Chapter 9 Hairy Giant Ape

"It's the memory eraser!" Xuan Nv stared at Su Yu, then looked at Li Fugui: "Li Fugui, you didn't see a monster last night, just an orangutan ran into the hen house to kill your chicken. You can get the corresponding compensation from the local authorities ... and be nice to the dog, remember!"

Su Yu: "???"

This woman was warm-hearted.

Li Fugui said dully, "Remember!"

Xuan Nv: "Remember, then go back to sleep, we have never come to your home!"

"Okay, sleep, sleep ..." Li Fugui muttered out of the hen house.

Su Yu was stunned. This memory eraser was a bit overbearing, but Su Yu was upset and asked: "Leader, why don't you use this equipment to clear my related memories, can I go home anymore?"

Xuan Nv looked at Su Yu coldly and said, "The memory eraser is only useful for ordinary people. Go, follow me into the mountains and look for that monster!"

As soon as Xuan Nv's palm waved, an invisible force passed by, and the underground footprints disappeared.

Su Yu raised an eyebrow, and suddenly thought of one thing: "Leader, I only have five pieces of equipment in my suitcase, and I don't see a memory eraser!?"

Xuan Nv: "... Shut up!"

She forgot that the memory eraser can only be worn by full members, and Su Yu was an intern, not a full member strictly!

Su Yu: "???"


"Leader, do you know what kind of monster killed these chicken?" Su Yu asked on the way into the mountain, his voice was a little different because he put on a mask.

Don't ask why we didn't wear it at starting, but now we put it on when on the way go to the mountains. I need to follow whatever the leader says.


"Hairy Giant Ape, a monster, is a kind of low-risk and low-hazard monster. Similar cases have happened from time to time, because it walking upright, using tools, etc., they are often regarded as savages.

IQ is the equivalent of a human child around ten years old, and the smarter ones not only use tools but also make tools.

Although it is said to be a low-risk, low-hazard monster, it is also extremely scary for ordinary people.

Li Fugui is very lucky but just hurt his arm. The Hairy Giant Ape is a very offensive monster. There is basically no way for ordinary people to survive. "

When Xuan Nv talked about the related monster's knowledge, she obviously became more patience.

Su Yu scratched his head and said, "It sounds no different from a chimpanzee?"

"Well, they are all close relatives. There is no difference. The Hairy Giant Ape is transformed from apes such as chimpanzees, just like ordinary people become a super man!" Xuan Nv said.

Su Yu nodded, he understood that it is an evolutionary variation, just like super man.

The two were moving fast, equivalent to the speed of ordinary people running at full speed. Su Yu had just been a super man a few days, and his physical fitness had become super strong. He had fifty kilograms of equipment on him, and soon it was adapted.

Of course, it was impossible to adapt completely, Su Yu was not so strong as Xuan Nv. So when he ran for more than ten minutes, Su Yu also panted heavily and sweated her forehead.

"Leader, can we rest for a while?" Su Yu shouted, feeling that he would die if he didn't take a break, and admired at the same time, Xuan Nv's face didn't turn into red or gasped as if nothing had happened.

"Okay, then take a break!" Xuan Nv stopped and said, but her eyes flashed an unknown light.

"Is she will so nice, she agreed so easily?"

Su Yu felt amazed, this was totally inconsistent with Xuan Nv's style!

In normal times, Su Yu may think about the reason, but this time he was really tired and has no energy to think more.

Just next to a big tree, Su Yu leaned against the trunk and sat down, restoring strength.

But just sitting down, a bad wind came over his head, and a huge black shadow fell on his head.

At this moment, Su Yu felt something wrong, life and death crisis. His potential erupted, he stood up, rolled forward five meters away.


A roar also sounded behind Su Yu, the earth and stones splashed.

When he looked there intently, Su Yu took a sip of cold air. At the place where he had just sat down and rested, a monster, over two meters tall and covered with long hair was standing there, holding a bone stick. He grinned at him and grunted.

At its feet, a bathtub-sized pit was so obvious.

Su Yu trembled. If he was stood there and didn't roll forward, this stick can beat him to a meat sauce.

This was the monster—Hairy Giant Ape!

"Leader, I found it!" Su Yu shouted. This monster was too dangerous. I was only an intern and it was the right choice to leave it to Xuan Nv to handle. I think I can only cheer for Xuan Nv on the side, and not to disturb Xuan Nv's fighting with the monster.

"Leader?" Su Yu did not get a response and shouted again, but where was the Xuan Nv!

Ran away? Left him alone? wanna kill me by accident?

In an instant, Su Yu thought a lot.

"Ah ~" didn't get a response from Xuan Nv. The Hairy Giant Ape was extremely exciting. He roared, rushed to him with a big stick, and then smashed his head.

"I ... fight with the Ape? Or away?" Su Yu was startled and turned and ran. Fighting was indeed a very impossible thing, the ape was so aggressive. And his wish was world peace, he didn't want to fight.

The key point was that the Hairy Giant Ape was terrifying, and Su Yu was scared, he was just an ordinary person. But his legs were not frightened, still can escape from ape's stick attack, and his receptive and psychological abilities were already very strong.

Xuan Nv watched Su Yu's action secretly, she was satisfied with Su Yu's action. At least Su Yu's courage was recognized. Xuan Nv has seen many interns get scared when they encountered monsters for the first time on a mission. Soft legs were basic things.

Of course, though satisfied with Su Yu's action, Xuan Nv would never show up. To become a member of her team, he must be stronger.

Thinking about it this way, she watched Su Yu scurrying around and said: "Don't run away, fight with it!"

"Leader? save me! Leader, it is a monster!" Su Yu didn't even hear what Xuan Nv was saying. He was relieved when hearing the voice of Xuan Nv.

Xuan Nv: "???"

Why is there a sense of "Journey to the West"? Did monkey call his master?

Xuan Nv: "I said I won't fight with it. This is a test for you and allows you to understand the way Monsters Detective Bureau's work as soon as possible!"

"I don't want to know!" Su Yu was almost crying, "how long has the Hairy Giant Ape not have a shower, really. It smells bad!"