Chapter 95 Mi Xin's Power

Pa ~ Just listening to the crisp sound, the young man grabbed Ao Tian, hugged Ao Tian's thigh tightly and shouted, "I caught you, don't want to leave, and hit my grandma, You are responsible!"

"Yes, catch him, why are young people like this now? After hitting an old lady and still want to run away?"

"Oh, the world is getting worse. I don't even want to talk with those young men now?"

People around him began to condemn Ao Tian.

Ao Tian finally came back from his thought, frowning, "What are you talking about? This old lady fell down on her own, it has nothing to do with me. And you, let noble me go, you can't touch me!"

"Oh, you listen to what this young man said! You see, this young man is so shameless. He hit me and don't even dare to admit, whoops, who will justify for me, I am just such an old lady!" The old lady was crying, but no tears shed.

"Well, what a shame, how do those young people study? What books do they read? Don't know respect for the elderly? Social scum, this young man is definitely a social scum, you must not let him run away!"Exclaimed an old man.

"Yes, you can't let him run. We won't let him away. I don't believe that so many of us can make him run away?"

The others were in anger and grabbing at Ao Tian.

As soon as Su Yu get in the crowd, he saw this scene,

Looking at the young man holding Ao Tian's thigh, and the old lady who kept humming on the ground, he knew what was going on, Its a  fraud.

"Ao Tian, what's going on?" Su Yu asked beside Ao Tian.

"I don't know, this old human lady just fell down by herself, and then she framed me that I hit her. This man was holding me by the leg and don't let me go!" Ao Tian saw Su Yu, he breathes a sigh of relief, but he was quite angry. He was shocked that humans had such an ugly side.

Su Yu believed Ao Tian's words and said, "Okay, just wait, let me deal with it, we have encountered fraud!"

"Fraud?" Ao Tian asked a question.

Su Yu didn't explain it, but said to the young man holding Ao Tian's thigh: "Could you loosen your hand first? So many people are here, he can't run!"

"No, I can not let him go, you are with him!" Said the young man. "You don't give a good solution, otherwise, I won't let you leave."

Su Yu heard this and sneered. He didn't have any good feelings about these rogues who committed this fraud, and he didn't have much patience. He grabbed the young man's arm and pulled it off. The young man looked at Su Yu with wide eyes, as if to say, why are you so strong?

"Thank you for your cooperation!" Su Yu smiled and patted the dazed young man on the shoulder.

Then he looked at the old lady and smiled, "Ma'am, are you sure he hit you?"

"Yes, he hit me, and he knocked me off all of a sudden. The big guys saw it. You can't deny it. You can't leave before explaining how to deal with it!" Said the old lady.

Su Yu frowned and looked at the crowd around him, "You all saw it?"

"Yeah, we all saw it!"

"That's right, he bumped the old lady, but doesn't admit it, it's really annoying."

Hearing that, Su Yu was shocked. The scale of this fraud group was a bit large. Su Yu did not see what happened but still believed in Ao Tian.

"Did you really see it? Don't lie, this is a shopping mall, there is monitoring!" Su Yu said.

"What happened to the surveillance? He hit her, and you want to harbor him? You are also not a good person!"

"Well, I think we should catch you too!"

"What they said is reversing black into white, Xuan Zhen, are you humans so abominable? Make me feel nauseous!" Ao Tian looked at the crowd around and felt disgusting.

"I also hate these nonsense guys! But, don't be partial, most human beings are good people, and these people you see can not represent the whole human race!" Su Yu whispered beside Ao Tian.

"What do you mean?" Ao Tian asked with an eyebrow raised.

"What's the matter?" Xuan Kong and the other two crowded into the crowd and came to Su Yu and Ao Tian aside. Xuan Kong asked with a frown.

Su Yu immediately said briefly, the three understood the course of the matter immediately, and Xuan Kong said: "Those people have already begun, is she?"

"Except for Mi Xin, I don't know who else has this skill!" Xuan Nv said, her eyes glanced around, looking for the figure of the woman.

"It looks like, the muscle men didn't hurt them badly, and they came out to do bad things every other day!" Xuan Kong rubbed his forehead with a headache.

"The woman of the black coffin? Are these people under her control?" Su Yu remembered the beautiful woman who had appeared in the corpse dragon incident.

"Most of the people, right? It's a troublesome ability!" Xuan Kong said unsurely.

"How to lift Mi Xin's power? If we don't lift this power, these people won't let us go." Su Yu asked.

"Should we just forcibly rush out?" Xuan Tu said, glaring at Ao Tian, ​​think that they wouldn't have such trouble if they did not come out.

"No, we can't use super power here. It's difficult to forcibly rush out. Didn't you see it? No gap of the crowd was left for us. Because she knows that we will not harm ordinary people.

I think if we dare to rush out by violence, Mi Xin will control people and block us desperately. We are right in her trap if we rush out by violence. "Xuan Kong shook his head and was not recommended this solution.

"Excuse me, let us in, we're here to catch people." At this time, a shout came and a few people in security clothes separated and walked in.

Several security guards walked directly in front of Su Yu and others and said, "We have all seen the situation here in the security room. It really happened that he hit someone. Let him go with us and go to the security room and wait for the police to come! "

A security guard reached out and grabbed Ao Tian, but Su Yu grabbed his wrist and said, "Did you really see?"

"Of course, you think I am telling a lie?" Said a security guard.

Su Yu, Xuan Kong, and others looked at each other and understood that these security guards were also controlled by Mi Xin.

They made eye contact and Su Yu said, "Okay, we can accompany him to the security room, but please don't grab him!"

"Hmm!" The security man snorted, and took out his wrists and rubbed, "Since this is the case, just follow us!"