Chapter 91 Ao Tian!

"Well, you can discuss it later. I will now announce the content of this mission. Before that, I will designate the person who will participate in this mission, Xuan Kong?" Xuan Laogua waved and interrupted the discussion.

Xuan Kong: "Yes!"

"Well, for this mission, you will be in charge of the team leader, Xuan Nv assists Xuan Kong, and the team members are Xuan Zhen and Xuan Tu. Your task content is to protect the dragon. Until the dragon has completely shapeshifted, and has the ability to leave and return to the Dragon Nest alone, or wait until another dragon from the Dragon Nest to picks up this dragon.

The dragon itself is of treasures. Many people are staring at this dragon. We must keep it safe. "

Xuan Laogua asked loudly.

"I see, boss!" The named people looked at each other and yelled loudly.

"Ok!" Xuan Laogua nodded his head with satisfaction. "Yes, very energetic, good young people. Come, let's see what the mission goal looks like."

Xuan Laogua bent down, tore off the seal, and then picked up the crowbar and began to pry ~


With a sound, the lid of the box was opened, and a faint fishy or watery smell came through clearly.

But no one cared about the smell, all looking at the creature in the box.

Inside the box was not a dragon, but a person, except that a pair of coral-like horns were grown on the head. It was very similar to the dragon-man in the film and television drama. He was wearing a white robe, wet and full of water stains. He is in a coma.

"This is the shapeshifted dragon? So how did the big one shrink to such a small one?" Su Yu asked.

"His, I haven't studied the dragon that can shapeshift, I really want to dissect him!" Xuan Yi looked at the shapeshifted dragon, beamed. This is the second body that Xuan Yi is interested in now.

"Wow ~ so cute!" A female colleague screamed with both hands holding her heart.

"Hey, the dragon horns look good. After the shapeshift, the dragon horns look much better than the unshaped dragon horns!" Xuan Tu said, then stretched out his hands and grabbed the dragon horns.

However, when Xuan Tu was about to touch the horn, suddenly, a bright light illuminates the office area.

At the same time, coercion began to permeate the air, and everyone seemed to have been shocked. Fortunately, the coercion passed away and quickly disappeared without causing any adverse effects

Dragon coercion!? Su Yu raised an eyebrow. During the corpse dragon incident and the bone land incident, Su Yu felt two dragon powers, but this time, the dragon powers were more deterrent.

That light was emitted by the dragon, who awakened from the coma, a pair of bright golden eyes staring directly at the Xuan Tu, and said, "Human, what are you doing? Want to touch my noble dragon body Huh? Delusion! "

The dragon said that it didn't even look at Xuan Tu's face. It got up from the box and glanced around: "Human, why am I here? What is this place? Who put the noble me into this dirty wooden box? "

Everyone heard the words and looked at each other, and they all realized that this shapeshifted dragon is definitely not an easy to get along with, and it has been emphasizing that 'noble me' is enough to show that the other is proud.

But it is understandable, after all, it is a dragon, and the dragons are proud!

Xuan Laogua coughed gently, attracted the attention of the dragon, and said, "Mr. Dragon, I am the director of the Monsters Detective Bureau, and now I will explain to you the situation! Oh right, How should I call you? "

Hearing Xuan Laogua's words, the dragon brow bounced, a memory in its head popped out, and said subconsciously: "Here is the Monsters Detection Bureau, the former name is Xuan School?"

"Well, it seems that Mr. Long, you know that you know our bureau, it will be easier, and I don't need to explain it anymore!" Xuan Laogua clapped his hands slightly exaggeratedly.

The next moment, the dragon immediately tightened his face, and said blankly, "I don't know!"

Yo ~ This is still a dragon that says yes and means no, and everyone nodded tacitly.

The dragon continued: "Don't call me Mr. Dragon, it's not my name, my surname is Ao!"

"Surname Ao, are you called Ao Bing? Hey, where is your little Nezha?" Xuan Yi asked.

"I'm not Ao Bing, my name is Ao Tian, who is Ao Bing? Who is Nezha? Who are you? Why are you talking nonsense? Are you sick?" Ao Tian frowned, its eyes slightly disgusted. Looking at Xuan Yi.

What the FFFF!

Xuan Yi immediately froze, what is this look?

Staring at Ao Tian, Xuan Yi said, "Hey, you long worm, believe it or not, I will unload you eight pieces and study you thoroughly?"

"Bold!" Ao Tian was angry. Dragon coercion flashed away again, and said, "You, a human woman, dare to insult the noble dragon, are you wanna die !?"

"No, no, Mr. Ao, you must have listened wrong, Xuan Yi said nothing!" Xuan Laogua came out to say, winked at Xuan Mu. Xuan Mu understood what boss means and pulled Xuan Yi away from the office.

Xuan Laogua coughed quickly and broke the topic: "Mr. Ao, now I will tell you about your current situation. You are now in our Monsters Detective Bureau.

You have just entered shapeshift and have not completed the process, and now your power is not available, so before you have completely shapeshifted and restored strength, your security will be guard by our Monsters Detective Bureau. "

At first, everyone thought that Ao Tian would say something to express its disagreement and so on, and stay proud.

But the next moment, without waiting for Xuan Laogua to finish his words, Ao Tian said, "Okay, I promised that before I regain my strength, you can guard safety for noble me!"

Su Yu and others are very surprised. Ao Tian is absolutely very clear and thorough understanding of its current situation.  

"Hahaha, Mr. Ao, that's good!" Xuan Laogua laughed: "Come on, Mr. Ao, I will introduce our members to you now, and the detective colleague responsible for protecting you. He……"

"No need!" Ao Tian interrupted Xuan Laogua.


Xuan Laogua didn't quite understand what Ao Tian meant, and Su Yu and others were very confused.