Chapter 96 Great courage

Soon everyone followed a few security guards to a huge room, not a security room but a warehouse.

Xuan Kong looked at the storeroom and said, "Good place to battle, and not afraid of being seen by the police."

As soon as Xuan Kong's words came to an end, the security guard in front stopped, and so did the followers.

Then these people crooked their heads and looked at the five of them, then rushed to the five like crazy, each of them had pink light flashing under their eyes.

Xuan Nv snorted: "You thought that you controlling ordinary people to attack us so that we would not dare to counterattack? Huh, are you too disdainful of us?"

"Gravity field!" Xuan Nv said. She spread out her gravity field.

The rumbling sounded, and they immediately pressed these people to the ground. Xuan Nv said: "Let's go!"

Su Yu lifted his thumb, that's awesome, this control is so good! Su Yu can see that Xuan Nv only pressed these people to the ground without hurting them, at most slightly bumping.

Mi Xin controlled those to do it here, although it was for their own convenience but also gave Su Yu and others the conditions to use super powers, and the situation was instantly controlled by Xuan Nv.

Immediately, they were about to went out, but just a few steps away, a woman lying on the ground looked up and said, "Giggle, I really didn't expect that the Xuan Nv of the Monsters Detective Bureau would use super power against ordinary people.

Hmm, this is really a bit overwhelming.

However, are you so dismissive about my power? It's not so easy to walk away!"

This woman was not Mi Xin, but it was Mi Xin to speak through this human mouth. After she said it, the crowds who were pressed by the gravity made a low roar, one by one began to struggle to get up from the ground, and their faces turned red.

Xuan Nv was snorted, and gravity increased a little bit again and pressed those people to the ground again.

"Xuan Nv, stopped, damn it! " Xuan Kong yelled suddenly. Because he saw a person's arms were bent, blood had leaked out, already injured, but still struggling to get up, did not feel the pain, like crazy.

The woman giggled again: "It's not my fault. You should blame Xuan Nv. I just gave an order to these people. If Xuan Nv didn't use super powers, how could they be injured? You say, right? "

"Despicable!" Xuan Nv said coldly, and at the same time slowly withdrew his super power. Those people stood up from the ground and continued to attack on the five.

"Act, knock them down!" Xuan Kong said, his body flickered and appeared behind them. He knocks them down with a hand knife. Su Yu, Xuan Nv, Xuan Tu, and the three were also used their hand knife to knock others down, stop them close to Ao Tian.

Although there are a large number of people, they are ordinary people after all. In the face of Su Yu and Xuan Nv and etc. they can not close to Ao Tian at all.

At this moment only the woman has not been knocked down. Seeing those people, she smiled and said, "Oh, sure enough, I can't beat you down with only this little trick. You guys resolved these people so soon. Even I, Mi Xin is kind of fall in love with you guys! "

"Mi Xin, what's your idea? What are you going to do?" Xuan Nv said.

The woman giggled and said, "Guess, if you guess, I'll tell you, well, it's time, my dears, goodbye!"

Then the woman fell down, and Mi Xin's spirit had left the woman's body.

At the same time, in a room not far from here, she opened her eyes, and there were other members of the black coffin in this room.

The moment Mi Xin opened her eyes, Bao Po asked: "What about the situation?"

Mi Xin shook her head and said: "It really didn't work out with this little trick, but it's ok. We have planned, now the people in the Monsters Detective Bureau should take that the dragon to the Bureau!"

"In this case, let's go. Follow the plan. This time, you must get the dragon core, even if we have to start a war with the Monsters Detective Bureau!" A man shrouded in a black robe said, this man is not someone else. He is the leader of the black coffin organization.

"Yes, boss!" Mi Xin, Bao Po and others, all shouted.

A huge black coffin appeared in the room, the coffin cover opened, the members of black coffin rushed in, and the black coffin disappeared.


On the other side, after Mi Xin leaving the woman's body, the five of them went back to the Bureau.

In the car.

Ao Tian asked: "The one you said, Mi Xin is staring at me? She is weak, can only use some small means. If my strength is restored, a breath of the dragon will burn her."

"Well, Mi Xin is indeed staring at you, but she is just one of them. Don't underestimate this woman. I don't know how strong you are, but this woman is definitely not weak." Su Yu said.

"What do you mean? Do you mean that I'm not as good as that timid woman? Our noble dragon is the strongest!" Ao Tian said uncomfortably.

"Yes, yes, you are right. Your Dragons are the strongest. I did not say that you are weaker than her. I just let you be careful of her. Mi Xin's power is very special and it is easy to be fooled. You saw it just now, so many people were controlled. "Su Yu said quickly, be quiet Ao Tian.

Ao Tian did not refute this time but nodded: "The power of mind control is indeed not easy to deal with. If you cannot find the ontology, it is not easy to defeat the other party. If you are firm, you will not be controlled. The will of our dragons is beyond her control! "

Su Yu heard the words stunned, and did not expect that Ao Tian would say something like this, if he did not say the last words, it would be perfect.

Under the driving of Xuan Nv, the car was moving steadily and quickly. It was already possible to see the drug store where the Monsters Detective Bureau was located. A few people were relieved. In the cognition of several people, even if they were crazy about the dragon core, they would not dare do anything near the bureau!

But at this moment, the sudden change happened. They underestimated the determination of the black coffin this time.

A huge, uncovered black coffin appeared on the ground. Xuan Nv had no time to brake. The car had been carried into the black coffin with five people on it!

"What bravery!" Xuan Kong angered, and did not expect that the black coffin and others really dared to do it here.