Chapter 92 Su Yu, You Can Chat With Ao Tian

Ao Tian was finally willing to stand up from the wooden box at this moment, and said, "You don't need to tell me their names. Their names are not enough for the noble dragons to know."

(╬ ̄  ̄)

Hearing it, Su Yu, Xuan Nv, Xuan Kong, Xuan Tu are all angry, this guy can easily make people angry!

Xuan Laogua feels a headache. Why are these dragons all the same when they are young? It's too easy to make people angry!

Xuan Laogua looked at Su Yu and others with an angry expression, and quickly said, "Mr. Ao, take a rest here first, and I need to chat with my staff members!"

"You can go now!" Ao Tian waved his hand gently, looking extremely proud.

Xuan Laogua smiled and didn't care, and pushed the four out of his office. On the outside, he said, "Xuan Kong, you have to bear with Ao Tian. They were all the same temper when the dragons were young. Be patience, it does not take a long time, only a few days! "

"How to bear? Boss, how long is this task? I'm already angry now. What is it proud of, what's so great about the Dragons?" Xuan Tu complained.

Su Yu also said unpleasantly: "Boss, explain in advance, I have no other meaning. But you are so kind to that Ao Tian? Are you afraid of the dragons? The dragons are strong?"

Xuan Laogua laughed and said, "Fear? Oh, the human race is now the master of the world. Our human race is no need to afraid of any other species. I'm just polite to Ao Tian. The Dragon race is bad temper. They can be persuaded by reason but not be cowed by force.

I don't have so much time to explain with the dragon, just need to lower the attitude, and endure the patience, then the task finished. So you guys also endure, it will go away in a few days at most!"

Xuan Tu pouted his lips, not to mention a few days, he felt unable to get along with Ao Tian for several hours.

"Yes, we will listen to you!" Xuan Kong agreed first. He didn't have such a feeling of resistance. Although Ao Tian is very annoying, Xuan Laogua is able to bear it.

Xuan Nv nodded, her face frostily. She agreed, but no one knew what Xuan Nv thought.

Xuan Laogua looked at Xuan Tu and Su Yu and knocked on the table. "Xuan Zhen and Xuan Tu, you have to take a correct attitude. This is a task. You have no reason to refuse. You only obey the order. Now, do what I said before, protect Ao Tian's life, and endure it until the end of the mission. Do you understand? "

"Yes, boss!" Su Yu immediately obediently agreed.

"Yes, boss!" Xuan Tu reluctantly agreed with a long voice.

"Go out, the mission starts now!" Xuan Laogua said after rubbing his temples.


Outside the boss's office, the four stood and Xuan Kong said, "I will be the leader of this task, and I will listen to my arrangements for a while. I have no other requirements, just do what the boss said. Xuan Zhen, you are good at social, the task of communicating with Ao Tian is left to you!"

"Ah? Give it to me?" Su Yu heard the words startled, "Xuan Kong, are you kidding me?"

When you hate a person, the best way is to ignore him and not communicate with him—although he doesn't know who said this, Su Yu believed it. Su Yu had already planned it. Do not communicate with Ao Tian, so that he can shield Ao Tian's annoying index to the lowest, so as to spend the next few days that may be difficult.

But now Xuan Kong even pushed him the most difficult front, which made him a little bit surprised.

"I am not kidding? You look at the four of us. If you don't communicate with Ao Tian, who can? Would you let Xuan Nv go or Xuan Tu or me?" Xuan Kong said.

Su Yu listened to Xuan Kong's words, looked at Xuan Nv, Xuan Tu, and Xuan Kong, and then nodded with a bitter smile: "Well, it looks like only I am suitable for this job!"

"Be happy!" Xuan Kong stepped forward and patted Su Yu's shoulder. "This time, it's hard for you. When the mission is over, I invite you to eat. You can eat whatever you want. "

How does this sound familiar?

Su Yu tilted her head and said, "Okay, that's it, I'll go to chat with this dragon, Ao Tian. Here is our place, although it is a dragon, you have to be polite to me! "

"Good!" Xuan Kong gave a thumbs-up to Su Yu: "Let's go, don't let Long Ao Tian leave our sight for too long!"

Anyway, the four people walked towards the office area. The office area was quiet, except for the sound of the Island Turtle blowing bubbles from time to time, there was only the sound of the host computer. The most lively place in the bureau was empty at the moment. There is only one dragon.

"What is Long Ao Tian doing?" Xuan Tu whispered to the others.

When the four of them walked into the office area, they saw Ao Tian, uh, Ao Tian was about to put its face into the computer screen at this moment, its eyes bloomed with brilliant light, full of surprise.

"Su Yu, go!" Xuan Kong pushed Su Yu to go ahead.

Su Yu shrugged and walked towards Ao Tian.

When heard the footsteps. Ao Tian stood up straight, look neither right nor left, turned and stretched a face, proudly said: "What's going on with you guys? How can you come back so late? How can you let noble me waiting for so long? "

Su Yu rolled his eyes in his heart but said with a grin on his face: "That's really sorry. What are you looking at just now? This is a computer, hasn't Mr. Ao seen it?"

"Haven't seen it? You just said that I haven't seen com... computer? Of course, I have seen it, I am a noble dragon. I just don't like to use it!" Ao Tian seemed like a cat whose tail was trampled. Immediately jumped up.

Seeing this, Su Yu smiled, even said: "Yes, yes, you are right, noble dragons have seen everything, I said something wrong, have you played computer games?"

"???" Ao Tian heard that, this is the first time he left Dragon Nest and came to this world. It was also the first time that he saw that thing called a computer, let alone a computer game.

Ao Tian wanted to ask what a computer game was, but when he saw Su Yu's smile on his face, he felt so depressed that he couldn't ask, humming: "Game? I've played enough, I'm tired now, I want to sleep, where is my dragon bed? "

"Come with me, and now I will take you to your Dragon Palace to rest!" Su Yu laughed and led Ao Tian towards the staff quarters.

In the distance, Xuan Kong gave Su Yu a thumbs up, and after several rounds of confrontation, Su Yu took the upper hand, and his heart feels extremely comfortable.