Chapter 86 Spaceship

Xuan Jin left, and Su Yu and others did not waste time and immediately started to act. Xuan Dian used the thunder power to handle all the monsters' bodies on spot.

Then the three began to dig underground spacecraft that Professor Yang said was buried.

Su Yu is the most leisurely one among the three. His power is only suitable for destroying things in a large area, but not suitable for meticulous work. The same as Xuan Dian's power, so only Xuan Nv's power more suitable to dig the spaceship.

"Come on, leader, you can do it!"

Su Yu stood up and cheered for Xuan Nv. The angry Xuan Nv almost wanna kick him.

Xuan Nv's gravity power was released, and countless earth and stones on the ground began to rise, one layer after another, until the spaceship that Professor Yang said appeared in a large pit more than a hundred meters depth.

This spaceship is very large, the size of which is equivalent to several huge aircraft carriers, and the surface is black, like a black giant beast lying quietly there. From the overall appearance, this spaceship is a bit like a combination of a crocodile and a beetle. It has a strange appearance.

The hull was somewhat damaged and should be caused by a violent collision. The three quickly found the door leading to the interior of the spacecraft. The door was damaged by violence and there was a large hole.

The three entered the spacecraft, which was very dark and had a strange smell, very bitter. The three were worried about poison gas and immediately covered their bodies with super powers, while also using themselves as lighting tools.

"Ew, this crocodile-lizard alien's aesthetics is not good, the space is too ugly. If Xuan Jin is here, he wouldn't dare to come in!" Xuan Dian said it after a glance at the appearance.

"Xuan Dian, sense, are there any other monsters in this spaceship." Xuan Nv said.

"Okay!" Xuan Dian nodded, the arc flickered slightly, and a special wave emanated from Xuan Dian's body.

Five seconds later, Xuan Dian's expression changed: "There are still aliens in this spacecraft, and there are many, no, it should be constantly increasing, but now they are very weak."

Xuan Dian took the lead and said, "Come with me."

Su Yu and Xuan Nv followed behind Xuan Dian, limping around in the dark passage, and walking for nearly ten minutes before coming to a gate, which was ten meters high and was made of an unknown special metal of.

"The alien biological electromagnetic wave is just behind this door. Do you want to break it?"

Xuan Nv groaned and said, "Xuan Zhen, you can open it, control the power, and shatter the door!"

Su Yu nodded, without a word, used the shock power directly.

With a bang, Su Yu's fist hit the metal gate, the shock power surged, a buzzing sound was heard. The sound of cracking and crackling of the glass continued to sound around Su Yu's fists as the center, and the cracks began to spread. In Su Yu's control, the crack just covered the gate.

The next moment, the metal gate shattered, and the metal blocks fell on the ground and made a huge noise.

Uh ...

Before the three of them entered, beams of lights came, and the crocodile-lizards hidden inside launched an attack on the three.

The three had been on defending state before entering this gate, so they immediately counterattack, while blocking the attacks. When they entered the gate, they had already killed dozens of crocodile-lizards.

Behind the gate is a big factory. Su Yu and others are looking around here.

There are lots of huge glass culture tanks. In each glass culture tank, there is a small monster or giant lizard immersed in an unknown liquid. It is growing fast in liquid.

Clone Warrior?

Seeing this scene, the three words appeared in the minds of them. This factory exposed the reason why there are so many alien species emerging in this spacecraft after 20,000 years. They were originally cloned and quickly ripened.

At this moment, many small monsters and monitor lizards were cloned and picked up by a robotic arm and placed to the other side.

But seeing Su Yu and others, these little monsters and monitor lizards did not even react.

"What's the matter, are all these guys cloned from a fool? Why didn't they react at all?" Su Yu saw this, asked in curiosity.

"They didn't no input a command to activate, I think!" Xuan Dian said. When he came to the virtual imaging screen, the characters above were incomprehensible, but he could understand the picture. It was the schematic diagram of the production clone warrior. It's a fool-like operation.

Those aliens that have grown up now only need to enter a program to activate and move them to become new fighters.

This is the last step!

Of course, it is impossible for Su Yu and them to perform the last step. They stopped the clone warrior soldier production plant and destroyed the plant.

In addition, the three also destroyed the monsters that had been produced and grown. These monsters are factors of instability and must be removed on earth.

In addition to the culture tanks that produced little monsters and monitor lizards, the three also found culture tanks that cloned crocodile-lizards.

"It seems that the Scarlet Lizard monster took itself as a sample and produced its own clone, and then new crocodile-lizards will appear. Otherwise, it would not possible that those crocodile-lizards can live for 20,000 years." Xuan Dian stands in front of the light curtain of this part of the facility, what is shown above is the description of Professor Yang (Scarlet Lizard monster) using itself as a sample to clone the crocodile-lizards.

"This spaceship hasn't been activated for 20,000 years? Where does the energy come from? It takes a lot of energy to clone those aliens!" Xuan Dian said suddenly.

Su Yu froze slightly and thought for a moment and said: "Remember what Professor Yang said? Crocodile-lizards survive and develop by plundering the energy of other planets. Judging from the technology shown by this factory, the way of plundering energy is absolutely not as simple as mining. "

Xuan Nv blinked and said, "Xuan Zhen, you mean, this spaceship is plundering the energy of our planet in a way we haven't seen?"

"We need to find it out!" Su Yu shrugged.

So the three began to look for it on the spaceship. In a huge cabin in the center, the three saw a device for plundering energy. It was a huge device that extended a huge metal probe directly into the ground, to grab the energy of this planet.

"This ... No wonder Professor Yang said that this crocodile-lizard can destroy the world. In this way, the underground energy is captured, and sooner or later, the entire planet will be cooled, its rotation will stop, and natural-disasters will occur!" Xuan Dian shocked.

Xuan Nv said in a serious face: "We must not let these monsters hurt our home!"

"Oh! Don't just say it, turn off the device first, and then talk about it. One second more, Mother Earth will be in pain for one more second!" Su Yu said it and he shut down the device, withdrawing the metal probe from the deep underground.

Xuan Dian, Xuan Nv: "......"