Chapter 89 Su Yu Is Showing Off, But There Is No Evidence

Alas, several figures appeared next to Su Yu, not others, but Xuan Nv, Xuan Mu, and others.

Most of the people in the detective who are more familiar with Su Yu are here. Looking at Su Yu, who is covered with blood, Xuan Nv's face is cold.

Xuan Mu and others also looked around vigilantly, still able to feel the remaining breath of the muscle man in the corridor.

Su Yu watched Xuan Nv and others appearing. Instantly, he understood why the muscle man would suddenly retreat. It turned out that he noticed the breath of Xuan Nv and others.

"He has run away, maybe he noticed that you guys are coming!" Su Yu said, "As for me, it seems to be OK!"

"Abominable, one step late!" Xuan Huo grunted a fist.

"Meow Meow Meow!" Island Turtle followed the crowd and said to Su Yu.

Su Yu's mouth twitched, and Island Turtle told him not to die, otherwise, no one can read the story for him!

"Come on, brother, let me check your body!" Xuan Yi looked at Su Yu's blood and her eyes brightened.

Come again? Su Yu's little veins popping in his forehead. Xuan Yi hasn't given up on his body. He smiled: "Sister Xuan Yi, I think I'm fine now, so don't I need to!"

"Are you sure?" Xuan Yi tilted her head and looked at Su Yu with a smile, then stretched out a finger and clicked on Su Yu's body slightly.

"Huh?" Su Yu surprised, what is this? Hit me?

The next moment, Su Yu's face turned wildly, and a painful pain broke out from all parts of his body, popping ... The dense sound like a firecracker explosion erupted in his body.

"Ah ... it hurts ..." Su Yu rolled in pain immediately, screaming in his mouth, and blood spurting from Su Yu's pores.

"Fuck!" Xuan Shui and others were startled.

Xuan Shui said: "Is this the punch left by the muscle man in Su Yu's body? Worked until now?"

Xuan Yi nodded solemnly, stepped forward to heal Su Yu, and said, "Well, this muscle man may be stronger than we thought. The control of punching power is too horrible. The person who has such a super power does not know whether it is good or bad! "

"Woohoo ..." Su Yu panted, was healed by Xuan Yi, and became a lot easier, but there was still a sense of collapse, and he realized the horror of the muscle man, thinking that the muscle man would come again, Su Yu had a great sense of oppression.

"Okay, Xuan Zhen's body will be great after a short rest!" Xuan Yi smiled, and touched Su Yu's body again, leaving Su Yu speechless!

"Thank you, Sister Xuan Yi!" Su Yu thanked him sincerely.

Xuan Nv said at this time: "Xuan Zhen, tell me what happened, what did the muscle man say?"

Su Yu groaned for a few seconds, organized the language, and spoke all of his encounters with muscle men.

Xuan Shui said: "Is there a problem with this muscle man's brain? What is he thinking about? He wanna kill Xuan Zhen, but now he is teaching Su Yu's punching?"

Xuan Nv said: "Maybe he is training a strong opponent of the same or similar type of super power for himself. Su Yu may be just one of them. Think about it, there are already a lot of strength power men died in the hands of the muscle man! "

Speaking of this, Xuan Nv looked at Su Yu said again: "Xuan Zhen, it seems that the muscle man is really looking at you now. He may appear at your side at any time and launch an attack on you. Once he feels that you cannot achieve his purpose, It is likely to kill you. You, be careful! "

Su Yu stood up and nodded solemnly, so there was no need for Xuan Nv to say that Su Yu felt the same way.

Su Yu said: "I know, leader, I will be careful, right, leader, did you seem to have information about muscle men?"

"Well, you want to know?" Xuan Nv nodded slightly.

"Of course, since the muscle man is already following me, I think I need to understand the muscle man deeply!" Su Yu shook his fist, and the muscle man put too much pressure on him.

This time it seems that the muscle man did not intend to kill him this time.

Although the fight is powerful and fierce, it is far from the true strength of the muscle man.

"Okay, let's go back to the Monsters Detective Bureau with us first? Tonight you should stay in the bureau to prevent a muscle man from returning!" Xuan Nv said.

Later, the group returned to the Monsters Detective Bureau. Su Yu first read a chapter of the novel to Island Turtle who had pestered him, and then read the information about the muscle man.

Su Yu was shocked when he saw the first information about the muscle man first, and said, "Well, is the muscle man so fierce? He almost killed the black coffin? How strong is this muscle man? No wonder I felt there is something wrong about the muscle man, it's turned out that he had just finished a battle! "

Xuan Shui was not far from Su Yu. He heard Su Yu exclaim and pushed the chair to Su Yu and said, "If you divide it according to the danger level, the muscle man's super power level is likely to have reached the Black level. It is said that the black coffin is also at the Black level, muscle man can fight against the black coffin and hurt him. The danger level of the muscle man would not lower than the Black level.

Of course, it's not easy to reach the black level. Maybe it's a rumor that the black coffin is at a Black level. It's likely he is at Yellow level one which can erupt the strength of the Black level. "

Su Yu nodded silently, and then curiously said, "That Xuan Shui, what about you and Xuan Nv, which level?"

Xuan Shui glanced at Su Yu and said, "Why, just want to know our power level?"

Su Yu frowned and smiled: "Hehe, it's just curious."

"Okay, then I'll tell you, if our power is calculated according to the danger level, we are at Yellow level one, but sometimes we can erupt Black level power after the outbreak.

Of course, according to various factors such as the type of super power and the degree of the outbreak, the power that can be outbreak is also different. Some are relatively strong after the outbreak, and some are relatively weak. "

"What is the case of that muscle man?" Su Yu said.

"It should be a relatively strong one after the outbreak! To be honest, the muscle man gave me the same feeling of danger!" Said Xuan Shui, patted Su Yu's shoulder and said, "Xuan Zhen, you have to be careful. "

Su Yu exhaled, "I know, Xuan Shui, I will be careful, yes, Xuan Shui, can you analyze what level I am now?"

"You?" Xuan Shui looked at Su Yu, "Your current danger level is at best Yellow level eight!"

"What? Am I so weak, and the gap with muscle men is too great!" Su Yu said uncomfortably.

Xuan Shui was speechless after hearing the words. How long did you have super power, no more than two months?

He felt that Su Yu was showing off, but there was no evidence!