Chapter 87 Muscle Man Returns

"Leader, what are we going to do next? Are we just waiting for the boss here?" Su Yu clapped his hands and said.

"Go out and remove the spaceship from the big pit!" Xuan Nv said, turning and leaving.

Not long after, the three appeared on the edge of the big pit. Xuan Nv's gravity began to surge, and the ground was shaking. Tons of huge spaceships slowly rose from the big pit.

"Leader, you are so fierce, does your family know it?" Seeing this, Su Yu further realized that Xuan Nv is a powerful woman.

Xuan Nv: "..."

Xuan Dian rolled his eyes when he heard the words. Xuan Zhen is still a young innocent boy, he did not know that Xuan Nv's family members are more fierce.

Xuan Dian frowned slightly, looking out of the Barra Mountains, and said, "They're coming."

Su Yu looked at the sky. There was a helicopter flying towards here. Soon, Xuan Laogua and a group of people who had never met appeared in front of them.

"Boss ..." The three just about to say something, Xuan Laogua interrupted: "I know what you are going to say, Xuan Jin has all reported the situations here. Professor Yang's sacrifice is not your problem, we will deal with the rest things. You guys have experienced a big war and need to take a good rest. "

"???" Su Yu was surprised and frowned immediately. The boss looks like he was trying to drive them away, so Su Yu felt a little unhappy.

Xuan Laogua then continued: "Next, the relevant departments will take over the case and here will become a military secret zone."

Su Yu smiled. After hearing the following words—the relevant departments. Su Yu's unhappy disappeared immediately. No way, the relevant departments are too powerful.

"Okay, boss, we'll go back now!" Xuan Nv said, grabbing Su Yu's arm, and then board on a helicopter, Xuan Dian followed. Then the helicopter took off and flew out of the Barra Mountains.

At this point, the case has come to an end. As for whether any crocodile-lizards will come from outer space to invade the world again, or even the time when will the crocodile-lizards come, no one knows.

In this way, the day has returned to peace, and even the cases suddenly become less. Su Yu's daily life is filled with training tasks. The days seem to be flat and even boring.

However, when you are bored, life will always surprise you, this is life!

One day, Su Yu returned home early from work, the moment the key was inserted into the door. His skin suddenly felt pinching pain like a needle.

Su Yu was shocked. Is there any dangerous??

"Good alertness, boy, it seems that your progress has not been small these past days!" A rough voice sounded, and a majestic figure did not know when appeared in the stairwell, holding his arms. He watched him, wearing a half-smile.

"Muscle Man?" Su Yu stunned and asked. This was a dangerous guy!

"Very surprised? Didn't I say I'll come back to play with you again, why be so surprised?" The muscle man laughed.


Su Yu looked at the muscle man and couldn't help yelling. You said that, but I'm about to forget it!

Su Yu is really about to forget.

More than a month, although not long, but he experienced many things.

Su Yu has long thrown away some messy things from his mind.

At this moment, when he saw the muscle man, a little dusty memory appeared immediately. Looking at the muscle man, he felt very bad. At this moment, the muscle man exudes an extremely dangerous breath all over his body.

"Boy, I hope you can satisfy my wish, but I have endured many geniuses to come to you. If you can't satisfy me, I can't control myself and kill you!" The muscle man continued, slowly go towards Su Yu.

Su Yu sweated. As the muscle man approached, the oppression of the muscle man became stronger and stronger. Su Yu realized that though he was improving, the muscle man was improving too, and the progress was even more terrible.

"Hit here?" Su Yu sighed secretly, forcing down the fear rising from his heart. At this time, he could not step back, otherwise, he was absolutely finished.

"?" The muscle man sniffed a little, then said: "Boy, what do you mean? Oh, I see. I almost forgot that you are still a member of the Monsters Detective Bureau, and it is your duty to protect the safety of ordinary people.

Fight here, you must not dare to use all your power, and our battle will not satisfying enough. Then change place, how about dimension space? "

Su Yu's pupil narrowed slightly, feeling the absolute confidence of the muscle man.

"Okay, just fight in the dimension space!" Su Yu took a deep breath and nodded, and took out the enchantment ball to start, and the scenery in front of him shook slightly. Although the surrounding scenery did not change, the two were already in the dimension space Now, here is the phantom of this world.

At this moment there is no one other than the two of them.

"Boy, you have no worries, and you have quietly sent a distress signal. Now we can start fighting?" The muscle man moved his body, making a crisp sound like a firecracker, smiling.

Su Yu's pupils have shrunk again. This muscle man has a strong observation ability!

He grinned: "Oh, how could it be! I didn't send a distress signal!"

"It doesn't matter. You just need to make me satisfying. We can continue to play." The muscle man laughed, and rushed towards Su Yu, the muscles unlocked 10% directly.

Su Yu's face is all black, thinking in his heart: please, watch your words, otherwise, others will misunderstanding our relationship.

It was not Su Yu was distracted, it's his way to relieve stress, his body was surrounded by jumping with blue arcs, his muscles swelled slightly, and blew his breath, then punching toward the muscle man.


Monsters Detective Bureau, except for some people who left work early, most of them have not yet left.

The staff of the Intelligence Department collecting various intelligence sent out an updated piece of information about the black coffin.

The message reads:

The muscle man of the Black Coffin collided with other members of the Black Coffin at noon, Bao Po, Mi Xin, Snake Girl, and Ci Shou.

The muscle man broke out and easily defeated the four people. When Bao Po and other people were almost been killed, the black coffin leader appeared in time and rescued several people.

Then a battle broke out between the black coffin and the muscle man. Both sides wounded and no one wins. The black coffin took the Bao Po and other members disappeared without a trace. The muscle man also lost his trace.

There are only six sentences, but it is extremely shocking. After the people in the Monsters Detective Bureau knew the news, they were all discussing it.

Xuan Nv became very solemn after she knew the news.

The muscle man was a little stronger than she thought.

At this time, Xuan Nv's watch suddenly rang. When she saw the above text, she suddenly bounced from her seat and said, "No, Xuan Zhen is in danger. The muscle man is together with Xuan Zhen!"

Before the words fell, the figure of Xuan Nv had disappeared!