Chapter 84 Eagle Catches Chick


The two collided in the air and made a huge roar. Xuan Jin flew back at a faster speed. He found that he was not the opponent of this Scarlet Lizard Monster.

"Be careful, this monster is different from other lizard monsters. It is very strong." Xuan Dian frowned.

"Damn, the ugly reptile dared to pump me with a dirty tail?" Xuan Jin was so angry. He felt shameful to be pulled back by one tail.

"None of you is allowed to fight with this Scarlet Lizard, this guy is mine." Xuan Jin screamed, his body was filled with golden light, and the super power of the metal was surging. The metal within a kilometer was affected by it and continually gathered towards Xuan Jin.

When Xuan Nv sees this, she knows that Xuan Jin becomes very serious, and knows Xuan Jin's determination, saying, "Okay, the Scarlet Lizard Monster is yours, and we will handle the rest of monsters! "

Xuan Jin didn't reply but stared fiercely at the Scarlet Lizard monster. Countless metals continued to merge into his body. Xuan Jin's body continued to swell, and then his weight reached a certain level. He landed on the ground.

At this time, Su Yu, Xuan Nv and Xuan Dian have to kill the remaining lizard monsters.

Excluding Scarlet Lizard Monster, a total of twenty-one lizard monsters survived.

Then each of them needed to solve the seven lizard monsters.

Su Yu grinned, its a difficult task, these lizard monsters are not weak!

But what can they do?

Only kick them down!

Su Yu landed to the ground and strode forward towards the lizard monster.

The lizard monsters are very crazy at the moment. They had sacrificed so many companions before. Now they can't wait to swallow Su Yu and others, screaming and rushing towards the three of them, alas ... beams of lights are intensely shooting towards the three of them.

However, it was useless. Su Yu and others, who had the same long spear in hand, turned the long spear in his hand to block the beam one by one.

Later, the two parties come closer. In this melee, Su Yu discovered that these lizard monsters seemed to be weakened. When he uses his shock power, Su Yu can sweep out the monster with the spear in its hands.  The lizard monsters would fly away, and spit blood, can not even hold the spear in its hand.

Seeing this, Su Yu understands that although these lizard monsters survived the intensive artillery fire just now, they were all injured. Nothing different in the surface, but the internal organs were all injured by shock waves.

At this moment, the injury appeared in the head-to-head battle. Su Yu did not stop to fight, fast-moving as a "Z" to avoid the attacks of the lizard monsters, and rushed to the lizard monsters.

Su Yu's eyes flashed a cold light, and then he keeps shot out with his spear. Three lizard monsters were killed by Su Yu.

Then quickly turned around, reflecting the attacking beam lights away, and rushed towards other lizard monsters again.

In less than ten minutes, twenty-one lizard monsters, all killed by the three. Su Yu killed five and Xuan Dian killed six. Xuan Nv even killed ten.

This is not to say that Xuan Dian's power is weaker, but the reason for its different super power. Xuan Nv's gravity power is more suitable in this fighting. Her power is very easy to deal with visceral injured lizard monsters at this moment. Xuan Nv only needs a gravity pressure to crush the lizard monsters into meatloaf.

At the end of this, the three of them cast their sights on Xuan Jin's battle, where they were still fighting fiercely, but Xuan Jin almost had prevailed.

Infused with countless metal, Xuan Jin, at this moment, incarnate into a metal giant more than 40 meters high, a little movement may cause a landslide.

The Scarlet Lizard Monster was sitting on a giant lizard, but its expression was a lot worse than Xuan Jin at the moment.

Xuan Jin can hit the Scarlet Lizard Monster to bleeding.

The  Scarlet Lizard Monster can only leave a tiny scar in Xuan Jin's body.

But that's all, this injury can't hurt the body of Xuan Jin.

As for the beam attack of the Scarlet Lizard monster, it can bring a lot of damage to Xuan Jin at the moment. The place hit by the beam is immediately disintegrated into a large hole.

But that's not much use. As soon as Xuan Jin uses his super power, other metals will fly to make up the hole.

"Ah, abominable humans, I will kill you all." The Scarlet Lizard Monster roared. It saw the death of the twenty-one lizard monster. Though unwilling to accept the truth, it knows that it was defeated, an awful defeating.

The Scarlet Lizard Monster had the idea of retreat in its heart. Now is not the time for desperation. What it needs is to run away. As long as it is alive, it can do anything.

And when it's more companions come to this world, they will be stronger, and the world will eventually be destroyed in their hands.

Thinking of this, the Scarlet Lizard Monster immediately conveyed an idea to the lizard monster, and the lizard monster understood immediately. It roared to spit out a sticky flame against Xuan Jin.

Without waiting for a result, it turned and ran away with the Scarlet Lizard Monster, so embarrassed.

Xuan Jin is furious. It would have been very shameless if the Scarlet Lizard Monster had run away.

Xuan Jin's body was burning with blazing flames, and part of it was flushed with red, but Xuan Jin ignored it and strode up to catch up, grasping the tail of the giant lizard with a large hand.

"Come back!" Xuan Jin yelled, with a metal vibrato, and then flung his arm, smashing the lizard towards the ground.

With a bang, the ground broke down, a huge deep pit appeared, the lizard wailed, and the blood and the scale armor covered the bottom of the pit.

This is not the end, Xuan Jin picks up the tail of the lizard, and the other hand grabbed the dragon's head, his arms tearing hard to the sides.

"Roar ~" The roar resounded through the Barra Mountains.

Bang ~ Bang~

The giant lizard's two bodies dropped on the ground and made a muffled sound.

Then Xuan Jin chased deeper into the Barra Mountains, because the Scarlet Lizard Monster escaped while Xuan Jin is tearing the giant lizard.

However, it did not escape far away and now it was held in the hands of Xuan Jin. Although Xuan Jin's violent fall did not hurt much about the Scarlet Lizard monster, but the spear in its hands had been threw out. The Scarlet Lizard Monster couldn't escape the palm of Xuan Jin at all.

Xuan Jin held the Scarlet Lizard monster in his hand and looked triumphantly at Su Yu and others.

"How is it? Am I perfect?"

"Well, it's great!" Su Yu nodded and said, "The eagle catches the chick!"

Xuan Jin: "???"