Chapter 93 Ao Tian Wants To Go Out

"Mr. Ao, are you going out?" Early the next morning, Xuan Kong frowned and looked at Ao Tian. In his heart, he wanna refused Ao Tian's request.

"Why? Can't I go out?" Ao Tian raised his head slightly, squinting at Xuan Kong.

"Of course, but I don't recommend you go out now. You should know your current situation. You are powerless now, but you are a treasure for many ordinary people. It would be better if you can stay at the Monsters Detective Bureau until your strength is completely restored! It is the most sensible choice! "Xuan Kong said.

"What if I have to go out now? I don't want to stay in your little bureau box until strength is restored, I want to go out for a walk!" Ao Tian stubbornly refused his recommendation, he was very eager to look at the outside world.

This is the first time that Ao Tian left Dragon's Nest and came to this world. Time is not much. He doesn't want to stay until the strength recovers. By then, he must return to Dragon's Nest.

"Mr. Ao, for your safety, I think you ..."

"You human beings are gabbling, and I'm going out. Can you stop me? You don't wanna or you have no ability to protect me at all?" Ao Tian said: "I am now Go out, you can't stop me! "

"You ..." Xuan Kong felt some blue veins jumped on his forehead and his blood pressure rose.

"Well, Xuan Kong, leave it to me!" Looking at this, Su Yu stepped forward and patted Xuan Kong's shoulder.

"Xuan Zhen, did you see and hear it just now? You advise Mr. Ao, for safety reasons, it is best not to go out!" Seeing Su Yu stepping out, Xuan Kong was relieved. ​​He felt that he would be mad if he continued to talk with Ao Tian.

"It's useless, Xuan Kong!" Su Yu shrugs his shoulder and said, Su Yu could feel Ao Tian's determination to go out.

"Yes, it's useless, you can't stop me. If you won't let me go out, then I will sneak out by myself. If something goes wrong, you will all be responsible! Today I must go out to play!"

"You ..." Xuan Kong was so angry that his neck slightly swelled. He pointed at Ao Tian, ​​couldn't speak for a long time, and then shouted at Su Yu: "Is it reasonable? Is this making sense?"

Su Yu rolled his eyes, why you shouted at me.

"What's wrong? Do you want to tie me up? Okay, anyway, I will recover my strength just a few days later." Ao Tian once again straightened his neck yelled.

"Well, Xuan Kong, didn't you asked me to chat with him yesterday? I came to talk to him." Su Yu said, holding Xuan Kong walked to aside, and said, "Xuan Kong, it looks like, we can't stop Ao Tian's determination to go out to play. I think it's better to follow his wish. If he wants to go out, let him go out to play. ”

"But ..."

"Xuan Kong, do you really want to tie him up? We can't! If he sneaks out, the problem is even bigger. He will go out to play, we will follow, at least he is under our control.

If he sneaks out, we can't see him. If something is wrong, we might not be able to save him even if we want to. "Su Yu whispered.

"I know you're right, but I still don't think it's good to go out! Maybe it's a good  idea to tie him up!" Xuan Kong said.

When he heard that, Su Yu said it secretly: Brother, you're so stupid. In fact, he was very willing to support Xuan Kong to tie Ao Tian up. So that Ao Tian can't go out. Those who stared at Ao Tian didn't dare to rush into the Bureau, Ao Tian at the Bureau is absolutely safe.

However, I was afraid that Ao Tian would sneak out, which would make things in a very bad situation.

After contacting with Ao Tian yesterday to the present, Su Yu has seen that although Ao Tian looks like an adult, his mind is not very mature, a bit like a rebellious child in adolescence. If you don't let him do it, he just does it.

Therefore, the chance of Ao Tian's sneaking out is extremely great.

The thoughts turned quickly, and Su Yu wondered if there were the best solution for both sides.

"Forget it, let him go out if he wants to go out, Xuan Zhen, and you communicate with him!" Xuan Kong suddenly gave up his insistence at this time, he also knew that he could not really tie Ao Tian up. Rather than let him Ao Tian sneaked out, it might be better to go out with him.

As for going out, what will happen? Xuan Kong smiled, he knew in his heart.

"Huh?" After hearing the words, Su Yu was a little surprised, but Xuan Kong was the first to give up, wondering: "Xuan Kong, aren't you insisting not going out? You know, I support you!"

Xuan Kong rolled his eyes and said, "Come on, when Ao Tian recovers his strength, he will hit me, not you! For my own safety, I compromised."

"Well, I'm speechless for this reason!" Su Yu was surprised, so you are afraid of being beaten!

"Okay, don't talk to me. Go talk to Ao Tian and talk to him more about the conditions!" Xuan Kong took Su Yu's arm off his shoulder and said.

"Oke, leave it to me!" Su Yu said in a strange tone, then walked towards Ao Tian, looking up at the ceiling from time to time.

"What? Humans, you are here to persuade me not to go out? Tell you, I am going out today!" Ao Tian glanced at Su Yu with a squint.

"No, no, you misunderstood me, Ao Tian, I didn't come to persuade you, I came to tell you that you can go out to play, and Xuan Kong also promised to let you go out to play!" Su Yu quickly said.

"Huh? Really?" Ao Tian's eyes opened widely and almost jumped up, then immediately realized that something was wrong, and coughed softly: "Emm, considering his compromise, I will forgive him a lot!"

"Yes, you are really a kind dragon!" Su Yu said immediately, but secretly silent, very curious how Ao Tian grew up in the dragon's nest. He did not been killed by other dragons, really a miracle.

"Huh, human, you are a good man, I like you!" Ao Tian hummed.

"Oh, my pleasure!" Su Yu smiled, and then said: "In order to ensure your safety, however, I have a few requirements and I hope you can agree when you have to go out to play."

"Okay, you say, as long as it's not too much, I can consider agreeing!" Ao Tian groaned, shake his hands, and then tidy his robes, thought that he would have to have fun when outing. When he was in Dragon Nest, he heard that the human world has a lot of fun things.

Consider about it? Su Yu's mouth twitched and said, "First of all, if you want to go out to play, you need to change your clothes, and your dress is definitely not appropriate in this time."

"Why? Is there anything wrong with my clothes? I don't want to wear your human clothes and your clothes don't deserve the noble me!" Ao Tian heard the words and looked at the robes on his body.

You pig head!

Su Yu can only scold secretly, but with a smile on his face, "Your clothes are so eye-catching, we have never worn them this way, and your dragon horns must be covered. This is my condition. I hope you agree, otherwise, I won't agree with you going out. "