Chapter 90 Shapeshift

"There is one last question, Xuan Shui, why are your levels stuck in Yellow level one?" Su Yu asked.

Xuan Shui glared at Su Yu and said, "You think the super power man at the Black level is everywhere? Easy like buying cabbage, and you can buy some with only a few cents? There is a huge bottleneck between the Yellow level and the Black level. There are many people are stuck at the Yellow level one?

However, we are already at the entrance of the black level, not to mention others, I have explored the trick to step into the Black level, maybe I will enter the Black level tomorrow! "

You can say such big words, your family knows?

Su Yu thought in his mind, but his mouth said: "Then I would like to congratulate you in advance entering the Black level, and by the way, what is the level of the Skull King in the Bone Land?"

"Why are you still having problems?" Xuan Shui said: "Did you said just now, it was the last one?"

"I treat you dinner, and the place was free to choose!" Su Yu patted his chest.

"Well, Xuan Zhen, I don't mean that ... The Skull King, according to your description, the lowest level is also at Black level three. At this stage, it is qualified to be king in a group."

Su Yu took a sip of cold air: "I haven't died in that land, I'm really great!"

Xuan Shui said calmly: "No, you have already died once!"

Su Yu: "..."

Su Yu asked all the questions. He continued to look at the information of muscle men. There was not much information about muscle men. All of them were after the muscle men joined the black coffin. Before that, they were all blank.

The muscle man is a ruthless man. From the record, the super power men who have died in the hands of muscle men have exceeded two dozen.

And all the dead super men have the same characteristics. Those super men all have approximate strength enhancement power. Some are strength enhancement, some muscle reinforcement, and some bone reinforcement.

Before these men died, they had contact with the muscle men for a period of time. This is why after the muscle men contacted Su Yu, Xuan Nv and others asked Su Yu to be careful of the muscle men.


The next day, Su Yu's injury caused by the muscle man was almost recovered.

It was overcast, and some of the people in the bureau was out to complete tasks, but Xuan Nv and Su Yu did not receive any task, they can only continue to stay in the bureau.

At eight or nine o'clock in the morning, Jisong was completely covered by overcast clouds, especially over the Songan River, and the area was even darker.

The sky was thundering and thundering, and the storm was a big storm. Thunder like silver snakes thundered in the sky.

Banging ~

The thunder rang through Su Yu's ears constantly, shaking the whole building.

At this moment, a flash of thick lightning fell into the sky, shining in the dark sky.

Island Turtle at this time glanced in the direction of Songan River, "Meow" and then spit bubbles in the water.

Su Yu watched the dazzling lightning disappear, and the thunder gradually disappeared, and smiled at the people who were still in the bureau: "How does the weather feel so familiar? Shouldn't another dragon fall?"

"The dragon species is not that fragile. That corpse dragon degenerated because of being calculated. There are not many dragons, and the shadow of the dragon will not be seen for several years." Xuan Huo took a sip of hot tea and held a newspaper Look, it looks like an elderly person!

This heavy rain lasted all morning, and it didn't clear up until noon. Su Yu and others went to the cafeteria and brushed the news with their mobile phones while eating.

"Fuck, Xuan Zhen, you jinx it! Did a dragon fall again, just in Songan River!" Xuan Tu looked at a news on his mobile phone, and others also looked at Su Yu with strange eyes. You jinx it!

Su Yu smiled awkwardly and didn't answer, nor did he think that there would be a dragon falling again.

Although the news on the Internet is blocked quickly, most people will not believe that there is a dragon in this world even if they see it. But Su Yu and others are not ordinary people, and at a glance, they know that the news should not be faked.

This means, they might have a task now, and everyone returned to the office after lunch in the cafeteria.

As soon as they entered the door, Su Yu and others saw a group of people in black standing in the office. On the open space in the office, there was a huge box.

There are seals on the big boxes.

Beside the box, a man in black was talking to Xuan Laogua, and Xuan Laogua nodded from time to time.

They didn't bother their conversation, but just watched. Until five minutes later, the black man left, leaving a large wooden box here.

"Come, come and have a meeting on the spot!" Xuan Laogua claped his hands and call the people in the office.

"Boss, what's in this box? Oh, I see, it's going to be a holiday next week, this box has the welfare for us?" Xuan Tu said, looking at the huge box. Xuan Tu calculated it, this is the Mid-autumn Festival gifts, Ah!

Xuan Laogua rolled his eyes and said, "You are thinking too much! I pay you so high salary, and still want benefits? What do you want to buy yourself?"

Xuan Tu scratched his head and said, "If it's not welfare, what would it be?"

He lay on the box and sniffed. "How can I smell a fishy smell?"

Xuan Dian said: "Is there a living thing in this box?"

"Okay, don't guess. Do you see strange news about the mission objective? It is in this box!" Xuan Laogua patted the box and said.

After hearing the words, everyone looked at each other and Su Yu said, "In the box?"

"Yes!" Xuan Laogua gave a thumbs up to Su Yu.

"How is that possible? Boss, the dragon's paw is bigger than this box!" Su Yu said, unbelieving.

Xuan Nv frowned and then she thought about something, then she said, "Is this dragon Shapeshifted, caused the heavy rain this morning?"

There was a hint of envy in Xuan Nv's eyes.

"Well, Xuan Nv, you're right, so, this dragon has just completed its Shapeshift in the morning!" Xuan Laogua nodded.

"Shapeshift? What's that?" Su Yu heard it a little confused. He felt that Xuan Nv and others are a little gasped after heard this news.

"Shapeshift is a heterogeneous statement, meaning that the original shape can be Shapeshifted into a human shape. Usually, the monsters that succeed in Shapeshift, the danger level is all from the Yellow turned into the Black level!" Xuan Shui explained beside Su Yu.

Su Yu heard the words clearly, and understood why the Xuan Nv and others showed envious expressions. This is envious that the dragon inside can enter the Black level.

If he were them, he was stuck in the bottleneck for so long, and he was also envious of others when someone crossed the bottleneck!

But Su Yu didn't understand it, it all succeeded, why was the dragon packed in the box and became the task target?