Chapter 85 Leader, Your Sword Is Broken

"You tiny human, let me go, otherwise I'll make you die!" The Scarlet Lizard Monster couldn't escape and kept roaring. For it, being caught by humans is a shame.

"Shut up!" Xuan Jin pinched, and the Scarlet Lizard Monster's mouth and nose bleeding, and said, "Now I ask you anything, and you answer what you obediently. Your destiny is doomed to death. If you wanna die without any torture, answer honestly. "

"Haha, are you guys looking for that old man?" The Scarlet Lizard laughed. "You will never find him, he is dead!"

As soon as these words came out, Su Yu and others' faces changed. Although all the monsters were wiped out, this task was not completed successfully if Professor Yang did not been rescued.

"You bullshit!" Xuan Dian shouted, "Where is Professor Yang? If you want to kill Professor Yang, why bring him here?"

"You can guess!" The Scarlet Lizard monster opened his mouth and smiled. "You will never find him. He will wait for you in endless darkness. The time will not long."


The blue electric light flickered in Xuan Dian's eyes, somewhat angry, and can't stand the crazy words of this Scarlet Lizard monster. When he wanted to kick the Scarlet Lizard monster, he stopped at the next moment, because at this moment the breath of the Scarlet Lizard Monster suddenly disappeared. It is dead!


Their faces turned wild. Why did it die?

What the hell, they were stunned by sudden changes!

"I didn't kill it!" Xuan Jin said quickly.

"It seems that this Scarlet Lizard monster committed suicide. In order to avoid suffering!" Su Yu frowned.

"Would rather commit suicide than say where Professor Yang is going?" Xuan Nv sighed softly.

"What do you do now? I don't believe the words of this monster. Professor Yang may be alive!" Xuan Dian said, he didn't believe that Professor Yang was so dead. Moreover, if the Scarlet Lizard Monster wanted to kill Professor Yang, It is not necessary to bring Professor Yang here.

Xuan Nv thought for a few seconds, and said, "Choose several complete monster corpses and seal them, and bring them back to the bureau for collecting these monster's information data. These monsters have never been encountered before. The monster database needs to be updated the information about these monsters.

As for the remaining monster's corpses, we need to burn them here. We must find Professor Yang!

Professor Yang was brought into the ground. It is very likely that Professor Yang was somewhere underground. "

"No, I'm here, Keke ... I don't have much time!" At this time, an old man's voice sounded suddenly, scaring them.

Follow the sound.

The Scarlet Lizard Monster has lost his breath already, but its voice has completely changed, as well as the look has also changed.

The half-headed lizard's head also changed into another look, its an old man's face

"Professor Yang?" They were shocked. Is the Scarlet Lizard Monster Professor Yang? They are stunned, what is going on?

"Ahem, I ..."

"Professor Yang, don't talk, we'll find someone to come and treat you now, Xuan Nv, Xuan Jin, you bring Professor Yang to follow me. I will go ahead to find Xuan Yi!"

Xuan Dian was about to fly after said that.

However, he was dragged back by Professor Yang.

Professor Yang said: "No, I don't have much time. I have something very important to tell you ...

This demon occupied my body, my organs were broken inside and I could feel that I was going to die.

Listen, this demon race is the alien, called crocodile-lizard. It is a very brutal race in space. They have no fixed home. They wander in space to develop themselves by plundering the energy of other races. It is like a locust. Nothing will remain when they crossed one place. They will only bring destruction to the earth.

This demon came earth 20,000 years ago ... Kaka, but there was a big mistake when their spacecraft landed. To protect themselves, they sealed in the stone plates by themselves, and I accidentally unlocked it. Released these demons.

I am ... a sinner, it has sent the coordinates of our earth back to its tribe, and the army of the crocodile-lizard is on its way, and our earth is facing a calamity. "

Su Yu and others were shocked by what Professor Yang said. "Professor Yang, what you said is true? These aliens are all creatures in outer space? The army of crocodile-lizard is coming to our earth?"

Professor Yang nodded slightly and gasped for a few breaths: "Well, it's on the way here, but the time is uncertain. cough ... There is a spaceship that the crocodile-lizard has crashed in the past. There are many high technology devices in the spaceship. Can help you ... "

Professor Yang hasn't finished his speak yet, passed away. Fortunately, he explained some important things.

"This ..." Su Yu felt a headache. Is the earth in danger of extinction? Why we cannot live together peacefully?

Xuan Nv's expression was extremely serious, and she said, "Xuan Jin, the monsters and Professor Yang's body will be given to you. You leave first and report everything to the bureau.

Xuan Zhen, Xuan Dian and I stayed here to dig underground spaceships and wait for the arrival of related personnel! "

"Understand!" Xuan Jin responded quickly, and then returned to his real body. The metal became several coffins, and the monsters' body and Professor Yang's body were packed into it.

Xuan Jin rushed into the sky with a few coffins and rushed out of the Barra Mountains.

Watching Xuan Jin disappear, Su Yu said: "Leader, will there really be any crocodile-lizards to destroy our world?"

Xuan Nv glanced at Su Yu and said lightly: "Are you scared?"

"Afraid? Not afraid. Although there is a danger of annihilation, leaders, you stronger people will stand in front to defend the enemy!" Su Yu said, "I just feel a little incredible? For the first time, I know that there are really aliens outside the earth.  But they wanna destroy us. It's a strange and complex feeling. I can't explain it for a while! "

Xuan Dian rolled his eyes, and secretly think that Su Yu dare to say, stronger people will stand in front to defend the enemy? If there is a danger of extinction, no one can escape.

Xuan Nv is domineering, said: "If the crocodile-lizard really exists, let them come, if they are not polite, let them taste the sword in my hand!"

Su Yu scratched his head and said, "Leader, your sword is broken!"

Xuan Nv: "..."

Xuan Nv was so annoyed. She really wanted to kill Su Yu with a single shot!