Chapter 88 Muscle Man, WTF!

With a loud noise, Su Yu and the muscle man's fists collided together in the air, as if two cannonballs collided.

The horror of power suddenly broke out between the two, spreading out in all directions, like a steel knife, splitting the ground and the wall into a deep trench.


The ground under the feet of the two could not withstand the force of the two's collision and broke apart.

"Good strength!" After Su Yu collided, his eyes widened violently. The muscle man was too strong! It felt like a punch on a high-speed train, and his arm felt a tearing pain in an instant.

Su Yu didn't feel wrong. The muscle man is indeed much stronger than before, but the same degree of unlocking as the last time, but the power is more than ten times stronger than the last time.

The muscle man's eyes were also brighter, and he laughed, "Yes, yes, I didn't read you wrong, kid, you really are someone who can bring me joy, ha ha ha ha, interesting, so interesting, I won't be bored in the future! "

"Sick man!" Su Yu gritted his teeth. "Who wants to play with you? Get away!"

Su Yu kick out, banging on the muscle man's stomach, and the muscle man flew out in response.

With a bang, he knocked the wall directly out of a large hole.

A successful blow seemed to have the upper hand, but Su Yu didn't have any complacency at all. He could feel that the kick just flew out the muscle man, but it did not cause any substantial harm.

Sure enough, the next moment the muscle man clicked out of the big hole and twisted his neck, and laughed: "This kick is okay, but it is a bit difficult to hurt me, and the way you kick is a bit wrong, I'll teach you ... "

Alas ~ Su Yu's word has not finished yet, Su Yu feels a shadow in front of him, the muscle man has appeared in front of him, and said, "This should be the way to kick!"

Alas ~ the next moment Su Yu felt a tremendous force acting on his belly, a wow of blood spewed out, but he was still in place.

Su Yu was a little confused and didn't understand why he didn't fly out. The moment he was kicked, he was ready to fly out and hit the wall.

"Don't understand why you did not fly out? Haha, hitting people isn't need to fly them away. It's a waste of power. Hitting people should be like me!"

Bang ~ Su Yu felt a stun in his head, and the buzzing sound sounded, feeling that his head was hit by the siege hammer.

"Haha, did you learn it? Didn't you learn it? Then come again!"

Huh! Huh! Huh!

The sound of punching to the flesh continued to ring in the corridor. The muscle man punched Su Yu with a punch, but at this moment, Su Yu had no power to fight back and could only stand there and be beaten.

But strangely, no matter how much strength the muscle man uses to hit Su Yu, Su Yu has never been beaten to fly away.

Bloodstained Su Yu's clothes. At this moment, Su Yu was a little bit unclear. There was only one question circling in his mind: why? Why is his strength similar to the muscle man, but he is not an opponent at this moment?

Alas, another punch was hit on his head, and blood flew from his mouth and nose, but Su Yu became sober at this moment. Time seemed to slow down slowly, and it seemed like a flash of aura in his mind.

Su Yu understood where the gap was. At the moment, the two are comparable, but the skills are too different.

Su Yu found out that most of his strength was wasted, and only a small part of it was on the muscle man.

In contrast, most of the power played by muscle men is on Su Yu, and only a small part is wasted.

With a fist of the same strength, the damage caused is different.

The strength of his fist was too scattered, and he had to concentrate to feel the pain caused by the muscle man's fist. Su Yu compared with the way he punched to find out his shortcomings. At this moment, under the pressure of life and death, Su Yu is like a dry sponge, desperately absorbing water to enrich himself.

Su Yu is undergoing a rapid transformation at this moment.

Su Yu fought back, and gave a punch to the muscle man. Su Yu was obviously stronger, but the power caused was much lower. Su Yu was beaten and spit blood.

The muscle man snorted and pushed far away, as if there was no difference, but the muscle man's eyes brightened and he noticed the change of Su Yu.

The strength of Su Yu's fist was concentrated a lot, and the force acting on him was much stronger.

The muscle man was not shocked, and laughed: "Ha ha ha, yes, this way, I really did not read you wrong, come on, let's fight, let the fight be happier!"

Uh ~

The muscle man appeared near Su Yu, and a strong punch banged on Su Yu's chest.

At the same time, Su Yu also made a move and hit an upper-punch on the muscle man's chin.


The sounds sound at the same time.

Su Yu was punched and bent into a prawn, bending over and retching constantly. While the muscle man leaned back on the beaten head, his neck bone almost turned, and blood and teeth flew from the muscle man's mouth.


Su Yu suddenly punched in air and hit the air. The terrible punch hit the wall like a bombshell, leaving a hole in the wall.

"Huh?" Su Yu froze, looking at the muscle man who was quitting far away, puzzled, why suddenly didn't he hit? Could it be that the muscle man noticed that he wanted to give him an unexpected attack?


Su Yu has learned a special power-handling technique on the muscle man's fist, so he decides not to go against the muscle man stupidly, and does not want to hide the second kind of super power, ready to use the second super power to give muscle man an unexpected attack!

"Oh, boy, I suddenly feel that you are very dangerous. Do you hide any special attack methods? Hey ~ Do you want to use it to punch me now?" The muscle man looked at Su Yu with his head crooked.

Su Yu was startled in the heart. The muscle man's sense was really strong. The moment as Su Yu just thought about it, the muscle man felt it.

Su Yu calmly said, "How is that possible? How can I do this? I am an honest person!"

"No, it doesn't matter. I'm looking forward to your special tactics. If time is enough, I don't mind trying it, but time doesn't allow it!

Boy, I am satisfied today. You did a good job! I am looking forward to meeting you next time! "

With that said, the muscle man leaped up, hitting the enchantment ball with his fist, and immediately the enchantment ball broke apart, and the surrounding scenes shattered like a mirror, and the two returned to the real world.

"Goodbye boy, get stronger, hahaha!"

The muscle man laughed and jumped out of the corridor window, his figure disappeared quickly.

During this process, Su Yu didn't respond. The muscle man came unexpectedly and walked unexpectedly.

In the end, Su Yu could only swear in his heart: muscle man, WTF!