chapter 101 Seek for Sutras Is Just An Beginning

Not to mention that Monk Tang doesn't understand their attitudes, but the White Bone Demon herself can't figure out why the three of them are paying so much attention to her. At first, she thinks that the three of them are coveting her beauty, but it soon becomes clear that they are not. For she found that they were as respectful to her as their mothers.

As he walked along, Monk Tang suddenly remembered something and said to the system in his mind, "system, are you going to issue a task?"

System: 'huh? '

What? The system is so naughty that he even learned to play dumb! Monk Tang said, "don't be silly, I summarized the rules of your task posting. Although there is no rule, there is still a trace to follow. Wasn't the princess in Treasure Elephant Country captured by KuiMu Wolf?" According to your rules for publishing tasks, you should publish a task such as' rescue the princess ', right?"

System: 'the princess in Treasure Elephant Country? Who is that? there is no princess in the Treasure Elephant Country! '

Monk Tang was surprised and said, "there is no princess in the Treasure Elephant Country? I remember the journey to the west..."

The system then sneered and said, 'oh, it seems that host remembered that this world is not the world of the journey to the west as you know it, but the world of the evil journey. Please don't trust the memory of your past life too much. You don't seem to have taken everything I said to your heart. '

Monk Tang smiled. He had really forgotten that this was not the journey to the west, but the evil journey. Then he said, "oh, I'm sorry."

System: 'no, the story of the evil journey and the story of the journey to the west is similar in general, some of the host's experience is very useful, but this system to you a bulletin, do not believe your experience too much, sometimes the experience can kill people! '

Monk Tang heard: "so the Guanyin I met was fake! ?"

System: 'She is false is also true. according to your experience, Guanyin is false Guanyin, but in the evil travels she is a true Guanyin, in this world the Buddha is not necessarily good. how to judge the specific situations depends on yourself! Remember, Buddhism does not refer to a person, but to a kind of Taoism. '

Monk Tang nodded his head in disbelief. No wonder that the Guanyin she encountered was a fake Guanyin because it was not the world of the journey to the west. "It seems I can't trust my experience too much," Tang said.

Monk Tang instantly thought of many things and asked, "systems, there is the most important question I want to ask!"

The system: 'oh? Just say it! '

"seeking for sutras in the west in this world should just be a start for me?" "Monk Tang asked. This is a question that Monk Tang has always wanted to ask.

System: 'I have to say that you are very smart, indeed, seeking sutras is just the beginning for you in this world, as for what the result will be, you need to find the answer by yourself! '

Monk Tang's mouth twitched, and the system started a charade with him, but he didn't ask, knowing that the system wouldn't say anything anyway.

"Master, I suddenly remembered a very important thing!" The voice of the White Bone Demon rings in Monk Tang's ears.

"Oh? What's important? You say." Monk Tang said, catching herself.

"KuiMu Wolf has a powerful man behind him. I don't know if killing KuiMu Wolf will annoy that person. If that powerful man can strike us, it will be bad!" "Said the White Bone Demon.

"Powerful man? Monk Tang frowned, a flash of lightning flashed in his mind, and asked, "Gu, the powerful man is Lord Lao Zi?"

"Ah? Master, how do you know that? Yes, the powerful man behind KuiMu Wolf is indeed Lord Lao Zi, and Lord Lao Zi is half master of KuiMu Wolf. KuiMu Wolf once worked as a servant boy next to Lord Lao Zi for in a period of time!" It's a surprise to hear Monk Tang name the powerful man behind KuiMu Wolf. The White Bone Demon was surprised about it!

Monk Tang smiled with relief. It seems that some experience is still useful!

"Bone fairy, you do not know that our master knows astronomy and geography and he can calculate all things around the world. there is nothing our master does not know!" Then Pigsy went on, seizing every opportunity to butter up Monk Tang, not to mention praising his master in front of the master's wife!

With that, Pigsy winked at Monk Tang's claim to credit: master, what's up, isn't that a nice assist?

To tell the truth, Monk Tang is really glad to hear Pigsy's flattery, but he just stays calm and even closes his eyes not to see his face. he says to the White Bone Demon, "Gu, did you dare to pretend to be Guanyin bodhisattva because of Lord Lao Zi?"

"Yes, you are very perceptibly. Gu had the courage to pretend to be Guanyin bodhisattva because of Lord Lao Zi. I was a subordinate to KuiMu Wolf. KuiMu Wolf is my backing, and Lord Lao Zi is the patron of KuiMu Wolf. So even if it is exposed, Guanyin bodhisattva won't do anything to me for the sake of Lord Lao Zi, because they have a very good relationship, but now..."

So says the White Bone Demon, which is also small flattery to Monk Tang!

He knows the meaning of the White Bone Demon's unsaid words. Now she has recognized him as her master. Naturally, the former patron has become the enemy.

The crowd went on and soon came to the royal palace in the Treasure Elephant Country!

The crowd came to the Treasure Elephant Country not for traveling, but for looking for the king in Treasure Elephant Country to please his stamp on the customs ultimatum. Only in this way can they continue their journey to the west. The process of confirming the identity was very simple. The King heard their story so he let them pass through the Treasure Elephant Country!

Of course, it was not possible to avoid a warm reception from the king in Treasure Elephant Country. Monk Tang and other people would not refuse so they enjoyed themselves for a while before they left the Treasure Elephant Country. However, after leaving the Treasure Elephant Country, the crowd became serious, because they all knew that they would fight again. And a very strong opponent is waiting for them this time... KuiMu Wolf!

KuiMu Wolf is backed by Lord Lao Zi, the powerful man!

Chapter 102 The Black Pine Forest

The Bowl Mountain is called the Bowl Mountain because its shape is like an upside-down Bowl. The Mountain is very majestic, with silver waterfalls flowing on it, which can be seen from a distance. Monk Tang cannot marvel at the magic of nature after seeing it.

'Are we going to see him at last? The White Bone Demon looks at the mountain in the distance, so lamenting that the two small hands like jade are clenched tightly, the voice is trembling, there is hatred in her eyes.

Sensing the hatred of the White Bone Demon, Monk Tang pats her on the shoulder and says, "don't worry, your revenge will come true!"

"Yes, bone fairy, don't worry, even if that KuiMu Wolf is invincible. We have Sun Wukong. there will be no problem!" Pigsy said so.

"Hey, dork, I thought you'd say 'it's all right because I'm here' " Sun Wukong laughed.

Although he wanted to please master's wife, he didn't want to risk his life. It was his dream that Wukong will take care of everything. All he had to do was to raise the flag and shout in the rear. So he smiled and said, "You are here now. I think I don't have a chance."

"Oh? Since this, the an don't make a move, will the opportunity give you how?" "Said Sun Wukong, looking at Pigsy playfully. He could see Pigsy's little mind!

"How can that be? I absolutely can't grab your success. You should do it!" "Said Pigsy, with an upright expression.

Monk Tang saw this, shaking his head, this pig's the habit of timid and laziness is back again. He is difficult to change himself!

When Sun Wukong heard Pigsy say this, he just curls his lips, then looked at the direction of the Bowl Mountain. before Monk Tang and the White Bone Demon said that KuiMu Wolf is very strong, he already itching. he is not afraid of the enemy is not strong for him to play with!

At this moment, Sun Wukong rose into the air and flashed a light in his eyes, saying, "the sinister smell! Pigsy, Sandy! Protect our master! Hum, this goblin unexpectedly so bold, unexpectedly take the initiative to come to my trouble!"

Hearing this, Pigsy was astounded and said, "a goblin? Where is a goblin? Why didn't I feel it?"

"I haven't seen a goblin either, big brother. we haven't arrived at the Bowl Mountain yet." Sandy was confused too!

And the White Bone Demon trembles a little. her eyes are focus on the surrounding. she wants to see the unforgettable figure.

Monk Tang is also wondering, looking around, and then they show suddenly, at this time though they are far from the Bowl Mountain, they are in place is a pine forest, the pine is not green, but the perfect black. here is the Black Pine Forest, according to his memories in his last life, that Black Pine Forest is a place where the Demon in Yellow Robe shows up!

He didn't see anything either, but the monk spade was in his hand.

"Goblin isn't around, it's a long way from here!" Then Sun Wukong said again.

"Damn, you don't frighten me! if you frighten bone fairy you can take the responsibility? You're not afraid of being punished by our master?" That was Pigsy's immediate complaint when he heard goblin not around.

"You fool, what do you know?" Sun Wukong appeared at Pigsy's side, pinched Pigsy's ear, and said, "goblin is not around, but there are many traces of goblin activity. What if some trap hurts our master?"

"Ah, ah, master, he pulls my ears! no..." Pigsy screamed, then shook off Sun Wukong's hand in discontent and humbly said, "you are too contemptuous of Master, master brother. Do you think master will be hurt by a little trap?"

Master is far from as simple as he thought. Since he has a master, Monk Tang's strength has been increasing rapidly and strangely. Because of the short time, Sun Wukong's deepest impression on Monk Tang is still on the image that he can be scared of a stone.

Nevertheless, Sun Wukong did not want Pigsy to be so lazy. He glanced at the White Bone Demon, and as soon as he rolled his eyes, he had an idea and said, "Pigsy, even if the master is in danger, but what if the Bone fairy is? Watch out, simpleton, if anything happens to the bone fairy, you are dead!"

Pigsy was startled by the words. OMG, he almost ignores it, immediately beating the chest bang bang sound, the nine teeth silver shining rake appeared in his hands, a step on the side of the White Bone Demon and said: "Master, rest assured, I will protect the Bone fairy. if goblins dare to appear, I will use this rake to kill him!"

When Pigsy spoke, he winked at Sandy. Sandy understood immediately, and when he took the stick, he also stood beside the White Bone Demon, saying, "Master, rest assured, goblins can't hurt the Bone fairy!"

The White Bone Demon,"......." These two are absolutely abnormal!

Monk Tang gaped. What? Aren't you guys supposed to protect me? Why you all protect the White Bone Demon? She's stronger than me, okay?

The crowd walked cautiously, the sound of pines and the sound of a worm. The atmosphere was a little depressing, and the weather was very hot. The crowd was in a bad mood. Monk Tang felt agitated too, and then he stopped dead in his tracks!

"Master, why aren't you moving?" "Sun Wukong asked.

Pigsy, Sandy, and the White Bone Demon look puzzled at Monk Tang!

"This is not the way to go," Tang said. "we need to be proactive."

"What do you want to do?" Sun Wukong asked, also feel so has been guarding against goblin's sneak attack is not a good way!

"Watch yourselves, each of you!" "Monk Tang said. Then he jumped off his horse and a huge shadow of arhat Buddha appeared behind him, thousands of meters high, with a huge Monk spade in his hand.

"Buddha's Warrior Attendant's Exorcism Kung Fu of with Spade!" Monk Tang hissed, and then a Monk spade came crashing down on the Black Pine Forest below!



In an instant, the Black Pine Forest was smashed into a huge pit, and dozens or hundreds of Black Pine trees that were all towering trees were smashed into pieces. But nothing showed up, let alone goblins!

Monk Tang didn't stop, but he used his skills 'Shrink Into Inches'. Every time he appeared in a new position, he would smash a big hole by Buddha's Warrior Attendant's Exorcism Kung Fu of Spade. Soon the Black Pine Forest was destroyed as if it had been bombed by countless bombs!

Chapter 103 The Pervert--- KuiMu Wolf

Monk Tang was now about a dozen Monk spade down, and one after another large hole appeared in the Black Pine Forest. When he was about to make another attempt, he suddenly caught his eye and saw a huge Wolf's head emerging from behind a tree about one thousand miles away.

"Ha ha ha ha I found him!"

Monk Tang was so happy. Then he flashed by Shrink Into Inches and hit him with his Monk spade!

"Bang Bang!

A loud bang, goblin together with the tree was hit by Monk Tang fly, goblin skull shattered, was directly hit dead, showing a dozen meters of the size of the original form!

"Ding dong, congratulations to the host to kill a small demon, gain experience 20,000 points. '

"Damn, it is just a small demon!" If KuiMu Wolf is killed by a Monk spade, then KuiMu Wolf is not called KuiMu Wolf!

But just after his words, Monk Tang felt his hair stand on end and he began to roll on the floor, regardless of his identity.

At the same time, he heard Sun Wukong Shouting, "master, be careful!"

Just as he fell, Monk Tang felt a cold knife Qi fly past his scalp. He thought and used Shrink Into Inches. At last, he flashed up beside Sun Wukong!

All this may sound slow, but in fact, it was only for a moment. When he appeared beside Sun Wukong and others, he could see a huge knife light sweeping across a large area of the Black Pine Forest.

When the light of the knife dissipates, the huge black pines are broken from the middle. Moreover, the fracture is as smooth as a mirror!

A drop of cold sweat drips from Monk Tang's head, and he freaks out. OMG!! He almost lost his head!

"Hum! Pretty quick!" A sneer was also at this time passed into his ears, where he killed the position of the small demon, there a yellow demon cloud burst out. A tall figure, wearing yellow robes, holding a bright big steel knife look cold figure, who is KuiMu Wolf.

When seeing KuiMu Wolf, Monk Tang also has to admit that this KuiMu Wolf is very handsome, is definitely a girl killer for those who have not been in love, no wonder that the White Bone Demon will fall in love with the love rat!

KuiMu Wolf appeared at the same time, one after another figure began to appear. they are the team of KuiMu Wolf. At this time those goblins have been surrounded by them all, looking at them as their five prey.

"KuiMu Wolf!" The moment KuiMu Wolf appeared, the White Bone Demon was burning with the flames of hatred and icily shouted.

"Oh? It's the White Bone Demon. You're back in the flesh. What? Are you here to avenge me? Welcome to you, ha ha ha..." Hearing the voice of the White Bone Demon, KuiMu Wolf seems to see the White Bone Demon just now, spread his hands and laughed.

"KuiMu Wolf, let me ask you one question. Have you never felt guilty for me in more than a thousand years?" Asks the White Bone Demon.

"Guilty? To you? Hum, are you qualified to let me guilty, you are not worthy, but you took the initiative to come to me. you are so stupid that you believe everything I said to you. You are so stupid to blame me?" KuiMu Wolf groaned coldly: "rest assured, I will kill you again later, and then refine you into a bone puppet!"

"KuiMu Wolf, what did you say? Again, what does again mean?" "Exclaimed the White Bone Demon.

"Why, don't you know? Well, you don't have that part in your memory. Damn it, why did I let it slip? Well, well, for the sake of your dying again, I'll tell you!" KuiMu Wolf said so, although his mouth is blaming his mouth, the tone and look are that he is deliberately speaking it!

Monk Tang thought: this KuiMu Wolf is not a human at all. He would like to knock him to death at once!

KuiMu Wolf looks at the White Bone Demon and continues: "in your memory, you waited for me to die of old age to become bones? Tell you oh, you that part of the memory was I forged, in the beginning, you were raped to death, and tell you a fact oh, I personally sent those people to you, ha, ha, are you excited to hear it. Are you very angry?"

Angry, of course, Monk Tang was furious, "what are you waiting for? Wukong! Pigsy! Come on! Beat him! Catch him for me! I will torture this pervert to the dead who cheats on a female!"

"Yes, master! three people together shouted, this time Pigsy are not lazy. he is the first one rushed towards KuiMu Wolf. What KuiMu Wolf did evil things is thoroughly angered the three brothers!

"All three together? All right, let me see Monkey King, Tianpeng Marshal and Juanlian General are as strong as the outside world boasts!" Looking at those three people at the same time, who are running towards him, KuiMu Wolf did not have any panic, but some light disdain, he has heard those three people in the Lord Laozi there, three people are not strong compared with the ones in their heydays.

And in the face of the three rushed to him, he also gave orders to the small demons. In order to show that he doesn't care about the three, he said, "kill Tang Sanzang and the White Bone Demon!"

"It's my king! "The little monsters shouted, and then they go to Monk Tang and the White Bone Demon!

Looking at the small demons rushed towards him, he is not surprised but happy. those are experience points, but see the White Bone Demon is still. He frowned dissatisfaction without but some sympathy with the White Bone Demon. He thought the White Bone Demon has been miserable enough, but did not think of the truth is more miserable.

This KuiMu Wolf will be killed no matter what, even if Lord Lao Zi appears now will not stop the determination to kill him!

"It seems that I need to protect you for a while" "Monk Tang says, leaving the White Bone Demon behind.

"Kill!" Monk Tang gave a loud sound, Buddha's Warrior Attendant reappeared, his spade is hitting on the goblins with a bang!

"Boom, boom!

"Bang Bang Bang!

The 'bang' continued, in an instant, between heaven and earth, there is a virtual shadow of the golden monk spade occupying by the full, goblins under the small monsters met the virtual shadow of the golden monk spade are dead by broken bones and tendons.

Although these small monsters are very strong, they are almost demon kings in some small places, but after all, they can't reach the realm of demon fairy, weaker than Monk Tang, so they are no match for Monk Tang. They have been killed by Monk spade of Monk Tang one after another. The hints from the system sound steady.

"Ding dong, congratulations to the host to kill a small demon, gain experience 20,000 points. '

'ding dong, congratulations to the host to kill a small demon, gain experience 30,000 points. '

"Ding dong, congratulations to the host to kill a small demon, gain experience 20,000 points. '


Chapter 104 The Raged White Bone Demon

Monk Tang was thrilled to hear a steady stream of systematic hints in her head that sounded like a symphony. Each time the cue sounds, they represent at least 20,000 experience points in his pocket. Monk Tang was thrilled.

Of course, in addition to the excitement, he also has a bit of worry. the White Bone Demon heard what KuiMu Wolf said and she stands still, like a silly girl. Monk Tang is really worried about the White Bone Demon really silly, he does not want to have a silly girl around him.

Monk Tang Bang sees the White Bone Demon after a small demon with a wolf's head breaks into pieces with a sound and then is stunned. he doesn't know when the White Bone Demon's hair turns into white, and every white hair is squirming like a long snake, and the fierce evil spirit is surging on her body!

When Monk Tang sees the White Bone Demon with white hair, he thought a lyrics: when the hair goes grey...

But, no, this is not the time for the song, the White Bone Demon's state is obviously not good, but just when he wants to see what happened to the White Bone Demon, the White Bone Demon started to move. Her pale face lifted up with a sad and shrill roar to the sky!


The terrifying sound wave, with the White Bone Demon as the center, is scattered, and the Black Pine Forest within a few miles is instantly pulverized. After the sound wave passes, many small demons are vomiting blood, even breaking into pieces!

Monk Tang felt a headache when she heard the sound. Damn it, this is an indiscriminate attack. Does she become a raged girl?

But Monk Tang doesn't care about this, what matters is that the White Bone Demon actually killed his goblins. in the White Bone Demon this life under the scream, he should at least receive hundreds of thousands of experience points at least!

When he wants to ask the White Bone Demon why the hell is going crazy, the White Bone Demon's roar is: "KuiMu Wolf, I must let you die today..."


Voice also stay put, the White Bone Demon ontology has jumped out, and between its action, the White Bone Demon flesh began to melt, turned into a skeleton, the earth also is rumbling noise, terrorist cracks appear, bodies buried in the ground of the skeleton are speared out, toward the White Bone Demon, instead of melting together, in a twinkling, an enormous skeleton showed up!

On the other side, KuiMu Wolf, who fought with Sun Wukong for a time and never lost the wind, heard the cry of the White Bone Demon. As soon as he pulled the corner of his mouth, he sneered and said: "ha ha ha, just you? Do you want to kill me? I can let you die once, I can let you die twice! Kill!"


KuiMu Wolf cut out a blade, a blade with the size of ten thousand meters appeared, which was chopped down against Pigsy, and the time tunnel was all cut open.

When Pigsy saw this change of countenance, the silver light of the nine - toothed rake in his hand was thrown at him.


Nine tooth rake fell on the knife, a big explosion occurred in an instant with a huge mushroom cloud.


Pigsy, the moment was hit, turned into a stream of light toward the ground. With a boom, a radius of thousands of meters of the huge hole appeared, KuiMu Wolf rampant a laugh: "ha, Tianpeng Marshal, but so!"



When Sun Wukong and Sandy saw this, their faces changed and they shouted anxiously, and then they attacked KuiMu Wolf. His Monkey King Bar fell on KuiMu Wolf.

Over there, after Monk Tang had killed several of the monsters again, he saw Pigsy fall down from the sky like a shooting star. he also appears at the bottom of the pit with a body movement. He runs to Pigsy and got him up, say, "How are you doing? Pigsy? KuiMu Wolf is really strong."

"Master, I'm fine... It hurts. My waist... Damn KuiMu Wolf. "Pigsy rose from the pit, touched his waist, red in the eyes and run to KuiMu Wolf again!

Monk Tang was relieved to see that Pigsy had thick skin and thick flesh.

"Kill Monk Tang and steam him!" The little monsters were killed by Monk Tang, but they were still screaming towards Monk Tang, and various attacks fell towards Monk Tang in the cave!

Monk Tang: oh, Damn it! A bunch of animals wants to eat his meat! A huge arhat Buddha phantom appears behind Monk Tang.

"Thud Thud Thud..."

The attack was instantly smashed by Monk Tang, and the virtual shadow of the monk spade continued to be pushed sideways.

"Bang the gong..."

Dozens of small demons were killed immediately showing the original shape. there are sheep, pigs, dogs, and wolfs...... with about ten meters height. With a quick thought, Monk Tang collected them into his portable space. He prepared some food for the future.

"Ding dong, congratulations to the host to kill a small demon, gain experience 20,000 points. '

"Ding dong, congratulations to the host to kill a small demon, gain experience 20,000 points. '


At the same time, the beep starts to thicken again. The monsters are fierce, but when they see Monk Tang, they are even more fierce than they are. And tang's monk beheaded after killing more than ten companions, the remaining small demon people also meng, feeling very afraid!

"Oh, run, Monk Tang, is too strong. We are no match for him!" A small demon with the head of a chicken, looking at Monk Tang with blood on his body, looks terrified. Then he screams and turns to run. At this time, he is not going to kill Monk Tang, but just wants to be alive in Monk Tang's hands!

The chicken demon shouted, the other small demon is also afraid shiver, and then quickly ran in all directions.

See this, Monk Tang cold hum, he naturally won't let goblins as his experience point plus food materials to run away. He appeared in the furthest out of the chicken demon body, and then a monk spade hit out!


The chicken demon was knocked to the ground in an instant, and he died and could not move again.

Monk Tang then flashes continuously, killing the goblins one by one and remaining them for food!

Monk Tang, glancing around, didn't see any demon survive, then he looked at the sky far away, where the Sun Wukong was, etc and KuiMu Wolf wars location, where the heavens and the earth energy boiling, yellow mushroom cloud of terror in blossom and annihilation, in Monk Tang eyesight, there are some colorful lights flashed!

In which, a huge Bone frame is a prominent feature, which is naturally the White Bone Demon. When Monk Tang kills the small Demon, the White Bone Demon is apparently also joined in the battle group of KuiMu Wolf.

Chapter 105 Can Wukong Do It?

After the White Bone Demon becomes a huge skeleton with an endless hatred rushing to KuiMu Wolf. The dozens of miles away for the White Bone Demon is not a big problem. She just took one second a moment is to arrive here.

A big white hand that blocks the sun from the sky slaps down KuiMu Wolf, where the time tunnel is twisted. The White Bone Demon wants to smash KuiMu Wolf into a paper to solve her hatred.

However, KuiMu Wolf, faced with White Bone Demon, is not in a hurry, and even with a sneer and disdain in his eyes. The big steel knife in his hand blooms out of the bright light, and then was swept away, which forced back Sun Wukong and others. then He gave another shot. The speed of the knife is even faster than the light velocity!

"Blah, blah, blah!

Sun Wukong, Pigsy, and Sandy all raised their weapons to strike the light of the knife and made a clanging sound. Although they know that it could not hurt him, they were still pushed backward by the great power of the knife!

'bone fairy, be careful" Pigsy looked at KuiMu Wolf who is holding his knife toward the White Bone Demon. Pigsy shouted at the White Bone Demon. While he was forced back by KuiMu Wolf, he was giving him another attack, which was right on KuiMu Wolf's knife blade!

"Go to Die, die, KuiMu Wolf!" The White Bone Demon turned a deaf ear to Pigsy's voice. The giant skull continued to clap its hands, and the time tunnel was completely destroyed by the thunderous explosions.

However, it is the powerful attack of the White Bone Demon that, when it comes to KuiMu Wolf's sword light, it is just like a piece of paper.


Without a particularly loud noise, the huge bone palm of the White Bone Demon was cut in half by the knife light, and the knife light didn't fade away and cut off toward the huge body of the White Bone Demon.

"No!" Seeing this, Sun Wukong thought he was too strong. Monkey King Bar in his hand was instantly enlarged and fell toward the knife light.

"boom!" “ crack !”

Monkey King Bar immediately smashed the 'knife light' into pieces and scattered the 'knife light' into small pieces.

“ Bang Bang Bang !” The fragments of knife light penetrated the time tunnel. Although the fate of the White Bone Demon being split into two was avoided, the White Bone Demon was still riddled with holes by the fragments. the White Bone Demon was instantly hit hard and fell down from the time tunnel. The huge white skeleton rapidly disintegrated, and the White Bone Demon fell to the ground and got back to the human body!

After Monk Tang had just killed all the little devils, what he saw was this scene. His heart was shocked. KuiMu Wolf was indeed powerful. Under the siege of Sun Wukong, Pigsy, and Sandy, he was able to hurt the White Bone Demon so hard!

In an instant, Monk Tang appeared beside the White Bond Demon and looked at the White Bond Demon coughing up blood at the bottom of the pit and said, "Gu, how are you?"

"Oh, I'm going to kill him!" The White Bone Demon struggled to get up and was again in the air, but was stopped by Monk Tang.

"Master, you let me go, I'm going to kill him, kill him!" The White Bone Demon shouted!

"Shut up and stay here!" Monk Tang felt the weakness of the White Bone Demon. how could he let the White Bone Demon go for him so he shouted at her coldly?

"wooshing!" At the same time, two streamers fell. these are Pigsy and Sandy.

"Bone Fairy, are you all right?" Pigsy was worried and said that he did not dare to look at Monk Tang. Under their protection, the master's wife was still hurt like this. He was really worried that Monk Tang would get angry and punish him!

"Bone Fairy, are you all right?" Sandy also asked with concern.

When Monk Tang sees two people like this. Damn you. You are too concerned about the White Bone Demon, aren't you? Shouldn't you help your big brother, Sun Wukong, fight KuiMu Wolf?

"You let me go, I must kill him!" The White Bond Demon still said the same thing and wanted to take off again. However, with her seriously injured body, how can she get rid of the suppression by Monk Tang and others? At this time, a little goblin can possibly suppress the White Bond Demon!

"Bone fairy, you don't have to go, just give it to my senior brother!" Pigsy urged.

"Yes, elder brother can do it" Sandy also propitiated.

"Ha, ha, ha, Trash! You all trash!" KuiMu Wolf laughed at this moment, playing with his knife, and pointed at Monk Tang, Sun Wukong and the other four with his finger in an arrogant way. "You are all garbage! what kind of Monkey King you are, Sun Wukong? what kind of Tianpeng Marshal you are, Pigsy? what kind of Juanlian General you are, Sandy? the Great Sage Tang Sanzang? The holy monk? You all trash. You will all be my lunch! "

The crowd was furious when he heard this. Oh, he was mocking at them. The crowd felt extremely bad, especially Sun Wukong, Pigsy, and Sandy. On one of them put KuiMu Wolf in his eyes in the old days, but now they become the one who was looked down by KuiMu Wolf!

Monk Tang was also angry and shouted at Sun Wukong, "Wukong, can you do it or not? If your answer is 'No' then I'll fight with him! "

Sun Wukong's eyes were glistening with gold and his heart was burning with anger. As for KuiMu Wolf this kind of people, he could easily beat them down in one hit. BUt now KuiMu Wolf dares to jump up and down in front of him. The feeling of holding back almost made Sun Wukong's body burst apart!

Especially when he heard what Monk Tang said, Sun Wukong was even angrier and shouted, "Yes, why can't I? Master, you wait for me. We will see it. I will not defeat him in three moves, I will call me Sun Wukong, and I will never be called the Monkey King! "

"Well done, Wukong! Kick his ass off ! but don't kill him. I'll take care of the killing thing!" Monk Tang said.

"Hum, you? Sun Wukong do you think you are still Sun Wukong in old times? Ha, ha, ha, ha! " KuiMu Wolf laughed. after the first war, he was already convinced that Sun Wukong and others were much weaker than he imagined.

"Yes me! Ah!" Sun Wukong burst into a roar and saw the blood-red fire surging on Sun Wukong's body, his canine teeth protruding suddenly and violently, and his body enlarged to become a 100-meter-high ape. His muscles were throbbed, and a strong and incomparable breath broke out. The whole time tunnel trembled, and a golden word "Svastika" loomed in his chest.

"Ape? Hum, but you are no match for me! " KuiMu Wolf felt the momentum of the outbreak on Sun Wukong. He felt that Sun Wukong was different from before. He was extremely alert in his heart and felt the great crisis. However, on his face, he was stay clam but he took the lead in attacking at Sun Wukong!

The bright big steel knife in his hand fell on Sun Wukong. In a flash, the sky was split.

A few hundred miles of cracks appeared on the sky like a huge scar.

Throwing away the knife, KuiMu Wolf's face did not have any joy, but a little panic emerged in his face, because he found Sun Wukong missing, and his very confident with knife skill… but he hit on nothing!

Chapter 106 666!

In the Treasure Elephant Country, among the king down to the peddlers, all looked up at the sky with a full face of horror.

"Oh my god, what's the matter? Is the end coming? "

"Why did the sky was split up?"

A crack across the horizon, like a huge scar, ferocious terrible, the crowd trembled.

Fortunately, the place where KuiMu Wolf and Sun Wukong were at war was far from the Treasure Elephant Country, and they did not make any damage to them.

Not to mention that it almost scared a group of ordinary people.

Here, KuiMu Wolf's face changed after a knife was cut into the air: so fast, did the monkey take hormone?

"Watch out my bar!" A loud roar came from KuiMu Wolf's head, and a giant pillar of heaven fell on KuiMu Wolf.

Monk Tang found that his disciple especially liked the action of "poke" and once did he it he couldn't stop.

"dong!" KuiMu Wolf was right to be hit and was directly knocked into the ground.

"Master elder brother, you are wonderful. I love you so much!" Pigsy immediately cheered when he saw this. He can't wait to flattery on Wukong ----Pigsy has mastered the art of flattery and said it directly.

"Come on, big brother!" Sandy also shouted, taking out a small notebook to write down Sun Wukong's "great achievements". When Sun Wukong comes back, he will show it to Sun Wukong. Sandy also has his own little plan to do in his mind.

Looking at the movements of the two disciples, Monk Tang curled his lips and snorted in his heart: Let me show you what is the most orthodox and true flattery.

Crac cha, Monk Tang inserted the Nine-Ring Monk Spade into the rock beside him to free up his hands.

Seeing Monk Tang acting like this, Pigsy and Sandy both cast puzzled eyes ... What does Master want to do again?

Monk Tang didn't care about the eyes of the two men, his hands pointing to the sky, all made six gestures(On the internet, 6 is a number to describe "so cool" or "you are such amazing"), and then he held the breath in the abdomen is suddenly and violently shouted:

"Wukong, 666 ......"

The sound was so loud that sound waves formed ripples that spread in all directions and reverberated among the mountains.

"666 ...... 66 ...... 6 ...... ah ......"

Pigsy shocked, Sandy, shocked, the White Bone Demon shocked, the Little White Dragon shocked!

Although they don't know what "666" means, they have a feeling that this is the best term for flattery.

Sun Wukong, who is holding giant pillars in his hand and is furious, was shocked to hear the slogan of "666". He doesn't know why he suddenly feels "burning" up, and it is even more exciting ... It seems he got such big encouragement. Thus he wants to fight with the damn wolf till the end.

Monk Tang finished shouting by himself, looked at the crowd in surprise, and couldn't help but smile proudly and said: "don't stand still, come with me ... Wukong! Wukong is the so 'six'! Monkey King! Monkey King! You are such 'six'!"

Pigsy and Sandy came back to their senses. Following Monk Tang's trumpet, the crowd shouted together. The voice was even more powerful and spread to the Treasure Elephant Country. From then on, the legend of "Monkey King is the best 'six' " was left in the Treasure Elephant Country, although they didn't know what "6" meant.

The crowd's chorus of' 666' seemed to inject infinite strength into Sun Wukong, with his huge body suddenly growing into double size.


The huge Monkey King Bar suddenly poked into the ground deeply, and the huge rift spread in all directions.

The crowd seemed to hear the howling of the wolves, and their faces were beaming with the relief of an old father ... How effective!

The White Bone Demon was also delighted to see KuiMu Wolf driven underground. However, knowing that KuiMu Wolf is powerful, she knew that KuiMu Wolf is not so easy to be defeated. Although there is a smile on her face, she is more worried.

Monk Tang sensed the look of the White Bone Demon and said, "Gu, what's the matter, loathe to give up?"

Monk Tang has an' I understand' look.

Monk Tang regarded the hidden worries of the White Bone Demon as unbearable. After all, the White Bone Demon and KuiMu Wolf are good friends, and once the White Bone Demon still loved to death. Although he wanted to be killed and cut before, it is understandable that she could not bear her man was beaten to death.

The White Bone Demon looked at Monk Tang's face. Her mouth twitched and she wanted to shout "Go away!"

But think about this her character, as well as the means to act, it is better for Monk Tang not to say a word.

It was not easy for the White Bone Demon to organize the language: "No, master. I wish KuiMu Wolf could not die anymore. I am just worried that KuiMu Wolf will not die so easily. "

As if to match the words of the White Bond Demon, just as the words of the White Bond Demon dropped, a loud howl came from under the earth.

Ow, ow, ow

"Goddamn supervisors for healthful horses, you have finally angered me. I will try monkey meat today!"


The ground fluctuated like water waves, and the topography of the Bowl Mountain changed instantly.

"hmm? Do you still want to come out under my suppression? "

Sun Wukong's face changed, and he felt the overwhelming power surging from Monkey King Bar and it was passing it on to him.

"Oh, my gosh, what's wrong with KuiMu Wolf?" Pigsy was shaking on the ground like having been drunk and said.

The monkeys have all changed his body. But he can't suppress the wolf? The monkey must be stimulated!

With this in mind, Pigsy just looked up at Sun Wukong and shouted, "Dead monkey, are you okay? If you can't do it, I'll do it! "

"Dead pig, you shut up!"

Sun Wukong's giant monkey's face was red and blue veins stood out like old tree roots.


Just as Sun Wukong's voice fell, a big explosion occurred underground, and the energy blew out Sun Wukong and Monkey King Bar together.

Terrible shock waves spread, earth and rock rolled and spread in all directions, just like a tsunami!

Looking at the earth and rock rolling over, Pigsy was immediately shocked. he had no time to wrangle with Sun Wukong. he jumped into the air with a cry of alarm to avoid the attack of the earth waves.

Monk Tang and others also floated in the air in an instant, but the crowd's eyes were attracted by other images.

"OMG, is that a wolf?" Pigsy looked horrified.

"OMG, is that a wolf?" Sandy was so surprised that he couldn't hide his original form. His notebook fell to the ground.

"How do I express my feeling? Amitabfa !” Monk Tang also opened his eyes wide and grabbed the horse mane of the Little White Dragon with one hand.

"that's the original body of KuiMu Wolf. he's finally going to show his true skill!" The White Bone Demon is a wry smile. Indeed, KuiMu Wolf is not so easy to kill. She felt the ferocity of KuiMu Wolf. in her eyes, besides his hatred, only a wry smile remained.

"is that really KuiMu Wolf?" On hearing this, Monk Tang looked at the White Bone Demon.

The White Bone Demon nodded and said: "I saw he did so once, but KuiMu Wolf's body was much smaller than this at that time, but now ... Sure enough, KuiMu Wolf has become stronger!"

"It doesn't matter, believe Wukong, Wukong said he can kill him in three rounds!" Monk Tang gave a pep talk to the White Bone Demon.

Of course, Monk Tang only talks like this, and his heart is also uneasy. How do you think Sun Wukong is a weak chicken now?

Chapter 107 The Pit on Head

Over the Bowl Mountain, a huge magic mountain lies across the sky, casting a large shadow on the ground!

Monk Tang and his disciples were floating at a low altitude, looking up at the magic mountain and opening their mouths in surprise.

Where is the magic mountain, that is a huge magic Wolf, like a magic mountain, magic flame monstrous?

The giant wolf is several thousand feet in size, one eye is dozens of feet in size, like two small moons, fierce and terrifying!

KuiMu Wolf's appearance at this time was ferocious and horrible, with dense scales and bone spurs.

In addition, there is a huge steel knife, which is as long as 1,000 meters long, and it wanders around its body like a fish.

When Sun Wukong's body was soaring 100 meters high, it gave people the feeling that he is a giant.

But at this moment Sun Wukong is standing in front of KuiMu Wolf like a chick standing in front of a human ... a weak chick!

Pigsy and others were shocked and awed by KuiMu Wolf's ferocity.

KuiMu Wolf in this state is more than ten times stronger than that in human form.

Although Monk Tang was shocked, he was only shocked by KuiMu Wolf's ability to become so big. Unlike others, others were awed by KuiMu Wolf's ferocity, but Monk Tang had the leisure to watch KuiMu Wolf up and down!

Also don't say, Monk Tang has really found that KuiMu Wolf has a ... pit on his big head!

Monk Tang couldn't help but say 'Amitabfa' to express shock. he thought it was KuiMu Wolf's third eye.

But after looking at it for a long time, Monk Tang was sure it was a pit, a big pit, right in the middle of KuiMu Wolf's head.

A true pit on the head! (In Chinese, it means 'stupid')

Really the head has a big hole!

"Master, what's wrong with you and what have you found?" Pigsy heard Monk Tang announce the name of buddha and asked.

"There is a pit, there is a pit in his head!" When Monk Tang heard this, he subconsciously answered.

Pigsy's face turned pale when he heard this, and his head was covered with pits. After being nurtured by Monk Tang, Pigsy naturally knew what it meant. When he heard this, his face turned black immediately. "master, why do you swear at me? I'm not stupid. My head is not covered with pits!"

"I didn't mean you, you look, is there a pit in the middle of KuiMu Wolf's head !” Monk Tang said this in his mouth, but he looked at Pigsy with some disdain: looking for cursing yourself, and saying that your head had no pit?

To understand the meaning of Monk Tang's eyes, Pigsy's face is even darker. This master is too unreliable. How can you treat apprentices like this?

However, after hearing Monk Tang's words, Pigsy and others found a big hole in KuiMu Wolf's head.

The White Bone Demon was surprised and said, "what's going on? Why is there a hole in his head? I remember there was a horn there? "


"Monkey Sun, Supervisor for Heavenly Horses, I will kill you today! Three moves to defeat me? Ha, ha, ha ...I give you another 300 rounds, and you can't do it, Sun Wukong. you are too weak. If you are afraid to beg for mercy, I may consider leaving a full corpse for you! " KuiMu Wolf's fierce power has soared, his words are even more rampant, and he is extremely contemptuous of Sun Wukong!

Sun Wukong was silent as if he had been stabbed in trigger point and hit his weak point!

"What's the matter with him, elder brother? why doesn't he move, is he really afraid? I'm going to help my elder brother! " Pigsy looked at him eagerly, but although he said to help, his feet did not move. The dead monkey was not an opponent. How could he be an opponent to the wolf? He just likes to talk big!

"master, who ... who, why don't you move? That wolf is irritating!" Sandy said.

He was extremely speechless. a disciple is a timid fear, another one's memory is short. Oh well, he had another one but he is locked in a seal. listening to Sandy, Monk Tang knew that Sandy has forgotten Sun Wukong and KuiMu Wolf, the only thing that makes Monk Tang gratified, this guy also know him.

"By the way, who are you?"

However, just when Monk Tang thought so, Sandy's words directly poked his heart into his heart ... and pierced his heart!

"Look at your small notebook and you will know who we are!" Monk Tang pointed out an open road to Sandy. Sandy's eyes lit up when he heard this, and he went to look for his notebook that had fallen to the ground.

When Sandy, an amnesiac apparition, was released, Monk Tang looked at Pigsy and said, "Believe Wukong, he can do it!"

Although Monk Tang "gets angry" with Sun Wukong every day, Sun Wukong has always been an idol in Monk Tang's heart and he has inexplicable confidence in Sun Wukong. Even though Sun Wukong in this world is different from Sun Wukong in Journey to the West, Monk Tang's confidence in Sun Wukong remains the same.

Monk Tang looked at Sun Wukong again. if it does not erupt in silence, it will perish in silence. Sun Wukong will not perish.

At the moment when Monk Tang looked up, the silent Sun Wukong also slowly looked up, straight to the huge KuiMu Wolf.

Sun Wukong's voice rang and shook, "I, born of a multicolored spirit stone, called Monkey King, once made a big scene in hell and heaven. The evil soldiers and ghosts will not be able to hold me ..."

KuiMu Wolf said with his eyes tilted and smiled: "ah ... is this a memory before he died?"

Despite Sun Wukong's continued remarks, his voice grew louder and louder: "The heavenly troops and the heaven will not stop me, nor will they cover me on this day, nor will the earth hold me down. Today, a puppy wants my life? Ha, ha, ha ... I've never heard such a good joke. I said I would defeat you in three moves and defeat you in three moves. I never break my word! "

"Well, Wukong, what you said is great, 666!"

When Monk Tang heard Sun Wukong's words, he immediately felt his blood boiling. He IS the one, Monkey King, in his heart!


KuiMu Wolf, on the other hand, made a deafening noise by biting his teeth and said: "Hum, don't give your face. I will never leave you all dead. Shout, Supervisor for Heavenly Horses, and that noisy bald donkey, I will swallow you alive later ..."

Bang ~

With KuiMu Wolf's words, the huge steel knife circling around KuiMu Wolf is just a quiver!

Then, a flash appeared on KuiMu Wolf's head, and then the hilt was inserted into the big hole ... fitting perfectly!

Monk Tang saw this eye stare. He unexpectedly still have this action.

At this time, if he still doesn't understand, Monk Tang should give up the identity of master of divine focus. Originally, Monk Tang doubted why KuiMu Wolf's steel knife could be hard shaken but not broken with Monkey King Bar. At this moment, it has been understood that the steel knife was made by the one horn on KuiMu Wolf's forehead.

When a steel knife was inserted into KuiMu Wolf's head, KuiMu Wolf's momentum climbed another level.

Also at the same time, KuiMu Wolf's huge body moved, leaving an afterimage in the time tunnel ...

The snow-white knife shines in the sky and falls like a river towards Sun Wukong ...


Time tunnel, suddenly burst, ferocious cracks densely covered time tunnel!

Chapter 108 The Masses Like Eating Watermelon!

Looking at the horrible scene in the sky, Monk Tang couldn't help gasping. This destructive power is too great!

If the attack is above the ground in the territory of Treasure Elephant Country, it is enough to wipe out the Treasure Elephant Country!

KuiMu Wolf's body is huge, and if he moves lightly, he will stride over thousands of feet, and the steel knife above his head will be cut off.


Sun Wukong raised the Monkey King Bar like a giant pillar to be a crosspiece, and the steel knife struck the Monkey King Bar to send out a deafening metallic tremolo. The terrorist sound waves scattered like real ripples, and the time tunnel exploded along the way.

There are sparks flying everywhere and falling in the forest, which is causing some fire.

And every spark is extremely heavy, with extremely high temperatures. If it falls on the ground, it will be a big crater and magma will roll!

Sun Wukong was hit by a huge wave. Sun Wukong repeatedly trampled on time tunnel and flew for more than ten miles before it could stop.

And there is a terrorist knife mark, appeared on his body, flesh rolled up, rolling blood flowing down, ferocious terror.

Sun Wukong defended the body of the KuiMu Wolf steel knife but did not defend knife Qi.

Looking at Sun Wukong's huge wound, Monk Tang and others were all shocked. Monk Tang took the lead to return to absolute being and slapped Pigsy and Sandy on the head, saying: "What are you still doing foolishly? Don't give your brother a cheer? Wukong, 666! "

Pigsy and Sandy came to their senses and immediately shouted, "Senior Brother, 666!"

666' s voice spread far and wide and reached Sun Wukong's ears. Sun Wukong was cheered up and then "burning" again. He looked at Monk Tang with indecision and uncertainty and thought: what did the monk learn such strange spell and it had such miraculous effect?

Sun Wukong felt that his blood was boiling, his strength was pouring in from the depths of his body, and his chains in his body were breaking.

When KuiMu Wolf heard the cheers of Monk Tang and others, Bang laughed: "Ha, ha, ha, monkey sun! Can you hear them letting you" sneak around "?This is to let you run away, isn't it? It's a wise man, how is it? I can let you run 999 meters first! " (ps:It is a homophone for the word 'sneak' in Chinese, the same as "six" in Chinese.)

"Hum, little puppy! you are really noisy! Escape? I never knew how to write 'run '! " Sun Wukong grunted.

Soon, that layer of shackles will soon be completely broken. After that layer of shackles is broken, it will be your death!

Sun Wukong thought, his chest that huge "Svastika" word mark is revealed, a corner crack appeared, expanding!

"Puppy? Hahaha ... "Kuimu Wolf sneer at silence was Sun Wukong twice called a puppy, he has been out of anger!

KuiMu Wolf's body moved again, and another galactic knife light fell towards Sun Wukong, which was submerged again.

However, this time KuiMu Wolf cut out a knife, but it was back at top speed and did not continue to move forward. He was shocked and uncertain to see the place submerged by the knife light. At that moment, KuiMu Wolf felt a huge crisis!

What's happening? KuiMu Wolf's huge wolf eyes twinkled with doubts, and his whole body of green wolf's hair stood up straight.

Bang !

Knife light then fiercely burst, a fierce and complete incomparable breath spread in all directions, a small figure appeared.

It was Sun Wukong who became the size of an ordinary person. At this time, Sun Wukong carried Monkey King Bar on his shoulder with one hand and held it with the other hand.

The hand has a silver jump, bright and dazzling, which is the strongest knife Qi cut by KuiMu Wolf.

"How is it possible?" Looking at his strongest knife Qi being held by Sun Wukong, KuiMu Wolf could not help but exclaim immediately.

Even more frightening to KuiMu Wolf is that the wound on Sun Wu's chest is rapidly healing and the blood flowing out is also rolling back.

"There is nothing impossible in my eyes, only you are too weak!" Sun Wukong said.

Holding knife qi's hand with a gentle pinch, the knife qi burst away, while Sun Wukong took a deep breath and climbed to the top.

At this moment, the unnatural vision is in their eyes. The uber come from nowhere!

"Dog, die!" Sun Wukong's body moved and the unnatural vision turned into the sinister smell rolling into his body.

"How did this happen? How did Sun Wukong suddenly become stronger? "

KuiMu Wolf did not understand, felt the great crisis, his body could not help shivering, and he involuntarily regressed.

Sun Wukong appeared in front of KuiMu Wolf in a flash, and the small figure was almost negligible compared with KuiMu Wolf.

Seeing this, Monk Tang's face was just like an old father's pleased smile, saying: "Look, this is my apprentices!"

When Pigsy heard this, he just curled his mouth and thought. Does this have anything to do with you? Monkey Sun was cool. Now he is even cooler okay?

Of course, Pigsy just thought about it in his heart and never dared to say it out. Instead, he said with a straight face: "Yes, it is all the credit of master. Without you, how could the monkey be so powerful? It's all your credit! You gave him a good education! "

Monk Tang nodded happily when he heard this, regardless of whether the pig's words were true or not, but he felt comfortable and said, "Yes, a stupid child can be taught!"

After saying this, he turned to the White Bone Demon and said, "Well, don't worry about him this time. Now even if there are two KuiMu Wolfs they would bot be a problem for Wukong. you should think about how to give the heart breaker a great lesson later. Well, But you can only teach him, but not kill him! "

KuiMu Wolf is so strong, that it is a great sum of experience points. although he promised to help the White Bone Demon, he cannot waste his experience points.

Hearing this, the White Bone Demon smiles but looks gloomy, and then said, "I will stab his two kidneys and punch his little bird!" (you guys know 'bird' means......)

Oh no, Monk Tang, Pigsy, Sandy and the Little White Dragon heard it, feeling cold in the crotch and getting cold sweat.

Master and disciples looked at each other: mom, it was really the woman who couldn't be provoked most, and they mourn for KuiMu Wolf!

Monk Tang coughed softly and said, "whatever you want! As long as you don't kill him! "

Then, with a wave of his hand, tables and chairs and juice appeared in a vacant place.

"Master, what are these?" The White Bone Demon was stunned. There is still a war going on. Why is it like a vacation on your side?

On hearing this, Monk Tang waved his hand carelessly and said, "Sit down and help yourself. Wukong can take 'good' care of him, let's enjoy it and lets us be the 'eating-watermelon' masses! " Monk Tang holds a big watermelon and started to a bit.

Pigsy, Sandy, follow suit, sit down and pick up the watermelon and eat it!

True melon eaters-----born! (ps: in china 'melon eaters' refers to a group of people who are like to hear about the news. eating melon is a process that people are getting to know the news. And melon means the scandals)

The White Bone Demon looked at the master and his disciples and was speechless. He believed that Sun Wukong had such a master and those younger brothers, which was really heart-rending!

But who cares? The White Bone Demon also sat down-eating melons!

"Dead monkey! Watch out!" Monk Tang yelled. However, he was angry before he finished eating a piece of melon?

A huge tooth, with dripping blood, came crashing down from time tunnel in the distance and grazed the crowd's head. (ps: time tunnel means the midair)

Although it didn't hit, it still drenched Monk Tang and others with blood, but all the melon and fruit cold drinks were wasted!

Chapter 109 Don't Dare Mess

Above the dome of the sky, the huge KuiMu Wolf body lies across the sky, like a magic mountain, ferocious and terrifying.

At the chin, there is a small spot, just like soybean grains, which is Sun Wukong!

After Sun Wukong became a normal person, he took one step and appeared under KuiMu Wolf's chin. his voice resounded through the sky.

"Puppy, I have never broken my word, saying that if I defeat you in three rounds, I will defeat you in three moves. This is the second round!"

With a humming sound, Sun Wukong swung Monkey King Bar from bottom to top and hit KuiMu Wolf on the chin.

Monkey King Bar is getting longer, bigger and thicker. When it hits on KuiMu Wolf's chin, Monkey King Bar is bigger than KuiMu Wolf's head.

Dong, a choking scream accompanied by the sound of bone fracture.

Blood was flying away and huge teeth were also scattered. One of bloody tooth flew towards Monk Tang and others. Suddenly, the bloody tooth was above their head here when Monk Tang and others found it!

Although it was only a tooth, it was also 100 meters in size, like a hill, and it was no laughing matter when it was smashed.

Fortunately, Monk Tang and others were lucky. Although they didn't have time to escape, the tooth didn't hit them but touched their scalp and flew past.

Of course, Monk Tang and others were also extremely upset. When their teeth flew over, the blood on the tooth dropped on them like a downpour.

I was drenched by Monk Tang and others----------They were all covered with blood!

At this moment, Monk Tang started to muddle. Who did he provoke? I just want to be a melon eater!

Is this wrong? Why do you want to give me a blood shower?

Monk Tang became angry, and neither did he eat the melons. He threw them aside and shouted angrily, "Dead monkey, did you do it on purpose?"

"Yes, did you do it on purpose?" Pigsy also followed the thunder. Between monkey and monk, he chose to stand by the monk.

Sandy is also a face of anger, looking at his small notebook. Do you think he is easy? He just got it back. This time he was soaked with blood. At that time, he didn't know what to do!

The White Bone Demon looked at Monk Tang and his disciples speechless. She really couldn't understand the relationship between them. They were worried about Sun Wukong just now, but now they are actually scolding them.

Moreover, the White Bone Demon did not realize that Sun Wukong did it on purpose. Didn't he see the teeth flying in all directions?

However, the next moment, the White Bone Demon felt that she was really too naive. Damn you! he did mean it. What's most shameful thing is that you, the dead monkey, have admitted it with great grace.

The White Bone Demon is also angry---------you gave me back my trust!

"Aha, you found all this, why it kill you!? Mistakes, I will do it on time next time! " After Sun Wukong heard Monk Tang's words, he replied in this way and admitted without blushing.

Monk Tang laughed scornfully when he heard this. The dead monkey really couldn't give him too much admiration. As soon as there was more admiration, he will forget who he is! Sun Wukong's strength gradually recovered, and the strong and aloof wildness also returned.

Sun Wukong said that he looked again at KuiMu Wolf, who was being pumped and tumbling over time tunnel!

The plot against Monk Tang is only a small matter. It is best to interrupt Monk Tang's interest. Sun Wukong cannot just forget what Monk Tang was doing 哦on the ground!

Now the most important thing is to completely defeat KuiMu Wolf!

There is another trick!

Sun Wukong plans to make another move. No matter how KuiMu Wolf is, whether he lives or dies, he will not make another movement!

The foot stepped on the somersault cloud, and the figure was blurry. Sun Wukong just appeared above KuiMu Wolf, and Monkey King Bar brazenly smashed it down again!

Time tunnel collapsed, Monkey King Bar broke the emptiness and landed on KuiMu Wolf's huge wolf head!

Immediately, the one-horned steel knife on KuiMu Wolf's head was smashed and flew out, falling into the mountain forest!

At the same time, more intensive bone fracture sounded, KuiMu Wolf's eyes were almost smashed out and his eyes were bloodshot!

Moreover, KuiMu Wolf's entire body was also smashed onto the ground, and the Bowl Mountain and other areas disappeared instantly, leaving only a huge depression.


Sun Wukong appeared beside Monk Tang and others, shrinking Monkey King Bar and throwing it into his ear. "All right, leave the rest to you. It should not be dead yet!"

The White Bone Demon trembled with excitement and rushed to the big pit before Sun Wukong finished his words.

Seeing this, Monk Tang had to shout from behind: "Gu, don't kill him!"

"Rest assured, Master, I know!" The voice of the White Bone Demon came from the big pit.

A little while later, more painful shrieks sounded, and when I heard them, Monk Tang and Pigsy looked at each other, remembering what they had said before the White Bone Demon, I couldn't help observing a moment of silence for KuiMu Wolf. At the same time, they felt a cold wind blowing from their crotch-