Chapter 94 Scam

Although Su Yu's face was smiling and polite, his attitude was very tough.

Ao Tian silently looked at Su Yu for a few seconds, and then said impatiently: "Okay, okay, I promised you this request, what more requirements, hurry up."

"That's great!" Su Yu smiled from his heart this time: "The second requirement is that you don't leave us too far, tell us where you want to play, and tell us everything you wanna play, can you?"

"Okay!" Ao Tian simply nodded this time: "Okay, can we go out and play this time?"

"There is one last request!" Su Yu stretched out a finger.

"One more? Okay, say it, let's think about it!" Ao Tian frowned.

"Finally, you shouldn't touch it if we ask you not to touch a thing!" Su Yu said.

"Okay, okay, I promise you all, shall I go out and play now?" Ao Tian said impatiently, like an impatient child.

"Of course, you can change clothes with me now, let's go out to play." Su Yu grinned, and gave a few thumbs to Xuan Kong.

Ten minutes later, the new image of Ao Tian appeared in front of everyone, the gorgeous robe was gone, but ordinary clothes, and a hat that was buttoned on his head, which perfectly blocked the two dragon horns.

They are quite satisfied with Ao Tian's look now. He definitely does not be eye-catching when he goes out. Only Ao Tian's face is impatient. These clothed are not deserve wearing in his noble dragon body. But when he thought about going out to play, his impatience disappeared.

They did not break their words, and immediately took Ao Tian out of the Bureau, drove to the city center, wandering with no purpose.

"Wow, what is this?"

"Oh my God, is this your human toy?"

"Oh, you humans really like play."

Along the way, Ao Tian's exclaiming sound continued and was curious to see everything, and felt very funny. There was no pride or irritating words now, and he is no different from a child.

Su Yu introduced to Ao Tian from time to time. Xuan Kong, Xuan Nv, and Xuan Tu were alert to the surrounding situation and did not relax at all.

Soon after the four Su Yu left the Detective Bureau, actually, they felt that someone had been following them.

But they just remain silent.

"Huh, there are a lot of people who stare at Ao Tian. These people are more courageous than before. Is it that our bureau has hit them too little recently?"

Feeling eye-sights staring at us coming from the surroundings.

"Ao Tian is more attractive to them than we thought, but it is also good. The more people who stared at Ao Tian, it is also good for us. We only need to protect Ao Tian. They will restrain each other's actions. No one dares to shoot at will! "Xuan Kong said.

"I hope so!" Xuan Nv said coldly.



In a building, several Raven members stood silently on the top of the building, overlooking the street, and saw the movement of Su Yu and others in their eyes.

"Hei Yan, shall we start?" Asked the ghost spider with a flower rope between her hands.

"No, we don't need to. Let 's take a look at the chaos today. Dragon core is of no use to us. It can only get dust in the utility room. Today, the dragon becomes the target of all the people. A lot of people! "Hei Yan smiled and said.

A figure appeared out of thin air and was transparent. He said, "It's quite a lot of people. I looked around just now. At least fifteen forces have followed this dragon."

"Oh? That's quite a lot, but so many forces are restraining each other here, and they probably won't act. No, this is very bad, I may not see a drama of chaos!

Hei Wu, you go to kill those weak forces. Don't let them disturb us watching the drama. "Hei Yan pinched his chin.

"Okay!" Hei Wu nodded with a smile, his body receding into the black mist and disappeared.


"Can you feel it, the sight staring at us was disappearing? Did they give up and leave?" On the street, Xuan Kong frowned slightly, wondering and asked.

"Maybe, it's also possible that those forces are killing each other, kicking the weak ones out, and then battle against us." Xuan Nv said, looking around: "We should be careful!"

"This Ao Tian really will give us trouble. How can there be such a mess in the bureau?" Xuan Tu yawned. He had a bad rest last night and was in a bad mood.

The three of them whispered and followed closely behind Su Yu and Ao Tian.

At the moment, Ao Tian was playing Doll Catching. He was so excited that although his technology was too bad, he was full of excitement.

"How? Am I terrific !?" A box of coins was thrown into the doll catching machine, and Ao Tian finally succeeded in grabbing a dragon-shaped doll.

"Yes, yes, you are very good!" Su Yu said perfunctorily, feels something wrong, is this mall so lively? There are too many people here.

And the number of people seems to be increasing, walking towards the doll catching machine.

"Ah, there is a doll catching machine here, I want to play it, darling, I wanna play it!"

"Son, go, Dad will take you to catch the doll."

"Grandma, you want to catch the doll, okay, let's go over here, excuse me, let my grandma get a pass, she is eighty, but the body is not good, be careful!"

Various conversations sounded, and more and more people surrounded the doll machine.

Something wrong!

Su Yu felt very wrong, and grabbed Ao Tian's arm and went out, and said, "Ao Tian stop playing, we should go home for dinner!"

"Ah ?? I haven't played enough!" Ao Tian said unwillingly: "Ah, that man, that machine is mine."

"I said, we should go home for dinner, you said you would be obedient." Su Yu stared at Ao Tian said.

Although he was dissatisfied, Ao Tian still said, "Okay, go back. Our dragon clan can obey our promise, let go, I will leave."

Ao Tian shook off Su Yu's palm and strode out of the crowd with a big stride.

"Oh ~"

A painful cry suddenly sounded, and on the way of Ao Tian, a gray-haired old lady slipped to the ground.

"Grandma, are you ok? Who hit you?" A young man shouted beside the old lady.

"It's him, my grandson, the young man in the hat hit me, eh, my thigh, my leg, it hurts me! Grandson, you catch him, don't let him run away, eh ~ "said the old lady, raising her finger pointed at Ao Tian. Ao Tian did not understand this situation and showed a blank expression.