Chapter 97 Firepower

No matter how angry Xuan Kong was, their reaction was slow. They underestimated the black coffin and got trapped.

The car plunged into the huge black coffin, and when the coffin lid closed, the huge black coffin disappeared.

Su Yu and others felt that the sky was turning, the eyes were dark, and the feeling of weightlessness swept through.

I don't know how long after that, with a bang, the vehicle fell heavily on the ground, the window glass was all broken, and the five were dizzy and fell.

"His ~ It hurts!" Su Yu shook his head, quickly waking up, and saw the high-rise streets on both sides disappear, and replaced by dense forest.

Xuan Nv and others also gradually sobered up and looked at Ao Tian are relieved. Although Ao Tian has no power, the physical body is still much stronger than ordinary people. Such an impact did not cause him substantial harm. He was just a coma.

"What is this place? We moved to another place?" Su Yu asked.

"This is the power of the Black Coffin. He transferred us here. The environment should be a tropical area, but I don’t know where it is. Be careful. People of the black coffin may launch attacks at any time. I will try to open the space door and teleport us back! "Xuan Kong said.

"Yeah!" A few people nodded gently, kept alert from the surroundings, and waking Ao Tian at the same time.

After a while, Xuan Zhen shook his head and said, "No, the space door cannot be opened. It seems that the members of the Black Coffin are fully prepared. Blame me. If I can realize the intention of the black coffin in advance, we won't be here now! "

"What's the use of talking about those? Now it's not about who is right and who is wrong. What we have to do now is to find out what the place is and how can we go back!" Xuan Nv said.

"Be careful, jump!" Su Yu suddenly felt a palpitation and shouted, and at the same time grabbed the still-dizzy Ao Tian and jumped out of the car.


Just after jumping out, a rocket bombarded the car and exploded it into pieces.

The shock wave lifted the four of them out of the ground and fell to the ground. At this moment, Ao Tian was waked up and yelled, "Who? Who dares to attack the noble dragon, how dare you!"

Idiot! Su Yu heard that he rolled his eyes. They want to kill you now. Who cares if you are a dragon?

He was speechless, but his movement was not slow. He grabbed Ao Tian and dragged it to his side. After hiding in a bunker, he shouted, "Shut up if you don't want to die. Your body can't bear the bullet now. "

Da da da ...

Then a bullet hit the place where Ao Tian was just now.

"Are you okay, leader? Who is attacking us?" Su Yu asked Xuan Nv and others beside her.

The sound of gunfire continued, and bullets hit the bunker, striking large swaths of dirt and dead leaves.

Although these bullets can’t injure them, at least, there are more than a dozen machine-gun bullets, they can still resist the attack, but when they are shot, the pain will still hurt, and no one wanna bear the bullets.

"I don't know, but these people definitely are together with the black coffin people. Their goal is very clear. Knowing that we will appear here, and attacked us immediately after we appear!" Xuan Kong said.

Huh! boom!

Another rocket struck, bombarded the bunker, exploded, the earth shuddered, the bunker disappeared within a short while, and countless dirt was blasted into the sky.

"Xuan Tu, you protect Ao Tian. You have the strongest defense power, and at the same time cover us as much as possible. Xuan Nv, Xuan Zhen and I fight back. We cannot be beaten like this!" Xuan Kong quickly ordered.

"Yes!" they responded, and Xuan Tu didn't hesitate to deal with Ao Tian's safety.

As for Ao Tian?

At this time, no one would care about his opinion, a protected guy, this time should only be obedient.

"Stonewall!" Xuan Tu's palms slap the ground, and the ground shakes. Stonewalls appear in front of everyone, blocking the enemy's fierce gunfire.

At the same time, Xuan Kong, Xuan Zhen, and Xuan Nv rushed out from behind the wall and rushed towards the direction of the fire.


Su Yu punched in the air, a buzzing sound, the shock power rushed, the sound of cracking and cracking of glass continued to sound, dense cracks were densely scattered in the air, and then the air broke apart. The ammunition's bullet was immediately shaken off, and a rocket bomb exploded in the air.

At this time, all three of them heard the exclaimed sound from the dense forest, about three or four languages. Su Yu did not understand what the other party said, but these languages ​​were a little familiar.

Xuan Kong and Xuan Nv both had their eyes brightened, and Xuan Kong said, "I know what is here. It should be the poison triangle. No government can control this chaotic zone, it's fine. The black coffin actually transported us here! "

Su Yu raised his eyebrows, but the name of the poison triangle is like a thunderbolt in his heart. This is a very chaotic zone, a place outside the law, where a large part of the world's crimes is breeding.

"No need to be kind! There is no good person here!" Xuan Nv said coldly.

Just now they don’t know where it is, so even in the face of attack, they were mainly defense, not attack at all, fearing to hurt innocent people, but there are basically no innocent people here in the poison triangle, especially those people with weapons.

Xuan Nv's voice dropped and took the lead, and the sword came out and slashed out in the direction of the firepower place.

Gravity Slash!

Om ~ the gravity wave is pushed out horizontally, crushed all the way, the moment when the rocket bullets bombarded the gravity wave, they are crushed and crushed by the gravity wave.


The gravitational wave finally hit the dense mountain forest, making a roar, and it became bare all at once.

On the sides of the gap, many people with guns and slightly darker skin carrying bazookas, opened their mouths and looked at the blank space next to them.

The intense gunfire at this moment stopped for a moment, and they were a bit dumbfounded by Xuan Nv's attack.

But just for a moment's pause, more intensive gunfire struck again, and rockets flew out of the dense forest and blasted at Su Yu and others.

Xuan Nv's gravity chop cuts out again, chopping the incoming bullets and rockets.

Boom boom!

The explosion sounded continuous, the shock wave was heavier and heavier, the power of Xuan Nv and was continuously retreated by the shock.

Rumble ...

The ground was shaken, and armored vehicles were launched from the dense forest. The muzzle of the artillery muzzle pointed at Su Yu and others.

Boom Boom ...

The next moment, the terrifying firepower net shrouded four people and one dragon!