Chater 317 It Worked

"What tricks did these humans play? Damn it! " Hearing reports from his frogmen, Wright and other frogmen generals could not help but frown.

They all have a feeling that Su Yu and others must be making some ideas, but they can't understand it, because what Su Yu and others are doing now is not much worse than what they did before.

Therefore, Wright and others' first thought was to ignore it and take good care of the hostages.

However, Wright and others all belittled Xuan Nv and others, and soon bad news came from all sides.

Xuan Nv and others are not weak, except for the frogmen generals, there are few frogmen who can defeat them.

Frogs have caused many casualties in various places.

After hearing the news, Wright and others cursed in their hearts.

But we cannot just let Xuan Nv and others hurt their compatriots everywhere.

So Wright and other frogmen generals had to spread out to meet the enemy and then ordered other frogmen to take good care of the hostages.

In this way, almost, in the same way, the frogmen generals were led from the fifth floor to the other floors of the palace by Su Yu and others.

At the same time, Xuan Kong and Xuan Tu also started to act. They did not choose to confront each other but directly chose to teleport to the room where the hostages were held.

Xuan Tu is responsible for blocking the door, and Xuantung is responsible for opening the space door to transport the hostages away.

It is not an easy thing to break XuanTu's manufacturing defense without a strong man of the rank of Frog General. Frog people often just break XuanTu's defense and the hostages in a room are transferred by Xuan Kong.

After that, it was almost the same trick, and the two men, Xuan Kong and XuanTu released the hostage one by one.

Soon, when the ordinary frogman found that they could not stop Xuan Kong and Xuan Tu, they reported the matter to Wright and other frogman generals.

At this time Wright and other frogmen naturally knew that they and others had been taken in by Su Yu and other human beings.

He was furious at once and wanted to go back to prevent Xuan Kong and XuanTu from rescuing the hostages.

"Damn!" Wright and other frogmen roared against Xuan Nv and others, trying to slay or force Xuan Nv and others away.

However, how did Xuan Nv and others let Wright and others get what they wanted? They were all obsessed with Wright and others.

In order to prevent the hostages from being rescued, the frogmen generals such as Wright broke out in an all-round way, and Xuan Nv and others also faced the most difficult moment, one by one, fighting their lives to prevent being killed by the angry frogmen such as Wright.

Finally, after more than half an hour's battle of wits and courage, Su Yu all finally rescued all the remaining hostages.

At this time, everyone was seriously injured except Su Yu, but the goal had been achieved. Xuan Nv and others quickly withdrew with the help of the space of Xuan Kong.

At the same time, they are also prepared to face endless hunting by frogs. This time Su Yu and others have completely angered the frogs.

Wright and other frogmen generals almost blew up one by one. First, they began to blame each other, and then all their anger was directed at Su Yu and others. The hostages were rescued by Su Yu and others, and the frogmen were not bound. Therefore, they all took action and began to search for traces of Su Yu and others.

At that time, frogs could be seen everywhere in the palace.

What Su Yu et al. and Shaun Wright and other frogmen do not know is that all these are seen by four pairs of eyes.

The owners of these four pairs of eyes are Xuanlong, Xuanhu, Mr. Lion, and Frogman King.


The time moved forward. when Xuan Long, Xuan Hu, and Mr. Lion rushed into the top training room of the palace, it was the time when Shentu broke through the window and ran away.

It was also because Xuanlong's three men rushed in suddenly that Frogman King did not continue to hunt for Shentu, allowing Shentu to escape.

For Frogman King, Shentu can only be regarded as a warm-up exercise. Frogman King regards Xuanlong as the most powerful enemy he needs to face since awakening.

Frogman King looked calm when he saw Xuanlong and said, "Have you finally come? The strong of mankind! "

The three men, Xuanhu, Xuanlong, and Mr. Lion, were awe-inspiring in their hearts and felt an extremely powerful momentum might coming towards them!

Immediately Xuan Long and the other two are rising up their momentum might begin to resist.

With a roar, midair sounded a huge rumbling sound, and the wind blew out of thin air in the training room, sweeping in all directions.

... then arcs appeared out of thin air, and finally, midair was distorted.


Xuan Long and the other two at this moment are aware of that this Frogman King is much stronger than they think. they had immediately a dozen twelve ten thousand alerts.

"Frogman King, what are you doing to capture Stone Forest Country, support the puppet to power, and hold a large number of hostages?" Mr. Lion asked Frogman King for a drink.

"It seems that you will investigate the matter in great detail!" Frogman King's mouth slightly tilted and said: "As for what I want to do, don't you guess a lot too? Why do you ask me? Man is really an interesting creature! "

"Hum!" Xuan Hu snorted. The might's momentum will rise again and he will shoot Frogman King.

But Frogman King held out a hand and said, "Can I postpone the contest with you? Let's take a look at some interesting things. Can you guess that you human beings can really save all the hostages? "

Frogman King said, with a wave of his hand, a water mirror appeared between the two sides, and the flickering picture on it was the room where the hostages were held.

"hmm?" Xuan Long three people look slight ash but want to immediately begin the mind is also a little light down, looking at the water mirror.

Above the water mirror, Su Yu and others have rescued the hostages quickly and effectively, and most of the hostages were rescued soon.

Xuan Hu laughed happily at this: "ha, ha, ha, Frogman King, the way you frogman guards the hostages can't stop us from rescuing the hostages!"

Frogman King snorted softly: "Human beings, it's too early to say these things now. Keep looking!"

Xuanlong raised his eyebrows and said: "Frogman King, aren't you afraid that those little guys will rescue all the hostages and cause a devastating blow to the confidence of your frogman?"

"Haha!" Frogman King laughed coldly: "So what, as long as there is a king who can rebuild everything, it is not necessarily a bad thing for them to be hit. The more hits from you human beings, the more we will know about you human beings! This a word you humans have that to be called 'failure is the mother of success'? "

Hearing these words, Xuanlong's pupils shrank slightly, and they understood what Frogman King was up to. Frogman King planned to use human beings to hone their frogmen.

The three men looked at each other, and then the three men made a tacit understanding to attack Frogman King. On the other side, the rescue of the hostages was also coming to an end. All the hostages were rescued successfully!

However, none of Xuanlong's three people knew whether they should be happy or not at this moment. It seems that human beings have won, but from Frogman King's point of view, Frogman King's goal has also been achieved!