Chapter 98 Chase Battle

"Fuck ~ These guys are crazy? Do you need to attack us so badly?" Su Yu scolded as he watched the armored car driving out of the dense forest. These people even used this heavy weapon.

No one answered Su Yu's words, because the next moment the horrible firepower net shrouded everyone began to struggle with defense.

"Retreat first, discuss later!" Xuan Kong laid a layer of space barrier in front of himself, and all the attacks hitting it was wiped out by the force of space and disappeared.

But Xuan kong's defense is not invincible. It can be seen that when machine guns, artillery, etc. continue to attack him, Xuan Kong's face gradually turns white.

The defenses of Xuan Tu and Xuannu are also gradually hard. In the face of such fierce heat weapons, people even at the ranks of Yellow level one are also a bit difficult.

Su Yu is even worse, his level is Yellow level eight. If it were not for his shock power, Su Yu would not have been able to survive from this firepower. Sweat had completely penetrated Su Yu's clothes.

Hearing the words of Xuan Kong at this moment, Su Yu breathe a sigh of relief, and quickly merged with Xuan Nv and others. Xuan Nv and Xuan Tu erected an ice wall and stone wall behind them to block the enemy's attack.

They also took advantage of this opportunity to plunge into the dense forest behind them.

"Yeah ~" The enemies shouted from behind. The enemies seemed to be celebrating their victory. Xuan Kong, Xuan Tu, Su Yu's nose almost crooked because of angry.

However, they did not turn back to fight with the enemy again, but went directly to the deep forest. Their super powers are not endless. The fighting power just consumed a lot, and each person's super power consumed at least half.

"Damn, those desperate have come after him!" Xuan Tu ran all the way with Ao Tian, ​​feeling the earth-shaking, and he didn't need to look to know that the enemy had not given up on them.

Da Da Da ... There are constantly fire guns coming from behind, and Su Yu and others use trees as shields to blur enemy attacks.

A jungle chase started here. It's clear that these enemies were very determined to put them to death. Various attacks continued along the way. There were even tank cars on the way to join the pursuit. Although a tank loaded with artillery shells could not kill them, it was enough to bring some harm to them.

With the addition of tank cars, the enemy's firepower has increased, and Su Yu has consumed more power.

"No, in this way, our power will be consumed by them sooner or later. We must change the plan. You two, Xuan Kong and Xuan Tu, are responsible for protecting Ao Tian, ​​without launching an attack.

Xuan Zhen and I will attack the enemy to contain them. Xuan Zhen, we need to switch to ensure that our super powers are full. Our real enemies are not those in front of us, but those members of Black Coffin. They do not appear now, they must be waiting for the opportunity. "Xuan Nv said, while retreating.

Xuan Zhen nodded slightly and agreed. "Okay, just do it!"

"Xuan Zhen, follow me!" Xuan Nv heard the words and immediately turned, rushing towards the enemy: "Kill the enemy with me!"

"It is good!"

Su Yu gave a quick response, and he was a bit of depression before because they can't fight back. Now, the idea of Xuan Nv coincided with him.

Alas ... the two broke out their super powers, they speed-up and turned into afterimages. They rushed to the enemy who was chasing them down. At the speed of two and the reaction speed of ordinary people, they couldn't hit them at all.

However, the enemy's gunfire was too dense, and some stray bullets would hit them.

Dangdang Dangdang!

There were constant stray bullets hitting Su Yu's body, and the sound of metal impacts was heard, and countless sparks rose from Su Yu's body.

"Satu Rumanda!"

"Satu Rumanda!"

A speech that Su Yu couldn't understand sounded. They looking at Su Yu's eyes a little frightened, and then attacked even more fiercely. Endless bullets shot towards Su Yu as if these bullets are for free, and the tank opened fire at the same time.

Boom boom ... A metal cannonball blasted towards Su Yu, passing with Su Yu with scorching airflow.

The hot heat curled Su Yu's hair, giving off a scorched smell.

Su Yu flickered from the left to the right, constantly changing direction and moving forward quickly, approaching a tank in the enemy's exclamation.

"Dead!" Su Yu punched it with his fist.

With a loud noise, Su Yu's fist banged on the thick armor of the tank.

Immediately, the tank's armor was deeply sunken, and the entire tank was crushed and deformed.

At the same time, the huge force smashed the tank high, and Su Yu hugged the tank of the tank. In the horrified eyes of the enemy, he lifted the tank and smashed it to another tank.

Dangdang Dangdang ~

The roar sounded, and the two tanks smashed together, and instantly became two scrap iron.

Su Yu didn't stop, jumped up, and the blue halo and blue arc appeared at the same time, and his body fell like a meteorite to the enemy's densest place.


The ground was smashed into a large pit by Su Yu, and the surrounding enemies were blown out.

"Hahaha, try this trick!" Su Yu laughed and punched the ground.

Humming ~

The moment the fist hit the ground, the shock power surged, the sound of cracking of the glass continued to sound, and the dense cracks continued to spread around Su Yu's fist as the center.

Then crumble!

The earth cracked, shattered, and bounced in a moment. Within a radius of a kilometer, as if a large earthquake had occurred, the enemy instantly beat down, and vehicles such as armored vehicles and tank cars were overturned and trapped in the ground.

The shock power swept past, and the enemies vomited blood!

However, there are many enemies, and Su Yu's fist only solves less than one-tenth of the enemies!

Su Yu fought fiercely, and Xuan Nv was even more fierce. Gravity power was bloomed, and a tank-armored vehicle was controlled by Xuan Nv to fly high into the sky and then fell to the enemy.

After some big moves, Xuan Nv resolved more than one-tenth of the enemy.

However, at this time, Su Yu and Xuan Nv both looked at each other and chose to retreat. This time, the fighting cost them much power, and it was not wise to continue the fight.

The real enemy, the Black Coffin, has not yet appeared. Now if their super powers are exhausted and then meet the Black Coffin members again, they have really no resistance.

Alas ... the two turned into remnants and chased in the direction of Xuan Kong, Xuan Tu and Ao Tian retreat, preparing to switch attacking and defense roles with Xuan Kong and Xuan Tu.

The enemies quickly installed themselves and chased Su Yu and others again. They were not scared by the attacks of Su Yu and Xuan Nv. From this, the cruelty of these gangsters in the poison triangle is needless to say. They do not take life seriously at all, whether it is their own life or enemies' life.