Chapter 99 Ao Tian's Wrath

"How's that?" Xuan Kong asked, as Xuan Nv and Xuan Zhen quickly joined the group.

"Some of the enemies have been killed, but there are still many, and new enemies have joined. I am afraid that not all the gangsters in the poison triangle will come and besiege us!" Su Yu said, then looked around without seeing Ao Tian. He asked: "Where is Ao Tian?"

"I'm here, let me go out, abominable Xuan Tu,  you dare to lock up the noble me, you ..." Ao Tian's voice sounded dull, Su Yu looked at it, grin.

A two-meter-diameter earth-colored yellow ball floats over the top of Xuan Tu, moving with the rapid movement of him.

Ao Tian's voice came from the clay ball.

"What's going on?" Su Yu said in surprise, so why did Ao Tian get inside the earth-colored yellow ball?

Xuan Kong smiled and said, "This is to protect Ao Tian's safety. There are too many stray bullets, and he can't keep her hands to himself, so ..."

"So I put him in the ball!" Xuan Tu grinned, his face full of smiles, in a good mood.

Hey, boom!

In the distance, a missile flew at a high speed, bombarded not far from Su Yu and others, and exploded.

Xuan Kong glanced backward and said, "Xuan Nv, Xuan Zhen, Ao Tian is handed over to you this time, and I and Xuan Tu will play with the enemies!"

"Okay!" Su Yu answered, and Xuan Nv nodded slightly.

"Su Yu, then!" Xuan Tu threw the earth-colored yellow ball to Su Yu, then turned and rushed toward the enemy with Xuan Kong.

Su Yu catches the ball and suddenly feels as if he is sinking, fearing that this ball will be more than weigh thousands of kilograms.

"Let me out!" Ao Tian's voice sounded from the ball: "What do you mean by keeping me inside the ball?"

Su Yu smiled and said, "Mr. Ao, Xuan Tu doing this is for your safety! You would be safer in this ball!"

"Huh, shit, I know that Xuan Tu is taking the opportunity to retaliate against me, Xuan Zhen, quickly let me out!" Ao Tian shouted.

Su Yu grin and think secretly that you were not actually that stupid! He said, "Ao Tian, you have to think about it. Without this layer of the ball to protect you, the danger is greatly increased, and I will let you out when you can leave it! If you out, I can only carry you along the way.

But if you are in the ball, at least I can hold you on my way!

You think about it yourself, there is only one chance! "

"Ah, no chance, I don't need you to hold me!" Ao Tian pissed.

Hey ~ boom!

Another missile landed near, exploded, and the smoke billowed!

"Have you considered it? Only you say you want to come out, I will break this ball!" Su Yu said loudly.

"I, I, I wanna stay in the ball!" Ao Tianji said, his face turned into red.

Su Yu almost laugh. Although Ao Tian was a dragon, he still knew that he has to compromise in this situation.

Su Yu did not go to laugh at him, holding the ball to take a big step and started to run.

Behind him, gunfire and explosions kept ringing. Obviously, Xuan Kong and Xuan Tu were already fighting the enemy.

About ten minutes later, Xuan Kong and Xuan Tu came back panting, Xuan Tu cursed: "This group of people are really tenacious. They are not afraid to fight like this. How much commission is this Black Coffin to these bandits in the poison triangle? What makes them so desperate? "

Xuan Zhen's face was gloom, and the fierceness and tenacity of the enemy surprised him, guessing that the black coffin should have given a huge amount of benefits to letting these bandits attack them so hard.

Of course, the possibility of being controlled by Mi Xin is not ruled out.

But the latter may be very small. Mi Xin has just controlled so many people in Jisong City, and now it is not so easy to control other people. Mi Xin is not God, and her super powers are not infinite.

Even if Mi Xin can still control some people, it will never be able to control too much. It is impossible to control all the bandits in the poison triangle area. None of the people who can become the poison triangle bandits is simple. Willpower is absolutely super strong.

Even if the people can be controlled, it is at most one or two. The poison triangle is not an easy place to live, and these bandits are not easy to be controlled.

Xuan Kong thought about it. Only enough interests can make these bandits so crazy.



The black coffin could not come up with the money that made the bandits heartbeat. These bandits did not lack a small amount of money, what was missing was big money, and this is exactly what the black coffin couldn't get.

Then the remaining benefits ... Xuan Kong looked at Ao Tian in the ball dragged by Su Yu.

The dragon is full of treasure, and the dragon core is chased by people such as the Black Coffin. The black coffin people will certainly not let them take core away. Then the rest of Ao Tian can completely seduce the bandits in the position triangle.

Xuan Kong felt like he had figured it out, guessing that his thoughts were infinitely close to the facts.

"Xuan Kong what are you thinking?" Su Yu asked when he saw Xuan Kong's face changed constantly.

"Oh, I'm thinking why these gangsters are so crazy!"

Xuan Kong didn't conceal his thoughts and uttered his thoughts.

Su Yu nodded and said: "Xuan Kong, you are very reasonable, but I think there are other things that can make these gangsters so desperately attacking us. Think about it, these gangsters are ordinary people, even if they get Ao Tian's body, how can they use it? Just eat it directly? "

"You humans, shut up, how dare you! You, you are so greedy, I, I want to go back to the dragon nest!" In the ball, Ao Tian heard what Xuan Kong and Su Yu said.

The group of humans is really too bad, too greedy, and too terrible, even all of them ... Ao Tian feels full of malice.

Ao Tian was so angry that he wanted to give a dragon breath to blow all the humans who wanna kill him.

Hearing Ao Tian's voice, Su Yu remembered that Ao Tian was still here.

Feeling Ao Tian's anger, Su Yu quickly said: "Oh, Ao Tian, don't be angry, we are just analyzing it, it is for your safety considerations. Just understand what benefits the black coffin people drive these gangsters' actions, we can find ways to undermine their cooperation!

As long as the cooperation between the two sides is undermined, at most we only have to deal with the enemy on one side, Ao Tian, do you think it makes sense? "

Speaking of this, Su Yu winked at other people.

Three people understand in seconds!

Xuan Kong said: "Yes, Mr. Ao, everything we do is based on your safety."

Xuan Tu said: "Rest assured, we will never let those bad people hurt you."

Xuan Nv blinked: "Hmm!"

Ao Tian was silent in the ball for a while and said, "Okay, okay, you're right, you continue to analyze!"